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Dokidoki! Precure
Dokidoki! Precure
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Precure All Stars Movie New Stage 2: Kokoro no Tomodachi
Precure All Stars Movie New Stage 2: Kokoro no Tomodachi
Sep 14, 8:12 PM
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Smile Precure!
Smile Precure!
Sep 12, 8:31 PM
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Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Oct 30, 2017 1:20 AM
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Sasameki Koto
Sasameki Koto
Mar 9, 2014 11:01 AM
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Sakamoto desu ga?
Sakamoto desu ga?
Mar 5, 2014 3:28 AM
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TemplarXIII Aug 15, 9:32 PM
I've been watching Layzner.

It's pretty good so far. Just wish the MC (Eiji) wasn't too much of a pacifist. I compared him to Kira Yamato from Gundam SEED, and Echelon wasn't too fond of the comparison lol. He got that I was kind of joking though.
Echelon Jun 5, 4:08 PM
It's always sounded like a lot of changes went down around the ZZ and CCA era. While I obviously love Tomino UC as is, I do often wish some things could change and be even better, at least how I'd want them...

0079 - no changes needed
Zeta - Haman and Scirocco are in it more. Flesh out the history between Haman and Char. Get Sayla involved at some point.

From here it gets trickier. I like CCA for what it is, but I've always thought it would have been fascinating if Kamille and or Haman were involved in it as well. Kamille would be the most interesting, because I would like to believe if Char still had a human bone in him here, he did probably consider Kamille a friend. Kamille would probably not align with how far Char's gone here, though he wasn't very close to Amuro either. So I think if Kamille could have recovered, he would have been a very interesting middle dynamic here.

Overall, I kind of wonder if CCA would have been better off as an OVA or another full blown TV series itself.

While I love ZZ, I can admit it's best when it's mostly self contained. It's still pretty wacky how Judau just casually gets the Zeta, then ZZ, takes out Haman, etc. It's still mostly just Judau and the gang vs Axis, but yeah. I wouldn't want Judau to be the one who takes down Char or anything, but if ZZ got more serious and built up more into a longer version of CCA, that could have been fascinating. I always heard that Glemy (after his random rise to power) was a stand in for Char. Maybe I would have gotten my Char x Haman connection here, but I think Char would have been a weird fit in the middle of this story.

F91 - Gets to be its planned 50 episode series.

Victory - Never happens. lol
Echelon Jun 4, 6:55 PM
Yeah Gato was probably the best character. I remember his screentime would come and go, wish he got even more focus at times. Nina definitely sucks haha. But like you said, she doesn't seem all that bad now compared to a bunch of other modern Gundam/mecha characters.

I think I've seen those magazine scans with Four or maybe just some extra old art of her, so yeah it did seem like she was really popular for whatever reason. That's a fair breakdown of Reccoa though, I can see it. Scirocco allowed her to be more of who she really wanted to be, but some of the AEUG grew attached to her a bit and thought she was a friend.

I wish I could remember the details on the Sayla VA thing but it's been awhile. I think maybe she was just busy, or maybe got sick for awhile. I recall Tomino didn't do it out of spite, but because she couldn't reprise her role for some of the sequels he just didn't want to do anything with her character out of respect I guess. Sounds like back in the day Japanese VA's were even more strictly attached to their characters.
Echelon Jun 3, 7:40 PM
Well even though I did enjoy 0083 a lot in my recent viewing two years ago or so, I still have nothing to say about the characters haha. I think it could have done a bit more with fleshing out the Titans too instead of just briefly leading into it and with Haman's cameo. Guess it just depends on your mood, but it was a fun watch when I saw it again and looked insane.

I actually soured a bit on Zeta when I rewatched that one. It's still one of my favorites by far but I really can't stand most of the Cyber Newtype characters at all. I still don't mind Sara though I know a lot of people hate her. But it's Four and Reccoa (when she turns) later on that drive me nuts. I was kind of blown away realizing that Haman is only in like ~10 episodes max too. Her and Emma are top notch though and I still like Fa, even though I think she could have done more. It's so weird how polarizing Tomino females are to me... but hey, even Four is still nothing compared to my hatred for Victory's Katejina. lol

As always, I think it's a shame with whatever happened to Sayla's VA not wanting to reprising her role, so Tomino wrote her out pretty much. Probably could have been really interesting to have her in the mix.
Echelon Jun 2, 4:27 PM
The Laplace Box plot point went over my head a bit the first time. But I liked the story/characters more the second time I rewatched it all. At the very least I think the final episode is better than CCA and I like that it's 90 minutes, so it's practically a full blown movie itself. All the allusions and parallels to the 0079 events, I'll admit it's playing up the fanservice I guess but I loved it.

