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Boku no Hero Academia Movie
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Net-juu no Susume Special
Net-juu no Susume Special
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Shoukoku no Altair
Shoukoku no Altair
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Kodomo no Jikan
Kodomo no Jikan
Oct 3, 4:27 PM
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AobaSuzukaze Yesterday, 6:35 AM
Wow. Those look really good, but I can see why you tried to stop doing it most times. I tried taking a bunch of screen shots for certain episodes during the spring for Eromanga and I stopped after an episode or 2 because it was adding like 10 + minutes to watching the episode. I'd never be willing to have it take 2 hours.
AobaSuzukaze Dec 14, 2:11 PM
Fyi, unless you want to watch something shitty, take idol memories off your ptw. It's so crappy. The animation looks like nobody cared to even make on e or twos scenes look good, the characters are extremely bland, the performances are extremely lame and look like the characters are being pulled by strings or something. There's just nothing good about. Idk why people made shitty idol shows with weird concepts like this and idol jihen.
AobaSuzukaze Dec 14, 1:31 PM
I already the first one to ptw. I don't know what other otome you mean, but ok.

By prints, do you mean screenshots or something else?
AobaSuzukaze Dec 14, 11:16 AM
I haven't watched many, but "Tsun Tsun Maid wa Ero Ero Desu" is my favorite of the few I've watched. My second being Sex Academy. Otome Dori would've been my third, but episode 2 ruined that by not explaining much of anything, or at least not in a good way,and then making it even more confusing towards the end; the story didn't make sense even for a hentai, which was a little aggravating.
AobaSuzukaze Dec 14, 7:45 AM
I already watched stuff that had, and owned doujins that had it prior. It doesn't bother me now. I just didn't want the first one (episode) to be like that. lol
AobaSuzukaze Dec 14, 6:26 AM
You're probably right. Going to a hentai website should be a better way to check. I kind of just want the series to end, though. Although it's good, I only watched for my first hentai because every other one I found that looked decent on other people's lists had an anal tag and I didn't want my first one to focus a lot on that.
AobaSuzukaze Dec 13, 8:49 PM
Oide yo! Shiritsu Yarimakuri Gakuen has a 3rd episode? I literally don't even know when they release these until it's on someone's list. I should probably check for episode discussion threads every so often, even though it's not all ages content.
Hirugiku Dec 13, 2:28 PM
oh uh wow

Hirugiku Dec 12, 1:58 PM
thanks that was the best.
Hirugiku Dec 12, 10:48 AM
buut- but bloody brother dude :(

LOL proof me that its in ep 2.

what kind of gif usage is that LOL
Hirugiku Dec 12, 9:03 AM
Ok listen to this ON HIGH VOLUME. as high as you can. This song gets me most when i listen to it on my phone on max volume in earphones.

I hate made in abyss personally, hate anything that gets so popular and recognized in community.

Practice reflexes in osu.

energy problems? i see an old man like you cant play moe girls game for more than 10 minutes, energy is running out.I totally see why, moe girls are too stimulating i know.

You have anime movies whaaat. The last movie i watched was a detective conan one and i really liked Umaru's reference in ep 3 of season 2. PRETTY MUCH summed up what detective conan is LOL
I dont any movie that you linked lol.
Hirugiku Dec 11, 4:54 PM

I'd send you some awesome songs but knowing you, you'd just tsunderishly answer that they are not good songs, but i know you secretly listen to them on repeat.

Also damn calm down, calm down, you finished Made in abyss and Net juu so close that it looks like its in the same day, wtf... What are your made in abyss impressions? based on those last 3 episodes (write lengthy)

Why'd anyone in their right mind play league?

Tell me something else interesting
Hirugiku Dec 9, 11:51 AM
dont worry, even if its late, everyone is taking their path at their own pace. At least you are not 40 yet. What are you gonna do after school? you only live once remember? choose a life you wanna live.

I knew Halil is a goner ever since i saw him, man in his age not dying in the story like that? yeah no chance in hell. The continuation from where we would be left in the anime would be invading empire arc and Poisonous Zaganos Pasha's being a complete ownage. Honestly it was said that whatever Zaganos says in divan then you might as well say its passed, he holds the highest amount of power despite being the same rank as others, he is pretty incredibly honestly. I havent read it all, im at 83 and anime ends at 75 or 76.
What characters do you like? I like Niki <3333 too bad her appearance is short, back when i first saw her join them i was thinking wow so she is their next companion but no, she left too early man :(
In general if you didnt notice this anime is one of the most unusual in terms of how there is just ONE main character and everyone else just rotates. There are TONS of characters but they dont have that much screentime and focus on them. During first 12 episodes i didnt think that would be the case tho.

I wish the watch next episode appeaerd when i was watihing ep 9 of net juu yesterday, after that i left and to this hour not finished the anime :v

Just because has great songs but i never got to listen to them apart from listening to them in the episodes, for now im absorbed in some other songs, and im sure once best girl wins i'd be listening to those songs day and night. Also the ED has a sad tone, how the hell do you play games with it :O
DragonSenpai_ Dec 9, 8:09 AM
I have to finish the 1st season still, but im too lazy and have to finish a lot of stuff too haha. The typical 25+ episodes anime takes a lot of time xD
DragonSenpai_ Dec 9, 4:57 AM
Thanks! ^^ Nice holo gif <3