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Tenchi Muyou!
Tenchi Muyou!
8 hours ago
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City Hunter 2
City Hunter 2
9 hours ago
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Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist
10 hours ago
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Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist
Nov 18, 10:34 AM
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One Piece
Nov 11, 3:34 PM
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Oct 31, 7:32 AM
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CeciliaAda Yesterday, 10:22 AM
I got into Ive and Le sserafim too quite recently, I got interested in them this year's summer so I was happy to witness comebacks quite fast even tho I just started liking them :D
I don't really enjoy Itzy's new music but I loved their old ones and I think the members are still great even tho their music just doesn't connect with me anymore
I think it applies to BTS too, I loved them a lots before but now I'm kinda interested only in Tae's/Jimin's songs
I like from SHINee, Ateez & everglow old music too and Iz*one truly was great ❤️
I think I'll start liking Ateez again when I'll give a try to their new album, it looks promising so I think I'll be Atiny again :D
I got into kpop in 2018 when I heard BTS mic drop and other kpop songs that we're new then as well so I really started liking it from there. How about you? :3
FelinesAreDivine Nov 29, 11:52 AM
Oh yeah, i've played Wind Waker on the Gamecube! It's been a really long time, though. Sailing through calmer waters and small waves in warm weather is one of my favorite feelings, so getting to do it in Wind Waker was a ton of fun! It was super cool to see an island way off in the distance and slowly make my way to it.

Amazon says it is a "renewed" version, so i'm guessing the Emerald's they have are used. i'm not positive though.

The programming for the Con was pretty meh. i saw a Japanese rock group play a concert for an hour which was super sweet, but the rest of it was underwhelming. There was a "Fakemon Journey" that sounded like the audience would work together on a Pokemon game, but it just ended up being a slideshow of fake Pokemon someone designed. The big cosplay contest had low turnout, too, and ended up getting done over an hour early due to the lack of contestants. i also went to a progrm about making cosplay props, but within ten minutes it was clear i just need to buy anything major for my costumes. It was interesting, but it's just too complicated for me.

i'm not sure who i'd go as if i went to another one. Gritty, the sports mascot, would be my first pick, but heck if i know how to make that costume. i'll have to think about it some more!

So how are things with You? Anything exciting planned or that You've done in the past couple of days?
CeciliaAda Nov 28, 11:21 AM
That's great ! I like IVE, Le Sserafim, Monsta X, Stray kids, Felix, Blackpink, Red velvet, New Jeans, Enhypen, Txt and all NCT groups.
From Soloists: Sunmi, Heize, Taeyeon, Whee In (Mamamoo)
How about you? ❤️👍
CeciliaAda Nov 26, 1:23 PM
Hmm well they're one of those rare groups that have all songs great, but I think I would say next level and black mamba. How about you?
CeciliaAda Nov 26, 11:29 AM
Omg for real? ;o I love Aespa too ♥ My bias is Karina but Winter has been bias wrecking me real hard during their new comeback haha
Drama is so good song and their album is really well made 10/10 💕💐

CeciliaAda Nov 26, 11:15 AM
You like Aespa? ;o I saw you posting Winter pictures so wondering lol 💕🌺
FelinesAreDivine Nov 23, 10:35 AM
Sorry for the delay in getting back to You! MAL's spam filter accidentally picked me off and gave me a ban for the past week.

i looked up the video, and it is definitely the Emmy speech that i was thinking of. i've seen a few other of Mr. Roger's speeches where he also asks the audience for a moment of silence to think about those around them.

i have tried Orcarina of Time and Majora's Mask on the Gamecube, but not the N64 versions. Majora's Mask might still be my very Zelda game that i've played. The masks you have to collect are pretty cool, i think!

i just looked up the prices for Pokemon Emerald on Amazon... $300. Absolutely ridiculous! Something tells me i won't be playing a legit version anytime soon unless i win the lottery.

i went to my first anime convention last week! It was okay overall, but i didn't have any friends to go with (they aren't nerdy enough, i guess!). i'd go to another one if it had better programming or if i could get my friends to come. i didn't dress up in a costume or anything, but if i go again i definitely will! i would guess at least 80% of the attendees were in costume. It was so cool!
FelinesAreDivine Nov 15, 9:15 AM
i'll probably start playing games more in a month or so when the weather gets brutally cold. As for Mr. Rogers, I watched Him a bunch when i was a youngin'. i think i saw one of his speeches at the Emmys or something a couple of years ago, and that put Him back in my mind. i've watched a few of His speeches since then (He seems to say the exact same thing each time, which isn't necessarily bad when I like His views so much). Are you a big Mr. R fan Yourself?

