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Mary to Majo no Hana
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Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?
Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?
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Bounen no Xamdou
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Excel Saga
Excel Saga
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Jan 20, 2012 8:58 AM
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rsc-pl Jan 14, 2:41 PM
Well, I just gave you the answer without debating about it in mind. I didn't want to convince you, but rather give you my opinion about it (I don't have academic music knowledge, but I know about music theory, that's why I gave you link to video where one of the greatest guitar virtuoso is explaing why general Japanese music is so different). My English is way too limited and I won't be able to explain it going depper to technical music theory stuff.
Feel free to read this if you're interested.
And btw, here's the song that's using almost the same chord progression. Listen to it, listen to the bass line, lead melody line, vocal line and supporting lines. Try to hear how different every of that line is and how well these lines sounds together and simultaneously how complex/long the progressions are (and use headphones if you can).
This thing is not existent in Kpop, so even if Kpop sounds kinda similar in some examples, it's still way, way different.

As you said - some of these tracks sounds kinda similar, but if you listen to it closely - not that much at all. Definitely not in terms of composition and vocal direction (and modulation).
The thing with Dreamcatcher is they are not coping Japanese style, but mainstream Drum and Bass style (it's really popular in UK).
To be honest I don't know why did you use Orange Caramel as an example, because it sounds literally like some random one season radio hit in the west. Dunno how it's in America, but in Europe there's a lot of mentioned one season hits like this. It's the exact opposite of the average jpop songs.

And of course, my explanation won't be valid every time, because you can find interesting pieces of music in literally every music genre, but this is what I think after many years of exposition. I have a friend who is obsessed with Kpop and she's sending me a lot of Kpop music - not everything sounds bad for me, but unfortunately the majority of kpop sounds like garbage for me exactly like western pop - it's not like I hate all western music, I listen to a lot of Western artists (as you can see on my profile), but that's way more niche music. I just can't stand recycled 4 chord garbage.
Rachiba Dec 12, 2018 9:38 AM
Oh! I've said that for a long time, I forgot the reason why I said it. I think the reason was ... Japan has the bad habit of, being a historical ally of the West, it seems that they can not even solve the cultural problem with our continent, even allowing the censorship of their products as if the West had no content that It could be reprehensible. Even when Japan tries to do things her way, she seems to feel trampled.

Regarding Korea and the West, it is because they basically took the popular path that is simply "joining the strongest." I think.

Let's see the article ...

As I said, Japan should make the attempt to open up even more to the world. It is true that it is difficult to find a Japanese artist who sings in a language other than Japanese and English; Something different happens with K-pop, which has come to sing even in Hispanic music (A few months ago I heard a group on television with a reggaeton artist).
Rachiba Dec 7, 2018 6:03 AM
I find it sad that for things as transient as personal tastes it becomes a conflict and fight like the ones that happened to you these days. I really understand the problem you've gotten yourself into, and I think the best thing you can do is block / ignore the user. In any case, it is better to talk to the MAL administrators thoroughly, even if you have already made a report about it.

Personally, I think that j-pop and anime can once again have a great influence in the world if the Japanese government tries to be more liberal with what it does: making more favorable policies for immigrants, more rights for women, and other things that Japan presents problems. It is true that the West plays a role in obstructing this influence, but Japan should stop being a coward in international politics.
Rachiba Dec 6, 2018 5:35 PM
Wow, there are several comments. Sorry if I did not answer before, I was previously on a cell phone and it was difficult for me to write a message from there. But I'm already on a computer. Well, I'm going to answer every comment from the oldest to the newest:

Changing the subject, I really enjoyed discussing with you about k-pop and j-pop. However, I felt strange when you started talking about k-drama and China. I know I also talked a bit about the otaku influence in j-pop, but I think we end up in a different situation.

I understand your point of view, I know that you are talking about k-pop with bases, as I also have my bases with j-pop. But I would like you to use a tone that does not seem imposing; I know he expresses a point of view, but I felt nervous every time you told me "K-pop is taking over from J-pop".

