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Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
7 hours ago
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Knight's & Magic
Knight's & Magic
9 hours ago
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Centaur no Nayami
Centaur no Nayami
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Houkago no Charisma
Houkago no Charisma
Jul 26, 3:00 PM
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Hoshi no Samidare
Hoshi no Samidare
Jul 9, 5:31 PM
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Ki ni Naru Mori-san
Ki ni Naru Mori-san
Jul 4, 7:56 AM
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swirlydragon 1 hour ago
Thnx for your comment on my blog :)
LunyRed Today, 2:34 AM
Not gonna lie, these are really impressive, especially with the time, effort, and dedication you put into making these! =D But man, these huge photo albums lagged my browser really badly when I opened them... ^^" x'D You managed to capture a lot of good angles from the episode btw.

The latest episode of Re:Creators was really awesome and I like the colorful epic fight scenes as well as the surprise at the end of the episode. It still is one of my favorite airing anime and I'm hyped af for the next episode already.

It was really surprising to see you posting in my comments at that time, because I thought it was 2 or 3 AM for you over there and you were still awake.
LunyRed Aug 13, 5:41 AM
You removed Rem and Karen from your favorites? You savage! Well, there are users who prefer to fill their favorites with characters/anime from the season, so that's understandable and it's all a matter of preference. =D

With the way you do these screencaps, you're like a photographer, taking shots of every angle no matter your position and location, lol. =D So because of screencapping, I'm assuming it takes you more than an hour to finish watching an episode, huh? =o After all, you still have to rearrange your screencaps in a big canvas. They're going to stretch your blogs if you post them using IMG tags so I guess you can just link them.

Oh, so you started watching Luck & Logic already. There is this one female character there who has the same voice as Rem. However, when the anime was still airing, Re:Zero hasn't aired yet, so I imagined that character as either Chino or Hestia, lol. And then her voice became the voice of the best female character in all of anime. Luck & Logic was kinda average and lackluster for me, but I do like the character designs for some of the girls. And then Hina & Logi came which had much cuter character designs.

Fine, fine! =D I'll give your recommendation a chance! Expect to see Amanchu on my Watching list very soon. You're making me interested now on how much you like it.

I am watching 28 airing anime and, honestly, it's a decision that I regret, lmao! xD Well.... >.> Because my schedule is so packed now, I've been thinking of minimizing my watching list. Might have to put 1 or 2 anime on hold. That was supposed to be 29 but Sakura Quest is now off from my Watching list. Uh-uh, there are a couple of anime that I've been behind with. And I don't think I'm motivated to watch them immediately. Priority is going down. :s I still watch One Piece. xD But I'm not as interested as I did back then years ago because the anime now has horrendous pacing. It's like only a few events happen every episode and most events are getting dragged too much! Right now, One Piece has aired several hours ago but I haven't watched the latest episode yet. =P

It's easier to get raw seasonals because a lot of people need those raws to make high quality fansubs, so there are more sources and more seeders/leechers, lol. ;D With Photoshop, I can make an animated GIF with over 30 seconds of animation. Just like my Rem-rin GIF that has over 350+ frames, lolwut. =O That should be approximately over 35 seconds of animation already. I'd add more clips showing her ruthless Oni mode, but the GIF might reach over 500+ frames and it'll be way too much for slow-connection users to load for their browsers due to its large file size. >.>

Because Akari is a nice and kind girl. KappaHD LOL but in all seriousness, the "bullying" of Akari especially the emphasis on her "weak presence" only lasted up to the second season. In the 1-hour long OVA and the third season, things have changed in the series. Akari is no longer treated as a character with a weak/fading presence. She's been treated normally by her friends. The third season of Yuru Yuri has been my favorite among the series. =)

Yeah, there are some cute girls this season, especially cute little Sora from Tenshi no 3P who I just really like. She's so cute and friendly and always positive despite looking sleepy. I'm annoyed at myself for not being able to make any new character GIFs from this season. 2 months since my last update and I haven't even made anything new... NotLikeThis

I.....don't know why...? I thought your tone of speech always sounded that way. =P But if I have said anything before that might have offended you, I'm sorry.

Yeah, I really like how this turned out, and I approve of my friend's manga list design. =D The template of the banner is very similar with the use & placement of the renders, as well as the design of the logo in the middle of our banners. And the most interesting thing that our "twin" manga designs have in common that's why they're twins are the dancing GIFs! ;D I really love these dancing twin GIFs! <3 Only thing missing is me listening to any nightcore music from YouTube while I watch any of the cute dancers, lololololol! A nice way to pass time, but I enjoy it. xD

I highly recommend the second GIF first. =D

It shows her athleticism in the Keijo sport. And the third GIF is really nice too.

