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April 5th, 2012
3, April, 2012

Saint Seiya Omega #1 - 6.8
I actually enjoyed this, character designs aren't as nice as Shingo Araki's ones and during the action sequences, they just became ugly as usual nowadays with so called "good animation".
The lead character is a weak willed as the usual modern character is, but with a great potential and doesn't have the "manliness" of old Shounen type of characters.
Still I'm pumped to watch the next episodes.

5, April, 2012

Zetman #1 - 6.4
Nice episode, good start for a new series. I don't have much to say about it, nor complaints, it's humans with special habilities against creatures. I like to see an anime that starts when the lead character is still a kid and he grows later on, I like seeing that growth.

Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna TV #1 - 6.8
Very good episode as expected. The art style from the Lupin manga was there and his personality too, I think they made him better looking than the tricky face that he had in the manga. The animation was very good and merged very well with the old manga art style.. I'm looking forward for more.

6, april, 2012

Shirokuma Cafe # 1 - 5.6
This episode was mostly about a young panda being very lazy (which looks like it's his only feature) and his mother telling him to get a job instead of mopping at home. On the course of getting a job he just acts lazily panda like and shows no will to work at all and no knowledge on other professions at all, except that he's good at eating bamboo, after being turned down at the Polar bear cafe, he ends up working at the Zoo at the position of "panda" there just acting like panda, which takes his few energies. In the Polar Bear shop the bear makes terrible puns out of play of words from his client penguin.
I think "dull" is the right word for this anime, but I might watch another episode.

9, April, 2012

Space Brothers / Uchuu kiyoudai #1 & #2 - 6.8

Had a little Planetes vibe without the annoying (for me) lead character, which is a plus.
The characters seems nice anda balanced in some way and the setting is pleasant, the overall mood of the anime is controlled and doesn't seem off in any circumstance so far.
I enjoyed the second episode more than the first one and I am looking forward for next episodes, I'll definitely keep up with these series.

Folktales from Japan #1 & #2 - 7.0
Reminded me of the grimm tales I used to read as a kid, excellent series to show some kids about morals. Something that looks rare by the day. I'd love to see something new like this about european folk tales these days too. These kind of shows should never cease to exist and should've been coming in every generation.
One reviewer on MAL says "Excellent if you are learning Japanese, as the language seems much simpler." so this might appal to rpatters.

My Secret Girlfriend X - 4.0
I don't know why I watched it but it was bad. It's an echii anime that uses droll tasting to build a plot.
Incredible how the reviwers on MAL rates it 9, reading those I get the idea that I saw something entirely different.

Ozma #1 to #4 - 6.0
The anime itself is decent, could be worse, but could be much better coming from Leiji Matsumoto and Ryousuke Takahashi (Votoms).
The characters are shallow, the story develops vaguely but in a manner that I don't find it beneficial to the plot and there are already some predictable elements that tells at least what will come in the end.
I've sen some Leiji fans happy with it, so I guess it's an ok show to bring new young fans for the Leijiverse. But other than looking at Leiji Matsumoo character designs in 2012 I don't see any other reason to recommend this series to other people, except for Matsumoto fans obviously.

14, April, 2012

Saint Seiya Omega #2 - 6.3
Not much to say. This is making more sense as a orignal story as an sequel of the original series ven though they have common aspects. They ae disregarding a lot of key elements to he setting of the original story as of how saints train and tstuff like that.
I should stop comparing both series now, even though it'll be hard.

Zetman #2 - 6.5
I enjoyed this episode, time skip and all, I'm interested in knowing what Jin does for living, those guys were shady.
Character designs seems weird in some scenes.
Spoiler [-]
That old man, Kouga's grandfather, seems to appear exactly where he's unwanted.

Sakamichi no Apollon #1 - 6.8
Theres a very good feeling coming from this series.
It started in a very usual cliched way, nerdy rich boy arrives in a new school and is bullied, he's also staying at the house of a evil aunt and her no less evil daughter because his father is working abroad.
But hopefully it will go beyond that standard, it has already threading a different path early in the episode and have a enormous potential. I love music, I am interested in jazz so this will be very pleasant. I am a record collector also, so the record store was very pleasing to me and a very familiar too. They still have record stores like that around here in Zurich.
The animation and art used are very good too. I wanted to watch the second episode right away.