Did you have a favorite Gundam OVA? I still think 0080 is pretty overrated myself, but it's still pretty good. I can't even get into 8th MS Team anymore for whatever reason. 0083 was nice to rewatch when I went through a lot of UC Gundam again a few years ago, if only for the BD quality and maximum late 80's / early 90's OVA vibes. It was a visual masterpiece. Guess I'm a sucker for that with 0083 and Unicorn. I loved ZZ the second time through as well, lol. Glemy is still lame as heck though and one of the worst parts.
Echelon Jun 1, 6:34 PM
I guess you were always more of a Zeta fan. Which I think Unicorn emulates, you liked that one I imagine? But yeah I thought The Origin was excellent and almost more LOGH-ish in ways. It fleshed out the characters really well to me, whereas Unicorn had all the awesome action and the bigger story concluding the UC saga mostly.

The sports comparison for Build Fighters is interesting. Maybe I'll check them out someday... I'll try to remember Diver is something different haha.
Echelon Jun 1, 10:26 AM
It's a shame that X got cut short, but thankfully it still wrapped up decently. And then I'll never forget G's "Too be continued"... wonder why they never let Imagawa do another one at some point. I guess like you said even outside the West, Wing must have been the most popular one and dominated how the AC's would be from then on.

I keep forgetting I still need to see AGE.

Also had to look up Rerise... oh yeah, I still haven't seen any of these Builder shows. But I guess they've all been pretty decent actually from what I hear?

I thought the Origin was incredible. I went in thinking it would just focus on Char, but it really fleshed out everything that goes into 0079. It's so rare for a prequel to be pulled off this well to me. It was amazing and even enhanced my enjoyment of the original. It seemed like Yasuhiko really put his all into this project, it was almost like he knows 0079 Gundam better than Tomino himself heh.
Echelon May 31, 5:52 PM
Yeah Gundam X rules. It's been about 10 years on some shows I haven't seen in awhile like that one, I'd like to rewatch it eventually. I think I watched the old [HeroLegends] sub release, lol. It's great that finally after all these years Gundam X got an English release, along with Turn A and some others. X, Turn A, and G I'd all like to hit up again sometime.

Are you caught up on UC Gundam? I don't think you have this one logged. I already keep forgetting about it. I don't know why they wanted to continue directly off of Unicorn when that seemed like it concluded everything perfectly. Jumping far forward to the F91 or Crossobne era for a bit of a soft reboot is what I think they should have done next. Not this NT thing... and then I guess Hathaway Flash movies are coming and I hear they might not be ideal either. Apparently sounds really depressing and is more nihilistic Tomino material again.
Echelon May 30, 7:03 PM
I actually remembered I did use a filler guide to get through Sailor Moon, but I still watched most of it anyways. Some of the filler episodes were actually the best ones at times. But yeah just something you'd want to take slowly probably.

It's hilarious how some of the Brave shows have a Garrod (Gundam X) clone haha...

I think I've generally heard positive things about all of them, except for Fighbird being one of the weakest ones.
Echelon May 29, 7:04 PM
Yeah, Sailor Moon felt like one of those essentials I still needed to check out and I'm glad I watched it. Visually it holds up really well and the characters are pretty fun. It's just always a mixed bag with that MOTW format haha. But I hear the sequels get better and more serious perhaps.

It was very fitting how Aya Hisakawa plays a veteran/mentor type character in Heartcatch.

GGG was pretty dang cool and felt comparable to G Gundam in ways. It's very MOTW too but started escalating and getting more serious along with longer arcs eventually from what I remember. I always lose track of the other Brave shows and names though haha, but Da Garn was another one that I saw and thought was pretty solid:
Echelon May 27, 7:28 PM
I'd still like to maybe hit up the original Precure someday. You going to get to Heartcatch eventually? That's the only one I've seen in full. I was initially attracted to it because I think got attention on /m/ back in the day and people would show off how it had a similar art/animation style as Casshern Sins (and then Saint Seiya Omega). I'm guessing some shared staff and animators crossed over specifically, just not sure who. It was out of my wheelhouse a bit but I genuinely enjoyed all of it a lot.

