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Houkago Saikoro Club
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Red Hood
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Aragusuku Aug 28, 10:14 PM
Hi. I've found your profile around... you seem like a good guy, honestly.

I've read the reason you've chosen pluvia33. Does 33 have any relation to your religious practices at highschool? You know, it's not really a random nor innocent number to choose.
Cosmictimespace May 24, 6:05 PM
Hey man, sorry for never responding these past months. I just don’t have much to say, aside from just too many things going on in my life currently, and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you stay well for years to come. And your family and friends are all safe.
TrashDax May 24, 12:49 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you old fart! ;)
BlueCicada May 20, 6:00 AM
Hi there! Just want to say, great Comic Girls review! Probably feels like a bit of a random praise considering that it’s like three years old but still lol. I couldn’t agree more, that show really deserves more love. I honestly think it’s one of the better SoL comedies out there. Nice favourites by the way :D
TrashDax Apr 10, 12:39 AM
Right now the Corona situation hasn’t really changed for the better. The pattern keeps repeating: numbers rising -> close everything -> numbers are slowly declining -> open stuff again -> numbers rising, etc. You’d think that after more than a year, the government would have learned at least somewhat how to handle things, but nope, they just keep fucking up. Vaccines are only now very slowly being administered after standing around untouched for weeks. There are also way too few of them, at this pace it will take to the end of the year to vaccinate about half the population. Everything they do is incredibly half-assed, this is embarrassing on a whole new level. My co-worker, who I share a laptop for home office with, has been out of commission recently because of course they had to open up schools and kindergartens again before teachers and such got the vaccine and obviously not even a week in, there’s a case in his daughters kindergarten, so now he has to stay home and my turn at home office has been cancelled. On top of all that, the regulations keep changing weekly and by region and nobody really knows what you can do where and when anymore, so people just say “fuck it” and do what they want. This is a complete disaster.

Sounds like there is plenty room for more Haruhi anime. Maybe we will get something new to promote the next volume or so, I dunno. I don’t fully understand what conditions have to be met to get an anime greenlit these days, except that they are advertisement vehicles for mangas, light novels and gacha games. I also have no idea how popular the franchise still is in Japan. I got the feeling that its popularity drastically went down after the botched second season. It used to be considered one of the greatest anime of all time, but when the movie came out, nobody seemed to really talk about it. Of course that might also simply be my impression. Be it as it may, I’d be down for more Haruhi anytime. Also, Tsuruya becoming more important sounds very cool, I always liked her for some reason, but she was not of any significance thus far, sadly.

Oh, I remember that video, was a good watch. I have seen a couple of her vids, she seems to be doing her research, that’s pretty cool. She also talks about things that nobody else does, like that yaoi paddle video. Man, I remember these things, what a scary time to be a straight dude at a convention. Lol Too bad she doesn’t post more frequently, but then again, I don’t think she’d be able to keep the quality if she suddenly did weekly releases.

I wouldn’t find it odd at all if they kept family names in dubs instead of changing to first names. Many people call each other by last names, I myself am always called by my last name. Some people even came up to me and asked me what my first name even was. Lol With that one exception though, I haven’t watched a dub in many, many years. I don’t even know if there are still anime on TV or not.

Recently Gawr Gura has done a Let’s Read (if you will) of Konosuba. I dunno how much she read, probably only the first volume. I might give it a listen if I find the time, which I doubt I will find very soon. I am behind on several things I wanna watch, youtube, wrestling, you name it. I wonder if there are more videos of people reading light novels out there, that might be a way to “read” them for me. Though, knowing Japanese companies, they will probably strike down anybody who tries something like that unfortunately (the Konosuba one was sponsored I believe).

I have yet to really get back to actually watching anime, though we do some simulwatching in our little Discord group, so I’m not completely out of it. There also seems to have been a couple worthwhile shows recently, so I should have enough stuff to pick from if I get back to watching more regularly. But as I said, reviews come first, better work on that pile before it continues to grow, hehe. What I noticed though during all these lockdowns is that the more time you have on your hand, the more time you waste doing basically nothing. It’s as if the forced laziness is sucking all motivation and energy out of you. That’s the main reason I enjoy doing home office, you need to stay alert in case you actually gotta do some work, but you have plenty of time to do things that you normally wouldn’t have.

