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Greeting, netizens of MAL!!! 36 years old active anime/manga fan since 2006!!!

Greeting, netizens of MAL!!! 36 years old active anime/manga fan since 2006!!!

I'm a 36 years old active anime/manga fan since 2006. I've been a long time anime fan (even before I knew what anime was). I'm a big video gamer, and a big fan of science and history. I used to work at NIH as a student intern for 4 summers (2008-2011). I graduated with an AA in biotech (2012). I am also big fan of K-pop and K-dramas (been in the fandom since 2013).

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Marinate1016 Sep 22, 6:53 PM
Nah he’s never sent any threats, just slurs and cringe shit. It’s more of an annoyance than a serious legal basis. I actually am in the US rn. Yea I’m American I just went to uni in the UK for undergrad.
Marinate1016 Sep 22, 6:25 PM
Yo, appreciate it man I don’t accept his requests it’s not a matter of him sneaking thru. Because he always sends racist and weird homophobic shit in all his requests so it’s very easy to tell its him. He also has a low IQ so he uses variations of the same names for all his accounts. It’s just annoying to constantly get spammed with them and pinged. You are right about the friends only PM and comments tho. A lot of people comment on my page asking for advice and stuff but if they wanna know they can add me lol. I already use 2FA via Google and Microsoft authentication apps too
Helianthus_E322 Sep 22, 8:41 AM
Thanks man, also for responding so quick.
Hope we'll get along, also really passionate about retro Anime so we have something in common to begin with.
TsutanaiFuun Sep 20, 10:08 AM
thank you. it was just a silly mistake i'll remember it now :D
TsutanaiFuun Sep 20, 6:56 AM
i was just mistaken that india lies in southeast asia. that's the server i connect to while playing some online games which is why. i didn't know it was actually in south asia or else i would have told you.

I had a book talking about East Asian pop culture and it talked about anime
i should have read more books during that time then maybe even i would have come across something like that too. we had tons of encyclopedias (and we still do) but i never bothered to read them even after being told to so many time haha.

anyway i'm happy i found anime when i did. best piece of media i've had the pleasure of partaking in.
_-_Sally_-_ Sep 19, 8:29 PM
I appreciate the offer, but my days on the MAL forums are over, with the exception of episode/chapter discussion.

Reading the threads on this forum always made me angry and depressed, so I made the decision to avoid them entirely. I even used my ad blocker to make the "community" tab at the top of the website disappear, so that way I wouldn't be tempted to ever read the forums again.
rsc-pl Sep 19, 10:39 AM
My claim that all dubs are 'crap' does not derive from the mere fact that voice acting is bad.
Aside from the fact that the voice acting in anime dubs is usually bad or comically bad, the more important qualities that determine my position is the fact that the original creators and directors never work on dubs.
And even if in one or two cases they have heard it in the way the dubbing was done - it still means nothing. Any dubbing also completely distorts the cultural heritage of the work in question, so necessarily watching/listening to a dubbing is watching something completely different.
Each dubbing is of completely different characters to the original, expressing completely different emotions and lacking the original mannerisms.

Does South Park in dubbed Japanese sound bad? Well, it doesn't sound bad, but it is quite a different entity from the original, even though the Japanese have tried to translate the dialogue faithfully.
That's why it would never occur to me to watch it with Japanese dubbing, and the same goes for any other dubbing.

Of course, I'm leaving aside the very issue of localization, culturalisation and censorship, because these are obvious problems in basically all dubbing.

Also, to answer you question about kids cartoons you linked. It doesn't sound bad, but it sound off. I still prefer the original, since this is how it was created.
TsutanaiFuun Sep 18, 11:56 PM
Filipino, Malaysian, Singaporean, or Indonesian
i didn't wanna reveal it but i'm from . it could be that it was popular in other parts of the country just not where i lived during the ages of 10-15. really sucks as i missed out on a lot. i spent my time watching cartoons and watching (unknowingly) animes like doraemon which i didn't know at that time was called anime. it was dubbed in our language and we all thought of it as cartoons. it wasn't until i found out what anime actually was that i realised that doraemon is actually an anime.

despite it's mainstream popularity at that time
reading that makes me a bit sad that despite it's popularity i wasn't exposed to them. i really wish i was but no one on my school talked about it. never. we talked about popular games of that time but no one had any idea what anime was i think.

it would have been really nice if i was exposed to it in school time and not after finishing high school. i would be sitting at 700 completed by this time i think.
Roch2001 Sep 18, 1:25 PM
Just report me. Mods can decide. But you were really mean to that other person with you profile post so just be aware your threats might backfire
Roch2001 Sep 18, 12:54 PM
Nice edit
Roch2001 Sep 18, 12:38 PM
Your micro agressions were clear. I though you peeps where well aware of that
Roch2001 Sep 18, 11:27 AM
Dude, you passively agression on TsutanaiFuun. Is a little overboard. I was reading your massive rant on there profile. I can defo tell your american. Too much dude
TsutanaiFuun Sep 18, 10:50 AM
yeah i'm from southeast asia. and i think you misunderstood my statement, i did have friends in school but i didn't have any friends who watched animes or k-dramas or tv shows. i have no idea why or maybe just no one ever talked about that for the entirety of school.

What do you mean you were exposed to gore and Porn at a young age?
every boy around the age of 12 gets to know about it don't they? that's the age friends start talking about stuff like that, that's how. which is why i wonder we talked about that stuff but not animes.

to clarify some more. anime only became well-known around 2018-2019 here and really popular in the past 2 years since lockdown period. now it is popular enough that even local stores sell naruto t-shirts but before that i'm thinking it was quite a niche hobby. also i lived in a relatively small town during the ages of 10-15 so there's a chance that kids didn't know about that stuff. i moved to a big city when i was 15 and that was when i was properly introduced to animes by my new friends.
BirdyTheMighty Sep 17, 5:28 PM
Looks like someone's a lil' lost ;3

Id rather you reply in the thread than here, so others can join in on our deep philosophical discussion. The more the merrier, amirite?
ColourWheel Sep 7, 11:36 PM
I apologize I didn't really it bothered you but it's how the platform is currently set up to reply back towards what other users are saying. It's usually common etiquette to quote Users when replying directly to them. I never had issue before of one having such an issue unless they feel they are being attacked. Which to make clear I wasn't trying at all to attack you in any way at all. Simply just wanting to open a dialog with you out of boredom today.

You also asked if I ever wanted to own any shows streaming that were not Anime. I basically stopped watching western TV a long time ago. The last TV series I was interested in Watching was "Game or Thrones" simply because I was reading the books at the time. Will I ever buy the TV series on physical discs? Probably not since I wouldn't have much interest in ever watching it again. I still will occasionally watch Movies but rarely do I ever feel the need to collect and buy them like I do with anime.

Collecting Anime on Physical Copies simply just became out of habit over the years more so than really anything else. It was something to do with the money I was making during a time period in my life when I didn't have much free time to even enjoy the money I was making other than saving it up. Eventually when my life started slowing down and I changed jobs freeing up more time in my life I just kept collecting Anime still but was finally able to start actually enjoying what I have been collecting over time.
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