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Gamba no Bouken
Gamba no Bouken
May 12, 10:55 AM
Completed 26/26 · Scored 6
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal
May 12, 10:55 AM
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Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye
May 12, 10:53 AM
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Wangan Midnight
Wangan Midnight
May 12, 10:52 AM
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Ningen Tokei
Ningen Tokei
Feb 25, 5:56 AM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 10
Paradise Kiss
Paradise Kiss
Aug 6, 2023 6:52 AM
Completed 48/48 · Scored 7

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Gsarthotegga May 17, 4:44 PM
Did Takeo dump hundreds of images in one folder without organization? Although tedious, it probably wouldn't be that hard to figure out what the kanji is from using search engines (aside from some of them being easy to recognize). A search of the kanji would probably make it easy to narrow down the mangaka at least. Since there are roughly... 30 in the book? Oh, I guess the other thing is... who provided the scans or images to Takeo? I think he was wanting the source to be credited. So that might be part of the kanji there?

It's admittedly a daunting book for first-time publishing, given that it's a translation and is fairly ambitious because it appears to be a complete overhaul of the image component of the book. Given the situation in Brazil atm, I think the deadline being pushed back a bit is very understandable.

I actually don't remember. Do you have MZ updates somewhere? I agree, that's a good idea to show some of the images while going through them. lol, I get the feeling there are some much more disturbing ones unearthed since the last folder of images. :P
Gsarthotegga May 15, 10:10 PM
Oh, wow. That's a lot. No, I've overlooked the news regarding weather and the like. Looks really terrible from the images alone. Sorry to hear about the setbacks, and I hope it wasn't too bad in your area. If the original duo were trustworthy, then I imagine whoever they would find for you they would be able to vouch for. Keep me posted, and let me know if you need help sifting through the images.
Dankciv May 13, 9:46 PM
Nice to meet you too and no worries either mate 👍👍
Gsarthotegga May 12, 11:26 AM
Nice. Do you know how many images there are overall right now?
PxHC May 8, 6:37 PM
acabei de descobrir o bartkira, que coisa mais linda
Marzhall Apr 15, 12:37 PM
Thanks! I saw your letterboxd profile and loved your taste in cinema, pretty similar to mine. I read your 'Jodorowsky's Dune' and I was very curious about what you think about his comics. I recently read 'Juan Solo' and thought it was a great story, even though I prefer him writing sci-fi.
I was also looking at your manga list and saw that there are some manga that I can't find online. Do you read them on physical media?
And yeah, MAGMA is the goat.
Gsarthotegga Apr 13, 8:08 PM
btw, lmao, this weird obsession with putting Osamu Dazai in everything, wtf!?
Gsarthotegga Apr 13, 12:16 AM
Selection wise, I imagine it's still difficult, but that's great that the images are starting to pour in. I'm curious what will turn up for some of the really obscure ones, like some of the rental ones.
Gsarthotegga Apr 12, 11:59 PM
Who mentioned Bonten Taro's office, Takeo? My guess would be to help you with images from his work, which sounds great and should cover BT totally!
Gsarthotegga Feb 25, 2:59 PM
Seems like these older mech series almost always have sections where everything drops off in quality, whether it's writing, pacing, or whatever. Still wish there could be a good remake of Dunbine. That series had a lot of problems, and Tomino was often so sloppy and aimless with the writing of his series.

Honestly, it must be a lot easier reading this with images. I've seen basically all of the old images, but it's hard to pair them to the artist by memory without them being in the book. Looking forward to seeing the new images and where they're placed.

I might try Alps. That sounds like a decent concept. The cinematography, from what I remember of the movies I saw, was fine, but he definitely doesn't seem like a director who makes films you specifically watch for that purpose. Have you seen Twentynine Palms or any of that "New French Extremity" or whatever the hell they call it? I swear, every time I look this stuff up, the name for it changes, lmao. Most of it is quite bad/pretentious.
Gsarthotegga Feb 25, 10:30 AM
So far it's good. I saw a comparison to Dagram saying that Layzner was more typical of the mech genre with its story and high amount of action scenes (whereas Dagram is more focused on politics and story; though I wish they didn't put that heart on the boy's shirt, LMAO). The story is simple but delivered well so far, even if I'm not real keen on this kind of plot with aliens because it gives me bad flashbacks to The Day the Earth Stood Still but better. Glad to see Takahashi got a decent budget to work with because it has some stylish cuts, pretty creative edits, regular foreground, tracking shots, dynamic fight scenes, etc. I'm sure I'll have issues with the pacing as I almost always have with anything over 26 episodes. Mech series in particular rarely benefit from more than that because what we usually get toy advertisements.

