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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
3 hours ago
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Nodame Cantabile
Nodame Cantabile
7 hours ago
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Nodame Cantabile Special
Nodame Cantabile Special
7 hours ago
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Koudai-ke no Hitobito
Koudai-ke no Hitobito
12 hours ago
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Tokyo Tarareba Musume
Tokyo Tarareba Musume
12 hours ago
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Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
12 hours ago
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TeKSMeLater 7 hours ago
Well, I see that you enjoyed it a lot—and seriously a LOT to put it as your Top 2 favorite. I'm still at a slow pace anyways since we still have a few stuff after finals to take care of. I think I'll be truly free next week. :P

Interesting coincidence that I also decided to rewatch Fate/Zero first which has the same voice actors nagging each other but the roles are reversed...I totally just noticed it when I'm 10 minutes in the first episode lol

Yeah, I always watched the EDs because of that. I wonder where he is these days. Seems like he's not as active as before. And he was a big meme back in the day too.

Humor is subjective after all. I don't know but those kinds of jokes feel like a bonus for people who've watched or know about other stuff so it's pretty satisfying for me.
TeKSMeLater 7 hours ago
I'm honestly pumped. This was just the first episode and I didn't expect to be so blown away. The comedy was on-point, Nodame is such a sweetheart, and there's a balanced tone of realism and slapstick over it and it just works so well. Also, classical music is always welcome to my ears. :D

I wanted to enjoy Lucky Star but it never goes out of its comfort zone. The main segment is always filled with the same thing but with a different punchline, and I have to admit the best parts for me even was when they were waving how popular Haruhi was around. The numerous tons of seiyuu references and self-referential humor sold the show for me, but that aspect of the show only stays around for like 30% of the time.

Lucky Channel's ending was so hilarious. I finally understood that inside joke they were doing in Nichijou about Ono voicing a crow. Turns out it was a reference from his role in Air lol
TeKSMeLater Yesterday, 5:05 AM
Small update: I started watching Nodame Cantabile as well. I asked my friend to pick a show for me before I go into rewatch month and she picked it.

That's probably one of the best first episodes I've ever watched.
TeKSMeLater Dec 9, 5:36 PM
My bad, my bad, I meant CD-R lol. It's been a while since I even looked at them so I got confused with the terminologies. I forgot CD-ROM is what happens when you decide to make the CD-R un-rewritable.

I agree. Interesting how they kept these backstory episodes for the last couple of episodes just like the first one though.

Yeah, I meant to give you that link since you are watching it lol. On Lucky Star...

Well, there are times when I really like it, but the comedy has this generic setup to a punchline that I can see what kind of conclusion will be delivered. I appreciate the fact that it's a continuous barrage of those kinds of jokes, but for the most part it doesn't really work for me. The best parts Lucky Star has that made me laugh was all the anime references they kept squeezing in (including Anime Tenchou!) and the Lucky Channel segment where poor Shiraishi gets dragged around like that.

Most of the joke setups wouldn't be so boring if only the girls were made more interesting. I don't know if it's just me, but the character archetypes here seem to be used...poorly, with the exception of Konata who I always enjoy watching. Even so, everything feels too simple for a CGDCT (but then again, this is one of the first, so...) and the characters don't seem to be so memorable when watching it. Except for Kogami. Except for Kogami.

Now I understand the real necessity in making short reviews for CR lol
TeKSMeLater Dec 9, 3:06 AM
That's me for anime. Although when I do read completed manga I want to complete it as straightforward as possible so I can gather my full experience about it. The manga favorites I have on there are only the completed ones, since I want to (if possible) re-read the ones I'm following once they get completed.

Whoa, that's awesome! I don't even have a Blu-Ray player lol. Though I would also probably get lazy as well if I do have one like that :P I bought some CD-ROMs a while back and I still haven't used the majority of them.

How was 2017 Kind Land? Honestly I felt Kino 2003 was weakest in its final batch of episodes, but Kind Land left a real impact on me and it was a fitting final episode for the show.

Since you're watching another "yuyu" show:

TeKSMeLater Dec 8, 5:36 AM
I read it off an English textbook from before. It never got out of my head ever since lol

This seems interesting, I'm going to read it first before watching it. Hopefully when finals end, since this is just a short story. I shouldn't be so lazy

Thanks for the heads up there about YuYuYu :D Guess it isn't like Madoka where the poster isn't telling anything lol

The manga is really cute. It's high levels of no-conflict adorableness and a strong supporting couple. I recommend it :D One thing I'm looking forward to in the anime is that Sugita-Sawashiro tandem yeaaaaaaaaaaa

Same here. I need to catch up with my backlog. At this rate I'm going to fill up my hard drive with shows I haven't even watched yet...and I don't want to delete the ones I had :<

I had to say goodbye to a few series I watched because it was absolutely eating up my main hard drive and my PC was starting to slow down lmao
TeKSMeLater Dec 7, 7:15 AM
I'm pretty sure some would, since it blew up so big this year.

I always remember this story whenever history repeating itself is talked about:


Kinda sums up Philippines in a nutshell tbh

5 pages? Okay never mind I might read it.

Oh yeah, you did, I also forgot LOL

Just wanna share that I've rewatched Daicon IV for like five times this week:

I can't stop being impressed that this was all done by pre-Gainax back when they were just beginning in the industry. Those explosion and flying swords were amazingly animated all by hand...still brings shivers to me.

Hmm...I'm gonna try the r/YuYuYu suggestion just to see how it would go in contrast to your viewing style. :D

>Wotaku ni Koi in PTW

TeKSMeLater Dec 6, 2:02 PM
Everyone wants a chance to be able to say they don't watch "mainstream" shows lol. Elitism is too strong nowadays. MHA IS SO POPULAR THEREFORE IT'S NOT GOOD

I was thinking of reading B Gata H Kei then I saw those 315 chapters and I immediately backed out. I have longer days spent reading manga but I'm way behind the backlog compared to my anime list.

