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HisokaHajime 42 minutes ago

HisokaHajime Yesterday, 9:02 PM
That's her. So hear me out. I think she purposely gained a bit of weight for the drama she was in. So maybe in the process of losing that, she got in the best shape ever lol. There is a noticeable difference in her face. If I knew nothing about Blackpink and just saw these today, I'd be like dayum, who's that?

Really can't think of anyone it would be next week other than Omega. Especially with Cole turning on them last week. So it would be 3 vs 3 now. Then I guess it can branch out into Omega vs Cole, which I've long assumed would be his first real feud back and Bucks vs ReDragon. I guess you could do both at the same time if both groups are married for a while as they say.

Whenever I see someone attempt to apply the figure four around the ring post, I not only think about Bret, but more so about how fucking amazing he was to apply that with ease. Everyone else struggles a bit.

I have to hope that it was a similar oversight by the commentators and not deliberately avoiding anything that could tie into MJF. 10 WEEKS!

Yes. Just like Secret of Three Kingdoms, by the end of the first ep of The Crowned Clown you're like OH SHIT!

I can't hear the word "jambalaya" without thinking about Newman. It's true. Though, I've always been confused as to why that was being served at a soup place. I guess there is a broth in ways, but it's not very soupy. That ep will be one of my 10/10s for damn sure. COSTANZA IS IN THE BUILDING! Can't picture it without Larry doing the voice. It's gold Jerry, GOLD!
HisokaHajime Yesterday, 8:14 PM
A pretty good return. More of a relief that we can finally start getting somewhere.

Might be a while till we get main event Omega back anyway. If he returns and they go the trios champ route, he'll ease back in that way. I've always thought the plan for the trios titles was for The Elite to be the first champs and that may very well still happen.

To his credit, it does appear that his earring was actually ripped out tonight. It was bleeding like crazy. So unless he bladed his ear or something, that must have hurt like a bitch. I do think they should be careful of the amount of blood per show. With a bloody opening match, you didn't need another one gushing in the main event. Can't tell with Jericho. His nose might have just gotten fucked again. Was pouring. Surprised he allowed Mox to kick out of his finisher. Mox was the right pick because he was already champion and this isn't ruining a crowning moment for anyone. But it was still dull and thankfully it will be over soon. But do we still have to wait until All Out? At least All Out is shaping up to have a nice card.

On thing I found odd tonight was how they went out of their way to mention how Starks and the other guy were tag partners in the past. Which nobody cares about. Yet they didn't say a peep about Wardlow and FTR being in the same group for quite some time. There was never a falling out between them either. Once Wardlow and MJF started feuding, FTR stayed out of it. It came across more as faces having each others back rather than buddies reconnecting. Maybe they just didn't want to mention The Pinnacle in general.

One thing this show is doing attire wise that I've never seen before is having cold weather varieties (or what appears to be) of the usual King and minister attire. They seem a bit thicker and have ridges. Start seeing those a few eps in. I don't think anything about it was noted. I just found that interesting. Reminds me of TNG a little with how it evolves heh.

Just took a look at her current design and it looks pretty good.

Me 100% of the time.
HisokaHajime Yesterday, 7:22 PM
I'll base the quality of this ep on the fact that I sat down and then didn't move. Been a while since I've done that. Just a little bit of icky halfway through with the usual culprits. Then I rolled my eyes when I saw that other new group of three that look boring. Was funny how fed up Mox, Regal, and JR sounded of this interim crap. But thankfully the ending of the show speeds things up with that and hopefully Omega returns next week? Unless that's just what they want people to think. Not sure who else it would be. I'm wondering how they're packing that whole Rampage rundown into one hour. Almost seemed like enough for two hours. Danielson needs to win that best 2/3 next week and move on from this turd.

Even if they're all small, ten of them would be a bit much. Easy now heh.

The guy has been good too. He's got a cold exterior and yet he's good at showing emotion at the same time. There are times when he's talking that he reminds me of Bang Won (SDF version). Maybe it's the tone of his voice with how personal it sounds. Not that he's anywhere near as good as that role or actor. But maybe it's something you'll notice too. I think that's what it is anyway. Could be someone else that I can't put my finger on. Or a mixture. Lots of good Joseon lately though. 3 out of the 4 that I watched this year are 8.5. Yeah, I've seen her in 5 roles now. My like for her was gradual. She did a good job as Suzy's sister in Start Up. But her role as the secondary female in My Roommate Is a Gumiho is what made me really like her more.

Ah ha. Should still kick ass either way. A mage?
HisokaHajime Yesterday, 12:04 AM
I don't know what Ningning was doing with her eyes covered like that lol. Looks like she has yet another new tattoo on the inside of her elbow area. A heart or something. I figured there wouldn't be much footage in Japan since they kick people out for that.

