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Saishuu Chikan Densha Next
Saishuu Chikan Densha Next
Feb 6, 2:20 AM
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Shinmai Maou no Testament
Shinmai Maou no Testament
Feb 3, 5:23 AM
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Just Because!
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Bokunchi no Mikage-san
Bokunchi no Mikage-san
Feb 9, 7:59 PM
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Offside Girl
Offside Girl
Jan 21, 1:55 AM
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Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san
Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san
Jan 4, 12:19 AM
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HentaiMaster076 Feb 18, 11:31 AM
AHHHH, Hello once again! Its been a while, more than 2 weeks in fact. Today is the last day of my winter holiday, do you guys have winter break there too? I have been mostly relaxing and watching some anime. you??

Right now, I am just getting ready for school from tomorrow. Yea, the flu, but it wasnt that bad with some of that hentai haven exclusive XD.
The summative assesments are like exams just that we have 2 or 3 of them for every subject each semester. The are like big projects or esseys, experiments etc. That means its like exam atmosphere nearly all the time, you know?

Yea thanks, work sucks all the writing energy out of me, lol, you must think its pathetic to hear fist years whining about work LOL.
Roy_Focker Feb 9, 9:30 PM

Thanks for the request!
HentaiMaster076 Jan 30, 11:33 AM
Watching anime dosnt take that much battery but if I like play some heavy games, it can barely last 5 hours (which still is a lot).

Yea, as long we have something to talk about, its gonna be fine XD.

The only social media or chatting apps are : FB, discord, snapchat, instragram. wow, these are all the most popular apps these days.

lol IDK. What do you even browse? like without any purpose or just some random websites or...i dont even know, i dont do much browsing unless its research. LOL, its kinda truu, that what everyone has in common.

BTW sorry for the late reply, I was super busy lately. I hardly had much time at home, I was kinda sick so I sisnt have much time at home and I really didnt have the spare energy to write. maa god, this school is quite a handful, I wish we could have our old exam weeks back. In this school, we have like summative assesmesnt which are the most important tasks or assesment which has the most influence on our grades. and the thing is that we have 2 of these for each subject spread out in each semester, so like 4 in one year. So like there aren't real exams in one go but like huge important assments one after another is a pain. But it aint all that bad. Oh yea, we started our WW2 unit in I.S.(Individuals and societies) which is like history. And the history class are linked to eng classes so we also have WW2 as our unit in English class. And tommrow morning we have to write 2 diary entry each 1000 words in 1.5 hours. And each of them has to be an opinion from 2 diffrent prespectives on like a speech by hitler. XDD my sentences are messed up and IDK why I am even saying this. Sad I ant the best at historyT_T
HentaiMaster076 Jan 24, 9:41 AM
Lol, I norammly put it on airplane mode but either way, it can last up till 10 hours. I tried experimenting but airplane made dosn't really make a diffrence unless you get calls all day. I am supposed to take it off after school ends so my mom can contact me but i am just too tired to take it off XD.

I agree whit you, compatibility and personality is definitly the most important but without common things or hobbies, things can get dull and like the not so lasting.

Amino is just an app with like groups with a specific subject or interest. its quite popular like 5 mil in google play and 2.5 mil is in the anime group!! sooo like its filled wiht weebs.

its actually September 27th. itts been a while lol. we started talking about time travelling animes, maann you still havent started steins gate T_T. hentai was the first thing we had in common XDD
HentaiMaster076 Jan 18, 2:20 AM
I have airplane mode on for most of the day so my phone doesn't ring(and my parents dont annoy me XD).

Lol, we dont actually have that much in common except anime ( but we hardly watch the same things (T_T)

Do you have amino? its an app.
oh, look, we reached 95 comments in the conversation. we have talked for like 4 months too.
Jalter Jan 15, 8:02 AM
Thanks for the friend request.
HentaiMaster076 Jan 13, 1:05 PM
There are wayyy more iPhones here than android phones. Although samsung is the biggest maket player of android here. Airplane mode dosnt really make a diffrence unless its on standby becuse its too insignificant.

I agree but its a shame danish isnt really an useful language outside of denmark.

