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AobaSuzukaze 44 minutes ago
I suppose you're right. Your weird methods are probably better kept to yourself. i thought your prints were just a collection of screenshots. When you're resizing, are you resizing regular screenshots so you can make the prints or do you have a program/method that allows you to take the prints without pasting stuff together?

You're so right. We need more head pats for Ratel. Maybe we can get a special head pat edition in the last episode. We can only hope. We need to be thankful for young Ratel in all her glory.

I see what you mean. I had someone commenting before because I hate Madoka Magica, yet really really like Psycho-Pass, even though my complaints on Madoka should supposedly be applicable for Psycho-Pass too, since the same person wrote them. It's just not true at all. A writer can easily have a disaster and than a great work of art, even using some of the same themes and style of portraying the story. Madaoka hate is a story for another day.

I know I like Infintie Stratos and Hundred, which are mechas, but they're also harems. Code Geass would be a mecha anime I like. I usually find full on mecha abttle shows to have shit mecha designs and relaly poor writing, like gundam thunderbolt (I know it's suppose to be an in betweens series for the gundam series, now, but that isn't a full excuse, for how awful the characters were and such).

I'm the opposite there. I love the beautifully crafted fairy-tail like story in Madchen because it's not written like a dumb disney story, and everything is much more relatable for me. Well, we both hate one of each other's favorites and really like a show the other hates here.

I love fox girls and animal girls too, depending on their type. I'm not really for spider girls, birds, etc too much. I'd rather just foxes, cats,and wolves, even though they are usually the most common. The only nine-tailed fox I really dealt with was Tamamno from Monster Girl Quest. She is great, but I haven't played past part 1.

What favorites are we talking about? Out of your favorites list, the only one rated a 5 or less for me is Kemono friends with Monogatari series second season and Little Witch at a 6. Seasonal favorites, I cannot speak for, currently.

Lol. Well, I cannot argue with you there. Even I know you'll love everything he hates. Seeing comments is all the knowledge I needed to know that. Prioritize your other stuff for now, assuming you even get to it while watching seasonals. $20 says next season will just be you falling behind again, and not cutting back on the number of shows you watch.

Keeping in touch is key. If I lived alone, I probably wouldn't have much home cooking, so I probably want different food too, even though I usually like food I can order out more. There are food items you just cannot get at restaurants, though, or at least not made as well, so I'd need to visit home every so often. You get your pet visit too. Got to visit those cute little cats and watch them chase some string. I love playing with other people's pets too,especially when it's other family members.

Should I watch, "Ryuuou no Oshigoto!"
AobaSuzukaze 1 hour ago
Flower knight girls still sound pretty fun. I guess not controlling the characters isn't a big issue. At least when something goes wrong, it's not because I didn't time a move correctly, then. All those dailies and special events would give em something to do to gear up my squad.

Moe ninja girls seems easier to access at least, since it's a phone game. I think if I was going to feel like I watched an anime episode, I'd rather actually watch an episode, though. lol. Still, it sounds fun.

I played pokemon up to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I started with 3rd gen, though. I played gold and yellow, but they were already beat, although I did restart the yellow game and go through on my own, but I don't think I ever finished it. I played Leafgreen and Heartgold and Soul Silver, so at least I played games that had the Kanto and Johto regions. Sun and moon looked so dumb, though, adn the demo showed how they ruined almost everything that should be good about Pokemon in 7th gen, so I cancelled my pre-order, and never bought one of them. Also, the Moon exclusive legendary is the worst looking legendary they've ever made. I know my brother has "Dual of the roses", which he only bought for the special cards; he could never figure out how to beat the people, and I never played it, but I could. That music piece is really btw; I found out Dual of the roses came right after Forbidden memories from the comments section. I actually turned on the original pokemon theme, the Johto one, and the battle frontier one while replying. I bought them on itunes years ago Such great songs.