Anyway, thanks for your comments.
TomDay Nov 30, 2018 12:09 PM
it's okay for the late reply, i hope you had a great thanksgiving. it's my favorite holiday of the year.
I don't think it's because of that. The reason Shonen or high fantasy webtoon don't get live-action adaptation is not because of it would look awful, K-drama budget can't handle something like that. Mainland China can do live-action fantasy shonen TV drama because they have a bigger budget then South Korea's TV production.

that makes more sense tbh. i don't have much knowledge on donjag adaptions in korea so that's what i had assumed.

Hey whoa, whoa. Don't say that. There are K-pop idols out there that have real talent out there. Yes, there are K-pop idol that can act really well. So if there are K-pop that can act on TV drama, then there maybe a chance to have K-pop idols being trained in voice acting. Having a K-pop idols (even a big name idol) that can do voice-acting for Korean animation could help K-anime a lot on a global scale.

i can say this because i have been in the fanbase and have seen idol after idol display their abilities and yes, i do believe they don't have much talent. outside idols as a whole, i don't even believe koreans can act that well in general. but that's another subject for another time. but i really hope there is potential with idols training to be voice actors, it could add more to the korean economy and it could open up more jobs for koreans to work at. i don't want the idols' name alone to pull in views, which is how the US uses celebrities in their animation movies.

As I said, Chinese animation gaining a lot of attention outside of Asia. So that will motivate South Korea to increase production on Korean animation.

outside of asia? i just thought it was outside of china, not the continent.

Don't forget anytime K-pop idols promote any items, that items get a lot of attention from K-pop fanbases. So if you have K-pop idols lending their voice on aeni, that can help K-anime to get a wider audiences. Also it's very likely K-drama could have aeni/K-anime sequel or spin-off tie-in. So that can create a cross-appeal for K-drama and K-pop fan to get into K-anime.

your assumptions are better than mine, since i'm pretty much clueless on what road korea will take on making domestic animation. i do know, however, about naver's animation company lico, and that they are hiring people for 2D animation as well as many other things like composition, sound designing and 3D animation as well. me and my brother predict something will happen next year.

I wasn't aware of that.

oh, well in that case here's the link.

Hm, I can understand. For any aeni adaptation of webtoon, they'll have to relied to K-pop idols and good marketing in order to make it work. That's why I'm glad we have Netflix and Youtube for. Also I put my bet that Korean companies may try reaching out to Crunchyroll to get their content on there.

it's good that aeni will get all the marketing it can, but i'm iffy on crunchyroll. it doesn't do as much as a job as it claims it does and really isn't that well known if someone doesn't tell you about it.

Evangelion is not even mainstream in the US like on the same level as Naruto, Dragonball Z, or Pokemon. Yet the news of Netflix getting Evangelion caused a big buzz on the internet.

That's how I want K-anime to be treated in the US, on the same level as Evangelion. That's why I'm hoping KBS World and Korean animation could pay attention to how people reacted to Evangelion get a Netlfix rescue. That's what I want to see for K-anime.

with huge names like noblesse, god of highschool and tower of god, this could be possible. even if the internet doesn't care in the first place, it could write articles on the aeni adaptations being watched by many people in asia, and do a cover on it to bring some exposure.

that's what i feel the #1 thing aeni/donhua is missing, exposure. it would really help the industry.
TomDay Nov 19, 2018 10:26 AM
A lot of these stuff done in live-action, they could benefit from a animation remake. It's not only Ice Fantasy, I could see Legend of Fuyao getting a animation remake in Mainland China. Any fantasy-based Chinese TV drama based on Chinese novel or Chinese comic could get a animation remake.

yeah i have seen some chinese dramas on netflix as well. i still find their movies better though. it's great they are turning their action/fantasy into donghua, since it never works well as live action. i believe korea purposefully didn't live action any donjag (shounen) webtoon not because it doesn't have lots of fans (because it does) but because it would look awful.

