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Lil-Bird 9 hours ago
Wait a fucking second, I found this, a site run by an organization called "National Center on Sexual Exploitation" that called this a "victory":

So Valve caved in to this not to protect its image but because a group of people pestered them into it?
Lil-Bird 9 hours ago
Yeah, I can understand that. But at the very least, when it comes to rentals, it's a way for you to see if you like the product enough to actually buy a copy for yourself. Video rental got popular because of that mindset and conveniency, after all (probably also because a lot of folks who went to video rentals didn't have cable, so add "availability" to it as well).

Everyone says the movie did it better than the book, though some literature fans out there could argue otherwise. So it's just a case of personal taste, I guess.

That is true, but I've also noticed that shoujo is quite common in OVAs, which I think doesn't do it justice, but they only really exist as advertising, nothing more. All anime is like that to begin with, but kids' and shoujo anime seem to get the worst of it.

Lmao it wouldn't surprise me at all XD! And in the same vein of that, especially as Darling in the FranXX has been brought up, now you got some people online screeching that it's "propaganda" and I'm just all like

I've been slowing down on anime intake thanks to nearing the end of the "Movie-A-Day" challenge I was taking that I recently finished. So now I'm just kinda cherry-picking things. And since my brother's graduating high school, that's making me think I should start looking around a bit to see what the two of us could start watching together--except he's a bit difficult to ask about these sort of things. He's really indecisive when approached with options. =_=
Haven't heard of this Let It Die, what's it about? I might bring it up with my brother, he's been looking for new games lately.

I know you meant your dryer realized it after a few read-throughs 'cause I'm a dummy, but funnily enough our dishwasher got looked at lately since it wasn't drying things right. Turned out the heating element got bent. It's crazy how something so insignificant-looking is such a crucial piece in making sure the entire thing works right.
So wait, does your dryer not have a volume setting?

I realized I chose a not-so-great video shortly after linking it 'cause I was seeing more videos about it, but that was the one I had seen first about the whole ordeal. But yeah, the whole thing's being blown out-of-proportion when it could've been handled better. Hopefully it's just an honest mistake right out of the gate and such things don't happen again with future releases, even though I think it's a little odd Crunchyroll's trying to get their foot in the door of the (mobile) gaming market. Like I didn't think they'd had the resources for that.
I'm not familiar with this Fates controversy, but there's a lot of localization stuff across the board that are pretty silly anyway. I get it if it's done so as to not violate a federal law (such as removing traces of gambling in kids' games since there's laws related to that), but more often than not it's really innocuous.

As for Steam, I think Valve brought it upon themselves for not better modding Greenlight and encouraging better quality. Then it got so overrun with shitty games (most of it outright porn, and there's no blacklisting far as I can tell) that they would rather pull games of a specific look than going through each indie game to check if they break their guidelines. There's probably also some legal issues going on behind the scenes and it's being done as a precaution, but still, despite that they've apparently always had a policy against hosting pornographic material, it's pretty suspect that they're only now enforcing it.
WaifuWhisperer May 19, 5:33 AM
Great message, you should become a mal article writer or something! I have some slice of life shows I really like but all of them are comedy so something more realistic like hanibei renmei seems to not be in my taste like you said (still good tho).
Texchonolyze is defenitely on my need to watch now list, already saw episode 1 and thought it was great.
Well thanks for taking time for such a detailded response, defenitely helpfull.
And you have great day 2.

P.s: My love for anime is like a burning passion, dont worry.

