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kuudereotaku420 Sep 23, 2:58 AM
kuudereotaku420 Sep 23, 2:20 AM
Hii!! I saw you being friends with someone else and checked out your account based off your profile picture, you seem cool hi nice to meet you too! :3
Cecero59 Sep 15, 6:56 PM
i'm just friending random people
_Mariko Sep 9, 8:31 AM
Thank you :>
IMATS0UP Aug 16, 2:33 PM
Nice to know lmao. There shouldn't any deadlines for replies anyways :)
Turtzig Aug 8, 3:02 AM
Despite liking action anime, a lot of the episodes waste too much time on the fights and they aren't interesting on their own. Neko Musume is adorable! I will continue the series. You have watched several interesting anime i haven't considered or didn't know about before
Turtzig Jul 26, 10:57 PM
Nice pfp. You liked a few episodes of Gegege no Kitarou 2007 but not the entire series? I skimmed a random episode and saw a treehouse, but the tree wasn't as healthy as in Magipoka. rip tree
IMATS0UP Jul 9, 7:20 PM
Apologies that I'm a few weeks late. (T__T) (T__T) (T__T). Don't ever feel bad if you reply late btw cause I do it a lot myself.

For such a colorful show it manages to be one of the more unnerving ones too. Umibozu was my second favorite arc. Kurisu was my favorite part of Mononoke. We as the audience barely know about him as much as the other cast members do. I'm not sure why his character was erratic in what you mentioned. Might be for some added surprise or mystery. My memory is pretty bad I might rewatch a couple episodes before I say anymore lol.

I will say that this form of him is super duper cool.

The only reason why I have an unwarranted distaste for those terms is because the people who make fun of me online often use those words to describe their favourite anime or things they watch, which admittedly is a petty reason LOL X3.

While I haven't had anyone personally attack me, I'd be little peeved if they only had such little things to say about theirs.

I'm thankful that I have this interest in exploring the medium, because there's so much anime out there!!!! Sometimes they can be complete and utter shit, sure, but not always!!! lmao.

Same bro. I'm thankful that I'm not bound to only watching what's rated highly or popular. I used to refrain from watching anime with the higher ratings at first due to the fear that I'd run out of shows fast and this made me realize that the anime that aren't rated highly are just as good as the ones that are (only after I watched plenty of those highly rated ones). At that point I realized how much MAL score and whatnot don't even matter! XD

Eh, there'll always be people who act high and mighty. I've learnt to ignore it recently. Some people really like to critique my character in conversations sometimes, and as much as I'd want to ignore it, my autistic brain can't help but get upset at it T__T but I feel like I'm getting better recently!!

Yeah, that veil of anonymity that people have can lead to such disrespects :/ . I've heard this from someone else, but when you're more ingrained with the internet it's harder to let these kinda things go. I think it's because the more time you invest online, the more of an identity you carve out here which makes those words hurt more when your character gets attacked. The anonymity we have might make us express our true selves more on here which only makes it hurt more when others attack you. At least from my experiences having these attachments to the internet and your online persona make it harder to forget about random insults. It's great to hear that things are getting better though! Seems like you've been busy with school, your relationship and other irl stuff which might've helped :)

EEEEP I love Takarajima so much, definitely one of my favourites of Dezaki's work. ROV too, however I haven't seen much of the anime. I know a lot about the Theatrical version of ROV since my partner obsesses over it. We'll definitely watch the anime together some time tho. I recommend watching a lot of Dezaki's stuff, his style of directing is great, there's a reason why a lot of visual techniques in anime came from his work and his team ehe.

Your enthusiasm makes me look forward to watching it more! It's settled that Takarajima will be my first Dezaki anime. I loved the adventurous spirit it had from the single episode I watched. Something I haven't really felt in many other anime. I'm interested to see how Dezaki directs. Hopefully I can acquire some knowledge on this kinda stuff and be able to participate in more discussions involving it. I may have lied though if I said I was gonna be watching it all this month lol. I made a mecha roadmap back in May that I've been following since. It'd like to get through more of it this month and it's been fun stuff. The rate of episodes I've been watching per day has slowed down a bit too. Since I finally picked up my hobby of drawing again after not doing it for like a month.

a lot of Mahou Shoujo transformations have an ungodly (but good) amount of sparkle effects and colours, so the stream would buffer and die every time there was a transformation scene. LOL.

Omg XD. They're just so powerful they halt your video player. Makes binge watching sound like hell.