Well there are K-pop idols that can act, and do musical. But I would love to see a K-pop idol that can do voice-acting like maybe on the same level as Seiyus in Japan. I know singing idols in Japan that have become voice actors/actresses in Japan and I know seiyus that also serve as singing idols like Nana Mizuki. If a K-pop idol can have a talent for voice acting. That alone can help aeni/K-anime find audiences amongst K-pop fanbases and probably get new fan in anime fandom.

to me, idols have 0 talent in acting and singing. but i suggest you watch wara store if you haven't, because it has great voice acting and an idol is a reoccurring character there and he's rather good as well. i know that voice acting has been said to be a problem in aeni, but with wara store i believe that as long as there is a good director it can happen with ease. although dramatic voice acting is a dime a dozen in anime. as long as the idols have talent in voice acting, i don't think i would make much a tantrum as i do now just thinking about them.

As I said above, what China is doing will motivate South Korea to do the same. South Korea has major advantage:

-Chinese animation hasn't gotten any major license outside of China or in the west yet. So South Korea could do that.

-K-pop and K-drama has big advantage in the west given that they're popular. Webtoon too, so that can help aeni/K-anime.

-Since Chinese government control the censorship on everything including animation. That give South Korea more advantage, South Korean government will relax censorship in order for aeni/K-anime to compete with Chinese and Japanese animation

oh i forgot about china's struggle to secure their IP. that is true. and since korea is known even by casual watchers that they have a relationship with the US, it wouldn't be foreign to them to hear of an original korean production and check that out as well. as for webtoon, that's a bit of a bumpy subject to talk about since naver fired the US line head of content, as i'm sure you probably know as well. besides that news, the website suffered from too much US stories instead of korean for years and it's in a very bad place now. so if any webtoon adaptations are announced, they could be stories that US fans don't know about since barely any new ones have been translated, and the ones they are interested in are american. they could be confused on why US stories are not getting adapted. it's good that tom is gone though, that's a good move on naver's part. so maybe line needs to strengthen their korean content next year before announcing any aeni adaptations.

Yes, I think Oh! K and KBS World should do the same for Aeni/K-anime. They should create a 1 or 2 hour block for aeni/K-anime to not only showcase but to see how Korean animation fare well with non-Korean and non-Asian audiences. If it does well, then aeni/K-anime has big potential to become big in the US and around the world.

I hope these help.

yes it does help! i didn't know those things before. it does seem like a really good idea on your proposal.

if only i could contact some koreans to help me see what their exact moves are for aeni promotion.
TomDay Nov 16, 2018 5:04 PM
hey, as i was fishing around for more research, i think i found a site like ANN for korea. the introduction says here:
AWN's Asia Bureau provides a window into various animation-related companies, productions, schools and events through reports, stories, profiles, data gathering and translation provided by numerous people throughout the continent. Their insight and efforts helps AWN publish information on new shows, films, games and the companies who produce, distribute and license them.

Spotlight on Korea is a central place for information on the top Korean companies and their latest work.

site is here:
TomDay Nov 16, 2018 4:37 PM
looking at this more expansive post, i can see that SK really is behind on the "anime" type appeal when compared to china. they're probably more focused on the more marketable industry that is k-drama right now.

Well when I saw these Chinese animation, I was so blown away by the detail of the animation and the story/plotline. This is a Japanese anime industry's worse nightmare, a neighboring country that can make animation that can rival and surpass anime. And it won't be China alone, enter South Korea and you know the rest.

since donghua is chinese and over 70% of japan's anime net worth comes from china, this nightmare is closer to becoming true. when china has more of a stable industry in donhua, they could drop japan altogether and just market their own content. that won't be for a while, though, because i don't seem to find any iconic faces of it as anime has multiple ones.

and those dongua you posted has millions of views! that's amazing.