i heard about the live-action Zelda! i'm stoked for it, but what are they going to do with Link's voice!?!? It will be interesting to see..

i want to play Emerald! i actually still have my old GBA in the hopes of maybe buying Emerald. i wouldn't say no to trying Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby, either. i heard those are pretty good, and they have the Mega Evolutions!
FelinesAreDivine Nov 11, 4:45 PM
i've played Gen 3, 4, 7, and 9 for Pokemon. Diamond was pretty good, but Sun and Scarlet were kinda meh to me. i used to play a ton of Splatoon on the Switch, but it's been a while now. i'll play some Risk of Rain 2 with friends, but that's about it for games in a while. i'm thinking i might get the new Zelda game soon, though!
FelinesAreDivine Nov 8, 7:12 PM
i believe he is a Siamese cat. But i prefer to view him as a cutie pie!

I've been playing Pokemon since 2002 or 2003 I think. Pokemon Sapphire was my first Pokemon game, and it's still my favorite of the few I've played. How about You? Are You a Pokemon fan too?
FelinesAreDivine Nov 6, 8:00 PM
1 dog and 2 cats would be a lot of pets! There's no way i could do something like that myself, but maybe if i had a spouse to help out i could try it (i'd hate walking the dog in the rain and snow, though).

i've only lived with Tabby's prior to my current guy, but i have a friend with a Maine Coon that is just beautiful and so friendly. A ton of shedding, on the other hand.

i love the Eeveelutions, especially Espeon and Leafeon! Alolan Ninetails is very pretty, too. But i'm not a big fan of Growlith or Houndoom.
FelinesAreDivine Nov 2, 10:12 PM
He was definitely frightened, but a lot of cats are like that when they go to a new home at first.

i'm sad to hear one of them passed, but at least You still have one to keep You company. Growing up my family always had a cat or two, and most of my friends had cats as well. So i was firmly on the cat side of Dogs vs Cats wars. It wasn't until university that i actually met people and spent any significant time with dogs.
FelinesAreDivine Nov 1, 6:44 PM
He was super shy when i first got him. They had to separate him from the other cats in the shelter because it gave him too much anxiety. He was kind of the same when i brought him home. He would open up cabinets and hide inside, only to come out for food or to use the litter box. After a week or so he adjusted, and shortly thereafter he started acting like he still does.

Do you currently have any dogs? i'm ashamed to admit it, but after a couple of my friends got dogs i've found myself becoming more open to them as a species.
FelinesAreDivine Oct 31, 10:08 PM
i do not see myself getting another cat for a loooooong while. i love him a lot, but he can be just such a pain in the butt sometimes, especially on days when i work in the office.

He's just ridiculously needy for playtime, and he's not good at playing for the most part, either. He'll want to play for 3-5 minutes, but then he'll wonder off for food or water for a couple of minutes... and then come back to play for 3-5... and then another food/water break... and so on and so on. And like a lot of cats it's more watching the mouse and feather than actually playing with it. But heaven forbid i make dinner while he's eating; if i do that i'll get a near never-ending concert of meows (like, seriously, the meowing will not stop!!!). And not cute little meows, but deep, gutteral meows where he is clearly annoyed with me. I get upset because it's my job to keep him happy and he's clearly not happy at the moment, but i also get angry because i'm hungry need food for myself! I just feel awful about it. Rarely do i leave work in a sour mood, but if i have to put up with that after a rough day at work... ugggggh. His complaining has literally left me crying a few times :/

Don't get me wrong, i love the guy, and for the most part he's great, but when things get bad they get B-A-D. i never had issues with the cats i lived with growing up or with cats that my friends have, but it's different when i'm the only one around to keep him happy and occupied. i really can't see myself getting another cat - ever - unless i have a roommate or spouse that can absorb some of their attention. Or maybe if i got a decent sized house with a bunch of windows he could look out of (my condo is a bit small, unfortunately).
FelinesAreDivine Oct 30, 8:28 PM
Do i have a cat? Are You crazy!?!? Of course i do! His name is Snow Snow, and he is the most handsomest, furriest, furriendliest boy in the whole world! (Sometimes he can be pretty annoying, too!). He has a rotating list of nicknames, but the one permanent one is Undertoasted Marshmallow based on his fur color. Just look at how cute he is!

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