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mikebz45 Aug 14, 1:05 PM
That is exactly... a couple of episodes before where I left off on Steven Universe. I had stopped there for a long time. I started watching old episodes here and there just because and then forgot about it. I went to check back on the new episodes a couple of months after I heard new ones had come out. I've only seen a couple if not just the next one.

I'm really getting into GranBlue Fantasy. I got even more into it when the character, Rackam, showed up. I was listening to him talk and kept thinking, "I think I know that voice." Sure enough, it's the voice actor for Sanji on One Piece. Now, he's starting to become my favorite character in the show lol.

I'll probably check out one of those games tonight. I have one episode left of Minami-ke's 2nd season and I'll check it out.
mikebz45 Aug 13, 2:17 PM
I've been watching a lot of anime recently. I have a set of stuff I watch on Crunchyroll, stuff I watch on Hulu, stuff on Netflix, and my own library. I'm really close to knocking off a few more series in my watching list. I have like 3 episodes left of the 2nd season of Minami-ke and I'm close to finishing 7 Seeds and Nanatsu no Taizai.

I started watching The Boys on Amazon. A co-worker told me about the comic, so I got excited when I saw the tv shows coming out. I've finished the 1st 3 episodes an so far, I feel like I'll finish it by next week.

Which reminds me, I finished Jojo's 5th season and started reading the 6th part of the series. I actually started a couple of manga... or maybe I started that one and continued some I haven't thought of in a while.

I started playing this BlazBlue Tag Crossover Battle game on Switch. I only got it because I recognized the different anime in the game. There were characters from Persona, RWBY, and some other show that I'm unfamiliar with.

Our team spent a week going and coming back from Tamp, FL last week. I watched cable for the first time in a while, so I was doing something I don't do at home lol. I saw a trailer for the Steven Universe movie... I thought it was a new episode or soemthing. I also saw a show that I might try to actually watch... Mao Mao. I'm not sure of the actual name, but the main character is named Mao Mao and he's a ninja cat. He has a horrible attitude and the first episode I saw, he was extra nice to be popular. He basically went back to his old, rude ways to save everyone, but was hated again because of it. Very interesting.
HEN_with_a_TIE Aug 6, 1:58 PM
Thank you for the hentai
TrashDax Aug 4, 7:09 AM
Thank you! Looks like I can put the noose away after all…*sniff*
My birthday always gives me this weird feeling, a mix of being happy so many people care about me and shame that I am pretty bad at showing that I care in return. Sometimes I think that I am a terrible friend, but nobody seems to mind, so maybe I’m not that bad after all.

Man, reading that official statement hits me really hard. Maybe it’s because it was also written in my native language and therefore feels closer to me, but hearing firsthand how miserable they are right now really, really hurts. I am glad they released “official” bank infos though, now I can finally give something too. Gofundme only accepts credit cards, which I don’t have, they are very uncommon over here.
The only other death that touched me over the last couple of years was that of Bud Spencer. Unlikely you know him, he was an Italian actor who did tons of movies, mostly italo-western and all comedic in nature. He was a big, grumpy bear who punched people more than he talked, but he always did for a good cause and had a good heart. Every German kid that grew up in the last 40 years loves him and Terrence Hill (who he did dozens of movies together with, he was the small, clever and snarky counterpart to him). That kinda felt like my grandfather died.
Great, now I wasted half an hour on my workday watching their funniest fights on youtube, lol.

I don’t really remember watching anything historical in terms of anime (if we discount Fate/Zero, which we definitely should). I’m always open for something other than High School or RPG fantasy world as a setting. I didn’t hear anything about the Vinland Saga anime, but I remember the manga being praised a long time ago. Is this now a regular thing, ancient manga getting adaptations? Is my dream of Soul Eater: Brotherhood still justified? I grew up watching Wickie, so Vikings are no problem for me, lol.

Well, judge for yourself. I think the girls are done really, really well.

Odd fun fact: Buttercup has the same voice as Madokas Kyouko.

I think I’ll be able to “tune in” again at the end of the year. Right now I finally wrote my review to Murder Princess, the first I did since, I believe January. That leaves only Girls Last Tour and Umaru Season 2 I still have to do and Umaru should not take long, it’s a case of "the same but more".

