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Echelon Apr 14, 12:04 PM
R2 4/10 -> 9/10

Echelon Apr 11, 6:27 PM
MAL needs search features in these comment sections. Would love to rediscover our Code Geass discussions lol. I'm mildly excited to give S2 its second shot now. Planning on a double feature with Gundam 00 afterwards as well. First season of Code Geass has been a breeze and is still fun. HOLDS UP! The music isn't stuff I'm going to seek out now but it's damn good and better than expected. This character designer did some hentai stuff I love *laughs* (not the long limbs Clamp influence though), I was kind of in a 90's mood prior to this and it was a pleasant surprise that Code Geass has that kind of charm in some bizarre way for 2006 actually. The production is really good for its era, zero issues with that or the vibes. I'm convinced I still don't like Lelouch as a favorite or anything though, Light has him beat since he seemed more truly psychotic in an amusing way. lol, the Death Note rewatch went well but the second arc was kind of meh that time around, until the insane finale. Anyways yeah, feels like a half blind watch of Code Geass again since it's been so long. I'm optimistic about the rest and ready to ride the craziness. The only thing I can really map out in my head at this point are some sparse character loyalties, lol. Like I think Kallen stays loyal till the end. THINK... the Pizza Hut advertising is still pretty bizarre.
Echelon Apr 7, 8:49 PM
Convinced you'd like Y's VIII as much as I am. It's SO Xenoblade, plus Suikoden and classic Zelda, with a side dish of Mega Man/shmup styled music in spots. Nothing but amazing things all in one. I always heard good things about this one but damn it's blowing me away, probably the best thing I'll play this year next to Shin Megami Tensei IV. This game is like the feeling of being alive lol. Has such a classic adventurous vibe and the pacing is so damn good. Only keeps getting better, about 15 hours in now.
Echelon Apr 6, 9:40 PM
Echelon Apr 6, 7:49 AM
To be fair, haven't ticket prices been an issue lately? I keep hearing that and that AEW is doing a lousy job marketing the shows thesedays. People have so little time to get tickets or learn about events. Something like that. It's amusing how WWF was the north and WCW south. AEW seems real scattered and maybe not in a good way, I don't know. Then we have these lame looking places like Daly's they frequent a ton. I know there's deep history in some spots like that, but eh lol...

I remember you saying that. 2001-2002 did look good. But any inkling of the Aggression Era in some of the last stuff I watched I wasn't loving haha. Would have to be detached again and jump back in to appreciate that vibe more, but not that I'm ever planning that now. I think 1997 will always be my favorite look for both WWF and WCW. There is something hardcore about that darker lighting era of WWF for me. Not as many signs and stuff. It's like everyone in the crowd were the real hardcore fans then, but I don't know haha. Just love that era. The pre-Raw stuff is amazing too whenever you get to it, even though a lot of the crowd, commentary, etc is edited in, so it's a different thing. SNME's are kind of what I mean, love that vibe. Simplest crowds to please, just living in the moment, a damn closeline and the roof goes off. lol, back when they all thought it was real.

I think some comments already messed me up again on Cody. Seeing people say AEW probably got a better leading man with Will now who's bursting with authentic charisma and excitement. Even in some recent DDP clip with Cody... there's just something off about this dude to me. *laughs* I'm not sure he'd be the most fun person to hang out with after awhile. He comes off SO calculated and political, which is why I think after a point this pompous energy starts burning off him whether he realizes it or not. Him being the face of WWE for a while now would be cool and make sense to me. But I don't think you're wrong haha, if he's still champion and or face by the end of this year, I'll be surprised. Maybe we'll eat our words. Him and Brandi seem like such a perfect pair in this way, amusingly. She seems like a very lovable person. But I can 200% see why the moment she would step out in a show... people wanted to boo her a ton. Even in some of this current WWE stuff her being name dropped had some low rumbling boo's, lmao... just some kind of weird cockiness to these two.

