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Tenchi Muyo! (天地無用! Tenchi Muyō!?, lit. "No Need for Tenchi!"), is a Japanese anime, light novel, and manga franchise. The original series began with a six episode OVA called Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki created by Masaki Kajishima and Hiroki Hayashi, and released in Japan on September 25, 1992. As its popularity grew, it spurred a seventh episode titled Tenchi Muyo! Special: The Night Before the Carnival (also known as the Tenchi Special) and a stand-alone Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special. A second OVA series was directed by Kenichi Yatani that was released in 1994, and a third OVA series, also directed by Kenichi was released in 2003. A twenty-six episode anime TV series called Tenchi Universe was released in 1995 retelling and expanding upon the original six-episode story. Tenchi in Tokyo was created in 1997, and is another alternate version of the original story. The latest version of the series called Ai Tenchi Muyo!, was broadcast on Tokyo MX in 2014. --------------------------------------------------------------- Tenchi Muyo! Relation Graph (Watching Order) Link --------------------------------------------------------------- - Goals - 50 Members 100 Members 150 Members 200 Members 300 Members 400 Members 500 Members * 700 Members * - Main Series - Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki Tenchi Masaki was a normal 17-year-old boy until the day he accidentally releases the space pirate, Ryoko from a cave she was sealed in 700 years ago as the people thought she was a demon. In a series of events, four other alien girls show up at the Masaki household as Tenchi learns much of his heritage he never knew about and deal with five alien girls who each have some sort of romantic interest in him. Tenchi Muyo! The Night Before The Carnival A few days after Kagato is defeated everything returns to normal. Ryoko finds Mihoshi and Sasami reading shojo manga which Sasami tells that they are guides to tell how to win a boy Earth style. So Ryoko decides to try to use ideas from manga to win Tenchi. Ayeka finds out what she's doing and starts using the manga to win Tenchi as well. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki 2 This OVA series gives the viewer more in-depth details on Sasami, Washu, and Ryo-ohki, as well as introducing members of the Juraian royal family. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki 2 Special Picture drama. Second part of the last episode of Ryo-Ohki 2. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki 3 Continuing right where the last OVA series left off, the mysterious Lady Tokimi dispatches the warrior Z to Earth in order to learn more about Tenchi and his connection to Washu and Tsunami. Z is ordered not to lay a hand on Tenchi, but he may have his own agenda as he quickly sets about making trouble for our hero. Meanwhile, Tenchi's father and grandfather come to the decision that it may be time for Tenchi to learn even more about his past and his Jurian heritage. And the arrival of a couple of new female residents to the Masaki household threatens to upset the balance and inflame the rivalry over Tenchi's already decidedly divided affection. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki 3: Final Confrontations After a 'modified' ending to the Choubimaru incident, the punishments for the offending parties is metted-out, as well as a surprise marriage proposal by Misao to Mashisu. It almost didn't happen... until Mihoshi and Misao's mother Mitoto steps in and gives her and her family's approval, much to the dismay of FORMER G.P. Marshall Minami Kuramitsu. Otherwise, life goes on as usual for the Masaki clan. But soon when the question of how Tenchi's mother had died is presented, the answer nearly causes a rift between Tenchi, his father and his grandfather, for which only Tenchi's future mother-in-law Rea can solve... as well as the resolution of Noike's unusual secret. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki 4 On October 16, 2015, a fourth OVA series was announced to be in production. - Alternate Version of Ryo-Ohki- Tenchi the Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness (Movie 2) A girl, Mayuka, appears one day claiming to be Tenchi's daughter, much to the shock of the Masaki household. Chaos ensues as Washu attempts to discover Mayuka's background, and the girls adjust to the new presence at their home. The result of her appearance reaches back into the past, and puts Tenchi in danger. Tenchi and Ryoko must travel into the realm of a demon called Yuzuha in order to try and set things right, but their task is not an easy one. - Alternate Version - Tenchi Universe Tenchi Masaki may be a 17-year-old young man in rural Japan, but little does he know how bad his day will be getting. When a space pirate chased by a pair of Galaxy Police officers crash-lands at his grandfather's temple, Tenchi is sucked into a new adventure that will literally blast him off into outer space and beyond. Tenchi Muyo! in Love (Movie 1) The demonic space criminal Kain has escaped from prison and destroyed the Galaxy Police headquarters. To ensure that the Jurai will not stop him, Kain travels back to 1970 to eliminate Tenchi's mother before he is even born. Now, Tenchi and the gang must travel to the past to stop him before he ceases to exist. Tenchi Muyo! in Love 2 (Movie 3) It seems like an ordinary day at the Masaki shrine until Tenchi wanders into the forest and disappears. Six months later, the movie picks up with Ryoko and Ayeka's continuing search for him all over Japan. They discover he is in another world with a strange woman―but they have no idea who she is or how to reach him, or even if he wants to see them again. In the other world, Tenchi strives to capture the image of a woman that keeps coming into his mind. The two worlds finally connect―but to what end, none of them know. - Alternate Version 2 - Tenchi in Tokyo Tenchi decides to move to Tokyo in order to lead a normal life in the big city. While in Tokyo Tenchi meets a girl named Sakuya. They soon fall in love but as it turns out a dark sinister force has created Sakuya to get at Tenchi and rule the earth. Now Tenchi must balance love, friends, and life while defending the earth one last time. Tenchi in Tokyo Specials Omakes of Tenchi in Tokyo that were sold on the Laserdiscs in Japan. Contains 3 stories, each in two parts. - Spin-off - Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy (1996) In the magical kingdom Juraihelm, Tsunami is in line to be crowed queen but must complete a test first. She must choose someone to make the world a better place. Sasami is given the task of delivering a CD