That AMV is pretty good, cuts and synchronizing is well done. I question your decision to put a slice of life anime to a metal song, but otherwise I have to say, well done indeed. Especially considering this being your first one ever. Hope you have the time, energy and fun to make more of these.

Yeah, uhm, I think that's it for now.
Have a great day and stay safe!
GodOfWolves Mar 9, 7:11 PM
Lol I felt the same way as you that's why I'd been replying to comments so swiftly for a while, didnt have anything else to do to keep me focused lol - but its all good man, sometimes we all get into slumps thats for sure

I'll have to try barakamon - sounds interesting to see the country life seeings thats the life im currently dwelling in lol - but it sounds entirely different from handa-kun - it was just a comedy about a guy who sometimes did calligraphy and was socially okward cuz he thought everyone hated him over a friends lie - seems the 1 season was pretty much the entire show though it had a pretty conclusive ending - Eitherway nice on the 8, ill check it out, like i said sounds like it would be something that i could get into. \

Man thats terrible about marilyn manson didnt even know any of that and that other band is fucking horrible,

Well seeings it would be a number of years - interesting on that perfect edition manga btw - but i guess ill kind of explain how my last month or two or so of that has gone
Soul eater was going good ending okish- , i remember when it got weird was when it got too serious for itself which was after the 24-26 ep/halfmark - and it did it again- all these big players show up the witches and big enemies - it just kinda got too convoluted for itself - the comedy was touch an go but laughs became rarer instead every ep its every 5 - the rest is melodrama story thats too big and doesn't make sense with comedy that breaks the serious tone that should of never gone serious because it never acted that way until now.
Went from a 9 to a 7.... - and learning this was the creator of fire force is also a reason to vent- cause that made me realize those are the same issues i have with fire force- they're not all becoming emo they're all becoming overly confident - but more than anything the story is loosing whatever "focus" it had on its own story... and that really makes it hard to keep interest in whatevers going on.

But anywho - thats cool on the suzumiya watch, i wanted to as well but ill have to wait some years for it be fresh again - i also kinda wanna watch that with someone as well now - Bummer hes too busy to work though hopefully something works out if not i atleast the rewatch is good for ya bro - i don't think ive heard of Tsuruya - either shes only in the manga or ive somehow forgotten her in the anime - i kinda wanna check out the manga now though - i agree, kyon is probably one of the best he could easily be a favorite character for me as well if the anime had gone on longer.

Ohh then thats whats up, can't blame ya there if you're getting good use out of it all, i really wish i could edit pdfs without paying for it though lmao - i miss that myself -
Nice on higurashi - bout 12 eps in myself but yeah the artstyle they look like plastic figurines lol

Yes any liveaction is total trash anymore - but funny id seen recently avatar said F netflix and started their own studio and now are going to do multiple shows of it at once which was cool lol -

I cannot find the teddy bear anime at the moment ill let you know but a gal tried to abuse a dude in ep 1 and then a teddy bear showed up it was weird - but that dangaropa i vaguely remember i might check it out he looks like hes the teacher lmao - wild thats the same creator --- (edit - took 30 pages of anime - was about to give up entirely - but i finally found it lol - Conception - would of thought for sure it was on my drop list but wasn't on my list at all i don't thing lol)
Nice on the vaccine shot i suppose, one doctor told a friend of mine ive been meaning to talk to and now regret not getting with to sooner - but his doctor had told em not to get the shot cuz he had diabetes/sugar - and here they convinced him at the hospital and he collapsed before he left, they shut the vent off last week on em... So, they're surely sketchy in my eyes for now. About 6-7 others have had it with no issues but getting pretty sick for a few days, but still...

