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Go Sakabe 坂部剛 ( 1 2 )
nDroae - Oct 21, 2018
90 replies by Knightmare_Fused »»
Aug 29, 7:06 AM
Favorite Opening/Ending songs! ( 1 2 )
Sagi - Jan 26, 2008
60 replies by ANormalUser »»
Aug 21, 4:00 PM
Music General Discussion
nDroae - Oct 4, 2018
18 replies by nDroae »»
Jun 9, 4:58 PM
Hiroyuki Sawano 澤野弘之
nDroae - Sep 27, 2018
5 replies by _NTx »»
Dec 17, 2019 1:24 AM
What are your favorite OST's? ( 1 2 )
Sagi - Jan 26, 2008
72 replies by Knightmare_Fused »»
Sep 23, 2019 11:49 AM

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Knightmare_Fused | Aug 21, 10:47 AM
Date A Bullet "DEAD OR BULLET" Opening & Ending Single by Go Sakabe " now available on Spotify.

Knightmare_Fused | Jul 19, 1:00 AM
Here's the link for new Kevin Penkin Unique Visuals Novel Game Soundtracks.

nDroae | Jul 15, 6:36 PM
I've missed out on some important scores because I haven't seen the anime, Naruto for instance. A few months ago I downloaded some Naruto Shippuden and Fairy Tale soundtracks by Yasuharu Takanashi, because I like his work on Log Horizon... or at least the main theme. The Naruto ones also came with the original series scores. Haven't listened to any of all that yet though.

v I haven't seen it, but most hentai has low-budget original music which isn't released separately, in which case knowing the name wouldn't help.

AlucadEX | Jul 15, 11:17 AM
Who knows name ED song Hajimete no Hitozuma? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Knightmare_Fused | Jul 14, 3:26 PM
@nDroae didn't watch Ai Yori Aoshi and Mushishi, but I like Ghost Hunt music and Orochimaru theme

nDroae | Jul 12, 3:20 PM
Just started watching Ai Yori Aoshi, three minutes in "What is this Mushishi music?" Sure enough, music by Toshio Masuda. Always fun not to be wrong about that, unless of course it's a too-familiar one like Sawano/Kajiura.

nDroae | Jun 11, 6:22 PM
Anime Composer Katsuhisa Hattori Passes Away
Hattori composed music for anime such as Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars, Fist of the North Star, Infinite Ryvius, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Sushi Ninja, and In The Beginning - The Bible Stories. He and his son also produced Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy, the first orchestral Final Fantasy music CD, for game music composer Nobuo Uematsu.

I haven't seen those anime yet, but here's the impressive score to the Fist of the North Star movie:

Also, a little bit of his music is on Spotify.

(...Well, I don't want this wall to be just an obituary column, but that is most of the soundtrack related news I see, and it's not likely any score concerts are happening in the near future.)

nDroae | Jun 9, 6:03 PM
ANANT-GARDE EYES Composer, Pianist Ai Kamachi Passes Away at 48
Anime News Network said:
Arranger and sound engineer nagie announced on Monday that composer and pianist Ai Kamachi passed away on May 30. She was 48.

Born to a jazz pianist father, Kamachi studied at the Kunitachi College of Music. She became a professional composer under the tutelage of Toshi Ichiyanagi.

Kamachi is perhaps best known as part of the music duo ANANT-GARDE EYES, where she composed music alongside arranger and sound engineer Tatsuo "nagie" Nagami. Together, the duo collaborated on the composition and arrangement of many songs for anime, and are notable for their collaboration with singer Lia on "doll" (Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino), as well as further collaborations with Lia and writer/musician Jun Maeda on Clannad After Story opener "Toki o Kizamu Uta," as well as the theme songs for Angel Beats!, including Lia's opener "My Soul, Your Beats!" The duo also collaborated for the other theme songs and music for Charlotte, another Maeda anime.

The duo also collaborated with JIN for the Mekaku City Actors anime, as well as with virtual artist IA.

Ai Kamachi:

nDroae said:
(As if some of those songs weren't emotion-inducing enough already.) To non-musicians like myself, the importance of arrangement can be difficult to grasp, and it's easy to focus instead on the composer and performers. In this case, the arrangement was particularly noticeable as a vital element. Did I write something about that when I was commenting on the Clannad After Story OP? Yeah, here it is:
nDroae said:
And this is one of the most magical-sounding songs, with its sparkly keys, atmospheric synths, and strings that soar over the chorus.
We are eternally grateful.

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