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Omoide no Marnie
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The World Is Mine
The World Is Mine
Aug 20, 2022 2:28 AM
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1/11: Juuichi Bun no Ichi
1/11: Juuichi Bun no Ichi
Jun 26, 2022 11:51 AM
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Anakin1981 Sep 7, 11:01 AM
It made me feel bored and didn't enjoy it at all. Although at my age I don't suppose I'm going to watch something that reinvents the wheel as you said, I want to pass my time with something that I like. Well, we can't agree with everything we watch and also we can watch something in a period of our life and rate it high or low, depending on our current mood.
Prietita Apr 20, 2:00 PM
Well, so far it is an entertaining series. Enjoy seeing Lupin and Jigen as youngsters ... rough and tough.

If by priorities you mean changing diapers and tending to a toddler or two, I support you 100%!

When I was a little girl, my father always called me "Mi Prieta." Anyway, one of many fond memories that I have of my late father.
Prietita Apr 18, 1:51 PM
HisokaHajime Mar 8, 9:23 PM
Only a very small percentage of the fans getting into a remake will backtrack and watch the original version. So you just have to hope that it does the series justice. I'm always on the fence. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I tend to get a little more hesitant the bigger the fan I am of the original. The LOGH remake... I just couldn't do it. I watched the first part that came out and called it a day. The character designs alone weren't getting the job done. Got lucky with HxH. Love both versions even though I still prefer the original for the overlapped content by a lot. But it's nice knowing that new fans got something legit. I'd say the Hunter Exam was the weakest part of the remake. Sped through it a little too quickly and didn't have the substance of the original. I'm actually kinda looking forward to the Kenshin remake. Mostly since it's a series I really like, but don't consider a favorite. Plus, I'm hoping to finally get to see the best arc animated after all these years.

Understandable. Super is basically like a DB fan fiction in lots of ways. The production doesn't get good until later into the series. Then it started looking incredible more often than not. But some of the early stuff looked as inconsistent and pathetic as they come. My score for that one is definitely not what I'd call objective lol. Even though I still love some of the new stuff, I'm very much of the opinion that all anyone really needs is DB/Z.

A whole bunch of these Yowamushi Pedal seasons mounted up. Never got around to it. But I can't say I'm too impressed with the sports genre in recent years. Like my LOGH remake criticism, I think it has a ton to do with the cookie cutter character designs. I miss the days when sports shows looked so distinctive. Still get a few good sports anime shows that trickle in. But it's been very hit or miss lately. Haikyuu!! is going to be a project of mine this year. Most people seem to like it, so I feel like that one should be relatively safe. Volleyball is a nice change of pace as well. Always seems like that's the show people are the most surprised that I haven't seen yet.

So you've seen some of JoJo Part 1? Well... that's a very different style than what the series becomes along the way. For rankings, I'd go 3, 5, 4, 2, 1, 6. I like 3 and 5 the most because the GROUPS in those are so stacked. It's badass and hilarious at the same time. Lots of traveling in those installments. Part 4 all takes place in a weird town, and the villain that comes in midway through was the best the franchise had to offer in my view.

I started watching the entire season worth of anime in 2018. Impressed with myself that I've been able to keep this up for 5 years now. But sometimes it does get a little overwhelming and cuts into the amount of time I have to focus on other completed shows. Even though I've made a huge dent in that already over the years. I end up falling behind a lot and then doing big catch ups before the next season starts. I'll have a nice mini marathon of Vinland Saga soon. Haven't watched much yet. Started out really intriguing though. New Trigun is fine. Doesn't look too bad. Haven't minded some of the changes that have been made. But I'm not a huge Trigun guy in the first place. I like the 90s series and gave it a 7. So it didn't really have much to live up to.

Ha, other than myself, he's the most consistent person I know. So it's not hard for us. But yeah, I'd put it up against anyone on this site.
HisokaHajime Feb 15, 6:57 PM
I would have responded back sooner, but wasn't aware that you replied. You wrote it on your wall instead of mine heh.

I agree that it's surprising that ratings are still great despite the poor job they've been doing. But I guess One Piece has so many fans that are just along for the ride no matter what. Some of us have been watching it over two decades or longer. Guess I'll wait on Bleach to finish.

A little extra randomness in a good way for the 80s version of UY. I still haven't watched beyond the first episode of the remake yet. But it should be easy enough. A sample size for those who haven't seen the original, or have a short attention span like you mentioned.

