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Anime Instrumentality:

I just wrote in the Joe Hisaishi thread, "I know great composers can adapt to any genre, but I don't often hear examples. Well, aside from Yoko Kanno, whom I don't even think of as having a 'default' genre to begin with." In 2015 I was feeling woefully unfamiliar with's #1 most tagged "anime" artist, so I started exploring her work, but I still haven't heard even half of it yet. My introduction to her was GitS: Stand Alone Complex in 2007. I was able to borrow the first soundtrack from the local library, and my favorite track - then and now - is Silent Cruise, with its Bolero-like gradual introduction of instruments.

My top played tracks are from a recent discovery, Earth Maiden Arjuna, which I found in April and have been regularly listening to since. They're from the second soundtrack album, アルジュナ2 オンナの港 / Onna no Minato. The show being based on Hindu legend, Yoko Kanno drew from Indian music. If you like Space Lion from Cowboy Bebop, you might like this.

Girl with Power
Woodwinds and some strings being playful while the brass gets low-key epic on top of it. A fresh spring day.

These two are more conventional, and very beautiful:
静かな生活 / Shizuka na Seikatsu / A Quiet Life

The first Kanno track that really impressed me was from Escaflowne: The Story of Escaflowne ~ End Title.
Basically the purest essence of how a romantic fairytale ought to sound.

Some (Super Best Friends) say that if Cowboy Bebop's Tank! counts as an OP "song," it automatically beats all others ever. I... can't really object, though if we're talking instrumental OPs, I gotta go with Ko Otani's Free Bird from Haibane Renmei.
Lately I like What Planet is This from the movie even more than Tank:

Just pure fun, and increasingly useful as one ages and finds the world growing ever stranger. Though what I usually ask is "What worldline is this?"

I've been holding off on Turn A Gundam and Macross Frontier, hoping to catch up on the series leading up to those shows first. With Gundam I've seen the old UC stuff, but not the alternate universe shows that lead up to Turn A. With Macross I've seen the original 1982 show... and Delta. Yeah, I could skip to Frontier like I did Delta. But I decided not to. I'll probably do both Gundam and Macross in 2020, so I won't be fully caught up on Yoko Kanno's work until then. In the meantime, I still have a lot of lesser known stuff to catch up on. Maybe I'll find another Arjuna, that would be great.

I feel like I should enjoy the Wolf's Rain soundtrack more than I do. I suppose I would if I actually watched the show. Isn't it mainly about sad/angsty anime boys? I'm allergic to that.
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