And thanks on the goodluck, and again for the links,
hopefully you and david get some progress on the game! and if you're ever willin to share artwork with that one day that'd be cool
True its already getting a 4th season but bummer though its dropped in your book enough to completely drop it - but i don't blame you the blonde sword gal took a back seat to my disappoint she was barely in the show that Ais gal- actually the entire cast did and only the monsters got any real development - cause it was a 8-9 i think i put it a 7 after i reflected on the watch and realized, yeah,,, where the hell was the previous cast? lol
I have seen the reverse gender with females voices alphonse and other males and males voices gals so that makes sense - and thats crazy they kept it a secret even from the studios to the point the artwork was even compromised by accident lol

Woot woot, goodluck on the made in abyss dude! - and true reflecting on that, yokohama had 14 volumes and 140 chapts - so 20 would be like 200 chapts probably - not that bad afterall -
Ahh, nice you both got guest bedrooms - and sounds refreshing that you get some visits in with them, definitely know its nice to get out every once an a while myself - but yeah goodluck with the brotime and surely goodluck with her dads eye surgery thats a bummer - another cousin i think had retina surgery as well and two retinas replaced over glaucoma which sounds awful terrible - but she said hes holding in there and i think that might be the teacher i had mentioned earlier with the disks

well were kinda similar i think i have a little more leadway - 1-2 is a bit of hatred so i probably overreacted on the spider thing lol - but 3-4 i dislike cuz it was so meh like a grudge but not utter trash the spider should be like a 4-5 maybe ill watch another ep idk - if its borderline trash it sounds like a 4-5 lol - let me know if it gets any better
Technically i waited until now to also mention - i was harsh on re;zero glad you're liking it if id realized theres a part 2 to season 2 i might not of been so harsh scoring part 1 now that i can just look at that as build up instead of a "conclusion" as id thought.
- but also surprisingly, akudama drive had went from a "3" as well to a 7 cuz eps 7-9ish became super slice of life convicts out of no where it felt, but eps 10-11 now its going full circle with the story and its almost a 8-9 lmfao. - its actually improved a lot in my book and cuttthroat had a pretty good arc later - though his English VA may of been the thing he got better later on as well, like the pyscho aspect was pretty believable by the end to the start being annoyingly cliche
idk why i gave horimiya a 3 - but reading my comment i dont think it was bad i just found it boring apparently,-- the lesbian one sounds weird - i guess let me know how that story goes out of curiosity lol - definitely a different pairing for an iseki - and Skate the infinity, i ignored it cuz of the cover - but now i might try it after reading the descript and seeings you have no bad to say of it right now lol, so that might be cool to check for sure

Eitherway nothing else new right now, might go out to eat tomorrow and thats about it - might see my one brother for the first time in 2 months so thatd be cool to - best of luck dude! Hope you get some bro time and some family time here soon as well i know how it is - it doesn't take long to go totally stir crazy especially living in the mountains like me , cant just walk down the street and hang out really, sadly,,, love the peace, but sometimes its a double blade, and is suffocating...

But I think thats most of my new news to - or most of what i wanna say for now - so goodluck, take care bro and ill talk to ya later on man!
Tasoittaja Feb 14, 7:55 PM
Hello. It has been 4 and a half years since you left that comment on my page but I wanted to respond to you.

However, through my very narrow field of experimenting and my friend's recommendations, I managed to find at least two things that made me cry. The first one was (surprisingly) Little witch academia. But the second was, very recently, was Koe no katachi that really touched the inner me for identifying myself and stuff. And I cried several times. A lot. The best thing ever. I felt like a girl.

I still look forward for the other recommendations though but I might be slow at them.
AnimeApollo Jan 27, 9:08 AM
Another late comment! I know we've sort of come to expect this from each other now but it doesn't stop me from commenting on it every time. Hope you've been well over the holidays.

Pretty much beginning in December, I sort of slowed down with my anime watching again. Over the Christmas period especially, I've just been keeping up with seasonals. Higurashi has sort of been my main focus, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Non Non Biyori in my MAL notifications! I'd known about an upcoming third seasons for months, but it only resurfaced when I learned that it had started airing. It's one of those shows that just makes me smile all the way throughout so it couldn't have come at a better time. ^^

To be honest, leading up to the premiere of the new Higurashi season, I was very much the same way. I absolutely adore the original adaptations, and, regardless of my lukewarm opinion on Rei, Kira and Kaku: Outbreak, I thought the final episode of Kira was a really sweet epilogue to the series. (Maybe I've mentioned this to you before.)
Granted, I think I'm about one arc's worth of episodes behind as of my writing of this comment, but, unless they follow the format of the first two seasons, i.e. having question arcs make up Season 1 and answer arcs make up Season 2, the first 15 or so episodes have literally been the first three arcs twisted slightly. I'm enjoying it enough, but pretty much all of my opinion of this new season rests on how they handle this final half of the series. I'm hoping all turns out okay. It looks like you're one arc in, what do you think so far?

