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Hirugiku 11 hours ago
didnt know that... well that just means that you played that badly to get banned.

sorry to break it but im completed devoted to my only 2d waifu.

Which Goku?

Its osomatsu tho :( sad that you didnt like the video. Also Daiyoooooooooooooon is absolute CLASSIC.
Ah that kero is from cardcaptor right? <3 that cake looks really good.

And now what a way to ruin the message with hajimete no gal gif :D And and you didnt say if you liked the blend s op. And yeah i already understood you are useless so i gotta make all screenshots by myself...

Hirugiku 12 hours ago
well it just accumulated over time you were toxic. say you were 19/20 close to get banned, so in 4 months when you got a bad game it went to 20/20. Anyway why am i talking about lol, spare me >_<

what in the .... "even without league i still waste time doing stupid stuff
sometimes watching online webcams just to see if one of my favorite girls appear and then just sit here for ages watching them even when they don't do anything TROLOLOL
yes i'm retarded, you don't need to point that haha"

sorry i got no comments on the above message.

Well then watch nanoha first and everything, but just so you know Vidid strke has 2 new protagonists and the story resolves around them mostly and you dont need to know the backstory of other characters or know much about them but thats useful ofcourse. Anyway i was watching vivid strike without even knowing much of them since they appear in season 3/4 and i only watched season 1/2

500 terabits memory ? Loool
no im serious about devotion,thats all cool.

JEsus so many umaru gifs. And verbal ticks are the best thing in the anime... and why original >>>>>>>>>dubs and osomatsu has a lot of them...

Oh the usual tabenai de kudasai <3

And alright lets stop the facade... ill send you the link that will make you watch the anime 100%
Hirugiku Yesterday, 11:25 AM

and yet you still dont watch much :P finish sakurada first then, hurdle out of the way first.

Vivid strike can be watched without Nanoha.
I recognize mostly everyone. well when you place a lot of value in animes, everythnig related to it gets placed in a special memory sector.
Io from grandblue <3

thats good to know you are so devoted "that's why i waste a long time watching youtube videos "best moments of (anime/character)" to remember them ;o"
I too remember her from centaur, well to be real wherever she is, she is amazing.
and ofcoures Rika is her character as well, mostly her characters are those of a small body proportion.

Tssss you are so useless and tumblr doesnt have everything i want.
Hirugiku Yesterday, 6:06 AM
its all good right? finishing shows left and right :P 4 weeks later tho :D yeah finish sakurada, you should... what was the point of watching it for so long too.

well its nanoha of course... she is a perfection :< but i fell in love with her totally and added her to favorites after my favorite anime yowamushi pedal which made my friend happy since he is a really big fan of hers (and nanoha)

"(episode 12 minute 17.20 if you want to listen)" Aha AHA here i am gonna listen to a specific point in the FINAL episode in the anime i didnt even watch :D dont worry i know just how amazing she is, looks like you just recognized her which i find to be really hilarious, on the greatness level she goes along with kugumiya rie and other legendary seyuus and she's been around for that amount of time too...

Oh i forgot she is THE MAHOU SHOUJO :D
p.s always great to talk about a perfect person.

oh and you absolutely have to watch blend s for one and one reason alone, make a lot of screenshots and send them to me :P but a fullsized ones!!!
LunyRed Oct 16, 11:58 PM
If you were wondering why I don't have her in my favorites even if my favorites can hold up to 20, then let me ask you this question: Which among my current favorite characters is voiced by Yukari Tamura? Moreover, from the previous season, I didn't get to hear her voice much. She had a role in Isekai Shokudou from what I remember. Yukari Tamura's characters who are my favorites would be: Jibril, Nanoha Takamachi, Togame, Fear Kubrick. Hmm....feels like I've forgotten more names. =S

NGNL Zero apparently aired on theaters in other countries but not yet in our country. -_- F***.. xP

My watching list right now consists of 18 airing anime and I refuse to pick another one to add from this season. I would only prefer to add some titles that finished airing before. I'm currently behind on Fate/Apocrypha and I'm still not yet interested to watch it, unfortunately.. =D

SHU-PA-PAAAAAAN~! <3 Sylphin is an interesting character. =3 It's not so bad to root for her too. After all, Umaru always gets most of the attention and Sylphin mostly ends up second. xP I like the 4 main girls in Umaru-chan, but instead of putting all 4 of them in my top 20, I'll just put the second season of the anime in my favorites instead. xD

No need to figure out how hard it is. ;D Just enjoy the NEET life. xD With my daily life always ending up being busy, it doesn't get boring at least, and I earn money in the process. =)

LOL ok thanks for telling me that, because that gave me a good laugh. ;D ;D But it's for a good cause, since you'll have more free time then. Damn, just how much free time you got? =P

