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Mar 3, 2010
This movie had a soft fairy tale vibe that flew along the famous Tchaikovsky theme of the same name. I don't know about the original story of the theme, but this one was about a princess of a kingdom that was defeated by a evil wizard, that was turned into a swan for no one to be able to fall in love with her. The thing is that Siegfried, a prince of a kingdom nearby gets an interest on the pretty bird on the lake, the rest, as they say, is history.

I found interesting the fact that they used the wizard as a friendly ...
Feb 25, 2010
[This review is spoiler free]

The first thing that you naturally notice when you start watching Rose Of Versailles, are the marvellous character designs done by Shingo Araki, the man did a lot of character designs on the seventies for some famous titles but here he was in his best shape and developed his trademark style, which he later also used on Saint Seiya for instance.
Not only the character designs but the style and the peculiar 70s filled directing approach are very appealing and are added with a consistent and clever animation for ’79, and dare I say that some scenes are so well animated with ...
Nov 30, 2009
Ai City (Anime) add
Interesting movie we got here, despite it’s clichéd synopsis of the esper guy who has his limited powers and only can use a great amount of power when cornered like a mouse. I’m sure I’ve watched something with a similar synopsis before.
The thing about Ai City despite it’s clichéd synopsis and corny title is it does have more inside than meets the eye, especially it’s visuals, the animation is pretty good and provided some very interesting scenes and allied to the esper/psychic nature atmosphere of the anime, it had some very good scenes in it.
It tried to include a wide concept into one hour ...
Nov 27, 2009
Preliminary (25/75 eps)
[Before reading this article be aware that this is not a complete review of the full anime as I've only watched 25 episodes out of 75 episodes of this series, so this review will most likely change throughout the times and also be aware that English is not my native tongue]

Fang Of The Sun Dougram... a flashy name as most of Mecha series names, especially the old school ones. But if you're into the genre you won't be bothered by it.

[spoiler on the early plot of the first three or four episodes below]

The Dougram series are set somewhere in the future in a space ...
Nov 12, 2009
Mura Matsuri (Anime) add
This one is for sure the most ancient piece of Japanese animation that I have seen, but its a good piece of history. And the best thing is that it has been fansubbed for our historical hunger and pleasure.

The little film is a black and white pretty old version of a karaoke song. We have a song playing and the Japanese characters coming and going along with the lyrics, pretty much in a modern Karoke fashion telling us about the Harvesting theme. This shows us how far back Japanese people have been into Karaoke and how important it must be for them.
Oct 15, 2009
This Gainax video was missing in my library. And I’m very glad that I finally got to watch it.

The Gainax animation in ’91 was excellent and this OVA was probably the first in it’s kind to thread some experimental paths in animation, a style that it was copied later on on titles like Tylor and became Gainax trademark in Eva and Kare Kano and on.
As Gainax universe is concerned you see obvious links and the same style used in Gainax productions, if you put Otaku No Video>Evangelion>Kare Kano one after the other you can clearly see the evolution of the studio in that ...
Oct 15, 2009
Roujin Z (Anime) add
The story is pretty entertaining and the Otomo vibe is definitely there. You can see Otomos trademark for example in the character of a guy pretty similar to the character of the colonel of Akira and in the animation too, which is pretty good and you feel familiar with it, even though Otomo being not credited for the animation I get the feeling that he did something in that department.
The story is about a new invention, a super bed that is able to take care of the elders like a nurse can take and even more. The thing is that this new invention goes berserk ...
Oct 4, 2009
Finally I watched this cyberpunk classic which was lacking in my list.
This anime (more than Gall Force) was considered something like a groundbreaking for opening the way for groups of female heroines.

The story is set in Megatokyo year 2032, a blade runneresque society where androids are quite developed to even look like normal humans, except that they do not have the hability to speak.
Our heroines are an secret and independent force called the Knight Sabers, with some high developed suits and they do the work that the cops, in this case the special force of the police, the AD Police, can't do. Which is mainly ...
Oct 4, 2009
AD Police (Anime) add
This is a prequel of Bubblegum Crisis and is set in Megatokyo year 2027.
In AD Police Files, we have a younger Leon McNichol when he was a newbie at the AD Police force and way before Knight Sabers came to be.

This is a lot more darker than Bublegum Crisis and carries the Blade Runner banner more properly than Bubblegum could ever carry with it’s comedy and Female cast. The animation gives a little help at turning the thing darker and it was made in a proper way. The music was just awesome and the ending music of the final episode made me want to ...
Oct 4, 2009
To speak frankly, one of the reasons that made me watch crisis, other than having the series in my want list since ages ago, was the fact that I had bought the DVD some time ago and it was getting old in the shelve.

With Crash we pick up again the series some months after the last episode and events of Crisis. It is now 2033 and Megatokyo has become more dangerous and AD Police is getting it’s hands tied because of political powers from above. The Saber Knights are nowhere to be found and the city is collapsing. Then… Naturally of course they’ll turn around ...

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