Makina "Maki-chan" Irisu

Makina Irisu

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Makina Irisu (入巣 蒔莱)

Birthday: January 13 (Capricorn)
Height: 144 cm
BWH: 71-57-78
Blood type: AB

First grader of Mihama academy, an innocent and carefree girl. For some unexplainable reasons, it's hard to understand her personality. In general, she can be explained in one word, "Fool," but sometimes the way she speaks and her behavior make people shed cold sweat. For that uniqueness, most of people who talk with her for five minutes will say "This girl is awful."

She adores Yuuji as a brother and Amane as a sister. She calls Yuuji "Onii-chan." Although she has her own room in the dormitory, she always stays in Amane's room. She always wears knee-socks with two different colors. Because of her parents' work, she stayed in foreign countries until she was six so she can speak some English.

Her representative fruit is the Apple.

Voice Actors
Tamiyasu, Tomoe

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