TheVance May 17, 5:02 PM
I guess using "child" was a mistake, I'm honestly not used to people using grammar on social media or in texts LOL. Plus most of the reviews I read didn't seem to care much either. I found myself not liking Riko due to the first 3 episodes hyping up the abyss and how dangerous it is, to only see Riko act oblivious in nature time and time again, it was just disappointing. She can remember 100's of facts about the abyss, but not stop herself engaging in potentially dangerous situations several times, even when Regu specifically told her to stay near him while he slept? It took away the sense of danger associated with the anime for me, I would've liked it more if they took away 2 of the 3 episodes spent in the village and focused it more on the abyss to be honest. The edgy scene is of course the amputation scene. If she had died there, and it was Regu and Nanachi's odyssey instead, I probably would've gave this a 7/10. I'm hoping she is more useful in season 2 and not just a walking encyclopedia.

For me I prefer story and character above all else, production value/art/animation don't really matter to me as much (unless it ruins the my enjoyment). Made in the abyss just doesn't have a complete story and hardly touches upon the main plot points. How Regu was made, Riko finding her mom etc. It seems like Nanachi's story is gonna be the focus for next season, subsequently I'm guessing Riko's story will be shoved to the side in season two. I was just expecting more since everyone told me to watch this. I guess it's all subjective in the end, but I honestly felt more of an emotional story from Nanachi, whereas Riko's is cliche and not original, I also felt the best dialogue, intrigue, interesting discussion, happened when Nanachi was introduced. Don't get me wrong though 5.5 to me is above average, I just wanted a complete story, I feel this is the type of anime I couldn't rate highly with that many plot holes, completely understand season 2 may patch those up, so I guess we'll see... I also felt the focus on production value took away from character development and instead relied on Regu as plot armor more than I would've liked to see.
WaifuWhisperer May 17, 2:55 PM
Im just a random wanderer on the internet. It may seem weird that im barging in like this in the comments but.. Hey , im bored and have question that needs to be awnserd because dire needs of explenation. The story and question are the following:
Im a huge fan of serial experiment lain, hack its even one of my favorite anime's of all time!
I like symbolic, philisofical , psychological etc anime. After scrolling through myanimelist I saw that haibane renmei matched this perfectly and is even from the same creator as lain.
So Earlier this day I've completed watching hanibei renmei.
And here comes the nagging thing... I was dissapointed. I mean I liked it (gave it a 7), but was just dissapointed. The world, mystery and especially the atmosphere were great but alot of other things lacked for me. I saw lots of other people call it a masterpiece though and I just feel like I missed something from the anime or havent graspped something. So now to come back to my question:
I saw that you are very good at expressing your opinion with well constructed arguments and that haibane renmei is one of your favorite's.
So i thought like: Lets just ask it from you! hehe a bit random I know.
What did I miss from the anime and just in general what makes it so great (for you)?
TheVance May 17, 12:10 PM
Really? I always thought it was easier to read compared to paragraphs, It's paragraphs now. It was not meant to be an in-depth review, what I meant by child is exactly that, it was crunchyroll's "anime of the year" their pick, their child. I could've just said anime of the year, in any case I only repeated my dislike for riko because of my displeasure watching her throughout the anime, I don't think emphasizing her is that bad considering she was the main thing I disliked about the anime.

So what did you disagree about

I don't care about art/sound for anime as long as it's not a hindrance to the enjoyment of the show.

What was so great about made in the abyss?

