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Druaga no Tou: The Aegis of Uruk
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Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. (TV)
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Narutaru: Mukuro Naru Hoshi Tama Taru Ko
Narutaru: Mukuro Naru Hoshi Tama Taru Ko
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Alien 9
Alien 9
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Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru
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Soap Apr 16, 8:31 PM
Today was certainly one of the days. Infact that's everyday lol. Just another day waging. Got some wood splinters that were a pain in the ass to pull out. But that's then and now's now. Been considering taking a break from anime since I can barely even keep up with subtitles these past few days (a surefire sign of burnout). How was yours?
Braven was pretty decent. Didn't get into as much compared to others. I had a hard time latching onto most of the characters (Bravern was the exception). My favorite part was the reveal involving who he really was near the end. Kinda mixed on the use of CGI too tbh. Even if the fights were well animated and cool it just doesn't scratch that itch that 2d can only solve for me. Either way it was nice to have some super robots and GAR in 2024. I see it as a step in the right direction for having a resurgence of mecha and other classic troupes that have been gone by the wayside for ages. Great to see Obari back to boot too. Nice to see that you liked it.

MrYujufudan Apr 16, 7:01 PM
I learned about Bubblegum Crisis after watching the AD Police TV series in middle school. I remember having a text document with the watch order on my desktop, but didn't even get around to watching until I started collecting VHS years later. Now I'm one tape short of having 5 different sets of the original OVA alone. I think it's a series that people unfairly overlook. I even loved Tokyo 2040 and it was divisive at the time lacking the Kenichi Sonoda character designs that everyone loved. Zambot 3 is worth watching for any mecha fan real or otherwise. Not only is it the origin of the "Kill em' All Tomino" nickname it's an interesting take on super robots in general. I watched it years ago and the theme song still pops into my head all the time.

Given enough time I'm sure I'll come across it again, but who knows. Hopefully another buying opportunity will arise or at the very least some kind of clue.

I'm usually only speeding thing up by 25-50 percent so I don't miss anything. Sometimes I'll do a %400 speed rewatch to jog my memory of what happened in a previous episode I'd I took a long break from a series. The last time I watched Lain was at night, but it was in a call center with my supervisor to pass time. Not exactly spooky, but it was at night. That's a place you couldn't fall asleep if you tried. It's definitely a slower show, it's not surprising that he keeps falling asleep.

I didn't watch much in the realm of kaiju films and tv until the last few years. I watched the MST3K Gamera episodes, but never went back and watched them in their entirety. I at least went back and did a marathon of Godzilla movies around 2020. One of my favorite things about kaiju is all the varied designs. Especially out of Ultraman. It feels like there's an infinite number of mosters with all their own back story's and unique appearances. I haven't seen Redman, but have the memorial LD box coming in the mail. It actually came in a lot with the last Tetsujin-28 LD box I needed. I'm looking forward to watching it when it arrives in July.

Showa Kamen Rider is no stranger to ridiculous villians. One of my favorites exanples is Mukade Tiger. I think it was called Centipiger in the translation I watched.

At some point I remember hearing that one of the shows was picked up for Voltron was mistaken for the show they were asking for and they had to do their best with what they got. Robotech had scenes in it so the various characters across shows could communicate with one another. Nausica was originally released as In The Aftermath. There was Captain Harlock and the Queen of a Thousand Years which fused the Captain Harlock and Queen Milenia anime into a completely new series that I think is still lost. Localizations that make a ton of changes will always be an interesting topic to me.

It could be that someone was given the adaptation project and threw caution to the wind thinking no one would complain about an unfaithful adaptation. I dropped Gilgamesh, but it was so long ago I don't remember any of it. I remember thinking it looked funny and wasn't all that interesting. Demon Lord Dante is an anime I'll never forget. It's easily one of the worst anime of the 2000s, at the point where it's so bad it's good. I often think of the scene where a guy with a samurai sword slices an MP5 in half with a katana and it looks like paper cut outs.

