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Club Comments
DragonQuest3 | 4 hours ago
His the top guy in amounts of good work he's made.

Predelnik | 4 hours ago
Guess this guy is just Tezuka hater, at least he has a lot of hate reviews and stuff like that against so him so I don't think you should take him seriously.

I mean negative attitude is fine but when you just denouncing someone a way more than you're praising everyone else it looks really unhealthy. If you think that other old school artists are better/ more influential just write some positive reviews on their stuff and attract people to their works, just bashing Tezuka will not help you to prove anything.

As for me, I think Tezuka has done greatest job in making a huge diversity of manga/anime styles. Probably he wasn't a top guy in some single aspect but popularizing manga and anime in general was his biggest and unbeatable achievement.

Comandante | 5 hours ago
Personally, I don¥t have anything against his art.If anything, I¥d call it an important milestone towards the newer styles(here I go again with the evolutionism)。His characters, however, along with the themes treated in his works, seemed too reactionary for my taste. Then, I¥ve never actually finished reading any of his longer works, so I probably shouldn¥t venture into the the debate.

DragonQuest3 | 8 hours ago
Tezuka started out back in the late 1940s. While it might not seem like much now back then his art was quite mind blowing more so than Berserks was in the 1990s. He kept his style through out his career of course and there are plenty of example where it looks fantastic a good example being the phoenix manga. To each his own but to put down the guy who's largely responsible for us even being here... For shame man.

LayedBack | 9 hours ago
Tezuka definitely seemed to be greatly influenced by the Western cartoon style, which makes a lot of sense really. And if it suited him as an artist because his skills were lacking, then so be it. I think the guy was a bit more focused on, oh say, starting this little industry we like to call 'Japanese manga'. ^^

Kellhus | 10 hours ago
I didn't think it was really Tezkua's artwork that made him legendary but moreso his innovation and lasting effect on future anime/manga artists and on the industry in general.

Even today a lot of manga with cringe worthy artwork are able to become wildly successful if they do other things right.

fujifruit | 11 hours ago
Nice argument, man. "if you can't draw you can't criticize"

This is your example of a great background lol? It's some basic trees with a bunching of lines. Come on, man.

Klonoa79H | Today, 5:02 AM
@fujifruit Oh how I love it when people say that someone’s art style is bad, because most of the people who say this can’t draw for shit. Even Masami Obari’s character designs are better than Masaki Kajishima. Can you do a short as creative and well animated as this? Thought so. Can you do a short as unique and fun as this? Exactly. Can you draw a better background than this? Doip.

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