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Asobi Asobase
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Pandora Hearts
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Sakamichi no Apollon
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SheyCroix Nov 17, 11:13 AM
Hey there, come and visit our clubs (^_^)/

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You can visit the Introduction thread and our exclusive Beginners' Guide while you look around~
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Dionkeykong Nov 16, 10:03 PM
I'm doing well?..! Maybe..Not sure if i am actually but i'm working towards a positive view of the world until something happens and demolishes each and any good will..But then again it might be me being a misanthropist and maybe every now and then i pray for mankind's complete and utter annihilation.
So all is well then!
True it's been ages so i thought you had something very good going on and didn't want to jinx it.
GodOfWolves Nov 16, 6:05 PM
Lol its all good man, I guess it all depends on where you're from, around here its more of an insult, but yeah I didn't really take it that way. I figured you just joking by that as well and because you practically said you weren't I was honestly being a bit sarcastic as well to although its hard to tell, I can agree, thats why I avoided texting, you cannot convey a tone of voice and no one ever knows when your being sarcastic is the worst part lol.
I considered using slants /// in my writing to convey it. Although not all the time seeings I'm the only one who uses them until it catches on lol
Also didn't think I'd write so much about me, /I guess I'm just a bit narcissistic it seems lol/
Guess it kind of worked, sounded good in my head anyways lol..

Nice on the computer, and god dial up was the worst, you might as well forget about videos, and have something to do for 20 minutes while that website loads, maybe an hour if theres a lot of pictures lol,,, but yeah it is cool to have transitioned during that time I think as well, kind of makes me feel like my grandparents going from no running water no tvs or no fridges to all these things. Even my mom had to use an outhouse until they got running water when she was about 5 or 6 lol. And I think thats why my dad loved so many movies, I mean obviously because we all love TV and media, but also because he grew up when that was the new big thing, I always wondered if black and white got annoying but I was the kid that use to watch bravo, tom and jerry and the old twilight zone shows, let alone the fact I've seen every old school western you can think of seeings my dad loved westerns, lol, so it probably wasn't all so bad.
So yeah we kind of went though the same thing for sure, and the sega was the shit! lol. I loved the games on there, alddin, lion king, streets of rage, sonic, mortal kombat, even some of the worser ones like the beast something and eco the dolphin lmao, they were horrible, but I coulnd't remember that one for the life of me, use to be my brothers system but I got it as a kid lol. don't think it works anymore sadly.

Yeah, I tried the new witcher game and assassins games origins seemed like the combat got a bit better but still wasn't enough options or different forms of attack, and odyssesy just continued the trend of less and less different forms of combat just stripping it down to like 2 buttons and a block and dodge,,, its rather boring honestly... The quests/missions are so repetitive to. I use to like the games when they experimented with all the different forms of activitys and gameplay but now its like they gave up trying completely. What made me quit world of warcraft after highscool, they kept simplifying and simplifying until you were stuck with 5-6 moves instead of 20 and if you didn't do them in that perfect way you would be horrible at the game, which again, makes it repetitive instead of dynamic, I like to be able to have some freedom when it comes to choosing a play style, at least when it comes to modern games. Older ones I can accept just because they have a reason and usually because they still put effort into it in some way to make it unique.
I usually only play 2-3 games a year anymore, the rest is usually spent on other media, I already like you, have way to many games to play in other series before I need to worry about the newer versions unless they provide something worthwhile or game changing so to speak.

Sorry to hear about your father as well, it always feels like yesterday mine was here, I do feel cheated on my time a bit, but I figure everyone does, even so, I am glad I had the time to spend with him I did, he use to get me every weekend after my mom and him split up when I was four, never divorced they just stopped living with one another, so compared to others fathers I found myself lucky that he stayed involved in both mine and my brothers lifes and my moms as well for the most part.
Yeah don't blame you, three kids here and most of the stuff except for the clothes was handed down all the clothes were fortunately are own, my mom really pulled through the last decade keeping the family together to, I guess that's why were all kind of close because we've all only had ourselves to rely on for most of it. Like I said, still satisfied with life, it could always be so much worse lol.

