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Sticky: Ongoing Old School Anime Fansubs ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
RobdeFR - Jan 26, 2010
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Today, 12:04 AM
Favorite year for anime
MeteorBear - Jul 2
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Aug 17, 11:53 AM
How to watch Dragon Ball?
MeteorBear - Jul 4
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Jul 25, 4:01 PM
Cyberpunk / Sci-Fi
AuraBlu - Mar 19, 2016
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Jun 30, 9:02 PM
Searching for an anime about demons/yokai
cheerio38010 - Jun 15
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Jun 15, 4:21 PM

Club Comments
SSJLuffy | Aug 14, 11:46 AM
My ratio is fine on bakabt. It's a 1.08, used to be higher too.

Ezekiel_01 | Aug 13, 8:21 PM
My ratio is been terrible lately. But I take advantage on the free seed and the Bonus points so my warnings have been release. if I reach 1600 points currently 1200 it might save me 10gb to improve my ratio a bit.

Echelon | Aug 13, 6:39 PM
Interesting, I guess it's been weird for us all then...

Akai_Shuichi | Aug 13, 6:20 PM
I had a horrible ratio on bakabt until a while ago, to the point my account was actually warned... lucky me it was just warned and not erased or something like that, because at least I had an account.

I went and searched through my collection for a couple things that were on bakabt and seeded them there (Ashita no Joe 2, Heidi and a couple more)... with some effort, I got to around 0.150 ratio and I stopped being warned. Then I just downloaded a lot of stuff since we're on a free leech week (though it's until tomorrow) and now my ratio is improving slowly but steady.

If bakabt is going private, I think they'll definitely have to do these free leech weeks with some frequency, because if not, ratios are just bound to get worse for anyone who wants to download (which should be pretty much everyone there).

morshuwarrior | Aug 13, 3:49 PM
Ratio on Bakabt has been really strange for me too and I'm actually a power user (my account says so at least).
From the day they went private I got little to no increase in ratio (good to know I wasn't the only one), but a few days ago it actually started going up again. I didn't do anything to my download/upload speed so I have no idea why this is happening.

Echelon | Aug 13, 7:53 AM
Probably best to start checking nyaa first from here on. To which I never even try to seed, but usually get crazy ratio's like 5.00 when I just accidentally leave torrents running for awhile.

Echelon | Aug 13, 7:51 AM
It's made seeding much more of a pain too. I have about 30 some torrents that are seed ready and my ratio has only gone up a few 0.00X points in the last few days. I guess they expect you to "throttle" your downloads as stated in the FAQ. I might try that next time I download something big, limit the download speed while the upload is unlimited... so while I download it hopefully it will seed what I have a lot for a boost. But talk about a hurdle to jump through. I've been there since 2008 and always had a good ratio, but it's gotten increasingly harder to keep seeding thesedays. Like other private trackers they probably have power users that do this almost like a job, and make it impossible for us normal folks to help seed.

Ezekiel_01 | Aug 13, 7:12 AM
So it's official Bakabt has no plan in opening their domain in public and become a private tracker instead. I am glad I have account so I cans still have the chance to grab some rare gems especially the old anime most streaming site don't have.

Seems like Bakabt became the 2nd Animebytes. And until now I want to be given a chance to join Animebytes.

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