Priscilla "Priss" Asagiri

Priscilla Asagiri

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Priscilla Asagiri (プリシラ・S・アサギリ)
Priscilla "Priss" S. Asagiri is the moody and defiant 19-year-old member of the Knight Sabers and lead singer of her band, Priss and the Repliocants. She fights boomers with ferocious abandon in her slick dark blue Hard Suit, which features a railgun in the right hand as well as a laser gun in the original series and her signature knuckle bombers (explosive charges in both hands of her hard suit) in both series; in the Bubblegum Crash series the suit becomes a modular core system to which a variety of selective heavy weapons can be attached. In the Crisis series, her Hard Suit also combines with her Motoslave (a motorcycle that transforms into an automated mecha or an exosuit) to combat more-advanced Boomers. In both Crisis and Crash, Priss is a rock singer as well as a motorcyclist with a love/hate relationship with AD Policeman Leon McNichol.

Priss' rebellious streak is tempered by a good heart and sense of humor, which may explain her ability to function in Sylia Stingray's demanding and disciplined operation. She essentially serves as the hammer of the outfit—as opposed to Sylia's leadership and genius, Nene's tech wizardry, and Linna's sleek athletic precision.

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Voice Actors
Asakawa, Yuu
Auten, Christine
De Bortoli, Barbara
Oomori, Kinuko
Pissardini, Adriana
Brahms, Julia
Tachikawa, Ryoko
Desplaces, Catherine
Mulachs, Joël
Nichols, Sinda

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