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Aug 6, 4:17 AM
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Harukana Receive
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Asobi Asobase
Aug 5, 7:49 AM
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Wakuwaku Monzetsu Maison
Jul 29, 4:40 PM
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Mesuiki: Hame Trip
Mesuiki: Hame Trip
Jul 21, 10:16 AM
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Jul 21, 9:46 AM
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mikebz45 Aug 1, 12:20 PM
Ha! I was responding to your last comment, but I forgot and shut down the computer before I submitted it lol. I was realizing that I have been doing customer support since highschool. I was the Customer Service Rep at Pizza Hut and delivering pizzas is not too different when you're doing everything else in the store as well. Then I've been working here almost since I started college. I think our supervisory positions start at GS-9, but I haven't really seen any at that level for a while. most of them are 11+. That kinda sucks that they would change that the way they did. It sounds like a last minute thing. I have really been enjoying The art style reminds me of Beelzebub, but it is so much funnier. I've been trying to find things to do to allow me to fall behind a bit in the One Piece manga. That's why I started watching it. All of my efforts in watching and reading other manga is to allow a hefty bulk of reading for One Piece. I am literally killing time with other media. I have a bunch of stuff I need to read, watch, and finish, but I have been watching old episodes of One Piece when I'm around the girls. As bad as it can get, I feel like One Piece isn't that bad for them to watch. They barely pay attention anyway. Carter sings along with the opening theme, and then she's back to watching Youtube or Netflix. You might have noticed my questionable video likes on Youtube. Those would be Carter. She's even managed to add playlists and commented on some videos. I don't know if I ever told you, but there was a time I kept getting notifications on comments on some videos. I don't comment a lot, so it was crazy I was getting all these notifications for Youtube. I decided to check one out and saw it was for a video I was sure I saw Carter looking at. She commented some gibberish into the comments and someone responded with similar gibberish. I started thinking, "Are these kids on their parents' profiles speaking gibberish to each other that only they understand?" I have to keep my eye on her now when she's on Youtube, but she seems to like videos when I'm not around.
mikebz45 Jul 30, 6:12 AM
I've only finished reading one so far. Honestly, you make me want to watch the anime that's so bad... It sounds awful and I know I'll regret it, but I think I'll check it out. I might drop it after the first few episodes. I did something like this before with Naruto. Someone told me that the last 100 or 50 episodes were filler and I watched it anyway. I think I like anime punishment. The only stuff I've actually dropped was stuff I haven't been able to get a hold of or forgot about and haven't tried getting a hold of it since I dropped it. Did you get the award? I usually get stuff for length of service. I was surprised one time. We have this branch meeting maybe once a week. I'm not too sure when the meeting is, because I always skip it. They were handing out awards one time and someone said congrats for some award. I don't remember what it was called, but it was along the lines of extra effort or something. Not sure how I got it, much less how I was nominated for it. It sounded like supervisors may nominate you, but I'm not sure about the voting system or anything. Anyway, I assume it's because I do a lot around here, or because I spend more time on my tickets than I'm supposed to. We're supposed to close them out in 3 days, but if I haven't fixed it or it hasn't been resolved, I'll leave it open. I get reported on for having tickets that are over a month old, but I don't care. I have so much going on between tickets that some of them don't get handled as timely and some people have had others close the ticket when their shit ain't right, so I don't mind helping out if it's going to be last time the person has to deal with the issue. I thought that was the point. Reducing the volume of tickets through quality work seems to make more sense than blindly closing tickets when they haven't been resolved so then someone turns around and opens another ticket. Customer service blows. I just realized that I've been doing this type of work since highschool though. Sad.
Suberls Jul 29, 7:16 PM
Really like you're scoring system so Im copy it literally on my pf
Wagnarok Jul 27, 1:21 PM
I trust your judgment, O Wise Booyah Buddha, when it comes to games (the tabletop kind; not videogames, because we know you're "over" those) and especially anime. Really looking forward to picking this one up. My expectations are high based solely on that it's your favorite manga, but I am also keeping an open mind considering the preface you made in the review. That said, I have a feeling I'm gonna dig this. :)
Wagnarok Jul 27, 10:28 AM
As long as you never have to say something like, "Just wait till issue 134 -- THAT'S when the story REALLY picks up," then we're all good in the hood. I like slow burners when done right. Kino's Journey and Lain practically crawled at times but I loved every second of it. Same goes for Wolf's Rain now that I think about it, though I wouldn't rank this one nearly as high as Kino and Lain on my list.
Wagnarok Jul 27, 10:10 AM
Damn, your excellent review of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou mighta put a spell on me. Now I HAVE to read it. I'll start tonight.
mikebz45 Jul 27, 7:12 AM
I did it again. I wrote this long drawn out explanation of how Absolver is similar to Let It Die and I saw your link for Comic Girls and thought "that's why that seemed so familiar when I saw it the other day" and clicked on it. I didn't mention that Absolver is free on PS+ for the rest of the month. There's that. Absolver is similar to Let It Die except you fight other people in real-time. You learn moves by encountering and countering them and you learn defense styles by using them. I could've been on my way to learning them all by now, but I didn't figure out how to learn them until I started one after not finishing another one. I thought because I had become a disciple in the school I was in, that I had learned the style. I was hungry for knowledge. I had the style because of the school, but since I left prematurely, I didn't learn it. Now the school teaches a style I already know. I also mentioned before that I have been into Dragon Ball FighterZ heavy. My obsession with Absolver almost made me not play DBFZ. I have really come along in DBFZ. First of all, I have never had more fun pissing people off. There's a colored box next to each player's name. It determines your threat level. I'm not sure what changes it, but mine was the lowest, apparently, this whole time. Which explains why people were pissed when I beat them. White is absolutely, brand-spanking new. Meaning you haven't done shit. You're a blank piece of paper as far as ability has shown. Mine was light blue, the lowest of fighters. I was pissing off people well above me and hanging with some of the better people. I'm not entirely sure of the list past yellow, but it goes light blue, dark blue, dark green, light green, and yellow. There's orange and pink, but those are above me and I don't know what comes first. There's a trophy for getting that far, so I'm kinda aiming for it, but not really. I have been focusing on winning, by any means, and if not winning, dignity. You will absolutely not get a perfect match on me. So, I have low standards. I just got back to the yellow level. I'm not sure why I went light green in the first place. I lost like 10 matches in a row and won a couple and then went down and barely won a few (not even in a row) and went back up.
Lil-Bird Jul 25, 12:01 PM
There's a comment on the MAL/Reddit from a programmer who says it's most likely that MAL is rewriting all of the codes by scratch due to how old it is, but every time they do it, it opens up more problems elsewhere they have to go back to fix. DeNA may be pretty shitty when it comes to PR and keeping in contact with, but they might not have actually been wrong when they mentioned there being security issues from shutting down the API. (Which I'm sure came to be because of the EU's newest regulations, though the digital store adding additional problems doesn't sound too far off.)