I like shooting games, but I never really played anything, but Cod. I played at least some of the online play for every game from Cod 4 to Black ops 3 besides Modern warefare 2. I didn't care about the story much, so most of the campaigns are half finished at best. I beat the campaigns on Cod 4 and Modern Warefare 3, though. I still play the special ops mode on MW3 at times, but not nearly as often as I used to play it. Got tog et that ACR and the mp7 or pp90. I don't why I'm mentioning names when you haven't played it. Prototype was a great game to, but I said fuck the story once they took away all the mc's powers temporary, and then seemed to up the difficulty of the mobs when you don't have special moves anymore. Assassin's Creed is really good too along with Uncharted. Neither of these games are likely your type, though.

I used play some of the cartoon network games, but only when I was in like 5th grade, and it wasn't too often. I remember not being able to play some of them because the required the one "active x" program and my computer didn't have it. It was probably just an old adobe flash like program. Nitendogs was fun too, but you can play it for so long before switching games, since what you could was so limited.

I would certainly say the movement is a good thing, and it definitely encourages that, but I'm not going to put in all that effort into finding pokemon that only stay in an area so long, when I could just breed on previous games. I'd rather just take a walk while listening to music, rather than walking to specific areas just for short pokemon appearances. Plus, I'd have to cross too many high traffic areas around my area to do the hunting. I'm sure. Not like I have a device that could support pokemon go, but I wouldn't download it even if I did.

I watched Pokemon when I was younger, but I never saw all the episodes, and or I don't remember them much. I think I've seen all of Pokemon Advanced, advanced challenge, and advanced battle, but I don't remember it. When I decide to re-watch Pokemon some day, I'll add it than, but for now, I'm not going to add it when I don't even know if I saw the episodes and don't remember much from them. I know I didn't se Diamond and Pearl much because that came out around when I was at the age, when you start sleeping in on Saturdays. I wouldn't sleep in too late, but I would wake up at like 9:10 9:15 or something, when the episodes started at 9. I'd like to watch Pokemon again, like I did with yu-gi-oh, but not at the moment, yet.

Honestly, I just couldn't stand their whole characters. Everything about them earns a negative 10 for me (exaggerating a bit). If I get into it, I'll have at least a paragraph or two for each of them depending on how long I make the paragraphs. I'm just going to let it go, and bring out the anger. It's just infuriating of a series. It already had at three things that I was sure would spell disaster: "supposedly deeper meanings", being a mech anime, not being from the 2000s. Well, I let it die before I go off.
AobaSuzukaze Yesterday, 7:15 PM
I'll definitely reply in the morning. I was doing random other things to do, so I'm still watching today's episodes.

In the mean time, have some Aoba feet, even though it's way past Valentine's day.
Hirugiku Yesterday, 5:58 PM
dont worry about amanchu btw, i'll try my absolute best to treasure it just as much as you did back when you were watching
Hirugiku Yesterday, 5:29 PM
illiterate ossan :O

well whatever, i'll see next season i guess :O

it was the most fun for me in a while, really made my mood seeing animes i care about move in the ranking :O
Anyway bye for today, its getting late for you and you are getting irritated, worst time to talk to you :D unless i want my favorites to be insulted again :D
Hirugiku Yesterday, 5:01 PM
lol forget it then.
Ayy i'll watch Amanchu.
Hirugiku Yesterday, 4:51 PM
recommend me one anime. Pls something normal, no troll
ALSO WTF i was so baited :(
Hirugiku Yesterday, 4:48 PM
FUCk i meant Steven, sorry i was mad while writing it so i mistyped :v

pokemon is so great that you are behind 40 eps :PPP

no you didnt.

Its cause there is no way for those animes to get anywhere on the list while Garo and Ramens are really thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat close to getting in there, so i gave them max amount of points. And look look, its their first appearance in the standings <333
AobaSuzukaze Yesterday, 1:46 PM
Damn!!! I wouldn't take 4 hours to do that, but you did some awesome work there. Too bad you don't have a good way of printing high quality copies and selling them online or something. They would make for some amazing wall scrolls and such as long you have good material they could be printed on. I guess 20 isn't too bad than. You're using prints instead of saying screenshots, right? I was thinking 20 prints meant 20 collages. If it helps you remember scenes you trying thinking about, make the prints when you need to. It's a time consuming job, but as long as it helps, it's probably worth it. You seem to have it more under control, now. I don't think you sent the re:creators ones to me. It was probably to someone else. We weren't even friends on here back when it was airing.