I like mythology storylines, but only if they are done well, if not, yeah, I could care less, same with a world, you have to make it interesting or rewarding in some way for me to want to get invested enough to learn about it. Speaking of batman, and combat from before, I've heard the new games have really fun combat systems, maybe I'll try one of them out this year or next, I played both portal games this year as well, after hearing about it for years and years, they were interesting, pretty creative to say the least.

Yeah its about 30s-40s here, randomly drops to 0-10, but being in ohio you defiantly understand, most of the snow is already starting to melt lol, but still freezing out... Yeah, steins;gate the best I can say is, I would of rather seen the story than to never had seen it at all, yet it is not something that should be a priority not if you have something you feel is better worth your time watching//doing.

Yeah, why I was always to scared to get a loan for really anything, defiantly not to kind or very fair of a system they have going on with student loans. Borderline money racket honestly lol,. But that is good you noticed before a few more years down the line and are finally getting ahead of it, best of luck getting the rest of it gone.
And woah dude, that is a long ride for sure, I defiantly went a bit far on the gifts the last two years, everyones getting only 1 thing this year and the rest will have to wait until the next lol, but finally being able to give out some stuff these last few years has been nice. Eitherway, hopefully it all works out for ya bro, defiantly is always good to see family thats for sure., Well most family anyways lol

And also, yeah, I know exactly what you mean, because I felt like that when watching shakugan no shana, the first season was great, the second was ok, it was more a romance//characters season than an action//plot but alas, by the third, I was just confused and kind of upset, I know you've watched the first because its rated pretty high on your list and was in your top 10 at some point, but literally, its exactly what you said, there wasn't to many factions there was only two, its just they added so many new characters , the plot was defiantly rushed they tried cramming two seasons worth of content into a single season and thats saying something for a 24 episode show, but they did to much, it was to convoluted, not to mention the two people who fought each other in the end would of made a better story if they fought together to defeat a new villian instead of making a good guy a bad guy, it could of worked, they just handled it so badly... ... Honestly for as much as I rip on soul eater for its ending or steins lately for its new season, that third season really takes the cake for being underwhelming and leaving you with a void to a show I and most people would otherwise still enjoy if not for the decisions made.

/Wow.../ That sounds like a review, sorry about that.
bummer on the railgun though I was wanting to check it out now I feel a bit less determined on that one for now.
But yeah, thats it for me as well, take care and talk to ya later as well man.
mikebz45 Nov 16, 12:14 PM
That isn't a bad idea. I might have to start recording those. I do have footage of Carter winning a fight on DragonBall FighterZ. It was against the computer, but it was still a win. The computer likes to play around and win at the last minute or when they are about to die. Carter ended up doing the basic energy attack and blasted her opponent to death. I was very proud, but disappointed at how easily she won... I have a much harder time doing complicated combos and such to win. </br></br>I wasn't thinking about moving to a new console because you'd have access to playing old games. That would be a bonus to having backwards compatibility. If they are making any kind of money from the old PSN games, then there's little hope for that. I know if anyone is buying it, they are destroying the possibility of backwards compatibility. </br></br>With any luck, I have something to ride when I get home. I killed my own horse last night... another unfortunate circumstance. I was saving this guy who drunkenly walked onto the railroad tracks and got stuck. I'm thinking I can move much faster on a horse so I call my trusty steed. Unfortunately, I called two horses to me. My newly acquired big, black horse (they pull carriages) and my main horse. Well, I was not allowed to ride these horses during this mission... Shit!
GodOfWolves Nov 15, 4:41 PM
He always finds a way lol, he is good at his job so he always seems to find another, but yeah he needs to learn some modesty lol.

Cool, soul eater might be worth trying then

And yes I do lol, I know I'm 96, but I had VHS tapes and blockbuster stores until 2004, dvds were coming out around 2002-2003 but not main stream until probably 2007 actually blockbuster stayed around until at least 2010 2011. but Vhs defiantly phased out about 2005-2007.
So I had it close until I was 10.

