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05-15-15, 5:41 AM
May 15, 1981
Zürich, Switzerland
April 18, 2008
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Please, don't send friend requests if we have never talked before.

I write on some anime that I follow weekly on this site.

* RobdeFR stands for my name. Rob.

To make the story brief, here are some facts about my past with anime;

Some information regarding how I personalize my lists.

Clubs where I'm an Creator or Administrator;

Sometimes I may write some words down on some anime, those words are often misinterpreted as actual reviews. Here's the ones on MAL;

* I don’t watch Hentai and I don't have much patience for Echii (except for some old school echii anime, of course).

*I don't understand Moe/loli complex/ whatever general modern anime tendencies.

*If we don't know each other and never talked before, don't expect me to accept your friend request.

Feel free to ask whatever you are interested in as long you do it in a respectful manner.

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Firechick12012 | 05-14-15, 8:36 AM
Happy Birthday!!!!!

Coolspot | 04-13-15, 10:06 PM
Hi I was wondering if you could help me out

You seem to have watched a lot of anime, and seem to give some anime that most users give a 4 a 7 in the general area that I like.

You see I am a really picky watcher and I dislike the bulk of anime do to it being depressing or disturbing and enjoy stuff like Captain Tylor and Nadesisco and Dai guard. Also liked here is greenwood. I actually liked the English dub of these because they made them more fun.

Like in an anime called Shingu secret of the stellar wars one of the characters talks to the tv screen and breaks the 3rd wall occasionally. I also don't mind cheesy 80s stuff and really liked the Robotech the new generation anime despite many disliking it I enjoy it when a band of heroes run into each other, same with Tekkaman blade like how they ran into people they thought were dead and such. ( also lodoss)

I tend to give things people find stupid and usually give a 6-7 a 10 and was pretty much wondering if you could think of anything that matched my strange taste in anime.

Thanks, the problem is, every user usually recommends something a bit innapropiate and I tend to like cleaner humor or implied( if its dirty).

Sorry for the bother and thanks if you think of anything.
Nobody seems to get what I like anime wise.

EvenJellyOn | 04-08-15, 7:32 AM
Old anime > newer?

Yae-Yae | 12-19-14, 11:07 AM

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Yae-Yae | 12-04-14, 4:56 PM

Not sure what anime this was but it looked rather interesting. ^^

It has been a while Rob-san! I hope you are well these days and enjoying life. Ready to celebrate Christmas?

I raise a toast in your honor. ^^

Luurah | 09-01-14, 7:00 PM
Muchisimas Gracias, RobdeFR! A este tiempo, yo encontrado como cinco o sies episodios de "Maggie la Brujita" in Español, pero yo soy todavia a buscar todos los videos. Yo quiere mirar todos los videos cuanto antes.

Anakin1981 | 05-16-14, 1:55 AM
Happy birthday my friend! I wish you all the best! :)

Ekati | 05-15-14, 1:15 AM
Happy Birthday! :)

Yae-Yae | 11-30-13, 8:34 PM
Thought you might find this one interesting...from Russia (1913)

Yae-Yae | 11-17-13, 11:04 AM
Goblin and "Yuki Usagi" (Snow Hare)

Here you go!

Bayrock | 09-16-13, 11:29 PM
Wow thank you for the voluptuous reply! You did convince me to watch Ani*kuri though, so that is why I liked your review. I will reply more soon but I'm busy at the moment!

Bayrock | 09-13-13, 9:03 AM
I ended up here due to your Ani*kuri review and thought I'd say hello. I thought your review was comprehensive and I loved Kon's piece. He was able to seriously make use of that minute to convey a message whereas I feel a lot of the others took it more lightly as if it wouldn't reflect their skill. Regardless, I really liked all of the shorts.

On another note, I swear to you I predicted that Legend of the Galactic Heroes would be on your favorites. I haven't taken the time to watch it yet but I've heard it's a true masterpiece through the right eyes. Anyway, I have no idea how or why but I saw it on your favorites before I ever came to your profile, lol.

edit: Man, I just read about you some and it kinda makes me wish I was born a little earlier, oddly. Being a mid 90s child myself the only anime I really knew about until the past couple years are things like Pokemon that I didn't even label anime. I didn't realize I really liked 'anime' until the past year or so, and it makes it a bit harder for me to appreciate the older series.

Even so I can tell you that I know exactly where you're coming from starting to stray from modern anime. I do think you should be a bit more lenient though. There are a lot of typical modern anime, but I feel every title should have a chance to shine instead of being clumped into one mass. I really like some of the older titles but I just find it hard to commit to them very often with all the other series I want to watch and life to deal with. People just don't appreciate them nearly enough, and I think it's sad since the older titles are the true roots.

Yae-Yae | 08-07-13, 10:32 PM
Hi Rob-san!
I hope you have been enjoying your summer and resting up lots while sipping your iced tea. ^^ I am doing good, thanks be to God. ^^
I found this classic and am passing it one...not sure if you have watched it yet.

Sadly, it seems tis only English dubbed but for a classic, I can endure that. ^^

Alrighty! You take care and be well! See you next time I pop on. <3

starshinesMonet | 07-29-13, 2:08 PM
I really enjoyed your comments and recommendations in the
"Anime with Unusually Stunning Music"
thread of the Unusual is Better anime club.

I also love many of the anime OST that you included and found some new ones thanks to your suggestions. ^_^

Klonoa79H | 07-08-13, 2:39 PM
Did you see the two videos I put up in the Dezaki club?

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