Tsuritama #1 - 6.2
As expected this was strange, unusual animations style and and a dfferent story.
The story starts in a cliched way as almost the same as the previous anime, Sakamichi No Apollon, new kid arriving on school, but this one is incredibly introverted so that at minimum signal of external attention he gets panic reactions.
Strange style as expected from the director of Ayakashi, weird characters, but this time in a cliched setting, sun and ocean including fishing. I can't say I was exactly thrilled about this series, but these sort of unusual stories raises my interest a bit, I'll probably follow this one too.

Eureka Seven Astral Ocean #1 - 5.5
Good animaton and style as it was expected from the sequel or whatever this is. Our hero, looks like he's the son of Renton and Eureka, but he has an grandfather here, so that leaves some doubts there, if he trns out being adopted by he old man t makes sense and links with the other series.
I disliked the characters and the common sense that they had, I'm dropping the series.

Shirokuma Cafe # 2 - 5.6
I only watched half episode, no patience of the rest. I'm dropping it here. I liked the fact that the character designs were realistic.

15, April, 2012

Ozma #5 - 6.0
They explained some things in this episode and an almost expected revelation was made.
One episode to go.

Ginga e Kickoff!! #1 - 6.5
This was pleasant to watch. It feels more like a coming of age story of some kids than a sports shounen.
It starts with a kid wanting to get his team together again after it was disbanded due to lack of players because the other former players didn't like the coach.
Our little hero, doesn't have great ability to play, but he loves the game and wants to get back the team on track again but he has to get a new coach and enough members.
It was nice seeing the references of last female soccer world cup and of Barcelona and Cruyff's tricks.
The animation, character designs felt very pleasant to he eye.

Kuroko No Basket #1 & #2 - 7.0
Now this one is a real sports shounen full of energy. Though I never actually watched Slam Dunk, though I will someday, at least the character designs are similar, and the feeling that emanates from Slam Dunk full of shounen masculinity boiling blood is found here too.
It's about a high school team that had 5 super players that went separate ways to play in another high schools teams, but they had another 6th member that went unnoticed. That 6th member arrived in a brand new school in it's second year and wit the arrival of a very promising strong player they sworn to become the best team in Japan. Same old story, different characters.
Definitely following.

Space Brothers #3 - 6.9
Exams for the selection continue. The story didn't develop much but the episode was still very nice.

Folktales from Japan #3 - 6.7
More three nice folk tales folk tales with good moral stories. We had a tale were there was a transforming fox and that made me remind the use of folk tales in Urusei Yatsura.

Season Status

->Still interested in checking;
Nadia Digital remaster

Kuroko No Basket #3 - 7.0
Space Brothers / Uchuu kiyoudai #3 - 6.9
Sakamichi no Apollon #1 -
Folktales from Japan #3 -
Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna TV #1 - 6.8
Zetman #2 - 6.5
Ginga e Kickoff!! #1 - 6.5
Saint Seiya Omega #2 - 6.3
Tsuritama #1 -
Ozma #5 - 6.0

My simple episode ratings: basically, from 6.0 to 6.5 are okay series so far, from 6.5 to 7.0 are good series with a obvious higher apreacitaion than the 6.0>6.5 series. 8.0 are very good/excellent. 5.5 is pretty average, below that is going to bad like 4.0. But as I try to select series because I have good expectations from them, I usually never go below 5.5. (Except some lunatic moments on my side like the one when I choose the girlfriend x :P.)

My Secret girlfriend X - 4.0
Eureka Seven Astral Ocean #1 - 5.7
Shirokuma Cafe # 2 - 5.6
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April 17th, 2011

Ano Hana - 6/10

->On Hold
Kaiji 2 - stil to check
Showa Monogatari #2
Sket Dance #6

Denpa Onna to seishun Otoko
Steins Gate #
Nichijou Wonderland #3
C The Money of Soul and Possibility Control #4

Sunday, 17th of April, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha #1 & #2 - 6.9
While not being a marvellous anime from the start, the realistic approach and straightforwardness of the storytelling got my full attention and I actually ended the second episode regreting not having more episodes to watch. It's original, characters are from decent to good and the storytelling seems good so far.

"Downloaded but just watched some minutes of each and couldn't bear even half of the episode" list:
A Channel,
Denpa Onna to seishun Otoko,

Monday, 25th of April, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha #3 - 5.6
the fanservice was more than distracting in this one, the dialogue in the scenes just went ridiculous but it all sorted in a good way in the end. Hope the quality of the first two episodes storywise comes back again soon.

