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MichaelL124 Jun 14, 2023 7:58 PM
Happy birthday!
AndyKyrielight Jun 16, 2021 3:06 PM
ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪 𝔹𝕚𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕕𝕒𝕪!!

HisokaHajime Oct 9, 2018 5:03 PM
I read the manga in early 2015. Just found a comment I made about it after finishing the manga.

"Banana Fish was amazing. An absolute page-turner. I wasn't even planning to actually read it. I just wanted to check out the first few pages to see what it was like for future consideration. But it sucked me in right away and the rest was history. The storytelling and characterization were top notch. I cared about everyone and everything which made for some of the best dialogue I've seen in a while. The action was balls to the wall, very clean and creative. I never had to wonder what I was looking at. She did such an incredible job laying out the setting and atmosphere. I seriously can't praise that area enough. That was the most accurate depiction of NYC (during the times) that we'll ever see in manga/anime form. The city took on a life of its own. I also love how she utilized every inch of it. This one will stick with me."

It was an instant favorite and I would think about it often with the fondness of memories. Now this anime version is really ruining the mood. I'll probably have to re-read the manga at some point to get this bad taste out of my mouth. Ash was such a likable badass in the manga. He's kinda of a punk bitch in this. The more I think about it, the more I hate this adaption. I can only vaguely remember what happened with Eiji myself.

I was half expecting Harukana Receive to be an boring ecchi mess. Other than the frequent ass shots, it was a pretty compelling story about friendship and the volleyball action was better than I figured it to be. Gave it a 7. Hanebad! had good art and animation during games. But the cast was pretty unlikable overall. So I stopped caring midway through. Golden Kamuy is really good and different. Both violent and funny at times.

Haven't seen Citrus. Heard it was pretty iffy though in both forms heh. I guess it's good that I haven't seen Glasslip either. I saw Hibike! Euphonium earlier this year. That was pretty good. Guess I'll have to check out Nagi no Asukara at some point though. I really have a lot of work to do with series that came out from 2014-2017.

The most recent was Queen Millennia which L-E had been subbing since 2006. It finally finished in August so I watched it right away. Well worth the wait. I love Matsumoto's work.

I felt like the Ore Monogatari anime was the right length. Any longer and it would have started to drag, so I'm really not that interested in reading the rest or bonus chapters.
HisokaHajime Oct 8, 2018 4:24 PM
You're probably better off not remembering lol. I can so easily visualize lots of scenes and the type of emotion they're supposed to evoke. But none of that is coming through on my end which is frustrating. It seems so forced and like they're trying to be shocking. I can feel the amount of panels that are being skipped over too. So the way everything gets from point A to B seems rather disjointed since they're trying to save time with it only being 24 episodes. Here I thought the modernization was going to be the hardest part to deal with and that's actually been the easiest. Hard to say what my reaction would be had I not read the manga. One of my friends is 10 eps in and doesn't care for it much either though. I wish someone else would have adapted this instead. MAPPA dropped the ball.

I think I'll wait for My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan to finish at this rate. I'm already way behind and it will be fun to roll through those in full when the time comes. As you pointed out, my anime viewing habits have completely transformed heh. I was never one to watch many shows weekly unless it was a new installment of something I'm already invested in. But I needed to change things up since my old way wasn't working well anymore. My output in 2017 was the lowest ever and it was becoming really difficult to choose what to watch next. I've seen so many of the essentials, I'm damn near caught up on old school fansubs, so there just wasn't as much to look forward to. So I decided to give this a try during Spring and followed about 25 shows. It went really well and is much easier now with episodes dropping at the same time every week unlike in the past when you had to wait around. So then I upped the ante and watched nearly everything from the Summer and will continue to do so from now on. I feel completely re-engaged and this has been a lot of fun.

So you watched Hanebado! (way too much angst), Planet With (decent), Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes (decent), Free which I haven't seen. But you gave it a 6. I wouldn't have been too impressed with the Summer season either based on those. My favorites were pretty much all comedies actually. Grand Blue, Asobi Asobase, Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro were funny stuff. The Kaiji spinoff is great as well, but you'd need to see the first two seasons of Kaiji to appreciate it. Back Street Girls was another that I enjoyed. The art and animation was crap, but the content was so unique that I couldn't help but laugh every week. There were a few others that were pretty fun also. Jashin-chan Dropkick, Harukana Receive was better than expected, Happy Sugar Life was twisted. So overall it was a good season. I think Fall is shaping up to be the best of the year though. JoJo 5 alone raises its stock. A few other nice returns like Fairy Tail Final, Golden Kamuy S2, and Gurazeni S2.

