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Alps no Shoujo Heidi
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Initial D Fourth Stage
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Jun 23, 2015 7:31 PM
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TemplarXIII 26 minutes ago
" I'll consider UY for the next big one. Of the two that one interests me more than Ranma."

Yeah, Urusei Yatsura is more fun to watch in my opinion. Just a better set of characters vs. Ranma. Not saying Ranma is terrible, but it's not as good as UY. The MC, Ataru, is a jerk most of the time, but he has his good moments. Lum is really the charm point and the anchor of the show though. The other supporting cast is great too though. My other favorite character has to be Ran, Lum's childhood friend. Every episode with her is a good time haha. It's a mostly episodic rom-com, so it's probably better to take it piece-meal. The movies are also worth watching too once you pick up the series.

Wow, that's quite the synopsis on the books. Thanks. I remember the Star Wars game with Starkiller seemed to show part of this with Vader too, but the books go more in depth into his psyche it seems. My old man told me that Sidious purposely put Anakin in that suit to perpetually be in more pain to make him more angry. The angrier he got, the more powerful his dark side powers were. I don't know the source of that info is though. Is that EU or Disney? I don't know. You probably know more about it.

"In the Revenge book, Yoda eventually realizes that the Jedi had lost, 1,000 years ago they lost. They stuck to their old ways and refused to change, while the Sith had a 1,000 year trap in the making. The Clone Wars was nothing but the ultimate trap and destroyed them. Damn, I know the prequel movies are wonky, but I freaking love this era of SW and how fleshed out it is."

It reads like a lesson for us today. We have to adapt and change, but in a way that's in keeping with past wisdom and our best traditions. Not to throw the baby out with the bath water like we know who lol.
HisokaHajime 1 hour ago
You're gonna get your fill of mountains with Heidi for sure. My folder is mostly just these awesome backgrounds.

The attention to detail for Midori's art in general is usually top notch. I dig her role as communication director or whatever you want to call it. Green bug eyes is probably the best one. But I hear you on that dudes voice getting a bit old after everything we've been watching.

This is a body swap + time travel heh. Happens real fast in the beginning. Starts out in the current day world, one thing leads to another and suddenly this arrogant womanizer is in the Queen's body during the Joseon era. Still the dudes voice with her inner monologue which is great. So he's trying to navigate all this the best he can. I'd say the chick playing this role is a standout. Never seen her before and she's showing good range here. The fact that I'm enjoying this the amount I am says a lot since I'm pretty exhausted on the Isenki concept. But certain types will always work.

The whistle was so hilarious that I had to watch it over a few times to make sure that was actually him. It was so funny looking. Shows how far he's come along.
HisokaHajime 4 hours ago
The DVDs were real nice too, but these will make for a great rewatch at some point. These select few pics sums up the series perfectly heh. The isolation/beauty, her bed and window, trying to get the dog to react and do stuff lol.

They'll have to do.

Only watched the first one and didn't bother with the rest.

The few eps revolving around Hachiro are actually pretty good. Far better than the ones characters in his likeness usually get. The generals are tall buildings and Darius is a skyscraper heh.

Nearing the halfway point of Mr. Queen. The comedic timing in this one is really good. Doesn't stray too far from what it wants to be. 70% humor 30% serious. Meshes very nicely and is just fun stuff. Feels like a high 8 at the moment with some 9 moments mixed in.
TemplarXIII 8 hours ago
I see you watching all these laid back shoujos and Heidi, and I'm wondering why you aren't already going through this lol:

TemplarXIII 8 hours ago
I think a PG13 to young adult version of Les Mis would be more in accordance with the original novel and play. But overall, it was still a decent watch I enjoyed.

"But yeah, not giving you anime homework or anything haha

If there was an elective on the history and analysis of anime back in my undergrad days, that would've been awesome. It would've been more valuable than the bs woke studies they offer on campus nowadays lmao. While you're in your interim period, you should check out that Young Heretics podcast with Spencer Klavan. As he puts it, "it's the Classics education" you should've had in grade school and/or college lol. He also covers other important Western Civ canon and modern works too.