Yeah that's another thing, the stream quality can be very hit or miss. With torrenting you have a better chance of finding a rip in good quality. Especially nowadays because a lot of old anime are getting subbed. We live in a pretty lucky time to be anime fans, subs are abundant.
Keep to streaming if you don't mind the quality, but if that's something that bothers you then I definitely recommend trying to torrent stuff (is this illegal to say? lmao) since it's a smoother process, for the most part.

I thank the internet gods every day that mine isn't slow. I only noticed how good my internet this when I gamed with friends who'd complain about how excessive the lag or slowness was when I never once had that problem. They're a bit jealous naturally.

I took your advice with torrents. I downloaded my first torrent recently actually. Metal Armor Dragonar got an official HD remastering like a year ago, you could only watch them raw since it still hasn't been subbed. When I watched the first episode, I had a second window with the 480p subbed version up on 9anime playing at the same time as the HD one. Just so I could read the subs XD. I boxed the window in to the point where you could only see the subs with the 480p version. I just can't miss out on watching these beautiful late 80s Sunrise anime in HD when the option is present. Even with my good internet streaming the two of these would've been impossible.
This experience has also made me very grateful that all of these unknown anime that most people won't watch have been properly subbed. For all of this time I've taken the abundance of subs we've had for granted before beginning to dive deeper into anime.
IMATS0UP Jun 18, 11:27 AM
Ahh Mononoke is great! Aside from its aesthetics it has an incredibly unique atmosphere to it. I probably shouldn't have watched in a day since I'll admit I didn't and still don't completely understand everything that happened in certain parts. I thought that the last mystery was the best one!

I think the shot composition and overall pacing of 2011 works better for the kind of show HxH is (I'm saying this from the perspective of only knowing what people have said about 1999, ofc).

Personally, I think 2011 did a great job with everything you mentioned. Both adaptations did a great job with the source material and it all really comes down to personal preference. The two are different from each other visually and tonally that's for sure. I will say that I harbor a good bit of nostalgia for 99, so take everything I say with a grain of salt and don't go in with the highest of expectations lol. Still though as a product of late cel animation it looked great! And I believe that Nippon and the studios they outsourced it to do a great job with certain scenes/moments.

Those words are thrown around way too loosely for sure. People get called elitist for simply having a different opinion. I can't help but think that people who use those labels might just be insecure about what they like which is unfortunate :(

I can see why people resort to words like "goated" because at least in my experience it's harder to describe why you like something compared to why you dislike something, but you shouldn't call out others for having bad taste when you can't even back up your own. The ones I typically see who call out others only really watch anime that have the highest scores or whatever is popular. And resort to saying as a defense that their taste is good because "everyone likes these shows" which sounds really shallow and makes me wonder if they'd still think their anime would be good if they were less popular. I nothing against people only going after the greatest hits since not everyone has the time or patience to sift through tons of anime to find hidden gems, but I find it annoying to act all high and might calling out other people for liking what they like when your own defenses are shallow :/

What constitutes someone as an elitist in my eyes are two things. First, they have high standards for what they like. What they like doesn't need to be something like LOTGH or SEL it can be anything. These people would most likely have a lower mean score than normal too. And second, they act arrogant and superior to those around them. I've seen very few people that fit both of these criteria. More often some people just have one of these traits and not the other.

I'm probably going to be watching less mecha next month so hopefully I can bump up Hidmari no Ki on my backlog :D. I wanted to watch Treasure Island and The Rose of Versailes this July too!

I used to have lots of problems with buffering, but somehow all of it went away. I'm pretty grateful to have good internet. My worst experience with buffering was when it happened during the final showdown with the Spiral King in Gurren Lagann :/.
There's plenty of retro mecha I want to watch that are only 480p at best on streaming sites that appear to have much higher quality hd versions on torrenting sites, so I'll probably go down the torrenting route for those if they're English subbed.
I've never thought about taking screenshots tbh. I probably should it'll make me remember everything I watch better since regularly binging anime makes me forget things quicker lol. Feel free to send me some of yours if you wanna.

Reedited this post to make it shorter
IMATS0UP Jun 11, 8:21 PM
Yeah, for sure! 2011 is far from bad. It's aesthetically energetic and vibrant. It's also great when it comes to laying out interesting shots (Gon's fight with Hisoka at the Heavens Arena is a great example). It really depends on who's working on which episode. There's also lot of super small details that 2011 had the 1999 never thought about too. I have a lot of bias towards 99 since it shaped and cemented my interest for darker and cel made anime in general.

Yeah, I noticed your scoring system. Nothing wrong with that. I find it harder to express what I dislike in degrees of scoring compared to what I like. The only people who'd call you out on that are people who didn't even bother to read your bio XD. I don't really care if others give my favorite shows low scores. Plenty of people I've had convos with have done that. I think if you attach, you're entire identity to what you like you're more prone to get defensive with others who don't like that certain thing.

