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HisokaHajime 7 hours ago
Orange could have easily relaxed a little in between defenses if something really ever was nagging him. Just seems like a waste. Now Orange is just in random stuff. Showing up in Hook's interview and asking if he wants to tag. *shrugs* It's not like AEW only had 3 titles and someone having one for a really long time cuts into what other guys can do. My wrestling battery never gets a chance to fill back up again with all this content. Feel like I'm watching WWE again with the never ending amount of shows to watch. This is even crazier at times with the Saturday shows leading into the Sunday PPVs.

Plenty of fun suspense/crime in KDrama. We'll call some of those the blurry knife variety lol. But it usually just sticks to things on a more local level and that's perfectly fine.

You've got a Ki hangover. It was a huge step up from The Ingenious One. Mr. Sunshine has a far better story. But one similarity I liked in this more character wise was his former owner when he was a slave who was just shooting at people blindly during the sandstorm. I'll rank him easily over this guy in Mr. Sunshine who played the same type of role. I liked the female characters especially the gunner. Seems like she stole the show for a lot of people from comments I've seen. She reminds me of a better version of the Lily character from Vagabond. But maybe you're just not attracted to her and that's coming into play? lol... Not going to pretend that doesn't factor in for drama sometimes. More so for the female lead. Unless she can act her ass off, I would prefer something nice to look at for the next 20+ hours. Anyway, this show had me locked in even during the non action scenes. Very easy to absorb myself into and then my face was blown off during the action which was catered to my taste.

The second viewing was slightly better quality than the first. Wasn't 1080p though.

Shawn Dou. You automatically have to subtract maybe half a point when he's in something lol.

Ever forget that you can just scroll down and look for the pencil/edit icon on an actors page to find the shows you've seen by them? Every here and there I'll be reading all the titles when it could be so much quicker heh. Figured I'd bring this up in case you don't do that.

Wasn't she also in R? A nice slow "reveal" of the scientist. The voice definitely helps.
Rest of the translation below.
Karina is consistent with that Seulgi answer heh.

I'm praying for some type of collab at one of the many end of the year award shows. I remember how crazy December was last year with all of that stuff. Maybe they can strong arm someone into letting them do something together. I feel like that would be enough. Just a nice stage collab and maybe some BTS footage with them practicing together. We call it a day after that. The last two LENIVERSE eps were connected. Part 2 was a lot funnier than Part 1. Not one of the best, but there were moments. I haven't seen these two new LE SSERAFIM Company eps yet. They aren't too long and I'll do that soon.

Some new looks.

Extensions clip on and off easily. It's a pretty tight clamp so you can't just tug them off. Every here and there you'll see a vid of someone performing and it coming loose. Usually just pull it out and throw it to the side since that looks better than it dangling by a a thread. It's usually multiple extensions all around too rather than one giant piece.

Yeah probably. I've been listening to Nothin' and Two Tens more than Tippy Toes since they came out. The only time I like Tippy Toes is when they perform it live or in the dance practice video.
HisokaHajime 11 hours ago

*Pauses a few minutes in* Yeeeees. Oh yes. We were curious about this one while you were watching T&E since the best character from that is listed as a main in this as well. Haven't seen him yet, but the makeup of this series is very ideal. It's so far back in the timeline (the set up is 338 BC) that it resembles the more ancient eras that we love. *continues*
Ink-ling Yesterday, 6:53 PM
Nice profile, pal.
HisokaHajime Yesterday, 6:44 PM
I'm still like... this wouldn't have happened if Orange remained champion. It's not like anyone was getting tired of it. I'd say everyone was getting more invested the larger the number got. You could have kept it on him for TWO years and cracked 50 defenses. This is something Triple H clearly understands right now. Gunther broke the IC record and is still going strong. You could have BUILT a whole career around whoever beats him for it. Someone who could really benefit from something like that. Mox was such a lateral move. I didn't hate it because at least he was high caliber and wouldn't make the title a joke. But he doesn't gain anything from this and neither do the fans. Now we're just waiting around for the next great title reign.

The Omega run in recently had me laughing and wondering where wrestlers always get these PIPES! You won't see them in any other situation.

Yeah, it's mostly the positive light that the agencies around the world are painted in that had me rolling my eyes. Since it's a rather global story in ways. Just goes to show how in 2018 I was able to get through it without that being much of a distraction. Was hard to stomach last year and seemed pretty cringe. You'll see the dude as the Emperor in Ruyi one day anyway. I'm bummed about The Wire as well lol. But it's dated and almost too true to life for me to view it as entertainment these days.

