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MechaFanBoy1979 Jun 8, 11:10 AM
Funny that I was considered of watching a Tetsujin 28 anime when you suggested FX. Of course I'm currently watching the 2004 anime right now, but I'll be sure to get around watching it.

G Dangaioh was something I haven't considering watching for while now. Mostly becasue the sequel takes places a decade after the original OVA, instead of taking place immediately right after. And also the art style being obviously different from the OVA, but I'm not really that picky about character design anyway. Still maybe I give it a shot at some point in the future.

Eto Ranger is something I have never heard of before. Look it up online, it honestly does look interesting so perhaps I put it in my PTW list. Plus have a storyline similar to Super Why might be a good watch...............wait a second. Super Why!? I completely forgot that show existed!! Ha I remember watching that show as a kid. I wasn't really into of it, just something to watch whenever I was bored. From what I vaguely remember Super Why, I guess that Eto Ranger has something similar as well. Plus the characters design reminds me of K.O Century Beast Warriors, due then being like furries. So in the mean time I definitely watch Eto Ranger in my list :)
MechaFanBoy1979 Jun 4, 1:30 PM
Thanks for the friend request! I see that your a big of transformers. Which I'm also a fan of as well :)
davidman001 May 13, 1:48 PM
Yeah I'm a huge fan of Webdiver's designs and think they translate over to 3dcg pretty well all things considered. With that being said though, I still wish the action scenes were animated in 2d like the OP visuals are; the OP is actually what got me interested in the show in the first place, I had no idea the actual fights were CG lol. Though I do really like how the final fight in the last episode was animated in 2d, that was a great ending.

I am admittedly not very well-versed in Mecha and Super Robot anime, I've only seen a handful that interested me like Gaogaigar, Go-Saurer, Zambot 3, Shinkalion, Votoms, Dougram, Ideon and Knight Ramune (if that counts lol). Though I think whenever I get bored of exploring the Mahou Shoujo genre I'll start getting more into Mecha!!
davidman001 May 13, 11:56 AM
Webdiver in your favourites? Now that's awesome, never thought I'd see the day hahaha
ThePowerglove May 12, 12:57 PM
Thank you for the feedback, I really do appreciate you taking the time to look through the lists! I was primarily going off of AniDB's tagging so there were undoubtedly things that made it on the lists by accident. As for the inclusion of Tenchi Muyo's TV series over the OVA, I included it because the franchise itself is not an adaption of existing source material. Similarly, Ozma was included because it was based on an unpublished draft script. Certain omissions that you mentioned were accidental though, and I'll add those in.

I excluded pretty much all pre-Gundam shows (other than Yamato) and most early 80s mecha shows that seemed to be more aimed at children since I felt most people would generally be uninterested in diving into those due to how tonally different they are, even compared to some of the later entries aimed at children. At a certain point I just had to give up on adding more stuff to the lists because I was trying to keep everything in chronological order and it became too much of a headache to constantly be adding new things in. In retrospect, I probably should have made a spreadsheet to sort things before attempting to use the MAL editor. I did consider making a "Pre-Gundam Sci-Fi" addendum list, but I think you'd be able to make a much more comprehensive one than I could!
Ionliosite2 May 1, 3:25 PM
Btw, you made a mistake in your Go Nagai mecha manga stack, the version you listed is the one by Outa which is NOT in English, the one that is translated is the Nagai version that's this entry
redrobber13 Apr 11, 8:41 PM
Oooo these seem cool! thanks for the recs! ^^
Loudcsharp Apr 9, 7:50 PM
Would you consider Soukou Kihei Votoms eligible for Dark/Psychological Pre-Evangelion Mecha Anime?
jyagan0 Mar 30, 6:24 PM
Wikipedia says the show is based on the manga.
Just thought I'd let you know
abystoma2 Mar 17, 12:15 AM
Hi, I'd recommend Guin Saga, Boogiepop, A Wind Named Amnesia and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex for the retro novel stack.
RobertBobert Mar 8, 6:12 AM
Lucky Star is one of several shows that created the image of the modern CGDCT moe, so you're right about that. Personally, I'd also avoid defining Asobe Asobase as "wholesome", given that it's a self-aware cringe humor show that likes to be quite adult or surreal in its jokes.
Ionliosite2 Jan 31, 10:46 AM
You should add BangBravern to your sentient mecha stack as he fits perfectly.
Ionliosite2 Jan 12, 11:00 AM
You should remove BangBravern from your real robot stack, as it's more of a Brave Series inspired super robot if you watch it.
RobertBobert Jan 11, 2:56 PM
Hello! If you are looking for BL visual novel adaptations, then search for "Nitro+Chiral" developer. This is Nitroplus sub-brand for releasing gay VN and its anime adaptations.
abystoma2 Dec 12, 2023 11:43 PM
Added, thanks.
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