What and how do you think South Korean's animation industry are going to react when they see these? That's going to motivate South Korean animation industry to create animation that can hold candle to their Chinese counterpart. If the South Korean government saw what Chinese animation industry has been producing, that's going to make South Korean government want to increase animation production in South Korea. South Korean animation industry are probably going to team up with K-pop idols to make Aeni/K-anime marketable and gain publicity.

that's probably a good idea to use k-idols to promote aeni. k-idols have already been used to promote webtoon, as i'm sure you know about bigbang's webtoon on tapas. i just don't want any takeover, because the kpop industry works very differently from webtoon, as it is more of a business that focuses on quality marrying with quantity. kpop is more on quantity before quality. one of the biggest reasons why webtoon is popular is because of the very diverse and excellent writing that are published by the official sites.

i read an article on studio mir and they said they definitely plan on making native works for their country, but since koreans don't value animation as much, they have to work on global projects at the moment. i'm thinking that maybe them or other korean animation studios like DR movie could have a chance to adapt a webtoon, and with the right marketing it could be on the race that china and japan are currently in. there are plenty of korean animation studios to choose from i believe.

Well, I always thought there is a way to bridge anime fans and K-drama fans, and Aeni/K-anime could act as a bridge for Anime and K-drama fans. Now you see how you can lure anime fans into K-drama fans and how you can lure and bait K-drama fans into becoming anime fans.

line's a day before us works just like a k-drama but animated, so i wouldn't say that you have bad reasoning on that part. it very well could be the crucial bridge to getting the aeni industry even more at a thrive.

it's possible that CJ E&M may create a 2nd Tooniverse channel (let say they called it Tooniverse+. Tooniverse Xtreme) for Aeni/K-anime with more mature content to be broadcasted. Don't forget Cartoon Network has a channel in South Korea. So maybe they could make Adult Swim/Toonami for those mature K-anime. Also it's possible South Korea could create a "Animax"-like channel for Aeni/K-anime in Korea and probably in East and Southeast Asia (they could expand to North and South America).

So yeah, the censorship will be relaxed, but you and I are both agree they could stream the series and episodes online if they want to bypass any censorship. That's why I could see Netflix may team up with South Korea. And if there is a market, it's possible Crunchyroll could make their presence in South Korea and help give K-anime a platform.

There's one thing I don't want South Korea to do: I don't want aeni/K-anime to be shown late night just like anime do in Japan. Late night does not help K-anime.

I can't say much about Chinese animation because I don't have enough knowledge and facts about how they're going to be shown (either on TV or on streaming sites).

it is a good idea to have an aeni channel as a sub brand of CN. in addition it could also attract koreans to look at a channel that has their on native people's content on it since they have a lot of patriotic pride. and i do agree that it should be marketed to asia first before the west/US, seeing asia has more people and you really need a strong hold on it before you want to go further than that.

Tom, it goes beyond that. I found other Korean animation that show the huge potential for Korean animation.

i see that in the description that it's from a webtoon story, and it's from lezhin, so that is interesting. i will have to see how koreans received it since as i said before koreans are not that interested in animation. i don't think that it will be that big of quality, though, since i haven't seen much good storytelling from that meduim. but still, it's good we have animated webtoon from korea.

i know that elsword has had animation trailers done by DR movie. i don't know that if they did this show, though. oh yeah and btw, since you asked, DR movie worked for ghibli in spirited away. they could have done more, i don't know.
EDIT: turns out DR movie did animate the show, the link is here.

as for the little girl aeni links, that actually looks better than the elsword videos imo. the timing is better than the other show. with this link, i can firmly agree with you on aeni can work harder and reach the lengths of china.
The only thing I don't want South Korea to do with aeni is create lolicon and moe fanservice. I don't want Korea's aeni to create their own version of Eromanga Sensei. That's what I don't want to see.