The only shame here is that Kang Han Na has great hair and it's tied back the entire time. Seeing clips of Moon Lovers reminds me that I've attempted to watch that twice and the vid quality was either weak or glitchy with what I had to work with. Just found a good source though so maybe third times a charm.

Upped the intensity even more. A shame you ran into that spoiler even if you suspected it could happen. You would have seen it by now even if you weren't listening to the soundtrack on YT? Hopefully you can get to the last episode of BCS next week before running into anything.
HisokaHajime Aug 9, 8:42 PM
It's her and the song is something random by 2chainz. Just showing off that she can do that style really well too. Was funny during their last fan meet in Korea when they were doing dances from other groups. I've seen them do most of those before, but she was the only one who knew them perfectly still. The others were remembering the steps as they went. This one comes to mind. Wouldn't mind seeing them do something like that NCT song one of these days.

The site will probably crash or be really sluggish. I once saw a video of IU trying to get tickets to her own concert the way anyone would and she failed lol. Maybe Seatgeek would be easier for just ONE ticket. Could probably grab something in a prime spot for a bit more without the hassle. Since this seems like the type of thing you'd want to be very specific about. Great view or nothing. For aespa I'd pay maybe 2-3x the going rate for the goods.

Love whenever this clicks in. Then the parts at 2:06 and 2:20.

XB3 and Dexter would be too much to balance. Bloody Heart has been an easy one to watch one ep of, then I'll go back for another a few hours later. The first two were the longest at around 70 min. But then it's usual 65 or 63.

That would be ideal.

BCS was great. But you already knew that.
HisokaHajime Aug 9, 6:26 PM
This might have been the end of the promotion. Probably just little things here and there as usual until the next comeback. Winter dropped this dance vid from a while back I guess yesterday. Made it sound like it was a preview for something. But maybe it's nothing heh.

Extra funny since it's usually the other way around with groups taking from them. Was looking over their tour schedule and November 14th and 15th are most likely in the arena I went to for the last two Dynamites. Something tells me getting the goods would be even more difficult than wrestling though lol. Maybe there being two dates for that location would make it slightly more doable. I'd totally go if possible.

Had a feeling you hadn't grabbed it yet haha. I already know you'll like the idea since it's similar to one plot from Secret of Three Kingdoms. Different enough though. I watched them just a few months apart and one was a 10 and the other a 9.5. Unfortunately a lot of my 9.5 grades haven't been sticking with rewatches lol. So it could be a 9. That's what I'm curious about. Halfway through Bloody Heart and steady would be the word. Feels like my usual 8.5 thus far.

I mostly just remember the guy and the green haired chick.

Probably better to finish off XB3 with shorter stuff on the side. How much do you have left to go?

Pretty sure you were already close to 30 hours over 4 days. So now 7.5 hour days + travel. Sucks that you're getting caught in some traffic now. But this is the time of year for excessive road work. I was going somewhere the other day and wasn't even sure if I'd be able to make the turn.

It's fun having Seinfeld waiting for me whenever I want. 9 days in and still have a long ways to go.

"You know, the very fact that you oppose this makes me think I'm on to something." lol. Won't be getting to that one for a while since it's S9.
HisokaHajime Aug 8, 7:22 PM
Make that 12.5 heh. Zero makeup in that one.

Still has to be better than performing in front of nobody as they were for a good while.

Sounds like the song in the Blackpink trailer we saw last week is for the pre-release track titled Pink Venom. Watching it back, you can see that it's two fangs with venom dropping. Hope that's the case since the beat sounded really cool. I'm just confused as to why they'd go with a snake theme. aespa doesn't own the market on snakes or anything, but that's like another wrestler coming out with a snake in a bag lol. Seems like something you'd want to avoid for at least a few years. Anyway, that song gets released on the 19th.

Is The Crowned Clown free? Not sure if you grabbed that one. Feel like I've named dropped it a good handful of times. Was thinking about rewatching it soon since it's a quickie. That's my favorite 20 or less by a lot.

The character is the secondary female lead? Can't say the voice comes to mind.

I have no faith lol.
HisokaHajime Aug 8, 12:25 AM
A monopoly.

The TV spot is one of the only things in good quality heh. Nice look at the crowd 7 seconds in. I'm hoping they have a song or mini album in Japanese at some point. Giselle plays to her strengths. Can't really say if I favor anything in particular either. "Winter who's the most diverse just has a face that works with everything?" SURVEY SAYS?! Yep. lol...

