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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
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Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.
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Echelon 10 hours ago

Would be sick to see Broly teaming up with the good guys. I keep thinking they maybe could have done an OVA about him and or Caulifla to flesh them out more. Hope to see them around still. I always roll my eyes when I remember Jiren, lol. Even Broly would have been cooler in that position. Wouldn't care if we never see Jiren again, but eh maybe he could be a little cooler next time if it happens.

The ultimate dream is of course that Freeza still somehow becomes the ultimate ending big bad again haha. Interesting to hear the manga is still going. I wonder if Toriyama is still loosely involved with everything? Just enough to give it the nod of approval and some ideas.

Echelon Yesterday, 10:08 AM
Can't believe what I'm watching with Dai at this point. 10/10 episode.

Which makes me feel 80/20 on this DBS announcement. The dream is that this is the beginning of the next major phase and more than just a movie. But I guess they left off with just that Broly one previously. We don't want a movie -> TV arc version to happen again like the first time. While another TV installment would be even better than a movie. But isn't Dai taking up this time slot? No clue. The other bright side, from how Super leveled up in the back half, what I hear about One Piece, and fucking Dai looking insane... I only want S rank Super visuals going forward. For freaks sake this should be a bigger priority than anything else production wise if I were in charge, it's the GOD of Toei. lol

Do you know how further along the manga is now? I know there was some new Beerus God level villain I think. That's all I know.

I guess 2022 still gives Dai plenty of time for its run, if they want to slot in Super Z next. Praying to the Dragon Gods!

Whatever happened to Toei... hot damn. Good stuff right now.
vocab Yesterday, 12:02 AM
Yeah, some of those are pretty good, a few I didn't play. I never played suikoden 2, I want to, it's just not high on priority. I played the first one many years ago, and I see why people really like it. Trails in the Sky is a game I always wanted to play, but end up playing a Ys game or a different Nihon Falcom game. Saga frontier is a pretty strange game. I've been watching someone I know play that here and there. On one hand I think it being structureless and non linear is interesting, on the other hand I think it was a lazy ass game from a design standpoint.
Echelon May 8, 2:38 PM
Yeah, that detail added to the drama too haha. Warrior reserving his POWER! I remember being shocked at all the elbow drops and I think we all know that finisher hurts the guy applying the move too. Macho gave his all there.

I did see the Jericho fall and yeah... I can see why it's getting some criticism. Jericho's fall looked so choreographed and vanilla too. So yeah, maybe just stop falling off cages. MFJ looked pretty cool with the color.

Always cool when you dig up VA's in games too. Daltanias is one of those obscure ones I think that Luurah group subbed. I grabbed Daikengo awhile ago since it was a shorter SR show. Looks pretty cool now skimming through it. Looks like Koji's VA is the main there.

Kind of funny I made the comparison to Koji's VA and Furuya awhile back and I still think it holds true. But Hiroya Ishimaru has that assertive, sharpness, that's a lot more confident than Furuya's awkwardness as you put it, or like his whiney drawl. Get Ishimaru in all those roles and those characters would level up. *laughs*

Yeah that episode was alarming with Restart. I don't want to see these cartoony colored villains in suits but think we'll probably be seeing a lot of them lol. Nothing really enduring about them and some of the side characters here, like the original. This one could go either way...

Not sure I could pull off the first pair there but I think I like the second one.

Old glasses:

I paid too little attention to the metal sides and crap when I was in the office trying them out. *shrugs*
Echelon May 8, 12:44 PM
Still blows me away how good that Macho vs Warrior match was. The drama was equally as awesome with Warrior vs Hogan but they were completely different matches with their own strengths and one side kind of all thanks to Randy alone.

Makes me think of Ric Flair always making fun of his finishers and moves haha. How was Blood & Guts? Caught some of the highlights of MJF vs Jericho. AEW better archive this stuff so I can go through it someday.

"I just think Furuya would have been much better suited as the lead in non action series."