As for new stuff, Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, Yagate Kimi ni Naru, Hinomaruzumou, Bunny Girl, Double Decker! Doug & Kirill, Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken, Radiant, and Goblin Slayer are all real good thus far. I see you've already started Yagate Kimi ni Naru and Bunny Girl. As well as Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu and Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara which were enjoyable too.

Always a good time for an Oniisama e rewatch. :)

HxH is the only manga that I'm actively reading right now.
HisokaHajime Oct 6, 2018 1:41 PM
Are you liking the Banana Fish adaption? I was really looking forward to it since the manga is amazing but... I find the anime to be incredibly weak. I was giving it the benefit of doubt towards the beginning and gradually became more disappointed by the episode. Everything about it seems off and lazy to me. Originally my biggest issue with it was the horrendous music (composed by a random DJ...) which was distracting. But the transitions from one scene to another are so weird and makes you feel like you're missing something. Some of the voice choices aren't working for me. It just seems like a completely different series and I don't feel anything while watching this. Seems to be pretty well received overall and has a good grade average on here. I wish I was enjoying it. But I don't know what the hell this is.
SatoshiX Jan 17, 2017 9:27 AM
Hi, thanks for accepting!
HisokaHajime Nov 12, 2016 1:11 PM
I guess it's somewhat tempting to buy Hana Yori Dango over again. Since I've never liked Viz much. They do a really good job with manga. But their anime releases leaves something to be desired. I've seen the HYD DVDs a few times though. I don't recall having a problem with them. But Discotek would still be an upgrade. I guess you'll have to let me know how the HxH BDs are. I seriously hate their release of the original series. The subtitle font is hideous and it's really annoying how the other OP/ED themes are missing. Hopefully BDs for that version surface at some point too.

It would be great if some of those shows get picked up. But I'll settle for them being subbed. Shouldn't be much longer until Captain Tsubasa is done. Hopefully the rest of Ace can finish. The second season is being subbed really slowly.

Yeah, the ending was certainly a big swerve. I guess they purposely ended the anime where it did. Holy crap, Skip Beat sure is long. I enjoyed the anime when I saw it years back. I wouldn't mind more. Not sure if I'll read it though. Keep hearing good things about Orange. How much is the anime going to cover?

I'm comfortable with all genres. The thing that always cracks me up about BL stuff is how forceful the dominant guy is. There is a whole lot of wrist grabbing lol. So sometimes I can't take it all that seriously to begin with. But there have been a few that I've given pretty good scores to. Gravitation, Junjou Romantica, and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi had a nice mix. The funny moments certainly help. So obviously Yuri all good for me. Though, a lot of those were more tame and had a good story. Maria-sama ga Miteru and Aoi Hana would be towards the top of my list as well.
HisokaHajime Oct 28, 2016 3:29 PM
Add spoiler tags when necessary in the future lol. I had to delete your reply the other day so that friends of mine didn't stumble across details they're not up to. Or we can just switch over to PM. Just let me know.

I skimmed though the Ore Monogatari!!!! manga after I finished the anime. Seems like most of the content was covered in the show and there is only a little bit left to read. I'm glad it wasn't too long since the formula could have very easily become repetitive. So it feels just right as is. The cast was very likable from top to bottom. The characterization was different that what I anticipated. The fact that Takeo was so popular among the guys was very interesting. Normally he'd be written in as an outcast. I also really dig how everything develops with him and Yamato. The reverse of what would normally happen. Sunakawa was the voice of reason. Very thoughtful as well. His sister was great too heh. Other than some slight communication issues (which you almost always get), it was smooth sailing.