I ended up loving the new DB Super movie despite the CGI. But I can't guarantee you'd feel the same. As a huge Piccolo fan, I was blown away by the fact that he was the MAIN character with Gohan being the secondary lead. There were lots of little things I enjoyed and how the first half was so chill with mostly just fun character development rather than fights. The CGI looked really good for CGI. It always looks a little wonky for the first few minutes and then my eyes adjusted. It's been getting better in recent years, but clearly still far from a preference of course.

Speaking of JoJo, unfortunately Part 6 was by far my least favorite installment. Not really even sure how to grade it. The first 5 or so episodes were good and then the last few were pretty cool. But the rest left a lot to be desired. Jolyne was a cool character, yet the rest of the cast did nothing for me. I'd say this timeline felt a bit played out and the biggest issue might have been that a mostly female cast just didn't work right. Seeing how JoJo is centered around insane testosterone lol. The scores on here are good though, so to each their own. I had to rewatch Part 3 shortly after to get iffy taste out of my mouth. I ended up loving Part 3 even more than the first time. So much fun. I'm really curious about Part 7 now though. Sounds like that's one of the best and resets things. So hopefully that gets an anime adaption in a few years.
Prietita Jan 1, 11:35 AM
Anakin1981 Jan 1, 4:12 AM
Thank you my friend! Happy new year with health, happiness and may all your wishes come true!
Prietita Dec 24, 2022 12:46 PM
GCL Dec 18, 2022 11:58 PM
Näo tenho grande comentário em relação ao Dorohedoro: Vi pq estava disponível no Netflix e acabei por achar engraçado o suficiente pra ver ate ao fim. Näo li manga original por isso n tinha grandes expectativas MAS a coisa soube-me a "hmmm...falta aqui qualquer coisa"
Já tou mais ou menos habituado ao CGI. Já vi CGI täo atroz que o que geralmente se vê hoje em dia é mild em comparação e quase nem noto. Especialmente quando usam 3D pra modelar mas desenham por cima
Anakin1981 Dec 18, 2022 1:18 PM
It's certainly one of best anime in recent years and I also wait for the last season for closure. I wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year my friend!
Kraanerg Dec 17, 2022 5:52 AM
Olá! Nossa, nosso último contato foi em 2012! Apenas lembrava você ser de Portugal. Me pergunto se você teria interesse de participar do clube de Gekiga/OVAs raros de 70/80/90. Irei lhe enviar um convite, de qualquer forma!
RobdeFR Dec 17, 2022 5:03 AM
Hi back!
Sorry for the late answer, but such a dedicated answer of you needed dedication and time from my side too to answer back.

That's funny, you mention the Pilling up of episodes, I did the same. Interesting take on OP later Manga/Anime story structure dynamic. I found Franky's fight on the Doflamingo ark, very strenuous and highly skipable, not only was his opponent so uninteresting, but the fights like most of them nowadays were always so sliced in between so many episodes you'd forget Franky was still fighting someone. Same with the current ark, with Chopper fight, now Sanji... I feel everything is so sliced up, when a fight is going on, they cut to another scene where someone else is fighting someone else and then they cut to someone else and on and on. I mean, it's hard to keep an interest.
And on this day of short attention spans and 1 minute tik tok/instagram videos, how can they still pull that out and be highly popular is puzzling to me. Kudos to them I guess? XD

It's funny how everything we once considered to be slower now feels like a breeze in comparison lol. Might be the only good to come of this experience.

I think by having stuck up with One Piece, I could go back and pick up Bleach again and finish it. so, thanks to One Peace people I guess again? Oh man, this is weird.
So far on the 10th episode, doesn't seem they've going to cram it up in one season, there's still a lot to happen in just more 3 episodes. Maybe another one season, or possibly 2 at most, but then that seems unlikely after the speed of this season, specially the beginning of the season which certainly looked too fast and action packed. Maybe this speedy adaptation was a conscious decision to take the anime world by storm? We know a common shounen anime fan do like to see things rolling like that.

The new UY does have a nice colour palette, which it's the way to adapt the manga to a modern audience without losing its essence, very wise decision. It does look very nice.
However, what made the original series stellar back then, was how free the anime studio took on adapting the manga and the craziness it erupted. It was the middle 80's, studios had a different liberty compared to nowadays where everything seems way more strict. In some episodes, it just felt like the whole studio was on psychedelics or something similar. You actually felt that they were having FUN working on it. You don't get that very often.
If they are just sticking to adapting the manga, I just don't see them achieving anything similar like that.
Specially limiting the series to 23 episodes. Seems like just a statement as a tribute to the classic Rumiko manga and how big UY was in the 80s and to bring history back to a younger generation.

Still shaking my head at them changing the voice cast for Slam Dunk as well. Though, I did just hear that the VA that played Akagi passed away last month. But the others are still active and I just can't picture Sakuragi as anyone else.