... Think you just nailed it perfectly there. He was type casted in the wrong genre. Lately I keep thinking of what Toshio Furukawa could have been like in more leading roles. Piccolo seems like a more unique one for him, then Ace, but it seemed like he was thrown in more slapstick side character roles more often back in the day. I think he could have been a cool lead though. Maybe he's in some of those SR shows, lol. I know Akira Kamiya is. I never expect the most versatile performances in those though haha. But the right voice for the right characters can definitely be awesome, like in the case with all of Mazinger's cast.

"The Ezra looking chick even has the same VA..."

Good lord... guess you shot my motivation down for this one haha. I didn't really bother to get around to 86 last weekend either, so I might be done with that one too. The last episode of Battle Athletes Restart was kind of lame as well though... hopefully it course corrects.

My room desk is 26 1/2" and my new chair at the lowest floor setting, the arm rests are 26". So why is this not the standard? lol

Have you ever gotten glasses online? I don't think I like the new pair I got ... of course. My insurance covered it 100% though (that was like the only thing covered), so it's not a real loss. But again, why are these computer blue light blocking glasses I have better than prescription pairs? Was eyeballing this site and these. I guess if you know your prescription and "PD" you can maybe order these online. Still might not a doctors approval but I have no idea. I still need to try out the daily contacts. Neither of the two options seems like an ideal solution and Lasik doesn't sound good for me either. Gah, lol
Echelon May 8, 11:43 AM
Oh yeah, kind of laughed when I saw Secretlab announce their own desks recently.

Still, "Just the right height: 29" ... that's what the two new desks I got are at too and just the right height my ass.

Now that I've spent a lot more time with the pullout tray in action, this reminds me of our mattress evaluations. I think I'd give this better desk a 7/10. I don't feel the need to "fix" and replace it ASAP like the last wobbly crap. But this is still not completely ideal and super comfy to me after awhile. So man... I'll be curious to hear how your desk buying goes. You'll probably get through that before I consider replacing this one again. My setup is doable for now but I don't really want it to be permanent.

I don't know if this is being 5'7 or what. I wonder how a lot of women solve this. I don't love either solution to the two problems... a foot rest for having to sit up higher on the 29" desktop, or having to sit further back with the pullout tray and even with my arms perfectly aligned it doesn't feel as good as it does laying across the desk in my room. But I like to lounge in my room, so I don't think I'd want to swap these two desks either. Even though this pullout tray is super tight and not going anywhere, there's just something about it that doesn't feel as good as a harder more stable desktop.

Guess it'll be a pain in the ass whenever I want to replace this one, at least I know to see if stuff UNDER 29" exists.
Echelon May 8, 11:19 AM
That impression is just insane.

Was Randy always this humble? Would be hard to believe. But perhaps his long deserved run with the WWF belt was him considering it mission accomplished from that point on. Even though he didn't want to get pushed aside and still wanted to keep working and get the other guys over. His short WCW title runs overnight will always be so weird. But that's WCW booking in general I guess.

Let me know when or if you mess with the T7 customization... like I said, it's pathetic in comparison. *laughs* That Cell looks like it took a LOT of work heh.

About 10 or so years ago yeah, I do think GGG Final had a good reputation. Maybe that one is still okay. I remember actually disliking how it felt like it was pretty try-hard being extra edgy and darker. Which is fine with me but coming off the main series it was odd. This whole time I built up my own expectations on this other installment though, thinking it would be the tamer more normal follow up. I wonder what the hell let them green light this idea even in the first place. Final was a 2000-2003 OVA. FinalGGG was 2005 TV while directly ties more into Betterman while also still playing off the GGG main ending I guess, so it really is an alternative finale. But both are unnecessary. Wouldn't waste your time. lol

Loved her design though. I guess I actually do dig this art style a lot sometimes. I hate how dorky kids tend to look, but the rest is cool. The GGG main unit itself was always pretty B&G to me though. Probably made for some really cool toys, but it was so damn bulky and awkward. Scott Steiner x1000. The normal Lion robot human form that Guy always jumps in first... while never doing much with... was always much cooler than the bulky stuff to me. lol

