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Club Comments
Jack_Noir | Yesterday, 3:20 PM

There's a few notable key animators, but if you're talking about the animation director than that would be Katsuhisa Yamada

Eridanus | Yesterday, 3:04 PM
I wish Studio Ghibli did another "anime" in style of The Last Unicorn.
Makes me sad that they didn't do more in that style :{
Best arty animation they ever did

BTW: does anyone know who was the lead animator? cant find that information anywhere

ZetaZaku | 08-29-14, 8:58 AM
@Klonoa That's a shame. I'm not familiar with what the TV show is like, but I really loved the manga. From what I've seen, the TV show turns chapters into bigger stories and spreads the events over more episodes. I hope the writing is good enough and the pacing not bad.

@Jody A different fansub group has released ~20 episodes and stopped. So maybe you saw their release? The bakabt torrent has worse video quality than the raws on nyaa. Even the raws aren't that good, but a lot better than the bakabt release, which has audio issues as well. They are watchable at least.

I have a feeling that that Nebula Collection company will release the DVDs right when I finish watching Candy Candy haha.

JediMindTricks | 08-28-14, 5:06 PM
@jack_noir & @Kloana
I am definitely going to watch rose of versailles next. right now i have to get through this sea of shounen my friends make me watch haha

Jack_Noir | 08-28-14, 1:48 PM
Judging from what you like, you'll probably enjoy checking out Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Gundam and Rose of Versailles like others have pointed out. I'm pretty new to the scene too, but I found those particular series great.

Jody32 | 08-28-14, 11:41 AM

I did look at that one for a bit, I did drop it because of the quality at the very first episode.

I hope you don't mind me advertising this here, but you can find a good quality version and stream it from certain websites like

Klonoa79H | 08-28-14, 11:15 AM
@JediMindTricks I'd reccomend taking a look at Rose of Versailles, Treasure Island and Nobody's Boy Remi if your looking for drama, and for I'd also reccomend taking a look at Castle of Cagliostro by Miyazaki, Future Boy Conan and Gunbuster.

@ZetaZaku The reason it looks as bad as it does is because its never been offically released on DVD in Japan due to licensing issues. I know someone who is setting up an anime distribution company called Nebula Collection where he wants to release all of Candy Candy on DVD with English subtitles and remastered transfers.

JediMindTricks | 08-28-14, 10:22 AM
Thanks for the suggestions guys I appreciate it

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