Showa Monogatari #1 - 6.3
Pretty much all there is about this series has been already said. The story is rather simplistic story about an average family in the 60s Japanese society, nothing really out of the ordinary, very realistic. So the action here develops in a rather slow way, very similar with the one in Tokyo Magnitude.
Interesting trivia is that they try to portray places in the anime as accurately as they can. This is certainly cool for young japs that want to know their story and are lazy at reading about it. I kept thinking that I'd enjoy something like this about my country.

Ano Hana #1 - 6.5
Unlike Showa Monogatari this one had a bigger budget and we can see that in the animation, it's the typical modern "my anime characters move more that your anime characters" type of animation. I guess the characters personalities fits the story, because they aren't particularly likeable, at least for me, the lead is a type of character that we have seen in the past, the young boy that has fallen from grace somewhere when he was growing and somehow thinks of himself as some kind of outcast and practically doesn't interacts with other kids his age and doesn't have any friends except the ones from his childhood whom he parted ways probably after the death of one of the girls of the gang.. uff.... The particularity of the story is that the main kid sees and feels very "physically" the deceased girl which is the sort of moe character from this anime. This moe thing makes sense when one sees that the director is the same young director which did Toradora anime some seasons ago. I don't think I got past the 2nd episode of Toradora, but I expect to go beyond that around here, but this anime seems to be better that Toradora overall.

Ano Hana #2 - 6.8
Downloaded second episode while was writing the words on the first episode. The anime is a bittersweet story and I also enjoy these stories. It makes me feel good.

C The Money of Soul and Possibility Control #1 - 6.4 -
Noitamina new strange anime is here. I don't know what to make out of this yet, but looks decent enough to keep me watching to the end, that is, if they don't do a battle with cards type of anime out of this.

Deadman Wonderland #1 - 6.3
Decent series, but not really more than that. The setting is open to be a big stage and the female character is likeable like a lot of other characters in other anime where the female character fell from the sky and became instantly acquitted with our main protagonist. Seems like it'll have 12 episodes and I don't see much development here, i hope I'm wrong and it becomes a surprise, but so far I don't see this anything more than just a promise that just stays in the beach though.

Deadman Wonderland #2 - 5.9
I didn't found this one to be that interesting, but the ending scene intrigued me. Is it just me or is it just plain wrong that no one in the anime is curious about a girl suddenly coming out of nowhere to the male side of the prison and just staying there as if it were nothing?

Tuesday, 26th of April, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha #4- 6.6
The series got back on track and that's good. I loved how this episode was directed, I loved the change of scenes like the "she's kinda... scary" scene and the "good night/good morning" scenes.

Steins Gate #1 - 6.3
The weird named series comes back. I kept thinking of this anime as the philosophical wannabe anime of the season, but their choice of the cliffhanger/plot at the ending of the episode made me pretty curious about the whole story/setting right at the ending.

Tuesday, 17th of May, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha #7 – 6.9
The beginning of the episode scared me, the whole idea of the costumers was lecherously retarded, but the episode evolved very nicely and wrapped up in a decent and quiet way.

Ano Hana #5 – 6.7
The behaviour of the lead character pisses me off a little bit, but I guess that’s something natural to that age, he still has to gather his feelings and understand them, he passed through a bad while too.

Thursday, 19th of May, 2011

After watching episode #4 of "C the money...," I decided to drop it. It's not that it's a bad anime, but I don't feel any atachment to the series, it's direction or with the character.

And I can't get to watch the #4 episodes of Deadman wonderland and Steins Gate, I tried many times watching Steins gate episode #4, but I just can't stand the kind of humour they use there, I feel that it's really out of place, it's sad, because the idea of the concept behind the series wasn't that bad. On Deadman Wonderland, it's the same case as "C" I don't feel anything towards it.

9-6- 2011

Ano Hana #8 and #9 -
I don't know if I was influenced by sleep, but I didn't enjoy these ones so much. It keeps dragging on and on on the same subject. It's beginning to be one of those "Could have been so good" anime titles...

I'ms till curious about what happens next too, despite my harshness.

23/07/2011, 2011

Ano Hana #11/11
It was not only Terence that did not get into the mood of the final episode, I didn't get into it either. I was feeling this since somewhere in the middle of the seriesor before, that the drama was too forced,the end came with no surprises and went away.