Swerve though, I don't know. Maybe another issue I have with modern wrestling is what Hisoka's said about people like Danielson lately. Face/Heel week to week, so what are we supposed to believe? It's kind of annoying. Fans are too smart and things too real... I think a classic clear cut good vs evil still has a place here but it's rare. MJF made the blending work. But I don't get that vibe at all with Swerve. He clearly seems like someone that's better as an unhinged heel, or even still thinks he is. This "I love this shit" psycho stuff isn't really good guy face material, lol. Yet he's painted as the face here against Joe. So that dynamic between them has been weird to me. Think I even told Hisoka a week or two back, I wish Swerve would turn more legit good guy in some way, but that's clearly not happening. The tweener approach probably only gets someone so far with a belt.

I saw that line going around from Punk. Like yeah, I guess just "choking someone a little" was lawfully okay at your work place, sure buddy Punk. lol

AEW's been great again for the most part to me and then yeah, curiosity kills the cat to see a lot of negativity around it lately for whatever reason. *shrugs* Pretty sure WWE wouldn't be killing it like it is right now if it weren't for AEW existing and who the hell knows what would have become of Cody if that journey never happened, etc. These fools just want things to fail not realizing it'll make it worse for everyone.

You still okay with Tony S? lol... he is my BIGGEST problem in AEW right now by far. Really wish Ian was a new main commentator. Always like when he's on and I thought him and Nigel had the best chemistry Collision wise.

Don't want Austin to steal the thunder? I guess that would happen if he did show up and steal all of Cody's spotlight haha. Who knows. It was good to see Austin's alive. Dude seemed like he went MIA for a long while there again. Maybe had to extend his disappearance to side step some of that Vince crap.
Echelon Apr 4, 9:31 PM
Makes me wonder if the Jeff Jarrett connections have worked in their favor or not. I remember hearing him coming in was a big deal in that way. I also wonder what the arena/stops are like compared to WCW's history. I wouldn't be surprised if AEW is getting bigger venues, but WCW (Nitro era) always had utterly perfect production values to me. It was never as big as Raw and that's fine, it looked freaking awesome and always packed enough. They knew how to balance the lighting in those arenas. Even the weird 2000-2001 still looked like decent crowds that would have beaten anything TNA wise, lol. So yeah I'd rank AEW's presentation lower than Nitro overall so far. And I might just never adjust to uneven crowd energies. Was never really the case in the old days, everyone was hyped to be living in the moment.

I said this to Hisoka recently and think it applies to Swerve, his title run could be sligthly muted like Hangman's, yet a year or two from now and he could be coming off like a bigger deal. Was nothing wrong with Hangman's run at all, but I feel like he's just continually been awesome and feels like a big deal whenever he's around now. So I'm bumming he disappeared again for some reason, sounded like family business, a real injury? I dunno. I always had a hunch he'd be a killer heel too and he was starting to tap into that. Anyways oh yeah Swerve haha... so yeah. I think if they put it on him, like you said it'll burn off fast. But he's still got room to grow and could be even better down the road. Joe hasn't had the best storylines in ways, but he's made the most of it and been solid. Like I wouldn't mind if they kept it on him for now probably. But yeah maybe quickie Swerve time.

I'm not ready to be down on Mercedes here. *laughs* Not that I have any comparison to make myself though, only catching some of her WM matches in the Charlotte era's and stuff. But I will say that yeah, it's weird we have to wait so long to get a match.

That's why I'm hesitant to rank this Rock arc so high myself. Traditional matches have to come into play at some point for me and my interest levels haha. But yeah... it's the fucking Rock and his character here is insane. I'm mostly caught up and it's been incredible. Some long ass segments but they're gold. It's good that Roman is okay on the mic too. But um just merely okay compared to Rock, lmao. Seth Rollins is an interesting. Everything I heard about this guy from afar sounded like a really obnoxious person. But I've been enjoying him a lot in all this too. Maybe even more than Cody.

I'm really losing my patience with Tony S, but then Tony S the normal guy "I don't give a shit" on this Punk drama wins me back haha. Yeah. AEW just needs to stop giving two fucks about WWE or any past drama. I hate Punk and nothing is ever fixing that. But it's totally true that a lot of this falls on TK's reluctance to have bigger balls or whatever. But yeah... move the heck on and don't even acknowledge it.

