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Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga
Sep 23, 8:09 PM
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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Sep 23, 6:59 PM
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Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone
Sep 23, 5:59 PM
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Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
Oct 6, 2012 12:02 AM
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Romance Dawn
Romance Dawn
Sep 30, 2012 9:15 PM
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Cross Epoch
Cross Epoch
Jul 20, 2012 4:45 PM
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Echelon Oct 26, 4:20 PM
That's a hilarious sight, Sonny's ass. The stuff he does at the turnbuckles is pretty crazy.

I'd like for the Dark Order to go more Demolition / Legion of Doom.

Cutler seems like a fine guy, saw him in some of the BTE stuff and some extras. His entrance theme is even really good and I don't mind the DnD stuff. But yeah that was a weird match to watch, Janela was carrying a sinking ship haha. It's like Hisoka said though they'll need some enhancement guys like Cutler.

I wonder if they're still grooming MJF behind the scenes. Hasn't he only done like one squash match on TV so far? I love him but want to see what he's got in the ring more. Darby is cool but I'm not sure how much I'd get into him. Already seeing tons of kids painting their faces like him for Halloween and stuff though. So I'd say Janela is probably one of my favorites from the newer young talent. Really impressed with PAC and I guess he's been around for awhile, he's good stuff.

It doesn't help that Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns look like the same dam person to me. Straight out of the cookie cutter factory. Moxley escaped that shit.
Echelon Oct 26, 3:35 PM
Is he the screamer? lol, yeah I can see that being an issue. I've noticed that with Sonny Kiss as well.

Maybe you saw my comment on Hisoka's wall, but that Dark match with Cutler vs Janela was so eye opening, lol. Made me appreciate the entire roster so much more and just everyone that's good at this in general. Cutler is extremely green... then I can't stop thinking about people like Macho. I don't know if we'll ever see people that can work a crowd like that ever again.

I am really digging Janela though.

Seth Rollings sounds like such a prick. JR took offense to his recent comments. I never get the vibe it's Rollins trying to play up some gimmick either. He just looks like a total loser to me. lol, poor little bitch can't get over.
Echelon Oct 21, 6:52 PM
It's kind of crazy to me that Joaquin Phoenix did this, since I just always picture him as the prick in Gladiator which was 20 years ago haha. Guess he was kind of young in that one though so he's still not really old. I heard that Jared Leto guy wanted to get this cancelled or something. lol, there was a lot of Rotten Tomatoes controversy too but it's just more proof of how stupid that site is.

Yeah I was initially shocked that Dark has full on normal commentary. I wasn't expecting that at all. I even kind of like how the camera work and production isn't totally in full gear, so it has a different vibe in an interesting way. Omega vs Janela was a highlight so far.

I'm wanting SCU or Lucha Bros to win the tag belts. Private Party are amazing but still kind of young, I think they can keep building them up to further greatness. I agree with Hisoka on Baker if you guys have talked about that, she needs a lot of work despite how much they pushed her. So I'm glad Riho is still champion. I'm excited for Hikaru Shida. I wasn't totally onboard with The Inner Circle idea until I saw Jericho's promo with them and that's all I needed, lol. "Le Champione" is too good. I'd like to see some long title reigns again. A year would probably be too much in the modern landscape, but like ~2 would be great and be such a big deal. I wouldn't mind if they bring in an IC level belt.

Impact is streaming 24/7 on Twitch, I'll throw that on sometimes and catch some cool stuff. They can show the whole TNA backlog and stuff. I'm not sure when they air the current stuff. I just know of that beast Brian Cage, then there's Tully's daughter. Don Callis is a weird dude but it turns out he seems to know what he's doing with them landing on a good network soon apparently. Not sure I'll have to access to it either or really want to keep up with it, but it'll be cool to check out from the sidelines.

I'm hoping Omega vs Okada 5 is in the AEW ring. That'd be cool.

