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Echelon Sep 22, 6:20 PM
Also, who's XB2's best girl? Our friendship depends on this answer...
Echelon Sep 22, 6:15 PM

The Old Tree being that... was mindblowing. And dude, the bottom of the world / old futuristic civilization section, was that not Xenogears or what? Like that one NGE styled underground city you find in Xenogears. This is like the biggest thing I was excited for you to see. lol, you can probably just tell I'm in heaven when I reach these parts in Xeno's. *laughs*

Have you even just looked back on XB1 videos? The cooldown bar alone is enough for me to think... XB2's gameplay destroys it haha. That said XBX still had the XB1 styled menu setup but everything just felt better and had more punch to it.

Torna fucking delivers. Do you know who it features? If you have the box the art probably sums it up. I'm still trying to figure out what to make of Malos.

Was the final boss insane? I remember truly feeling like I had to have all the mechanics down by then. Such an epic theme too. Not one that gets the blood pumping as fast as Zanza, but it's an emotional roller coaster.

So let me tell you why Torna/XB3 have one of the best combat systems ever... imagine XB2 even more refined and take out the Blades. Wa-lah, lol. You have a party of 6 main characters in Torna so you don't have to mess with that Blade stuff at all. Man it was so nice. I can see how the Blade system probably gives XB2 the highest replay value but yeah. Like I said awhile back, it was never an issue to me getting good ones along the way, but that kind of randomness isn't ideal.

Two things I'll mention now that I didn't want to earlier until you finished. I recall the map being kind of wonky in XB2 with the elevation of some areas. Like I'd look at the map and think, is that up there or below me? Not sure if you had that problem, but I never did in XB3.

Other than that, I didn't really look back on XB2 too much until I was super far into XB3, but I was kind of shocked at how much better XB3 looks, especially the lip syncing. It never bothered me in XB2, but going back to videos and seeing it all was kind of like a whoaaaa moment lol. But XB3 came out five years later, so that naturally makes sense. Just still a surprise.

So I scooped up a bunch of the Atelier games on the 3DS when the eshop was going down, because I hear they're mostly dungeon crawlers. To which I've gotten into Shin Megami Tensei these last two years. SMT3 on PS2 was a 10/10 for me and then I played Digital Devil Saga 1-2 earlier this year, probably both an 8/10. My allergies to Persona kept me away from this series for far too long lol. I sampled some of Persona 4 and couldn't get into it at all. But if you look up some SMT you can probably imagine it's very me haha. Post apocalyptic, dark sci-fi, pure dungeon crawling/gameplay, good shit. Then it gets weirder how it even predates Pokemon. It does the monster capturing thing, which I don't always love, but I got addicted as heck in SMT3. Put 80 hours into that.

Bloodstained 1 and 2... the 8bit Curse of the Moon games? I loved the first, was iffy on the second. But the main game Ritual of the Night is incredible. One for my "neo retro" favorites. I like it just as much as some of my favorite Castlevania's.
Echelon Sep 11, 11:13 AM
156 hours, XB3 is D O N E!

Only thing I'm not bothering with is maxing out Gems/class levels, no need heh.
Echelon Sep 8, 8:18 PM
Yeah I can see that. It's been kind of cool that it's not always a predictable main event with AEW so far. But then sometimes you just gotta get back to common sense and simple basic logic, lol. No clue why this and a bunch of other matches end shows sometimes.

Think I like Toni more than Thunder but I'm not sure that's saying much at all lol. It's wild Toni gets these pops but I'm just like "Is it just this awesome theme?" ... lol. We are finally seeing some potential in the division though. I'm glad Tay is doing more again but shouldn't be so attached at the hip to Sammy and vice versa. Her doing actually solo female matches would be nice. And it's about damn time Baker's group probably breaks up. They all seem solid and could be on their own. Why the fuck was Deeb on Dark recently? And TK's weird thing against Shida for awhile there from what it looked like... keep her on the main show please. Still, kind of hard to care with the second INTERIM arc already in play and then we got another boring champion to wait for. Thunder is amazing in the ring to me but like we always say if everything else is a flop it doesn't matter much in the end.

Would prefer Danielson myself, but I also mentioned to Hisoka, Mox's has gained so much respect for me... I kind of like the idea of him racking up the most captures for the world belt at this point. It doesn't have to be now, but in the long road it would make sense. Time and time again this guy seems to be available for when TK needs him most and helps keep the whole damn company alive. He better get a raise or a nice bonus. lol

MJF works and elevates everyone. But... I don't know about him and Omega. That seems like it'd be the one weird mash up. Hmmm...