I haven't read beyond Part 2 for JoJo. I actually first read 1 and 2 back around 2005 maybe. Then I stopped since the rest of the scans were crappy. It's been more fun being in the dark about Part 3 and 4, so I don't think I'll read the manga anytime soon. I'm already surprised that the anime has reached this far. Hopefully it can keep going. Looks like I'm three episodes behind at the moment. I've been watching it in small batches, so I'll either catch up this week or next. I like the cast a lot, but I prefer some of the previous characters more. Kira would make my top 5 JoJo characters list though.

I just want to see the rest of Slam Dunk animated some day. All it needs is a 26 episode season. That's at the top of my wishlist. I've got a pretty big sports anime backlog now. Most of the ones from the last few years. They started to pile up fast.

My Hero Academia and Platinum End look pretty good.

I already own Hana Yori Dango from the last time it was released. That's a nice pickup for Discotek though.

Yeah, a solid finish for Oregairu season 2. I guess there is some one ep OVA coming out soon too. So I'll check that out when it does. It's most likely going to be Yukino. I don't care enough about the show to have a preference heh.

HisokaHajime Oct 25, 2016 11:52 AM
I always will be. :) I've gotten in a good amount this year. The highlights would be Tokimeki Tonight, One Punch Man, Ronja, Aku no Hana, Ping Pong The Animation, Ginga e Kickoff!, JoJo Part 4, Yamato Takeru, Boku dake ga Inai Machi, Ore Monogatari!!, Alpen Rose, Parasyte, and One Outs. Lots of goodies.

JoJo Part 4 is damn good. A nice change of pace from previous seasons with it all taking place in a town. Really like all the pastel colors. It's leveled up big time ever since Kira has showed up. I'm two episodes behind, but it's been awesome for a while now. Kouichi sometimes gets on my nerves. There were a few stretches where he was far too involved. Sometimes I cringe when his voice cracks a bit. The other issue is how the music isn't anywhere near as good. Even though it's the same composer as Part 3 which sounded way more memorable. I like the OP themes, but they feel a little on the generic side. Like they could be used for a bunch of different series. The previous openings sounded 100% JoJo. My favorite being the final one for Part 3 with all the previous singers. That's hard to beat. I've only heard the newest OP a couple of times. It seemed the most fitting thus far. I do like the choice for the ED since that's about as 90's as it gets heh. Overall, Part 3 is my favorite. But this has a chance to come in second.

I was liking Kuroko no Basket a good amount. Then it started to remind me of the things that bugged me about Prince of Tennis. Just a little too gimmicky for my liking. The series doesn't really excel at anything. It's not too funny or intense, not bad at anything either. So it's really just a middle of the pack sports anime for me. I liked the first season a tad more than the second. I've watched all the extra stuff, now I just need to hit up the third season eventually. I'll get back to it in a few months. Everyone seems to prefer Haikyu!!, so I'm looking forward to checking that out next year when the third season is finished. Cool to get a volleyball anime. Always in favor of getting more than just baseball and soccer. The new rugby anime looks good as well.

Oregairu holds my attention, yet doesn't really stick with me too much. Maybe I'll have more to say once I'm done with the second season. The characters are all pretty good. Some of the conversation is interesting. Seen better shows of the same mold though.

So Hana Nochi Hare is 35 chapters in? Good to hear positive things. I played around with the idea of reading it when it first started. But I've never been a consistent enough manga reader to keep up with it. Hopefully it can keep going and they don't turn it into an anime too soon. Though, I'd definitely like to see one.

HxH is the exception since I read those chapters instantly.
Hibbington Sep 11, 2016 4:11 PM
Greetings HatsumiShinogu, I saw that you were watching a few shows from this season.
At the Anime Guild we discussion, review, and vote on various parts of the currently airing season.
An example is we choose the best Opening, Ending, Character and of course Anime of the Season.
If you are interested in joining I have already sent an invite as well as provide a link to our club ^.^ -
Miwa- May 16, 2016 11:52 AM
Hello! How have you been? Hope everything's fine =D As for me, as usual, I'm mostly busy studying. I'll hopefully be able to graduate by the end of the year but nothing's set in stone yet. I might also start looking for a job this summer but it might be hard to balance university and work...