She eventually had no choice but to accept and embrace it.

Still no update on Song of the Bandits?
Ep 2. Nyeon Yi vs 50. AWESOME.
Ep 3. Bar shootout. AWESOME.
Ep 4. Attempted railway heist. AWESOME.
Ep 5. TRAIN EP! AWESOME. Karina's song being the OP for that was sweet. Plays two more times in long form. :)

Nice outfit switch for Ningning even though it replaced with the other blue one I loved, which replaced the pink one before that heh. Great rotation. I laughed that she wants to be Karina's biggest fear with her bird response. "Love yourself and don't be stupid." is good advice for any age. Winter wanted to stay all day. Won't rank the choreo. Too hard. It's pieces from all of them.

Just a Thursday for her. Hopefully none of that goes to waste and it's wrapped up as leftovers. I like how there are three different pieces of cake too. You KNOW she's tasting all three. Is there ANY chance that LE SSERAFIM will have their next album ready by November? They could... Would be amazing to get more interactions that way. November is looking good with aespa, Red Velvet, Moonchild, Kiss of Life. Though, Moonchild is at the very end of the month. Nice cover song by Hana btw.

For starters, they dye the extensions the same day they get their actual hair dyed for max consistency. Doing it at different times makes it more noticeable, even if just by a few days. Or if you used the same extensions for too long. Which is why it's so hard for normal people to use them. You really need that round the clock hair stylist hook up to pull it off. The fact that I know all of this stuff now lol.

Shooting Star
Left Right
New Dance
Puppet Show
Tippy Toes

This will hit us more as time goes by. But those first four being released in the same calendar year is about as impressive as it gets. We can forget about the rest of the details. The main objective is to land as many home runs as possible. Each of those could have been the best song on individual albums and the mission would have been accomplished. But they fast tracked that shit and we already have four or that caliber. I don't love the new title track and it doesn't matter since they already gave me what I wanted. I kinda feel like X-GENE as is fits in more with the rap line stuff since it was like 80/20. That's a whole separate ranking. Would look like this for the main stuff. Anything with Maya and Cocona going off is going to rank at the top. All of this stuff is an ultimate extra.

Show You Can
Two Tens
KTKore Yesterday, 5:01 PM
What an awesome way to make a character likeable. So many shows would have leapt over logic in that situation just to make it more dramatic. There would have been jealousy and hatred despite both of them knowing things were how they were. But here we went the most logical route. Everyone knows what was up. Fuck being angry and let's fucking respect each other. That was way better than any drama between them could have ever been.

I was kinda laughing to myself when So Seo No handed over the crown because Ye Soya was like "I could never..." and I was thinking that deep down she was probably like "fuck yeah I'm about to be the QUEEN" lmao

How could I forget to mention the best scene in the episode? Yes, the Mo Pal Mo stuff was amazing. Jumong stepped up to a whole new level with that move alone. Mo Pal Mo was the backbone to the entire growth of his nation. The loyalty that man had was unmatched by anyone. He was the only one to not really question him when he told them to make swords for Dae So. And was willing die after being tortured for not telling Dae So that he had made a steel sword for Jumong. Now Jumong, with such deep respect for both Mo Pal Mo and So Seo No says "take my best man". That was the ULTIMATE gift for her new nation. One of my favorite moments in the entire series.

I'll be watching WrestleDream this weekend but yeah I'm not liking what I'm hearing about the amount of PPVs increasing soon. I'm back to feeling like Collision is a mistake and AEW is now suffering from WWE's syndrome of having way too much content.

The Roderick shit is so funny. Ever since the neck brace has been used as a gimmick, I've been loving this. Strong is usually a really good wrestler with a boring personality so this is just what he needed. Kinda reminds me of Lance Storm's "If I can be serious for a minute" gimmick in the WWF lol. The whiny "AAAAAADDAAAAAAAAM" cracks me up. Taking the brace off, having a match and then putting it back on is genius.

Huh. I didn't think about those attackers being them. I'm guessing no since that would hurt MJF's face run and I don't think they want that right now.

Starting Empress Ki.
HisokaHajime Yesterday, 2:09 PM
The puppies were a distant second on the cuteness scale in this video.