I'm not even a Jay White nuthugger or anything (yet?) and yeah, this might be the #1 worst thing I've ever seen in AEW. 15 some minute pure beatdown of an A+ talent guy. Was beyond weird and boring as hell. Would have hated to pay to see that.

I'm randomly speculating that Austin is showing up to WM. You see this clip about getting some easter eggs and beers, in his old truck that links to some date with his final Rock match? lol. Fun conspiracies aside, it would just make sense with Austin still being in good shape himself... could come out and punch Rock a bit for some old time sake. A part of me would have loved to see Hunter more involved in all this. But yeah, good on him for knowing his limits now after the health issues. I guess him and Rock must be interacting a ton backstage creatively... who could have guessed that 20 years ago. lol, something tells me Rock and Shawn still ain't friends though. Shawn dissed the FAMILY. lol...

Damn yeah, that really sums up Pluto. LOL. Yawara and Master Keaton are the two with a fully featured main character top to bottom, yet a bit too chill. Tenma is obviously the lead of Monster so no issues there. But I guess this author likes to tell broader stories beyond that, for better and worse. That's gotta be 99% why I drift and am struggling to finish this one.
Echelon Mar 29, 12:23 PM
KT slapping a 7 on a 9+ rated MAL anime haha...

Man, I have no idea what to think of Pluto. So much I love here but I'm struggling to finish it or get hooked. What I posted to Hisoka:
Pluto... I can't beat around the bush anymore, I don't know what to think of this one lol. It's cooler than Master Keaton to me on paper. And whenever you get around to it, you'll probably see so many things I like about sci-fi and stuff. Some Nier comparisons even. But I think its somewhat lack of a true main character might be the issue. This feels like a super ultra MOOD kind of show, the mood needs to be perfectly in sync. I find myself zoning out through just about every episode. Granted they're an hour long but with me binging stuff again a lot this year, that's not really an issue. It's just kind of all over or something. Would feel bad to slap a 7 on this, there's nothing lower than an 8 on my friend list. But yeah I don't know. I can't think of another show like this, where I have a hunch watching it another time down the road might be a vastly better experience. But who knows. I kind of just want to move on from it for now, which sounds forcing... but it is what it is.
Echelon Mar 29, 9:12 AM
Been a great shift in the energy for sure. If I saw right the other day, where AEW went in Canada, WWE hasn't been to since 2003 since it's always been real weak. It's Montreal that's the hot spot haha. Who knows though, didn't look too deeply into it.

You have no idea how bad it stings me right now that Dynasty was next door. The timing just sucks and I wasn't too up on the ticket scouting, so by the time I looked the only good seats were like $500+. It was cool seeing AEW my first time years ago but the seats were bottom of the barrel. I'd want to make it count next time. But I'm trying to save my ass off this year... it just hurts. Could have see Mercedes, Danielson, Will, etc holy shit. Lot of big future wrestling legends I'm sure. Will right now feels like a completely 200% better version of his past appearances. As Hisoka put it, just being himself and more of a face is 10x better than his weird heel angle. It also hit me how I'm going to be seeing him in his prime compared to AEW era Omega. I'm still an Omega nuthugger, but my rankings could be looking different here now in the years to come. I'm blown away by how fucking awesome Will is all of a sudden and while he was apparently worried about the US style and promos, his charisma has been insane. Frankly better than most of Omega's promo work lol. Or even Cody. It feels like explosively raw unscripted passion. Hopefully this fire keeps burning.

Now I'm still cool with Swerve for the most part. Lot of give and take though. Some 50/50 matches, 50/50 promos, etc lol. I'm fine if they want to have him beat Joe for a quick run. But I think by All In at the most, they gotta push Will to the moon now. He is just brimming with the superstar factor and could probably be the face of this company for a long time. I think like post-champion run Hangman, Swerve still has a lot of room to evolve and be a big player.

