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Sticky: Ongoing Old School Anime Fansubs ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
RobdeFR - Jan 26, 2010
1,624 replies by Ralem »»
11 hours ago
History of Anime
HisokaHajime - Nov 19, 2015
3 replies by Kiel-kun »»
Yesterday, 8:00 AM
Quality checkers, distributors, editors for Dash Kappei
midori- - Sep 23
0 replies by midori- »»
Sep 23, 9:00 AM
What's everybody's opinion on Masami Obari?
TheKnightMrC - Sep 21
0 replies by TheKnightMrC »»
Sep 21, 7:39 AM
Sticky: Started/Currently Watching Old School Anime Discussion Thread ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
ArnoldK - Jan 28, 2010
382 replies by ruckes »»
Sep 20, 6:23 AM

Club Comments
Kiel-kun | 54 minutes ago
Any people who like Candy Candy here?

Boltz | Yesterday, 7:21 AM
Haha yeah, it's pretty catchy. I prefer the original, but the Italians sure went to great lengths to produce high quality dubs.

Waifu_Strangler | Yesterday, 5:53 AM
@Aria-da-Capo. That may stay stuck in my head for a while.

Aria-da-Capo | Yesterday, 2:12 AM
lol, you mean this?

Fond memories for me.

Echelon | Sep 22, 4:00 PM
I've only seen the first Lupin series and bits of the movies, but Fujiko is amazing.

Psajdak | Sep 22, 8:14 AM
I appreciate Fujiko because she isn't main male character's slave, something many other, especially in current anime, females can't say for themselves, no matter how cool they seem at first glance.

For instance, I remember seeing some garbage called Accel World, and there was some girl who knew main character who look like poor man's Eric Cartman for a few days only, and still decided to sacrifice her life for him, something I found ridiculous.

At the end of day, even though Fujiko isn't bad person, she would never do something like that.

Also, to mind come famous Bulma from Dragon Ball series, who in one episode said that no matter what, her life is to her on the first place, something that made me love her even more than before.

Boltz | Sep 21, 11:04 PM
She's one of the coolest femme fatale characters, you just have to expect she'll try to cheat and use Lupin at every opportunity. By the way I was in Italy on a trip the other day and they were showing Rose of Versailles on TV! Only it was in Italian and they kept singing Lady Oscar in OP xD.

Waifu_Strangler | Sep 21, 3:07 PM
I think being treacherous is why people like her to be honest.

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