I always thought Americans preferred Holy Grail. It’s almost as if racism isn’t accurate, lol. But yeah, Life of Brian is my favourite comedy ever and probably my third most favourite movie of all time (behind Clockwork Orange and Falling Down). Somewhat shows what kind of humor I have, they all have at least elements of black comedy.

Time to go eat my parents.
I mean, eat AT my parents. Yes, that is what I meant.
Smell ya later.
mikebz45 Aug 1, 8:42 AM
Yeah, I tried to get them to sing it again yesterday when we were watching Sailor Moon again, but either I was putting too much pressure on them or they were being rebellious in telling me to basically fuck myself. I remember the days when they would sing most of the theme songs from the shows I watch. Now, I let them watch what they want and they are singing Sesame Street and Baby Bus from YouTube. I even had Carter doing the Spirit Bomb from DBZ. Oh, well. Most of the stuff I watch is too bad/good for them anyway.

I think you'll like High Score Girl, initially, because they use the actual graphics from the games they reference. It's very nostalgic for the game eras in the early 90s and into the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn era. I think that was the icing on the cake for the series.

Yeah, I just finished Walkure Romanze and it did feel like more of a waste of time. Good thing it was only 12 episodes or I would've been either pissed or dropped it lol. Decent eye candy, but for everything else you look for in a story, it wasn't worth it. Lol, porn is better.

I'm starting to get into my Netflix anime. Watching most of these shows on the bus has been awesome. I could never find the right time or time I was willing to use on watching these shows at home because I have so many avenues for watching anime. Their selection has only recently been getting my attention. I wasn't interested in what they had until really when they had Kakegurui. I may have watched stuff on there before that, but since Kakegurui, they have been getting stuff I already have or plan to add to my PTW list. Nanatsu no Taizai was going to be one of the ones I went another way to watch when it first came out, but I realize that I don't like watching the shows when they are available. Weekly viewings are not for me. I like to go at my own pace and it might not be weekly and if it is shorter, I don't like losing that control. Also, I was reading it at the time because I didn't want to wait for the anime and wasn't interested in going back so soon. So paying for Crunchyroll only gets me commercial free. Watching that on Netflix just worked out for my schedule.

I was thinking recently about how Tommi says I get excited talking about anime and video games and I never realized that this is what you went through when I got you into anime. I see the error of my ways, but you've been enjoying yourself. I think I've been doing that recently for some people at work. There's a few that I talk to about anime and I'm always recommending shows to them. I need to check out RWBY, by the way. I was already going to do it, but I think I may need to move up when I'll start. I was recommended a few other shows by the same person and they've all been good.
mikebz45 Jul 29, 6:21 AM
Yeah, I heard about the fire. I don't really pay much attention to the studios that make the anime I watch, but I looked up what they made and realized I have watched a lot of their shows. Pretty much everything about a group of high school girls is more than likely something they made. It sucks that there are people that do stupid things for stupid reasons that hurt other people. I feel like that last statement starts a trend of thinking where you want to do something like put all of the stupid people in a rocket and fire them into the moon, but you can't generalize a punishment for a group of people based on a few.

Anyway, I really, really like High Score Girl. I planned on checking it out eventually and I think I like that show as much as I like Ore Monogatari!! I'm starting to think I'm a sucker for romantic comedies in anime. I thought I was an action junkie, but I'm either starting to realize how wrong I am or I'm changing. I think it's the former; I think One Piece falls into that category. It's not a romantic comedy, but it has romance and comedy in it. Anyway, I ended up finishing the 1st season and OVAs over the weekend after starting it late last week. I'm going to read the manga since the next season won't be out on Netflix until maybe early next year at least. I have other things I can do, but I would really like to see how the real story goes lol.

I just saw that you were watching Bem and saw it on Hulu over the weekend. I haven't tried watching it yet. It seems there are a couple of the shows that you were watching that are on Hulu, so I'll definitely need to get into the stuff I'm watching there. I think I plan on watching a few shows on there, but the main ones I am watching there are Dragon Ball and Tokyo Ghoul. The only reason I haven't watched them recently is that I usually get to watch what I want on the Playstation and that is usually while the girls are asleep. I usually either watch Crunchyroll or Netflix. Hulu is mostly for WWE, so I spend most of my time on there catching up on RAW and Smackdown.

