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Club Comments
morshuwarrior | Today, 1:30 AM
Daitarn looks fantastic. I'll check it out after I've finished Evangelion.

Echelon | Yesterday, 7:58 PM
Daitarn is where it's at. It's Cobra and mecha combined.

ZetaZaku | Yesterday, 5:39 PM
>Many would think it's your average old school mecha show with a monster of the week.
Exactly what I was thinking when I started watching it.

Zambot 3 appears to be Tomino's first attempt at a "real robot" show. It's super robot in every aspect, but there's just something that gives it a different feel, namely the civilians. Usually you see the main mech fighting enemies and nobody gives a damn about any kind of destruction. In Zambot 3 however, the civilians hated Zambot 3, and lots of people died during their fight versus the motws. Some of MCs friends and love interest were among those civilians, and they'd usually fight with the MC because the main guys were "at fault" for the enemy attacks.

First half was still pretty tame. It's the second half where some batshit stuff happens, namely the mentioned arc, that was quite brutal for it's time. The whole arc was quite depressing. It didn't help much that it was near the end, and thus it lead to the usual Tomino downer ending.

Sadly I don't remember the Ideon OST that well (even though I watched it twice), except for Cantata Orbis of course. I did like the OST when I watched the show.

DragonQuest3 | Yesterday, 5:31 PM
80s anime generally had good opening themes. Far better than the ones of today.

DragonQuest3 | Yesterday, 5:29 PM
Ahh well I'll check it out. Sounds cool IMO. Got good drama?

Kellhus | Yesterday, 5:29 PM
Sugiyama's music for Ideon is ridiculously good, it's the best anime OST of that decade as far as I'm concerned.

morshuwarrior | Yesterday, 5:14 PM
Zambot 3 is pretty strange show. Many would think it's your average old school mecha show with a monster of the week. All that is true, until your realise the fact that Tomino is this series' creator... in other words, it gets dark pretty damn quick.

I don't remember much from it, but I did enjoy it quite a bit and it had a spectacular ending.

DragonQuest3 | Yesterday, 5:14 PM
ZetaZaku so would you rec Zambot 3 as a smarter Mecha for its time?

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