Yeah, I know what you mean. You want to try a bad idea, just because you know it's a bad idea and it'll probably be fun. rip Tiger's hand indeed. That was a surprise, but not as much as Hitomi fully transforming and her younger self meeting Shidoh. Best episode yet.

I try out some shows that I'm iffy about too, but I can generally tell if I won't like or if I'm not interested by the description, artwork, and other information I see. The studio, vas, music people and such aren't really a problem for me, but I gauge with other info. I didn't think I'd like slice of life shows, but I'm starting to really like them, when it's the right show.

I seem to have about as many shows I want to watch as I did last spring and summer. A lot of good looking shows seem to be coming out, but yeah, like 8 are sequels. I think at least 6 that I want to watch are sequels/alternate versions. I don't drop seasonals, since I never watch 20, 30 or more,like some people. I just suffer, but I'm usually doing something else while watching some of the ones I don't like. Currently, I've been playing that Gx Dual Academy game I mentioned while while watching the Toji episodes; I half pay attention to them because I already lost interest when episode 1 had a complete random ending that wasn't explained until the end of episode 2. If it was explained more towards the beginning or early middle of episode 2, I would've cared more, but when it happened at the end, I was already like "fuck this, you waited too long".

You're forgiven, for now. lol. The names were similar, so I cannot fault you too much. Fox Spirit matchmaker is so good. I still need to watch past season 1. I wanted to watch the show, so I watched it for a quick entry for a monthly challenge I was doing. I still plan to finish the other seasons, and I'll probably use them for a romance challenge. It'll provide 5 entries easily, since I'm sure I can find different requirements that they can fulfill. I'll be watching because I want to, though,. not just for a challenge. Challenges just motivate me a little at times to watch certain shows sooner.

You definitely should. Maybe Nekopara can be your one hour of anime on the day you decide to watch it.

I'll need to make my own list of character types later. I love a lot of the energetic, bad ass, tsunderes, and class reps too. My list will come eventually.

I know where this is going. You're going to check out nichijou, now. Since, you like aho girl, you'll probably like it. I'm just not into the completely stupid comedy for the sake of being stupid. That's the reason I consider every abc comedy besides maybe one or two that have aired in the past few years, the worst shows on television.

I hope you enjoyed your dinner with your mom. I'd have to visit my mom/parents too, if I lived out of the house, especially if I was farther away. A weekly dinner and or a full hang out day would be a nice thing to do.

Hirugiku Yesterday, 12:49 PM
Hina is smaller and has a smaller face and they have nothing in common apart from pink hair But ofcourse,ofcourse you as someone who watched a few episodes know who looks similar to who, smiley face :)
Ehehe i have no strength left for arguing, be it as it may be, you can even say yowmaushi pedal is shit and i wont bulge, just tired, i dont care already what some hater will say anymore.
Those people that are hating on something think they understand what they are talking about, while in reality they dont.
Stephen hawking legendary person died, and some people still dare to say he was useless to the world (people like you) who dont understand what they are talking about, but they think they do, that's what make them feel better about themselves.

but instead of doing that just watch this
that was amusing.
Also tell me what are you watching next season, i didnt ask before, but im curious (thought you'd tell me yourself, but oh well gotta ask as always i guess)

and talk about that that's more like it, thats the list i can go by :D i dont even care about that top 6, whatever i accepted that it wont be changing, but others are nice <3

NaruHina combo best combo <3
AobaSuzukaze Yesterday, 11:10 AM
I failed, but I didn't try hard not to laugh. They're too cute and awkward together. Naruto was like a human money with all that jumping around.

I should totally look for a collection of shots or videos from Nekopara. Vanilla is too cute, no matter if it's between her and Chocola, or her and Kashou. Another objective for the day.
Hirugiku Mar 16, 10:30 PM
she said its how she'll look like in 10 years, so its future man, futuure! Remember when i talked about patience and stuff? :D wait 100 more chapters,ma-ybe maybe and then you'd find her totaly changed :D
Also ehehe

Thats a true devotion for that Hinata! my main reason for reading most of the stuff Aha-ha. "ingle scene from Hinata in a few (3 maybe) hours on youtube, from an anime with 700 episode"
damn feelsfucking bad and i thought Hina had a few appearances :D
Also GnG is not shitty, i told you it gets way better after you get through the umm..... hard parts :D Its not even about her, the story gets more interesting.
Man im just happy that i finally understood why people liked the manga, i felt just as great when i realized why people think 3-gatsu is great.