I still like KnT alright, but I feel like now that I got older I can't connect to the characters like I used to. I'm still very fond of them but it's just not the same. I personally would really like to see something more realistic for Kazehaya and Sawako, like the two of them breaking up after high school because they don't think they can handle a long-distance relationship, but it'll probably end like you would expect from a shoujo, with the two of them getting married and everything. I'm fine with Ryuu/Chizu though, I think they were handled really well overall. As for Ayane/Pin, I still like it but I feel like Ayane's character arc would be really satisfying even just with Ayane confessing her feelings and getting rejected, and I won't mind if they don't get together in the end.

I agree that Taichi needs to distance himself from Chihaya a bit, he needs to really look at himself and try to understand what is it that he wants to do with karuta. Does he really play just for Chihaya or does he actually enjoy the game, does he want to try beating Arata and becoming Meijin, those are the kind of questions he should ask himself. So even if the way this arc started was super messy, I was actually glad he took time off from the club to reflect on those things. Now it looks like he'll come back but not right away, for now he's practicing with the Meijin.
As for Chihaya developing feelings for Taichi now that he's away, I personally don't see it happening and I think Chihaya rejected him for good, but at the same time a Chihaya/Arata ending would feel extremely weak right now because the mangaka hasn't developed Arata's character and his relationship with Chihaya as much as she did with Taichi. Basically if the manga is gonna end soon (and it really looks like it) I would dislike both possible endings, I'd rather have the three of them stay friends...Unfortunately, that kind of ending is really unlikely since one of the main selling points of Chihayafuru has always been the love triangle.

The whole Kaori/Kousei reationship got downright creepy for me when the anime got to the letter where Kaori basically admitted to centering her whole life around Kousei, doing everything in her power to get close to him but still refusing to be honest till the very end. That counts as emotional manipulation in my book. I'm not really a fan of childhood friends ships but Tsubaki was at least a bit better than Kaori. Emi was definitely one of my favourite characters and I would've liked to see more of Kousei and his friendship/rivalry with her and Takeshi.

I'm fine with both Eijun/Wakana and Eijun/Haruno, though I probably like the former a bit more? As for Mei, I don't think he's dating anyone right now...He just likes to brag about girls confessing to him, but he's way too focused on baseball to actually date anyone imo.
Are you reading the second part of the manga? They introduced a lot of new characters and schools, so it's getting really interesting. It might take some time before we get to see Yakushi vs Seidou again...

Ore Monogatari was cute but I found it a bit cheesy at times. My favourite character was definitely Suwa and I actually don't mind if he stays single. I think it's really refreshing to see a character who is just content by himself and doesn't care about romance in a shoujo manga...Also I didn't really like the girl who had a crush on him, we were supposed to find her cute and cheer for her but I didn't like how she basically stalked him for years??? I'm glad they didn't end up together.

Oh, I liked Hibike! Euphonium quite a bit, but I'm really tired of Kyoto Animation's tendency to hint at gay/lesbian relationships and make money off them only to never confirm anything in the end. It's the reason why I ended up disliking Free! and it was the same with Euphonium, I heard they even added to the Kumiko/Reina relationship but of course the second season will probably go for Kumiko/Shuichi. As I mentioned before I don't care for childhood friends much so they didn't interest me, I liked Kumiko/Reina but knowing it was nothing but a way to make easy money for the studio pissed me off, so I can't stay I'm invested in the pairing. I will however be watching season 2 because the quality of the animation and the story were overally great, probably one of the best KyoAni works in recent years.

I personally adore the manga for Akagami no Shirayukihime and I think the anime didn't really do it justice (especially when it comes to the artwork, the manga art is stunning while the character design for the anime was just okay), so I would really recommend reading it instead! I love all the characters, Zen is probably my favourite but Obi is the funniest. And yes, I do think Mitsuhide and Kiki like each other but it'll take a long time for them to get together because their top priority will always be serving Zen.

We don't have Gekkan Shoujo but we do have Oresama Teacher! I borrowed it recently from a friend and while I liked it alright I'm not sure I'll be collecting it. The characters are really funny and well written but I'm not really interested in any of the possible ships...As you said though this mangaka doesn't really focus on the romance so there's a chance Mafuyu won't end up with anyone.

