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pluvia33 May 27, 3:07 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes and the Taiga picture!! That’s cool that you’re watching Toradora! now. Hope you enjoy it! I think you should like it based on what your favorites are, but who knows. Hopefully you at least don’t hate it. XD

But yeah, sorry for the delayed response, although I guess there was a pretty big gap between my last comment and yours as well, so whatever! Anyway, I was working from home for the last 10 weeks and that was pretty disruptive to my usual routine. I had to deal with a lot of extra shitty network issues working through a VPN and such, plus working on a less powerful laptop with a single screen when I’m used to having a 3-screen work station in the office. It was really tiring and was hard to not have a clear distinction between home and work. But! I speak in the past-tense because yesterday was our first day back in our actual office! We still have to be careful, keeping our distance from each other and wearing a mask as much as possible. But man, it’s good to be back to my mostly-normal way of work. I hope your COVID situation is improving a bit as well over there. I haven’t been following the global situation super closely with this. Our news is largely overwhelmed by idiots here at home; you know, King Idiot Trump, people protesting because they can’t get a haircut, people wearing racist masks to “make a point”, general bitching that being “forced” to wear a mask is a form of tyranny.... So we’re getting the usual shining of the spotlight on the vocal minority because it gets ratings. Gotta love how American news works!!

Haha! Yeah, I mentioned my love and sadness at the loss of the old internet a few comments ago. That’s actually really funny that you mentioned going back to watch the old AMV Hells! I started doing the same thing a few days ago. Watched up through AMV Hell 4 in their release timeline before I got distracted. Have you seen the X-rated editions? AMV Hell 0 and Divided by 0?? Did I ever mention that I had four clips that were actually accepted and are part of AMV Hell Divided by 0?? XD I’m credited with my usual “pluvia33” username if you want to see which clips I submitted. I recently got a new PC largely for the purpose of getting back into making AMVs. Sadly those AMV clips are currently the extent of my AMV portfolio, so I’d really like to have more things to my name. I have some very large-scale projects planned. I just need to get all of the technical stuff worked out as far as software goes so I can start working on them.

Haha! Doug was actually one of my biggest role models as a kid. And to this day “Killer Tofu” and “I Need Mo’ Allowance” still pop into my head at random, part of that being because of AMV Hell. XD

Yeah, man! Pretty nuts that the new Bleach anime was announced a few weeks after I made that comment! I’d still love to get a re-cut HD upgrade of the old anime (a “Bleach Kai”), but I am definitely excited that I’ll be able to finish the series without having to read the manga. And yeah, a new redone version of Soul Eater could be really cool. I mean, it was a cool anime back in the day, but since then Bones and anime in general have both grown in ways that could let a new Soul Eater anime go completely nuts! Plus, seeing Black Star reach his full uber-badass potential in anime form and seeing the true ending animated would be amazing! And I’d actually never consumed any of Rosario + Vampire, in anime or manga form. It was definitely a big enough series for me to hear about it back in the day, but sorry to say it seemed like a pretty empty fan service series to me, especially from all the talk the anime generated for its excessive up-skirt camera angles (if I’m remembering things correctly). The whole monster girl thing also just hasn’t been much of interest to me. I’d probably never care enough to check out the manga, but if your dream anime remake of it actually happened I might check that out. ^_^

Haha.... Yeah, the Higurashi remake.... I don’t know, man. From what I saw in the initial PV, it look just plain not-good to me, like, actually kind of shitty. But I know what you mean about it potentially looking too good for what Higurashi is, like it not fitting the style of the series. I’m just not sure how to feel about it. The previous anime series is one of my top favorites of all time. Yeah, the difference in art-style and animation quality between the first anime and Kai are a little odd, but that’s also kind of charming in a way. I really hate when people talk about remakes/reboots/sequels TOTALLY RUINING a franchise they loved; like, the old stuff still exists, you know? But I am a little worried that this new Higurashi could end up provoking those feelings in me. Is this new anime really necessary? If done right, I guess a more consistent anime from beginning to end could be nice, especially if it incorporated more of the side stuff from the franchise in a natural way. But I feel like a Higurashi remake “done right” for me would be 60+ episodes and I don’t see the series getting that kind of treatment. But who knows? I might still check it out, despite my silly fanboy fears. =P

Bwahaha! Yeah, I totally missed the part where you said the UK House of Cards was the original! Yay reading comprehension!! XD And holy shit, that’s hilarious that True Lies was inspired by a French movie! I kind of want to watch that now.

Nah, Trinity Site isn’t anything like Chernobyl. There is a higher amount of radiation at Trinity Site than normal, but not to the point that it’s really dangerous. And man, I hadn’t heard about the current events of Chernobyl. And sadly when I did a Google News search for “Chernobyl” the first few results are about how our lovely White House is now comparing how China handled coronavirus to the Chernobyl disaster. Again, gotta love how shitty American news media can be.

Yeah, there are all kinds of hobbies out there. I was recently introduced to one that was completely new to me called Geocaching. Interesting stuff. ^_^

Haha! I completely forgot that Mirai somehow snagged a Best Animated Feature nomination! XD I mean, I really liked that movie, but it just barely cracks my Top 30 of favorite standalone anime movies right now while all three of those 2017 movies are in my Top 10. And just out of 2018 I rank both I Want to Eat Your Pancreas and Penguin Highway much higher than Mirai. But oh well; like you said, “Progress!” XD .... I was just thinking about if there might be any notable anime candidates for 2020, but then I remembered that the rona has probably fucked up a lot of those prospects. At the moment, nothing particularly stands out when clicking through the “Movie” sections of the 2020 Seasonal Anime pages on MAL, so yeah....

