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Sticky: Ongoing Old School Anime Fansubs ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
RobdeFR - Jan 26, 2010
1,788 replies by Johnny_B »»
10 hours ago
Sticky: Recommendation Thread. ( 1 2 )
RobdeFR - Apr 16, 2010
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Oct 10, 5:07 AM
Old School Anime/Manga/related stuff collection thread
RobdeFR - Apr 10, 2010
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Sep 22, 11:30 PM
Favorite Character Designers/Designs
Reign_Of_Floof - Sep 16
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Sep 17, 5:51 AM
Cyberpunk / Sci-Fi
AuraBlu - Mar 19, 2016
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Sep 16, 3:24 AM

Club Comments
UmiStar | Oct 13, 8:42 PM
My jaws dropped hard when I saw that the thing was related to AnJ. Having seen all the seasons of Hajime no Ippo and Ashita no Joe, I thought there was no more boxing anime left to watch. Looks like that's changed for now. It would be nice to see some of the characters from AnJ again, but I feel like the thing will be all completely new characters. Ether way, it's definitely something to look forward to.

Warriors_of_God | Oct 13, 8:45 AM
Yes I have, and I can't not wait. I am more hype knowing that it is an original story, i hope that it take place after Joe since I would love to see the characters older. According to other sources this isn't the only Japan is doing to celebrate Ashita no Joe 50th anniversary which get me very hype on what to come. Next year will be great for fans of Ashita no Joe.

MisaoAino | Oct 13, 8:24 AM
Have you seen this, guys?!


I hope it has something to do with great Joe... it's already on my PTW list!

MeteorBear | Oct 12, 6:57 PM
All 90's series kneel before the great Berserk.

iRavenN | Oct 12, 5:12 PM
Hey there guys :D, how are you? Looking for some new friends, would anyone add me? Also, I'm looking for some new anime to watch... Can you guys send me message or feel free to comment on my profile which one would you recommend..

nDroae | Oct 12, 5:10 PM
The one I grew up with is Tenchi Muyo. The one I got into last year and love is Sailor Moon. But of the series listed I've so far only seen Evangelion, Bebop and Trigun - all in the last two years!

Re: KA quality, the first Yamato movie (the one that got retconned by Yamato 2) was in 360p. Well, in 2010 I was still watching a lot of (modern) anime in 240p. XD You won't find any upset posts from me in threads about the CR accidental low-quality encoding scandal.

P.S. A friend isn't interested in Death Note, partly because it's too old. I'm not sure I'm ready to handle this new world :D

Pipebomb_Teller | Oct 12, 4:43 PM
Evangelion, Utena, Berserk, Bebop, Lain, Ryvius...it's hard to choose

EratiK | Oct 12, 3:41 PM
I'd pick Evangelion.

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