Its just a great feeling to like something after hating it for so long, also i guess it shows how you changed (proof that you changed) and i was very happy, so i felt that called for sharing :D

not all pink girls look like Hina, wtf is wrong with you, you discriminator xD

I knew you'd be happy to see the pokemon reference. I laughed at that. Who just goes and throws a reference for the most iconic anime out there LOL, talk about creativity xxd.
Transformation in manga is way cooler tho T_T

"did her father leave her or something?" looks like it. D-dont leave me papa, eh we all know that feeling T_T TOO REAL.
SJ7izm Mar 16, 8:40 PM
Woah, thanks. Wish I had seen it earlier so I could've replied sooner, but it hasn't become the 17th where I'm at yet so it's all good.

Infinite bonus points for Satania content.
AobaSuzukaze Mar 16, 6:49 PM
Part 2

Both the op and ed are good, when you're in the mood for that type of song. I think they're the type of good songs that you listen to non-stop for a few days, but than you take decent sized breaks between alter listens. It seems like they're songs that are good, but you would stop liking when you heard them too much/listened them too often within a short time span. They do have nice visuals, though.

Flower Knight Girls does seem like a bit of fun. It's I think would be more fun if it can be played on a console. I'm not a big fan of games with that type of movement system, when it's zoomed, on pc. Actually, I'm just generally not a big fan of using the usual "wasd" to move. I find moving with a controller much easier and more fun. I should definitely look into his game, though. Is it a free browser game, like it seems to be? [b]"Hello Boobies"[/b} It was too much when he said that.

Moe nina girl seems like a parody sort of game. That game shot is kind of funny. Found it a little funnier than I should've.

I would say you have a serious problem, but at least it's on auto most times, so I'll pretend that you don't have a problem. rolf.

I never played a yu-gioh game on the ds. Actually, I never played a yugioh until dual academy, and even than, I playing it years after ti came out. I'm surprised I never played the games because i used to be really big into yugioh when I younger, but I was more into the pokemon games. That's fair, though. Played the Pokemon game a shit ton, but never played the card game much, and dueled using yu-gi-oh cards, yet never played the games. I haven't haven't watched anything past GX, besides a few random episodes of 5ds. I need to watch GX again, since I barely remember anything I saw when I watched the show during like 4th and 5th grade.

I guess I tend to stay with the same games too, at times. I don't play many games, but when I decide to try out newer series, like I did my senior year of high school, I'll play like 4-5 different ones over a few months. I tried Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, got back to and beat the Skyrim story, almost got to prestige 2 on Cod:Black ops 2, prestiged once on Cod:Ghosts, played Uncharted, and even played mass effect 2 but stopped quickly because I couldn't stand it. I played through every Assassin's Creed game at the time besides 3 between like December of 2013 and summer 2014. I played all the pre-ps4 Uncharted games by the end of my second semester in college; took forever to beat 3. I really like pretty much everything besides mass effect 2 and the very first Assassin's Creed Game (I'm surprised only an ok./neutral start turned into a great continuous series).

Focusing on phone games is a pretty good alternative. It's not my thing, now, but it's fun when you get the right games. I see why you love them. You can barely watch a few episodes of anime in a day, so being able to afk and farm on a game is perfect for you. I bet you get a Tripple A+ in afking. I was never able to play Pokemon go, but I wouldn't anyway. It would be so much easier to just breed and things on older games to get the Pokemon. You can still play the other games outside, although you'll get glare unless you're in a more shaded area. Being outside in the fresh air is the most important part, anyway.