I've bought less then half a dozen most of the few hundred I have are from my parents. And I kept them seeings we didn't have dvds of them because we had them on VHS or it was being played on tv a lot lol. But now with em being backed up weve been giving them away to some family friends, the older ones who don't really watch many new things lol.
Well... Thats the most insulting thing said to me in a good few years. Not ever, but some years, lol. I am anything but a hipster, from what I understand they do things because its cool, I knew one that owned a guitar, took it everywhere, never played it, never learned to play it. Thats what I think of when I think of hipster, something fake.
The only things I do, is because I choose to do them, not because its "The cool thing to do" I could care less about others opinions when it comes to things like that,
.I love old school games and movies because when I was young, all I had was a gameboy color when I was 4-5 I didn't have a playstation 1 until I was 6-7 and the 2nd was out by then but didn't get it until a good few years later, I remember playing those even older school games with just the joystick that you plug into the tv with the colored cords until I was like 10 lol.

I mean they aren't as oldschool as gamecube or atari or the super nintendo, but only my cousins had things like that lol. I still have the old school tube tv of my parents that was in the living room, my dad passed in 2006, so when me and my mom moved home when I was 10, I took the tv maybe 2-3 years later because she bought a flatscreen, I'm probably gonna get one myself but I can't afford 500 for one right now. But I'll probably always keep the old one because its lasted 30 years compared to most peoples tvs only lasting 5 or so it seems right now. Its also a floor model but I have the 200 pound thing on my dresser lmao, the entire tv is incased in wood and I thinks its cool as shit because all tvs are plastic and have always been plastic really, so I find it unique lol.

But even then the first 15 years of my life was mainly outside and anything but technology until I finally got a computer.
I also didn't use a computer at home until I was maybe 12, and didn't have my own until 14-15. I finally built a custom one when I was 19-20, Thats why I ignore my brother when he trys to blame not knowing things on not having the internet, we've lived together most of my life, he had as much access to it as I did and he was 10 years older, so he defiantly could of used it lol. Not to mention, I still actually buy books time from time, because there is just some things you cannot learn on the internet no matter where you look,.

But yeah not to mention not having an ipod until 16, a phone until 18 or a smartphone until 22 lol. I was literally like 5 years behind everyone else I knew at all times lol. So I grew up right around the time it went from technology being kind of a common thing, mainly only tvs is what I knew about, to it being a total daily thing in life by the time I was a teenager.

I'll just line that wall of ranting text off there... ... To much effort even though it was distracted effort, to erase it now lol,.
Yeah there are a few versions of the shows I like, mainly the cartoon version of teen titans, but the shows and comics have so many different universe its just to much to deal with, if they were all in the same one it wouldn't be as bad, or only like 3, but I read once they have over 40 DC universes and timelines. and its like oh wow, f--k getting lost in that clusterf--k lmao

But if the show or movie is cool or interesting I'll watch it, its kind of like the gameboards, it makes it easyer to drop seeings its based on if you like it or not and the fact it usually doesn't effect the other shows in any way. The movies however seem to all be in the same timeline recently, like the doctor strange and thor and avengers are all linked together and iron man to. That's probably why I enjoy the movies seeings its actually more connected and actually matters.

Nice man lol, sounds like a cool game, might give it a look see, damn long wait though, I hope its worth it for ya!
Great you've payed off your car, and your student loan is nearing close to done, impressive honestly student loans are horrible to pay back. I Haven't experienced it but know many who are and have.
Cool you have it undercontrol, I've had to stop buying things lately to save up for publishing this book and for winter bills, my eldest brother is a bit stressed with his bills to pay hes trying to open a small brew place with are cousin. But my mom seems to be handling her bills well, shes not sure about Christmas though already, told her not to worry until after thanksgiving lol.

Winter just arrived today, 10-12 inches of snow outside, my middle brother was wanting to open up his ice cream shop before December, for a month or two but it seems like that might not happen now. Hes been busy building a kitchen for the place its looking really great.

