Nihei, Tsutomu

Nihei, Tsutomu

Given name:
Family name: 弐瓶
Birthday: Feb 26, 1971
Member Favorites: 2,548
Birth place: Kōriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

Nihei has been drawing comics professionally since the mid-1990s. In 1995 he was awarded the Jiro Taniguchi Special Prize in that year's Afternoon Four Seasons Award for his submission, Blame. After working as an assistant to veteran comic artist Takahashi Tsutomu's, Nihei went on to launch his debut series Blame! in Monthly Afternoon in 1997. Following the success of Blame!, he next penned Wolverine: Snikt! (published by Marvel Comics) and Biomega. In 2009, Nihei returned to Afternoon to launch what would become his most successful series, Knights of Sidonia. An architectural student, Nihei's early work were mainly wordless, relying on visuals and backgrounds to tell their stories. His cyberpunk-influenced artwork has gained a strong cult following overseas.

Q Hayashida was his assistant at one time.

Twitter: @tsutomu_nihei

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Griffith2518 | May 20, 2:05 AM
One of the greatest mangaka ever

cosmico456 | Apr 15, 1:06 AM
blame is so good

aphraser | Apr 10, 12:01 AM
i will kiss you on the cheek if you let me

n6ah | Feb 2, 8:58 PM
It’s a bit upsetting when people don’t realize that Blame is a self interpreted story then puts unwarranted hate. People are really missing out on it’s great aspects rather than hating it for one reason (most of the time when I see people think negatively).

_Rip_Kissanime_ | Jan 20, 4:39 PM
Love his work!!! Looking forward to Ōyukiumi no Kaina

MonadProxyy | Jan 20, 5:47 AM
Extremely hyped for Ooyukiumi no Kaina, its an original anime done by him and polygon pictures

MonadProxyy | Jan 20, 5:46 AM
imagine thinking incomprehensible is a bad thing (3)

Hell_Senpai | Dec 31, 2021 1:03 AM
imagine thinking incomprehensible is a bad thing (2)

golaco | Dec 20, 2021 6:56 AM
I do not like ArcaneEdge. I would rate this person like a 3.6/10, and I'm being generous

golaco | Dec 20, 2021 6:33 AM
Kozlov L Grebnev îs an 11/10 character.
He is infinitely superior to every character in Blame!

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