Before you could even go watch Vivid Strike, you'll have to sit through the 4 seasons of Lyrical Nanoha first: from the 1st season up to Nanoha Vivid, which is the fourth season. Vivid Strike is basically a side story of Nanoha Vivid and it'd be pointless to start from Vivid Strike since it'll be difficult to understand the world building and who these characters are. I'm really glad I got to finish the Nanoha series and made my way to Vivid Strike, because I couldn't express how happy I was just listening to the voice of the main heroine in Vivid Strike. ;D I was always cheering for Rem...err....for Vivio in the anime. ;D ;D /Inori Minase fanboy =D

Just gonna continue replying to some of our older convo before I go with a full reply for the big one. ;) Multitasking can be annoying fun. xD

When it comes to adding new character GIFs in my blog, the placement would always be from the middle of the gallery down to the bottom. I don't really plan to place new GIFs to the top where Rem, Chino, and Venera-sama are. (Obviously the top is for my top favorites duh~) But as I've stated before, the new additions will have their names listed in the changelog. =) My last update was since June LOLOLOLOLOL Visitors in my blog will know which characters got recently added, so it's up to them to find the new GIFs. ;D And no, if I would list down names of which characters will have GIFs next, then I'd rather list them in private where nobody could see the list. =3 This has to be a surprise. =D Nobody will be able to figure out which girls will show up next. ;)

I'm liking Imouto Sae Ireba Ii much more than the....what was it called again? It had...."Sho-bitch" in the title. =P The latter is really annoying and the comedy is cringe-worthy. As usual, I picked it up for the character designs and because there are lots of girls, but I can't stand the characters themselves. I'll give it a chance in a few more episodes. Imouto Sae is going to be a keeper. I really like Nayu-chan. =3

winddevil1 said:
"they don't know what to write anymore so they just copy others" and i said it before you ;)

lolwtf are you talking about?? Don't even think you're trying to look cool by saying that. ;) I've been visualizing the Inori Minase x Rie Takahashi tandem as voices for Yui Yamada and Tomoka Kase since I've fallen in love with the manga. Was imagining Yui speaking in Rem's voice then I was thinking of which seiyuu would be perfect for Kase-san's voice. At first I thought about Rie Murakawa since she could do a boyish voice too, just like in Brave Witches. But probably a bit high-pitched voice though. If that was Rie Murakawa as Kase-san then Yamada and Kase would be like Rem (Inori Minase) and Ram (Rie Murakawa) going lesbian. ;P Was fun imagining different voices. x) Then I also thought of having Emilia's voice, which also fits for boyish voices since she voices Ernesti in K&M. OK, in my mind, I'm going to establish these voices for Yamada and Kase, and I hope it comes true! x) AND THEN you came in saying "let's add Inori Minase and Takahashi Rie as the main characters? LOLOL Rem x Emilia yuri please" and that was actually what led me to react with you being a mind reader. o_O

But you know what? =D Instead, these two seiyuus (Inori Minase & Rie Takahashi respectively) both earned new roles in the next season of One Room. =D I was pleasantly surprised, and haters gonna hate! >=) It's like a dating simulator featuring Rem & Emilia now. xD
LunyRed Oct 16, 2:12 AM
Oh, Yukari Tamura? =O Yeah, one of my earlier favorites. Every time I read her name, the first character that comes to mind would be Jibril from No Game No Life. I also like her role as Togame from Katanagatari. Her voice is amazing, because her voice can be perfect for young moe characters loli mahou shoujo and, at the same time, also sounds alluring when she does voices for mature characters.

I checked the character she voiced in K&M. Not bad.

Too bad, I won't be picking up K&M anymore. =S It's staying there in my Dropped list, along with Comet Lucifer and Isuca. But good to know you enjoyed K&M. =) Well hey, you also have your own dropped anime but I won't be interrogating you about it. =P

You still want me to reply on our previous long combo? Sure, I'll do that. But I need more time. I couldn't concentrate yet on responding to long convos and I've got a lot of unanswered long convos in my comments section. >.> R.I.P. me.. xD But don't worry, I'll give you a full reply once I'm fully free you scrub =D
victiniXD Oct 15, 5:43 PM
Thank you, cute Kero GIF :D
perinha13 Oct 12, 11:44 AM
kkk bom gif e obrigado :D
Hirugiku Oct 12, 2:11 AM
its from Animegataris
Hirugiku Oct 12, 1:18 AM
You didnt like the image that much that you didnt even reply to it this time so im not gonna spam it again huh, smart smart.

No Chise didnt break the machine, it wasnt her machine that broke it was the other one for the other girl and thats where a leader of the girls said that thats why they need a lot of breaks for machines to cool off.
Then even more of the case why you should find hardworking people like Chise or Princess even more admirable.

