Kei "Kurama Kei, Saotome Genki" Minamikaze

Kei Minamikaze

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Kei Minamikaze
Kei originally appears in the manga Getter Robo Go. She is an assistant of Colonel Hayato Jin and a mechanic for NISAR, appearing in the later volumes of the series.

Her character is featured again in the alternate-universe OVA Getter Robo: Armageddon, this time named Kei Kurama and as the "daughter" of Benkei Kurama. She forms part of the new Getter team alongside Go and Gai, piloting the Shin Getter-2. She is truly the daughter of Professor Saotome, raised as a boy until she became amnesiac and Benkei took her in.

Voice Actors
Latini, Ilaria
Hidaka, Narumi
Catmull, Katherine
De Guzmán, Diana