I can't think of another VA with this kind of "issue". It's like with Furuya you had to have two things work perfectly together, the writing and his performance. Amuro is a homerun and I can't imagine any other way, Yamucha is fine even if he's a jobber in the long run, and the lead in KOR was fittingly good. The rest though... one or both of those requirements are rarely met. I don't think another VA would have put Seiya above the other characters but it's wild to think, what if he was actually badass and really cool too? Would have elevated the whole thing even more. I guess a lot of male VA's were too masculine back then for the younger/shounen like roles but all those Sunrise shows and whatnot says otherwise, there still could have been better choices probably.

I'll have to screencap some of these villains in God Mazinger if I care or remember, but one of the main guys "Bura" (also lame) has to be the one of the lamest designs I've ever seen. The character designs in general are pretty dang flat lol. Ep8 was another so-so one. It's better when they're on foot and the story is trying to develop a bigger plot. But the formulaic stuff is pretty boring here. The generic dinosaur of the week came back in Ep8. lol, they're not even robot dinosaurs. Just a big green T-Rex and shit.
Echelon May 7, 1:41 PM
When you and Corny are on the same side you know they messed up haha. Maybe the backlash will be loud enough that someone else will try to do a Macho story justice. I'll try to hit this up if I get the time, been crazy these last few days.

Can't help but agree with some of the random comments and maybe Jim talks on this, but it has gotten tiresome how the only thing you hear about with Macho and Elizabeth is how controlling he was and he'd lock her up, etc. But to be together for all those years there has to be some good and other things to talk about. Neither of them were angels either, it goes both ways.

That Hisoka is freaking amazing. You've probably discovered now how convenient and cool it is that you can copy those saves over, so you can have multiple options and some with different tweaks. Kurapika and Ivy is a match made in heaven haha. Who are you using with Hisoka?

Tekken bowling makes me think of how Yakuza 7 apparently has a super good Mario Kart styled mode, lol. The Yakuza series has some excellent bowling and minigames too. It's kind of a joke how they all have mahjong though and nobody ever really figures it out. *laughs*

I feel like I kind of want to be done with Nobuyuki Hiyama now too. This GGGxGGG installment felt like the hardest thing to get through this year. And there were plenty of duds, saved by my good watching mood to keep trucking at least. Man, it just completely expects you to remember this cast of 20 some characters and care about all this weird shit going on. I finally find myself wishing... could this show have just stuck to being MOTW? lol. Like I said, this part went full blown Betterman and was about saving the universe or something. I don't know. I don't know WTF I just watched with this one. Blue Seed and Betterman were better. Dirty Pair Flash was easier to watch but is still maybe more offensively annoying...

For an Abel update, this is one of those rock solid 8's. It still leans more on adventure than characters compared to Dai, so that's been a cool difference. Granted I still think there's room for these characters to be better but they're all just good, nothing mindblowing. There's more serious enemies around now that are better, there's one red Namekien looking Mr Freeze guy that looks like such a weird mish mash of Toriyama ideas haha. And I don't want any of this to dissuade you but we keep dogging on Furuya a bit more over time... this is yet another main character of his where I'm just like "How different would he be with someone else?" Which probably isn't a good sign. It does feel like a low effort from him. So he's not annoyingly lame like Seiya. But it feels like the bare minimum curriculum is being fulfilled here. He's been out of commission for the last few episodes though and nothing of value is really lost, lol. So overall, all the characters as a whole are good enough and it's a fun unique show. Definitely recommended. It's better than some of those B-C grade shounens we were talking about, or like Shurato from this similar era haha.