P.S I see what you meant by some of the Riko stuff, oops.
mikebz45 May 16, 5:08 AM
Hey, I keep seeing you getting on PSN, but I'm usually in the middle of receiving or giving ass kicking on DB FighterZ or playing Final Fantasy XV. I saw that you played Let It Die. Is that a new version of the game or some download content? I haven't played it in a while because I kept running into myself and the version I made it that far with was way stronger than I was when getting there. DB FighterZ is cool, but I didn't really like it that much at first. I've gotten used to it, but I think my body is pushing itself to keep up with the graphics. Like I'm seeing what people are doing before they do it now and when I'm done with the match, I'm all tense and start sweating afterwards. The people I play against are a bunch of asses though. This one guy blamed me for the game slowing down and told me I was ruining the game. I've experienced people "ruining the game" this whole time and never bitched about it. I just don't accept fights with people that have questionable network connections. If I lose, I lose. It's not the end of the world. That guy and some other jerk that kept doing some cheap move pissed me off to the point that started terrorizing people. I started doing cheap stuff myself just to mess with other people that keep using those cheap moves to get up high in rank. And then I switch it up on them. I had a guy so frustrated, he quit mid-game. Anyway, I've been slowly but surely getting through these projects I mentioned before. I'm still working on the first 2, but I'm working on them at the same time, so when I do decide to work on something, I can't decide again where to start. I've got about half of the videos done. And I think I'm still half way done with that first mixtape. Lamar sent me something he wanted me to make into a beat. I started something with it, but I'm not sure how I want it to end. Oh, have you seen Avengers? I wasn't going to see it so soon, but me and Tommi decided one of us would watch the kids while the other would see the movie, so I went with Lamar and Sean. That movie was awesome. Tommi hasn't seen it yet. She was supposed to see it last week, but she forgot and I bought her ticket in advanced. I got my money back, but she could've still made it. My mom told me about $5 Tuesdays at AMC and I thought it was a local thing until I went to my AMC and saw the flyers. I went on Wednesday smh. Anyway, I can't wait for Deadpool 2 and Venom looks like it might be alright. I'm not sure I like the idea of him without Spider-Man. He's had his successful solo series, but his origin doesn't seem to involve Spidey at all. We'll see. Anyway, talk to you later.
Lil-Bird May 8, 3:27 PM
Was more shocked about that you never got into the manga. But yeah, I can agree with that notion. Seeing an action manga in action is more satisfying (when done right).

I sometimes keep mixing up Best Buy with Blockbuster because the company logos are so similar XD. Man, I miss Blockbuster… even though it was a bit shitty…

Oh man, that is super convenient. I think I only bought one book for one of my literature classes and that was "Fight Club", but uh… I didn't finish it, couldn't really get into it. Didn't really matter, though, given the movie was so much better and I could do the work mainly off of that and stuff lol. I didn't keep the book, don't know if I'll end up regretting that or what lol, hadn't thought about it for years.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who notices all that padding, like I thought it was just a magical girl problem, but no, it's a shoujo problem in general. It's so weird. Sometimes it works out in the end, though, like it did for Sailor Moon. It benefited from all that filler.
I've noticed shoujo got adapted quite a bit back in the 90s and so, but it has fallen to the wayside this past decade to make room for moeblobs. It could also be because it's just easier to make one-cour series and shoujo benefits from having more episodes, that's the other common thing I've noticed about that genre is nearly all of its anime have like 50+ episodes.
I have a feeling all of these josei smut have been getting adaptations to further encourage its audience to go out and breed, but I dunno lol. Either way, Japanese women's fantasies are really… icky. Like all the men are pretty rapey in their dominance and the women are too passive to do anything outside of "No, don't~!" @~@ But also, them being five-minute shorts doesn't help in the slightest. Like that's super lazy.

I've been pretty adamant about not overloading my "watching" list with shows I just end up neglecting 'til the end anyway, but I'm starting to get that feeling where I should watch more anime again. It's a little odd, especially since I know I'll just fall back on that nasty habit of mine where I don't properly keep up with a show until well past its broadcast.

Yikes, that sucks. It's so amazing how things just break on you when you least expect them to lol. And even when you get something new it doesn't always work the way you want it to.

Oh yeah, I came across a little something about Crunchyroll that I was wondering if you knew about it. Apparently they've recently started distributing games, and are getting some angry reviews and stuff about how they handled the release of a DanMachi game they had the license to, like people are angry with how they lied about the game not being censored. What's your thoughts on it?
Karhu May 5, 1:50 PM
I have heard quite wide range of explanations on what type of logic folks use with their ratings. The typical argument coming from 7/10 as the most used ratings is pretty much this: "I pick my series knowing I will like them, if I had seen all anime ever, my most used would be 5/10." This is the explanation I dislike the most because it is based to the assumption that series one has seen are better than the ones they have not yet seen. Despite me getting called a hater and too critical, I view folks with this logic the most pessimistic. Personally even after all these series I believe there are titles as good as I have yet seen still left unwatched. This is pretty much why I am still excited as ever to watch more.