And I suppose that’s about it for me! Stay safe out there and talk to you later! ^_^
Metalblade94 May 27, 1:49 PM
Oh okay we can chat in pm
Metalblade94 May 27, 12:46 PM
Thanks for the request. Do you have any social media apps we can chat?
pluvia33 Mar 4, 2:58 PM
Hahahh.... Hopefully we don’t all die.... I mean, we’ll all die eventually, but hopefully we won’t ALL die SOON from the virus. =P Even though I don’t drink alcohol regularly, I kind of want to get some Corona beer to drink for the sake of irony. ^_^

Yeah, I’m fine with mushrooms. For a little while I was eating mushroom fajitas regularly, but that was starting to feel like too much work. Being single, I get pretty lazy with the stuff that I eat. I typically make a big batch of rice and beans in my Instant Pot pressure cooker and eat from that as dinner for a week or two, adding a heaping helping of nutritional yeast, a splash of apple cider vinegar, and a ton of Sriracha to each bowl. Aside from being vegan now, I’ve never been a very picky eater so these days I’m okay with eating just about anything as long as it’s vegan. The only vegan food that I can think of that I had a really bad experience with was beets. I don’t know if it might have been the particular beets or how they were prepared, but they just tasted like straight-up dirt to me. =P

I googled champignon and it spat out this Wikipedia entry. It’s pretty much the most common mushroom that we have sold in stores, usually called white or button mushrooms for the smaller versions and portobello for the big version, which is what I used for my mushroom fajitas.

I was kind of wondering if eating too much spicy shit might have finally caught up with my stomach, but it seemed so sudden that I’m not so sure that’d be the case. I’ve been eating spicy shit for years. I even took part in a pepper eating contest years ago and ate five habaneros in under 30 seconds to win the final round. I mean, I kind of felt like shit afterwards, but it didn’t have any lasting pain and that was at least three years ago. I don’t know. Hopefully I’ll find something out when I have my endoscopy next month, but the pills I’ve been taking are still doing a good job so that’s nice. And yeah, gotta love medical scheduling malarkey. XD

Hmmm, MILFs in Boruto, you say??? XD Ohhh, I googled Shikamaru and Hidan and it looks like there’s a video of their entire fight on YouTube. I might have to check that out when I get home from work. I still think it’s a shame how Bleach fell apart and had its anime cancelled before it finished adapting the manga. I always liked the characters and style in it more than Naruto and One Piece. A minor anime dream of mine would be for Bleach to get a Dragon Ball Kai -Plus- style release, having a remastered no-filler cut of the anime that’d come out so far and then get new episodes to adapt the rest of the manga. Even if the rest of the story isn’t great (as I’ve heard), I’d still like to finish it but I have no desire to dive into the manga. But there is pretty much Zero chance of a “Bleach Kai+” ever happening, so whatever.

Wow, I didn’t know the UK did their own version of House of Cards. Are they trying to get back at us for The Office?? XD I haven’t seen the US version either. It seemed a little too super-serious for my tastes and I’m not that into political themes in fiction. And now with the whole Kevin Spacey thing, I don’t think I can ever bring myself to giving it a shot at this point. =P

Hahaha! Shaft Hell, where everyone’s necks are contorted so far that their heads touch their backs. XD Mayoi Hell was a pretty fun arc.

I also like giving things room to breathe when I can. I loved the first season of Chuunibyou when I finally got around to finishing it, but I still didn’t want to jump right into the second season after I was finished. And I suppose it helped that I was busy with a bunch of other stuff at the time. When I can actually keep up with things, I enjoy watching episodes weekly so I can give each episode a little time to settle and think about it for a bit. Binge-watching can really diminish the impact of a powerful episode sometimes, and really screw up more subtle things to the point that you can just miss the entire point.

Yeah, it’s really sad that Dragon Maid’s second season is kind of in limbo, although I don’t know if it was ever confirmed that KyoAni was going to do the new anime. I guess most people felt it was implied, which is usually a safe bet for direct sequels to anime KyoAni started. The only studio swap I can think of from a KyoAni anime would be the Yuki-chan spin-off of Haruhi, but that was a spin-off thing and not a direct sequel so I’d say that didn’t count. But who knows how things will go after the fire and all....

But yeah, a friend of mine recommended I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying around when it came out but I never got around to watching it.... Hmmm, seeing that episodes are only around 3 minutes long, I might try to go ahead and check it out soon, especially considering that there’s a character voiced by Rie Kugimiya. XD

Haha! No, I haven’t gotten around to visiting Trinity Site or the Atari landfill. I should have at least went out to see the landfill excavation that happened in 2014, but I was too lazy. I have at least been to White Sands and Carlsbad, but even then it was a number of years after moving to Southern New Mexico when I finally went out to them for the first time. So yeah, I suppose it’s kind of normal for a lot of people to not go out to points of interest that are near them. I mean, I’m originally from Dayton Ohio and probably would have never gone to the Air Force Museum if it wasn’t for school field trips or my parents/grandparents making me go. And now I work for the Air Force! =P

Well, I think the board game hobby is plenty big. Its biggest US convention (Gen Con) is pretty comparable in size to anime’s biggest US convention (Anime Expo). Board games just have much bigger logistical challenges than primarily digital forms of entertainment like anime and video games. For board games you have to actually print an intricate box of cardboard, wood, and/or plastic bits, at the very least having to print the rules in a specific language. If you have a game that can be played without any actual words on the cards or other game components and your rules are relatively simple, you can potentially get away with having a game printed with copies of the rules in multiple languages packed in one box so that you can ship the same thing to different territories. But for more complex things, you have to have different versions printed for different locations without being sure how well the game will sell in each territory. Then you still have regional issues like licensing and such just like any other form of entertainment. This is one of the reasons why Kickstarter is extremely popular for board games. On the other hand, with anime and video games you can just have the product streaming or downloaded with different languages. And even if you’re shipping physical products, making different language versions is much simpler, just needing to put a different version on a disc and such.... Sorry, I probably find business and logistics to be more interesting than I should. XD

Haha! I think the only justifiable hate in relation to Thunberg is to hate yourself for being such a lazy dirtbag compared to her. But some people are just assholes and feel like young people don’t have the right to be politically active and work towards change. We had a similar backlash after the Parkland shooting when students from the school were trying to push for better gun control laws in the US. Some people even went so far as to accuse some of the students of being “crisis actors”. I guess the “cold dead hands” NRA gun-nut types are kind of in the same boat as climate change deniers in relation to Thunberg, but there are some that just didn’t seem to feel like those kids had the right to speak out for change in general. Like, “know your place” I guess. I feel like some of those feelings are rooted in their own shame, like they were “good respectful kids” when they were young despite maybe not liking how some things were around them, so why should today’s kids have the right to speak out about their injustices? It’s not fair! -Or something like that.

