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Dec 25, 2018 9:08 PM
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Since there is already a (really well done by the way) thread on anime songs, I thought about making one about simply any track that isn't a vocal insert song (although being technical a song is vocal by definition).
I start with this one:

It's a really beautiful piece for piano trio, very representative of the feelings that the series gives. Maybe over-analyzing each instrument represent a character, the piano for Kazusa, -who is a pianist-, the violin for Setsuna -who is a singer-, and the cello for Haruki, the male of the love triangle.
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Dec 25, 2018 11:14 PM

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I'd suggest the title "Anime Score Tracks" to help make it clear, since songs are tracks. :) Glad you liked the anime songs thread! I "cheated" by including Credens Justitiam there, which is technically a score track with vocals, whereas its alter ego (the Kalafina song Mirai) wasn't used in Madoka.

I like the idea of a character being assigned an instrument, either instead of or in addition to a unique leitmotif. John Williams assigned Jabba the Hutt a tuba:

I mentioned the sitar for Nausicaa's insects in the Hisaishi thread. I'd like to see more "unusual" instruments used that way, if it can be done without being distracting. I still have mixed feelings about Michael Giacchino opting to use an erhu to represent Vulcan in one of my all time top played soundtracks, Star Trek 2009: User Glass comments on the choice here:

But anime tracks, well, I have to think to come up with one that isn't by a composer I have posted or plan to post a thread about - okay, I remembered some, from the music thread in the CGDCT club:

Composer: 三澤康広 Yasuhiro Misawa
nDroae said:
nDroae | Dec 21, 2016 11:37 AM

My most played track from CGDCT is this one. It's genius. (The last 20 seconds are missing from the video)

ばたばた / Bata Bata plays in scenes of the Minami family gradually descending into chaos. Well,"genius" may have been an overstatement, but I enjoy the way it develops. I've half a mind to upload it uncut myself.

Composer: 浜口史郎 Shirou Hamaguchi

nDroae said:
nDroae | Dec 22, 2016 12:51 AM
I don't think much of Girls und Panzer's OP/ED, but on the other hand the score's main theme is a really beautiful hybrid of military march and moe friendship music.
"Yesterday's Enemy Is Today's Friend"
"Tank Anthem"

His work on another Tsutomu Mizushima hit, Shirobako, had a grand victory theme which reminded many of Girls und Panzer (this is a good thing), if they hadn't been already by the short string notes and military aesthetic in other Shirobako tracks. The victory theme is OST 2, track 27, 第三飛行少女隊のテーマ~決戦 / Daisan Hikou Shoujotai no Theme ~ Kessen:

But my favorite from Shirobako ended up being the action cue OST 1, track 35, 百頭の馬と複葉機 / Hyakutou no Uma to Fukuyouki:

Here it is being performed live as part of a Shirobako concert:

I don't know if it was used earlier in the show as well, but where I know it from is the rush tape delivery scene in the middle of the final episode, with primary focus on one of the most attractive characters I've ever seen leading police on a high speed chase.

A perhaps "low-brow" track that came to mind is an action cue from Chuunibyou. :P

Composer: 虹音 Nijine (real name 松田彬人 Akito Matsuda)
Track: 予告編 ~中二病ワールドの開幕~ / Yokoku Hen ~Chuunibyou World no Kaimaku~

While watching the show I was enjoying the symphonic rock sound in the battle scenes, but this was the only track I really got into on the score. The big drum beats (with attached synth choir) are too much fun! They remind me of the chorus of Roy Orbison's "You Got It" - Which made the impression of a bigger bass blast when I was a child, but still, great song.

And one more, the score to the children running freely for the first time in Wolf Children.

Composer: 高木正勝 Masakatsu Takagi
Track: きときとー四本足の踊り / Kito Kito - Dance Of Your Nature

Aside from being generally gorgeous, you can feel the wolves' feet hitting the ground in the rhythm that strikes around 0:30 and 1:20. Perfect score.
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Dec 26, 2018 1:31 AM
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I knew I was missing some word... I can not find a way to change the name of a thread, if it exists please tell me how. I liked all the tracks, specially the Jabba theme, which sounds a lot like Prokofiev, and the Girls Und Panzer ones, I really did not imagine that the tank lolis anime could have so many feels.
I'm currently rewatching Nana (which is lefting me almost depressed), so I'll follow the thread with some tracks from it. I still haven't listened to I'll just post some more or less random ones, then I could make a good thread dedicated to score tracks and also the songs.

Dec 26, 2018 5:02 AM

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Okay, very quick and superficial impressions on your pieces/composers first:
>While Album.
That's nice. I don't remember much about the OST of the show, but for some reason the theme makes me think of an arrangement of one of the songs.
>Yasuhiro Misawa.
Never heard of him, but that track is quite nice, the piano ostinato gives it an almost dance-like feeling I'd say.
>Shiro Hamaguchi.
Love his work, great orchestral composer who I wish had more chances to work with big budgets. The Girls und Panzer score is turning into a more serious war score with every new entry and I love that. Also, his Final Fantasy orchestrations are fantastic. His "The Princess and the Pilot" remaining unreleased hurts
>Akito Matsuda.
Very nice wind orchestra pieces for Euphonium, and also really nice work on Glasslip. His music for shows like Chuunibyou suffers from lack of budget and a sampled brass section, even in the movie.
>Masakatsu Takagi.
He's okay, The Boy and the Beast is also a fun score. Not terribly familiar with him.
No thoughts about it yet, I've kept the show on hold for almost 3 years.