I'm finishing up Walkure Romanze and I'm starting to see why it doesn't have a good score. I read a review where this guy tore apart the jousting in the plot. Any casual anime watcher checking out this anime would give no fucks about how accurate the jousting is in this anime. It's based on a dating sim. I didn't know that before starting the show and now everything makes sense. No, the jousting is still flawed, but the characters now make sense. I couldn't figure out who the main character was. I've been watching 4 episodes, slowly, but I couldn't figure out who the main character was. I thought it was the first girl that seemed to take center stage, but then all of these other girls got into the role and then there was the token male character that everyone likes. You see it now, right? It's cool to look at, but other than that, my curiosity made me continue.

Oh, we went to the beach Saturday and I believe it was Charlie's first time there. She's been in water a bunch of times, but I don't think we've been to the beach since before she was born. I have a picture of our last time at my desk, actually, and it's a picture of Carter when she was barely past learning to walk. Anyway, we had a good time and all of that, but on our way back Tommi and I were talking. While we were talking, Carter was singing. I didn't pay it any mind because we were having a conversation, but then when we were done I noticed the melody because what she was saying wasn't making any sense. She was singing the Sailor Moon Crystal opening theme. She, of course, didn't know the words, but she was singing like she knew them. I couldn't believe she was singing that out of nowhere while watching Sesame Street. We have a DVD player in the car so they watch a lot of stuff while we drive.

I saw that you are on your way to your 1,000th completed anime. You're at 999 lol. Which one will it be... I kinda feel bad because I feel like I may now have influenced which anime you'll watch for the next few days. Since I'm wrapping up a few more anime, I'll start finishing up some more that I started and maybe start a few new ones. I might get back into One Piece in the fall/winter. I'll have some catching up to do and I should be plenty ahead in the manga by then.

GodOfWolves Jul 22, 11:20 PM
That is true, I noticed it had the male characters and the style seemed leaning towards it, but never guessed it was that genre until you told me a few weeks ago, and was like huh, I guess it does speak for the show if I ended up liking it after all lol. I think its one of the first if not one of the only Shoujo I've found myself able to enjoy.

Yeah I don't think anything was bad about 5 centimeters, I might give it another try, maybe It'll see something worth giving it a better score. And I should also watch that place promised in our early days, its been on the list of anime movies I have to watch but havn't gotten to yet.
Didn't know wonderful days was korean, might explain the unique design of their clothes and possibly the story choices, but it was pretty good overall, I'd say itd be worth watching eventually if you ever decide to.

Yeah fairy gone I thought was going to be this metaphor for who the characters were, and I thought something was going to happen with the blond fae girl but there was no more depth to the faires or the plot or the characters it just kinda fell flat and its probably best you dropped it lol XD

There have been some good anime though recently! Shield hero ended well enough, looking forward to another season, same with mob psycho, but idk if itll get another. Still awaiting the one punch dub though.

Also! I was down to two shows man, maybe 3 counting that serial experiential lein I'll eventually have to watch the rest of. But thanks to your list of new shows, I checked around to see if anything new finally showed up, turns out I already had a episode of that dumbbell show with the gym for a while, and it strangely made me want to work out, and while I usually do here and there, no outside force has ever persuaded me. Its a weird show buts its not bad lmao XD
Also I had seen that dr stone and was disappointed I couldn't find a episode until I realized it was new, but I remember seeing the manga somewhere and it caught my interest, anyways the point was that it finally showed up the other day, so its about 2-3 episodes behind the subs but I swear man after seeing the first episode, i liked the characters and story as much as shield hero if not more, it might surpass it as my favorite anime of the year if it turns out to be as good as its looking, right off the bat the story moves quick, the characters are likeable, you can actually learn something from it XD I mean its right up my alley for a style of story telling I am glad it was on your list and I looked for it and finally found it.
I also got a episode of cop craft, but have yet to be able to sit down and watch it.
Eitherway, I agree, from the ones on your list and from what I'm seeing, it looks to be promising season for anime! Also, how is that "Is it wrong to pick up a girl in a dungeon"? I have the first season, but have never watched it, it just kinda seemed sketchy on whether itd be worth spending time on.