from her mother's store to a spooky mansion. When she gets there she is met by Tsunami who tells her she will become a magical girl. She endows Sasami with magical powers and sends Ryo-Okhi with her as a guide. Matters are not easy, however, as Tsunami's rival, Ramia, wants the crown and will do anything she can, including creating her own magical girl, Pixy Misa, to stop Tsunami from being crowned. - Spin-off 2 - Tenchi Muyo! Bangaihen: Galaxy Police "Mihoshi's Special," narrated by the title character, is a side story about Mihoshi's life as a Galaxy Police Officer. Mihoshi introduces her partner, Kiyone—an up-and-coming officer who believes that having Mihoshi as her partner could be the end of her career—and explains how they solved the case of the Missing Super Energy. Other characters from the Tenchi Muyo series return and have alternate roles in the special. While the storyline parodies various anime works, Mihoshi's Special explores Mihoshi's past and provides a glimpse at her probable future. Magical Girl Pretty Sammy OVA Sasami's always been kind of neat... but now she's been imbibed with a healthy dose of magic (which she plans to use to right the things wrong with the Earth, and, of course, help keep her brother Tenchi out of trouble). Naturally, there's going to be trouble: this time, it's the mysterious Pixy Misa... and Ryoko going at it against Ayeka (as usual) isn't making things any easier for her! - Spin-off 3 - Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club (Alt Version of Pretty Sammy) In this world, there live a group of people who call themselves "Majo" or "Magical Girls." They hide their powers so as to assimilate into the environment. They have been living together in harmony with the humans for many years to come, and their predecessors continue to do so. Sasami was enthroned with magical powers since her birth. However, at the age of three, she was told by her parents never to use her innate powers and from then on, had kept it a secret from everyone. On the day of a new school term, a new transfer teacher by the name of Wajuu arrives and from then on, Sasami's life begins to change tremendously. Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club 2 In this world, there live a group of people who call themselves "Majo" or "Magical Girls". They hide their powers so as to assimilate into the environment. They have been living together in harmony with the humans for many years to come, and their predecessors continue to do so. Sasami was enthroned with magical powers since her birth. However, at the age of three, she was told by her parents never to use her innate powers and from then on, had kept it a secret from everyone. On the day of a new school term, a new transfer teacher by the name of Wajuu arrives and from then on, Sasami's life begins to change tremendously. - 20th anniversary - Ai Tenchi Muyou! In this story, the world is in chaos, thanks to Washu. Now in order to save it, Tenchi Masaki must go undercover as a student teacher at an all-girls school. Unfortunately for him, trouble always comes his way as he has a hard time to deal with the hijinks of his new students. - Same Setting - Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar Kenshi—half-brother of intergalactic hero Tenchi Masaki—has been summoned to the mysterious world of Geminar, and his only hope of returning to Earth is piloting a bio-mechanical weapon in a shocking assassination attempt! When the mission fails and Kenshi is captured, he discovers he's been lied to by the very culprits who transported him to this strange new world. Luckily, Princess Lashara kindly welcomes Kenshi and invites him to live amongst her followers. Now, caught up in a political whirlwind—and hotly pursued by Geminar's female population—Kenshi must find a way to get home while civil war erupts all around him! Tenchi Muyo! GXP Seina Yamada is unlucky... so unlucky that when he stumbles upon a recruiter looking for his senpai Tenchi he gets taken instead. Forced into the Galaxy Police, his luck begins to change. A natural to randomly jumping near pirates, he is assigned his own decoy to draw out pirates. His luck brings him into the lives of four women who have a habit of cancelling out his bad luck, turning it into good. Armed with this luck, they pilot the most powerful ships in the Tenchi Universe to defeat the Da Ruma pirates. Now the only uncertainty is whether the sexy Amane Kaunaq, a former model turned into a GP detective, sturdy Kiriko Masaki, who has known Seina for years, the mysterious Ryoko Balta, a former pirate named after the legendary one, or the child-like Neju Na Melmas, a powerful 2000 year-old priestess, will win Seina. - Same Setting/Spin-off - Dual Parallel! Trouble Adventures Kazuki Yotsuga is your regular average nerd in high-school, except he isn't smart. He has this website which relates to his visions that only he can see. His vision's are about robots who keep fighting each other battle after battle. One day he is sent to a, "parallel world" where these visions exist and he joins a company to fight back against the devious RaRa, who want to take over the world. Dual Parallel! Trouble Adventures Special Peace has been brought to both earths, and everyone is living out their lives as normal citizens. But how normal could life be for war hero Kazuki living with five beautiful women under the same roof... Apparently, he doesn't need to wait long to find out. An ancient artifact that is the key to their adventures in the parallel universes forces Kazuki to hop in the saddle yet again, but this time it's outer space or bust. Photon: The Idiot Adventures Photon Earth is a young and gentle boy with superhuman strength and "Baka" (meaning "idiot" in Japanese) scribbled on his forehead (apparently by his troublemaking friend Aun Freya). One day, he finds himself engaged to the beautiful fugitive pilot Keyne Acqua after writing "baka" on her forehead. And that's the least of his worries as he must protect both Aun and Keyne from the evil Papacharino, who seeks to steal the secrets of "Aho" (another word for idiot) energy from Keyne's grandfather's ship. - Recommendations -
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Other Series that used similar Tenchi Muyo character design
Sarah_E - Oct 15, 2019
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Sep 20, 2020 2:19 PM
Let's Watch Tenchi Muyo
nDroae - Dec 27, 2018
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Feb 6, 2019 1:08 PM
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Universalx - Oct 1, 2015
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Club Comments
DirtyRamone | Apr 9, 2022 5:19 PM
Episode 6 was alright. Not my favorite from OVA 5, but a good one.