Ah, yeah, "in-between text" placement is good for images that either aren't overly strong or are highly contextual or mostly of significance in relation to discussions about the author. That's likely a good choice for a decent chunk of them. That's what I'd suggest doing for gag artists since they're usually more notable for the humor and situation, often acting as a punchline in the best images; the art itself tends to be secondary. Glad to hear it's underway with the layout and such.

I see he's the Dogtooth director, which I hate, lol... I actually liked Lobster, surprisingly. For some reason, I could have sworn those were made by two different directors. I see he's made a bunch more films, but I've yet to try them. The synopsis for Poor Things doesn't sound appealing to me (and when it comes to political views/how to be interpreted, even the brief synopsis is lacking subtlety! :P), but I might try it if the cinematography is good. I'd probably try something else by him for now, but I'm not sure what.
Gsarthotegga Feb 11, 5:04 PM
Okay, sounds promising. Seems it will be a lot different than the original when it comes to the images. Let's say it's around 200 pages of text (depends on font so not sure). How many image pages are you predicting, since I know some pages will have multiple images, with specific images maybe getting their own page.

Oh, I've listened to Polachek before. Will try it again later. Not sure what I think.
Gsarthotegga Feb 5, 9:05 PM
Yeah, it is almost finished. Most of the remaining stuff I had inquired about didn't need changes. I'll probably send something to Lorenzo tomorrow or the day after if all goes smoothly. You ever figure anything out on images, though?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm too harsh on the original VHD because that followup is one of Kawajiri's best when it comes to visuals, direction, well-paced action, etc. Pretty sure it's probably better than Ninja Scroll. I think I gave it a 7/10 too, but I could see upping it with another watch. Which I'll probably do because it seems like I'm mostly watching boring or slowish stuff lately. I'll take this opportunity to shill Toki no Tabibito since I recall Kawajiri had some great key animation scenes in that film, and it's quite interesting as a suspenseful action piece and sci-fi/time travel film. The time police angle is the most interesting way to explore time travel, I think; aside from historical revisionism akin to phantom time theory or some such. Kawajiri was severely underrated as an animator. It's kind of depressing that he's just storyboarding now instead of directing. Don't get me wrong, because he's fantastic at storyboarding, but a lot of what he ends up working on isn't as exciting as what he directed over a decade ago.

I've been hearing mixed opinions on the new Miyazaki. Looked pretty good to me from the trailer, but I guess I shouldn't expect much. Only other thing I can think of that we'll get in theaters is maybe Shinkai, but I'm not sure if you care about that after the three-legged chair thing, lmao! Studio Ponoc is one to look out for as well, though a bit of a Ghibli knock off. They've at least put out good visual experiences. The "invisible man" short they had was impressive in terms of animation!

Well, I don't know much about the western comics you're referencing, but Ichijo was showing me some studio was doing fan animations of Berserk and some other titles, and they actually looked fairly good from the PV. Makes me wonder if that would be a good avenue for what you're talking about because I can't see any big studio doing that. Too risky, especially seeing as that's an older and not too well-known title now.
Gsarthotegga Jan 24, 5:20 PM
So you're going for more 8-bit rather than an SNES sound, but the last track was more like an SNES style?
Gsarthotegga Jan 24, 3:16 PM
"Fandora is horrible lmao" I'm expecting an 8/10. X)

Yes, there isn't much to do. There were a few minor, easy changes to hash out with Lorenzo (1-2 things he was asking Takeo about as well). I haven't bothered to check my email recently because of computer issues. I don't have access to a proper word editor (though I guess that's easy enough) or dedicated computer atm, as my laptop needs to be scrapped, and I haven't decided on a replacement yet and need to order some things.

I don't know anything about the Cyberpunk game, but that sounds cool. Didn't figure the creators were using anything independent or experimental for the game, since it was so hyped up before it bombed. I guess you're finished with the game OST?

Speaking of OSTs, this is the OST for the seasonal darling playing right now. Curious what you think, as it's probably being hyped as one of the anime greats now. Hahaha... if you have nothing better to listen to that is. It's like fantasy OST folk.
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