Everyone needs that one anime you'll always suggest to almost everyone. I have New Game!, you have Amanchu, and everyone else has theirs. I consider Asuka and Shinji both to be the worst characters of their archetype, tsundere and self-insert. I remember being almost completely check out during episode 20 or 21-24, though,and I basically skipped the last 2 episodes because they all they really did was show that the writers wanted to recap all the themes of the show, even they weren't that hard to figure out on your own. Honestly, even though I usually hate mecha anime, I think eva could've at least been an ok show, if it completely removed all the supposedly deep stuff; that's what dragged it down and lead to another failure of a show, to em anyway. Having deeper themes is nice and all, but not when it's disastrous .

Dragon Maid is a great manga. You need to read it. It's slightly different than the show and some events are re-ordered, but it has all the charm still. yeah, catch up on Grand Blue than. Better off catching up than starting new manga.

Those faces. :). You're so right. There's no questioning that they AOT and Kakegurui like. I love them. They should be the next kind of titans introduced that are not shifters.

Good thing i split these. I talked more than I was expecting to.
Do you participate in PRC anymore?
AobaSuzukaze Mar 16, 5:58 PM
We're all stupid in a way so it's ok. Still, 20, though? Even that seems like too much, even stretching it a little. It almost seems like you're taking shot by shot screen shots and putting them together. It's kind of like the Ramen episode shots I found. It looked like the person screenshoted almost every scene and posted all of the shots. I believe he still had more posted and I just stopped because there were so many.

I wouldn't suggest getting into soma, yet. Unless you were dead set on watching the next season a sit airs, you would have at least 49 episodes to watch, which isn't worth it to prepare for a new season of shows, unless you were dead set on watching a sequel. I don't like monogatari as a whole, so I won't push for that either way. Aikatsu , SAO, and DxD season 3 (my favorite one of the current 3, despite it's fast pacing that clearly leaves content out) are definitely worth it, with non non biyori and yuri yuri being other shows I also want to watch. The screen shots kill your ability to tolerate watching so many seasonals. Too bad you cannot have a shocker on a watch or something that could go off whenever you take a screenshot; that would discourage you, maybe, but it might do more harm than good. It would be like if I had a shocker set like that, but it goes off whenever I watch anime rather than doing something I should be working on for a class. I wouldn't listen, so it would just fry my hand. At least, I could eat it than, but I need a replacement. Man did paragraph get weird at the end.

We're watching at least 8, maybe 9 of the same shows next season. I don't know about comic girls. I think it's a short, though, so it has a higher chance to get on the list. Don't pick up so many shows just to drop a bit of them. That's dumb. Don't be like many of these other morons on here. Rise above, and show you actually have good taste, no matter what they say. lol.

Hehe. Well, I feel neutral towards umaru, so I wasn't going to suggest the show I don't like. Finish it, since it's your favorite, though. Give your favorite the effort it deserves, and watch it. Don't be a slacker about it, although you are already are, so my advice doesn't help much. I think you mean "Yuzu". I believe you had her on your favorite seasonal character list, and you still forgot her name. The pinked haired fox was "Ren". You probably did expect more. I only expected cute fox girls working at an inn, so I got way more than I expected, but you likely didn't, up to the point you watched, anyway.

Flashy doesn't automatically= better, so we're good. Vanilla from Nekopara isn't exactly always flashy, but I love her above all the other characters too. It just doesn't show because I haven't played volume 3 in a while, nor have I replayed 1, 2 and 0. The ova was amazing, though. I'm so glad I backed it. The pins are so lovely too, and I put them on my bag within a few days after my package arrived. I should totally re-watch the ova, not that I'm talking about it. I saw it twice that week, already, once off steam after using my steam key from backing at least $15 to download it, and once off the blue-ray. An overflowing amount of joy shoved into only like 55 minutes.

I hated aho girl, but the class pres/rep wasn't bad. The guy wasn't bad either. He's why I rated it a 3 and not a 2 or a 1. I guess she's why a little bit too. If it was only Yoshiko, instant 1. I swear she's still the most annoy and poorly written comedy character I've experienced, in anime, and that's coming from someone who fucking hates nichijou so much and finds every character there to be part of the dumbest slice of life cast ever, minus the cat. For me, it's hard for a slice of life/comedy characters to fall below nichijou levels for me.

I'm going to break the message up a bit. It'll be two parts.