It's great that you've started a bunch of new stuff with David. Currently, any anime watching with friends on my part extends to a one-off Ghibli movie watched in sync over a video call, as we're back in lockdown again. Granted, I have a little more to do now with actual online lessons and the like to prevent any entertainment burn-out like I experienced back around April-May during the first lockdown, but it still sucks that we're constantly in and out of it all. Hope you guys are faring a little better with it all.

Over Christmas, I actually watched a lot of anime movies, now that I think about it. I kept to my word and watched Tokyo Godfathers for the first time since my initial viewing! It's beginning to become a Christmas favourite. I also somehow managed to finally get a DVD copy of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya for around $4, and absolutely loved it. That was also a first rewatch since my initial viewing in April 2019. Since Christmas, I also managed to come across half of the Texhnolyze DVD volumes, which are generally hard to come by over here. I decided to restart the show also, it's sort of gotten sidetracked due to another project of mine which I'll tell you more about shortly ^^

Everything is still rather uncertain regarding COVID. Like I mentioned, we're now in our third lockdown, and I'm now doing online classes from home, but there's still some positive news coming out. Hopefully the vaccines help as much as they've made them out to.

Yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about the dating front currently. Hopefully overcoming COVID will make things easier.

And a lot has happened on the video game front since we last spoke!! Exactly like I predicted, the scalpers are going crazy online with ridiculously-priced PS5s, and there are plenty of kids posting literal Notes screenshots on eBay asking people to bid so that they have enough money to pay for a PS5. It's absolutely insane. I'm probably going to wait a year to think about getting a PS5, especially considering that the one game I'm currently hyped about, Resident Evil 8, is releasing on PS4 as well as PS5 anyway. I don't mind waiting.

As for FFXVI, the concept art looks fantastic!! Again, I can wait to play FFVII Remake, as I'm still yet to finish the original. I enjoyed FFXV enough, but I'm hoping that we can get a bulkier game with XVI. I'm still pressing on with FFVIII, I'm slowly progressing through Disc 3/4 as I'm also playing different stuff now I have Xbox Game Pass too. I've absolutely fallen in love with the Yakuza games thanks to Game Pass ^^

Haha, well for some reason, Pirate Bay has just totally taken that VPN requirement off again?? I've had access to my anime torrents all this time because I use a different website, but out of sheer curiosity I found all of the AMV Hell videos including 0 and Divided by 0! Really fun (and strange) to finally see what you were talking about months afterwards.

And this brings me to the project I mentioned! I've been debating a Monogatari rewatch for ages now, and I finally decided to rewatch it in chronological order! I made a blog post where I'm rating and reviewing each individual arc as I go on, and I have to say, it's even more rewarding than I thought it'd be to experience the story like this. I'm actually progressing really quickly with it currently. I'm hoping to maybe skip the big 2021 Anime Watching Challenge this year and maybe set myself some challenges. After I'm done with Monogatari I was considering possibly incorporating that recommendation list into something, but I'll think more about that closer to the time.

Watching all three Kizumonogatari films consecutively has made me realise how much I want to re-experience that arc, so if I do feel motivated to do so I'll listen to the Kizu audiobook to the end. I really enjoyed what I did hear of it, and I learned that even though I don't have an Audible subscription anymore I still have access to the audiobook itself, which is great. So far, I haven't heard about any more Monogatari audiobooks being released, so we'll have to hope that they release more because I did really enjoy the portion of Kizu I listened to.

I haven't actually read much more since we last spoke. I began Otorimonogatari a while ago, possibly before that, but I've put it on hold for a little while, at least until I finish watching all of the Second Season arcs in my rewatch. I also recently bought the next few 20th Century Boys Perfect Edition releases, which I was enjoying just powering through really slowly. I can't wait to continue.