Blue balls finale for the ending there, lol. Yeah I just watched the PPV trios match and the Acclaimed tag again, man it was incredible. It's one of the best "escalation" matches I've seen in AEW with it getting better by the minute and you get sucked in rooting and believing for them so hard.

I've always liked Swerve's look, his moves, selling, but his promos could use work... or he just needs to go full heel and be more vicious. I think I'd actually like Keith more if he goes heel sometime too. Seems like he could be a really obnoxious higher than thou prick heh. He's been fine to me overall and their synergy in matches is pretty damn cool. But we all still can't shake the feeling that others have deserved the belts for longer, or things like the Acclaimed now make more sense instead. Guess we won't have to wait long to see how this all unfolds.

FTR would be my real pick but the booking has certainly been weird and up and down with them. The dozen other belts they have too are a bit of a bad distraction.

*nods* Just still hope Punk is fired or walks. lol, sounds like he could be out for 6 months now. Just pay this man off and be done with it. It will forever be all too easy to look back and just say the Punk era was AEW at its worst. A lot of true colors were more than likely revealed, real leaders stepped up, and I hope TK learned some serious lessons ... so AEW can learn and be even better from here. Nothing will ever be Montreal screw job level but man, this definitely felt like some of the craziest shit I've seen in wrestling in a long ass while. Had to do a fairly hard reboot over 72 hours.
Echelon Sep 7, 9:23 PM
How would you rate Swerve? Keep thinking I see good things in him and heeling it up could be awesome. This whole random combo with Keith was super weird though. But I almost now kind of like the idea of them maybe not being a tag team all the time, but both jointly heeling it up and antagonizing others. As for the belts though put them on Acclaimed NOW!!
Echelon Sep 6, 5:50 PM
Maybe whenever he sometimes irks me every once and awhile, I can now just think "Thank God it's not Punk" lmfao.

Hoping I like Triple H more again when I get back to 2000, but who knows. Getting temping to get to it this year since AEW's left me so unfulfilled throughout the year.
Echelon Sep 6, 4:50 PM
This could be a crucial mistake for not putting it on The Acclaimed there. Even heard yesterday that TK was asked in the scrum or some point over the last few days if he's ever changed stories mid show on the fly. And I think he declined to answer. Man... this is what Hisoka and I are talking about and him lacking the willingness to be creative and spontaneous sometimes. You have to in this business. This year has already cemented itself as one of the weirdest years in wrestling for booking all due to his stubbornness to STICK TO THE PLAN! You'd think he would have learned a few lessons by now. Nobody liked that interim BS, even Mox himself... and yet we're doing it all over again.

Acclaimed will remain over. But that was volcanic levels of over, perfect storytelling, probably their best match on AEW by far... and completely fumbled the ending. Now I'm extra sick of Keith and Swerve. If they don't try to change it up and be heels after this that'll be annoying too. But like we've been seeing since the beginning of this RANDOM tag team up, they're obviously going to split and feud at some point. Stop dragging this shit out and get the belts on a real official team. Sheesh.

"So as it turns out, MJF was purposely kept off TV all this time just for this storyline.And people aren't even talking about it because of the BS that happened after the show."

"I better not see Punk on Dynamite tomorrow. Especially after Kingston got suspended for less."

*nods* I see some people arguing that MJF is what mucked up Wardlow's big win, because of that no show at some event. Maybe true to an extent but the blood is still on TK's hands from the start that caused all that and now this. Arguably one of the biggest stars in the business and one that could save this company right now from this mess... is off TV for MONTHS, finally comes back, and nobody is talking about it because of Punk's dumbass. And yeah the Kingston situation throws a wrench into things. We will truly see just how much TK is sucking Punk's nuts if nothing comes of this. I agree with people that the Elite probably don't need that EVP status, any active wrestling talent (sounds like Cody didn't like that over his head). But you got a team of people that BUILT this company for years vs this 40 year old man who seems permanently 12 years old and seems to cause drama anywhere he goes. I still can't get over that scrum and how weak and pathetic that made TK look and his whole company. They just had a talent meeting and probably have to have another immediately. Who on the roster's going to trust the boss when you sit there like a bitch as someone buries the whole place and acts like he's running the business? Yikes.

Was so disgusted last night I started playing the N64 wrestling games again. lol, man they still freaking hold up and rule. Going to play some more Revenge tonight.