Also, if I can recommend one I don't think I'd seen on your list, it'd be {Nakanohito_Genome_Jikkyouchuu} the first two episodes made me laugh more about a show than I have in a while, besides that very first episode of zombieland saga, I'm just hoping it doesn't go the same direction and end up mediocre like saga did... Cause it seems like it could be good.
It also caught my interest for the same reason... Well... I have this feeling you told me that there was a anime you watched that had a boy and girl transported to a new world and it seems unique and good but no I cannot for the life of me see where you said that, maybe I'm crazy, but I remember you mentioning it, at least I think. And I was going to say that it was for the same reason, instead of just one person being put into a new world it was nine total, and the comedy isn't too bad, its been good.
Iseki I think they call it, it has gotten a little old now that everyone seems to wanna make a anime or manga about it, but at least some interesting takes can still be done on it, from what it seems.

Wow... I've talked to much on anime lol, but at least the season is looking good, and I don't think I've ever watched so many new anime while they aired until this year or last year, but then again i don't think they've ever made so many simul-dubs let alone choosen as many good shows to dub until the last few years either, so I guess its cool that anime is finally popular enough to get not only better dubs but more of them in general on this side of the pond.

In other news, the pool almost blew over yesterday, got sand in my face and everywhere from the wind going out there to prop up the metal sides with boards and chairs before the storm hit, it was terrible, sooo much sand, all I could think of was that movie hidalgo and the sand storm in the desert. But at least we saved it, who knows when we will get water in the damn thing though, the guys going to a wedding who is doing it so if not this week then we're looking at august before its finished.

Bummer on the party canceled and yeah, I feel ya on the lack of patriotic spirit, its kinda died down for me over the last decade. But other then that its cool you got some more gaming in man, and nice on breaking in some new ones as well, even if one was played a bit wrong lol at least itll make the replay a bit more interesting perhaps.

As for the book, thats totally fine man, no need to be sorry, by all means its summer you should be enjoying it lol if you get around to it on a stormy day cool, if not then whenever, no rush is needed on it.

Also, I had no idea of the fire until you mentioned it, but finally looked into it and man oh man, that was terrible over 30 deaths let alone the fact most were in the stairwells to the roofs... And I think I'd read it was probably an attack or planned fire which makes it that much worse... I mean what a damn tragedy man, that was terrible to see happen. Good work on the blog though, and I feel you on that one, cool on the fundraising link as well. Not much else to say though besides what the hell... Of all the places and to see that many people suffer...
Eitherway man, I hope your week looks up for ya, and hopefully for those people as well, surely hope none of the survivors get any worse.

And I guess thats it for me before I go on about something else and make this post even longer lol, I'll talk to ya again soon man and best of luck to ya!
TrashDax Jul 22, 3:36 PM
Yes, i recently rewatched the movie and then the idea just popped into my head and I had to do it. Spoiler just in case you haven't seen the movie:

I usually am not that bothered by tragedies that much. While I realize that something horrible happened, my life goes on very much unaffected. This is not the case this time, some of my favourite anime were made by these people. On top of that, the senselessness of the attack (at least terrorists have a reason for what they're doing, how stupid it may be) and the immense spite of its execution make it that much worse. To think that people like the director of Dragon Maid (who is still considered missing, which at this point one can assume means he's dead), creator of such a cute and heart-warming show, has been brutally murdered makes me lose my mind. At the very least the support (not least financially) KyoAni is receiving will hopefully keep them going.

The anime of Girls Last Tour has some very good audio moments, most of all the rain song. I also think the voices suited the characters. And don't forget the dab in the opening! And now I remember that I still have to write the review...

I think SZS still has a lot going on even if you don't pay attention to the background. I certainly enjoyed the black humor, but yeah, some references completely failed me. It has been about 10 years since then, I don't know how much different it would be if I rewatched it today.