Oregairu as a series didn't really impress me much, but I did like Hachiman as a protagonist. I think he'll end up with Yukino but I liked Iroha and her relationship with him way more. As for Haganai, I heard people were really disappointed by the ending so I won't bother reading the light novels...We have them in Italy but there's only one volume out so far. As for Oregairu, they still haven't licensed it here.

I know Tokyo Ghoul is really popular but it's sooooo not my cup of tea, I've never been interested in reading it. I did try to watch ONE PUNCH MAN but I found it super boring...I guess I'm just not interested in shounen manga in general, though I'm liking Boku no Hero Academia so far. The anime adaptation is really well done.

I'm sooooo excited for Amanchu! and Sangatsu no Lion! I'll admit I'm not sure SHAFT is the right studio for Sangatsu, but I guess we have no choice but to wait and see - maybe it'll end up being a good adaptation. I can't wait for the seiyuu announcements!
The first two ARIA OVAs were set in the past, but the last one should be about the characters in the future, so who knows, they might even hint at Akari/Akatsuki!

I bought the new edition of Versailles no Bara and I'm planning to get all the Natsume Yuujinchou volumes that are already out, but I need to sell some old manga in order to make space before doing that. My library is so full, it's starting to become a problem...

Ah I know how you feel, financial stability is good but if the job is boring you start wishing you could find something better suited for yourself...I'm not really sure I'll be able to find a job I like, but at least I know I like studying languages, so choosing a course I like is a good start. I'm actually planning to study abroad in Europe first and then find a way to study in Japan for a year or two...I don't really see myself living there but if it's for a few years I would really like to do that experience.
Miwa- Oct 29, 2015 3:32 PM
Hello! How are you? I'm sorry I always disappear for months, haha. I just get so busy during exams period, and writing a long reply takes me a lot of time because I always try to make sure I'm not making any mistakes. Gotta say, being active in online fandoms really helped me improve my english, but sometimes I still have doubts.

Oh, I would love for the mangaka to surprise us and to have Kazehaya and Sawako meet other people in the future, but I don't see that happening, and the same goes for Ryuu and Chizu...I think she might even show us their lives in the future, actually. The two characters I think she could be more creative with are actually Kurumi and Ayane, since nothing is settled for them yet. Personally, if the manga does reach college years, I would love to see glimpses of Ayane's life at college, because I'm sure she would date someone there. I don't see her getting into a long distance relationship with Pin, that's a thing that would only happen once she's older and Pin doesn't consider her one of his students anymore.

No, I'm sure she would never get back with Kento, under any circumstances. She already suffered a lot when she realized she just gave him false hopes, hurting him was a really unpleasant experience for her, so I think from now on they'll be able to help each other and care for each other as friends, and that's already more than enough. I'm really glad they were able to break up and still stay friends, that doesn't happen often.

Yeah, it's always been pretty clear that Arata was the one in Chihaya's mind and that she had special feelings for him, even though for the longest time she didn't understand these feelings...Some Chihaya/Taichi fans still hope there will be a chance for this ship, but tbh the way she reacted to the 2 different confessions is pretty telling: even though she has not answered his confession yet, she blushes every time she has to talk to Arata, while Taichi's confession ended in that really unpleasant situation. I know kisses like that happens often in shoujo/josei manga, but I was still pretty disappointed to see one in Chihayafuru, and I was really angry with Taichi at first. He's one of my favourite characters, but it's really hard to defend him when he does things like this, it's understandable that some people dislike him.

I couldn't stand Kaori!!! I actually really hated the whole anime, I hate the message it tried to send, I hated that Kaori had to die for Kousei to grow as an artist - sure, I couldn't stand her, but I still hated that she was killed off just to make the audience cry, it felt sooooo cheap. I actually found the letter she left really damn creepy...She basically admitted to stalking Kousei for years and to shaping her entire life around him, and people found that romantic????? The whole thing was sick, especially considering that the way she treated Kousei, even the way she died, everything was meant to remind us of Kousei's mother. And I don't care that the anime tried to redeem her in the end, that woman was CRAZY and I can't forgive her for abusing Kousei the way she did. So honestly, why should I ship Kousei with a girl that treats him like dirt?
The only part of the anime I enjoyed was the relationship/rivalry between Emi, Kousei and Takeshi. I'm glad the OVA was about them because they were the only characters that made the anime a little more interesting, for me.