lastly I finally watched the new steins gate,, it was good, but eh,, not a fan, they didn't really do any time traveling this time around so it wasn't really as thrilling or fun to say the least. Kind of just mundane honestly.
All I really have to say for now as well to, talk to you again later bud and have a good one as well!
mikebz45 Nov 15, 12:19 PM
My friend, Sean, just told me about South Park. It does include Red Dead references still lol. Yeah, he just got the Diablo III Switch and Lamar's had one for a while now. They make me want to get one, but I don't know enough about the games that are available to get a console. I have to be invested enough to play at least 3 games. I think that's generally how it's been for me. I can't do it for one. I've received consoles and had one game to play, but I haven't bought one for that reason. I started on the PS1 because my mom had it and Metal Gear Solid. That was enough for me. The PS2... I can't even tell you. My memories of the PS2 blend with the PS3. All I know, is that I had games and I played them before the PS4 came out. Actually, seriously thinking about it, I had the PS2 in college. We played a lot of Smackdown and Marvel vs Capcom. I actually found some old PS2 games that I let Lamar borrow, or I left them at our old apartment together. The Incredible Hulk on that system was the best Hulk game of all time. Much like before this new Spider-Man game, Web of Shadows was the best one. If it weren't for graphics and voice acting; it would still be the best. I think it still has the best story. They actually made PS3s that were backwards compatible when they first came out. My cousin had one... he might still have it. I played the 1st God of War on it, so I know it played old games. I think the only reason they wouldn't go backwards compatible with the old systems is because of the PSN. You can get some of those better (selling) games from there now. I don't think they'll relinquish that cash cow for now. Yeah, she just killed another horse. I'm going through horses like cars in GTA. I thought explaining that the horses are our friends and that they get tired and have feelings would help her to at least stop tiring out the horse to the point it bucks her off. Not only does she enjoy getting bucked off the horse, she immediately kills it not 10 minutes later. Luckily, I tamed a wild horse, so now that I have the experience, they'll be easier to come by.
mikebz45 Nov 15, 7:20 AM
I heard a lot of good things about Sword of the Stranger. Now I feel even worse that I didn't get to it this past weekend. I heard about that South Park episode. I need to get back to watching that. I haven't seen South Park since they were making fun of Lorde. I miss those guys. I fell like that game is putting me in bad situations on purpose. I was trying for like two days to rest somewhere and setup camp. For one, I am doing a bounty hunt and I need to go in the mountains. For two, I keep running into the most dangerous shit in the mountains. I ran into a bear that nearly killed me. It beat me like I was a child. I ended up killing it and skinning it, but I couldn't do anything with the meat. I ended up running past a pack of wolves and a a rival gang's hideout to an old campsite. I decided to camp there. Now, I have had trouble making camp anywhere either because there was always dangerous elements nearby or because I was on this bounty hunt. I wasn't sure until I managed to make camp for the first time since I took on this bounty. Well, the game decided to put me in a nearby mountain... with no path between where I wanted to make camp and where they actually put me. I fell off the mountain, my horse died from the fall, and now I have no transportation and nothing but hungry wolves, bad ass bears, and a rival gang hideout between me and the nearest horse. I managed to get by and even took out the entire gang on my way to finally getting a horse... and then Carter wanted to play. I have no idea the fate of my horse; I had to make a grocery run. Hopefully, things haven't gone that bad. I decided to switch the places of my PS4 and the Xbox. The PS4 was in the playroom, where we spend most of our time. The Xbox was in the basement. It's actually more like the living room and we really go in there just to eat because it's one of the few places without carpet. I spent like an hour trying to hook up the Xbox to get it to come up on my tv in the playroom. That tv is a bit fickle and I literally have to time turning it on just right to get something on the screen. Not sure why it's doing that... it's fairly new, but I have it figured out for the most part. Anyway, I couldn't get the Xbox on the screen because this stupid piece of shit has two fucking HDMI cable ports and only one goes to the tv. WTF!?!? It took that long just to realize I had the wrong one hooked up in the first place. Once I figures it out, I finally made the switch. (Next day) Oh, since I started writing this yesterday, I didn't know my fate on Red Dead. Now, Xbox does this kinda cool thing where you can start right where you left off if you didn't close the application. Even if you turn off the console, it still keeps track of where you were. I turn on Red Dead to find myself in 1st person looking at my gun. I'm standing next to a tree and I'm almost surrounded by bounty hunters. I'm standing in a zone where my bounty is currently $300 and my horse is still alive, not too far away for me to call it to me, but far enough away that making a run for it is impossible. I managed to kill all of the bounty hunters, but my horse dies in the process and the only other horse around is also dead. I find another one I can steal, but while trying in vain to put my saddle on it, I get caught by another set of bounty hunters and die. I revive with a new horse...