Pluto was a manga that always interested me. I'm a big fan of Urusawa's art style. Another manga he wrote that was heavily influenced by 60s/70s Japanese pop culture was 20th Century Boys. It's worth checking out if you've enjoyed anything he's written.

I saw some photo's of furries at some of the meetings when I looked it up to confirm I was remembering it right. There's always a lot of crossover between these kind of niche communities. You often see it with music too I was a big fan of classic goth rock, horror punk, and the many different post industrial generas. Most of those bands were just made up of scifi and horror movie nerds. You would even occasionally hear anime samples being used by some futurepop bands.

I think Elfen Lied came at just the right time for the western market to fall in love with it. Anime blew up thanks to Toonami and the internet. The violence of the OVA era was completely overlooked by younger anime fans at the time and for most of them myself included Elfen Lied was the most hardcore thing they had ever seen. I haven't seen or read the series since probably 2011 so I don't remember much of the story line changes between the two. What I do remember about the manga is that it felt like it actually had an ending and that it was of course way gorier than the anime. I always felt unsatisfied with the ending of the anime, but I wonder how I would feel now having seen so much more.
Yeah I can agree that Season 05 was the most boring season in MHA.. And Thanks for answering..
Why you dropped My Hero Academia is there a reason?
MrYujufudan Apr 12, 6:40 PM
Record of Lodoss War didn't have the lasting popularity of something like Evangelion or Cowboy Bebop. It was popular at the time, but that's really it. It's kind of like Bubblegum Crisis in that it was popular enough at the time to sell well, but few people are pointing to it as a must watch series these days. Zambot 3 is definitely a better use of your time than Lodoss.

If I'm ever able to remember it you'll be one of the first to know. I'm pretty sure it was an early 80s series, had at least 20 tapes in the set (probably running between 40-100 episodes), and it was definitely a super robot show. Guam is a small island that I really only know of because of it's significance in the pacific campaign.

If I remember right I had a slow day at work and had the series on my phone. I also often watch things sped up to save time. Most tokusatsu I want to speed up much of the dialog and get to the action. Getting through 30 episodes in 8 hours instead of 12 is a lot easier when you skip the op and speed up most of the exposition. I remember watching some of Death Note as it aired, and agonizing over cliff hangers. Eventually when I was able to watch it all the way through I had DVR'd all the reruns and was able to watch it in much bigger chunks. Also, Lain is a series that could be watched one episode at a time or all in one go. I went through all in one go when I first watched it. I think it really just depends on how much it clicks with someone.

I'm not a huge toku fan, but I love Showa Era toku. Aside from classic Godzilla, Ultraman, and Kamen Rider I haven't seen much. I really like the cheesy low budget practical effects of 70s TV. Godzilla is timeless fun and Ultraman is great for the kaiju alone. My interest in Kamen Rider began while reading an Ueshiba Riichi manga, I think it was Discommunication. He would have little notes about his life stuck at the end of chapters and would often talk about his friends and assistants. In one he talked about a conversation at a bar about the stupid things they would do with a time machine and someone said they would force Hitler to cosplay as Starfish Hitler from Kamen Rider X. Which led me to this video and I've been a Kamne Rider and toku fan ever since.

I wouldn't be surprised if they picked up the Tekkaman Blade license for cheap considering the original Tekkaman series didn't do all that well in the English speaking world having been canceled halfway through dubbing. It's a shame how often shows had to be so heavily censored to meet what always felt like mostly arbitrary rules. It doesn't surprise me that the Saban version is significantly shorter than the original.

I totally forgot about Poseidon, that's such a great design. There were often changes made to the anime remakes that feel way off. Like 8man After getting way grittier, Casshern Sins was the second reimagining in 20 years, Cyborg 009-1 was 009 for a more adult audience. I vaguely remember Gilgamesh, but had no idea it was based on such an old series. I feel like cartoonish designs are still alive among sofubi and designer toy enthusiasts, but other than that it feels like there's very little demand for it.

Astro Boy is one of those shows I would personally prioritize watching the original series. It's historical significance is the big reason for that, but also because of my love for 60s anime. I also generally avoid shows targeted at a very young audience as well. Of course in my quest to watch everything that's found it's way into my collection I've found myself watching not one but two Hello Kitty anime. One was significantly more entertaining than the other, but even still I'm not the target audience.

