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Sticky: Ongoing Old School Anime Fansubs ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
RobdeFR - Jan 26, 2010
1,907 replies by mamochan »»
10 hours ago
New installments and sequels for the oldies ( 1 2 )
Echelon - Jan 29, 2010
58 replies by nDroae »»
Aug 17, 8:39 PM
Sticky: Started/Currently Watching Old School Anime Discussion Thread ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
ArnoldK - Jan 28, 2010
412 replies by nDroae »»
May 14, 12:45 PM
Sticky: Recommendation Thread. ( 1 2 )
RobdeFR - Apr 16, 2010
96 replies by Spagem »»
Apr 29, 10:30 PM
Last Old School Anime you've purchased.
Spagem - Apr 29
0 replies by Spagem »»
Apr 29, 4:02 PM

Club Comments
Klonoa7H | Yesterday, 6:04 PM

FMA 03 is techncailly post 2000s but is 15 years old at this point, you can find it pretty easily through "certain" avenues.

Shishio-kun | Yesterday, 4:03 PM
Hi all, I'm just warning club admins with heavily customized club pages that the mass notification option in clubs is bugged right now and can break your club front page.

So you might want to save your club information's BBcode somewhere safe, especially if you're planning to share a thread with all members in the future. I don't want to see designer's and coder's work go down the drain, thanks! Please spread the word if you can~

(also I got a fix for the gaps in your graphic on that page I linked too)

Wow btw this club seems cool. I was just gonna join and warn ya about the bug then leave, but I'll stay and check things out here later :D

nickydicky | Yesterday, 3:58 PM
Where's a good place to find 480p downloads of older anime (FMA)? It'd be nice to be able to have smaller versions of some shows. Anybody have similar worries?

RedPlaty | Yesterday, 10:24 AM
hey, we're back :] havent seen majutsushi orphen yet. started alpen rose though, so far so good

MisaoAino | Aug 17, 9:09 PM
If we are taking into account pre-2000 series... do you guys feel excited for the new Majutsushi Orphen project?
I just hope they don't ruin it as the did with Houshin Engi :/

HisokaHajime | Aug 17, 8:34 PM
City Hunter has been at the top of my BD wish list for a long time.

nDroae | Aug 17, 8:07 PM
Some aspire to own a Lexus, Mercedes or Ferrari; others, an Aniplex BD set

I'm planning to start Naruto in a couple of years, though I'll probably skip most of the filler. Bleach is generally regarded as having turned into a pariah, both the manga and the anime. One early 2000's show on my PTW that people say that about (once popular, not no one talks about it) is The Twelve Kingdoms.

Klonoa7H | Aug 17, 8:02 PM
I would assume alot of those were off shows that were popular at the time? I find that with lots of that stuff, the show goes into obscurity or is forgotten. I find it funny to be honest, I remember when Naruto was THE big show for years, and barely anyone brings it up nowadays. Same thing happened with Bleach and other similar shows.

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