Sagiri "Eromanga-sensei" Izumi

Sagiri Izumi

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Sagiri Izumi (和泉 紗霧)

Age: 13
Birthday: December 10
Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 148.5cm / 4'8ft
Weight: 46kg / 101lbs
Sagiri was taught to draw by her mother at a young age, and by the time she was around the age of nine, she became Masamune's illustrator. A year before the events of the novel, Sagiri met Masamune, though she didn't realize that he was the author she was working with despite the similar names. After her mother died, she temporarily stopped drawing and going outside. After seeing a live video of someone drawing images and getting a response, Sagiri became interested in live video feeds and started drawing images on a camera disguising her face and voice so that nobody would recognize her or learn about her. She eventually started to interact with people who saw her video feed (while still disguised). At some point, Masamune was too busy to cook and she chose to go hungry rather than go outside her room to get food.

(Source: Eromanga-sensei Wiki)

Voice Actors
Fujita, Akane
Dzyadyk, Lisa