Now I'll post a couple of tracks from the operatic powerhouse that is the Aquarion OST (for some reason very ignored among Yoko Kanno's works). The classical influences are obvious, but the result is so good that I don't care.

A piano concerto in miniature:

And this playful, angular piece that kinda reminds me of Shostakovich jazz suites (it's an unreleased track from the original Aquarion that was released together with the EVOL OST alongside a few others):

(And I said "operatic", but none of these tracks have operatic vocals or even a choir present, I'll leave that for another day)
Dec 26, 2018 2:09 PM

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I changed the thread title :)

The Nana tracks sound good but I really need to see the show to appreciate them, I've had it on hold since 2016 (oh, you too eh velego?). If you want to review the whole album later, I guess use the general soundtrack discussion thread, or post a thread for the composer:

Here are some of his tracks posted there by @Kazami:
Kazami said:
You can see major similarities across his music, especially in the tempo changes and snares. This man really made a style of his own <3

I also still need to watch/hear Boy and the Beast. I'm bad about getting to movies because I want to watch them on the big screen, but I rarely actually sit down and turn it on, especially for long enough to watch a movie.

Re: Bata Bata the piano ostinato gives it an almost dance-like feeling, yeah, that fits :) Don't know why The Princess and the Pilot isn't in my list to watch, must remedy that (and acquire that sadness, I suppose). Ironic that Chuunibyou has a low budget for music despite being a popular KyoAni franchise. I'll have to check out that Glasslip score, since I'm unlikely to see the show, though I have been known to watch shows of ill repute due to the soundtrack - Super Sonico The Animation, and I plan to watch Arjuna because I love that Yoko Kanno score.

I have Aquarion in my MP3 library, but it's beyond the point I've reached, and wow, this is AMAZING. Maybe I'll eventually watch this show too, with music that good. :)
Dec 26, 2018 2:09 PM
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Wow, it shows the flexibility and talent of Yoko; the second one has a Shostakovich feeling as you say. I would like to make a thread about classical influence on anime soundtracks or simply the use of classical pieces in them, but I don't know many examples. Now (following the thread) comes to my mind the interesting version of the Meistersinger's overture Yuki Kajiura made for Boogiepop Phantom. I like some aspects of it and dislike others, but it's worth listening to, specially knowing the original piece.

Another cool thing is that Boogiepop actually whistles it in some episodes. The opera is about the conflict between tradition and innovation in art and the german artistic legacy, so it's pretty unrelated to the anime, but it's a really nice melody.

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Dec 26, 2018 2:12 PM

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Ha, I posted a minute before you. :D Such a thread would be the most conservatory-like thing, do it!
Dec 26, 2018 2:19 PM
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Ok, it will be an interesting thread! To make it more comprehensive I'll make it about pieces in classical style and the use of classical pieces in general as I said. And nice synchronicity, we're only three but this is starting to get active, I'll try to find more people.
Edit: It's interesrting to see the personal style of Tomoki, I'll probably check some other works with his music
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Dec 27, 2018 7:42 PM

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Thank you!

Your Lie in April came up today in that classical influence thread. I actually listened to that original score before I watched the anime, because I liked composer 横山克 Masaru Yokoyama's main theme for Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: The acoustic guitar (I think?) reminded me of Alan Silvestri's "Transylvanian Horses" from Van Helsing.

From the Your Lie in April OST there was one track I particularly liked, 1.18 友人A君を私の伴奏者に任命します -

I ended up with a similar (in terms of emotional effect) pick of favorite original track from the previously mentioned Hibike Euphonium by Akito Matsuda, 1.19 意識の萌芽 -

Or at least I fixated on that because it was the track that stood out to me while I was watching the show, but I need to give Euph more listens. From it I also liked 1.27 一途な瞳 which sounds like a graduation march, though according to Vincent Unfried on YouTube it was actually used for the "tension before the competition."
Jan 4, 3:17 PM

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I remembered a couple others I've listened to a lot.

池頼広 Yoshihiro Ike's "Centzontotochtin," the victory track from Ergo Proxy.
Just one of those cases where I listened to the entire soundtrack because of a single track. Not quite one of my favorites, but if I had actually liked Ergo Proxy, it might be. :D

Track title source:

And then there's the absolute icon that is the Detective Conan Main Theme by 大野克夫 Katsuo Ono. A track to put on while feeling effective and successful.

It's routinely referenced in other anime, in modified but clearly recognizable form, for gags in which a character plays detective (or tries to). It seems to be universally recognized and beloved, and a popular choice for brass bands / wind ensembles.

Performed by firefighters of Hamamatsu:

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force North Eastern Army Band, 2011:

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Eastern Army Band, 2013:

Kai-City Shikishima Wind Orchestra:

Totsuka Junior High School wind ensemble:

Guitar ensemble: (glorious 144p)

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