I gave it a 6/10

I dropped Hanasaku Iroha. The setting is not that bad, but I don't really care about the characters and their predictable development.
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February 6th, 2011
Season Status;

Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd - 7/10

->on hold
Level E

->Dropped Series
Rio Rainbow Gate at ep #1 - 5/10
Fractale at ep #2 - 5/10
Wandering Son at ep #2 - 5/10
Beelzebub at ep #18 - 5/10


Rio Rainbow Gate! #1 – 5.0
This reminded me of Najica, pretty useless anime.

Fractale #1 and #2 – 5.0
The animation is good, but I’ll have to pass this one too. Couldn’t get into the characters, story and overall setting.

Wandering Son #1 and #2 - 5.0
Strange stuff here. Art, character designs and music are good as expected BUT (there’s a huge but), this doesn’t feel right. Apart from the cross dressing stuff, which I trace back to Ranma, which I can bear, we have also a kid facing his homosexuality issues(!). Definitely not normal, but it happens and always has happened in all societies except we are talking about first years in middle school here, they haven’t even started their puberty period! Taking these issues aside, my main problem with this series is that all the kids behave like adults. Apart from those two kids which I took as examples, the anime focus more kids which is goo in my opinion, but they are not being the middle school kids with their usual goofing and general plays. I certainly imagine this being aired late at night in Nippon.

Level E #4 – 6.9
Very strange anime we got here, but interesting to say the least. It uses some weird and dry humor which I like.

Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd #4 – 7.2
This series has been a delight to follow. A new male character entered the scene to add some rivalry feeling to the story a little. Nothing really new, but the art and the nature of the characters are really nice to look at. Yeah, the romantic couple took some steps backwards and that’s not good, but I think it might be concluded in this “ark”, or at least I hope. J.

Beelzebub #5 – 6.2
The beginning of the series is going more slowly than the story told on the OVA. I’m enjoying the series so far, especially for the “shounen” feeling that it has, the lead character is a strong guy that is able to beat the crap out of his opponents, but the downside are the useless side characters, the gothic maid, the annoying brat that is always giving shocking treatment to everybody in his range and the weird moustached fellow with his strange and dubious behaviour.
I’m not too much into modern “shounen”, but I’ll see some more episodes of this.

Sunday, 7th of April 2011

Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd 12/12 [END]
Finally this series comes to an end, It had it's ups and downs, but the feeling that I got is that it dragged a little too far. The development was way too slow, I think they could have wrapped it all in one season and it could had worked better.
The series ends up as good romantic school series nevertheless.

Rate: 7.0/10
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November 9th, 2010
I focus my torrent seeding on torrents with few or no seeds at all..

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October 3rd, 2010
I have been fed up with modern anime these past years, more and more and I thought that this new season wouldn't bring me anything to watch without being annoyed, but I might be wrong, I hope so.


Kuragehime #11/11 - 7.6

->On Hold

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai #1 -
Psychic Detective Yakumo #2
Ironman #2
Star Driver #1


Bakuman #1 - 7.0
When I started watching this one I was feeling quite down, but this anime actually cheered me up. Even though it used the already highschooler-mangaka-wannabe-story-with-some-romance-thrown-in formula, it managed to keep a good balance and build a good set up for a good story.

The story of the episode goes along these lines:

Thats a good set up. The only thing that might be on the way of this anime is that the manga is still running and the anime has 22 episodes announced already. If the anime is to have only 22 that may be a draw back, or not, if they are just waiting for manga material for a second season already.

And it's based on a manga by the same people that did Death Note, so the story telling in this used and simplistic setting will very likely to turn into a good surprise this year.


Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai #1 -
Not that I wanted to find something normal here in the first place, just by watching the promo image one gets what's going on with the story.

Sometimes I pick these first episodes, just to see where the modern era is headed to, in animation and the general tendencies. Naturally after one like this one I end dropping the series, my goal is done. You can call me masochist if you want. Of course that if I didn't felt so repelled by the styles used, it would be better, I always have a glim of hope that the anime turns out to be something that I can follow.

One thing that I noticed, well, I have noticed before but it's present in here as well, is that since Clannad and Suzumiya there's a bunch of stereotyped male characters that are always giving their usual sarcastic inner comments to us while being very patient to the world around them, and also have the same voices like in this case, Yuuichi Nakamura, Clannad's Tomoya seyuu, among others.