This one shows her charm when she's outside the Keijo arena. The first one is awesome as well, but I only liked the part where she does the somersaults. Scratch that, just use them all! /troll answer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Well you've been sharing with me tons of your stuff, so I figured it's about time I share with you one from me. =D

Wow. I typed A LOT of text tonight! Sorry about this.. =D
DragonSenpai_ Aug 10, 5:35 PM
Umm okay i will watch it , evangelion wasn't boring for me so i can endure the 20 min talking xD

I have to watch the end of the evangelion.. it has been in my "plan to watch list" since 8 months at least XD

I will check it :D
DragonSenpai_ Aug 10, 3:18 PM
Ohh i have heard about re:creators maybe someday i watch it haha

Cute girls > all xD
d3stroya-san Aug 10, 11:31 AM
I mean the games themselves, the plot is good tho.
DragonSenpai_ Aug 10, 11:15 AM
Thx! i like your profile picture too, from which anime is it?

I will add more waifus like uraraka, yumeko.. etc =)
I like your taste btw ^^
d3stroya-san Aug 10, 10:44 AM
Yo. Do you get annoyed when watching kakegurui and they start playing poker with high stakes and shit, but can't follow up?
LunyRed Aug 10, 2:52 AM
LOL I'll take that sarcasm if that's what you were going for. =D

Kinda grew tired of Sakura Quest so it's no longer in my Watching list. >_> It looks like I'll be putting another anime from this season into my On Hold list. I'm losing interest in it either.

Full reply next time. Just.....not really in the mood for it yet, I'm afraid. =D Sorry!
DazeFire Aug 8, 8:35 AM
yeah she just appeared for a few seconds on the latest ep but i actually found out about her about a week before the ep aired on a youtube video about the latest chapter of the manga and she was in it a very nice crazy character <3
SanOro Aug 8, 5:55 AM
Hehe just wait and you'll see why we call her best girl ;D
SanOro Aug 8, 5:31 AM
Ohhh yeah,she's the best girl of course she's gonna be great :D she didn't appear before in the anime ep 18 was her first appearance but in the manga she does have a big role just wait for her in season 3 bc she's one of the main antagonist on an upcoming arc
LunyRed Aug 6, 5:41 AM
Wow! ((((;゜Д゜))) Uhm, wow...! ^^" It amazes me that you're very dedicated to screencap as many favorite clips as you can. =D I noticed this from some of the episode compilations but....the quality of the screencaps seems to be dropping, I think? =S Some of the lines are looking jagged... Anyway, I don't think I've asked this before, but did you also make a blog where you post these? =o

I've just finished Owarimonogatari earlier this morning. Why did it take me at least 2 months? lol I should be able to make room for Hajimete no Gal now.

Too bad some of my favorite anime have no new episodes this week. Looking at Re:Creators A sports festival in Japan occupied the time slots for them. However, some anime were unaffected like My Hero Academia.

I didn't really get to say anything about Koi to Uso, sorry.. ^^" I haven't picked it up, and I doubt I've got plans to watch it at all. 30 is my max, and I don't really want to extend my watching list. I might put Sakura Quest on hold....

winddevil1 said:
anyway, when are you going to watch amanchu? it's only 12 episodes and it's better than most of the shows you like =D

tfw?! =D Biased opinion. I'll be the judge of that once I see it. =3

Well you're dedicated at making your episode compilations, unlike me, who's kinda lost dedication and motivation to expand my animated gallery. =D I wonder how long will my gallery be stuck at a total of 171? =P

winddevil1 said:
i just noticed she only has 1 scene on that gif, i'm disappointed on your work lmao

ROFL dude! Do you have any idea how difficult it was to find raw/unsubbed episodes of Saki that I could use for her GIF?! This anime is a bit old, so it has become difficult to find a working torrent for this anime. >.> I recall 2 more short clips that I could add to extend the animation of her GIF. Couldn't be bothered to find raws of those episodes. Come back when you can make something longer and better. =D

Yes, that's right. ;) Akarin's hair buns are that strong, LOL! =D The alien guy was so pissed off at her for destroying his space ship LMAO!

Happy to see Kamine in episode 5 from Tsurezure Children. =) But Takano was absent instead. >_<
nrlysnowy3 Aug 2, 2:04 AM
Damn how foolish was i to put amanchu in droplist, thanks for pointing that to me dude.
And by rethinking i found out myself watching mushishi again with new motivation.
Just found another two very great shows thanks to you <3
nrlysnowy3 Aug 1, 7:19 AM
Well let's call it an accident, and in that case i'll definetely watch it, but not because you mentioned it (even though i understand that good show in dropped looks really strange) but because my good friend also blaming me in a long term for not watching it.
More laconic answer would be that this show just didn't fit in my schedule in time it was reccomended to me :D