Nope, no hints about Tetsuya/Takako! I did like them together, but now that they graduated I don't think we will see more of them. I definitely do think Wakana and Haruno feel something for Eijun, but he's so focused on baseball that he'll probably never notice, lol.

I really like Kiyoshi/Riko...I hope they'll get back together, but it seems the mangaka is pushing a Riko/Hyuuga ending in the new spinoff. I personally don't think Riko sees Hyuuga like that, but oh well, we will see. I wouldn't mind Aomine/Momoi but I also really enjoy their platonic relationship...About Kuroko, I do think she has a crush, but I don't think he will ever reciprocate, for some reason. I don't really like the idea of them together tbh...

Yeaaaahhh, all the characters in Drrr!! are so messed up that it's hard to ship /ship/ something...I mostly enjoy the idea of Izaya and Namie teasing each other mercilessly, but I don't really want them together. When it comes to this series, I'm interested in a lot of relationships, but I rarely want them together romantically. For example, I'm really invested in the Kida/Masaomi/Anri relationship, but it's hard to ship anything when Mikado is so messed up...

Oh, I loved Ore Monogatari!! Unfortunately the series is not licensed here, but I really enjoyed the anime. Suna is the best third weel in the history of anime, and a really great friend. I also enjoyed the romance, it was really different from your usual shoujo!

Well, Orange is over! Did you enjoy the ending? I'm personally glad Kakeru was able to survive, but the ending did feel a bit rushed. It gave me the feeling the mangaka just really wanted this series to be over, for some reason.

Once I'm done with this university I would like to study abroad! I was planning to stay in Europe at first and then go live in Japan for a bit to become fluent. I don't actually want to live there permanently though, I really love Italy (even though it's hard to find a good job here right now) so I would like to come back here eventually. I've got 3 teachers, 2 japanese teachers and an italian one.
I think you might have mentioned this already but I forgot...What do you study in college?
vegetablespirit Aug 30, 2015 7:58 AM
your favourites make me really want to watch Oniisama e
Kurt_Irving Jun 27, 2015 10:25 PM
Hello, so what do you love most about either Rose of Versailles or Touch?
santolaguna Jun 3, 2015 1:57 AM
I read the whole vol. 1 and 2.
And I read the summaries of vol. 3 and 4
but They saw the couple and Kumiko tells Shu who loves him.
but rather already have climate, Kumiko tells Asuka que this dating.
friend to look at this stuff has the summary of vol. 3 and 4

There are plenty of reviews for volume 3 and volume 4 (final volume with SS)
In Volume 3 Kumiko said to Asuka she has a boyfriend and it's only in the last short story of volume 4 where we hear kumiko confessed her love to shuichi (just before the final concert)[/quote]

It is no use telling the truth, shows real evidence, the yuri fans are like Slaine of fans continued their delusions to the end, believing in their lies and delusions fanwank[/quote]


First review: あすか先輩が人の温もりを手に入れた♪…全国大会を控えて盛り上がる北宇治高校の吹部は波乱が待っていた!…相変わらすコンクールの舞台での緊張感の描写がいいですね~。読んでるこっちまでドキドキしてしまいます。今回の主役はあすか先輩だよね?久美子も三部作通して最大の見せ場があったけど…あすか先輩が全部持って行ってしまった…ラストに タイトルが出てくることよりも秀一と付き合うことにしたんだいうことに驚き

Second review: 2巻から1カ月で出たのでアニメ化に間に合わせたのかな?って思ったけれど満足した!!ついに全国大会前で三年にとっては受験と重なって大変な時期。超人なあすか先輩の人間らしい感じ、そして周りの先輩たちの思いも見えました。今回はあすか先輩の存在の大きさがとても伝わる。  今まであまり語られなかった滝先生の事も語られてます。そして思わない形で麗奈ちゃんは思いを告げられた…グッ!  久美子と秀一は予想はしていたけれど幼馴染→恋人 になってました。とりあえず一区切り。これで完結なのかな

Confirmation Shuichi and Kumiko are dating.

Volume 4 summary (short stories happening between Volume 1 and Volume 3)

十四 とある冬の日



Generally people are happy with their relationship


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