All 3 of those youtubers are great. Another thing worth doing is going back and listening to old pre 2010 anime podcasts. I remember Anime World Order used to have people who were fansubbing in the pre internet days and it was always interesting to hear people's stories. Im pretty sure they would have people on from the Cartoon Fantasy Organization which was the very first American anime club. Another great thing to look out for is old magazine scans. I've read through a lot of old anime magazines and zines that are packed full of cool information.
ALTONLEGEND Apr 12, 10:22 AM
I never dropped an anime before and when I checked your list you only dropped very few shows and the second reason is I don't have many friends on MAL Account..
You're Welcome. I was just scroll through some forums and then that anime drop related forum came that's where I found you...
MrYujufudan Apr 1, 10:10 PM
Record of Lodoss war was a very popular anime in the west and in Japan. The OVA is decent, but the TV show was a waste of time. The OVA has a great op and some of the animation is pretty good. The most interesting thing about the series was that it was based on a replay novel. A genera of fantasy novel written based on someone's dnd campaign.

Collecting isn't a hobby I recommend to most people. It can get very expensive very quickly. I've probably spent nearly $50k on the various things I've collected over the years. If I went out of my way to track down physical copies of everything I've seen I could probably double that number if I wasn't hunting for deals. I have tons of cool stuff, but I sometimes wish I didn't buy some things. I have a ton of stuff I wish I did buy that got away. Like a subtitled set of a mecha series that was popular enough in se Asia to get an English subtitled set that somehow made its way to Guam. I can't even remember the name of the series and it's been bugging me for years. An officially released English subtitled anime that's coming from a US territory of all places.

I think Medabots being an episodic comedy is what makes it best to watch every now and then. Episodic action series have always felt easier to watch in big chunks. I watched 30 episodes of Kamen Rider in a day and that's about as monster of the week as a series can get.

Watching a series subbed to see how things were changed can always be a fun experience. Especially stuff from the 4kids or Saban. I know with 60s anime there isn't much of a motivation to fansub them at this point. I think the outdated nature of 60s anime is one of the things that makes it so interesting. It feels so removed from what anime would become, that it's as if you're watching something totally removed from what you're used to. I love the 60s mecha design especially. It feels so much more cartoonish compared to the more designs that would come later. I've never watched any of the newer Astro Boy anime, but I did see the 2009 American adaptation. It would be interesting to see how it evolved over the years.

Fansubbed tapes were definitely the best part of getting deep into collecting anime VHS for me. There's so many interesting releases out there. Stuff like Bakuen Campus Guardress which has a synonym Combustible Campus Guardress that was come up with by the fansubbers since it was never released in the west. Or the 5 Star Stories OVA that was apparently hated by the author, preventing future home video releases and making the LD extremely rare. It was such a desirable release that there was an anime club that pooled together $500 to buy a copy just so they could fansub it.
Ozpin5 Mar 31, 8:19 AM
Do tell me what you think of Grendizer soon then. You're also planning on watching Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger as well? You've got a long road ahead
Ozpin5 Mar 30, 5:58 PM
No problem. Seeing that you're into mecha shows yourself, our interests aligned. Seeing that you've rated Getter Robo and Mazinger highly, I advise you to take a look at Grendizer which hold a similar prospect and narrative to those shows.
MrYujufudan Mar 27, 11:41 PM
I was fortunate to get a lot of good deals building the collection. Much of the collection is made up of unique versions of the same thing. I have 5 different versions of Akira and Bubblegum Crisis for example. It definitely led me to watching some great anime I never would have seen otherwise. I have a ton of Pokemon s1, but don't have much Digimon surprisingly. Aside from VHS I've also got a good number of LD, DVD, and BD. I recently completed my set of Patlabor laserdiscs including the obscure video cd format that's half cd half laserdisc. I also have the rare final box set of Tetsujin-28 coming in the mail which I'm very excited for. I'm curious to know what the dvd is considering it's likely an old OVA. If it's fantasy I have a few ideas of what it could be.