I like to think that even if I only rated the 100 "objectively" best series -if this type of thing was possible to determinate- I would still look the average within that group and give mainly 5/10 ratings. Of course, like all rating methods based to number scale, this would be quite narrow minded and woud imply most series are the exact same thing in quality/enjoyment. Which comes back to me not ratings series anymore even tho I know how I would score them. I find rating movies still reasonable because at least they are consistently of the same format and duration unlike anime which varies from few second longs ads to 500+ episodes long series.

>since I almost never rate anything that I haven't finished and have no shame in dropping things that I don't enjoy, that prevents a lot of potential low scores.

This is definitely among the most honest explanations I hear. One point I heard about dropping series is quite interesting. "If I didn't watch all of it, I must have found it unwatchable." Practically every dropped series is 1/10 if we believe mal's definition of the score.

Combining Genshiken and Nidaime together was rather weird indeed, but I think they just followed the original serializors way of defining what it is. Practically all demographics on anime are based to Japanese broadcast hours there were manga gets simply labeled based to the magazine in which it gets first released. I guess MAL is essentially ran by copying weird Japanese decisions.

>Zetsubou Sensei manga

I only read few chapters here and there. That's pretty much how the manga was available back in the day anyway. Just random chapters which had not been adapted in the anime format. Didn't really enjoy any of it that way. Doubt I will try to get into it again.
-Alians- May 4, 12:07 AM
You've probably gotten this a few times but you gotta finish up the Clannad adventures at some point in your life :(
Karhu May 1, 8:42 AM
Manga ratings I can't even put back. It's impossible to compare my taste from decade ago to my current taste. Most users don't have much experience with manga, indeed. During my time on this site I have only managed to find about 15 users whose taste work as a reference to me. On the other hand, 15 person whose taste I can respect -regardless whether I agree with their opinion or not- is still more than 0.

7 as the most used ratings seems to be the general habbit on this site. Some use 2/10 as a default as well. Whenever I view other people's ratings, I just look at their mean score and think everything above it is positive and below it negative. It doesn't always work, but typically is quite accurate. I believe MAL combatibilities are also counted based to rating patterns rather than the ratings itself.

>That's funny about your phantom manga Mean Score! I'd guess that it came at least in part from hentai.

Actually it didn't. I have never been big into hentai manga even though I have soon seen all hentai anime ever made. LOL. The only manga entry I recall used to be on MAL but is missing now is this (quick googling gave me a video don't recall the japanase name),

MAL is inconsistent when it comes to entries. Like novels used to be put here one volume at a time, each having their own entry. I am sure you remember this considering you have been around here longer myself. Monogatari series has separate entries for all of its novels. It was weird. Now they are separated into book seasons. Still movie series of the same sort such as Kara no Kyoukai are all separate entries even tho the source material is under one sole entry. Sense.

>Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Loved it back in the 2011 when I saw S01. The following entries didn't really appeal to me anymore. It got somewhat old. Still worth of watching for those glorious opening songs. Rumba rumba rumba. The manga I never was into. I am sure people would speak of it more if Akiyuki hadn't become a meme and created 500 mainstream series after SZS.

>comments locked to friends-only or completely locked

This time it was actually a friendly comment, but typically they aren't. I don't really blame folks for disabling comments here considering how much negativity the users spread here with their comments. Personally I find it interesting how similarly people who have negative feedback to give, always act. Randoms often leave neat, and supporting comments too which are quite nice, which is why I haven't disabled mine.
ParsaFakhar Apr 29, 8:37 AM
"Death Note is so damn boring with such total shit characters!"
well, you don't have to lie about my favorite anime to get back at me ;), you could say Death note was stupid but Boring?! sorry! that's just a lie
Karhu Apr 28, 8:55 AM
Excuse my language and spelling mistakes. I will be typing fast without proof read.

