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12 hours ago
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Steins;Gate 0
Steins;Gate 0
Yesterday, 12:24 PM
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Harukana Receive
Harukana Receive
Yesterday, 9:01 AM
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Edens Zero
Edens Zero
11 hours ago
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Owari Nochi, Asanagi-kurashi.
Owari Nochi, Asanagi-kurashi.
Jul 12, 2:50 PM
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Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?
Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?
Jul 11, 10:01 AM
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HecticLeo 5 hours ago
Excuse me, but that figure looks like a character from my favorite visual novel of all time. One that i am actually in the middle of replaying right now. A series that I could not find any in stock merch for anywhere. Uh... please tell me that isn't who I think it is before I come over to your house and steal it.
Anise_Punter Yesterday, 9:09 AM
isn't platelet #4105bxq just elementary school hanamaru, why would anybody ever do that, in either respect but especially the second one

I was hoping anima yell would be winter because it would:
a) give me more time to catch up on it
b) not pit it against stupid extremely vapid vampire show that i will probably love and let it shine on its own

namori is my favorite artist of cute things, i wish the sense of humor was more my style but for actually making things look cute namori is my favorite

I have a lot of holes in my backlog because my family has never really been early adopters of technology, we were probably using dialiup a full five years after most people had switched over to other things, my first three years of college I really didn't watch anything, so there's just a lot of missing entries where 90s, early 2000s stuff would be.

Read or Die OVA is alright so far, not sure I'd settle in for a series but the OVA is manageable
Golden Boy is not really my style, it was... painfully cringeworthy up until about five minutes before it ended but redeemed itself pretty well
Gunbuster I never watched because I have never been a fan of exosuit shows or mech shows and space shows or mechs in space shows, but might as well. I didn't think I'd like White Album 2 after the dumpster fire of White Album 1, so who knows?
I haven't gotten to Vampire Hunter D yet but I will never say no to schlock. That and Robot Carnival I'll get to before the weekend is out. Thanks for all the recommendations!

The eyes in Harukana Receive are very weird. They aren't as disturbing as the dead fishes of steins;gate but they're still pretty weird.

Harukana Receive would never get made in the west, Kanata's feelings are clearly not about playing beach volleyball but every other character is basically telling her unwittingly or not "no, your feelings are objectively dumb and beach volleyball is good" and it's certainly different. I don't know whether I like or dislike that aspect, but it's different.

My thoughts on the character that is blonde, moderately well physically developed, relentlessly hyperactive and most certainly considered a giant nuisance to everybody she meets is exactly what you would think it is and MAL needs to allow me to post heart eyes emojis immediately.

MAL also needs to get off its butt and add an entry for the K-On manga reboot, it's clearly the most important thing needed right now.
TeKSMeLater Yesterday, 8:52 AM
Idk why but ever since MAL died I’ve been getting lazier in replying :P

Ok LOL I thought tofu is made by adding flour and other stuff. I feel stupid now

I already watched Code Geass years ago :P Though I recently downloaded the first two seasons so I can have them handy for the new one coming out. People who watched the recap films said they were more of a reboot to lead in to the sequel though.

I think so yeah, people love cameos, even if they shouldn’t be branded as such at that point. I’m just unimpressed that Mashima would resort to it literally just after he finished making Fairy Tail. What’s the point even?

You must be relieved that we’re getting Part 5 this October so you don’t have to finish the manga :P Vento Aureo has arguably some of the best Stands and the best battles, so you’re in for a treat.

Holy shit man you’ve watched a lot lol. I’m so off my game, and I’m about to start uni this Tuesday too. Wonder how different the environment will be different in a “Western” setting, it’s making me anxious somewhat. Either way, all this talk about old anime really makes me want to watch it, but right now I can only go as far as to say I want to lol. Haven’t even finished Mushishi yet :[
HecticLeo Jul 19, 4:13 PM
Yeet, totally forgot about MAL. LOL

I actually tried to watch Fairy Tail (before establishing my hatred against shounens) but couldn't make it to episode 30 or so.

I'm watching Harukana Receive and will be starting Ongaku Shoujo this season! hehe
Friendly reminder: Aikatsu Stars Best of Albums releasing June 25. :)
Yeah, I couldn't get into Emiya-san tbh... it just, ehhhh........

Anise_Punter Jul 18, 5:36 PM
watched anything good from the 80s or 90s recently, I'm having a bizarre amount of trouble figuring out something to pick up in the next couple days after i finish this most recent round of shows

then again you may have to call a search party in for me on friday after the beach volleyball show
TeKSMeLater Jul 18, 6:37 AM
I’d gladly trade with you for food lol

I didn’t know you had to make tofu first lol, I assumed you just cook soybeans to a point that it’s all white and spongy.

Seen clips of Future Boy Conan—that looks amazing. Been having a newfound liking to Miyazaki now that I’m exploring his other works :D I’m also really interested in Earthsea, since I know nothing about it since it’s pretty much non-existent in the Philippines. Idk if it’s popular here in Australia though...

Tbh the only CLAMP work I’m really looking forward to is Cardcaptor Sakura, and everything else I don’t have much immediate concern for.

Pretty sure he’s just playing it safe so that people will keep reading his new work. Hey, as long as it sells. I admire his dedication on pumping out a lot of chapters at once though.

I assumed the people who ignored Kiki were self-absorbed, since they wanted nothing to do with her lol.