Mostly when the camera was tilted. But at least it zooms out a lot too.
KTKore Yesterday, 8:11 AM
I'll just post what I posted to Hisoka:

"Finished it up yesterday. So Seo No leaving for the sake of Jumong and her kids was cool. Love how she respects Ye Soya and killed so many birds with one stone with that move. Protecting Jumong from the battle for the crown, especially after one of them already was plotting against him. And protecting Yuri from that situation. And giving them a chance to make a nation of their own where BiRyu would be king. And it looks like OnJu ended up doing something too. Everyone wins. I read about what really happened and I like what they did in the show much better haha.

That first scene of Jumong after the 15 year skip with him getting a wound worked on finally came back into the story at the end. I had forgotten about it. So he got the Kenshin death.

Overall a good ending. So begins my journey into the Korean Historical Cinematic Universe lol"

Hisoka had me wanting to check out KGG but said it's harder to find in good quality. I'll give it a try to see if I can find anything. Maybe I'll luck out like I did with Jumong. Otherwise I'll check out Empress Ki which I think he said is a worthy one to see after Jumong. And yeah I didn't know that these were based on real history. I thought they were fictional stories set in historical times. I guess they can still be considered fictional since they changed a lot about what really happened. Like So Seo No apparently left out of jealousy in the real story. But I love the respect she gave to Soya here a lot more.

I will say that I kinda wish there were maybe 2-3 more episodes to really give more time to the war and the prince situation. That was a lot to cover I'm the few episodes it got. BiRyu getting off scott free after attempting to murder Jumong is kinda wild to me. He never seemed remorseful or really thought much about what he did after the fact. And he listened so easily to So Seo No when she said they were leaving, when he was so upset not long before. But yeah these are smaller details I'm nitpicking about but just could have made it even more perfect to me.

It's awesome there's so many good shows like this in the genre. So I didn't feel too sad about finishing since from the sound of it I'll be loving tons of these.

Randomly jumping in on the AEW discussion... its so important for refs to count to 3 no matter what. That could have saved that whole situation. Instead Mox had to take ANOTHER piledriver and we got the same result of the wrong person winning lol. Hope that's something TK thinks about after that.
HisokaHajime Sep 28, 10:09 PM
I remember stories about Vince paying refs more to count to 3 no matter what. Even if it changed the intended outcome. It's on the pros to kick out. Hard to blame a ref when that happens. A ref with a medium speed count has some wiggle room. But this dude seriously has the fastest default count ever. I've felt that many matches felt anticlimactic because of him. Just doesn't have any drama to it. Mox got hurt with some guardrail spot.

I miss when stupid people didn't have a platform AND I miss when athletes had thicker skin. Was never a problem with forums back in the day. The only people who would see that were the few hundred/thousand regulars. Other people didn't get tagged and feel the need to respond to everything. So many people probably just say stuff because there is a higher chance of getting that type of reaction.

Not really and the grade didn't even change in this case. Was still one of the best. Just retired now for its own good. Love Me If You Dare was the most significant drop. From a 9.5 to 8.5. That's another one where once the cat is out of the bag it's just not as good. I also think the stuff with the main character working with some of the agencies around the world made me cringe more now. There are a lot of shows I can't stomach because of that anymore.

Had Yeo Jin Goo not been perfect for The Crowned Clown, that's perhaps a role that could have worked for Ji Chang Wook as a second choice. It's not like the actual King was shown fighting or anything. He'd just get unhinged and swung a sword once or twice. So I think he could have handled that and obvious the main part.

"Pretty sure he stands out more in QSD" Yes. He's more... animated lol. Very enthusiastic and FUN even though he's a scumbag.

Cool that she wrote that song. I was wondering why I didn't know it that well. Then oh, it was only for the Tokyo Dome shows. I wonder if this new SM regime values her a bit more. She's getting a little more shine lately. What Karina explained about Giselle is basicially what we saw in that one NY BTS where her and Winter went grocery shopping and then stayed in the hotel all night eating. Also funny seeing this post of what Winter was eating today based on what she said in the breakfast vid. She like having the royal spread lol. A few new outfits mixed in for London. They were okay. I KNEW the HOF worthy green outfit was going to be a one and done. That Nigning outfit is good times. She uses a bit more hip in her struts heh. I'll settle for some pic of the group meeting. Seems unlikely though unless someone posts something now that they've mentioned it on the ep.

