Ureshiko "Agnes Bell" Asaba

Ureshiko Asaba

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Ureshiko Asaba

Ureshiko is the current magical girl in charge of managing the Wonderland—her alias is Agnes Bell. She succeeded Freya in the position, and decided to have the Wonderland retain the same identity as that of her two predecessors as an experiment on human potential. Given that she was chosen by the elders of Realm to guard the Wonderland, it is clear that Ureshiko has strong magical powers, and it would come as no surprise if she had the strongest abilities in Realm. However, even a magical girl with powers as great as Ureshiko's would be unable to manage an entire town on her own, and so she must use a ring passed down by previous Managers in order to keep the area stable. Although she knows that her time as the Managerial Magical Girl has probably come to an end, Ureshiko is reluctant to give away her authority; she believes in the power of humans to determine their own fate, and wants to keep the Wonderland the way it is, despite the urging of the Elders for her to change it, and the fact that her costume is becoming more and more revealing as her body grows.

Ureshiko lives with her surrogate grandmother in a boarding house and begins to have romantic feelings for Tatsumi. Ureshiko still cares a great deal for her estranged husband, and thought that he would be the only one for her, and so she feels conflicted in her love for Tatsumi. Thoughts of her husband are one of the only things that can ruin Ureshiko's usually bright mood, and she relies on her friends to help recover her confidence.

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Inoue, Kikuko