mikebz45 Nov 13, 5:32 AM
I did write back and talk a bit, but I shutdown my computer before I remembered I was writing. I did look up Shiwasu no Okina and found a lot of the manga. That was one of the ones I found. I was actually looking forward to watching some movies over the weekend. Bayonetta was one I started and hadn't gotten around to finishing. My timing was bad. This past weekend.... more of the same. I got into Red Dead Redemption 2... reluctantly, but willing at the same time. My mistake was playing it around Carter. She asks about "Red" all the time now and wants to ride the horses. She rides horses (no thanks to the fact that this game is made by Rockstar) like someone driving a car in GTA. She's killed my horses multiple times. I think because I hadn't gotten far enough in the story, there weren't any real consequences to that. I would just get my horse back after I died and recovered. I got to a point where they teach you about changing horses and managing them and I ended getting my favorite horse killed. I find myself in bad situations on that game by complete accident. Nothing that happens in the game for me negatively was intended. I did want to go into this game as the most notorious gang member in the gang and have a huge bounty on my head thanks to me watching One Piece, but I have a huge bounty by complete accident. Most of it is forgetting the controls and accidentally shooting or choking someone. Choking someone may seem a bit harder than accidentally shooting someone, but I've done that more than accidentally shooting someone. Basically, if something can go wrong, it will and very badly in that game. I actually stopped and helped someone. A tree fell on this guy and I helped get the tree up off of him. I even gave him some money because the foreman was a dick and told him he wasn't paying from that moment on. Then, some jackass rides by on his horse talking shit. He pulled his gun talking about spraying my brains or something... Hey, you don't need to finish that line. I blew him away with no regrets... until about half of the work force in the woods started shooting at me. 2nd amendment, smh. I ran off and got pissed, so I went back to give them a piece of my mind and try out this disguise that Lamar told me about... changing clothes and wearing a mask so no one recognizes you. Well, that didn't work and a bunch of law enforcement showed up to take me out. After it was said and done, I ended up with a $300 bounty. Might not seem like much, but this game takes place in the old west or at least in the time of cowboys and jailhouse police "shacks" instead of stations. People are still on horses and carriages. So that's a lot of money; you can still buy stuff for under a $1. I had a lot of money before I died several times and actually paid off a bounty and gave some money to my gang. Now, I couldn't afford that bounty if I wanted to pay it. It seems I'm good as long as the wrong people don't spot me, and I don't get it so bad that I'm wanted dead or alive. Anyway, I got caught up in playing that, the Witcher (now in the 2nd DLC), and Hyper Universe. I've also gotten to one of my favorite parts in rewatching One Piece. I've been watching the same Bayonetta movie for all 3 of those nights we had off over the weekend. I was so tired each time I tried to watch it, I stopped and would try to finish it the next night. I think I may have gotten as far as I did the 1st night the last time I tried watching it. I was recognizing someone of the parts and started thinking I probably forgot where I left off. I started from the beginning because of that, but I think I was halfway through it the first time. I thought I was about 20 minutes in before. I planned on watching Paprika, SAO, maybe even Sword of the Stranger. Funny thing about that movie, I heard about it from a friend and didn't keep track of the name. That got me to watching Sword of the Immortal instead. Just like that Anime Expo trip got me to Comic-Con lol. Anyway, I found out that Carter is a lot better at maneuvering in games than I thought or she's just gotten better. In Spider-Man, she would basically go straight forward. Actually, she did that in Dragonball Xenoverse 2 as well. Now, she's going to teh side. She even went through these trees pretty well. She's either stubborn or just doesn't care, I'm not sure. I keep telling her that she can't ride the horse through deep water because the horse can't swim, and she does it anyway. Goes out of her way to find water in Spider-Man and Red Dead. When I'm playing, she tells me the same thing. So I know she hears me.
TomDay Nov 11, 11:26 PM
very well, see you in the future. until then, see you soon. thanks once again
Fall Nov 10, 9:16 PM
That's a lot of loot for just $200. Nice haul!