I don't think any of them have super long hair. It's medium long and they use extensions for the rest. Rarely seeing them without them in as well. Or it will be up in a bun when it's not and you can't tell the difference. It stands out a little more with lighter hair. But they must use really good ones for the most part.

I know Redlic did Step Back and 28 Reasons as well. Next Level was Bada. Savage was multiple people. Bada was one of them and did this part and the head movement at 2:23. Might have been the dance break also. Think Rozalin did the bridge. Then Girls was the main two and some others.

We'll find out with the next album if there are any noticeable patterns. I would have been plenty satisfied with the full version of GRL GVNG and New Dance being the one-two punch. Of course a full X-GENE would have made for an amazing pre-release MV as well. TGIF and Puppet Show would remain as B sides if my input mattered heh. Some view counts tend to a slow a little once there is more to pick from. Those first few sometimes (more so from major companies) gets way more since that's all there is to watch for the first year or so. Looking at Puppet Show being at just 2.1m right now suggests that a lot of people agree with me. Even if you like the song and think the MV looks beautiful... how many times can you actually watch it? It's slow. A drawn out beginning, pause in the middle, 50 seconds worth of credits. That's not how you get someone to watch the MV ten times in a row without even realizing. It finishes and... that's enough. The album itself it #2 today on the worldwide itunes chart as well as others. The album has sold more then 60k copies so far. I'd imagine that number has already exceeded what they needed.
HisokaHajime Sep 28, 2:42 AM
AEW 101... Doesn't look to be changing any time soon. I loved MJF saying beautiful poors and my poors LOL.

I don't know if Ibushi is officially with AEW yet. We've seen it take some people months or a year for it to finally become long term. But yeah, he was the second guy and it was so funny in my head. I was like damn, they're sure letting this random guy get some shots in. Then they stood up and I was like ooooh.

The amount of interference in the Fenix vs Jarrett match was too much x5. Was bordering on stupid. Yeah, unless Matt Jackson was hurt and going to be out for a year. But since he's not, it's hard to see Nick winning. I think TK is just letting him get a few defenses so this impromptu reign doesn't look too pathetic when he takes it off him sooner than later. Sounds like there is heat on the ref for how he handled the finish with Mox and Fenix. Rightfully so if true. One of the worst match finishes I've seen in a long time.

So Jade will be in NXT for now. There is no doubt in my mind that WWE will make her a far bigger star than she could/would have ever been in AEW. This is their bread and butter and the type of talent they know how to handle. Obviously they benefit from a lot of the growing pains being out of the way. Sounds like Cody being in WWE had a lot to do with it. Since he was the one she trusted. I said it when Cody left that how he was treated going from AEW to WWE was going to dictate what we see happen in the future. For a while it was very one sided with people trying to escape WWE. Not things have settled down and we'll be seeing more names going back and forth. Which is just healthier for the business.

Yeah, I can't recommend a SFD rewatch. Maybe when you're an old geezer. 7 years wasn't nearly enough. I still knew every damn bit of it. Or if you weren't thinking about something, the second this or that happened, it would become as clear as day. The mission was so straight forward. Not knowing what will happen next was such a huge part of that series. So it's probably #9 for me currently because rewatch value is of much importance to me. But I won't be evaluating future 10/10 hopefuls against it if that makes sense. The will still be SoTK and Weiyoung for that.

So here's the question. Do you ever risk watching another Ji Chang Wook show again? I'm going to be very selective. I'd watch something if I thought he could pull it off. But I don't want to see him carrying a weapon of any kind. I'd imagine a more upbeat and comical historical show could work. I can vouch for QSD not needing any time to marinate. Was just barely a year and a half in between both of my viewings and it was perfect. You're getting closer to 4 years. It so easily has the best set up arc of any of the shows. Which is even better the second time around. A full 8 eps to flesh all that out while Mishil and her family are already being great. Same deal with Nirvana 2. That was about 3 years in between. You're at 5.5 years now.

I always handle heavier stuff better. Like how I could marathon through Joe 1 and it took you forever heh. I don't need time to digest it and could watch another heavy drama right after it. Now maybe I'd eventually need to come up for air and watch something more cheerful to change the pace. But it doesn't affect me too much. I willingly rewatched My Mister this year even though that's the most emotional show EVER for me. I don't even know what would come in second place. If someone can get through that show without having to reach for tissues multiple times, then they don't have a heart lol. I lost track of the amount of time during the rewatch. Might have been even more than the first time. But in a great way. I'm not giving a modern drama a 10 at random. I took the cautious approach with the 9.5 and then made it earn it the second time around. But it was so clear already within the first few episodes that it would be undeniable.