That happened with some later Saint Seiya series as well if I remember correctly... Just sucks.

Oh man, I can't watch CGI still, after all these years. Except Dorohedoro which I watched quite recently and I found rather good. The CGI was there throughout, but it seems it has come such a long way to the point that it is not distracting anymore. The art, the story and feel was rather interesting as well. I'll probably wait for another season instead of pickling the manga from where the anime left of, but I'm sure tempted.
I noticed we both gave a 7 to this one. Your thoughts?

Any highlights of the current season other than Jojo for you?
HisokaHajime Dec 11, 2022 11:08 AM
We've never witnesses a series being adapted at such an insanely poor speed. It has gotten to the point where even speech patterns are different because of how stretched out everything is. So even the HUMOR has been impacted by this. Nothing seems to land the right way anymore. It's like a delayed, drawn out punchline. The anime has been slow as molasses for a long while, but Wano took it up another notch. I do think you'd probably enjoy some of the last handful of arcs more in the manga. However... Wano still couldn't be salvaged since the pace was only one of the many issues for me. It was just the furthest thing from what I wanted.

For the anime, it's been a steady down slide ever since the timeskip. So I would always stock up and have 50-100 episodes to fly through. Part of the problem is that the arcs have gotten too hefty and ambitious in the manga. The structure of Dressrosa for example. This was my overall favorite arc, largely because of Doflamingo finally giving me what I've craved from One Piece all along. But it was written in a way that isn't beneficial to the reader/watcher. He had too many fights going on at the same time which lead to two in particular (Zoro and Franky's) feeling endless. I would so much rather see fights start and finish before moving on to something else. So I can't even blame the adaption for some of these shortcomings. I definitely miss the feel of the content pre time skip. When the arcs were shorter in comparison and they were always steadying moving along.

But this is also Toei we're talking about. Always making questionable decisions. One Piece is so popular that it could easily afford to go on a sizable hiatus and not miss a beat. At this point, I think most people would be satisfied with ONE chapter per episodes, since it's way below that nowadays. Now we have to stare at zoomed in eyeballs all episode long to buy time. They clearly don't pride themselves on putting out the best product possible. Just like how the early arcs of DB Super looked embarrassing, and the newest DB and Slam Dunk movies are full CGI. Still shaking my head at them changing the voice cast for Slam Dunk as well. Though, I did just hear that the VA that played Akagi passed away last month. But the others are still active and I just can't picture Sakuragi as anyone else.

Anyway, my thoughts on the length of One Piece has always been consistent. I didn't mind as long as everything was still great. Unfortunately for me (and much earlier for you), it has begun to feel too long. So thankfully the manga is in the final arc now and I'll probably be on board with everything from here till the end. But this will still take many years to finish and even more so in the anime.

It's funny how everything we once considered to be slower now feels like a breeze in comparison lol. Might be the only good to come of this experience. I finished up the original Bleach series many years ago. But yeah, I've been hearing lots of really good things about this newest installment to finish things off. Apparently looks very nice and that it was FAST. So are they really cramming everything into these 13 episodes? When it first got announced I was hesitant because I figured it would be 50+ episodes. But if it's shorter... maybe I'll get to it sooner.

I've only watched the first episode of the UY remake so far. It felt very similar to how things started off in the original. But I guess they're just going to pluck the best parts of the manga with this being much shorter. I'm hopeful based on what I saw.
HisokaHajime Dec 8, 2022 3:34 PM
Is the Wano arc responsible for your decreased One Piece score? *laughs*

Could have sworn it was higher and perhaps an 8 last time I glanced at it. If that is indeed the case, I fully understand. Wano ended up being my least favorite in the series. Dreadfully long and still going... I was forced to read ahead in the manga to get it over with. Not sure when I'll get around to watching the rest in the anime with how horrendous the pace is these days. There was only so much Big Mom I could tolerate and Kaido ended up being a bust. I've only read a few chapters beyond this arc, but it was back on track and felt good again. So the final arc should be much improved with the focus being on the best characters the series has to offer. Though villain wise, One Piece peaked with Doflamingo.
Anakin1981 Nov 16, 2022 12:22 AM
Hello my friend! How are you? Indeed it was a very long time.

Haikyuu was a very enjoyable watch. It reminded me a bit of Slam Dunk, but it isn't a copy by having two main characters arguing and fighing all the time like Rukawa and Hanamichi (as is the case most times with Kaqeyama and Hinata). It focuses a bit on everyone on their team, even their opponents have a lot of screentime. It loses on focus but it gains on telling a story from multiple angles about volleyball.
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