And yeah, I feel ya on the polarized nature of politics these days. Unfortunately the true explosion of the Information Age over the last two decades has had some unfortunate side effects. These days no matter what your beliefs are, you can probably find some kind of “facts” that support those beliefs, so everyone can feel like their beliefs are correct. That’s what happens when news media, opinions, and “facts” are treated as commodities to be sold instead of just being treated as news. Remember back when news was just boring as fuck?? I mean, you were born in 1930, so of course you do! XD But really, I was at an outing with my office at a sports bar restaurant a couple months ago and some of the TV screens were taken over by the news because the impeachment papers were being signed and delivered by the House. My boss made a little comment about how they probably didn’t have all that same fan-fair back when Clinton got impeached and she literally said, “And he actually broke the law.” Implying that Trump didn’t do anything illegal or worth being impeached over. And I was just thinking to myself: Clinton essentially got impeached for LYING! If that’s grounds for impeachment, Trump should have been impeached 100+ times over by the time he was actually impeached! She also tried to say that to that point Trump hadn’t officially been impeached by that point, like he isn’t officially impeached until it goes to trial or he’s removed from office or something, and that was 100% factually wrong. But she’s my boss and in general it’s just not worth trying to argue or rationalize with people like that, so I was just like, “Ah. Okay.” *Insert One Punch Man “OK” gif*

Haha! Yeah, I thought you might have been happy about Parasite’s win. ^_^ Still need to watch that at some point, along with a bunch of other great movies that seemed to have come out in 2019, not to mention all of the other ones from the last five years, or all of the great classic must-watch movies that I still haven’t seen.... There’s just way too much stuff to watch! XD I’m still a little sad that Weathering With You didn’t get an Animated Feature nomination, but at least it seemed like everything that did get nominated this year was actually more-or-less worthy of the honor. Not like 2017 when Your Name, A Silent Voice, and In This Corner of the World all didn’t get nominations, yet fucking BOSS BABY and Ferdinand did! Ugh. It pisses me off more and more the more I think about that....

In other news, I’ve been trying out an online dating site over the last month, but haven’t been able to connect with anyone yet, despite sending messages to at least 20 different girls who seemed compatible with me. I only got one reply so far and it seemed like she was mostly just being polite and it didn’t go anywhere. Oh well. Hopefully I can find someone to actually go on a date with at some point. I’m not getting any younger. =P

Not much else other than that and just me working through reading my un-read manga and trying to finish what I start when it comes to anime! Talk to you later and good luck with not dying any time soon! ^_^
pluvia33 Jan 31, 2:33 PM
Haha! I love the Dr. Mario meme! XD And yeah, I’m doing better health wise. I had my initial doctor’s visit and had an ultrasound and some labs done. The ultrasound was clean, so it doesn’t seem to be anything super serious like cancer or anything so that’s good. Most of my lab tests came back surprisingly good. It was especially nice to see that my sugar is good now since the last time I saw the doctor (pre-vegan and probably at least 50 lbs. heavier), they said I could be pre-diabetic. But completely unrelated to diet or anything that could cause my stomach pain, turns out that I’m severely Vitamin D deficient. The doctor said that could be one of the reasons I’ve been feeling tired pretty much all the time for the past 2 years or so. So I got put on a once-a-week Vitamin D prescription that I’ll be taking over at least the next year. But yeah, since none of my tests explained my stomach pain, I got a referral to see a specialist so I could be scheduled for an endoscopy to check things out in there. The bad news is that the earliest appointment I could get for the procedure is 17 April. The good news is that the specialist prescribed me a daily acid reducer which has almost completely eliminated my stomach pain! Yay! Still wanting to get that endoscopy done to see if there’s something causing my stomach pain, like ulcers or something. But yeah, for now I’m doing much better.

Yeah, you’re right about how things went with Naruto. The earlier fights felt much more strategic, and then it kind of just devolved into a power-level arms race. Shikamaru was easily my favorite character while I was still watching the series and I really liked what I saw of his developing relationship with Temari. Nice to know they legit got together in the end and had a kid, which ALMOST makes me tempted to check out Boruto, but not really. =P But yeah, I feel like Rock Lee vs. Gaara is still one of the most memorable fights in the series.

Funny thing, I actually don’t have access to Netflix right now. XD I was using my ex-wife’s account for a while along with Hulu, but she recently dropped both subscriptions since she wasn’t using them much. I wasn’t really using either of them much, either. But I do want to eventually get my own Netflix (or piggy-back on someone else’s account) so that I can finally watch Violet Evergarden, Carole & Tuesday, and a few other anime. Although I guess there’s always the torrent option. But yeah, I feel ya on not having time to watch all those “must see” things that come out on Netflix and such. I’ve probably said this before, but I’ve largely given up on watching much of any fiction video entertainment other than anime. I can typically be fully satisfied by anime when it comes to that kind of entertainment and with all of the anime I want to watch, there just isn’t time for much else when I have other things like board games and a job also competing for my time. And with the things that I have been hearing about as must-see streaming, they largely don’t seem all that “must-see” for my tastes. Although I would really like to get into watching more feature films as I have heard of a number of those that seem interesting. And as you said, sparing just a few hours here and there for a movie sounds much more palatable to me than trying to follow multiple full-on series.

Oh man. You’re totally right about YouTube being superior to things like Spotify for music, especially if you’re wanting to hunt down something particular. And yeah, there is a lot of crazy obscure stuff on there! I was recently super surprised when I was able to find this song on YouTube. When I was in my late-high-school/early-college years, I randomly got into local alternative rock music from the Boston area after finding a random dude’s personal Angelfire website, even though I’m from Ohio (I miss the “old internet” sometimes). I’ve been trying to go through my old hard drives to try to find the old demo MP3s I’d download from the old website for No One’s Kind, but with no luck. I was glad that I could at least find “Unwelcome” on YouTube. Sadly YouTube isn’t always 100% reliable in the long term. I have a massive personal playlist of songs I like and a lot of times when I pull the playlist up after a while a few songs will show up as “DELETED” or no longer being available in my region.