I was way more into the last episode I watched of God Mazinger for whatever reason. Maybe it'll be a solid 7 now, but it did feel like that 6 was possible. Hopefully it improves though.
Echelon May 5, 2:17 PM
Hmm, I don't think I've ever tried Tekken or a 3D fighter for that matter with an arcade stick. I never know if they'd be for me though. But who knows. Ever seen some people use the joysticks on a controller with their fingers and not just the thumb? Like an arcade stick in ways haha... or using their fingers for the face buttons and not thumbs either. Also like an arcade. Freaks I say. lol, but I can see that being okay with the Genesis 6-button layout, since that mirrors a lot of arcade cabinet layouts.

The new T7 menu music is kind of lame. I don't have Tekken Bowl unlocked but always hear good things lol. I'll have to upgrade my version someday.

I still don't totally love the weird adventure/story modes in SC6 but yeah, I dug through some of it. The game has an abundance of content across the board. It really is cool how you can see and download other peoples created characters. I remember seeing some great and funny ones myself back when it was new. And yeah it's cool to gender swap some characters. That's when I try to make sure the height is the same though, so their frame data is the same. Gotta shrink 2B down some since she's TALL android lady. lol

Gorgon did briefly report to some other higher up Emperor in that last episode of Mazinger. And it maybe hinted at other generals. But yeah... the setup just really gave me the vibe he'd be the lead henchman for awhile at least. I'll hope for an 8! Should be better than some of this other stuff I'm watching.
Echelon May 4, 1:49 PM
OHHH BABY, I think I can figure out Xiaoyu now. That Virtua Fighter 4-5 experience with Pai-chan is paying off.

Mmm I can tell this will be another character that makes my friends fume. :D
Echelon May 4, 10:53 AM
Are the Dark Side of the Ring's all depressing? Guess I could see that...

The T7 character customization on the other hand SUCKS haha. I forgot to joke also when I downloaded it, bro you weren't kidding... so I think it does what some games do thesedays that seems lazy, the game includes all the "data" for the new content/characters. They're just not unlocked in game if you don't have the license/DLC. Always better when games keep DLC data separate in times like this. But oh well...

One of my friends shared this which is hilarious. Think this was the original arcade roster in Japan. Up to this now. I forgot Noctis (FF15) was in this, so lame. I think Tifa would fit like a glove, no pun intended. But we might be at the end of T7's life now. Had an insane run.

A lot of T7 is coming back to me now too when I think about it. I think some might consider Law a more advanced character, so him being my main maybe makes it tougher to pick back up sometimes. But I do recall once I was in a good groove, I got good at picking other characters and figuring them out faster. - She felt like my trusty #2. And yes you bet, my friends hated me using her. *laughs* - Kicks for days and really easy juggle combos. Very good. - Has the off screen Tiger attacks I mentioned awhile back, pretty cool though - Cool but gets really tricky with his insane combo stances - Kurapika? I was starting to dig her. - Looks like one of my friends, lol. He is FAST despite his looks.

One of my favorite characters to watch the pros play is Xiaoyu. Man oh man, her stance changes and the way she basically -dances- is absolutely insane. I should try to learn her, but I can have a hard time with characters who have those stance/positional combos. Like getting your back turned to the enemy and all. But Maxi does that too and can snap out of it. But yeah, she seems really complex, but freaking amazing in right hands. She's a lighter hitter though and needs more continuous combos and strings. I love that people like Maxi and Law are really fast but can hit like a truck too. One of Law's is >> kick's is so hilariously strong for such a basic input.

So... DOA6 vs SC6?

That dinosaur crap. *laughs* Sorry though... my plate of average to bad mecha is filled now haha. GGG Final GGG whatever is terrible. All this time I was hoping it would be the more normal version of the two sequel Final installments, but this one is even weirder. I mentioned to KT this is literally tying directly into Betterman, flashbacks, etc. Some episodes have been a lot of narration of things being explained to me. Pseudo-science. The problem is I used up that Betterman energy already. And this naturally has all that YELLING so it's not a good night watch like Betterman was.