The story was to run away from, to me. It's about two siblings who are completely strangers to each other despite living in the same house. One day the older brother discovers that his younger sister is an die hard otaku and she has been able to hide that from everyone.
That sounds pretty unnatural to me, how can someone hide his addiction of games, a high time consuming hobby and stuff like that. Also, the Tomoya-like brother was too easy going, I know a lot of siblings, and I doubt that any of them would stay silent after being woken up with a slap in the middle of the night. On that note I have to add that the imouto personality did bother me, I'm not into that kind of character either.


Shinrei Tantei Yakumo / Psychic detective Yakumo #1/13 - 5.5 Pretty average
I agree with what Terence said. It was an average 1st episode, but it may develop into something decent. Looks loike they're introducing the bad guys already, it's a short TV series after all.


Star Driver #1 - 5.8
Mecha series of the season. I also agree when Terence mentioned it was over the top, but you can see that aspect straight from the beginning. A guy is found on shore and then we find that we swam all the way to that island just to enter to High School.
Anyway, some scenes left me with a smile on the face probably because they were too over the top, I'll see something more of this.


Bakuman #2 -
Okay episode. The story is taking it's time and building itself slowly. Romance factor is hidden due to the nature of the series.


Ironman #1 and #2 - 5.9 okay
The last comic book adventures from Ironman that I've read go back to the beginining of the nineties and I even haven't watched the new movies yet, nor am I interested. When they came out along with a bunch of other super hero movies, I didn't thought that they were worthwhile.

And now we have this new anime of "Ayaman". I think these two first episodes were okay, it went as expected, with story, animation, voice acting and character/mechanical designs not being too exaggerated nor discouraging. So far it has what it takes to keep my attention.

Bakuman #3 - 6.2
Another okay episode. Looks like it will take a while to burst my interest again. These last couple of episodes were just building the setup for the series, and looks like it will be a while until something major happens. It'll be a slow action anime at the beginning me thinks.


Psychic Detective Yakumo #2 - 5.8
Another okay episode. nothing to brag about not to bring down. doesn'0t makes the interest level increase nor decrease, it's becoming one of those gray shows. I think that the lead character "I'm cool so don't bother me"attitude bothers me a little.

Kagehime#1 -
I was asking for something original, so here it is, but will I like it? hmm, I don't know.
This anime is about a bunch of nerd girl, college years all sharing one of those houses somewhere in tokyo, some of them are hikikomori and then comes a new character to their middle.

I'm not that fond of these extremely nerd natured characters and I'm not that fond of that new weird type of character either (you'll see the weird character when you watche the episode). I understand that the anime is amied at a strong community of youngsters otakus and not only, that live in japan. And not only in japan, even in western countries there are nerd people and these type of japanese nerd seems to be increasing outside of japan.

Anyway, I like the styles and art used in Funimation animes, i especially enjoyed the fact that the eyebrows of the lead character were mad like in western comic books, not the usual japanese line but more realistic, this can be really grotesque on some other people tastes though.

So in conclusion, I disliked the character genres, they're a bunch of weirdos, but they might develop into lovely character, I suspect that it's where the director is taking this anime. And the art style is interesting. I tend to enjoy realistic settings and alternative approaches so I'll watch more of this.


Bakuman #5/25 - 5.9
Okay episode as usual. The story continues, but this time the story advanced a little.

Kuragehime #2/11 - 5.7
Nothing much different happened in this episode but I've decided to drop the anime. I don't relate to any character but that isn't a reason to drop the anime, there are several other series where I don't relate with the characters, I just wasn't able to connect with these characters, they are too freaky in a way that it doesn't bring enjoyment to me. I know that they are those kind of characters that can become loveable at some point especially the lead character which seemed to be headed that way and it can possibly have an interesting character growth. But in 11 episodes I don't see a worthwhile character growth coming nor do I care.
Status: Dropped

Still on Kuragehime. On the 34th Kodansha Manga Awards, the manga won the award on the shoujo category.


Bakuman #7 - 6.2
The main story is still developing very slowly. But things are starting to happen.

The romance of this series is annoying.
What annoys me is at this age, is that they are still using the girl character as being ultra shy, who acts like the ultra conservative girl from 200 years ago who hasn't seen a boy in her life and don't knows how to interact with him.
I'm getting tired of this stereotyped character.


Bakuman #18 – 7.2
I had left some bunch of episodes accumulated to watch in a marathon and that’s a great way to watch the series as it is so slow paced, slow but not annoying as I said before. In fact it gets better. I’ll wait for it to be completed to watch the rest of the episodes together.
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September 17th, 2010
Season Status;


->Dropped Series
Amagami SS - #6
Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin #1
Seitokai Yakuindomo #1 - 4.4

Friday, 17 of September 2010

Amagami SS #1 - 6.8
Having enjoyed Kimikiss I couldn't forget to watch this one. It had a lot of cliches there on the beginning, the christmass couples, the c ute little sister, the introverted lead, the lecherous friend. Well, anyway it had that special vibe that Kimikiss also had so I'll stick with it.

