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Club Comments
LoneWolf | Feb 2, 10:53 AM
I actually preferred the gag stuff at the first half of the show. The battles got really tiresome and it turned into one of those shonen battle tournaments. Just battle after battle without really anything else happening. They were fun to watch, but I was watching the show for some laughs.


Kellhus | Feb 2, 9:30 AM
Otokojuku rocks. Great blend of action and humor. Although it starts off mostly as a gag series the fights later on are pretty great. Maybe not on the level of Jojo, HnK, etc but it's very entertaining and does a good job scratching that itch.

morshuwarrior | Feb 2, 2:00 AM
I love GAR and silly shows, so Otokojuku was right up my alley. Should give it a rewatch sometime, been a while since I've seen it, but I remember liking the characters and the situations they were getting in a lot. Simply put, it's a ton of fun.

And yes, the principal is hilarious. EDAJIMA HEIHACHI!!

Boltz | Feb 1, 11:55 PM
Lol Aotm, didn't know you guys were fans of hardcore GAR. I mean I love Jojo, Berserk, Fist of the north star, etc., but Otokojuku was too much even for me.

On another note, I prefer City Hunter. 1 episode of CH a day keeps the doctor away ^^. Golgo is so hard boiled I can only take him in small dosages.

HisokaHajime | Feb 1, 5:14 PM

Sakigake Otokojuku is AotM.

HisokaHajime | Feb 1, 4:32 PM
As in which we prefer? City Hunter for me. It epitomizes 80's greatness better than most. Ryo is one of the most entertaining characters ever. Golgo is great as well. The more serious approach of the two. Duke Togo would win a fight between the two in my view. He has no remorse and will take on almost any job if you pay him enough. He doesn't even want to hear an explanation lol.

Someone needs to break the tie between Black Jack and Sakigake Otokojuku for AotM. *nods*

Akelov | Feb 1, 2:45 PM
Golgo 13 vs City Hunter.

galimx | Jan 29, 3:49 PM
Finished Queen Millennia movie. Its was nice. Really amazing soundtrack and beautiful story. My only problem was that the pacing was a little inconsistent and therefore fast, they just put a lot of information into your face out of nowhere, without any explanation or backstory. The movie got me interested in the TV series. I hope that we get more details there and the characters are more fleshed out. Anyway, Leiju Matsumoto knows how to make interesting space opera shows. Too bad we dont have any good space opera shows nowadays. Well, at least we got the Yamato remake season 2 incoming.
I see that the TV seriese only have half of the subbed episodes :( It will take some time before we get them all.

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