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Anime of the Month Voting for December 2015
HisokaHajime - Nov 25
20 replies by HisokaHajime »»
4 hours ago
Sticky: Ongoing Old School Anime Fansubs ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
RobdeFR - Jan 26, 2010
1,438 replies by MrSunrise »»
10 hours ago
Sticky: Licenced Old School Anime News
Kellhus - Jul 24, 2013
30 replies by F302pilot »»
Yesterday, 8:02 PM
The oldest anime you've watched. ( 1 2 )
Lamfreyde - Mar 28, 2012
59 replies by Warriors_of_God »»
Nov 29, 6:40 PM
What about 1995-1999?
Sloggett - May 16
12 replies by RetroAni »»
Nov 29, 1:15 AM

Club Comments
Waifu_Strangler | 2 hours ago
Gonna keep it in mind I guess but right now I'm too involved into DQ 7 to watch anime atm.

HisokaHajime | 2 hours ago
WMT takeover! Added it as the recently completed fansub. What to watch just became very easy.

Veldarth | 2 hours ago
Whoa! The club's new layout looks really nice!

Waifu_Strangler | 3 hours ago
There's a Swiss family Robinson anime? Is it good?

morshuwarrior | 3 hours ago
Swiss Family Robinson is now completely subtitled!

Akai_Shuichi | 3 hours ago
Nice to see Dog of Flanders there. Took long enough! Definitely a fantastic series with one of the most memorable endings I've seen.

That said, I must admit I never really liked that opening, but it did got me thinking. Nowadays, openings are probably where studios invest the most money in animating, as it's pretty much the presentation cards to the show, but then you see something like Dog of Flanders, and I feel the opening is probably the worst animated thing in the series.

Xykko | 4 hours ago
nvm saw the previous op

Xykko | 4 hours ago
? why is the op high speed jecy?

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