I had my reasons for staying away a bit from XBX but yeah, should never have doubted Xeno. I'll just say on one aspect, I think it dropped when I was super burned out on open world stuff. It is more truly open world compared to the other Xenoblade's, but its format is just amazing. There's just one huge CITY hub and then you branch out into the monstrous world. Once you get mecha and then the flight module, you can fly through the entire world without loading. So... when it comes to open world, guess I can always have room for Zelda and any Xenoblade's hehe.
Echelon Oct 21, 5:49 PM
If anything the SJW's/media reaction to it has had me laughing. It does sound cool and not really like a superhero movie... which is good since I'm bored of those.

I still don't have TNT so I've been missing Dynamite so far sadly, but all their recaps and Dark make it pretty easy to keep up with. I've been watching Powerr and am watching this right now. Also watched Omega vs Fenix earlier.

I'll be curious about this big TV deal with Impact too. Probably not something that'll get my full attention but yeah, there's no reason to watch WWE at all anymore. lol

I beat Xenoblade X, it's another masterpiece. I think a direct sequel with some refinements on this formula and more story could be the best of all the Blade's. I guess AMA if you have any questions. The mecha elements and combat was immaculate.
Echelon Oct 21, 4:55 PM
Nah, only movie I've watched so far in all of 2019 is Metropolis. lol
Echelon Sep 24, 6:06 PM

Jump to 4:50 after a bit. ONE SUMMON in ONE little boss battle. Goddamn this production is glorious. SE finally spending money on a goodie.

It's like they maybe took a cue from Monolith-Soft honestly. I can't even express how much better this gameplay/combat looks compared to how boring as hell FFXV was. lol

Echelon Sep 23, 7:18 PM
I played a little over 3 hours starting it up today and it just completely washed away any worries I had. I will never doubt Xeno again. It's exhilarating being back in one of these worlds again and it'll blow my mind when I get controllable mecha I'm sure. Already love the two main chicks that join up with you right away. Your character is mute though so that's different, but it doesn't seem like an issue so far.
Echelon Sep 23, 3:33 PM
Xenoblade X ROCKS!!!
Echelon Sep 17, 6:21 PM
Yup. I know some characters truly are better or worse than others, but people should just have fun and use whoever they like.

I do miss when Zelda and Sheik were one, that was pretty ridiculous. lol
Echelon Sep 15, 5:04 PM
Found a tier list I made awhile back haha
Echelon Sep 15, 4:30 PM
Echelon Sep 13, 4:48 PM
Yeah true, this and the Terra / Tina thing were well known even back in the day. I can go either way with Aeris / Aerith, but I think the US "Terra" is way cooler than Tina.

Did you ever play the original SD3? It's one of the best looking SNES games and one of my favorite ARPG combat systems of all time. Rock solid replay value with 6 choose able characters and a branching class system at two points in the game, three different main scenarios too depending on who you pick first for the leader character, so there's 3 different final dungeons/bosses. Legendary OST too.
Echelon Sep 12, 6:17 PM
I wonder if I'll ever get used to "Aerith". I'm battling the same situation with Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2) finally getting localized and some of the character names are different from the fan translation I've known for 20 years heh. The 3D remake for it also looks super dope, which is surprising because I thought the Secret of Mana remake from last year looked terrible and the Mana series in general has always been treated pretty poorly. Was crazy to see SD3 get localized AND a cool looking remake on the horizon. What a year heh...

But yeah it's crazy people wonder if Aeris will die or not. I mean I can't see how she can't. The story is about accepting loss and moving on in ways. But who knows? I think I'm going to cry this time when Jesse dies, they've already humanized the Avalanche characters in the trailers way more than I ever could have imagined. It's going to be so damn good!
Echelon Sep 11, 6:02 PM
Wait, I do think REmake is better than Resident Evil. But they're fairly the same underneath. This comparison for FF7 is way more dramatic heh, so it's almost weird to consider in a way.

RE2 and REmake 2 I love equally. I couldn't imagine the remake turning out more perfect than it did but the original still holds up amazingly well. Two 10's.

Zero Mission is amazing, but I've always still liked the original Metroid more. Maybe nostalgia there, but the original Metroid is just so dark and bleak, I love it.