Rise of Darth Vader does sound cool. Is this after he has the suit, before, or everything?
HisokaHajime Yesterday, 7:36 PM
Yeah, Hime-chan can pass as a normal shoujo at a quick glance. Could have easily functioned without all the magic too. Just wouldn't have been as good. The few people I know that have watched both favor Chacha by a little bit for the same reasons I do. But either or heh. Nothing really comes close to those two though. After that you're in the really good 8's.

Well either a lot of stuff shouldn't be 9's, or the 8's on your extended list should be 9's. Something has to give heh. Daddy Long Legs is definitely an 8 for me. A really good show, but not even in the top 15 for WMT. FT got removed from my extended in the last update. All downhill after S1. I wish the free photo editors didn't lower the res so damn much... This is why I only update every few years now.

I didn't remember 4th Stage looking like that, so it must have been at least a little better on my TV back then.

Always cool when a SR series branches out and isn't always in Japan or America. There are some good landmarks in Gaiking. All of those types are Bruce Lee inspired at the end of the day ha. Pete doesn't fuck around. I love the stock visual of him controlling stuff at the bottom. That's such a wide shot.
TemplarXIII Yesterday, 2:59 PM
I saw the Les Mis one a while a back ago. They changed the ending significantly, but in a good way I thought. But they also whitewashed some of the content to make it more family friendly though, which was a little disappointing.

I thought about checking out some of the others but the art gives me Ghibli vibes, and the Rated G on some of them sure doesn't help things much. I guess I'm not in the right mood to watch those titles at the moment.
HisokaHajime Jul 21, 9:27 PM
It's a fantasy magical world. Assuming you're referring to the character that looks like a shorter Daichi, they're not too alike other than being smart and reasonable. His other traits are way different. The characters in Chacha are a lot weirder, lol. While Hime-chan is mostly grounded in reality. Hime-chan is really different in general because it doesn't have enemies. Chacha has an actual longer transformation sequence which is probably the best one at that. So it's good that you enjoy a quality stock footage these days heh.

I questioned the 8s being on there years ago lol. How do those vault over the 9s that are excluded from the favorites list? I get that some of those 8s might win out in terms of being more memorable. Yamato 2 is a solid 9 but I never felt strongly enough to add it to mine. Can't go by me for Voltes. You liked it more than I did from the start. But I guess that's a matter of if you think the lore has worn off or not. Death Note will always have a spot on mine.

*nods* You're gonna love how that show evolves. Checks all the boxes other than being travel heavy. But the Alps themselves is such a sight to behold. I'm sure the BDs look excellent as well.

"I'm not sure I'm that crazy but then again after the last year, maybe I am?"

Reminded me of this part till the end haha. I'm looking forward to seeing how insane you are. SQL being even easier would be great if you can get a tight grasp on this. I guess you have to build up the muscle memory when you're actually applying this stuff. You're gonna be a programmer/coder weather you know it or not! YEAAAAH! If you can reach an obsession phase than it wouldn't even feel like a job.
TemplarXIII Jul 21, 7:46 PM
Yeah, I remember telling me about the beefed up episodes haha.

You're watching Heidi eh? My only knowledge of it is this:
HisokaHajime Jul 21, 6:20 PM
Seeing what some of the characters looked like 3 years in the future was cool as well. The voice of the broom would be lots of random people in the background heh. It's weird that I wouldn't change it either since it's very amusing how high pitched and bad it was. So this is really 55 eps all together. Not bad. I wasn't even thinking about the recaps until they started pouring in towards the end. So those two and Mazinger Z I'd imagine also heh. So Heidi is next and then Chacha? I'll probably join you for a Chacha rewatch as well.

Everything takes longer than expected heh. Sounds like the rearranging worked out. Just have to adjust to everything now. You probably would have changed things around more when you first moved in had shit not hit the fan so quickly after. This seems like a far better layout while taking everything into consideration.