Medabots was enjoyable as an episodic comedy, but wouldn't be one I watch all the way through in one sitting. Long episodic series are best watched an episode at a time slowly. I never watched any Pokémon after 3rd gen since it was around that time that I stopped playing the games. I really want to pick them back up and play then while watching the anime, but I've got a lot of other things on my plate right now. Digimon was always the less popular pokemon growing up I never got into it, but I knew a good amount of people who enjoyed it. I watched a bunch of series 1 YGO, but around the time I lost intrest in Pokémon I had dropped YGO as well. I thought of more kids anime as I typed this. 60s kids anime had some charm considering its age, Tetsujin-28, Speed Racer, 8 Man, Kimba, etc. It can be a fun experience to see how anime was localized in the 60s and 70s.

It definitely is worth the watch. Yamato was also a series that had many different VHS releases. Kidmark Inc released Star Blazers on single episode tapes, while Voyager Entertainment had a nicer box set release and a excellent subtitled box set of the films. Not to mention the fan made boots that were traded around.
Eggyy Mar 23, 5:34 PM
I really liked it, especially with the reveal of the identities for Ryugamine, Sonohara, and Kida and how they resolved it. I also really liked Kyouhei's group with all of the references from Walker and Erika lol. It came out in an era when otaku bait stuff was still very popular. Season 2 is even better so far because of Izaya's sisters and the other new characters. Shizuo's brother even gets more time to shine.
MrYujufudan Mar 22, 11:34 PM
I had a dvd collection that I sold off to cover bills when I was in college and never expected to pick collecting back up. Then when we bought our house it had a room that was all wood paneling that we kept all of our retro games in. As I was pulling stuff out of storage I came across some anime VHS tapes and the collecting spark was reignited. One of the reasons I've seen so many bad anime is because I can't stand to own something and not have seen it. I currently have over 2000 anime VHS tapes, and it's led me to some good and bad anime I never would have watched otherwise.

Childrens anime can be hit or miss. It's neat to see how stuff is localized, but most of the time I'm only watching stuff I have a tape of or watched as a kid. One I watched recently that I really liked was Medabots, but its sequel series was a mess. I've seen Pokemon all the way through advanced, and I watched a good amount of Yugioh as a kid. I've seen an episode or two of Beyblade off a promo tape. Idk if I knew anyone who watched the show we just liked the toys. There's probably others I'm not thinking of.

I rewatched the video after posting it and it does spoil some things. It's probably best to wait to watch it.
PlasticRobot Mar 22, 10:58 PM
Oh yes, absolutely!

It's probably a new favorite of mine from that particular era of high budget OVA releases. I guess my overall scope is slightly limited in that regard, but very few hour and a half long anime experiences were as quick to engross me as Iczer 1. It hit all the right the notes for me. Will definitely be checking out the sequels and manga (if I can find it) very soon!
MrYujufudan Mar 21, 3:10 AM
Gushing has already gotten some bashing here on MAL. I'm sure twitter had a field day with it.

I remember enjoying the first episode of Godannar when I saw it. I have a soft spot for the anime that came out around that time that took advantage of 70s toku and anime nostalgia. It's one I want to pick up again here soon. I'm mostly tackling a backlog of physical stuff I still haven't seen. I buy a lot of anime on various formats and try to watch everything I own. Right now I'm watching through Flint the Time Detective which is probably one of the weaker children's anime localizations I've seen. It does have its charm though. There's an episode where they go back in time to 1999 and use it as an opportunity to remind the audience that smoking is bad.

If you enjoy Star Trek you'll like LOGH. Both feel like more traditional sci-fi it's more philosophy than exciting action.

There was an excellent documentary on Yamato called The Making of an Anime Legend : SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO I think it was included as a dvd special feature, but you can find it online now. It goes into the influence of its creators as well as the cultural impact of the show. I would recommend the show if you're interested in seeing it the way it was meant to be seen, but just like Gundam there were excellent recap films.
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