>still needs to watch more FranXX
I think it's pretty hilarious to see a popular anime being praised left-and-right from the start slowly get people jumping on its back hooting and hollering about things going wrong with the plot or what-not. The funniest to come from it were the shippers' shit-fits from the halfway mark. Either way, I'm gonna blame A-1 Pictures for being themselves for why it is FranXX may have fallen from grace. Trigger's not exempt from criticism, either, but they at least have their own identity and know exactly who they are and who they make anime for, and that's why anime fans have an odd relationship with them. A-1 Pictures may be more productive, but they live by the "quantity over quality" rule, and it shows.

I'm still not in the mood to watch a lot of current shows, but I'm watching "Angels of Death" with my brother since one: it's been a while since we last watched something together, and two: he picked it out. Problem is, he has a track record of picking bad or just boring anime. It's an adaptation of a game I've never heard of, but knowing horror's own track record, I have no high expectations for it. So far, the first two episodes were dull and uninteresting. Not helped that I looked at who the director is, and it's a literal nobody. It explains so much as to why the direction feels uninspired and lost.
I keep forgetting Skylanders is still a thing. It was big at one point, then it just kinda fell by the wayside lol.

I've thought about getting into tabletop gaming, but I have no social circle outside of my family. And even then, from my own past experiences with written RP'ing attempts, I would've gotten bored/lost interest rather quickly since I need to be consistently on top of it in order to keep it going.
Oh man, that sucks, though. It's true it could've gone worse, but that's crazy.
Wagnarok Jul 9, 2:13 PM
Thank you, Aaron, for your review of Darling in the FranXX. Very cool. :P
AbrarMalik Jul 9, 7:48 AM
Oh ok
AbrarMalik Jul 8, 6:58 PM
No it wasn't on your Anime Collection via Anime Network
AbrarMalik Jul 8, 5:59 PM
Because your list didn't contain it
AbrarMalik Jul 8, 4:12 PM
You haven't watched Code Geass have you
Aslt Jul 2, 4:31 PM
No problem. 9 years? Damn, a lot of time has passed since you registered on this site.
You too mate.
Wagnarok Jul 2, 12:50 PM
Just finished reading your review of Comic Girls. I've seen this one pop up in my recommended on VRV but kept passing it up based on the moe-ness. I'm a pretty big fan of cute girls in any media, but I tend to balk at moe-centric anime titles, even though I haven't watched very many to turn me off from the stuff. Recently I've been getting more into slice of life, and being that CG is about artists, I think I'll have to give it a try. The girls sound pretty fun, and since you said there are lots of other characters to support them, I hope to not get bored/annoyed with them! I will definitely give this one a shot over the weekend.

Your enthusiasm for the series was infectious, dude. Also, it was very well-written! Keep up the solid work!