Gotta love that the promise they made to Eunchae actually happened. I've noticed with Korean culture that invites and "I'll treat you to food next time" is just a polite thing to say. So far Wendy was the only one I've seen come through and actually order Winter the food she promised her. The aespa girls mean what they say. Saw Karina promising someone on a fan call that she would post something that was being asked about. Sure enough, she posted it later that day. Food is obviously serious business for them as well and nothing to joke about. So they were going to make this happen. The first repeat guests on her show. Very nice.

*Watches* First observation is that the current shade of blonde is WAY better. Best she's looked with it so far by a mile. She didn't look good with the darker yellow type. Such a funny way to learn the comeback month being November. Which is where my math landed it months ago around the 3rd year anniversary if it were to be released this year. A grand/cool vibe. Like the sound of that. So the other meet up did happen between Karina, Winter, Chaewon, Yunjin, Eunchae.

That was a big thing in 2020 and why some Blackpink fans were really nasty to aespa and especially Ningning early on. Plus a lot of people thought she looked like Jennie and that she was being a poser with certain selfies and such. Stupid. The ae's should really be updated in general.

That's the funniest thing about people being intimidated by Karina. It was so abundantly clear that she was a lovable dork if you watched anything outside of MVs. To assume she'd be cold and standoffish is hilarious. Was just reminded of this. Karina doesn't have an off button with this stuff. Knew what she was doing. It probably depends on the day for Winter lol. But most of the stuff on stage makes her smile. The blonde is Redlic and is one of aespa's main choreographers. Not sure how many, but as this vid points out, definitely Black Mamba and Spicy. So that explains how Winter had that cameo. Redy at 1:20 heh.

She bought them all gifts.

You can never go wrong with snow and ice. It looks crazy good. It's also interesting how the pillars are covered in white fur. Almost looked like they were climbing the tower DB style. But that platform with the white outfits was way too good to only spend 30 seconds with. That's the disappointing part to me. You show me that in the teaser, get me hyped and then it's barely a thing. I guess you could say being limited to two outfits is pretty rare for a MV these days. Normally if you don't like one set it's flashing back and forth to different ones you might like more. So that hurt it a little. More so hair and face accessories. Outfits weren't too bad. Still lots of nice looking close ups. But it's just not the type of MV that I can watch over and over. So I'm hoping that I can replace it with something that is more to my liking and very soon. The first stage that has pretty good outfits and audio will become my main for now. Musically it works for me for the most part. I realize the more I listen that I would have preferred just about any instrument over the bongo type drum throughout lots of the song.

I bet GRL GVNG is up to 150+ listens for the full version lyric vid and about 20 viewings for the MV. I was already addicted before the MV dropped. That was my comeback track for this album for sure. Glad we got about a week worth of promotion for that, New Dance, and TGIF. So the roll out gave us way more content. Stages, BTS at the music shows, other fun stuff in between. Sounds like they're just going to keep getting busier from here on out as well. So XG booms will be multiple times per year. This sure beats a few months ago when the rotation was 4 songs lol. The track to MV ratio is better than I could have expected so far. Definitely won't get the most out of GRL GVNG if you mostly watch the MV though. As INSANE as it looks, it's a bit unfulfilling. So in the future I guess I'd like to see them avoid that.
HisokaHajime Sep 27, 6:42 PM
Advice to the rest of the roster. Don't jump off the elevated ramp. Your foot or ankle is going to explode. Crazy that MJF is going to attempt to hold on to these ROH tag titles by himself. I don't know if Jay was the original plan, yet that made this shitty news much easier to swallow. Off to a good start. I'd have to imagine that NECK STRONG suffers the most from this. But we'll see if he can keep the momentum going. Neck health awareness month.

Scarface Sammy. All of that was good. Except for barely even recognizing Ibushi for a good 10 seconds. Thought it was just another jobber at the dojo. I can't say I like the way Ibushi is being booked at all thus far. It's just so thrown in extra. But he's so far from being ready to do much else either. Can't believe this is the same guy. Such a shell of himself right now. Hope he can bounce back.

