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HisokaHajime 7 hours ago
I'm not sure if that's his official YT page or just recently went up. His podcast is on some other site. They're pretty fun depending on the guest. He was burnt out after years of being in the control room day after day. He wanted to be more involved and do different things. But I guess they wanted him doing that before anything else. When he left Vince thought for sure that he was jumped to WCW for bigger money lol. He became a TV news anchor for years. I remember seeing him on UPN9 that SD used to air on in the early going. He never got back into wrestling and almost didn't even realize how much fans cared and remembered him. He's been around the business a lot more lately and is having a lot of fun. So similar to Tony yet not. I think he kept up with it a bit more than Tony did. He said there were times during the Monday Night War that he got jealous that he wasn't there. He never reached out about coming back and has only made brief appearances on WWE TV in recent years. For some special shows and whatnot. This was good stuff.

I was watching a bunch of Tuesday Night Titans Macho interviews last week haha. That show is so damn silly and over the top.

Jesse was in WCW for a few years after that. That's about it. Then he went on to do stuff like... being a Governor lol. I'm glad we got to see him and Vince on commentary together one last time about a decade ago. That was such a blast.

MAL graph kinda has stuff like that.
HisokaHajime 8 hours ago
Hogan was still the top guy at the end of the day. It's the same as when CM Punk was champion and Cena was still closing out shows. Now we're in uncharted water since the champion is barely ever there haha. A lot of guys enjoy working the opening match or curtain jerker as Austin would call it. The crowd is usually red hot and wanting to get into it. So it's not too bad a gig. WM is always a bit different since they try to spread things out more. That still happens today.

WWE is fundamentally broken so I'm not banking on anything changing. But this is the true test for the foreseeable future. Sasha and Bayley won the tag titles tonight which is good. Sometimes the predictable route is the way to go. They've been teasing that with them being a team for so long now. Now let's see if Sasha's title defense curse can be lifted.

Figured that would happen with Mooney. He has a podcast and still sounds the exact same. I like that he's embracing his wrestling roots again and talking about stories from when he was there.

It was so real to Bret haha.

That must be a recent addition to the site. I remember the "lists" being the last thing on the row. Pretty cool though.
HisokaHajime 10 hours ago
Indeed. At least they're doing the sane thing with the women's tag titles and having teams from both brands compete for them. There should never be two sets of tag titles. Especially when there isn't much emphasis on that division in the first place. WWE is on the clock for me. I'm giving them till WM 2020 to show some improvements. If AEW and SD moving to Fox in October doesn't move the needle at all then it's truly a lost cause.

I'd prefer titles be handled with care. They're really sturdy and way heavier than you'd think though. The reaction is always "oh shit, that's heavy" when someone lifts my Winged Eagle heh. That one is probably the most delicate because of the curved bars on the sides of the main plate. I'd imagine those could break off after a really bad fall. I'd love to get more, but it's hard enough keeping dust off of this one. I'd need to get a big glass showcase or something. I would probably never get one made from scratch again. It took forever because Dave Millican was going prioritize WWE, UFC and other companies paying him big money over me heh. So I would buy ones that people were selling and that would be more affordable also. Probably knock a few hundred off the total. They look better when they're a tad worn in as well. The leather is really stiff when brand new.

Arsenio Hall's reaction at 2:35 is hilarious.
HisokaHajime 12 hours ago
I'm expecting 4-6 PPVs and awesome looking belts that actually have GOLD. This type of stuff is the least of my concern since all of these guys are fans of classic wrestling. They're already talking about not throwing everything at us all at once. So they'll probably introduce each them one by one.

WWE actually has an abundance of white straps right now. The classic IC has been back for years with a white strap, both the Raw and SD women's titles are white, and now the new women's tag titles that will be crowed tonight is white as well. Those are the nicest looking titles they've introduced in some time actually. Almost everything has colored straps right now to fit the Raw and SD colors. Universal and tag on Raw are red. The tag on SD is blue. The Cruiserweight is purple. The only two black straps are the WWE championship and US title. So stuff like this can only help so much. The design needs to be good and I'm a firm believer in the person making the title rather than the other way around. It definitely helps when it's also booked with the utmost importance as well. But prestige can drop in a heartbeat when someone like Ahmed Johnson wins it heh.