Lol, I dont know any of those games T_T. I play coc, clash royal and other arcade games like nija tobu and stuff like that. I never use social media on my computer except sometimes FB.
HentaiMaster076 Jan 6, 1:12 PM
Yea, somethimes, or I just lay on my shoulder and keep it on the side, lol
Its Samsung Galaxy A3 2017. The battery can last for 10 hours if the brightness is around 80% and no games or constant browsing.
Only anime:->

I actually started watching anime while I was moving. I had this danish manga of Naruto vol.4 which I never even touched and I was like: what kind childish shit is this? Luckily, the first page looked amazing like this-

The art is amazing considering it came out more nearly 20 years ago!! Anyway, I looked intersting but I didnt uderstand anything cause it was vol.4. After that I started watching Naruto and didnt stop until I reached ep100.

I meant kinda the opposite there. Like they dont really give effort to learn english so they end up knowing only danish their entire life. COC came out 5 years agoXD. What do you play then? wow, other than anime what do you do in your free time?
btw, have you noticed the evolution of our msgs? few words> one sentence>few sentences>one paragraph>multiple paragraphs, XDD
nDroae Jan 1, 3:28 PM
Yeah, I expect it'll be frustrating to watch the new story so slowly.
HentaiMaster076 Jan 1, 11:39 AM
I normally lay down on my bed when I watch anime, and i cant really do with with my computer...uhhh, that was an horrible reason. I quit doing anything on my computer other than work and MAL beacuse I get easily distracted and also because I like my phone more. Battery isn't really a problem because my phone is like somekinda mutant which can play anime over 10 HOURS from 100%. 10 hours is enough for a dayXD.

The city I live in isnt that big (I moved here like 1.5 years ago, exactly the time I started watching anime), so there are no international school here. There was one but it closed down a few years ago. Anyway, because of that, i have to take the school bus to my school. My school is in a town called Billund(its where LEGOLand is) and Billund is over 40km away from where I live and thats not all, I even have to take a bus to get the the school bus. So one trip there take 1.5 hours so like over 4 episodes. 8 episodes in the bus in one day,lol.

Nah, i would say its esspecailly denmark where there is soo little weebs because these danish kids are so dependent on danish and never tries to learn english. i would like some weebs tho T_T.

True, MAL is amazing. What games do you play on your phone?? clash of clans?
HentaiMaster076 Dec 30, 2017 1:32 PM
I rarely use my computer for anything except study purposes(except for MAL). like most of the anime i have watched in the past one year(over 1200 eps) was on my phone. I use an app called KSanime, it a smooth and polished app for kissanime but its illegal so I had download the apk from the internet. I download anime from that cause most of the anime I watch on school days, are on the way there and back. Therefor I hardy ever use my computer for anything other than work. I dont game so my phone is all I need ;)

Its really sad, anime is really unpopular compared to other places. most of my dudes are into dank memes and gaming. There are like 2 weebs but I don't even them weebs cause both of them are too unexperienced and second, one of them watches nothing but ecchi/harem animes, I keep telling him to chose between anime and hentaiXDD.

I was more worried that you quit MAL for some sudden reason:-)
I spent a few days with my family and with some of my reatives coming over.
In new year I will probably go out to the city with friends and family to blow some fireworks and such. you?
nDroae Dec 30, 2017 10:03 AM
Oh, by "this year" I meant 2018 haha

GuP has a lot of little side things, I haven't even watched the one on the movie BD (want to do that when I finally buy it)
nDroae Dec 28, 2017 9:17 PM
I might watch Upotte later this year :)

This is what I've seen so far https://myanimelist.net/animelist/nDroae?status=7&tag=moe+military&order=2&order2=0 I want to complete my collection, as it were.
nDroae Dec 28, 2017 3:25 PM
Hi, fellow moe military fan :)

I still haven't seen Upotte yet
HentaiMaster076 Dec 28, 2017 5:10 AM
Well, there are 2 apps I use, one is called Pocket MAL and the other one is called MAL client. Pocket MAL is way smoother and easier to use but MAl client has more options like messaging and comments(but writing on phone, esspecially long messeges, sucks).

man, your lucky to have anime in the cinemas. In Denmark, the only anime movie I have heard of that played in the cinema is the sword art online movie and it played at only 2 places in Denmark and both are soo far away, the seats are limited too.

PlasMem?XD now thats not a normal contractionXDDD.

I was getting kinda worried, you havent been online for like a week, glad to have you back.
Yea, I had a great christmas, even though I am not that religious.
How was your christmas? oh wait, are you christian? re you going anywhere for christmas?