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Anime Stats
Days: 345.5
Mean Score: 5.44
  • Total Entries1,352
  • Rewatched230
  • Episodes21,262
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Monogatari Series: Second Season
Monogatari Series: Second Season
May 31, 7:12 PM
Re-watching 9/26 · Scored 9
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
May 31, 6:09 PM
Re-watching 8/13 · Scored 8
Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Duel Monsters
Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Duel Monsters
May 30, 3:17 PM
Re-watching 167/224 · Scored 9
Manga Stats
Days: 283.8
Mean Score: 5.32
  • Total Entries1,166
  • Reread95
  • Chapters31,044
  • Volumes4,278
Manga History Last Manga Updates
May 30, 5:21 PM
Re-reading 245/343 · Scored 9
Love Hina
Love Hina
May 23, 8:05 PM
Re-reading 30/120 · Scored 9
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist
May 4, 7:39 PM
Re-reading 102/116 · Scored 10


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Memor May 30, 8:59 AM
I haven't seen that show, but she sure is cute cx purple hair for laifu!
She looks pretty intelligent, actually. Maybe it's just the glasses, but still xD

Totally get what you mean! It's soooooo frustrating when you draw for weeks/months with no noticeable improvement ; -;

Lately I've been using this approach called "iterative drawing" where you draw the same thing over and over, making small adjustments (not necessarily improvements) each time. I can't say I understand why, but it seems to work astoundingly well~
SweetMonia May 25, 11:43 PM
That's one I wanted to read in the past. I will consider it again when I am in the mood for playing a short visual novel. I am currently reading Harmonia by the way, it's good so far. :3

Did I? I think the last time I celebrate it was a few years ago.

Lool, gomen (〃‿〃✿)
Phew! I am glad I am not the same. I think that's natural when you have watched tons of Anime.

Yay! I am seriousy thinking of visiting Turkey after the cute virus things are over. I am still thinking about it. Oh, so you have the feeling of nevering visiting a certain continent. I feel that way as well. I only visited Malaysia in all of Asia, never anywhere else. I visited Egypt before. It's nice when it comes to the culture & history. Hong Kong is also interesting. I don't know much enouch about the other.

By the way, I have been working on some characters design lately (for one of my stories), here's one of them. I am really curious what you think of it :3
Memor May 25, 3:22 PM
(replying to your PM here to keep the convo in one place!)
Your drawing is so good! I'm especially impressed with the colouring, since I can't colour to save my life xD
Sorry if you said this before, but do you still draw these days? You have a real talent for it~
Memor May 20, 2:56 PM
Yup, it's a real phenomenon~
What is your favourite dessert? ^^

The latest thing was... investing. Hurrah xD

I really hope you get to go soon! Not quite the same, but yesterday I ate fast food for the first time since the pandemic began, and it made me realize how much I missed it. and food is like a friend to me, so... I kind of understand how you feel :'3
I think I just wanna get out and talk to some people. Like, just interact with society a bit. Even if it's as simple as going to the store~
shinrinyoku May 20, 10:10 AM
I'd likely use it to learn all the languages I'm interested in and hoard knowledge about any subject I've studied.

Exactly like that, yes. Song? Mmm, I guess some cartoon anime opening or from my early teenager years. Like maybe Kryptonite from 3 Doors Down, which is linked to a memory of my friend showing it to me or Collide by Ben Howard, again, another friend made me listen to it. Now of course I recall this actively, but I had forgotten about them for a while.

Mmm, I agree with you, that to an extent it is sad to lose memory of how we were back then. On the other though I have to say that I kind of want to forget about that time because it is not me anymore. Mmm, if school is supposed to be the best time of my life then I have not done it well. Anyway, do you agree with that statement?

That's true, pop fans are just as hard-core as k-pop fans, it just stands out less since we're used to it. But still, when they're hard-core fans it really takes over their lives :D
Memor May 18, 12:21 PM
Nope, just those games~
Mhm! Definitely. It's my favourite dessert and possibly my favourite food <3

Well, no, since the classes got cancelled xD but I do like to study random topics in my time, when I'm in the mood for it~

I've been good too, thanks! Are you feeling ready to get out and about again? ^^
SweetMonia May 15, 7:57 PM
Oui, in case my Lolita Caramel, you may notice certain things you never noticed before. Can't wait to hear your feedback about it. What other visual novels do you plan on re-reading?

I like your question. Because I usually get asked what I do for my birthday. I don't celebrate it at all. I only receive gifts.

Yes, that one. It has been a while since I watched it, so no wonders I misspelled it. Astra no Kanata was quite fun it had a good story & characters. I don't enjoy most Anime that way anymore.
Sure, I will do my best. I am more pumped up about this than before :3

Besides Japan. I want to visit France again. But this time, I wanted to visit various towns there. Colmar is the town I wanted to visit the most. I also want to visit Turkey again, for the same reason:- many towns I didn't get to see, and it's cheap. Other than those, I could check traveling sites for whatever gives me what I am looking for at the time. I hope you get to visit Japan someday soon. Do you also have a list of countries or cities you want to go to?
Crawlie May 8, 8:48 AM

I sent you a fr.
Crawlie May 7, 8:55 PM
star are you on cord, man?
Royal-Guard-Reli May 7, 6:44 PM
Well I think I told you this before but I do panels at conventions, so mixed a bit of my "presentation" style with a brief analysis of the shows, I've mostly tackled action shows because they're very easy for me to talk about but really want to branch out to other works, but don't think I'll touch my favorites anytime soon. To be honest, I wonder how long I can keep this up lol, I love talking about series in depth about what they mean thematically and with reviews I'm not really given a full scope of the things I can explore, on the bright side; I'm used to writing things that are 30-60 pages usually so writing a review that's 4 pages? I can put that out as easily as a child eats cookies, I actually made two more today! <3
Royal-Guard-Reli May 7, 7:37 AM
Yeah... been a while lol.
I'm up to 8 now, whether I'm going to do them for a while or until I go back to work is a matter I don't know right now, I just missed writing so much and I think it's going well so far.
Royal-Guard-Reli May 2, 5:36 AM
Hey Star. Hope you're doing well! :3 Ya know I told you a long time ago I would never make reviews for anything... ha... haha... that uh... that changed. =_=
Memor Apr 30, 3:48 AM
I usually just get money from my parents and grandparents, though a couple of my friends did buy my games, which was wonderful of them <3
The cake was a cookie cake! It's a tradition that on my birthday, we have a cookie cake. and it's always wonderful uwu

The classes were at a girls' high school not far from here~
How are you? Sorry for taking so long to get back to you ; -;
SweetMonia Apr 28, 10:07 PM
Good, good ^^

Yes, I released a 5th skit, if you haven't played it. I remember we talked about the 4th skit & before :3

I got it from Tenchi no 3P. It was written at some part of it, so I looked it up. It's funny that I heard the word used in Astra no Kanata. The Anime I am currently watching.... I mostly know online people who I would talk Japanese with in the futrue. I also met people who are interested in the language, but can't meet them regularly, due to the lack of time to do so.

Exactly! I read a grammar book before, and it made me understand the language much more, but I don't remember everything I read. So I am slowly going over it, but while still focusing on words (it's addicting). I have never been to Japan, but I plan to do so in the future. Have you visited it?
-Katekyo Apr 19, 7:12 PM
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