I found it weird that they believe Princess that easily as well, oh well wasnt that big of a deal, maybe it showed how persuasive Princess is

Man dont you understand that what she told that person how "my life is not yours to toy with" is totally different from her wanting to fulfill Ange's wish. She is doing it on her own, its her own desire she wants to do it it doesnt matter if she wants to become Queen for Ange's case or for her own reasons, whatever the reason is, what's important is that she wants to do it while when she was saying "my life is not yours to toy with" it was because that woman wanted to control her and make Princess do something she doesnt want to.

Knights and magic best anime? didnt expect to hear it from you

But its okay since its Kugumiya Rie who said it right?
ScarletSnake Oct 11, 10:19 PM
Thank you very much for the birthday greeting! =)

LunyRed Oct 11, 12:36 AM
O hai! =D How's it going? =9

Really? =O Sounds awesome dude! I knew you'd surpass my current number. Haven't updated my blog in 3 months, lawl. I would like to make some new additions to my own but after I finish my Manga Reading Challenge, since that one's been in my backlog since February, heh. Planning to finish all manga in my challenges before Christmas this year.

*checks your blog* I'm a bit lost now... I still see your 2 testing blogs wherein you posted the same stuff 4-5 times. =P Ever thought of keeping them private?

Everyone has the freedom to expand their favorites list. ;) The top 10 is by no means the end of it.

Looks like I'm watching more sequels than new shows this season. xD I've got 3 more anime to pick up, as far as I remember, then that should be the max of my watching list for this season. =9
Hirugiku Oct 10, 8:25 PM
You liked it huh?

And im being kind here! i could've spammed it 100 more times :D

Well then Aguri is not a loli she is a chibi! a small person. Loli is also someone who acts like loli which Aguri is not

Oh okay then. Final episodes: Since control(people who give orders to our girls) know that Ange is similar looking to Princess, they are trying to use it to 1)Eliminate the princess, why they are doing it? because they are scared she will backstab them, since they dont know their motives clearly and since Ange looks just like Princess and they know Ange is reliable, they want her as their princess who they can trust and CONTROL, control is important.
2)They also want to make Princess responsible for everything, since they are trying to kill Queen here, they want Princess to take all the blame and since its Ange she can just change her appearance and disappear so there's no problem. Btw they really value Ange since she is an A+ class spy.

Ange asked that she eliminates Princess herself obviously she doesnt wanna do it so she wants to hide her for now and so later they can escape to Casablanca (the place which Ange knows is safe) she tried to reason with Princess but Princess doesnt want to run so she outsmarted Ange (which is very very very very rare since Ange is the smartest person in the anime) but because Ange was very emotional there and if you remember correctly emotions is something she usually lacked, since she feared they might get in the way of her work and she actually was right, the first time she was emotional she lost and Princess escaped.

Here is where confusion comes huh? when she went back she said she is Ange and that she killed Princess but actually she was Princess all along. MAn also even if they look alike their personalities are pretty different, PRincess always smiles and says "HAIIIIIIIIII" in the end and has that smile of the kindest person on the planet. Thats how you know its Princess.

You are wrong here, Princess wanted to become Queen and fulfill Ange's wish of saving people only in the beginning, that was her biggest motivation and why she tried so so so so hard when she was young, not only for herself to not get spotted and killed but for Ange's dream as well. BUt later as she grew older and learned more and more, the wish to become QUEEN is now her own, she actually wants to become queen and save people for her own reasons.

Chise in ep 7: was very frustrated that girls who were doing laundry wasnt taking their job more seriously and were having tons of breaks and when she was called for a break she was saying how she is fine and she wants to work more. So that says about her that she is a pretty hardworking person who doesnt like taking breaks. That can also be implied by the fact she is a fully accomplished samurai at age 16 and even defeated her father who is a professional samurai killer who no one could catch. You dont become someone like her but not working hard :D

Chise is truly a wonder, no doubt she is my girl of the season.

That video is pretty weird >_> just like whole anime, i also watched some parts on my own 4-5 weeks ago. That was pretty terrifying...

That youkai apt's ep 15 was lit <3 Finally got introduced to our new character Kugumiya Rie. Of course she is a tsundere there HAH.
That truly was triggering

And thats how dubbers are born! swear i've never seen someone dub an anime as a club activity
Hirugiku Oct 10, 11:21 AM

Aguri isnt that short tho, she is average sized i'd say.

Its ep 8. Ange was an original princess, her life bored the HELL OUT OF HER. LIving as princess is indeed very hard and exhausting, its not fun in the slightest. She had to study a lot, if you remember it was something like piano, dancing, regular studies like we do(math, reading etc...), there were more of course and Ange would be happy if those 3 things i listed is all she had to do because there were definitely a lot more, like 8 in total.
Well anyway she tried to escape, she met a pickpocketer (princess that we know right now), they were both surprised they are so look alike, she invited her to her room and they had tons of fun <333333333 I wish we had a full episode of all fun things they did, watching friendships is the best thing <3333 Anyway it was Ange's first friend, she had so much fun so he had an idea, what if they change places and so they did.
NOW Ange that we know became a pitpocketer and Princess that we know became a Princess :D
Remember when Princess called Ange as Charlotte? well thats because thats her real name, princess's real name is Charlotte. But Princess's real name was Ange all along.