It just leveled up nicely in ep 4. This show is a chess match since the King is smart and has balls. He's the only one of the mains that is new to me. Good first impression. Kang Han Na was another reason along with Jang Hyuk that I'm watching this one already. I've seen most of her bigger roles now and this is pretty different for her. This is the first actual lead part. She's usually the secondary chick. This is a serious toned Joseon. Nothing slap stick or comedic. Some lighter scenes mixed in.

This is a 10 worthy scene in The Keys. Think I linked this randomly a few months ago heh. So amazing. But the rest of the episode doesn't have as much going on as lots of others. Just them switching keys back and forth and setting up Kramer leaving for LA. The Library episode is when Jerry gets accused on not returning a book from 20+ years ago and Bookman is on the case lol. Kramer starts seeing the librarian and George thinks he saw his old gym teacher that would give him wedgies.

Good luck finding speakers in a reasonable price range.
HisokaHajime Aug 7, 6:13 PM
Yep, that's the only way I'm liking it. More of an 8/10 there. I'm going Winter, Giselle, Karina, Ningning in that order on bangs. Karina looks amazing in the MV with them. But day to day, she has better looks. Didn't think this looked too great. So for her, I only want straight and down when she's got them. So the reverse of Ningning. I've seen old pre debut pics of Ningning with bangs and feel the same way.

She looks even more like the character with the cat ears.

The day Chaewon switches up will be a very sad day.

They made it a win.

Definitely not a hero. He's the obstacle in the King's way. He's more of a King maker type rather than a loyal subject. Nobody dares to cross him. He's not overacting at all in this one. Just cold and calculated.

Seinfeld S3
HisokaHajime Aug 7, 3:51 PM
Probably easier for Japanese fans to adapt to that since they're never the most vocal at events to begin with. But flat out not allowing cheering is crazy talk. A nice sight though. Karina's bangs aren't real, so that'd be like saying Winter has the nicest long hair heh. Ningning just doesn't have the face for it. Looks slightly better to me when her hair is up. Now I'm realizing more than ever how nice her forehead is. A few days from now it might be something different. Scroll through the hashtag There weren't too many full vids. Definitely seems easier for them to learn Japanese.

I'd say a win is a win, but I guess they still have to win ha.

Bloody Heart is off to a nice start. Good pace going for 16 eps. The first ep was all that was needed to flesh the past and present out. Unlike the last one I watched that could never seem to get started. 8.5 at the lowest. 9 at the highest.
HisokaHajime Aug 7, 10:33 AM
I guess this has been the rule ever since they started allowing people back to events. Still a mask policy as well. Hopefully things get back to normal there soon. Gonna be a big spot for them. There were 920,000 applications for tickets (for just a showcase) and 40,000 were selected over four shows. So they can probably do a 40,000 seat venue like the Tokyo Dome in the future. All with pretty much zero promotion over there till just now.

Winter's popularity in Japan is massive. Probably since she's a real life anime character and everything they love over there. Was reading about how people who don't know the group are aware of and like her.

Seen enough bangs Ningning now to say NOPE. 7/10 maybe. That's not her look.
HisokaHajime Aug 6, 10:24 PM
It would be nice to see him standing ringside sometimes. I usually have that same thought the times when Sting comes out with Darby and then immediately heads to the back. He flew all the way there, put on his gear and makeup, all for 5 seconds lol.

It's so weird how crowds in Japan still can't cheer... Saw some clips of these shows on Twitter and the crowd is just clapping loudly or using this clapping sound thing. The hell... But they're sold out. Haven't really seen anything good enough to link. They were all pretty good at speaking Japanese though. So hopefully a Japanese track won't be too far out.

Dec 14th 2018 to Jan 2nd 2019. 20 days total. 13.2 episodes a day average. Was a total breeze. But I can see why that episode count would make someone do a double take. One of the longest sitcoms ever.
HisokaHajime Aug 6, 6:34 PM
The audio was so bad tonight. The commentary was really loud and you could barely hear the crowd. Then as entertaining as I found the main event, the commentary was so distracting. That ROH guy is the shits and I really don't think Regal has to be at the desk for 100% of BCC matches. Some of them for sure. But ALL? Hell, too bad tonight wasn't for the AEW championship with Claudio being champion. I'll take pretty much anything over what we're getting lately.

ABUNDANCE and flooding the market is all that comes to mind. The man is watering down his own product. I'm sitting here with a similar feeling I had in late 2001/early 2002. Just being so displeased with the direction of things. When in both cases, things were rocking and rolling not long before.

Another thing I read said how they were considering a 2019 debut for this group and decided to delay a bit longer. Which is why we have Giselle instead of someone inferior.
I love his apartment. Him and his father are polar opposites. Everything in the place is so neat except for his dad's old beaten up recliner that stands out like a sore thumb lol.