And I moved house about two weeks after you sent this message! There's still a few things that are still holed up in the cupboard waiting for me to put somewhere, but otherwise we've settled in fairly fast. Hopefully that merch blog post will come as soon as I feel like collecting everything together and taking pictures, etc, etc. I've missed posting on my blog, I'm happy to be getting back to it.

And I'm glad you liked Perfect Blue a little better! It's funny you mention that old Manga Entertainment DVD release, because that's the exact same version of it I own. Or the Region 2 release at least. The aspect ratio is really strange and I have to physically zoom it in using whichever console's Blu-ray Player I'm using, but it's still nice to have it on my shelf, at least. I'd love to rewatch Paranoia Agent at some point. I recall seeing a DVD set when I was last out, but obviously it'd have to wait unless I ordered it.

Have you started making any AMVs yet? And I heard about the new Haruhi novel! I did begin the Disappearance novel shortly after rewatching the movie, hoping to carry on with them soon. And that's about it from me for now! Hope you're still doing well and I'll speak to you soon!!
GodOfWolves Jan 27, 3:20 AM
Hey not to double comment ya again

But I noticed you hadn't seen Handa-kun - again i feel like someone recommended it before but this time i know it wasnt you! lol - but its been hilarious, - at first it was really off putting and i somehow remember parts of it i think i dropped it in the past - but it picks up and you start to get use to the sense of humor
The intro is offputting it was like metal techno insanity that made no sense literally like every old school and still most new anime - but i figured it would be something to add lol
oh yeah and the mal link - but you might want to consider watching it even though you're backed up a bit, i think itd be up your alley, i didn't expect it to be as good as it is i was expecting more so of a failure lol

Edit feb 4th - so was rewatching souleater, only the 1st ep so far, and found this thread Which led me to this link - souleater AMV - and thought id mention it seeings we had been talking about AMVS, for some reason it seemed badass- and episode 1 had me guessing if i wanted to continue rewatching something right now, but this kinda encourages me to keep going with it for sure

Edit feb 9th - Bahahaha, I know it shouldn't be of any surprise, but i gave SAOs newest and supposedly final season a zero, well a 1 technically. I cannot stop laughing. - because all i can think, is man.. I guess I'm over narutos shitty ending. - Cause it did everything wrong, just in like a dozen or so episodes, not 3-500 lmfao
bahahahaha, and I can't even be mad about it cause i already expected disappointment, most anime endings are especially SAO - but this one was so extra, next level baddd, bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa,,,,, it was shitttttt, total shittttt, I wrote a review on it it was so bad, omggg... I'm over it - I don't care... it was such next level made up no sense weird anime crap that all anime do, like lets go to space, lets make em gods, lets throw in da fonz and some blues bears bro, it was badddddddd... I'm done venting to you, but after i wrote the review and thought about it, like i said, its so bad, i can't even be mad... lol
TrashDax Jan 9, 8:30 AM
Heya, hope you and your family are doing well. :) (Especially considering people going absolutely apeshit right now.) Took me a little longer this time, but for some reason, the more time you have the less time you end up having. At least it feels that way.

I don’t know how good or bad the situation in the US is at the moment, but it’s getting continuously worse here. At some point it just stops being funny…at least I hope once all who want to have been vaccinated, we can go back to normal and just let all the conspiracists die if they so desire. Where are the terrorists when you actually need them?
All the stores are closed (except for supermarkets and such), they are about to limit the amount of people outside your household you are allowed to see to one (which means I can no longer visit my parents) and they even think about disallowing people to leave their town (except for work of course). The saddest thing about this is that it is absolutely necessary. Last weekend thousands of people drove around the country to skiing resorts, completely disregarding any restrictions whatsoever. They had to go so far as to block highways to keep people from coming. And as long as so many people are such ignorant fuckheads, this will never stop.
What I hope is, that once the vaccination process is through, they end all restrictions and just let those who refused die. Of course that’s not gonna happen. I swear, if I have to continue to live under these conditions because others think they can do whatever the fuck they want, I will seriously start thinking about killing them all. I’m not even kidding anymore at this point (unless the police reads this of course lol).

