Kafka, Franz

Kafka, Franz

Birthday: Jul 3, 1883
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One of the greatest writers in the 20th century.
His acclaimed short story "A Country Doctor" was adapted into anime in early 2007.
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fuckology | 08-01-14, 10:13 PM
top guy on the moe game. only cool people end up here.

fishergirl16 | 06-25-14, 11:56 AM
Omg... I love Kafka. Couldn't believe he was on MAL?! God I have to watch this movie.

StrontiumDog | 01-24-14, 9:51 AM
cool bro

DuaneDibbley | 12-06-13, 1:07 PM
Not surprised that little people read his works, it's not an easy read.

Nidhoeggr | 10-16-13, 2:05 PM
He was really moe, I agree.
To think there are people who still haven't read his books...

Edaniel | 09-12-13, 5:23 PM

Kafka is moe.

RenaPsychoKiller | 05-29-12, 1:00 PM
Kafka-kun made an animu desu~

Slurpentine | 09-30-11, 8:53 PM
Dunno why he is here, but he is indeed a magical writer

lucjan | 07-26-11, 10:32 PM
@HooHiraiBunny How was The Metamorphosis' ending bittersweet? The ending was so fucking depressing.

This guy obviously had daddy issues. So many of his stories' characters have corrupted relationships with their fathers.

skutieos | 04-19-11, 9:12 PM
"The Metamorphosis" was a combination of disturbing, funny, absurd, and depressing. It was great.
"The Judgment" was one of the most fucked up short stories I've read, but that is subject to change, as after reading "The Bucketrider" I realize how far he dares to go with his mindfuck.
I'm reading "The Trial" and I haven't got far enough in to make a conclusion of my opinion, but hell, it's Kafka.

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