Precure is a bit too much beyond that for me though haha. Guess I mean that kind of literally... they pump that stuff out so fast. I kind of feel the same about Sailor Moon and the Brave (Sunrise) shows. I dig them in small doses but it'll take me forever to get through them all. It's cool MAL logs some history now. I watched one half of Sailor Moon in 2017 and another half like a year later in 2018, lol. So it took me awhile to finish... but I'm excited for the later seasons and they sound better in general.
Echelon May 10, 6:56 PM
Yeah. Not so much in the horror department, but structure wise Lost Planet 3 felt like it wanted to be kind of Dead Space-ish. To be fair the story/characters seemed okay, but the gameplay was really lackluster and the budget wasn't huge from what I recall. The first game to me almost felt like a successful take on what a 3D Contra could have been like. You're just mowing down monsters and the bosses were huge.

I still like Dead Space 3... but EA meddled with it big time. Tons of microtransactions that can effect gameplay, like you send out this little bot thing that finds supplies for you. Pay real money and that process speeds up... ugh. The whole campaign is co-op with some random ass character, but thankfully he completely disappears during the story. It's almost comical how nonexistent he can be. For whatever reason a lot of the enemy roster was minimized too. The first two games are definitely a lot better. Though Dead Space 3 would still be a way better option than Lost Planet 3, haha.

Oh I totally agree there. Of the classic RE's, CV is my least favorite because the game has more than a few potential soft lock save points. Where if you don't have enough ammo for X part here and there, you can be completely screwed. It lacks polish and balance compared to the others. Plus you're forced to backtrack tons of the game with a second character, when that's usually a fully split campaign thing in some of these. So I think a CV remake would be amazing and could fix the major issues I have with it.
Echelon May 9, 5:00 PM
Then Lost Planet 3 got tossed over to a budget Western studio and they tried making a knockoff Dead Space or something, lol. I couldn't finish that one.

I forget if you dug some of the RE series? REmake 2 was easily my GOTY last year and another new top favorite in general. I still think the original RE2 holds up really well too, so now I've got like two perfect versions of one of my favorites heh. REmake 3 was pretty good this year too, I don't love RE3 like some so I didn't mind this one having a bit more changes, but yeah. I'm weary about the REmake 4 rumors, but I guess by the time it could potentially roll out we'll be nearly 20 years removed from the original, I think that's plenty of space for any remakes. But RE4 is an action game and damn good at what it wants to be, whereas these new remakes are more of a merger of the old RE with the new, I just don't see the need to slow down RE4 and making it more methodical. Who knows though, maybe it'll be great. I liked the depictions of Leon and Ada in REmake 2 so if they're on that same page again, that's cool with me.
Echelon May 8, 3:28 PM
Lost Planet 2 was a weird one for sure. I had fun playing co-op with some friends for a night or two and I think we beat it, since it was such a short game. But yeah, no actual campaign was a low blow, since I liked the first game quite a bit. Now I love RE5 myself, but that era of Capcom going all in on forced co-op elements was pretty lame for sure.
Echelon May 7, 9:47 AM
Oh man... wasn't Inafune behind Red Ash as well? What the heck happened to that thing? lmao, it seemed like after his exit from Capcom and Platinum he tried to do WAY too much and create huge multimedia franchises. Overall though I agree with you. He's got his faults but 80% of his career was substantial and it's a shame the internet tore him apart. He deserved some criticism, but the net always takes it too far. Makes me wonder if he'll keep being involved with games in his later life or not.

Kudos to you mentioning Namco. I think about them a lot lately, admittedly maybe because of the global monstrous success of them publishing Dark Souls. But beyond that, it seems like they've stayed the course across this gen and last, are a kind of unsung heroes. They're still very anime/Japanese centric but a lot of their franchises have mass appeal. It seems like even some of the modern One Piece and DBZ games are finally good now too, I'd like to give Kakarott a shot someday. Code Vein sounded pretty good too. Then there's Tales, while I've played several of them but always fall off that series, they keep sucking me back in for some reason haha... so I'm definitely curious about Arise. Them finally giving that series the much needed production and engine upgrade, it looks like a huge leap. I do own Tales of Berseria on Steam from a sale though, still need to check it out, sounds like one of the better ones.

You have a series you've consistently returned back to but don't always know why? haha. I've played Tales of Phantasia, Destiny 1, 2, Symphonia, Graces F, and maybe another one somewhere... haven't finished any of them. But maybe Berseria and or Arise will keep me hooked.

I've heard a lot about Under Night from a friend. I kind of want to checkout Granblu Fantasy Versus.