Chapter 7 is one of the best. Oh baby. :)

Yeah dude, think that happened to me a few times. GACHA! Gotta love it. Maybe just go in and expect disappointment and then be pleasantly surprised, lmao...
Echelon Sep 5, 11:56 AM
Good PPV.

Punk is a turd.

Lost Universe had no business getting that series in the last handful of episodes. Hyper Police was better for their tier, but overall it was still fun. If you really need to get it out of your system I'd say just watch a few random early episodes and that should be fine haha.
Echelon Sep 1, 4:53 PM
Maybe I can load up XB2 when you beat it to see what Blades and stuff I liked. From what I hear all your skill upgrades and stuff carry over into NG+. So I bet it'd be easy to blast through it and main line the story that way, which I want to do eventually.
Echelon Sep 1, 4:40 PM
Yeah, XB1's strengths still carry it and it feels like an interesting point between old Xeno and the new era. There's certainly been some stuff I "miss" in a way, yet I don't really have any complaints at all with XB2-XB3 either heh. XBX is the one with a laundry list of things I want changed if they plan to get back and do X2 next. But that could be another insane 10/10 if they knock it out of the park.

10 chapters indeed. You're getting to the real goods at this point and will soon see why I've been clamoring for you to play it for years probably. *laughs* Dayum, 62 hours and to think I was done with it around 70 or so haha. I just hope if you do go into XB3 later this year you won't burn out... but maybe that's more of a me thing? Since you probably play fewer games than I do overall, but put tons of time into them. Probably played Smash consistently for years and things like that. So maybe it's a non-issue for you.

I know what you mean there though with XB3. The side quests adds so much to the world building and I even find myself caring for these more generic looking NPC's that have continuous storylines, or new dialogue that plays off new events since you last saw them or something. I know the others had fans of the Colony building aspects, there was just too much fluff in some of the side quests to me, but with XB3 it was like... I get it now and why some people have always loved this stuff about the XB's. I'm kind of shocked some people are beating XB3 without even finding all the Heroes, who unlock Classes for you to use. That'd be like you going out of your way to ignore some key Blades in XB2 haha... makes no sense to me.

I'm glad you're doing the side stuff and leveling the skills up then though. You're probably coming up to some weird level later in the game where some of this stuff comes into play and was a road block for some people. I don't recall it being a big issue for me and you're doing even more, so yeah. It was certainly weird though, so I'm glad XB3 ditched that idea.


Man, you mentioning QTE's, suddenly makes me realize they don't have any of that stuff in XB3 at all anymore. Like the timed/rhythm circle things? I remember that in XBX and XB2 I think. QTE's aren't too bad for me but nothing I "love". So I didn't even realize it here haha...

JUST finished BB a few months back if even and Saul, so they are very fresh in mind. Basically two new favorite shows ever up there with Star Trek TNG and some other rare stuff. What's hilarious is that I watched BB a few months back, then Saul, then Game of Thrones... and maybe because I watched the Saul final stretch as it aired, but all of BB/BCS still feels fresh in my mind compared to GOT. But I guess GOT was an 8/10 for me overall too, so uh yeah... just spitting facts here, BB/BCS is way better. I get some Twin Peaks vibes in a good way with BCS and some of BB. "Unintentionally hilarious" is how Hisoka put it. They can be dark as fuck but sometimes the situations are just so over the top and crazy you can't help but laugh. I think BCS has one of the best endings I've ever seen and will ever see to anything period and I just know it'll be your style too haha. You're in for some amazing stuff. I think Walt is still my favorite character overall, but both shows are stacked. Too bad this kind of tone is so hard to pull off, but I guess it's what makes these two all the more special as well.

The ONE PIECE is in the telescope... looking forward to it. I'll try and catch up soon.
Echelon Aug 31, 7:51 PM
Zeke rules. I know exactly what you mean about the anime vibe in a good way here, the comedy being like One Piece/Ippo good in spots. I remember some of this area skimming some videos and yeah, think it got a little tougher here heh. Are you doing some side stuff or leveling up field skills a tad?

As for me, beat XB3 and still recovering from it. Not sure I teared up that much since Nier Automata. I still can't decide about certain things between XB2 and XB3. But how do you like organizing your 10's? No other better way to put it. And with this one, I'm fucking 120 hours in and still going. Doing all the post end game stuff and everything. I just won't bother "maxing out" kind of pointless numbers and stuff, but yeah. Still doing everything and having a blast.