Loving this Bucks/Okada stuff, lmao. Pure gold. Pretty sick of the BCC by now though. As Hisoka has noted, even Danielson's booking has gotten a tad ridiculous. Face/Heel week to week. Jericho is probably the bottom of the pit right now, holy hell haha. Where's Sammy again!? Things haven't been too good for Jay White. Juice being MIA probably hurt all that. This Cole group already sucks. I hope Jack Perry gets back soon. Liking his transformation. I'm not sure if Copeland will even rival Christian's TNT run here, but yeah should be fun. So there's still a lot of kinks, but the pros are far outweighing the bad again. I'm super excited to watch these recent weeks again.

Female division is getting awesome. Are you still big on Julia though? haha I still don't see it much. Now it's often because Skye is so much better to me, when she's the underling somehow. She needed character work though and I think we're over the heel growing pains. Last two weeks she's been freaking amazing and she looks so right in with those other big stars, so hopefully great things for her ahead. I agree with Hisoka this is a good move for Mercedes to be in the TBS picture and keep Toni going more. I don't mind Deona so far, but that was Toni's worst story arc. But she's still a gem, the scrums are amazing lmao. One of the craziest character transformations ever. Mariah is getting awesome. Riho is rising again. Now if we could get Shida and Deeb on more regularly please. Britt and Hayter returning this year hopefully. Things should be good. Kris will always be the weirdest one to me. I think Hayter is the better version of her lol. But Kris is great in the ring with a good look. Her character work is just baaaad, but seeing what Toni pulled off, who knows maybe something can click. I feel the same about Anna Jay. Her voice and promos are nasty lmao, but she's great in the ring. Hopefully some of them can step it up and evolve this year, things will be awesome.

Rock's ENTIRE CAREER? holy shit lol. Well it is amazing, Cuban Final Boss right now haha. I still kind of wonder if 1998 sideburns Corporate Rock is my favorite. It's something he can never fully tap into again, so it's pretty unique. But yeah it's nice to see all the positive buzz on WWE again and no wonder when the old man got cut out lol.
Echelon Feb 19, 4:14 PM
If you think it'd make you more isolated or lazy, I think I'd just get some routine going in between. Maybe finally going to a gym, yoga, or something like that. It's amazing Friday's clocking out and doing whatever I want seconds later. I've been using my Linux rig more for the work lately, kind of a fun way to adjust to that.

I've seen the drama in recent years since the lockdown crap, the war on businesses' wanting to reel in the workforce back. Smells like BS to me. It's so true so many supervisors out there are lousy humans who get off on some power trip above others. So many distractions at work, personal drama, and I just hate driving more and more. I've gotten used to the old one guy on my team being so chatty but it's just like damn... if it weren't for him I could be blasting away getting so much more done and listening to podcasts a bunch again. I'm happy to work with great people, but they're temporary as these things are in work life, and I think I'd be better off just not dealing with people much in general now. lol, but of course I've seen how terrible some are communication wise via emails and stuff. Still wouldn't escape that entirely. But yeah, I just see positives to getting full remote. Must be ideal to get a job with a company states away, that way they can't force you into an office. lmao

In my past pharmacy/lab jobs they didn't give a flying crap about bad weather. School could be cancelled, the snow plowers could be toppling over themselves, etc... but if you didn't get in, it was a write up for disciplinary action. Your life vs a paycheck. Even the freedom I have now of working remote on bad weather/sick days is such a sigh of relief. Last year I guess I never really burned any PTO on sick days, since I could still get a little done haha. But when I had COVID in January I did have to take several days no pay.

My last job situation has changed everything lol. I don't want to throw away what I have now. But I'm just increasingly disinterested and pessimistic about people in general year over year right now. lmao. There's a lot of nepotism and some weird stuff at this job I've seen already. But so far I'd say it's been a lot better working for a small company than a giant corporation.

Cuphead is freaking hard. lol, I didn't love it. But it's cool.