I always wondered, but never really looked it up, do the remaining unadapted Haruhi stories feature anything “big” like Melancholy or Disappearance? If that ain’t the case, I don’t see any adaptation down the road. The episodic stories where nice, but I don’t know if they can quite stand on their own as a new season. Alternatively, they could go the Monogatari route and release short ONAs. People might be disappointed by that, but people would be disappointed anyway, no way can you meet expectations that grew for about a decade.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou looks quite comfy. Sounds like a mix of Kino’s Journey and Girls Last Tour. I had never heard about this manga before, even though it even has an anime adaptation. I might check it out one of these days. I also have yet to take a look at Gakkou Gurashi 2. The Stats seem to indicate that it is quite good.

I stopped following the new Higurashi very quickly. Apparently it also interconnects with Umineko, which I have not seen, so I would very likely be confused by what is going on. What I’m a bit afraid of is that this new version might stop people from checking out the old one. After all, it has happened to other shows, like Fullmetal Alchemist or Fate/Stay Night. Some might still give it a go, but that is provided they really enjoyed this new version. Future generations might not even know about the original, something that I see with movies quite often. But then again, many people seem to like the old version more, which is not the case with FMA or FSN, so I might just be too pessimistic here.

Haha, I remember almost dropping Panty & Stocking cause I couldn’t follow the subtitles. Took me quite a bit to get used to that speed. Watching it dubbed might not be the worst of ideas, since the show isn’t especially “Japanese” anyway. I am always very irritated by the change in naming conventions by dubs. I kinda understand that they drop the –chans and –kuns, but I think it’s wrong to have everybody call everybody by their first names. Scenes in which such a thing becomes important basically don’t exist anymore in the dubbed version. I remember they did that in A Silent Voice too, which robbed a lot of impact from the one time Ishida calls Nishimiya by first name (I’m sure you remember what scene that was). He called her Shouko all the time, so it’s not as powerful and desperate as it should be.

I didn’t even know audiobooks of light novels existed, huh. According to Wikipedia, some got released in Germany as well, but I have never seen any in stores and searching for them online seems harder than necessary. I found an interesting article about the history of light novels over here, and the few that get released almost always flop badly, only spinoffs to already popular manga do somewhat okayish. As far as I could find out, neither Monogatari nor Haruhi have ever been released here.

I have yet to see Re:Zero unfortunately. I somehow booked myself into a corner when I had my…let’s call it anime tiredness two years ago. I had a couple of anime piled up that I had yet to write a review of, which made me wanna catch up on that even less, but I also didn’t watch that many new anime because I didn’t want to pile up even more than I already had. Of course I don’t have to review everything, but I know myself, if I start skipping out on some, I will do it again and again and eventually I’ll just stop all together. But I have been getting around to it a bit more frequently lately, only about half a dozen left…oof.

While I take my sweet time to respond to you (because I’m a horrible person lol), I read your posts as soon as you drop them. I didn’t however notice your edit this time. Maybe just do another post next time, that way I am guaranteed to not miss anything. :) I really, really appreciate how much time and effort you put into your replies and can’t help but feeli guilty about leaving you hanging for so long. I really enjoy our conversations and I want to respond more quickly, but I have the very bad habit of procrastinating, not just with this, but pretty much everything. I’m making my life harder than it needs to be sometimes.

Anyway, hope this year will be kinder to us than 2020. I’d say that it can’t get any worse anyway…but we all know what happens then. Lol
Cheers mate!
TrashDax Dec 26, 2020 1:44 PM
Since I haven't yet managed to write a reply cause I'm lazy there's so much to do these days:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
mikebz45 Dec 23, 2020 12:12 PM
Yeah, that was a great and very lucky stopping point for me to continue right before the shit hit the fan in Mind Game. I don’t remember the reference or why you told me about that movie, but I had it in my list on Crunchyroll pretty much since you told me about it.

I did see you getting online on the PSN, but I didn’t see what you were playing. I’ve been playing a lot of Sonic games because the girls like playing them for some reason. Charlie is the worst. She spends majority of her time killing herself in the Sonic Mania. She’ll stand on the spikes until the invincibility wears off from losing her rings and laugh when Sonic dies. On Sonic Forces, she tries her best to move as far back through the stage as she can. Like she might be missing something, but in Sonic games, once you pass it, there’s no going back. I ended up getting the DLC for Sonic Mania that includes Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. Ray is pretty much Mario with the cape, but Mighty is fucking awesome. He’s basically invincible when he’s in a ball. He can bounce off of anything once without consequence and he can repel projectiles. He might be my new favorite after Sonic.