As One Piece's biggest fan on Earth, I know how much little details mean to you, so let's just say that yeah you playing these in the correct order, the pay off is small to some but immense to us. Absolutely worth it 100%, transcendent when the pieces come together. One of the ultimate trilogies.

The thing against XB1 looking back, is that a lot of the main cast honestly doesn't get fleshed out at all. Shulk and Melia seem like the only ones I could describe more in detail. I remember Dunban having his cool intro and moments but then it goes nowhere. Maybe they got more fleshed out in the deluge of aimless sidequests in this one? XB2 and XB3 especially are entirely different beasts when it comes to the balance and developing the whole main cast. They're my extended families. I have my favorites and bias as always of course, but it just blows my mind how good these two parties and their relationships are fleshed out, across all eras of videogames/JRPG's. Doesn't get much better.

I do kind of miss the Alvis trope though, lol. Seems like a Xenogears/Xenosaga era character that hasn't been a thing since XB1. The weird ass mysterious character who's not really anti-hero, good, or bad, seems to know way more, and you're just like WTF? And want more of them lol.
Echelon Aug 27, 3:21 PM
The XB3 final dungeon... this one and XB2's are so good I could cry. XENOOOOOOOO!
Echelon Aug 27, 10:59 AM
Jumping back into Dai and this part I'm at suddenly feels so much like XB3, even musically... it was destiny. lol

I'm still a bit envious that all of Dai has looked and sounded this good, compared to half of Super. Hopefully Super 2 is more consistent. We WILL get it! Willing it into existence!
Echelon Aug 24, 4:16 PM
"But then the final boss FORCED you to use them so..."

Let's just say XB2 is kind of similar. lol, that's when I was like, I gotta figure out these elemental orb combos. But yeah, don't fret it too much.

Mythra... <3. Legs all day everyday. I loved Nia and Pyra too though.

Hmm, so it sounds like you haven't gotten any truly unique rare Blades yet? Because an issue people took with this game, is that all the ultra unique ones are designs by dozens of different artists. So I can see how the aesthetic is a little more all over in this one, or NSFW. Fuck if I care about such allergies though. The base Blade design is pretty boring for sure though, I know the generic ones you're talking about. So maybe you just haven't gotten any rare ones yet. They're all distinguished and look cooler.

Nomura designed Jin and maybe even Malos. Some of his best male designs in awhile haha.

I beat XB2 around 70 hours myself for reference. As for the Torna "DLC"... I got 40 hours out of it. It's probably 20 hours without doing 100% like I did. But by then, the combat was perfect and I was all in. It's an amazing companion piece to XB2. Think of Gundam The Origin haha...

But yeah don't look up anything or any tracks for now. Keep those blinders on.

So I'm impressed that Square is doing these cool remasters lately and even adding in new or lost content, like in SaGa Frontier, or this Live a Live full remaster of an SNES game. The issue with Xenogears is that it's 110% Tetsuya Takahashi. Even if they did a remaster and could finish up Disc 2, that would be a dream, but I'd only be interested if Square and Nintendo partnered up with Monolith Soft themselves. Yet I hear there might be some bad blood since Monolith Soft were a lot of ex-Square people and split from them, but that's going on 20 years now. I don't know if Live a Live is staying a Nintendo exclusive, that would probably have to be in play with Xenogears... so yeah it seems like it'd be complex as hell if they could somehow make it happen. But it would be amazing.

The XB's are so different, I can see the fanbases maybe being different generations too now. But who knows. It'd be cool if some new fans and younger people go back to it and still love it.

I read an interview from 2015 a week or so back with Tetsuya Takahashi, who claims he doesn't play many Japanese games or watch anime much anymore. Pretty bizarre. But From Software loves Western fantasy and their games blow all that out of the water. So if Xenoblade's are what the talented Monolith Soft interpret Western games as in their own vision, I guess that's still cool to me lol. Man I just wish I could dig more into this guys head more though. The only thing is that he was more than likely influenced by NGE a lot for Xenogears. But other than that... is he just a genius and pulls these ideas out of nowhere? lol, wish I knew exactly what his inspirations were or things he'd recommend.

That was when XBX was wrapping up production. Which does have a more Western tint to it in some ways. Now I can't help but wonder if he played or likes the Mass Effect games. If and WHEN Xeno gets back to space someday I hope, I could so see it having a similar home ship/base where half the games best moments are just talking with your crew. I'd freaking love that.