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Z/X: Code Reunion
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Kono Oto Tomare! 2nd Season
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Echelon 29 minutes ago
Speaking of soundtracks, turns out Sakurai the main guy behind the Smash Bros games, is a huge SNK fan. Terry came with FIFTY tracks, lmfao. There's been jokes lately about how Mai is probably the second most recognizable character... but her chances of being in this (or anything E rated) are slim to none. Because boobs kill people.

Saw a few clips of MJF, Jericho, that huge guy I think they were building up, Cody botch, etc. I have to say, I think MJF has a pretty damn good "mean" face to the camera, looks legit livid and not like someone you want to be near.
Echelon Yesterday, 7:41 PM
Yi Bang Won already has a huge lead on the others for me. Big plus for donning the Jumong look hehe. The action here reminds me the most of Jumong too. A bit more intense and advanced being newer, but it's that same clean dance like style. Wait, was this show the Joseon era? Sure as hell doesn't feel like it. Not complaining... lol. Some of the big zoomed out shots are incredible.

That would be a life changing concert. Speaking of France and City Hunter, I think that live action movie might be out now too?

Registrations are open on AvistaZ. Might be worth the hassle, but then again you have the official options now. My ratio has been dead at 4.70... so I still probably don't have anything to worry about for awhile. But I love how in the month plus I've kept torrents on to try and seed, it's done absolutely nothing.
Echelon Yesterday, 3:48 PM
Oh damn, which group did you go with?

"The fortune teller chick with the fake scar was the one that liked Lee Bang Ji in the past and got dragged away right in front of him."

That part... I don't think I want to think about it, but I totally assumed she got raped. Yikes. Some dark stuff in this one.

Yeah I can tell him and that boss will be good times.

How about this atrocious new Youtube frontpage? If it hasn't effected you yet, it probably will very soon. It hit me today and on reddit people are saying it's just randomly "updating" for people throughout the week. Take our walls of favorite anime for example, imagine in two rows and two columns which gives us 10 shows to link, you now only see 2. I'm not sure if this is more mobile design bullshit but I'm sure it is. Dude, have we ever once said "Yeah this website design change is GOOD"? Because I don't think so. Now I get to scroll 100x more and it doesn't take long for the idiotic site to have to buffer/load more. This is the drizzling shits.
Echelon Nov 12, 7:22 PM
Well that's just about the most depressing reminder-comparison you just made. *laughs* Straight up forgot that was Black Beard's VA. I love how the animators give it their all when Thorkell is doing his thing. Uppercutting a HORSE... no biggie.

SFD 7-8 were fantastic. Loved the fake astronomer. I guess I wasn't really expecting the twins to have several scenes together already, when it happened it just hit me how cool that is. They must have all the classic filming tricks for that pretty well. I like how Yi Bang Won has a weird yet cool deep voice. I don't know if I'm ever going to love stone face Chun Ho Jin, but this seems like it'll be one of his best roles.

Chief Kim ep2 was better so I can see how that one will keep improving. Easy to see how his group of co-workers will be a lot of fun. One hilarious thing I noticed, while still glamorous, it was cracking me up a lot how I realized how "normal" this show, people, and sets look. Compared to Secretary Kim which looked like it took place in Heaven. *laughs* I don't know how to explain it, other than just everyone looked ridiculously perfect in that. I keep picturing Park Min Young patting her face down with something at the end of the day they showed a lot... she looked like an angel. lol

50 hours already, crazy. Guess it's not too surprising since you're just balls deep in that game only heh. That's about how much I put into SC6 last year before cooling off. But yeah, I was still learning and kind of a novice even at that point.
Echelon Nov 12, 12:24 PM
Thorkell's the best character in Vinland Saga. It also randomly hit me, that I could maybe see Askeladd's VA being a good replacement for Borsalino in One Piece. He made some goofy noises this episode that reminded me of him and he's got the nonchalant attitude down haha.

Hmm, the spelling was "Moo Hyool" actually in the show. The Empress Ki villain showing up laying the smackdown on some minister. So does this take place around Ki's time frame as well?

Getting The Rock on this sometime would be great... but I've noticed WWE is getting a lot of sit downs lately with veterans watching old matches. Haven't really bothered with those yet. But it doesn't seem like the WWE can ever really get Rock for anything outside of maybe a random appearance once a year. It seems like it'll forever be a battle to get this dude to sit down for an interview or podcast. lol
Echelon Nov 11, 5:15 PM
That is definitely convenient.

SFD6 is indeed leveling up! - love the coded message and it's funny recognizing some more actors haha. The "Swordsman" being on his own now instantly leveled him up more. I'm guessing Lee Bang Ji's time will come eventually, since he's really in the shadows so far. Yi Bang Won and Boon Yi are already awesome.