Maybe what sounded like booing was the crowd doing the tugboat horn noise that he himself makes. I'm surprised Vince allowed Tornado to keep using his boot tassels because of how similar they ended up looking. Aren't they even wearing the same color in this match? Maybe they could have done something with Tornado being the second coming if he stayed around long enough. *shrugs* Taker before he started dying his hair and when the tombstone looked a little different with both legs on one side of him. But a whole lot was there from day one. Love the white eye contact Jake was sporting during this feud. Must have been hard wrestling with that in heh.

Always strange watching Hogan from the early 80s. Did you see this?
HisokaHajime Yesterday, 12:39 PM
AEW is going to put tag team wrestling back on the map. Pretty much guaranteed with the Bucks being executive vice presidents. So that's what they'll primarily be focusing on. They want the titles to be able to headline shows without a second thought. I wonder what the title situation will end up looking like. Mostly the midcard. Since there will be a world heavyweight/elite title, a tag title, women's, and then I guess something IC level or maybe they'll do something like a TV title that can easily be defended regularly. WCW did a great job with that title at times. I can't see why managers couldn't still work. It's a position I'd like to see some retired wrestlers in if possible.

Tugboat = The Shock Master. So that's the highlight/lowlight of his career depending on how you look at it lol.

Warlord was even more gigantic than he was during The Powers of Pain run. The Gobbledy Gooker lives on forever. They still have people dress up in that outfit from time to time. Yeah, Owen just returns as himself. Love that Rockers outfit myself. Anything that looked like that was killer.

You know it! The Jake-Martel feud is gold. A lot of the ideas along the way were Jake's too. Martel spraying the snake bag behind Jake's back always gets me haha. Love Martel's look when he started slicking back his hair.

Such a memorable debut. Kinda odd with the Ted/Brother Love connection in the beginning. Paul Bearer takes over soon enough and then it all clicked.
27_Seconds Yesterday, 7:02 AM

I feel like seeing this appear on my TV doesn't even bother me anymore at this point. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, lol. I actually didn't realize that you can warp back and forth to one of the bonfires in Tomb of the Giants, so I didn't have to make a huge trip all the way through the Catacombs again. Still haven't made it to Gravelord Nito because a giant skeleton kicked me off the ledge as I was going past where the golden seal was.

I killed Lautrec and used the Firelink Soul to upgrade my Estus Flask. Are you telling me that there are no bonfires in New Londo Ruins? Oh my god, what is with this game? It's like I'm constantly making the slightest mistakes over every seemingly minor decision I make, lmao. Unless I can find another Firelink Soul, I guess I'll have to figure something out. I can still warp to Firelink, I just can't use the bonfire.

Yeah, but why is Pinwheel so weak? I mean, the Asylum Demon was more difficult than him and that was the tutorial boss. Maybe the designers just wanted to cut us some slack after O&S. In fact, here's my pitch if they were ever to add an easy mode to this easy mode, every boss is replaced with Pinwheel and the only weapon you can use is the Drake Sword, hahaha.

Tomb of the Giants was sort of annoying to travel through, but became more manageable after getting the skull lantern. Those giant skeleton dogs were annoying though. How is Gravelord Nito as a boss? I know you said that he never gave you much trouble, but do you have any tips on how to beat him?

So, what exactly does it mean for stats to "soft cap" at 40? Does it mean that I should upgrade certain stats past 40? I was thinking if all else failed, I would go crazy with grinding and get my health and endurance up to 99 if I could, lol.

I heard of the Great Hollow, I think I actually made it through that entrance when I was in Blighttown, but never tried finding the secret entrance for some reason. I'll try going back there, since that Stamina ring sounds like it would be helpful. Even sounds like it would be useful for the Four Kings battle since you have to be fast for it and having a lot of endurance sounds like would be useful.

Part of me wonders if I should have done a pyromancy or sorcerer build for this run. It seems like magic gets very OP later on.
HisokaHajime Feb 16, 9:19 PM
JR's call on that match was pretty bad. He was alluding to the revel way too ahead of time and then when he was unmasked, he was yelling about how it was Flair even though the camera never got a good shot of him. Clearly it was all super obvious to begin with, but there could have been more suspense heh. 100% night and day compared to later on. It could have been booked better too.


