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Club Comments
drauch | 2 hours ago
Oh, nice! I didn't notice the "updates" tab on Kickstarter. My bad. Thanks for pointing that out, though. I'm bummed I didn't have the funds at the time for all those extra goodies!

Boltz | 3 hours ago
@Kagami I remember Ninja Gaiden having a terribly crappy production, but as a fan of the games I still found it pretty cool.

drauch | 5 hours ago
Onto another topic, though, and kind of relevant: did anyone do the kickstarter for the Bubblegum Crisis Bluray last year? Are there any updates to that? Doesn't seem like the page has been updated, so I presume it's email exclusive.

drauch | 6 hours ago
Yeah, I think if anything I am kind of concerned with updates regarding the final product and ETAs to when they will be finished. They offered no information on the DVD picture quality (I had to ask what their source material was), what the package goodies look like (pictures are not provided with any package, and when they are, they are typically tentative or partially random), or even the box art until a week or so before shipment. This isn't the big issue for myself and others, because I'm very grateful to have it in the long run, but it has to look so skeptical to so many others. Their productivity is indeed amazing with the translations, and the volume of streaming content they released for free is outstanding, but that first year or so was so crucial. I just don't think they got enough people on board with their site and who they are before they started these new paid streaming pledges. Maybe people will be more content with the streaming, and like someone mentioned, then uploaded as a batch when completed. We can only hope so.

Kagami_Hiiragi | 9 hours ago
Hi. I plan on watching the 1991 Ninja Gaiden Ova. I love the games, but can you old school experts tell me how it is?

LayedBack | 9 hours ago
You make fair points. I agree with most of that, there are ways to improve and constructive criticism is a good thing.

However, I'd just like to mention that by my count, right around half of what they've done was previously either unsubbed, or had poor quality subs which barely even count. Also, I'm not sure how many more updates you want considering by subtitled episode count they have been more productive than just about anyone else in the same time period, beating out even Discotek I think (when talking classics, at least). I mean, subtitling on that level of quality is truly a lot of work.

So I'm totally on board with your ideas to help increase the quality of the packaging, and better advertising, but their productivity and update frequency certainly doesn't seem to be an issue for me.

drauch | 10 hours ago
Without constructive criticism it's hard for something to improve. Most of what they've released has already had subtitles for years even, which is why many have been upset because you're paying a premium price for a physical medium. They could easily improve their website in the span of a day or so, update more frequently, and actually try to get their name out a little better, rather than relying on just word of mouth. If anything, the aggravation lies in the fact that they are basically digging their own grave. I've pledged hundreds of dollars to multiple sets, so I'd obviously like to see them stick around as well, because when it's all said and done, they're doing something wonderful. They simply could just use a bit of direction for their own good to stay afloat, and simultaneously please their paying customers.

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