Yeah, I saw Matt on Facebook when he was (used to be) on there. I haven’t seen many posts from him, so he’s either on my reaction back burner or he isn’t active on there. I think I talked to him on there for a little bit, but it was mostly “how have you been recently” instead of actually catching up. I think he slipped my mind in that aspect for a while. I would bring him up whenever I referenced us in middle and high school, but not much other than that.

SCOS just got me to watch Tenet. I was sort of interested in it because my co-worker told me about it, but then he said he was going to watch it, so I went ahead and checked it out. I like the movie. I might watch it again with Tommi lol. He was telling me he hadn’t finished Memento and I told him he had to correct that. I don’t remember if you met him or not. He was one of the few people I knew there that were from Ohio. I’m not sure if I told you that Chewy went to that school with me. I totally missed the fact that he didn’t graduate with us until I saw him there.

I might start watching Ghost Stories next. I keep passing it in Crunchyroll and I found out it’s actually dubbed on there. I might start Made in Abyss too. I finished everything I was watching in Prime at the moment and they have that. I have some anime on every streaming service I use except Disney+ and I feel like I’m neglecting them if I don’t have anime to watch on them. I sometimes lean towards not watching something on one and watching it on another to even out what I’m watching on them lol. After I finish Casshern Sins, I might either watch another series on him since I downloaded all of them for this one series, or I’ll start X. I’ve always wanted to watch the series ever since I saw the movie.

I started the 3rd (18th) season of the original Power Rangers, Ninja Sentai Kakurangers. It’s so different from the 3rd season of our Power Rangers. I have no idea where our zords came from. So far, it just looks like the Alien Rangers. I’m not sure if you remember them, but there was a transitional series from the end of the regular Power Rangers to when they became the Zeo Power Rangers. Those are actually the Kakurangers lol.

I just started the Mandalorian last night. So far, one episode in, it’s very interesting. I have a bunch of other stuff to watch too, so I might not get through that as quickly as I would like. I’m still watching a bunch of stuff on Netflix and some new nostalgic stuff on Tubi I found last night. They have a lot of old stuff on there. I should’ve looked up that Kamen Rider show while I was on there looking up stuff.

Right now, the girls have gotten into My Little Pony, so we’re sitting here watching it on Netflix. I never got around to watching it before, so now, I can do that. Talk to you later.
JayCode Dec 22, 2020 6:42 PM
Oh, great. To be honest, I thought you weren't gonna respond to my comment. I forgot that you make really long comments and you still have other people to talk to. XD. Also, if you don't mind, I'm still pretty much looking forward to your next AMV. I'm really curious about it, not gonna lie. But I still think your time management is good, since you can still do other stuff like watch Anime despite having work to do. I also hope COVID would end soon. But I suppose it will, since I heard there are already vaccines being made. I'm even gonna start having my face-to-face classes back again this January. Talk about bad luck. Lol, XD.

And for my profile theme, I just made some minor changes, not too much. Thanks for liking it by the way. And I think it's almost gonna be the same for everyone, a pretty weird Christmas. I also don't have anything planned with my family, specially in this quarantine. And I think I'm gonna do the same as you, I'll probably watch some Christmas-theme Anime and stuff, but I don't also know what exactly I'm gonna watch or do.

Also, you've pretty much recommended me many Anime. Thanks by the way, I really appreciate it! I promise I'll watch them, but I bet it's gonna take me a really long time before I can watch them since I have so much things and stuff to do and watch. I don't even know what I'm gonna go with first. XD

If I don't talk to you again by the time, Merry Christmas! Hope you have a good one! ^_^
You too, have a Merry Christmas!
mikebz45 Dec 10, 2020 11:36 AM
Yes, Mind Game was a pleasant surprise. You had already told me it was good, but I had gotten into a movie watching mood recently and decided to knock that one out. I started it and stopped it right when the Yakuza come into the restaurant. The girls had come into the room and I decided I would watch it later. I had no idea I stopped it at such a critical point in the movie. I started it after nearly dozing off for some reason and the part after that instantly woke me up. I couldn’t sleep until I finished that movie. That scene with them leaving the whale’s mouth was awesome. I thought it was hilarious that they stepped on nearly everything to get a foothold out of there.