Oh yes, Bakemonogatari Episode 12 is also one of my favorite anime episodes ever.... Oh man, I was looking something up and saw that you haven’t logged anything from the Monogatari Series since Monogatari Series: Second Season. Are you really that behind on the series? Did you give up on it? Thinking about Bakemonogatari Episode 12 just made me think about the two-parter “Hitagi Rendezvous” from Owarimonogatari 2nd Season; I saw that you hadn’t seen that and investigated to see where you were at in the series. “Hitagi Rendezvous” was another great Araragi/Senjougahara date story. It’s a bit more of a traditional kind of date than their night walk into the woods, but still very lovely. I actually recently got my Zoku Owarimonogatari Blu-ray so I plan on watching that soon. I’m thinking I’ll probably go ahead and watch it by myself even though I had re-watched much of the series with my old roommate Dan and watched Owari 2nd for the first time with him. There’s too much other shit that I already have to finish watching with him. I’m sure I’d be more than happy to re-watch Zoku Owari with him after we finish other stuff.

Yeah, I’d also want to spend a lot of time in Japan whenever I’m able to eventually take the trip. Mainly so I can hit up all of my “pilgrimage” sites (although one of those is actually in Germany). I need to also get around to adding the KyoAni fire site to the list since I want to pay my respects there. Hopefully these assholes don’t get their way and a proper memorial will be made at the location.

Hahaha! Yeah, drunk Mysterium does not sound like it’d work too well. XD Although if it was just the ghost player who is drunk, that might at least be amusing to be a part of. The card play with the abstract art and such is very similar (and clearly inspired by) a simpler game called Dixit which probably would be a decent game to play drunk. And yeah, speaking of whether or not there are non-German versions of games, the international nature of the modern board game hobby can make things like the timing of game releases super confusing. People will put out review videos of a game, but turns out it’s only out in Europe at the moment. Maybe it will come out in the US in a few months, or a year or two.... Then there are things like early releases via Kickstarter or at conventions before a game goes into full distribution which further complicates things.

Yeah, fireworks for New Year’s in a bit of a thing in the US, too. Not quite as bit as the 4th of July for us, especially when it comes to full-on professional public fireworks displays, but it is pretty comment for people to buy small fireworks like roman candles to set off. Part of my neighbors being load and annoying was that they set off some fireworks, making my dogs go a little nuts. =P But must be nice that firework and New Year’s partying hate is a major ruckus for you guys with the UK and the US is kind of falling apart. XD

Other than responding back to your responses, I did finish off Moyashimon and finally read the 11th volume of School-Live! Good stuff as usual. I haven’t heard any word yet for the US release of volume 12, but at least 11 ended at a pretty memorable spot, after Shiiko died and a random drone showed up to talk to the girls. I’m looking forward to finishing the series, whenever we end up getting the last book.

My “Finish Them” Self-Challenge is going pretty well. Last Sunday Dan called me to let me know that he wouldn’t be able to make it over to watch anime, but he also told me that I could go ahead and watch the rest of Dr. Stone without him! I was really hoping he’d drop that series. So I finished it between Sunday and Monday and ended up loving it a lot more than I was expecting to based on the first 7 episodes that the two of us watched together. I ended up giving it a full 10 and it currently places as my #38 favorite anime/manga series. I don’t know if it’s something you’d get into, but I think it’s a pretty interesting spin on the “typical” shounen formula.

And that’s about all that’s going on with me at the moment! Have a good weekend and talk to you later!! ^_^
pluvia33 Jan 10, 8:55 AM
Happy New Year!!

Haha! Yeah, US measurements are rather dumb, so it’s okay. We have a measurement called a “yard” which is kind of close to a meter in length, so I get the general idea of what you’re talking about. Man, just thinking about the “yard” and related measurements really illustrates how dumb our system is. A yard is made up of three feet, a foot is made up of 12 inches, and inches are divided into halves, fourths, eighths, and sixteenths.... Oh, and there are 5,280 feet in a mile, because “reasons”. XD
The metric system is makes much more sense, with meters, liters, and grams and then going from there, dividing or multiplying them by factors of 10.... I think there have been calls a few times over our history to convert to the metric system, but ’MERICA!! XD

Haha! I could totally see the cartoon child porn and gay porn issue. XD That sucks about that guy having a heart attack, though. I hope he’s alright, too.

Yeah, I’m definitely not a fast reader.... XD
I would definitely say that FMA is not the usual “get stronger, punch harder” arms race that a lot of shounen action adventure series fall into. I can’t quite speak for Hunter x Hunter yet myself, but from what I’ve heard of it, that series does follow a little more of a typical shounen-battle format with tournament arcs and such. I’ll be trying to watch through the 2011 anime for myself sometime this year, as I’m really-for-real focusing on finishing the stagnate anime items on my list this year; I’m even doing a new Self-Challenge about it to help keep me on track.

For me the issue with superhero comics is that all of the reboots just make it hard to follow and figure out what should be considered “canon” or not, but I can definitely see how it can also rob the stories of any real weight or consequences as well. We kind of get a similar effect in anime when resurrection is overused in a series, like with Goku and other characters in Dragon Ball. Like why care about what happens to characters if it seems so easy to bring them back from the dead?

Eh, I think the MCU movies still have a decent amount of a draw to them, even after Endgame. I enjoyed the newest Spider-Man, and it apparently made over $1 billion, on a $160 million budget. Although, I do have a feeling that the upcoming Black Widow has the potential to be a flop, or at least a disappointment. I mean, I’ll probably go see it in theaters, but I don’t know how many people really care about an MCU prequel movie, especially one focusing on a character who died in Endgame. It could be like the Han Solo movie all over again. But speaking of Star Wars, with the success they’ve had with The Mandalorian I wouldn’t be surprised if they focus almost entirely on TV series for the franchise from now on. I mean, they don’t seem to have any new movies in the pipeline, but they have two more live-action shows coming, plus a second season of Mandalorian. They have to sell Disney+ somehow!

Oh, well, I’ve actually already read the first 10 volumes of School-Live!, reading the US print releases. I am glad that I was able to read those first 10 volumes back-to-back. And volume 10 ended at such a relatively stable position that I don’t think I’ll have any issue with remembering where things were when I start to read volume 11. I can see how reading it one-chapter-a-month can make it difficult to follow, though.