I dislike that kind of mentality. Where anyone with more niche or ""elitist"" taste is automatically labeled as pretentious or a wannabe elitist. And that there's some ulterior motive of wanting validation for not having that "cringey normie anime taste". Especially if you're a younger fan. I noticed that the people who complain about zoomers only watching seasonal/popular anime to "fit in with the other zoomers" are the same ones who complain about how zoomers watch classic/niche anime only to stand out from the others. If you're a younger fan, there's always an assumption from people that you're seeking out validation no matter with what you like.

If your partner loves slow-paced heartfelt stories, then I could see WMT working out for you guys :D. Now that I think about it WMT is really the only anime that's completely safe to watch with a family/anybody (aside from Ghibli stufs).

Saraiya Goyou is great if you're looking for something relaxing and different. Betterman is verrry weird. I don't remember any jump scares oddly enough XD. It's a shame that it's never been remastered since the quality is kinda bad wherver you find it, but hey I should be grateful that I'm able to watch it at all. Plus it even adds to the eerie mood. Goldran looks interesting too (but I can say the same for all of em ).

It's a shame that your PC is dying and that all of those Chinese cartoons migth die along with it :/. I've only ever used streaming sites to watch anime tbh. Not sure what the strengths are to downloading anime, but I've heard people advise that over streaming. Man, your phase sounded pretty fun. Currently I watch around 10 eps per day when I got free time. I actually just finished up school and now I'm looking for a part time job for this upcoming summer here in the US. I'll probably still have plenty of time tho.

It's important to take care of your responsibilities naturally. You definitely have enough anime under your belt to ease the gas and take a bit of a break for other things XD. GL on your school work too!
IMATS0UP Jun 8, 9:18 PM
It's very gorgeous. Late 90s to early 2000s cel animation era is simply amazing. Those images you've sent are some great moments. I consider 99s Yorknew Arc to be my favorite arc in Shounen. I think that the 90s HxH is a lot better than the 2011 adaptation for a multitude of reasons. The darker tones and use of imagery/carmera angels to make a scene more engaging are one some of the reasons. The director for it was Kazuhiro Furuhashi who also directed the Rurouni Kenshin anime. Most significantly the famous Trust and Betrayal OVA. He also directed Spy x Family too! I'm not familiar with directing enough to really note a specific style, but he seems to do a pretty good job with whatever he's given. Most people that I've talked to prefer the 99 version over the remake. Funny that you it a 1 XD. I didn't dislike it, but I found it to be disappointing.

Man your right WMT shows look amazing. After watching a good amount of older anime, I can really appreciate how good those look. Alps no Shoujo Heidi holds up really well despite its age. I wanna watch them all!

I'll give CCS a watch first! Ngl I've been wanting to watch it for like 5 years. Hopefully I'll watch it this summer. For June I'm primarily watching mecha titles along with Monster (which I need to finish). Hopefully I can watch it in a near future month. Should I just watch the 70-episode run? What does Clear Card have to do with the franchise?
I never understood the appeal of shipping. It's nice that they have their fun, but it feels pointless to ship two characters that've had no romantic subtext in-between them together :/

Wow that sounds pretty interesting. Didn't know it was a Tezuka work. Can't really think of any other anime that's heavily inspired from a true story like that. I wouldn't mind if more anime would try and create a story out of something like that compared to isekai light novel number 2529. It's cool to see that the West isn't viewed in such a bad light. Samurai settings are always pretty fun. Sorta reminds me of Saraiya Goyou with its samurai setting and unique art style even though that one doesn't have any action. I'd love to see it.

Betterman is pretty interesting. It actually doesn't really have much to do with GaoGaiGar except for the fact that both take place in the same universe and there's like one character that's related to a minor GGG character. But that's pretty much it. It's similar to GaoGaiGar in that there's an organization that's been made to take down weird creatures. There are two teenagers that duel pilot this one interesting mech occasionally aided by a mysterious long white/red/green-haired fella. Who eats this nut which allows him to turn into a cool kaiju thing. He steals the show a lot of the time during fights compared to the mechs present. Betterman has that same cartoony artstyle that GGG has, but interestingly enough it has a darker and creepier tone at times that makes it pretty different. The whole show is really unique, and I like it a lot! It can be confusing and cryptic at times in a way that I can't really explain at the current moment, but I don't mind it. After Betterman I'll probably watch Yuusha Ou Da-Garn next!
IMATS0UP Jun 8, 10:23 AM
I've only heard of Zambot 3 because of that "kill em all" finale where a certain couple prominent characters well... die! I'm pretty interested to see how it plays out. I remember hearing about a scene where there's human bombs too ⊙﹏⊙∥. From the episode I've watched it looks promising. Even if it has a slow start.
That train one seems pretty kino. I'd like to watch it. The transformations are pretty nice.
I gotta check out some WMT stuff. Akage no Anne and Romeo Aoi no Sora especially (already seen a bit of the ladder one). I like that "homey" vibe they seem to have.

