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Joe Hisaishi 久石譲
nDroae - Sep 27, 2018
6 replies by nDroae »»
55 minutes ago
Go Sakabe 坂部剛 ( 1 2 )
nDroae - Oct 21, 2018
60 replies by Knightmare_Fused »»
Jun 6, 1:58 AM
Classical music and classical inspired soundtracks in anime
Pyschoneurosis - Dec 26, 2018
10 replies by nDroae »»
May 23, 10:14 PM
Kevin Penkin
nDroae - Oct 6, 2018
3 replies by nDroae »»
Mar 27, 11:04 AM
Anime Score Tracks
Pyschoneurosis - Dec 25, 2018
9 replies by nDroae »»
Jan 4, 3:17 PM

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Club Comments
Knightmare_Fused | Apr 29, 4:01 AM
Date A "Unforgettable" Music
Date A "World" Music


Boltz | Apr 26, 6:18 AM
Yeah, I have a soft spot for 80's OSTs. The songs are so melodic and the chorus has some nice energy behind it.

nDroae | Apr 26, 4:36 AM
@Boltz That's a nice smooth 80s song :) I (long overdue) started watching Maison Ikkoku, that first ED is rather magical.

Boltz | Apr 25, 7:50 AM
Someone finally uploaded the full Tokimeki Tonight OST a few days ago. I love this song by Yu Mizushima: . For some reason it reminds me of summer and all the lovely 80's rom-coms ^_^ .

Knightmare_Fused | Mar 29, 9:25 AM
Date A Live III Original Soundtrack

Music : Go Sakabe

Date A "Unforgettable" Music
Date A "World" Music

will be released on Wednesday May 22nd.

velego | Feb 28, 6:47 AM
That film is looking fantastic, and it has a very solid staff all around. now we only need Yoko Kanno to return

nDroae | Feb 6, 6:06 PM
Coincidentally, those were the two shows I was most looking forward to before the season started. (And they do not disappoint.) I'm used to the best (or alleged best) soundtracks being in shows I'm not even watching.

Everything about Kotobuki makes me think of the video game Crimson Skies, including the music; of course that's only due to having the same influences.

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