So Fenix got the quick title defense as I predicted. Would have given the strong edge to Claudio had he won this triple threat. Nick... I'll give Fenix a 52% chance. Even though they're both tag guys, Fenix is still more of a singles wrestlers. Seeing Nick with a singles title would be rather unexpected.

Loved the heated sit down between Christian and Darby.

I'm going to assume that X-GENE was the last thing added to bolster up the track count. I just wish it didn't sound like something that could have been one of their best songs. OR for it to just be the rap line. Since once vocal line came in sounding so great I was like awww maaaan. Between that and the GRL GVNG MV only being half, those are the main nitpicks. I'd allocate the funds a little differently. But man, what a YEAR for XG. X-GENE will be slotted in more with the tape tracks and stuff like that. Can't really rank it with the full songs as is.

Sometimes simple is best. Xiaoting (pink) reminding me of why she was my favorite member when I went through all their stuff.
HisokaHajime Sep 27, 4:43 PM
Have 25 listens in now. 20 for the audio and 5 for the MV. The lyrics are pretty good now that I know them. The one part that I just can't vibe with however is the drum/distorted voice transition at 1:16. Very distracting and slows things down. It's hard to place this one because we barely got to see the choreo other than during some chorus parts in the MV. So the stages could unlock some of its potential. As of this second, I'll go TGIF, Puppet Show, Tippy Toes for the lower half. TGIF has grown on me enough to place it above. More lively and love the instrumental. Just took time to adjust to everything. Subject to change of course. GRL GVNG and New Dance were the showstoppers. Got what we needed out of this mini.
TemplarXIII Sep 27, 1:42 PM
"Is speciation a nicer word for transhuminism? lol. "

Lmao. I was thinking more of reptile to bird, but yeah that's probably another definition lol. Why am I reminded of the that cyberpunk horror game Observer.

" Just seems insane to me most the world will probably jump on this and allow it to happen when we still don't even fully understand the brain itself and so much of our own biology"

Yeah, I think you're right. It's a recipe for disaster. We're still reeling from the long term of effects of the information/internet age not fully grasping it. Now with the pop up of AI tech...the transhumanism movement is such a drastic step in logic. I remember that philsophical "dilemma" mentioned in Nier Automata (I forget the specific name of it) where one android asked, how much of your physical self can you replace before you cease being yourself. It was that non-YorHa android in the camp that didn't replace his parts with new parts. Interesting idea.
KTKore Sep 27, 7:14 AM
My reaction to 79 to Hisoka:

"79...there is a fucking limit to how insufferable a character can be and we're way past it with this auntie bitch!"

Yeah I can't fucking stand her. Or that other dude that's always with her. Lame as fuck and they actually just make me angry and not in a good way lol. Took almost the entire series but seems they're finally gone.

I was starting to like her a little bit when she had that "romance" story going with Mo Pal Mo. Thought she would be good comedy relief but then that idea was dropped like a WWE storyline lol...

I'm happy we didn't linger too much on the drama between Jumong and Yuri. That would have been useless.

I agree these kids could have been better actors. But I will give them credit for well done emotional scenes. Yuri's anger and BiRyu's anger with So Seo No were really good scenes.

But yeah, I could have done without this whole treason storyline. This bitch should have been wiped off the map 50 episodes ago heh.

Ep 80, wasn't expecting Geum Wa to go out that way. Went out like a boss though. Old and sick but could still hold his own. Blocking like 3 sword attacks at the same time after taking a few of them out on his own. Dude was a legend in every way. Solidified as my #1.

Ma Oo Ryeung dying while trying to curse Jumong cracked me up.

Dae So and Jumong with the long awaited team up. Never thought I'd see the day.

I had to hold off on 81 because it was getting late and I see it's like 20 minutes longer than usual. So I'll finish this bad boy off today before AEW.
HisokaHajime Sep 26, 10:17 PM
Also the difference between it being your 6th historical/period drama and hitting it up again after 20+ and some rewatches. There was no way it wasn't going to land even harder and leave a more permanent mark this time. Best of all, there will STILL be moments the 3rd time around that will leave you in suspense all over again. It's that type of show. Since even as we're talking about this, I don't know it 100% by heart. 90% sure. But there are little things mixed in that take even more times to fully sink in since these shows are long and packed with eventful moments.

