Inoue, Kikuko

Given name: 喜久子
Family name: 井上
Birthday: Sep 25, 1964
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Inoue Kikuko is referred as "Onee-chan" ("big sister" in Japanese) and stayed with the title on her official site and a few albums because of her role as Tendou Kasumi in Ranma 1/2; this is confirmed in her online profile. She believes that in her past life she was a fish and therefore uses fish as her trademark.

(Source: AniDB)

Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan
(1988) Debut in Hai Akko Desu
Blood type: O

She always calls herself "17 years old" (井上喜久子17歳です). Fans would refute her jokingly with "Oi! Oi!" (roughly equivalent to "yeah right"). To further promote her ideal, she founded a "cult" of "17-year-olds" (Juu-nana-sai Kyou, 17歳教). Current cult members include Yukari Tamura, Sakura Nogawa, Rina Satou, and Yui Horie.

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Ajtoki | May 5, 7:28 AM
Dayum she did most mommy roles in anime

PotatoMeep | Apr 10, 1:20 AM
damn that's a lot of mommy roles

ryoko6 | Apr 7, 12:04 AM

brewmaiden | Mar 28, 7:50 PM
Komi Shuuko claims to be "forever 17" and the VA Inoue Kikuko claims to be "forever 17". They both want/are referred to as Onee-chan. The casting couldn't have been better.

KhoaVN | Mar 25, 5:38 AM
She's fucking everywhere lmao.

JapariCafe | Feb 14, 1:22 PM

RioAl | Feb 12, 7:58 PM
Best narrator

GodlikeMaxos | Jan 30, 6:14 AM

Gehooge | Jan 27, 2:54 AM
Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy?

watcher257 | Jan 17, 7:00 PM
if oneesan is forever 17 then this ojisan is 34 continous
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