Mei Momozono

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Mei Momozono (桃園 メイ)

An extremely well-endowed female computer and physics expert, and works at the college's physics department as a math teacher. She had been trained since childhood to be the servant to Sorata, but decided that she wouldn't follow Mouse blindly, until she saw him herself, even planning to kill herself if she was made to follow a man she didn't respect.

When she got injured during a mission, she made the choice to follow Sorata with her heart when he wouldn't abandon her, in spite of her insistence that he does (Steals 4 and 5). Her grandfather is the chairman of the school, though the school is owned by the Muon family. She seems to be a shotacon, usually getting turned on when seeing Sorata in a pair of shorts, this due to the fact of how they first met.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Inoue, Kikuko
George, Jessica Gee