Gorilla was with the company since the 60's. I'm sure Vince and Heenan got along. Vince certainly gave Heenan plenty of TV time heh. We would have heard stories by now if there was ever any tension.

Vince's original plan for WM 7 was Hogan vs TUGBOAT for the championship. Mind you... with the exact same idea that they used for Slaughter... Thank goodness Bruce talked him out of that. So that's something to keep in mind as you work your way towards Mania. There were a lot of factors that changed WM 7 around. They even had to change buildings. After the war was declared, the world changed (think that was the night of the Rumble actually) and they weren't even allowed to use the big outdoor arena that they wanted. So they had to use some place that was next door. So basically... we ended up with Slaughter because plan A was a dreadful idea.

The part when they were both getting shot repeatedly was intense.
HisokaHajime Feb 16, 6:47 PM
Unknown, unknown, unknown! That match/angle was hilariously unorganized. I wonder what the crowd was thinking during that 5 minute entrance lol. The most interesting part is seeing Flair have to wrestle with a different style. But the commentary was rough to say the least. You'd never think JR would go on to become on of the best at expressing emotion and telling a story, or for Paul to become one of the best ever on the mic. I dig the set up for this Starcade. The roof of the building is pretty sweet. This still has nothing on Robocop or the electric chair match. The crazy scaffold matches they used to have were cool in a dangerous sort of way. Easy to see why those didn't last though. It's also pretty limited in what you could do up there.

Yeah, Gorilla was always there on the weekend shows as well. The way Curt would hold the title stood out as well. Folded up with his hands on the side plates when he'd lift it up. Sgt. Slaughter being the all American hero, on G.I Joe etc to THAT was a heavy contrast. He went all in. The face faint or lack there of was a weird experiment for Warrior. Eventually he's always in the normal face paint again.

I was wondering when Mista's backstory would come in so that was good stuff. I'm really liking the combination of he and Giorno here. The amount of blood in this ep was insane haha. SPRAYING all over the damn place. I liked the time when Mista allowed it to happen so he could blind the guy.
HisokaHajime Feb 16, 4:40 PM
I saw the Tyson interview a few weeks ago. He was a bit on guard when the other guy was in the studio and then it got better once it was just the two of them. They spent a bit too much time taking about about that shit, but it's fitting that he'd have a new business like that.

The way Crush looked at the time is probably the main reason he was chosen. Their second theme is actually really cool and dark. But the classic is still best.

Superstars was the A show and Wrestling Challenge was the B show for the most part. LOL at that jobber tag team. Every tag title match being 2/3 falls would be ideal.

I miss when heels could be legit badasses. Vince decided somewhere along the way that most heels needed to be chicken shit cowards.

Buying off Sapphire was funny. Everyone has a price! Bossman was another Brutus in WCW. He went through so many damn gimmicks.
27_Seconds Feb 16, 12:53 PM
Hey, I'll reply to the rest of your comment soon, but I just wanted to say something real quick.

I traveled all the way to the end of the Tomb of the Giants, got the lantern and lit (and kindled) every bonfire). I was making great progress...until I realized I never spoke with Frampt at Firelink Shrine to get rid of all of the gold-sealed doors. So now I have to go through the Catacombs and Tomb of the Giants all over again...this game man...

HisokaHajime Feb 14, 8:13 PM
It's a beauty.

I like that check list.

Whenever I see Jordan Peterson clean shaven, he reminds me a lot of Warrior in his older age. I miss those old blue steel cages.

"Nothing about this Crush dude seems impressive to me"

Which is consistent with how you felt about him in general so far. He's the same Crush that was in the Nation of Domination and Disciples of Apocalypse. Then under his real name Brian Adams in WCW. Nothing to see here. This song was a goodie and his feud with Macho (of course) is the most note worthy point of his career. I kinda like the mystery element of the trio, but Demoliton was better when it was just Ax and Smash. I always laughed when Crush launched himself at Earl to break the count rather than just hitting Bret. *laughs* That's some bad wrestling IQ heh. The Hart Foundation winning is all that matters. They had a nice run here. Mostly because that Rockers win when the rope broke didn't count and they kept the titles for much longer after that.