Ever since I watched the original Hunter x Hunter anime (1999 version not the 2011 one) when I was a younger kid I've always wanted to see more anime with that similar old-school homey vibe. Might make more since if you've seen it XD. And the WMT seem to have that exact vibe I'm looking for which makes me pretty thrilled to check them out. I think it's because both WMT and HxH 1999 where both done by Nippon animation so they all kinda have that same vibe.

Ah yeah, I see what you mean. GGG doesn't prioritize characters as much compared to other Yuusha entries. If I didn't know there was a finale when I watched the last episode, I would've been somewhat underwhelmed. I've heard some people say that the tv shows ending it better than the finales oddly enough.

Man, mahou shoujou seems a like a pretty fun can of worms to dive into. I'll check out Doremi first as my gateway into the genre someday. I've heard a lot of buzz about it lol. I like the idea of a large ecosystem containing cutely drawn characters. It seems like kid shows put a lot of care into making their shows entertaining for both kids and adult audiences which leads to these shows being well written on average yet pretty under watched because of the "they're just for kids" mentality that people have when they give them a glance.

That's good to know it's worthwhile! I've always sorta been into niche stuff, but I feel more comfortable diving into them now since I've seen most of the popular stuff.

Also, how's Tree in the Sun so far? I've combed through some people's lists and that one always has a pretty high score.
IMATS0UP Jun 7, 3:46 PM
Yeah, definitely lol. There was another 18 y/o on here with similar interests in older classic anime, but he deactivated his account recently :/

I still haven't seen that many mechas either XD. Only really got into the genre last year (outside of Evangelion). According to MAL graph I've completed 54 entries so far with 441 hours. Zambot 3 caught my eye. Seen some of it already. Not sure if I'm going to watch many 70s mecha, but I'm for sure gonna continue that one. Never heard of Wataru or Shinkalion. Those are gonna go on the ptw for sure. I'm really looking forward to Patlabor. Gonna watch that one in July.
Didn't have really any gripes with GGG. Even though I think without the final OVA it be a little less amazing. I'm interested to hear what you didn't like about GGG.
The rated G ones are strangely appealing. I like their cutesy art styles a lot. I see a lot of them on your list. Would you say that mahou shoujou such as Tutu or Doremi have that same "childish" appeal?

Yeah, I pretty much have the same thoughts. I've never kept up with seasonals either. I did use to watch certain titles like AOT or Demon Slayer just because they were popular and not because I had any genuine interest in them, but I've stopped doing that now. All of my anime time has been going towards either mecha or older anime which for the most part aren't really well known. Your list is great too! I'll use it if I'm looking for something to watch XD

I'll definitely check out more of his works. He has a way with directing. I watched the Ashita no Joe trailer plenty of times XD. In all honesty I don't think spoilers ruin anything, however I still try to avoid them. I encountered major LOTGH spoilers on here recently and I was pretty mad. Dude who spoiled it knew the existence of spoiler tags but was too lazy to learn them  ̄へ ̄. It'll still be a great show tho :)

Also, I like long messages so don't mind that :)
IMATS0UP Jun 7, 7:31 AM
Thanks for the fr. Mecha fans shall unite!

You seem to be into classic anime too which very nice.

Also, it's funny reading through your list. I've never been directly spoiled for Ashita no Joe, but I'm 99.9% precent sure what happens at the end lol (don't say anything still XD).
VivaceRex Jun 7, 3:14 AM
Interesting that was very different than most countries haha. Yeah watching at night is the best thing to do.

I mean Naruto is special just because of the childhood anime status other than that its fillers are so godamn long and dragged alot lmao (one battle could last for 3 to 4 eps). I also don't find myself interested in any big 3 or battle shounen the more I watch anime.

Covid seems to be a good excuse for hunting more animes to watch during 2020 right haha. Doremi has been in my ptw and I already know that cuisine show but haven't add it.

I also watched Urusei Yatsura through youtube last year before all of them are copyrighted. Aren't you watch youtube from computer? What do you think so far from your UY watch? It can get really silly and experimental at the same time with its zany cast. Unfortunately its newest remake doesn't really hold a candle for me in terms of charm and fun. Happy long last you and yoir partner 👬. That must be really fun experience to have.
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