Well, yeah, I guess so. I guess I was more thinking it in terms of the way Beavis & Butthead and Daria are related. Nekomonogatari (White) and Nekomonogatari (Black) are almost like spin-offs of each other, but they're also two halves. And Hanamonogatari is kind of what Boruto is to Naruto. Not that I've seen that one. Or that I'm ever going to. But I suppose that's kind of a fallacious argument if we bring in something like The Simpsons, which has several far-flung future episodes that have nothing to do with the main series, and they also have a few one-offs where The Simpsons family aren't the focal point.

Monogatari does not feel nearly as tightly connected as Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Sunday Without God, Kino's Journey, or Black Lagoon. Though maybe that's just me.

I also want to see a conclusion to the Monogatari Series, but I also feel like no possible ending would be satisfying enough to warrant ending it. The Monogatari Series is, after all, a collection of ever-growing stories, episodes, jaunts, slip-ups, misunderstandings, revelations, and constant forward progress. I almost feel like the only way to end the Monogatari Series would be in the most anti-climactic, unsatisfying, messiest way possible. It's a series that can't possibly end unless everyone dies. That's just me, though.

Just thought I'd mention that Shinbou probably isn't as involved as you think he is in animating Monogatari:

SHAFT's style is fun, but it also wears thin quickly for me. It's one of the reasons I don't like watching the anime version of Monogatari much. I do think that each of their works is unique enough in style to be worth a shot, though.
GodOfWolves Nov 9, 3:59 PM
Lmao I would never, you might as well drink some acid lol, I had mixed it with water like the thing said, and it was only a tablespoon of the stuff, so two teaspoons, but it was horrid eitherway. On rice it probably wouldn't be as bad at all, I only took a sip at that rate, due to the fact I knew I couldn't trust anything off of the internet lol.

Thats really good man, interesting, probably going to look more into it just to learn about it, My cousin was over 300, he was loosing weight working as a mechanic but he lost his job again sadly, not by being a bad mechanic just he gets to comfortable at work to say the least, he brought in his own car to work on it once lol, not the best idea, could of asked permission.

Thanks for the suggestions and cool I'll have to look into finding some of them and maybe even a novel counterpart,
I've also wanted to check out soul eater for the fact I didn't like the anime's version of the ending. Felt cheap & lame.
Haven't heard of yokohama but sounds of interest, I'll give it a look see as well

Nice by the way on the movie collection, I backed up a lot of my old VHS tapes onto a harddrive now that they're getting older and we really don't use them as much as dvds or the actual TV,

And the super hero shows I don't find interesting my middle brother and mom love them but I feel there filled with melodrama to much. The movies are better if your not a hardcore super hero fan. The shows not so much.

Bummer your still spending more, Eitherway man, thats cool you got into doing that, sure your defiantly helping a lot people out, and yeah I'd imagine some of the benefits are pretty darn cool at times but yes the hardest person to control is defiantly yourself when you want something or spend money lol

And bro I don't blame you, if time don't slow down, father times going to have to put up his dukes lol, this year went to fast,

I suppose so, they screamed in english it seemed??? Lol just kidding on that, but I think the english voice suits the manager better, but the gals voices sounded pretty fitting to them in both japanese and english. The english ones probably couldn't wrap I bet though lol,
ttyl & Cool btw, I'll check out that video then! Should be interesting,
TrashDax Nov 9, 6:16 AM
Dr. Strangelove is pretty insane, even for a Kubrick movie. A friend of mine, who is a huge movie nerd, said he was bored to death by 2001. I don't get it, even though not that much happens, it is amazing to look at. And the times something does happen, it's pretty cool.

Oh, okay. I keep my watching list pretty tidy (I say pretty pretty often, I just realized). If I didn't watch another episode for a while I either put it on hold or dropped. That reminds me, I should do just that with the shows that are still green on there. I also try to not watch more than one show at a time (currently running stuff excluded), unless it's a chore and I just want to finish it so I can bash it in my review, or it's exhausting to binge.

I wouldn't even know where to start with a character toplist. Even the favourites I have right now are very vague. I also end up liking different characters after rewatching stuff, as happened with Monogatari. When I rewatched the original Sailor Moon a couple of years back, I was amazed how utterly boring Mercury was, even though I declared her my waifu back when I was a kid. I liked Venus a lot more, guess I should read Sailor V one of these days.