Amagami SS #2 - 6.5
Yep, looks like it's the Sempai ark. She behaves in a very extravagant way and sometimes it can become bothersome, but the episode ended in a satisfying way.


Amagami SS #6 - 4.0
Yep. Terence knows my tastes well enough.
Man, what a freak show this anime turned out to be. This anime used a new kind of fanservice without recurring to panties and stuff like that but by going to push the weird fetishes by using the male lead like for example, back of the knee licking on the second episode, or bellybutton licking on this sixth episode. I can't go on further, this is retarded, could have turned into an interesting anime like Kimikiss, but I guess they'll have more fans this way or whatever.


I haven't been lucky on my recent picks and my interest on modern anime decreases day by day.

Seikimatsu Occulkt Gakuin #1 - 5.8
This one was slightly interesting, didn't had aspects that would repel me so nowadays it's a good thing. The story might not develop into something deeper from what I can see of it.


Seitokai Yakuindomo #1 - 4.4
a little below the average everyday anime. The plot is simple, a all girls school begins to accept boys and the lead character goes to study there because he lives nearby. There he's jkind of forced to participate in the
school comitte. In the school comitte there's three girls, the tsundere president who has fear of heights, the chibi girl with her size complex and the nice looking girl who only gives sex whenever she opens her mouth. The tsundere president also gives away lot of sex related jokes.

Status: Dropped

Shiki #1 - 6.9
This one surprised me. I had forgotten what made me interested in picking this title in the first place and as usual I watched the first episode with 0 information in it.
It's an Aniplez/Funimation work, so in the animation department, things will work well. The story had also an mysterious "Higurashi" aura in it, definitely one of those anime that wouldn't had born if it wasn't by Higurashi, but from the first episode, seems like it'll not be just an average clone. Let's see how it evolves from here.


Shiki #11 - 5.9
Finally catched up with this series. The mystery feeling from the first episodes is almost totally gone and around episode 6 or so, I was pretty disappointed with it, but it's as Terence says, this is supposed to have 20 something episodes and I' curious to see where it is headed.

That ending was rather unusual so I looked up on some info. I found out that we'll have to wait three weeks for the next episodes, that's a long time for a weekly anime. Three weaks break that is almost ending, but episode 12 was already released day 24 of september and the fansubs are taking a lot of time to releasing that one.

Also I was having an Higurashi feeling, but also a Ghost Hunt feeling, turns out that the author is the same, also did Juuni Kokuki as well. But asking for the almost perfect script of Juni Kokuki wpould be asking too much this time.


Shiki #12 and #13 - 5.7
This series are falling down on my interest. The anime has fallen into the gray area, an area where the "drop" and "boring" words pop up in my head.
I mainly agree with most of what Terence wrote about the last episode. There isn't any character that deserves my support except maybe for the ones Terence stated.


Or was it because i was a little sleepy, but these couple episodes of shiki weren't as boring as the last 8 or something episodes.

Shiki #14 - 6.2

But this was a okay episode. It's good that this doesn't have a lead character, this way one doesn't gets that tired from following just one character and the story can diversify itself.

Shiki #15 - 6.4

I also couldn't bring myself to watch more of Seikimatsu Occulkt Gakuin. So I'm moving it to the DROPPED list.


Shiki #16 - 6.5
Okay episode. I agree with you Terence when you say that the show has gone back on track again, these last episodes have been interesting to watch.


Shiki #17 - 6.9
Okay stuff. The things are going, keeps me interested on the anime and I can't figure out the ending of it at all, that's okay I guess.


Shiki #22 [End]
The end was unpredictable and on that it was ok, but I somewhere near it I lost faith in the anime. It was like it was just trying to show gore and gothic lolitas and crazy blood thirsty mobs.
Spoiler [-]
I found myself hoping to everyone die in that huge fire.
>>I think I would have liked it more if Sunako and the priest died though. It would have been better if they died in the fire.
I presumed that they died in the fire. We never saw them actually running away and they were surrounded by the fire. but who knows.

Things were left open for a sequel. I guess if the DVDs sell well we'll have something more.

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