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Echelon Yesterday, 1:43 PM
Echelon Yesterday, 1:37 PM
From how you're describing Utena (overly melodramatic) and Sailor Moon (laid back fun), I want to say that's what Nadia kept jumping back and forth between for me haha. Go full CRAZY BITCHES or not! So do you have any defense for Gargoyle? Or is this another... "he's not supposed to be likable?" But then it's like ,how is that fun? haha. He was effective at his role but the voice and blank mask face was so damn boring. A villain that was more compelling would have helped my case.

I think I would have loved more stuff with the brother. That's the kind of surreal/philosophical weirdness that I love most. Hell honestly, if I could pick a top favorite scene in the entire thing, it might have been when he was moving out of his chair and slowly walking over to save Nadia. That scene was fucking amazing. But then it pans back to Gargoyle pulling out what looked like Honey I Blew Up the Kid power plug, man it almost ruined it for me lmao. Still loved that scene though and his dead robotic body still actually looked really gruesome and nasty. I definitely loved all the New Nautilus stuff. Too bad that was short lived. Never really warmed up to Electra though. Has Anno said anything about this space drama idea in the last 20 years now? lol, maybe that would have been the one Anno series that clicks with me best.

I guess if you love these Nadia characters, then this whole series is a good ride. But I would have liked a lot more to happen along the way. Kind of weird how tricky of a balancing act ocean sailing stuff is for me. I hate isolated boat settings in a lot of games, haha. But this is some of the best stuff in One Piece.

I might like the Jean and Nadia "relationship", them as a pair, more than I do them by themselves. *laughs* Jean especially just got kind of more uninteresting as it went for me. I said this early on a few times too, but I guess having radically different expectations in my mind for what Nadia herself was going to be like... probably didn't help. I was laughing thinking of you when I saw shades of NGE stuff in her at times. But yeah, no denying I thought they were a cute pairing in the end.
Echelon Jun 22, 6:17 PM
I can kind of see why you thought Nadia would be a home run for me in ways near the end here. It's too bad these characters did nothing for me though haha. But I've nailed down a few other things that didn't gel with me...

- The severe tonal changes. Even up to the last moment, they're kind of joking "Jean will save me" when Nadia separates from the crew again and everyone is kind of nonchalant, smiles... when people might be dying wiithin the next minute. The entire show was like this and even scene to scene at times. I'm fine with that, but you could tell they wanted to push how dark this could get at times so the two extremes were just too much for me. The comedy never rubbed me wrong, but it was just hard to take a lot of this seriously, since it didn't feel like these characters were being that serious at times too. lol
- This Atlantis, alien, Deus Ex machina stuff is often my thing. But near the end here I realized, I don't know if I like such an "epic" story concept when it's just focusing on some small rag tag group with more of an "adventure" focus. I want ... WAR!!! But really, I bet just like NGE, Nadia might have had a big influence on Tetsuya Takahashi of Xeno/Monolith Soft fame. The entire Xeno series is chalk full of themes like this stuff, but it's always in the midst of far more action, war, way more characters, it's bigger in scope which fits these end of the world scenarios better to me. That's what I think gives the Xeno games a more consistent tone compared to Nadia too, even if Xenogears focuses on a smaller group too in ways, there's just so much more going on in that world.

So I'm walking away with similar feelings to NGE. Nadia... I respect it, lol. Is this in your top 10? The way you speak of it kind of sounds like it could be.

And I don't know what you think of Gargoyle, but that dude was 1990 Sgt Slaughter to me. It started getting painful every time I saw him on screen and had to suffer that coma inducing voice. lol

Nothing bad compared to things I've seen this year, but middle of the pack for me.
Echelon Jun 21, 2:27 PM
Grendizer is hands down the runner up for the VIBES category this year next to Joe 2 for me. I think this might even be better than Mazinger Z somehow, holy frick..
Echelon Jun 20, 5:09 PM
"Speaking of Tomino, how have you not seen his directorial debut, the fantastic Umi no Triton? And you call yourself a Tomino fan..."