Dunno if I mentioned this guy before, but there was a student who worked for us for a year or so who was great to talk to about anime. He too was mainly interested in shounen, but he was open for other genres as well. He was also very good at explaining why he did or didn't like certain shows, for example he didn't enjoy Baccano as it didn't have enough fantastic elements in it. He also didn't like Prison School as it was too borderline pornographic for his taste. He did like Little Witch Academia though.

I remember when I first saw Powerpuff Girls dubbed. This has to be the by far best German dub ever, all the voices were almost identical to their original counterparts. Dexter's Laboratory on the other hand...well, let's pretend I only ever saw it in English.

It may be time for me to get back to watch some currently airing shows. I'm slowly but surely starting to feel a little left out, though it's still far from the point at which I have the urge to dive back in head first. I still have some classics I want to watch as well, so who knows when I'll get back into the game.

I would like to do more manga reviews, but I don't want to write them for a manga that is still being released. I made an exception for One Piece, since I think 900+ chapters should be enough to have a valid opinion on it. Also, the story might run for another 10 years, better write it now while I'm still alive. lol

I wouldn't even know what to write in a blog. My life isn't very interesting for others to follow. I was in an amusement park last week though and got a nice sunburn. Damn ginger genes, thanks Mom. Our RPG girl has had her baby, which is the most silent baby I've ever seen. I've been at a concert that was so incredibly hot that I only saw half of it because I had to regularly leave the venue to cool down. But that's pretty much it for the last two months.

And to leave on a high note in these rather depressing days, my favourtie comedy movie scene ever:

See ya later, alligator!
Apollo1503 Jul 20, 5:43 AM
Thanks for the good wishes! I'm officially on my summer break now, I got my exam results back last week and I did really well apparently ^^ I now have seven weeks to myself, I'm not only rewatching some of my favourite series I grew up with as of late (Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, etc.), I also have many anime to watch and I also have plans to meet up with my friends and go on a couple of trips in the next couple of weeks, so I'm in a particularly good mood at the moment ^^

Just a quick recent topic for you as well, I assume you've heard about the KyoAni fire? I can't believe that it not only happened but the damage scale. So many talented people were lost or injured in it. It's making me happy to see the amount of love and support they're getting through social media and the masses of donations too.

Good to hear! It's obviously been a good while since we spoke now, have you seen anything good lately? As I mentioned before I haven't been focused on anime so I'm still on with JoJo, and as of me writing this I have a single episode of Non Non Biyori Repeat left to watch. My next event planned is a 10-day camping trip so I have all of the stuff I want to get watched downloaded and on my phone ready, think I have Hunter x Hunter 2011, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, and Evangelion there and ready. I want to get a good number of films down over the summer so I may use your list as a little guide on what I should watch on top of my own priority list ^^

The main thing I was looking forward to was Hanazawa's performance so even if it doesn't end up being a particular standout to me, maybe her talent will still be something to look forward to ^^

I think both Penguin Highway and Tatami Galaxy will be high on my priorities over the summer anyway so I'll let you know my thoughts when I get to Penguin Highway especially.

Yeah, they are very similar but you guys tend to get a lot more stuff in most departments purely due to licensing, both anime and Western media tends to be licensed in the States first and only over here if there is a demand for it. And Evangelion is available! It's been the one show that I've been watching at a slow pace this past month while all of my other stuff was on hold. And that's great! Glad you're spreading the word, I genuinely believe everyone has to watch A Silent Voice at some point, it's so good ^^

I have bought it up to a couple of my friends as a few of them are just starting out watching the basics and finding their footing in the fandom. At the end of the day it's up to everyone else to make their own judgements, but I've made recommendations to them and told them where to look first instead for the shows that they want to watch. Yeah, even then depending on where it's possible to access a show I'm less likely to watch it. For example, if a show is on Netflix I'll likely be able to sit and watch it for hours at a time because of the ease of access and use. Torrents take more work as I have to transfer the files over to whichever device I want to watch on, whether that be my hard drive for one of my consoles or directly onto my phone, but it's my fall-back option whenever I don't have a Crunchyroll membership and a show or movie isn't available on Netflix. Like we mentioned before, I'm very similar to you in that if I really like something, whether it be a movie, show or anime, that's when I'll invest in a Blu-ray and support it directly. And of course, I think people have just learned to coexist with Trump now but as an individual he can be just as crazy as Brexit's been for us. I still don't have a clue what's going on with it now.