korea doesn't appear to be into the "little girl hentai" as japan is. in fact a lot of korean romance stories are set in adulthood or high school, but have the MCs grow up as the story progresses. so i don't think that will be a thing. and even if it is a thing, it probably won't be popular. but i do agree, it would be better off if it didn't exist.
TomDay Nov 16, 2018 1:04 PM
it wasn't much. i just said it i couldn't find another thread to talk about what we were discussing so i just chose that one. i have to get to you later on your other reply.
TomDay May 25, 2018 4:33 PM
sure, go for it
hotsushikun May 11, 2018 10:23 AM
Get lost, i don't need to talk with you anymore!!! Leave me alone!!!
hotsushikun May 7, 2018 1:23 PM
Dude, that's enough!!!! I can't talk with you anymore, i've had enough of your political and racism, and comaprison things!!!! I am getting tired of this!!!

Just leave me alone!!!
hotsushikun May 4, 2018 1:02 AM
I never, like you said, "raised in hell" after J-Pop MV got blocked on YT becuase i never got really interested on it. I started litsening since 2017 around that time, and i did heard a lot of news about on how Japan loves CD and don't like to be in an digital music, because Japan is still in an old-fashioned way and still trapped in an time wrap.

Here is an article information about it:

This articles really impressed me on how Japan don't want to be in digital media and they love to be on CD because they are part of an national pride of CD.

I even fell how Japan is strange and don't do good from the pressure of an international laws such as allow more migrants to come to Japan instead they choose over robotics to fill the labor shortages and/or having more women and elderly in the workforce.

Here is an article i found this:

Here is also some podcast here:

Also, i have no connection to the "white genocide" and i am an white person, and i have no deeply grudge against it, i like Japan and Korea because of their amazing culture and an amazing products they have. These anti-immigrants ground could also attack Japanese and Korean people residing overseas as well, you should know that to, its not for Korean only as well.
hotsushikun May 3, 2018 8:48 AM
Oh god, why are you talking this to me man!!! Why are you so jelaous about Japan not doing well while Korea is doing better, i just came here to talk to you on Facebook because i noticed all of your written works you wrote on ANN you we're at the time.

I can't believe you are acting so werid and terrible person and everybody on this site (and other websites) will think of you are an idiot and they will hate you because you are talking something that isn'it it important to me and others.

Darn it, how am i starting to hate you, and me and others from this site will call you loser and make you "boo" because you are a jerk and idiot.

I've been into K-pop fandom since 2016 because they had an amazing songs and they are much more western orineted, J-Pop should try to make their music more westernized just like how Popsori said on the Youtube.

Here are the videos of Popsori had made:

You can even talk to this youtuber who made this video and ask him something what you want and he will block you from your Youtube channel.
hotsushikun May 3, 2018 1:49 AM
Now litsen, that Miljenko Matijevic is from Croatia (he was known as an Yugoslavia when it has an idepdent state until its break up in 1992) and you can't find too number of Serbians around artists who wanted to get popular on South Korean enterintainment industry.

Korea allows foreigners to be active and peform musics in their country, but for Japan, it cannot be because they love their enthic homogenity they pride in and choose main Japanese people (altough there are some Japanese minorities like Ainu, Ryukuyan, Zainichi Korean and Hafu) and foreigners who want to be an star of Japanese music indsutry is far little bit easter to do so.

Even Japan dosen't allow dual citizenship as well, when Renho was elected as the first female of the Democratic Party, she got an suprised attetntion that she became an first-mixed race person to hold this position, as she was born to Taiwanese father and Japanese mother and she held a dual citizenship for a long time until she was forced to renonuce her citizenship because Japanese goverment don't allow dual citizenship. Here is an article about him:

The fact that Japan is having a sturrgle for Half-Japanese to be accepted them into their soceity, its going to take a long time whenever the Goverment will start accepting migrants since Japan's demographic has been in disaster in recent years.

And do your ancestor country, Vietnam, allows dual citizenship?

(sorry for my poor English)