Speaking of manga reading, I finished the Manga Reading Challenge! However, I got too behind on reading Moyashimon and ended up swapping it out for a super light single-volume manga called Aruku Hito (The Walking Man) on the last day of the Challenge. I still want to finish reading Moyashimon, though, so I’ll be getting through the last 4 volumes of that before I read volume 11 of School-Live! But I have changed from taking a 30min break to a full-hour lunch break at work recently, so I’ll be using that time to read more regularly, so it shouldn’t be TOO long until I’m finished with Moyashimon, even if I’m not feeling like reading at home. I am looking forward to finishing School-Live!, although I don’t think volume 12 has a release date in the US yet. Shouldn’t be too far off, I think. Maybe 6 months at most?? Hopefully volume 11 doesn’t end on too much of a cliffhanger....

Yeah, as far as the character interactions go, I think they’re mostly the same between the manga and anime for Orange. I might just be a little more tolerant of those kinds of character traits, and I felt that at least Kakeru’s distance was understandable through most of the series since he was kind of going through some shit. It’s kind of like how I was kind of getting pissed off at the male lead from Bokura ga Ita in later chapters because of his distance, but can also understand it a bit because he REALLY went through some shit. Maybe one of the most tragic characters I’ve ever seen in a mundane anime/manga story. And yeah, I think it is largely a cultural thing with the lack of physical contact between couples, but I’m mostly used to that at this point with all of the shoujo manga that I’ve read. I’m usually just happy when the characters actually become couples at all significantly before the last few chapters of the series. When the solidification of the major relationship is treated as THE climax of a story so often is when I start to get annoyed.... And looks like I’d actually mentioned that already a few comments back when talking about the manga Strobe Edge. XD

Yeah, Ra’s al Ghul didn’t have a huge part in Batman Begins (especially compared to The Joker in the second movie), but just the fact that he was there at all boosted my enjoyment of that movie. Dark Knight Rises was definitely my least favorite of the three as well, but I wasn’t particularly invested in those movies to begin with, so I didn’t feel all that disappointed by it. And yeah, I thought Ben Affleck fit the role pretty well, too. But now I guess they’re hitting the reset button on Batman again?? The DC live-action movies are a fucking mess. XD

Ohhh, I really want to see Parasite. And funny you say it’s probably the best movie of 2019, because WatchMojo agrees. Don’t know if you’ve heard of or how you might feel about their videos, but I did still find it interesting. I usually don’t put a lot of stock in their lists and just watch them for something to watch to kill time. Some people in the comments seem to have taken that list WAY too seriously and got salty as fuck. XD But whatever, I’ll need to remember to try to see Parasite at some point. I’m usually a hardcore weeb who half-jokingly calls Korean entertainment “fake Japanese” stuff, but I’m still really interested in this movie.

Yeah, I’d like to do more traveling, too. The only place I’ve been outside of the US is Canada, and even then I didn’t do much sightseeing. I definitely want to go to Japan at some point, but I would prefer to be relatively fluent in Japanese before that. I haven’t seriously studied the language in years, though, so I have no idea when I’d actually be at a level that I’d be comfortable with.... David has talked about potentially taking me with him to a Japanese game convention that the company he works for goes to sometimes, so if that happens I may end up going regardless of my skill in the language. We’ll see!

Oh! Is the Clue-like game “with ghosts or something” that you played Mysterium? It’s a cooperative game with one person playing the ghost of a murder victim and everyone else plays mediums trying to figure out who killed them, but the ghost can only give clues via cards with surrealist art pieces on them. I like that game.

For me, my holidays went alright. Christmas was pretty much just a regular day for me, but it was nice having the time off (I only had to work Monday and Friday that week). New Year’s I also spent alone, but still celebrated in my own way. I revived an old tradition that I haven’t done in years, with me having a little fire and burning various things in a symbolic manner, representing things that I want to let go of from the year and such. Like this year I finally burned a lot of pictures and stuff from my wedding. It was nice, although some loud neighbors were a little annoying at times. I miss doing it back in Ohio at my parent’s place where all of the neighbors were farmers, all at least 100 meters away from my parent’s house.

And that’s mostly all that’s been going on with me. I have been having some pretty bad stomach pain recently that’s been annoying, so I’m going to see a doctor about that Monday. It’s been way too long since I’ve had a regular check-up anyway, so I should go anyway. I should probably go to the dentist, too.... Being an adult and trying to remember to take care of myself and such is kind of annoying. XD

Anyway, talk to you later and have a good weekend!
Tannhauser Dec 31, 2019 1:30 PM
Happy new year!
pluvia33 Dec 6, 2019 2:59 PM
Haha! It’s not too bad working in a cubicle and such. Although I do miss the times when I actually DID have my own office. That was back when I worked with cash and such, so my office was a restricted area with a big ass vault, so I could pretty much do all of the non-work junk that I wanted until someone knocked on my door. I even watched a few anime during my lunch breaks there. That was pretty nice. Now I just have to be as stealthy as possible, especially after those comments were made about non-work internet in that meeting. Like right now, I copy and pasted your last comment into a Word doc and now I’m writing my response above it in the same Word doc, then I’ll copy-paste it into MAL real quick when I’m done. Works pretty well most of the time, but it’s not a perfect system. Like the other day I was writing a blog post in Word and a girl I work with saw it and was like, “Are you writing an essay or something??” XD She’s cool, though, so not really a big deal. But most people just assume the Word docs are work-related if they see them.

I’d say my favorite “battle shounen” would be Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, if you consider that in the same group. I tend to use the term “shounen action adventure” to describe the “typical” Shonen-with-a-capital-S kinds of series. But unlike Soul Eater, FMA got a full, satisfying adaptation with Brotherhood, so I don’t feel any urge to ever read all of the original manga. So yeah, when it comes to manga, Soul Eater probably is my favorite Shonen. But considering that I typically prefer to consume action-focused stuff in anime and don’t get super into a lot of Shonen stuff in general, that isn’t really saying all that much. And yeah, One Piece is a series that I dabbled in but never fully got into. Initially it was an issue with me just not getting into the art. I could probably get past that now and maybe even appreciate it for its unique style, but now its stupid-long series run is preventing me from giving it another shot. It would have to connect with me a TON more than it did on its initial impression to make that kind of commitment worth it, and I just don’t see that being a likely outcome.