I have been watching a lot of stuff other than my anime watching list. I mentioned some of the 90s cartoons I was watching last time, but I’m not sure if I forgot or if I just hadn’t started the Super Sentai when I wrote you last. I was curious about the original Power Rangers when I saw them on Shout TV when I started really getting into bootlegging lol. I somehow had an add-on on my tv box for Shout TV and checked it out one day. They have the very first Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and every season from the one that we have to thank for our Power Rangers. The Dinosaur squadron or Kyoryu Sentai Zyurangers was actually the 16th season of the series. Watching that in the original context is wild and makes sense out of the stories we saw in the US Power Rangers. I’m now into the 17th season that was adapted for the 2nd season of Power Rangers. I didn’t realize that we had watched Power Rangers for 3 seasons before they finally changed their costumes in Zeo. Each season was marked by them getting new zords, but in the Japanese version, they have a new set of people, costumes, villains, and zords each season. It’s been interesting to watch and compare the two versions. It also makes me feel embarrassed that I was into the “half-ass” Power Rangers, but we were kids back then lol. Anyway, I’ve been watching all of this on Tubi on the PS4. I was talking and playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 with Lamar last night and put him on to some Super Sentai. He has no idea what he has gotten himself into.

I’ve also been catching up with one of my college buddies, SCOS. He’s been putting me on to some obscure horror movies, mostly, along with some other movies I had an interest in but haven’t checked out yet. We’ve been comparing notes on media we’ve been watching recently, so I’ve been watching more and more movies recently because of him, probably.

I think the PS4 has had that “like” feature for a few years. I don’t think a lot of people paid it any attention until recently. I can’t really remember it not being on the PS4, but I don’t want to say it’s been there the whole time. I saw you playing that game, Hollow Knight, and was planning on playing it myself. I’ll download and start playing it. I feel like playing video games has become like watching anime for me. I’ll enjoy it if I start it, but it’s just starting it lol.

I finished Jessica Jones and that was wild. Hell, I need to finish Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Lucifer, Gotham, and Wu Assassins. Most of these shows have started pulling me in, but I can’t really get too into them until I narrow the amount of shows I can watch when the girls aren’t around.

Carter turned 5 on Monday. She’s a giant. She comes up to me belly button already. She might just be an early bloomer like me. That would suck, but then it would maybe not be so cool for my daughter to be bigger than me either. I’ll feel like Master Roshi then lol.

I was planning on watching Chihayafuru. I’m not sure when, at this point. I have so many shows I want to prioritize once I complete others, but I forget all of that once I finish a show lol. I think I’m planning on starting Shield Hero, Ghost Stories (just found out Crunchyroll has it dubbed), and the Erased anime. We’ll see. I’ve been wanting to watch Shield Hero for a while, but Isekai Quartet is forcing my hand. I was just checking out Triage X and they only have 10 episodes… see, already ruined my own plans.

I’ve been playing these porn games on Nutaku. They have a phone app and I have been playing Project QT and I recently started King of Wasteland. Really, just something to keep me occupied when I’m bored that turns into a full commitment to getting good at the game. I still play Clash of Clans on my phone. I’ve been playing that forever.

I’ve gotten back into One Piece since I have finally rewatched to the point that I am starting new (for me) episodes. I just watched 3 and instantly realized that I cannot watch just one episode. I just can’t do it.

Anyway, hope everything is going good for you. Talk to you later.
JayCode Dec 7, 2020 8:04 PM
I didn't really mind the delay on your respond since I already knew that you write long comments to other people. Also, long comments or long texts is also no biggy for me. I rather like them since I like reading. I am also the talkative type but I don't really write long texts, and the things I say and talk about are usually and mostly nonsense and irrelevant stuff.
That's weird that you weren't able to get the edit function to work.

My edit button is all good now, since I also editted this comment.

I admire how you manage your time to still watch Anime despite having so much things to do like work. And you're not really that old. I also saw you board games list and it's also cool that you also have collection of board games other than your Anime and Manga collection.

Btw, I'll also still be looking forward to your next AMVs. ^w^