nDroae | Mar 25, 2022 9:41 PM
I still haven't watched episode 6 because I don't want it to be over

nDroae | Sep 1, 2020 11:02 PM
Even if you don't care about the main series OVAs anymore, watch the end of OVA 5 episode 3.

Thread with spoilers https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1862307

nDroae | Mar 23, 2020 10:03 AM
Visual for Tenchi Muyo OVA 5 episode 2, showing older Sasami after another time jump:

Source: https://mantan-web.jp/photo/20200319dog00m200009000c.html?page=002

It's scheduled to come out May 29 in Japan, and should be out subbed June 5 on Crunchyroll.

nDroae | Mar 7, 2020 6:13 PM
OVA series 5 episode 1 is now available on Crunchyroll in "North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the Middle East," and in the USA on VRV.

Also, in the simulwatch we're now watching the 1996 Pretty Sammy TV series (episodes 6 and 7 this coming Tuesday). See this thread for information, it's in the timeslot currently labeled "Tenchi Universe" from the recently completed simulwatch of that.
(Since the thread here, we've also watched El-Hazard, and plan to watch Dual Parallel Trouble Adventure later.)

nDroae | Jul 19, 2019 10:29 AM
For those who didn't know:
Early in its history, it was involved in the production of Kiddy Grade, InuYasha, Tenchi Universe, Nurse Witch Komugi, and Generator Gawl.

nDroae | Mar 26, 2019 10:14 AM

In some franchises, this would be the only released version of a continuation of the story :P

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