Yeah, I personally have mixed feelings about superheroes. I loved the 1990s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons when I was kid, but one of the main reasons that I gravitated towards anime/manga as a teenager (and into my current mid-30s self) is because it was getting frustrating how American superhero stories get rebooted over and over again, especially in the comics. That kind of crap is relatively rare in anime/manga. And I also really appreciated the insane amount of variety in the stories told by anime and manga compared to American comics and animation. I don’t really mind superheroes as a concept; I love the MCU movies. It just gets to a point when I need something else. Superheroes just can’t really be a thing that can hold a large portion of my entertainment consumption time. While those movies are fun enough, they mostly give me my fill of that kind of content and I need to get some more grounded content in the rest of my stories. I mean, slice of life is one of my favorite types of anime/manga. But with anime superhero stuff like My Hero Academia and One Punch Man, that stuff is at least a bit more grounded than most of the Marvel/DC stuff, so that is nice. I do like One Punch Man a bit more than My Hero since I find the underlying themes of Saitama, as an adult character dissatisfied with his monotonous life, to be a bit more relatable to me than the stuff that the characters of My Hero deal with. Well, the first season of One Punch Man was great at least.... After the second season, I’m kind of tempted to convert to reading the manga....

Other than now (since my roommate is pretty much moved out, other than some of his junk still being at my house), the only other time I ever lived (mostly) by myself was the time when I was in my Air Force dorm room. I had a very, very small living space, but it was all mine (other than sharing a bathroom with the next dorm resident across from me). Before that, I was in my parent’s house or had a roommate in my college dorms. Then when I moved out of my Air Force dorm, I moved in with some friends until I finished my Air Force commitment, then I moved in with my first girlfriend back in Ohio, then moved in with an old co-worker and her husband’s big ranch house back in New Mexico when I moved back here, then I moved into a lot of different places with my second girlfriend/now-ex-wife, and had a couple roommates in my house after she moved out until now! So yeah, this is the first time in over 10 years that I have a living space all to myself and I’m really happy about that. While I have almost always been living with someone, I am somewhat proud of the fact that I left my parent’s place when I was 21 and never went back to living with them. And even when I was living with others over the last 10+ years, I always had an equal or larger stake in the living situation.

Even though my old roommate has been out for a few days, I haven’t quite gotten back into solo-anime-watching yet. Mainly because I’d feel guilty watching anime right now when I REALLY need to get my Manga Reading Challenge finished! I still have about 17 volumes worth of manga to read to finish the Challenge and it ends 15 December!! I did lay on my living room couch the other night and get a decent amount read. Hopefully I can make a lot of progress this weekend. After I’m done with the Challenge I’ll hopefully be watching a lot more anime, and continue to read a decent amount of manga. I have the 11th volume of School-Live! now so that will probably be the first thing that I read “for fun” after my Challenge reading is finished. ^_^

Orange is a pretty interesting series when it comes to the manga/anime target demographic “genres”. It actually triggered an old blog post of mine in which I looked at the similarities between shoujo and seinen stories, mostly when they focus on mundane romance and such. Looking at the manga again, on both MAL and Wikipedia, it looks like the only reason that it has the “shoujo” tag on MAL is because it was originally serialized in Bessatsu Margaret, a shoujo manga magazine. It later moved to Monthly Action which looks like it is a magazine that doesn’t have a specific stated target demographic, as most of the manga listed under the magazine do not have a demographic “genre” tag on MAL (shoujo, shounen, josei, or seinen). Anyway, while I loved the Orange manga, I was a little disappointed in the anime adaptation. The story just flowed much better in the original manga. While the anime was rather pretty for the most part, the direction and editing choices felt very off at times. And I never really had any issues with the characters personally and mostly liked them well enough.

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about Joker. Personally, I’m not all that big of a Batman fan and the Joker in particular never interested me all that much. I actually liked Batman Begins more than The Dark Knight. I mostly thought the Joker in The Dark Knight was just “pretty good”. I know, I’m a complete heathen, right? =P And Ra’s al Ghul probably was my favorite “villain” in Batman from what little I watched of the 1990s animated series, so there was that going for Batman Begins as well. That also helped me get through the Gotham TV series.... But yeah, don’t know if I’ll ever sit down and watch Joker because I don’t really care about seeing a movie all about him. I might pirate it eventually and watch it when I have nothing better to do. That’s what I did with Batman v Superman. XD

I was able to enjoy 2001, so I’ll probably watch the normal long cut of The Shining, whenever I get around to watching that. I think the next “horror” movie that I want to try to watch will be Ready or Not, though. Again, I’m not a huge horror fan, but having some dark comedy in there tends to make the genre a bit more palatable for me. Plus, apparently the wealthy family in the movie “built their fortune in board games” so that alone has my somewhat-ironic interest since I’m really into board gaming and the thought of a family getting super-rich from the hobby is kind of laughable on its own. XD

Speaking of board games, the board game convention that I went to with my friend David went pretty well. I wrote a blog post about it if you’re interested. I figured I’d make that post so I could just share it with the various people on talk to on MAL instead of largely repeating myself over and over. XD Oh, but something I didn’t mention in the post, there were a few people that were dressed up for the event, but not many. And I don’t really remember what they were dressed up as, if they were anything in particular. =P

Oh, and yeah, David is really into horror movies and Hereditary was one of his favorites in a while. Maybe his favorite movie period of 2018. I MIGHT watch it at some point, but again, not that big on horror. We’ll see....

