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Old School Anime/Manga/related stuff collection thread
RobdeFR - Apr 10, 2010
20 replies by Pipebomb_Teller »»
3 hours ago
Sticky: Ongoing Old School Anime Fansubs ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
RobdeFR - Jan 26, 2010
1,773 replies by Johnny_B »»
Sep 20, 1:25 AM
Favorite Character Designers/Designs
Reign_Of_Floof - Sep 16
1 replies by Pipebomb_Teller »»
Sep 17, 5:51 AM
Cyberpunk / Sci-Fi
AuraBlu - Mar 19, 2016
7 replies by Reign_Of_Floof »»
Sep 16, 3:24 AM
Favorite year for anime
MeteorBear - Jul 2
6 replies by Reign_Of_Floof »»
Sep 16, 3:12 AM

Club Comments
Echelon | Sep 20, 8:17 PM
Did anyone get the new Discotek release of the Harlock SSX series? I wonder how the quality is.

nDroae | Sep 17, 8:23 PM
I had a brief exchange here in July with @Akai_Shuichi about how to handle the infamous filler in Nadia. Turns out there's a fan edit of that part that retains only the important stuff, but it uses the English dub.

"Watch Episodes 1-22, then the fan edit, then Episodes 35-39."

via https://www.reddit.com/r/Digibro/comments/7079rz/how_to_watch_nadia_secret_of_blue_water_without/

Echelon | Sep 10, 9:04 AM
What's the resolution for Mokkori? Is it on nyaa? Looks solid, but yeah still far from perfect.

Boltz | Sep 10, 4:14 AM
It looks to me like some of those screenshots are mislabeled. Anyway the original R2J disks are probably the best quality for now.

Clipso | Sep 9, 11:53 PM
Mokkori release is far superior despite being a lot less smaller in size. However, I feel like there is still a plenty of room for improvement.

Echelon | Sep 9, 4:22 PM
Is it the BA set?

Boltz | Sep 9, 7:35 AM
Especially because Cat's Eye has it, despite being older and less known (but still delicious). Imagine how sick City Hunter is going to look with proper colors, all that 80's colorfulness! There is one DVD-rip on the net which is slightly better looking, but still the colors look washed-out.

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