Great, yes I did really enjoy it, for a shorter manga I liked it a lot. I'm probably gonna go on a new manga series binge very soon so I'll likely fill my boots with some of these kinds of series.

That's good to hear! I'm putting off JoJo Part 1 a little bit at the moment as I'm watching the OVA and I plan on watching the 26-episode anime soon after too so I don't want to confuse myself with the story. I've been reading the Kingdom Hearts manga this morning which hasn't really struck a chord with me but is enjoyable enough. I also finished both Parasyte and Absolute Boyfriend in the time since we last spoke, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed although the ending to Absolute Boyfriend was a little shaky.

If I end up watching the In This Corner of the World movie in the next couple of weeks I might give the manga a shot. Kakukaku Shikajika sounds really good, I love that type of story. The main series that springs to mind is Bakuman., which I got fairly far with but kept on stopping reading so it's a little messy at the moment as I restarted it a couple of times. Even better if it's an autobiographical manga, as Bakuman is very much so an original story with nods to some of the creators' experiences. I'll have to look into it as I was looking for 3-5 volume shorter manga this morning which led me onto Kingdom Hearts.

I tend to really enjoy series that mesh genres together. As I say, my slice-of-life experience when it comes to manga is criminally low so it may be a good place to start, if you recommend it?

That sounds like a really neat concept! I've never heard of a series bringing a slice-of-life including board games together. I'll keep an eye on that anime adaptation because I love this idea and it sounds very similar to Non Non Biyori in some respects, meaning I'll probably love it.

Thanks again for the good wishes! Talk to you soon!
mikebz45 Jul 18, 1:43 PM
I keep trying to remember the old Hellsing and I don't remember much about it. Without a doubt, Ultimate goes far beyond the original as far as what you learn about the characters based on the story. I believe the two stories are different as far as plot goes, but some of the story elements are the same. Like bringing in Seras Victoria happened pretty much the same way in both series and Alucard being immortal in pretty much every sense is the same. I think the antagonists are different and the plot. I'm not sure I don't remember because of how long it's been or I'm getting my memories jumbled because of how similar some of the elements are. That's funny, I didn't realize the last episode you saw was the 6th one. The next one is awesome lol.

I see what you mean about Dr. Stone. It seems like a setup, but I think the only thing that is left for a setup is the new guy's role. The goal of restoring humanity is pretty much all they are trying to do so far. For me, the setup part ended when Taiju broke out of the stone. Otherwise, I think the whole thing is in setup mode lol. I'm finishing up chapter 60 of the manga and with what you are talking about, it just takes me back and I think about how far they have come from then. I probably have to watch the episodes to know for sure, but how the manga goes, the 2nd episode should be typical for the rest of the series.

I love Eyeshield 21, by the way. Now that I think about it, I think I understand what you mean by the setup in Dr. Stone. It really seems like they haven't finished the tutorial for this show yet and I'm on episode 6 or so. Dr. Stone, on the other hand, doesn't have much more to explain in that respect.

I was thinking about sports anime I can watch the other day. I was going to watch a couple of the basketball ones, Kuroko no Basket and Slam Dunk. I'll probably get into watching the Prince of Tennis. I remember sampling that a while back and never following up on it even though it was interesting. I'll watch one of the few baseball ones I heard of; Princess Nine and Diamond no Ace. I'm definitely checking out Haikyuu!! Actually, I'm checking out that one for two reasons. It's obviously decent since it's one of the more popular sports anime, but I was reading Boku no Hero Academia and one of the Haikyuu!! chapters got mixed in to one of those chapters. I read it thinking they were just switching gears or something and was interested in what I read. So I just looked at MAL's sports anime list and I'm planning on watching a lot of sports anime. Some, I didn't consider sports anime myself, but there you go. I'm interested in watching Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun. When I thought of watching sports anime, this was the one I was thinking of. Now I have a bunch more on my mind. Damn, MAL!