3x3 originates from last decade. Weebs used to do them, then they were copied by the next gen noobs. Nowadays mainly wannabe-elitists use them to get acceptance from circlejerks. They are basically always unoriginal and categorize anime fans so accurately it has become a meme.

Removed my ratings back in 2014. Been thinking about putting them back when I hit 2000 completed, but there is hardly any point for myself to do so. I know how I'd rate my series, and others seeing the ratings would just give excuses for more sensitive people call me a retard for giving their favorite anime some other score than a 10/10. You may ask if interested in any specific show. I still rate live action movies and give around 60% of them a 5/10 so you can safely assume that my rating for whatever anime is also a 5/10. The rating itself standing for "default".

Indeed, I only use 2 list categories. Fixing the list is such a pain when MAL merges titles or removes entires from the database, leaving ghosts entried on empty lists. Spooky. Now all the rest are at 0 and I hope to keep it that way. You can see what I mean by checking my mangalist. It claims my mean score is 8,25 even though I haven't rated anything. Amazing how that works. Thus far I haven't really dropped a single airing series.

People enjoy "comedy" series like Gintama, but do not find series like Mahou Shoujo Site funny. I guess it's my fault for liking bit more darker humor than fart and penis jokes. And also for not being the most serious anime viewer.

How kind of you to wish me a good day. Real rarity on this site. Let me offer you a smiley in return.

Lil-Bird Apr 19, 3:12 PM
'Eyyyy thanks; meant to reply back before. Gonna rectify that here.

Oh wow, really? I haven't finished the manga myself, but wow, I'm shocked. But yeah, no, I do agree the ending was rather sudden and out there compared to the series (the movie helped, somewhat), and I agree that I didn't have that "OMG AMAZING" factor either despite having heard nothing but praises for years. Still, something about it clicked with me that I just ended up really liking it by the end of it. Maybe I just liked Dante or what they did with the Homunculi (especially in comparison to Brotherhood, least in some cases), and I was loving the soundtrack. So I dunno, I enjoyed it regardless. I'm actually really torn on which I think is my favorite, the 2003 version or Brotherhood, since both shows have their strengths and weaknesses that perfectly balance each other out, but I have a thing for melancholic, bittersweet stories, think that bit of bias is what won me over into putting the 2003 version on my favs list. I am due for a rewatch for both series anyway, so maybe that could change.

I still need to get around to Idiocracy, which is bloody hilarious because it keeps cropping up in suggestions wherever I look and I just literally found a DVD in the five-dollar bin at Best Buy today (was real close to buying it, but Mrs. Doubtfire won over it lol), and my brother apparently wants to watch it as well. So sooner or later I will be watching it. I'll probably end up making a mental checklist of things it's "predicted" (if you wanna call it that, probably is more like "'no fucking DUH' moments").

Well, at the very least the digital prints is still the translated manga, just minus the new book smell lol. I never really saw the point to getting a Kindle, honestly, probably 'cause of the touchscreen and stuff.
I've been lately flipping through my manga and looking at the ads for nostalgic reasons and just seeing ads for the magazines and surveys and other previously-on-going series just hits me right in the kokoro.
Shoujo needs more love outside of manga, like I'm kind of a little pissy that some shoujo manga have never gotten adapted when they totally could've used the boost. When it's not a magical girl series or something super-duper-freaking popular, lol good luck getting a shoujo series made. Although others would argue more that joshi needs all the love it can get, but the ones that're getting adapted are all the softcore porn no one likes, or at least that's because they're being adapted as shorts and that just kills the novelty of it. That, or Japanese women just have really shitty fantasies or something--it's not like I'm expecting something like 50 Shades in these "shows", but for fuck's sake...*
*...pun intended?