65% is damn good. You can look back and know you've used the time off wisely. So pretty soon you're entering the advanced/expert level. Hopefully it continues to click even if each exercise takes longer to do. Understanding how things actually work rather than just memorizing stuff for the short term will be beneficial.
TemplarXIII Jul 21, 12:44 PM
Yeah, I kind of like that seductive magistrate/secretary of death look.

Haha yeah, the color palette in Dougram is not flattering. Also, the line that shows the cheek bone is not a good look either. I think I told you before that it makes the characters look emaciated lol. Especially Daisy ( I think that' her name). The blonde girlfriend of the MC in Dougram. I hate to be shallow, but animation and character design does matter for me in these older shows. Obviously, I set the bar low for older anime, but Dougram really is pushing the lower limit of my tolerance lol. It's partially what makes it hard to pick it back up for me at the moment. That and the color palette you pointed out. The low quality video rip is sort of the turd icing on the cake haha. I'll eventually get back to it though. Legend of the Galatic Heroes had some moments like that (animation-wise), but I ended up liking it a lot by the end.

If I remember right, I think they were divorced in M7. At the very least, their relationship was lousy. Ditto on the dogfighting in DYRL. That was poetry-in-motion mecha combat they made for DYRL. Gundam Unicorn had moments like that too. Just beautiful combat animation.
TemplarXIII Jul 21, 11:24 AM
I'm more partial to this chick myself. Like she could easily seduce the mind and the body. Too bad she's a little too evil to go steady with ;P

Wow, Ashita no Joe is that drab and dismal, eh? It's something to keep in mind, but I do want to get to it too. Still gotta finish Dagram, which can be a little drab and dreary too lol.

You've piqued my interest with Hime-chan. I'll add it to my watchlist so I don't forget.

I guess it doesn't surprise me to hear of Robotech on O'Brian's show. I remember his "game review" sketches being pretty funny.

Oh yeah, there is definitely some shoddy frames in the SDF Macross TV series either being less detail in the faces or repeated "canned animation." Like sometimes you're like, damn Misa is looking fine, then other times you're like, shit where did the budget go? lol

That's the one thing I liked about DYRL: the consistently gorgeous animation of the facial expressions on the female characters in the movie be it Misa, Minmay, Millia, etc. Millia especially, as she takes on a more womanly/maternal role. You can see her facial expressions soften up as the movie advances. Which is why I think Macross 7 is a travesty. For what purpose did the the relationship between Max and Millia sour? And Millia aged like Bulma in DBGT. I hate that shit. It undermines the symbolism of their marriage in the original. It was just for the sake of drama.
HisokaHajime Jul 21, 10:28 AM
*Raises his pinky* I need the rest lol.

Switching things around every few years is for the best. Sounds like in this case you'll be setting it up the way it should have been from the start. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to switch it around. How's your wire management? Maybe you can really tidy that up if you're going to unplug everything and start from scratch. That's still something I need to work on. The new desk had a hole for wires to feed through on the left and right. So they're all in the same area. But it still looks messy and I need to get something that binds them all together.
HisokaHajime Jul 21, 9:38 AM
The night light is great since you don't have to compromise and change your brightness setting full time. A simple on/off switch is very ideal.

If I had all of her magical abilities... being able to manipulate time would be the most beneficial. I'd never have a bad day if I could rewind and do things over. That conversation didn't go well... *rewinds* Just twisted the wrong way and feel like crap. *rewinds* I'd NEVER shrink myself. You're basically turning yourself into a bug and could get squashed any second.
HisokaHajime Jul 20, 7:11 PM
That's pretty nasty. I'd still rather watch this than the vision damaging WHITE in Diamond no Ace though. Hilarious that I've been stalled for 3 years with just 7 eps to go in S1. Maybe I could watch those on my new monitor since the night light feature is very nice. I always turn that on while browsing on that computer so that the white isn't as intense. I turn it off whenever I'm watching stuff. But keeping it on and dimmer might be exactly what I need for that show ha.

Funny how these recaps keep coming in whenever I'm far behind. I was 8 eps behind today and caught up quicker since I only had to skim those.