Sherri looks like a cat with crazy silver face paint all over, right? Earthquake's bouncing around and his voice/promos are better than you'd expect them to be. He's proof that a tub of lard like this could be absolutely fine. I would have rather him been in Yoko's position if we had to go that route. Yeah, that snake REALLY wasn't cooperating. Pretty freaky to watch. Those snakes look the coolest though.

Is Hennig doing the towel throw/catch behind his back yet? He really lives up to the name Mr. Perfect in every way. Even the way he does that pencil flip thing while on commentary.

Bossman was looking lean and mean. I liked him more as a face during these next few years.

"But if he does wear these for years then yeah maybe that gets a little boring."

Some hats are better than others. It's kinda like the Luffy sombrero problem haha. Sometimes it looked cool and others are just way too big.

Pretty much what I was saying recently. I miss when things evolved every few years. The feel is a bit different now from where you were in 88 and it will continue to change every step of the way. All under the classic umbrella. Just a bit more perfect as it goes.

I actually told someone who doesn't follow wrestling much about AEW and the name (All Elite Wrestling) caught their interest and sounded good to them. So that's a good sign. Like you said, AEW is really easy to chant as well. Starting with something new is indeed an easy starting point for anyone heh. Luncha Underground wasn't that. I enjoyed it for what it was, a fun side alternative. But it was more of a TV show with the presentation and it being in season form with long breaks in between than a wrestling promotion. So it was hard for it to get bigger. So many people still don't even know what it is. Season 4 jumped the shark a bit too and got too silly for my taste. No idea if we'll even get a season 5. My hope is that AEW becomes exactly what American wrestling needs, NJPW can be my secondary company and WWE can be a low priority that I zoom though and don't think about much.
HisokaHajime Feb 14, 6:03 PM
Texas Tornado winning the strap was puzzling at the time. Since I didn't know who he was back then or about all his success in NWA. I thought they could have done a way better job with his introduction. He was already a shell of himself at this point since he was in a motorcycle accident. It's all so weird and his stay was so short. Anyway, the title win was SURPRISING, I'll give it that lol. But don't worry about Hennig, his next reign is what solidified him as one of the best IC champs ever.
HisokaHajime Feb 14, 5:46 PM

Listening to Tony Khan talk wrestling is a very reassuring. This is so different from the usual business model because he's passionate and KNOWS the difference between good and bad wrestling. He's surrounded by wrestlers that want to make a difference and his confidence puts a smile on my face. Everyone is involved for the right reasons. I wish Jericho would have asked more about the production values he kept mentioning. But it really sounds like it will be amazing. It's crazy what they're already accomplishing. Double or Nothing sold out in a matter of minutes and apparently there were over 45,000 people trying to get tickets during the pre-sale. Let that number sink in... Think the MGM Grand seats about 14,000 or so with how it's set up. But they could have easily filled up a much bigger arena without a single TV show airing yet lol. I think someone said TNA's largest attendance ever was around 11,000 and that was during their peak. So I don't want to hear people making a comparison between the two. Jeff Jarrett, clueless Dixie Carter, bad Russo booking was doomed from the start. Hell, the NAME of the company was a joke from the start. AEW is the true successor to WCW.

Freebirds rules. Same thing New Day has been doing for the past few years.

The Von Eric family is a tragic tale.
27_Seconds Feb 14, 3:27 PM
Well, I'm gonna keep on grinding my vitality and endurance to help me out, but now I'll be careful once I get another Firekeeper Soul. Do you know where I can find more of them?

So, is that a good order to go about the next four areas in the game? I actually went down to the Catacombs and killed Pinwheel (who was incredibly easy, I was surprised). I did this just so I could get the 20 Estus Flasks right away. I know Gravelord Nito is in the Tomb of the Giants, but I don't have a lantern to light the way. I'll have to go look for one or go to one of the other final areas in the meantime. Should I just go to New Londo first, in your opinion? I heard the boss in the Tomb of the Giants can be tough.

Also, I managed to beat Ceaseless Discharge. Like you said...all you gotta do is run, lol.

Yeah, the bonfire at Firelink is still out. I don't know if I have to use one of those Firekeeper Souls to bring it back or not.