From what I could tell, yeah, the """sequel""" season is anime-only. But it's by A-1 Pictures, I've expected nothing less from them.
I gotta get around to Dragon Maid, like I've meant to when it aired, but by then I was already getting tired of trying to keep up with airing anime and just let it be. Then I got wind of the beautiful shitstorm over the dub and now I can't decide if I should go for the dub or not.

Started FranXX lately thanks to (more) shitstorms over the latest episode and I just wanted to see exactly what the hooplah was all about even though I totally feel like these shippers are missing the goddamn point. Then I watched the three episodes and although I dig the mech designs, I saw too many parallels with Evangelion and I'm hoping it will have developed its own identity by the halfway point. Not that I don't like Eva parallels, it's rather inevitable to be quite honest (especially since it's Trigger), but I wish there'd be a little bit more originality when it comes to the mecha genre. It's in need of a revamp to stay relevant.

Yeah, Saint Seiya's popular in Japan, though I thought I heard it had gone on hiatus or something, or at least it was only just movies and OVAs and it's been the first in a long while they're now having a TV anime. I dunno, I just know that Toei is a bit finicky when it comes to that franchise. Been wanting to watch it.
Lil-Bird Apr 2, 11:27 AM
Maaaan. No wonder we're in such deep debt lol.
I mean, isn't that how anything has advanced in military? Because we get jealous about what another military has done and loudly boast that we can do better? XD

I'm probably more lenient when it comes to anime adaptations since I try to look at it as if it was a stand-alone story. I'd probably think differently if I had ever gone out of my way to read the original source materials, so in a way I get why some people don't like the anime's ending, but given when it was adapted, you couldn't exactly blame them for coming up with something else, similar to what was done with the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime (which I actually prefer the ending to than Brotherhood, tbh).

Lmaooooo wow, that was quite something XD. Although I have to wonder if there's a connection between IQ and sex, like why is it that those with a lower IQ (or just is less informed) tends to hump everything that moves and (seemingly) are more fertile? It couldn't entirely be an instinctual behavior, otherwise the mentally challenged would have children of their own just as much as the average person. It just further reminds me of the time my mother was just telling me some of her background of the kind of people she was dating before she married Dad and that she was close to getting engaged with this one guy but his "slow-minded" brothers turned her away. In hindsight, she admits that the brothers were most likely not actually dumb, they just had average intelligence, but as someone with a high IQ, she thought they were just dumb. And yet the majority of the population has an average IQ, so therefore, to an intelligent person, everyone seems dumb. And I think that's the scary part.

Pfft well of course |D. Still some odd business decisions there, though, because at the very least, people were testing out the waters with the manga so that if they did like it, then they could go buy the ebooks (even though physical copies are so much more superior--yes, even with the room limitation).
Oh helllll no, pulling older chapters is not a good way to go. That'll just make people go to places like KissManga even more, and the screeching of "SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE!!!!" will fall on deaf ears.
Oh, wasn't even aware Yen+ had a magazine until I randomly came across a copy at Half-Price, and then I was like "They had a magazine?" Kind of interesting how anime/manga magazines never really took off out here, so many have come and gone under our noses.

Black Butler's one of those ideas that I like, and I was enjoying the first half of the first season (I was watching it with one of my bros 'cause he wanted to watch it), but it got dull and episodes are rather forgettable. After a period of not watching it, I went back to finish the first season on my own and I was like "Meeeeeeh", then I watched its "second" season (don't think it really was a true sequel?) and was like "The fuck is this shit?" and I've yet to watch the next season, "Book of Circus" or whatever it's called. It's just a disappointment.
I keep hearing about that series, and so whenever I get around to picking up another 2018 anime (after I finish up the ones I did pick up for the hell of it), that's definitely the one I'm going with along with Darling of the FranXX 'cause I need another mecha fix sometime here soon.