Daddy LIKE!
Echelon Feb 18, 5:38 PM
Retaining some privacy/simplicity is all I want and I don't think that'll be part of the Win12 package and on. lol, sounds harder and harder to get around MS account BS with Win11 right now. That's why I had the thought of upgrading my laptop back to it but just looking into the process of dodging that stuff gave me enough of a headache to not even bother. I need Word/Excel for work so thankfully that's pretty much the main reason I'm getting a laptop from them now. Officially working from home Friday's now has felt like nothing changed lol. I gotta get FULL remote someday babyyyyyyyy.

Playing anything lately? I'm nearing the end of SMT4 I think. Slam dunk 9/10 and better than SMT3 in ways, but I still think that one takes the cake gameplay wise.

The pain of waiting for Stellar Blade and FF7 Rebirth to hit PC begins soon. lol, how the hell am I going to dodge FF7 spoilers...
Echelon Feb 18, 10:43 AM
You ever mess with Linux Mint? I got it on two machines now. I'm getting a work laptop now so I figured I'd put Linux on my personal Lenovo. Instantly 10x better. It came with Win11, then I downgraded to Win10... but it still ran clunky.

I may have to live with Win11 someday with my main gaming rig. That's my current fear about such a big investment. But I'm guessing Win11 is going to have support until 2030 or so. By then maybe Linux gaming will be perfect. I hear it's really good already but haven't tested that much yet.

Not sure if Linux would be useful for any of the stuff you use. But yeah it's fun. Imagine Win10 without all the damn bloat and privacy concerns...
Echelon Jan 30, 6:57 PM
No doubt you'd body me in Smash haha. I'm stoked for Tekken 8. Waiting for my next paycheck though to grab it.

I've heard from several people SMT5 is kind of a weak one honestly, but maybe it would be alright for a first one. It's just odd how they went for some semi what open areas, above ground, in a big desert. When this series is hardcore dungeon crawlers with maps and stuff. I think I may have instantly peaked with it going into SMT3 first. For a random JRPG to grab me as hard as it did, then make me put in like 30 hours more than the HLTB average, it was incredible. I was so addicted to the gameplay, capturing demons, fusing them to make new ones, etc. Kind of fascinating the series predates Pokemon. I beat two others after that that had fixed characters and no demon recruiting gimmicks, but they felt weaker because of that. Digital Devil Saga 1-2 on the PS2. They had some Hindu sci-fi backdrop like Asura's Wrath so that was pretty damn cool and out there.

SMT3 has a remaster now. It's just odd how it has voice acting now, which to my ears seems awkward after playing the PS2 game haha. Then it has difficulties now and it also lets you customize the demon fusions more, but I won't argue against that. It was RNG on the PS2, so I would literally just go back in and out of the menus until they got the skills I wanted lol.

That one could grab you by the balls like it did me. Probably a similar kind of vibe you'd dig. Post apocalyptic, horror like, weird urban Japanese city vibes, etc. Can't really say much about the story though, it's 99% gameplay kind of like the Souls stuff I'd say haha. But yeah that's part of what I loved about SMT3 so much, it was minimalist in a good way in some aspects.

SMT3 = 10/10 probably
DDS1-2 = 8/10 both
SMT4 = 9 potential, best OST so far and probably a cooler story than SMT3's

First dungeon and battle themes, I knew I was in for something good heh:

I tried Persona 4 once... I absolutely hate the aesthetic. *laughs* Not sure I can ever get past that with those. When Persona 5 was popular I was playing Yakuza Zero instead. No regrets!
Echelon Jan 30, 5:49 PM
You had me double checking my Gravity Circuit file haha. "Normal Mode" at the top. I do remember having like ONE sliver of life at the end of the gauntlet though, so it was damn close. I do have the achievement unlocked to prove it but you can probably believe it now haha. I think the other stat file I posted maybe showed 9 deaths. I think I beat Cyber Shadow with less than the norm on the gaming forum I post on too. My skills are still sharp! lol

Think I'm leveling up in JRPG's after all these years too going through DQ's and now another SMT. These SMT games are brutal but still fun and addicting.

The storyline for this one is like, already better than AoT haha. There were amusing similarities at first, funny timing with that.
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