It's still my #2. But the distance between that and QSD is razor thin. As much as I love Bidam, he's the secret sauce that makes everything better upon his arrival. But Lady Ki from start to finish is just exceptional and gives it the slight edge. I have a soft order these days. But don't put too much emphasis on it since they're the top of the class. Princess Weiyoung is the only one that becomes a 10 in the final episode. In terms of last episodes, that's up there with the best. You just know in that moment. Was exactly the same way during the rewatch. It's basically holding on to the 9.5 the entire way through and then gets bumped up as you reflect on the totality of the series. SoTK is similar. It doesn't take until the very end. But you debate it for a bit until it becomes crystal clear. Most others were in the 20s and 30s for me when I knew for sure. I still can't pick a favorite between Nirvana 1 and 2. It's just one big series to me.

Was funny earlier tonight when KT came to the realization that Goguryeo was in fact based on reality.

The timing of this Tingting video is hilarious.

Karina's most even relationship is with Giselle. The give and take. They're on the same wavelength. One thing easy to miss at 57s when Karina is playing with Winter's hair and then she lightly backhands her ha. Not 100% on the dancers. A few looks familiar and others not at all. They probably had a few different sets.

So that's the outfit Giselle was suppose to wear at one of the festivals she missed. I don't know what to expect from that.

So all of the XG stuff was out in audio form since earlier today. Glad I didn't look and I'll be a good boy for the next few hours until the MV drops. HESONOO was indeed just that minute long intro video we saw a few months ago. I just listened to X-GENE since there was no reason not to. This HITS even though it's only 84 seconds. I think we'll be forever be asking WHY for this one not being full length.


Puppet Show MV. Simon was like hey, let's do something nobody else is lol. The setting/aesthetics and budget is incredible. The last section from the teaser is my favorite part and I wish more time was spent on there. The styling is outrageous to say the least. I'm not feeling it. Sticking to how they look for the majority of the MV, Juria is the only one that looks ideal to me. The outfit, hair, makeup is great. Cocona looks pretty good. Nothing too odd for her. Maya looks mostly okay, the makeup and face accessories are a bit overkill though. Chisa looks decent. It's the hairstyle dragging her down. Hinata's hair is wack, Jurin looks okay for the most part, but those shark teeth ruined it for me. Harvey... oh dear. The corkscrew hair is bad, but she looks like she was chewing on glass during her first part. Don't like the tone during that part either. She's had far worse though.

But then everyone looks great during the ending part. So my HOPE OF HOPES is that the performance video leans more in that direction. I can't even really choose a favorite version between the MV and performance video for Shooting Star. Both have big time pros. So I just need this performance video to remove some of the wacky shit. Took a little over a month for that to drop for Shooting Star though. So it could be a while. For the time being, let's hope for some good stages to watch. Don't really feel like I'm absorbing the choreo enough in the MV to comment. But I love Chisa's spin at 3:36 and that hat looks so good.

Turns out that this is the reverse of TGIF. The audio version of Puppet Show is considerably better. I can barely even focus on the vocals while watching the MV because I have too many gripes with how they look in a Moonchild sort of way. Gains some points with the audio. Removes both the 20 second intro and the 17 second pause during Cocona's dramatic jump. Similar to LE SSERAFIM MVs doing this stuff, it's a big no thanks and kills the flow. Watched the MV 4 times and I'm probably done with it for now. Listened to the audio about 10 times and it's flowing.
HisokaHajime Sep 26, 8:31 PM
The re-broadcast alternate ending. I understand why this wasn't included in the original airing since it's not as accurate. But in terms of preference, this one of course. Auto generate is okay. But you can just scroll down and read the translated post by user-tr3dq9xu4v a few comments down.

Looking at your dates, it was in the 2 spot for about 2.5 years. KGG bumped it to 3. Then your rankings got completely shaken up after you watched more stuff. Rewatches are essential for sorting this all out.

Guru in our original subs. Was something different in the subs I watched the second time around. Some type of title. Wasn't just his name. Which is probably only mentioned a few times throughout. Yeah, the eunuch really nailed it in the final stretch.

I haven't seen anything else related to Yuan. Would be mostly on the Goryeo era that overlaps. But on the Chinese side, I don't think there is anything noteworthy. Qing Dynasty/bald comes in a few hundred years later. The Ming Dynasty was the bridge in between.

Leave the horses to historical drama.

She can't be trusted! I didn't read a single thing and just assume she steals that woman's husband lol. Or based on the title alone, she influences this otherwise nice housewife to do something she shouldn't.
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