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Shizuna Jul 5, 1:31 AM
Are there many 9/10s and 10/10s among the games you've played? I generally don't like using scores (as can be seen from my anime list), but if I were using them, I'd rate every Kiseki game a 10, which might seem biased and maybe even superficial, but there's really nothing else that brought me the same level of joy.
I think even though Van is somewhat different to other protagonists, he is a 100% softie similarly to them who'd sacrifice himself for the sake of others; in my opinion the thing with the law is that it's neither good nor bad in nature, it's a tool for keeping social order, thus "chaos" is the perfect antithesis to it - which isn't exactly good or bad too.
Most of the time Kiseki antagonists either have some noble (even though often misguided) goals or are good people forced to become villains due to life circumstances, but as you said Almata was simply wicked. Can't say I prefer one over the other, but it was a nice change of pace.
Field battles were the perfect addition to the series - thanks to them the core gameplay is still the same, whereas grind is much more satisfying. And animations are gorgeous.

I've tried visiting the places you mentioned a few times, but I quickly realized they're not for me. People there like to hyperfocus on minor things which annoy them and instead of having genuine discussion just spread negativity. A good example is how some of them loose their minds over the fact that Altina is romanceable, even though it's strictly optional content (and actually very wholesome, considering she had serious complexes due to her being homunculus and Rean was the only one who could put her mind at ease). Obviously, there are some things I think "could've been more to my liking" too, like for example I wanted OG Class VII to have more overall relevance and involvement in the story, but that's not the reason for me to whine about it and ignore the fact that most of everything else about these games is amazing.
But yeah, thanks for the compliment. I appreciate having someone decent to talk to about the series.
RenaPsychoKiller Jul 3, 5:23 AM
Hey there~ you actually wrote to me before while I was on hiatus and I never replied, gomen ne.

Yep I noticed you really like tsundere girls and boys.
I'm also admin in the Tsundere Males one, too bad most clubs are dead and buried.

Mayora-sama is the best ne? Shinsengumi arcs are what I relish the most along with the Hiji & Gin antics lol. Seen the episodes you mentioned, far from completing the series though. Are you looking forward to the upcoming Ginpachi class?

Glad to see you enjoyed Blood+ ❤️ and I am especially happy when finding Tokyo Babylon in someone's faves :D
Shizuna Jul 2, 11:46 PM
I think she's great: very expressionable, fun, sexy and good-natured. A very solid member of Van's team.
In Kuro Rixia could use some more screentime in general. Hopefully we'll see more of her in Kai.
Piromysl Jul 2, 10:37 PM
I don't even bother even arguing with those tourists anymore. It's totally pointless.
And those three anime you brought up are rather niche when compared to MT (maybe with exception to Monogatari) so obviously they won't gett that much attention.
-Ryu Jul 2, 3:01 PM
Yooo another member of the FMA 03 gang! To be honest, the series' reputation has been improving quite a bit over the years, I remember for a good chunk of the last decade it was impossible to discuss FMA without some dickhead talking about how Brotherhood is infinitely better than the 2003 series because it's more faithful to the manga, when 9 times out of 10 that person didn't even read the manga.
Zerity Jun 12, 12:11 PM
fr its just lame bullshit edgy cringe horribly written gore fest
Catalano Jun 12, 7:07 AM
Nice, Battler sure has his charm and the backstory about the promise and all was pretty sad, poor Shannon. It's one of those stories you never see what's coming. I also like the OST.
Adatius Jun 8, 6:06 AM
Thank you.
SuperStarfox64 Jun 1, 4:25 PM

Tohsaka and Kougyoku on the favorites list
Catalano Jun 1, 1:11 PM
what is your experience with umineko (because I see you have battler in favs)? I read the manga because a friend recommended it to me, it was good s I watched the anime after, never read the VN.
Gaap best girl btw.
ZettaiRyouiki May 29, 11:15 AM
I think that depends more on personal preference, but besides those two I like Splash Star, Fresh, and Maho Girls the best.
ZettaiRyouiki May 29, 11:03 AM
I appreciate the praise, though I love pantyhose as well! And of course, Nana Mizuki is great. Nice Ishtar as well!
zech May 29, 4:11 AM
you get it. real recognize real
JVskunkape May 21, 12:46 AM
Code Geass, Galahad
Catalano May 1, 1:07 PM
Tell me about it, while I was reading I kept telling myself "Mor will snap out of it and join the fight surely... maybe the power of love... maybe some Fanaris black magic?" yet nothing happened. I was a bit horrified when all characters that I loved except for some were mind controlled by Sindbad, that part was scary. I theorized that we would get a Sin and his generals vs Alibaba and his pals full fight but Ohtaka had other ideas. Not that I mind, I loved Final arc.

My top 5 Magi, whoa that's so hard
1. Hakuryu (I will explain myself XD)
2. Aladdin
3. Alibaba
4. Morgiana
5. Sheba

Thing is, I have some sorta fixation and admiration for characters who want revenge and fight against their fate, Hakuryu lost his brothers, his cozy life, his mom is evil, then he got that nasty scar and he had to fight against his friends because of his ideals and he actually managed to kill Alibaba and lost his one and only comrade Judar. I liked how he decapitated Madaura, that was sick.
There are almost to none elements that I dislike at him, he even had the guts to confess to Mor, he even kissed her, yet she chose Alibaba which was hilarious but that's not the subject here LOL.
Some people will say that I look at anime characters in an edgy way hence why I have Light, Eren and the like in my favs (and I like Kei from Gantz) but I don't know, I just like that attitude and it's positive in its own way. Looking at these characters going forward against all odds makes me feel good and I cheer for them.
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