Interesting. I wonder if his last show didn't get picked up again? Or this was in the works anyways since he's slowed down with other stuff.
Echelon Nov 11, 4:33 PM
From nyaa? "Since I watch everything" lol

No Vinland Saga this week? Guess I'm behind anyways.

Oh man, I wonder if your 360 is so behind it's using one of the old dashboards haha. They've changed that like 3-4 times over the years. Never for the best either. Guess it's an idea for now at least. I wish there was a good backup browser. Haven't heard shit about Opera in ages. I think MS has something but it probably tracks everything too. Can't even remember the last time I used IE or when it was even installed. I prefer not getting viruses when I get online. *laughs*
Echelon Nov 11, 4:02 PM
Jericho duck face. lol

Speaking of weird issues... are you seeing the torrent links on HS now? I can't in FF but I can in Chrome. Maybe there's some other FF issues going on that's not just you?

You don't have any new systems right? Even or a 360 or PS3? Think some of them have Netflix integrated, same with Amazon Prime video. Always easier to navigate this stuff on a PC and browser though...
Echelon Nov 11, 12:20 PM
Loved the Tony interview. The concern over Kenny and Mox was pretty funny. He doesn't intricately blur the lines like Jericho and others, but almost comes off like it's all a legit sport sometimes. Other times, he just clearly seems to be a bit on the outside of creative and is letting the talent map things out, which is great. That would add up too since he's a fan first, as long as it's not something too crazy, he's probably having fun not knowing the full script either.

I think there's unlimited potential for Jericho's future heh. He would always joke about just "disappearing" when he thinks the time is right, but I get the vibe he's got some of that old school DNA in him and will always be around wrestling in some form.

Guess I'll be curious to see Hager in action eventually then. Need to see more of Sammy too.

Silverlight figure it out? I've heard of that mode or whatever... not really sure exactly what it is though. I have Chrome for backup situations and other stuff. Of course, I'm sure they're monitoring absolutely everything.

I honestly don't love her theme and that stuff at 1:12 literally hurts, but there's a weird charm to it.

Just trim the intros of these like Omega's theme and you have my entrance...;)
Echelon Nov 10, 7:05 PM
Jericho's clearly got a career here in the long term if he ever wants it. But until then it'll be cool to see him shaping AEW in ways. Fozzy's new song being a theme to Full Gear and all that. I'm already loving the connections.

I'm still not super sold on the Hager guy. Need to see him in action... unless maybe he'll just play a bodyguard type on the outside. I guess that's fine.

The first episode of this second part was with "Fake Cat's" and some blonde in red, really kick ass episode. It was a nice surprise to see Hitomi and Toshi's relationship reach the point it's at now with them engaged. But yeah, these first two new episodes felt more serious and dangerous in interesting ways. Didn't feel as elegant or campy like some of the other stuff, not that I ever minded it. But the back half having a bit more Moxley in it might not be bad... *laughs*

Vagabond continues to drag its feet a little in the final lap here, you're missing a bunch of old dudes dominating this episode. lol, also get ready for more FUCK's, like 10 from the president. It's gotten annoying at this point. lol

So was this just some random chick?

Because if I'm not mixing up the child versions of the characters, this person looks a LOT like young Boon Yi.

Went back and saw the guy's twin, that's a crazy difference haha.
Echelon Nov 10, 5:41 PM
That in one of the new Tony Khan interviews covering Full Gear? I wonder how much of a locker room general Jericho could be at this point. I've heard he's actually pretty caring about the talent backstage and all that. It's funny to picture him being involved in ways like this from a character perspective haha, but I can see it realistically. He's got so much experience and clearly wants all of AEW to succeed. The Dean stuff was icing on the cake. So did that judge stuff even amount to anything?

That sounds like a good blueprint for MJF's path. This should be gold.

More Yuka will be great. At this rate the American women's division will really need to step it up. The outfits most of these Joshi girls have is so much more striking and cooler too.

Two episodes into the "second" part of Cat's Eye has definitely been interesting. Of all people Hitomi looks the most different, lol. It's a downgrade in ways but the production is still excellent. The music and even sound effects are completely different too and really give it a different flavor. Even the directing of these two episodes at least so far, seems really different. Like more serious. Maybe this alternative flavor continues which could be cool. I'd say the first season felt more in line with CH, but if these two episodes are a sign of the changes then this back half will be a bit different in a cool way.

