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Slimsith Apr 1, 10:47 AM
I'll have to look it up, for Orthodox.
A few people told me it was Easter, it's the holiday with bunnies and others hunting for decorated eggs?
As far as the bible stuff, I thought the Romans made Jesus as a propaganda tool to get the Jews in line :-(
I apologize.
The resurrection thing was like a page refresh. I was just in a good mood and wanted to say hi.
Slimsith Mar 31, 11:42 AM
Just wanted to say Happy Easter.
It's been a minute, but I got resurrected somehow.
Anyway, take care.
SPTLayzner Mar 27, 8:32 PM
Hi just dropping by have you try SPT Layzner and Vifam ? both Sunrise mecha from the 80s Layzner is directed by Takanashi of Dougram and Votoms fame, it really worth a watch. It also one the few where the antagonist faction Grados manage to colonize earth the only negative part of it is sponsors pulling out leading to the show premature ending the MC was suppose have his mid season upgrade like the Billbine and L -Gaim MK II called the Layzner MK II but was cut ,later having a three episode ova to end the show. Later turning the show to Fist of the North star with mecha really worth a watch much better than Aldnoah Zero. Vifam is based on a novel by Jules Verne Two Years Vacation a group of kids trying to escape to earth and fend for themselves. Vifam was the anime that inspired Eureka Seven. Tomino was also involved with the show during the early stages. Both are youtube if i am not mistaken

Tropisch Mar 26, 2:11 PM
It's nice to see more anti-censorship people here, which is sad since we're becoming a rarity here. Saying this on your comments instead of this thread now that the thread has been polluted by the pro-censorship people with their same rhetoric they always shit out.
SPTLayzner Mar 20, 7:12 PM
Yeah SRW is a little text heavy never mind the English version on steam are the more newer entries ,can't really say bad but the older games have better story all of them are JP only. As for ACE, it more on the action side choose character then launch don't really required knowledge of moonrunes if we have watch the anime it from as there only some minor changes to the plot. For Armored Core i think the some the git gud crowd sees mecha and bolt out of it. The playstyle is different from a souls games knowledge of what a part does for maximum performance cant just go in and slash your way through. Have potato computer as well so i refurbish old console to play most these games it cheaper than building a PC nowadays.
SPTLayzner Mar 16, 8:28 PM
Don't mind me asking do you play mecha games something like SRW, maybe Armored Core or Another Century Episode the latter two by From software of dark soul, Bloodborne and Elden Ring fame yup they started with mecha games. SRW and Another Century Episode is fun with all the Classic roster. Armored core is fun with building your own mech but having difficulty spike in some stages.
Turn_A_Blum Mar 12, 10:02 AM
Eureka Seven is one of my favs too, I like how mature Renton grows and the green flag platonic relationship with Eureka. Also the openings are amazing.
MechaFanBoy1979 Mar 3, 8:37 PM
Interesting favorite's especially the Gundam Double X (through personally I like the Gundam X more). I can see why it would be a tie between the shin getter and generic GaoGaiGar consider they both have amazing designs so it's hard to choose to between.

But anyway thank you for answering my question and I will see you later.
MechaFanBoy1979 Mar 3, 7:38 AM
What's your favorite Mecha in both real robot and super robot? Mine is the Heavy arms Gundam kai and the Shin Getter Robo.
SPTLayzner Jan 27, 6:54 PM
Some non Gundam Tomino show Brave Raideen is one of his earlier show and even has the prototype for Char but the second half was by Tadao Nagahama . If you interested maybe try Dairugger XV is from Toei and quite obscure even on MAL, weird considering it was actually brought over to American to become Vehicle Voltron. If L gaim was Star Wars with mecha Dairugger is Star Trek with mecha.

SPTLayzner Jan 23, 7:18 PM
What your more favorite niche and obscure mecha show ? Something that don't get mentioned in the forum at all.
Soap Jan 1, 12:45 PM
Happy 2024 my maniac friend!
SPTLayzner Dec 31, 2023 9:04 PM
Happy New Year MechaManiac.
Mira Dec 25, 2023 5:39 PM
ides li negde za Novu
Mira Dec 25, 2023 5:21 PM
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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