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A club for the appreciation of Anime's & Manga's finest milfs & mature women. They can be found in these groups normally when looking for titles . . . . wife (妻 "tsuma", 人妻 "hitozuma"/"hitoduma", 兄嫁 "aniyome", 奥様 "okusama") jukujo (熟女 "mature lady" (lit. "ripe woman")) widow (未亡人 "miboujin", 寡婦 "kafu") mother (母 "kaa"/"ba"/"haha" is the root) stepmother (義母 "gibo", 継母 "mamahaha"/"keibo") Also many of these terms are associated with the above groups . . . . (ボイン "boin", 巨乳 "kyonyuu"—really big, 爆乳 "bakunyuu"—even bigger, デカ乳 "deka-nyuu"—"huge breasts") or milk (乳 "nyuu"/"chichi") are also good clues.Thanks to Doc Watson for the descriptions. Have an anime or manga that needs added to the list? Just post it Anime & Manga addition list in the Club Discussion.
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Club Discussion
Non-H Milf Anime/Manga?
Rene_Readman - Oct 6, 2015
8 replies by greed2 »»
Mar 20, 9:20 PM
Who is your favorite MILF or Mature Woman in Anime or Manga? ( 1 2 )
loplop - Oct 31, 2008
75 replies by ImNotHere »»
Dec 23, 2018 7:41 PM
Poll: Ozaki Akira
Shadowvanitas2 - Nov 4, 2017
0 replies by Shadowvanitas2 »»
Nov 4, 2017 2:51 AM
Forced MiLF Anime/Manga
Chufafam - Feb 20, 2015
3 replies by Soul-Reaper-1019 »»
Jun 15, 2017 10:49 AM
Poll: Best Naruto Milf ?
nekkoMaster - Aug 8, 2016
3 replies by nDroae »»
Oct 24, 2016 5:51 PM

Club Comments
nDroae | May 22, 12:19 PM
Best woman finally arrived in Shield Hero

nDroae | May 12, 4:45 PM

It's not exactly "mature," but every week I'm amazed by how enjoyable "Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?" is. Unironic favorite of the season so far (and I'm watching the fully censored version on Crunchyroll). A show letting its pair officially become committed, and moving on to a new couple, automatically unlocks mega bonus point multipliers from me - even moreso when it's a manga adaptation since those usually go nowhere.

VeelaSiren | Jan 5, 5:11 PM
we have discord?

EdgyEcchiSenpai | Dec 22, 2018 3:45 PM

just started Urusei Yatsura and she is very, very fine :)

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