Haven't heard of that show, surprisingly.

You heard that they're making an original ending for the show? Seems pretty interesting https://myanimelist.net/anime/35466/ReLIFE__Kanketsu-hen?q=kanketsu

On the Nami "review":

Yes and yes.

On that subject, I don't know why such explicit imagery such as fish would have to be used to make us understand that they were supposed to be sperm cells. Guess that was the point of the film. BUT WHY

Wonder why they all got out though. I don't remember sperm getting out after sex LOL

Netsuzou Trap is a curse I put upon myself. I put it as "Dropped" on my list but I still read it every month just to make fun of it.
TeKSMeLater Dec 6, 3:47 AM
Idk why people claim SAO is like the spawn of Satan. I have to give it credit for getting me interested in anime again, back in 2013. If I didn't watch SAO I wouldn't have come back around 2015 looking for better shows. Lol the formula works indeed.

You're the second person that made that connection with Helter Skelter aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh by the way each chapter is about 60 pages long :P

It's kinda weird trying to classify shounen and seinen romance tbh, since they're almost the same. Also, the mangaka of B Gata H Kei is indeed female...guessing from her page on MAL.

I realize I'm more familiar with seinen romances in manga after reading these:



https://myanimelist.net/manga/44929/Kuzu_no_Honkai?q=kuzu%20no KILL THIS WITH FIRE

For some reason I tend to like romance more in the manga format, seeing as my Top 10 is permeated by romance manga. But then again there are some shoujo ai stuff there

I'm hesitating whether I should watch Inari Kon Kon (I have a copy here since my sis watched it and all) or just read it instead. Romance manga into anime almost never get justice in adaptations. Sigh. Funny since all those shows have been in my to-watch list for a while now but I never get the feeling that I want to watch them already. :3 I heard ReLIFE is especially really good.

I regret ever deciding to watch Nami.
TeKSMeLater Dec 5, 2:15 PM
Ahh, SAO. I remember enjoying it. At one point I really did like Asuna. And they had sex, so that definitely counts as romance :3

Everyone says it's a sad ending when it made them cry. Also it seems like it was a year before she returns, so that must qualify as a sad ending. Right? Right?

Whoa, all this time I thought Honey and Clover was shoujo. I'm adding that one to my list now. Josei in general is so superior compared to shoujo, and I like that it's even more psychological than most seinen works. I know you don't read manga much, but this is one of the most twisted works I've ever read and it's josei:


I haven't watched that much seinen romances tbh. What qualifies as seinen romance, anyway?

If you liked Rikka Wars then maybe you can handle the second season lol.
TeKSMeLater Dec 5, 1:29 PM
It's...a pretty generic romance tbh, just with an alien twist. In the end, the main girl (who's appropriately wearing glasses just like the girl in Onegai Teacher) was forced to go back to her home planet and there's this forced dramatic scene where it's trying to invoke feelings out of me while I'm just like "Ehh, this isn't anything like AnoHana." I was expecting stuff since it was the same director, Tatsuyuki Nagai, director of Toradora (and one of the most "beloved" entries in the Gundam franchise apparently) and it was okay. The final scene cops out everything that was involved in the climax anyway, since she returns. :P

Demolition D in general is amazing.

That's the most frustrating thing about shoujo, I swear. I want to read more of it, but the long chapter counts and the extended amounts of misunderstanding are not something I want to be invested in.

It wasn't that bad really...it was an okay slice-of-life, but not something I'm expecting after all that progress in the first season. I feel like it got stupider. I would watch it for more Nibutani and Dekomori hijinks, but other than that there's nothing redeeming about it. Poor Makoto got shafted aside terribly. I still like the franchise, though. I downloaded the ONA and the specials recently lol
TeKSMeLater Dec 5, 3:51 AM
My comparison stems from the fact that they both have motorcycles tbh LOL

I've heard that Ano Natsu de Matteru is pretty similar to Onegai Teacher. Meanwhile I watched that show just because it's related to AnoHana...

Uuuuuugh that's why I've been hesitant about reading Kimi ni Todoke. I heard the manga screws around even worse than the anime.

Makes me remember Chu2Byo Ren when the Togashi and Rikka's most daring moment was when they held hands.

I'm not gonna go any further to avoid spoilers. Lol

Aw, that's unfortunate. I can vouch that the guy makes good songs. Back when he was just in the battle rap league, he revolutionized the scene by introducing hard-hitting wordplay techniques.
TeKSMeLater Dec 4, 3:29 AM
A moment of silence for all those anime-original shows that never got the second seasons they deserve. ;-;

According to them though, it was what the creators intended since the light novels for WaSuYu were being released when the first season was airing.

BLKD (pronounced as balakid) has his full album available on Spotify. I want to listen to it, but that would mean re-installing the app...so maybe next time. :P

TeKSMeLater Dec 3, 6:40 PM
If only manga-adapted franchises would stop relying on the source material...

This was on the r/YuYuYu where they did a rewatch recently to go with the Washio Sumi episodes that was airing for the first half of the season:

That's the sad part about Pinoy Rap—most of them these days are plagued with commercialized and not to mention unoriginal stuff. I only honestly recommend artists like Loonie who covers a wide area of themes in his songs. If you also look deep enough (preferrably through the FlipTop Battle League) there are also a lot of underground tracks that are available on YouTube.

The songs in the suggested videos tab are a good place to start but I haven't listened to them myself. :P

One of my favorite songs in the subgenre is this song (it's in Filipino though) which criticizes colonial mentality. I loved the song so much, I used it as a basis for our Lit activity :D