Haha! Yeah, I’m not totally sure how I’m able to compare my favorites against each other despite some of them being of vastly different genres. I mean, how is it that I am able to quantify that I enjoy Azumanga Daioh as my #10, right above Evangelion as my #11, then Kimi ni Todoke at #12, and Cowboy Bebop at #13?? I don’t know. I guess I have a general “feeling” of how heavily I enjoy things which is maybe a little more stable than that feeling for other people like you? I mean, I would like to re-watch a lot of stuff in my Top 100 to see if that feeling might change a bit, but typically I can think back on an anime/manga series a have a pretty definitive idea of where it stands for me in my rankings. If you ever do make some kind of ranked list, I’d be interested to give it a look. ^_^

And I think that’s about it for me! The weekend is finally here!!! Coming back from my two weeks off for the convention and then Thanksgiving was a little rough, especially since a good amount of my Saturday and Sunday were taken up by helping my roommate get out of my house. =P Anyway, talk to you later!!
Sugarie Dec 2, 2019 1:16 AM
Thanks for the accept :) Let's be friends o/
Hibbington Oct 27, 2019 8:25 AM
Hey Trash, I'm the Head Admin of Anime Guild if you remember me. I created a Pro Wrestling Club on MAL today. If I remember correctly your into wrestling. I am also going to attempt to run some pro wrestling type features using anime characters. So if your interested in joining here is a link to the club page
pluvia33 Oct 20, 2019 7:47 PM
Hey dude! No worries. Took me a bit of time to reply again myself. That's mainly because soon after the fiscal year ended on 1 Oct, we had a little meeting at work to discuss some shuffling around of duties at work. During the meeting it was also brought up that someone didn't like it when they saw people doing non-work interneting on their computer, mainly Facebook and YouTube stuff. Which yeah, I get, but typically I don't take a real lunch break and hopping all MAL and checking my personal email/FB messages is my way of decompressing a bit at work when I'm not busy. And I was kind of annoyed that they were talking about this, but I see people on their smartphones browsing stuff and texting and whatnot ALL THE TIME. I don't have a smartphone so I can't do my interneting as discreetly as others can. I brought this up later to our main civilian boss and she agreed that smartphones should be included and seemed like she was going to make sure that things are fair and such. So yeah, I've been trying to not do any non-work interneting at work and that's the main reason that it's taken me a while to respond this time around. I'm writing this comment on a Sunday evening at home as I don't really feel like doing anything in particular at the moment.... However, I might start doing a little bit of MAL stuff at work again soon. I've noticed that the guy who sits in the next cubical over from me is still pretty much doing the same amount of non-work interneting on his computer as he always has, and I still see pretty much everyone still using their smartphones throughout the day, including the co-worker who brought up the non-work internet issue in the first place! So yeah, I think I might at least start responding to my MAL comments and messages again and maybe do a little blogging since those parts of the website are pretty discreet and just stay off of the really obvious non-work stuff like Anime News Network and Facebook. We'll see!

Ah, I actually have REALLY been enjoying Fire Force so far! I don't know much about the "public opinion" since I don't really interact with the larger anime fan community these days. But personally, I find it to be at least on par with Soul Eater, which was indeed by the some original creator. Sadly, I am quite a bit behind on Fire Force at the moment. As I'd mentioned before, I decided to watch WAY too many things last season and got behind on damn near everything. I think Fruits Basket and Demon Slayer were the only things that I'd kept up with week-to-week. Probably wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the fact that I've been watching damn near all of those things with my roommate and such. But yeah, we've caught up on damn near everything that finished last season and I finished off everything that I was watching by myself (things my roommate lost interest in). We only have one last show to finish and then we'll be working on catching up with the shows that are bleeding into the current season (Fire Force, Dr. Stone, and Vinland Saga). I'm being much more conservative with my week-to-week consumption this season. Other than watching those three shows once we get current, I've only added three more: My Hero 4, After School Dice Club (which so far has been a rather good adaptation of a manga that I already love), and Kemono Michi (which I find to be WAY more funny than it has any right to be, and I'm happily watching that by myself now as my roommate dropped it after episode 1). So yeah, those plus the three bleed-over shows and I'll only be watching 6 things week-to-week this season! There are some other things that I might be interested in going back to check out, but I want to keep my weekly anime schedule smaller this time around so I can have time to catch up with last season and finally work on thinning out my stagnate "Watching" and On-Hold items again. Oh, and I don't know if I mentioned this before (couldn't find mention of it in our comment stream), but I've told my roommate that he needs to move out so he'll be out of my hair after November! That should help with my backlog watching. I'd watch more anime, but when I'm watching things by myself, I like to watch it BY MYSELF! If I have to worry about my roommate coming home and interrupting my watching, sitting down and randomly watching in the middle of a random episode or something.... I don't really like that, so I'll just do something else. Like yesterday, it was kind of annoying, I was finishing off Astra, a series from last season that he decided to drop after 5 episodes, and he came home and sat down and watched the last two or so episodes.... Like, what? Why?? But whatever. I was kind of proud of myself overall yesterday. I watched 24 episodes worth of anime total in one day!! I don't remember when the last time was that I watched that much anime in a day. I'm not entirely sure if I ever HAVE watched that much anime in a single day.... So yeah, that was nice overall at least. But yeah, I really needed to have my roommate move out, though. I'm just too old to have a roommate and I need my own space bad. Especially if I'm going to finally try to start dating again. It'd be kind of weird if I bring a girl home and have to worry about "some dude" being there, etc.

Yeah, I tend to like a lot of shoujo manga, but it can get a little annoying when the act of a couple becoming official is treated as the main climax of the story so often. Like recently, I really really enjoyed reading Strobe Edge as part of my Manga Reading Challenge (after getting into a pretty bad 3-month slump of barely doing any reading). However, it did fall into that trap of the main couple getting together being treated as THE climax and that took the series down a peg for me (although it also meandered a little too much around the 7th volume so that hurt it, too). But my two favorite shoujo manga, Kimi ni Todoke and Bokura ga Ita, while they are also fully mundane mostly-high-school romance series, the main couples in those get together much earlier and you actually get to see them act as couples for a good chunk of the story which I find to be really nice.

Haha! Well, I haven't been to a true tabletop convention yet, but I think they do have cosplay at those. I believe a lot of it is RPG related (like people dressing as the iconic Pathfinder RPG characters) or more general stuff (like dressing up in steampunk gear), but it does happen. David and I have had discussions about how there aren't really a lot of good iconic characters in modern board games for things like cosplay and fanart. I think Warhammer cosplay is pretty common. And I wouldn't be too surprised if we see some Gloomhaven cosplay at the convention we're going to since it has been one of the biggest modern games recently which actually has some distinctive characters.