After Ange that we know changed places with princess, she had a real rought life, she was beaten, she had to steal, she had to try to survive by herself on the streets, that was very very rough. So she came to understand with her own experience how it feels to be poor (since she was princess and didnt know how it felt) Now she was getting ready to get back to the castle, now knowing how poor people actually live and she decided that she wants to become a queen to save those people in need. But revolution started and Ange and Princess got separated so they NEVER CHANGED BACK.
From that point Ange that we know lived as Ange the poor pitpocketer girl.

I especially loved that episode because 1) now Princess and Ange know 2 ways of living, how it is to live as royalty and how it is to live as poor. The difference is that one started as poor but became princess later and the other was a princess but became poor later.
A regular person would never feel the same way they did, experience what they did, for that you need to change your economic status. So if you are poor now, you have to become rich to realize how the experience of living in two different economic classes feel like.
2) 2nd thing that i liked is the friendship between Princess and Ange. How they met and how they mantained their friendship, i liked how even after Princess became princess she didnt get all arrogant and full of herself and still wanted to change back with Ange the real princess. You'd find a lot of people who'd be like, no no you are not a princess anymore, im the princess, i like this life, go and be poor now. But not the Princess she is too kind and she values her friendship with Ange and she knows that Ange is the real princess.

3) 3rd thing that i liked is that both of them lived a really harsh and difficult life. Ange had to survive in the dirts while Prinecess without knowing how to read or write had to educate herself and start from the BOTTOM, AbSOLUTE BOTTOM in her studies to get where she needs to be. Or otherwise she'd be spotted.
Ange said that didnt she? Princess had to study extra hard, studying and studying that was her whole life, and it was especially hard for her since she didnt know anything before.
And Ange herself was admirable too because of how despite being born as an elite she survived in the dirts and became such an A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ class spy. She is actually insane.... not only she is isnane she is also very admirable. Way too great, way too great....

And i like how Chise told Princess that she respects her because she is such a hardworker, thats because Chise is a hardworker herself, well if you watched her episodes you'd see why. Especially ep 7 which showed a lot of her character.

And i really liked how Ange said in the end that Princess is a much better princess that Ange will ever be. And that made Princess incredibly happy and she said how "you are the person i wanted to heart it from the most"

Anyway if you think about it, the story is indeed very incredible, and that friendship story <33333333333333333
i explained it, hope you read it all :D

Dorothy's father's death was too T_T man :( And there wasnt much politics in princess principal, its just a greatly executed story about 2 really good friends.
Beato <333333 her father ruined her T_T but the voice changer she got is useful even if she is looked upon as freak :( dont bulli Beato meanie :(

Btw if you dont want to rewatch just read forum... you will find explanations and understand the episode better!!!! but i do think you deifnitely need to rewatch something when you dont understand, because if you didnt understand it, then it wont be memorable for you and you will most likely forget it the next week, so you dont even remember the anime, basically you didnt even watch the anime. And now did you just add the anime you didnt watch? come on bro....

I heard kakegerui was pretty trashy, the final episode especially, so dont think you will have nightmares. Well i didnt even watch Kakegerui to begin with. Also finish knights and magic!!!!
Hirugiku Oct 9, 9:25 PM
you can still watch the second season without movies as they described some movie events briefly. Well you probably wont even notice if you didnt notice princess principal details :P

Im sure i wont be reading gamers novel any time soon, the updates are way too slow. maybe next year i can catch up to where anime left off. Also no more stupid misunderstandings, just general romance misunderstandings. And there's gonna be one super interesting twist!!!!! (i spoiled myself). Not sure if i can agree that ep 12 was the best :D

Aguri is not a tsundere looooooool and she is not a loli she is as old as Amano a high school student. SHEEEEEEEEEH

Man wth im super disappointed in you... princess principal is actually one of the best animes of the summer... You totally didnt get it then huh, didnt get the appeal too. Also best visuals of the season. And my favorite part is how characters were shining. Lots of exposure to them. I super love character driven animes... My favorite eps are 6(dortohy's story is a masterpiece...) ep 4(a really great spy episode and lots of great scenes), ep 7(insane world building, showing how common class lived. Normal girls and just the way the episode done is nothing less but a masterpiece)
Well anyway dont bother replying to that part i was just sharing my feelings.

Whenever it was confusing to me i would rewatch.I rewatched 6 episodes just so you know. TO better absorb the information and to better understand the episode.

Well go for Kakegerui its one of your favorites from last season.