It's so easy to see the identity crisis in God Mazinger. It feels like it wants to be somewhere in the middle of the 70's MOTW formula mixed in with what Sunrise was doing in the 80's, while not really excelling in any area. The God Mazinger itself seems somewhat sentient. As a fan of good mecha cockpits, this one gets an F. The main character is just standing in nothingness like it's going for that G Gundam thing, without really showcasing that or how he's controlling it.

My main worry about this so far is more about Great Mazinger, lol. The more I think about Gorgon and his VA, the more whatever he seems to me. Didn't hurt Mazinger Z at all, but if he's supposed to be like the Baron Ashura of Great... that might not be very appealing. At least that Empire has some cool mechanical beasts. But hopefully Great has a nice roster of some other main villains. But his character in God Mazinger sucks. Show Hayami's playing yet anther B villain here picking up the slack at least.
Echelon May 3, 2:38 PM
Damn, that's a bummer. This was the same series as some of the other Legends highlights right now too right? Wonder if there's different staff per episode. At least Vince was the somewhat positive element here. I don't know if Randy got the respect he truly deserved. DDP always makes his story sound like it really got Randy good and made him happy, in a way that, did nobody else thank him like that? But the business and egos were certainly different then. I imagine HE got a ton of that Slim Jim cut himself too right? haha damn.

Maybe Shawn's coming out of the Jesus phase some in his older age haha. I still don't expect the Diesel run to be anything special but it'll be cool to get through that era eventually. It definitely is kind of bizarre he seemed to get the push to the belt first when Shawn was working towards that for years longer... Vince's bias for SIZE coming in there. I recall Nash being their saving grace during the roids issue.

Have you seen any of these recent Darkside of the Ring's? I might check out the Brian Pillman one.

Tekken kept getting huge during EVO's at least. I still don't know if you'd be into it like I was, but I swear man watching Tekken with the pros is like wrestling PPV material, lol. Mega hype. I personally loved it gaining steam and attempting to overshadow the boring stuff like Street Fighter and all... lol.

The modern Mortal Kombat chunkiness is still there for sure. You can see it and then feel it with the floaty jumps and weird slow-mo's. I'll give it credit for having its own "feel" at least haha. But for something that's 2D plane in 3D the new Killer Instinct is 10x better to me.

Got both SC6 and T7 installed and man, just like old times. Maxi is GOD tier. He's all mine and you're not allowed to play him, lmao. But seriously jumping back in... it all comes back. Hit up 2B again and kind of laughed, "I forgot everything about her" was the case there. Then I jumped into T7 and it's similar to that... more random guessing and lost knowledge despite being a Tekken fan for years. There is just something about SC6 that works supremely well for me. In times like this jumping back in it's probably fun to try a new character to figure out. Dug up some stats/stuff. You can see I had fun with that character creator... lmao. I guess I played T7 online more than I remembered but that's a sad 45% win ratio with 200+ some matches haha.

Looks like a lot of the same VA's in Devilman from Mazinger haha. Wonder if that'll be... too deja vu? Was almost tempted to hit that one up today. But I still kind of feel like I should roll into Great Mazinger instead, though there's the fear it'll be the predicted downgrade and not as fun coming off such a high. It probably won't shock you since you never say much on it, but God Mazinger isn't "must see" TV, lol. I like it fine enough, alongside Galiant, Dunbine, and Escaflowne, but I think I'd probably be good with medieval mecha after this one. These peak at C/B grade. There's more on foot drama and action. And the main "monster" so far is giant dinosaurs. Which I grew up loving dinosaurs and all but damn, after this and Getter Robo, I don't think I want to see them in SR anymore. Just give me robots. lol
Echelon May 2, 3:24 PM
I forgot about the Kilik transformation, lol. Shows how little I cared about him here. It definitely wasn't in SC1-SC2, so maybe it was introduced somewhere else along the line. Ivy has a lot of range covered but her weapon style is not my preference. I prefer a more static object like a big spear. Even though 2B pulls some weapons out of her ass haha, but she's awesome...