Gaen was fun. She seems to be completely nuts, even for a Monogatari character. I also dig her style, I always liked female hip hop fashion for some reason. She also knows everything, so I better be nice to her. lol
mikebz45 Nov 8, 12:24 PM
Oh yeah, that's how I got into Nudist Beach. No, I take that back. I did start with Sei Sou Tsui Dan Sha. I read that ages ago and found it recently and read it again. I noticed that the author was the same for some of the stuff I read, but I only recently got into following authors and artists. I now start to recognize art styles so I can pick out a familiar artist, but I have to look up an author to see what else they made. I kinda look over my shoulder before I pull up any of these on here, but I scroll down a bit so the picture isn't showing. It's usually fine, but I get self-conscious about it because if you scroll too far down, the recommended list is showing and that's even worse. Yeah, I want to know what the name of that one is, but I'll probably look up the author and figure it out. I just looked at the list and I couldn't point it out so far... that means I'll just read more lol.
GodOfWolves Nov 7, 3:57 PM
Yeah I think I remember you mentioning you didn't mind, makes it easyer seeings I always feel like I'm giving to much info.
I think you mentioned that once before and your blogs as well maybe thats why I ended up there, that and I was stuck at home all day that day lol.

Speaking of which lol, I'm surprised I spent two paragraphs on that of all things. I guess its due to my mom wanting to find and start a diet and it was the one I'd looked into the most lately. Yeah two paragraphs, (shakes head) could of been 2 sentences instead, seeings the link to the magnesium and other mineral and vitamin videos he does was the entire point of bringing up the keto diet, not to actually go into detail like I did about it lol.
Awesome you've lost so much weight to, thats impressive for only a year man, I'll defiantly mention that to her seeings like I said she brings it up to me and my brothers alot. Hers is a thyroid issue, it shut down on her years ago and her body can't regulate her weight correctly anymore. Apple cider vinegar I've read on to, I tasted it once, man you gotta be strong to drink it.
Congrats though and I always thought vegan was just vegetarian but without cooking your food. Which had me not looking to much into it but I probably will read more about it now.

I've only attempted one manga so far, have not made it to deep yet, I like novels or books more it seems, but I do appreciate the artwork, they put a lot of time into it, idk maybe I just have to find the right manga to engage me in it. And I'm with you on the lists,
I have an issue with lists to, & honestly would be nice to have a website for tv shows and movies like mal, but alas imbd is it and their accounts and even reviews are mostly meh. I can do better by memory alone at that rate lol

Yeah I don't blame you there dude, defiantly better to be living with someone you can have a bit more intimacy with. And thanks hope all goes well for you as well bro,

Don't blame you on the game either, at that price, I want everything in the box when I get it. They give out tablets now for as cheap as 30$ they could of sent one with the package so you could get the app lmao. Even then though, it would just be weird to play one that way, and even if it is good, thats a steep price tag... I've seen some kickstarters though, a lot have some cool buy in benefits, haven't been on there for a while though.

Remember, the only regrets to regret, are the regrets you choose to regret. And is it really worth regretting to choose to regret that regret? That just sounds awfully regretful to me afterall.
That probably shouldn't be real advice, I think I wrote that as a experiment to help with my writers block today... Probably going to add that line to my book eventually lol.

Lastly, good to hear your network ended up working, bummer its bummin out on ya, but at least you didn't have to retype any of that lol. I don't mind the long messages either at least we both agree on that.
On that slow reader part, I find this anime hilarious for a reason, called zombieland saga, went in with zero expectations ended up laughing the entirety of the first episode and about half of the second. Its so random and out there and the way they kill the poor girl is so unsuspected. God sounds worse that I laughed about it when writing this, but the main dude kuotuoro is like a spirit animal, the dude has my level of optimism and my sense of humor and its probably why i enjoyed it, and I'm probably overrating it because of him,
Even then with your anime watching list you might of seen it, but also me being deeply into rock n roll is also why id said a zombie death metal band is just funny af. more so then I thought itd be.
Only seen two episodes though so dont trust me to much and only the dubbed but they made them rap in japanese which was interesting, and why I brung this up I couldn't keep up with the reading at all lol.

But yeah man, you have a great day to and ill talk to again later dude!
TomDay Nov 7, 12:28 PM
because of some stupid shit happening in my life right now, i couldn't reply to everything you said. but i did as much as i could. the reply is on the blog rn.