I’d suggest you to transfer to AniList if forums weren’t also as dead there :P I don’t think MAL has an anthropomorphic version, but if it does it’s probably in a coffin already. I think I saw a video making a meme out of it, sucks I can’t find it right now.

Finished JoJo Part 7 a while back, it was fantastic. Apparently it was only a cult hit in Japan, and the critically-acclaimed ones over there are Parts 3 and 5. I can agree with that sentiment, especially with Part 6 being mostly convoluted, but Part 7 being unpopular is kinda sad. While I still prefer Part 4, Part 7 is undoubtedly Araki’s pinnacle in writing and drawing, and it’s a worthwhile ride to get there from reading all the parts.
TeKSMeLater Jul 14, 10:24 AM
Wasting food in the Philippines is total sin, since everything fastfood chains serve are so scarce. You’d be surprised with how many Filipinos get surprised with the amount of food servings when they go to another country :D

Lmao the Tupperware thing is so true though. Dude taking a huge tub of taho, regardless of nationality or not, is super hype. I don’t even know how you get such a thing since you buy it in PH for P10 a glass :D

(I still hate Wolf Children btw) Tbh I feel like Ghibli is overpraised just because they’re so different from the formulaic Disney setup, but that doesn’t mean that their stuff are all good. For instance, I deliberately avoided downloading Earthsea...

I really like the concept of the Star System, I think using it makes characters and what they represent much more endearing and lovable. Also makes me wanna consider Tsubasa Chronicles I checked a chapter of Eden Zero where Fairy Tail characters are literally background characters—doesn’t seem like Mashima’s following that system.

To be fair, I think the self-absorbed people in the film were exaggerations of what Kiki feels being out of place in a new environment. I kinda get what she feels, despite Australians being super chill.

The only thing that kept MAL alive was forums and now it’s doomed
Anise_Punter Jul 13, 2:56 PM
the clothes must evolve into a skimpy union jack design so it can be offensive to people of good taste *and* the british at the same time

Gunslinger Girl I might get around to at some point, Higurashi is a definite no, I am not big on those genres at all

with dropkick on my devil is the jokes get super stale and I think it would be best served in 10 to 13 minute bursts, I don't know how the manga is still going when it ran out of jokes 40 chapters ago - but the anime isn't going to reach that point so maybe it'll be a keeper in the end, I liked the first ep enough.
Anise_Punter Jul 11, 6:02 PM
also meant to ask if you got around to the hyperviolent snake girl show and whether you liked it more or less than the schoolgirls one but blonde girls happened
Anise_Punter Jul 11, 5:38 PM
the kirara fantasia swimsuit characters are arriving soon so i am locking my wallet in a safe never to be seen again, you were smart to get out when you did (claire FFFFFFFFFFF)
TeKSMeLater Jul 10, 8:23 AM
Heyo sorry for the late response I’ve been tearing through JoJo lately and am now at Part 6

I don’t think the leftovers thing is common, it usually only happens when there are visitors around. There’s usually spare food after the gatherings and such.

Weird, I thought Westerners are the bulk buyers, since everything seems to be expensive in retail (at least here in AU). I’m not too sure about the buying bulk being a Filipino habit, but I think there were several instances that it was indeed the case.

The link works. Yep those are really unimpressive arguments, though I’d agree with it being their preferences. I think the fault here is trying to compare it to Ghibli—but I guess the film was also at fault for trying to ride with its style.

Man, I said this week was gonna be special with all the expos going on. Nothing much significant happened on my end, except Promare revealed that Kamina was alive in our hearts all along

I loved the aesthetic of Kiki. I’ve got a weakness for European settings, and Ghibli just managed to nail that exact feeling I would get if I ever went in a place like that. Kiki was also a very relatable character, and that served as my focus throughout my watch instead of the slice-of-life elements tbh.

MAL hasn’t approved it yet though, while AniList already has both the webcomic and manga versions in the database :P
Bajar Jul 9, 2:16 PM
so happy about those new World Witches series!
Anise_Punter Jul 8, 7:17 PM
aw they didn't give that role to asuka nishi :(

asobi asobase was... not great but not total unfunny dreck either, exceeded expectations. Screamy girl needs to tone it down. Provided surprisingly good fanservice on top of it somehow

maybe we can require a password to join the club when it reopens, and it can be "idol witches", oh god I'm totally going to watch that aren't I?
Bajar Jul 8, 6:08 AM
Sure I'll join for that groupwatch.

Chio's School Road was pretty funny you probably aren't missing much if you skip it tho.

I don't understand this space fishing concept and the trailer doesn't make the show look good tbh. I'll probably watch it anyway but setting my expectations low.

Why would you want to forego killing? These girls look pretty cute and I'll probably watch this too but meh, low expectations.

tbh these all look pretty bad. I can't lie.

This current season is alright tho I got Hanebado and then swimsuit Hanebado without rackets. Both of those had promising first eps and it seems like they will actually be sporty. I like the concept of sports anime but I also wanna watch cute girls so cute girls sports anime are the best for me.

Back Street Girls is pretty funny for a dumb concept comedy.

Sunohara-sou is fetish bait with fun side characters, gonna enjoy this one a lot.

Ongaku Shoujo seems like it will be fun. Probably will suffer from having too many characters and I don't think they will get up to the level of the Movie (which I thought was terrific) but it won't be bad. I definitely think it looks better than these 3 shows u r previewing here.
Anise_Punter Jul 7, 10:11 PM
it won't happen but the role of "totally not oomiya shinobu" in the moe vampire show should definitely go to shino's VA asuka nishi

your picks would be solid