Finally got older Boon Yi in episode 5 of SFD. I think you mentioned the crazy makeup guy playing two characters? Think I noticed the other one this time, another minister? Think I'm already digging Yi Bang Won a fair bit now when he was kind of annoying with the kid version, but I'm really liking Mu Hyul... if he's the reluctant yet skilled swordsman. I'm guessing Ddang Sae is the guy in ep4 who got some revenge?
Echelon Nov 10, 6:54 AM
Excellent interview, he switches gears so casually putting Cody, the company, etc over, but reminds you he's "Jericho" heh.

I love the idea of MJF vs Cody going for a long stretch. MJF will have to get more vicious here and I think even he will have to step his game up in general with how loved and RAW Cody is. It'll be really interesting to see how MJF goes from here. I just can't see someone being jokey and unintentionally goofy like he has been at times against someone like Cody. Though Jericho has been, but he's got the benefit of being a veteran and legendary status.

With people already loving Shida too, I wonder how this'll pan out. Face vs face with her and Riho? I can picture Shida being heel though. But I don't think Riho's the type that has that shade in her at all haha. Saw some cute kids and signs she tweeted yesterday as well. People love her and she brings in a certain crowd others probably don't especially in AEW.

I LOVE that idea with title defenses being counted differently in a way. Reading that, I was just picturing how they're displaying the names and numbers, but with a blue or colored emblem for a secondary number for the title defenses that stands out a lot. I'm surprised they're not doing this?

Cody's not wrong for the most part. Maybe the numbers need to keep rising a bit or the roster expanding more for the time to be right. They've already got tons of people that it would look good on. For the most part though I guess I am pretty damn happy and content with three sets of belts for now though. Don't need to overstretch themselves.

It was a creative hardcore match with new stuff I've never seen, I can definitely give them that. I think my favorite spots were the two near the entrance, the barb wired net where they both got stuck and then Omega jumping into Mox into that Full Gear light. It looked like that hurt Omega far more than it did Mox lol.
Echelon Nov 9, 10:15 PM
Indeed man. That match had me by the balls and I kind of shifted gears rooting for Cody after that utterly disturbing face plant to the outside. There was a lot more people that showed up at my friends to watch and people were casually talking about blade jobs... then they showed the other angle. Nope, that's his fucking face smearing up against steel. Then a doctor stepping in probably legitimately. I worry Cody has this darkness to him and loves color, like Dustin and Dusty it seems. He's already had some insanely dangerous spots in AEW so far.

I doubt that was a "plant" either with that guy who threw the water at MJF too. Though the angle was so perfect, I wonder haha... this was a perfect way to do this though and better than expected. I hope the Jack attack was "real", in that MJF will be on his own and not part of the Inner Circle or anything. He's still young and maybe a little green, but it could be time to light that fire and see how things go. Cody is so over I'm sure MJF will get some crazy heat if he keeps up some shenanigans or something.

My old roommate was there which was good since he knows the most like myself, so he hasn't seen much of Riho and was instantly won over this night. Very cool seeing an emotional Emi, even if she did well playing up the heel after awhile too. She's gotta be proud. Since it's been awhile since I've seen Riho myself, I could easily see what you mentioned about her getting a lot more confident. She looked freaking great here. Cima's got the knees of death and Riho's got the stomps, heh.

Missed a lot of the pre-show I think, I came in on Baker and Bea... didn't seem all that special?

Interesting thing to note here, not one, two, but THREE no-title changes. I think that's AEW making a firm statement here. Definitely going to get some strong long reigns going. I thought SCU could have lost it though, but that would have been really fast haha. Lucha Bros are on fire though. That was a crazy match and the three teams thing did work out pretty well.

Spears vs Janela was a bit anti-climatic to me. The casuals in my group were all dogging Janela and well that match didn't really help me sell him to them haha. Guessing they're wanting to push Spears harder, he pretty much dominated it.

Hangman vs PAC was solid. *nods*

Mox vs Omega was crazy and good as expected. I'm sure half of that stuff was a magic show but still pretty fucked up. What's sad is that I think if you want something truly more BRUTAL, just let Omega work in the ring, lmao. As always and I think we both agree, I don't need a bunch of this hardcore shit... but if this is the end of their "crazy" feud that's fine, yet I doubt Omega will just take this loss. Even if it's not counted, his pride lost here. I'd rather not see Mox be some hardcore Mick Foley type constantly either, but I can't predict how they'll map him out at all. Weird emotions as usual with matches like these, yeah it was a blast to watch... but can Mox really match up to Omega in the technical ring workshop? *shrugs* I guess if Mox DOES want to be another Mick Foley and do all this, well okay... guess that's fine. But never my preference.
Echelon Nov 9, 9:30 PM