Yeah, I'll definitely have to check out Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at some point. I actually still need to watch a lot of Tarantino's movies. I've watched everything from Kill Bill through Django Unchained. I THINK I've watched Pulp Fiction all the way through, but don't remember being fully engaged while watching it, so I may want to re-watch that one. I've also seen From Dusk till Dawn if you'd count that even though he didn't direct it. Everything else I still need to watch, but I have generally enjoyed what I've seen of his work.

Haha! I'm not a huge horror fan, so I haven't seen or have any real desire to see IT. And I've never gotten around to seeing The Shining either, so I wouldn't be able to watch Doctor Sleep at the moment. I should probably get around to watching The Shining, though, since it is a pretty iconic movie, and a Kubrick one at that. Oh, it was kind of funny though, on the Air Force base where I work, it's been directed by the base commander that every third Wednesday would be training day (as long as mission permits) and the first half of the day is meant to be dedicated to actual training while the second half is supposed to be dedicated to some kind of squadron bonding/unity thing or something. We had our first such training day last week and our little activity was to watch horror movies together since Halloween is coming up. We watched The Nun which seemed to generally be a pretty dumb movie. I don't know. It might have been able to be creepy if I was watching it by myself or with a small group, giving it my full attention, instead of watching it in a room of 20 or so people. I largely ended up just talking shit about the movie with a girl that I work with. It was pretty amusing though that another girl got REALLY freaked out and audibly yelped at one point. XD It was kind of adorable.

Ah, so a little update from my last comment, I did indeed get to Promare the Seishun Buta Yarou movie. I didn't absolutely love Promare, but it was just about the most Trigger Trigger to ever Trigger. And I did like it well enough to give it a low-level 9 score, with it currently placing at #25 on my working standalone anime movie list. I REALLY loved the Seishun Buta Yarou movie, though. It pretty much tied up all of the plot threads that were left hanging at the end of the TV series and it made the series as a whole jump up about 10 spots for me, now sitting at #23 on my working series list. It also helped that I ended up going to watch the movie by myself. I watched the TV series with my roommate and that might have hurt my experience a bit, as he would make some unwanted side comments from time to time and had to use the restroom during a major climactic moment. -_- While I'd love to see more of the series adapted to anime, this is a great stopping point if they don't make any more.

And that's about all that's going on with me. Just trying to watch as much anime and read as much manga as I can while also being an adult and working and shit. Have a good one and talk to you later!! ^_^
pluvia33 Sep 4, 2019 2:15 PM
Haha! I'm getting a little late with my response as well, now. A combination of work picking up (end of the fiscal year and all) and just not having too much of interest to talk about from my end. =P

ANN put out an obituary/memorial article for the first 10 individuals officially identified by the police which kind of gives you an idea of how much of an impact that the fire will have on KyoAni going forward. It's a pretty wide swath of loss, from really young and passionate people with a lot of potential, to current/rising stars like Yasuhiro Takemoto, to industry veterans like the old Akira animator who have been acting as trainers and mentors to the younger people. Losing people like Yasuhiro Takemoto and Futoshi Nishiya (of those we know have died so far) is sure to have an impact on the KyoAni style, but hopefully those remaining like Naoko Yamada and Taichi Ishidate will be able to carry on....

Yeah, I watched the first episode of Izetta around when it first came out. It seemed kind of neat when I heard about it, but the first episode just bored me out of my mind and I dropped it. I never scored it, so I MIGHT pick it back up some day, but it seems unlikely. The characters just weren't strong enough to overcome my default disinterest in historical themes. Speaking of which, the fourth episode of Vinland Saga held my interest just enough for me to continue watching it. I will probably go ahead and watch it to the end at this point. It seemed to have shifted to a personal character journey of revenge and growth kind of story now and I'm finding it to be much more interesting (to my tastes) than the initial warring factions kind of narrative.

I didn't think Chuunibyou was too heavy on the "will they/won't they." By the half way mark or so, it was pretty clear that "they will" and I thought the first season had a pretty nice conclusion. I'm interested to see how the second season plays out since they are pretty much fully established as a couple at the end of the first season. From the little bit of a summery that I accidently saw, it looks like some new character gets in their way or something. Hopefully it doesn't turn out stupid or anything. XD I don't know when I'll get around to actually watching it though with everything else that I'm trying to watch right now. I'm just treading water to do my best to kind of keep up with all of the currently-airing stuff that I'm watching. It LOOKS like I might be interested in less than 10 of the things coming out next season, so hopefully I can get back to working on thinning out my Watching and On-Hold then. =P

That's cool that you were able to get back to your RPG, and nice on the quite baby! I'd really like to get back to playing RPGs, especially now that the second edition of Pathfinder is out, but I usually just don't have the time and willing people to make it happen. Maybe someday. Board games just tend to be more convenient in that regard, taking a lower time investment for all in most cases.

Speaking of board games, I'm going to be going to my first board game convention in November! It's mostly going to be a working trip, though. My friend David works for a board game company called Level 99 Games now and he's going there to work and was able to get me a pass to the con as a volunteer in their booth. Gas and lodging expenses are also going to be covered by L99G so that's cool. It should be an interesting experience working the booth, but hopefully I'll be able to break away and wander the convention floor on my own as well.

Ah, David saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and loved it quite a bit. Said it was one of the funniest movies he'd ever seen. I haven't seen it yet. It's kind of hard for me to find the motivation to make it to the theater for anything other than MCU movies and limited US showings of new anime movies. I'm hoping I'll be able to catch Promare on September 19th, as long as I don't have to stay at work too late. And hopefully the Seishun Buta Yarou movie will have a screening close to me when it comes to the US in early October.

And yeah, not much else going on with me at the moment! Talk to you later!
CodeBlazeFate Sep 1, 2019 6:48 AM
CodeBlazeFate Aug 26, 2019 12:27 PM
Mmm. Rat race is awful. Quality over views, though the latter is good too if earned well.
CodeBlazeFate Aug 19, 2019 2:02 PM
That's one reason I avoid most social media platforms.

If you do, good luck there, especially with the seasomal review rat race.