I messed with the character creator a lot. People mock it for playing online and in tournaments it's banned, since depending on the characters' height and size it can alter the frame data for whatever moveset they use, lol. It was cool slapping 2B/Kaine's outfit on other characters. I made a red 2B and some other custom females. You could probably look some specific characters up and people might have them made haha.

I like the business/sales aspect of gaming in a way I guess. I can't recall if DOA6 was featured at any recent EVO at all. And SC6 got the shaft and was kind of sidelined when it was featured. Not even sure if that one came back the next year. So yeah, I'm rooting for this stuff in a way that I just hope they do well enough to keep making more. But I'm not sure how profitable they are thesedays. Apparently Tekken was on a long downward trend sales wise after Tekken 3 game after game, until T7. So that's good news there. But if Tekken was slipping and these other slightly more obscure ones aren't blowing up... damn. Would be cool if Virtua Fighter came back. Apparently Mortal Kombat sells like bonkers though, despite being banned in Japan. That series sometimes feels ... B&G-adjacent to me. *laughs* I'll always be curious about it every few entries and I did have a lot of fun with MK10, but eh. Not top tier for me at all. I'd consider getting MK11 if it wasn't riddled with micro transactions.

I bet all the Legend of Heroes games have killer music. Seems to be something Falcom always does well. My eyes perked up when I saw Cold Steel... or at least the latest one (3?) has mecha in it apparently.

I got hooked on Doom mods again and haven't touched Berseria in awhile. Might be done with it after 5 hours. Emo/stoic characters are more of a miss for me thesedays so that gloomy leading girl wasn't doing much. There was one cute mage character who seemed cool but I kept playing and she continued to not be playable yet.

Can't believe I'm digging some of these up, but it had some of the most BORING BGM I've ever heard.

Those were the main overworld/dungeon areas that I played in those short yet long 5 hours. I was dozing off a bit, controller in hand, once or twice while playing it. I don't know if I can think of another time that's ever happened.

Probably should have played Star Ocean 4 instead. But now RE8 is around the corner anyways. lol, still plugging away at DQ6 and Doom for now.
Echelon May 2, 9:03 AM
Tira seemed pretty lame. I can't remember if I got her for the pre-order bonus or not, or just forgot heh. I'm probably happy enough with 2B. "Hilarious" is an accurate way to describe her ridiculous move set and having ALL ranges covered. I think it's wild how good she looks and plays. I think Talim and Maxi are pretty comparable, so if you keep getting better with one that might translate over. Kilik is a weird one for me... he was one of my main's in the first two games, but I didn't really take to him at all here and eventually realized I liked Mina a lot more, for a ranged user.

Cassandra and Amy look neat though. I think Sophita is the meat and potatoes of this installment or the series in general. Real basic, lol. But not bad. I'm with you on Groh. He seemed like a really cool new addition. One of the better characters to handle Voldo with too.

Is the ecchi factor higher in SC6 than DO6? *laughs* I wouldn't be surprised actually. Those SC6 models look very nice... a shame the game didn't do too well. But I think it was a bigger success than DOA6. It feels like both are kind of on thin ice though. I think it was a miracle that SC6 got made according to the creator. T7 has clearly taken the throne but I hope these other 3D options can still stick around.

Yeah, you must have more patience and other things about fighters that works for you. I don't focus a lot on "labbing" it up and usually want to get to fighting real players right away, even though it's usually not smart haha.

Well I joke again about this comparison because the ONE thing I always hear about the Trails/Cold Steel series on podcasts? LONG games. HLTB says ~40 hours for the main story only with this one. But I often beat games a few hours quicker and it's always a rough estimate. Guess you'll let me know how it goes. Heh, the Xenogears average is 56 hours but my run was 50h12m for main + extras doing most of the side quests. Just didn't bother grinding much or have any need to.
Echelon May 1, 2:48 PM
Oh yeah I'll have to stop bugging you about it since it probably pushes it back a few years but...

Xenogears: "Maybe one day"

Trails in the Sky: "More than likely playing Trails in the Sky this summer,"