I remember you guys convincing me to probably pass on that one years ago. At this point I never think about it and don't think I'll ever consider it haha. I know you're mostly joking though. But yeah I consider my Tomino watchathon complete, covering his mecha material.
Echelon Jun 15, 11:56 AM
I think it's only a matter of time for you. I can't really compute you truly feeling that awesome classic animation is "lesser" than some live action stuff in anyway. Those sharp thick lines in the 70's are amazing and I love how this era looks like straight up comic/manga panels. I'm a sucker for the samurai robot designs that Tomino/Nagahama seemed to favor, but I have zero complaints with Mazinger and loved all of it and the enemies. It's quite obvious how it was the ultimate influence on Mega Man, but maybe my love for that series helped... either way, these nitpicks don't seem very "you" is what I'm getting at. *laughs* Mazinger Z is an instant 9. LOCK IT IN.

Jokes of the legend himself aside, I don't even need to glance at Zambot, Daitarn, or Ideon to know how his stuff is still different with its own energy and I'm all for it. Raideen will be interesting with him doing the first half. I suspect it'll be like a prototype and maybe comparable to Combattler, which seems like Nagahama's weaker early entry. Voltes V was off the chain though and I think Daimos will be another top contender in the 9's.

Can already tell Grendizer is a 9. So for me Mazinger Z, Grendizer, and Daitarn are the CREAM so far. I still might like Ideon more than all of these but it's also kind of its own interesting beast and seems weird to compare to these in ways.

I used to fear "repetition" with this genre. Even down to long transformation animations or recycled stock footage, but I've literally never thought of that this entire year watching all this. Doesn't phase me a damn bit. And watching Mazinger Z, Great, Getter Robo G, and Grendizer, all back to back, they're all still varied enough with no issues of overlap or deju vu. So I'm really impressed.

Definitely still some stinkers though. Sounds like Jeeg is the drizzling shits and I've truly kind of lost my patience for Furuya voicing "lead action hero" types. It was completely fine in Abel with him being kind of a dumbo, but it's just pure facts that anyone else voicing him probably would have been better... same with Seiya... etc. So him being the lead in Jeeg and that one sounding bad, not sure if I should ever bother haha.

HisokaHajime Jun 15, 11:12 AM

Grab some popcorn for the next batch.
Echelon Jun 14, 12:26 PM
The Security+ book I sampled sounded a heck of a lot like that too. There's sometimes multiple correct answers but they want you to pick the BEST one. Ugh lol.

Sounds like you're not writing SR off yet. Seems similar to what I'd say about tokusatsu for myself. I dug Garo and think I could get into some sentai/Kaman Rider at some point, even though I stalled Kaman Rider Black a dozen episodes in about as hard as you did Getter Robo G, haha.

Maybe I can drill down a few key ingredients that makes them for me. But an obvious one is a good group of likable fun villains that love to infight. It gets both humorous and awesome to me when one episode will focus entirely around a new villain character and they get the most spotlight, I love that stuff. G ep11 heh. It's exciting to see how creative they get with the enemy mech designs too, though that could depend on the aesthetics. Like all of Mazinger Z had cool enemies to me, but not so much in Great Mazinger after awhile. Now Grendizer has a bunch of enemies that have two giant shields on their arms that can fold up enclosing them into the form of a UFO and I love it.

I'm sure this is just a real "mood" for me in ways, but I can tell going forward I'm just always going to like this genre and 70's more now. Which is how I've warmed up to episodic anime in general too over the years. And well turns out some of the SR shows are the best in that style for a reason heh.
Echelon Jun 14, 8:40 AM
That's not bad. Like I've told you, looks like I have about 6 months myself now to conquer something... heh. Gotta do it before the year is up. Maybe I'll have a leg up on the A+ knowing a bit already (took some computer building class in college too), but I'm sure the "official" terminology and such will be the tough part. Memorization, classic test BS... lol.


Dear Getter Robo G,

I'm sorry. Sorry I bullied you for years. You're pretty good.

lol, I remember you not minding the first series. Did you just fall off a groove with G? Has the 70's fully clicked with you yet? At least it took time for me, but this is indeed the year. I think getting more into some older movies helped too. There's not as many 70's options for anime but I can easily see this being a vibe I'll want to fill at some points going forward.

Echelon Jun 11, 9:46 PM
Do you have more intel about the A+ from your friend? How long it took and or what job interviews they're getting? I've heard good things about Mike Meyers' books and see he has a course on Udemy, so I'll keep tabs on that. Only 17.5 hours too!
Echelon Jun 10, 11:21 AM
6 more days and I'm out. It was truly this or nuclear meltdown and just waking up sometime this month and going "Nah". At least with one more big paycheck after this week's, I'll be able to easily cover next month and then some. But never have I felt so physically destroyed, I left jobs like this in the past without looking back once and it must be forever going forward.

Starting to firmly believe that blue collar jobs, 40 hour work weeks, working for someone else, any overtime whatsoever, etc, is all BULLSHIT. My dad did work a few corporate jobs before going into carpentry on his own and now I see why him and probably others NEVER go back. This is the road to an unfulfilling life. I won't say I was complacent in my last department. But I wasn't doing much either and could lead a much better life with more effort.

I have an interview on Monday morning with something that could be $2 higher and the one recruiter I was talking with has global emails to her connections like this one recently "$20 an hour job can start TOMORROW". I'm pretty confident I'll land on my feet and perhaps even get a raise in the process... but what I truly want is no more of this overtime bullshit. 9 years of my life I've put up with this stupidity and companies that grind up their employees into human debris. Going forward for now I want to at least have more money in the tank to drop a company like nothing if ever necessary because I've truly lost my patience. For now... need a more sane normal job that respects work balance life more and then I can work on building my own future to break away from this. Corporate security is a myth.
Echelon Jun 7, 11:54 AM
I'm guessing it'll be something trying to redeem Gargoyle or someone haha.

I just realized that you posted that Leda track haha. I keep getting a lot of activity on this old upload. You and these 11 year old Nadia uploads... nuthugger for life! lol
Echelon Jun 7, 11:32 AM
I say that and then let the video roll into more tracks and it's awesome haha. But yeah this feels like one of those OST's that's good while watching, just not sure I'd listen to it much on its own.

It is fun for me to see the NGE-isms while watching this and hear the comparisons musically too. Lol

You've linked me his Bleach stuff. Sounds generic as crap.

I'm probably a sucker for his 80's style the most. Leda and Ai City, haha. This slaps so hard for a random new search, reminds me a ton of that Zeta composer too who didn't do much:

Does this sound cool to you? lol

Been addicted to it the last two days.

Dude, when I just THINK about Saint Seiya vibes...
Echelon Jun 7, 11:08 AM
Oh I missed that part. I'd still like to consider the A+ and Net+... but yeah. I'll focus more on coding for now.

Are you not getting to run code and see the "results" as much with this backend stuff? That's what I'm assuming I guess. Backend is more hardcore pure text/code... for better or worse.

Anno >>>>> Miyazaki, I can easily say that. But yeah it's still like, "Respect" is my conclusion on Anno haha. I can always nod at the things you like about his stuff and see it though. Despite not feeling like this show has done a ton in this amount of time for me, the episodes all feel different from a production and style standpoint. I think that resonated more with me another time through NGE. I could almost maybe see Nadia growing on me with another watch and maybe that's all his stuff in general for me, but yeah nothing I'll be jumping into too quickly. I hate to say I almost wonder if this being more mecha would entice me more. *laughs* But that's cliche' and I like the sub base still.

You like Xenogears (and Xenoblade 1?), but that sums up me and Xenosaga/Xenoblade. Don't really know anyone else that loves them all like me. lol, I play all those games and there's just that special something I can "feel", like you get with Anno.