Anyway, I'll check out that reading challenge. I haven't yet, but I'm interested in the difficulty levels now.
TrashDax Jul 15, 11:32 AM
Moe is a strange phenomenon. Why is it that cute little girls (even though they are usually supposed to be teenagers or even older) connect so well with grown men? Are we all just closet pedophiles? I personally like to think that it is natural to feel that way, though I have no idea why this seems to be much more the case for the other gender. Overprotective dads always are towards daughters, overprotective moms towards sons. Maybe there is a biological/psychological/sexual reason behind it, I don’t know. But I know that moe stuff is a great outlet for us since we are everything but legally forbidden to show affection towards children. I can’t help but feel like people avoid me on purpose when they have their kids with them. I mean, come on, I don’t wanna fuck them, I just wanna hug and cuddle and maybe keep them for myself. Oh…okay, THAT may be a problem.

Mothers Basement is definitely watchable, but I’d lie if I said I follow any of these people on a regular basis. One channel I find quite interesting is GrandLineReviews, some guy who exclusively talks about One Piece, but he does so in great depth and very down to earth. He did a video on why he doesn’t like Sabo just a couple days ago, which was very interesting. I think that’s pretty much it in terms of anime/manga youtube channels.

That’s one of the reasons I liked Girls Last Tour so much, it was very (I just proofread this shit and I have no idea which word was supposed to go here, sorry x_x) in that it was equal parts relaxing and depressing. And I enjoyed the weird philosophical dialogues the girls had. Kinda makes you put things in perspective. Gakkou Gurashi is CGDCT slice of life in my opinion, with the gimmick being survival in a zombie apocalypse. That is when we talk about the anime, which downplayed the horror elements quite a bit. In the manga the story is much more plot driven and I would classify it more as a horror drama, though the characters are ripped right out of a moe manga.

Monogatari can be considered a Shinbou anime in terms of visual presentation, but of course all the shows under that umbrella are very, very different. I mean, Hidamari Sketch is a Shinbou show as well but it bears absolutely no similarities to Monogatari in any other aspect (it is also used much more sparsely in Hidamari). If you want a show that is completely insane in every way I’d recommend Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. According to your list, you seem to really like it. I was merely confused by it. Entertained, but confused.

With animes growing mainstream popularity, I have noticed that more and more people say anime when in reality they mean shonen. These terms have become more and more interchangeable, which is worrying. I have also experienced something similar as a wrestling fan, where WWE has de facto become another term for wrestling, which of course is complete bullshit. Even the currently held AEW pay per view was advertised as a WWE event by some ignorant providers. However, this can be reversed if said market leader loses its position and popularity. I remember that back in the day, every video game console was called a Nintendo. Ever since Sony took over and dominated the market, this has stopped.

My best English teacher was probably Cartoon Network. At the very least it taught me how to structure sentences without thinking too hard about grammar and how to understand the meaning of new words from context. Thank you, Powerpuff Girls!

I think I did two or three hentai reviews, they are fun to write. My favourite is still Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo. The characters are fun, the sex is ridiculous (but hot) and the story is as well and it doesn’t even pretend to not be stupid. I think it’s ranked 4th or 5th on the MAL hentai list.

I read some of your reviews and I have to say, they don’t sound that much different from what I would’ve written. OMG YU TODALI STOLED ALL MY REFUEwS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
But to be serious, I shouldn’t be surprised, we seem to have a similar way to approach these works, so it only makes sense. Sadly(?) I haven’t seen or read any of the stuff, so I can’t compare our opinions there.
I also snooped through your blog posts, some interesting stuff down there. I also came across some subjects we have talked about before, which was kinda funny. Great thing you have the energy to write all that stuff on a regular basis.

Sorry it took so long once more, but I'm off from work which somehow managed to make my leisure time even more sparse.
GodOfWolves Jul 13, 11:16 PM
Hey how ya been! and thanks for not minding about my ramblings lol. (Also updated this comment cause I was talking left and right and it needed some updating lol xD)
Thanks on the advice, We've been researching it quite a bit and have checked out some top ten lists and projects, but still a lot of research to do, and when we do have a model we'll also have to consider just how in the hell we will distribute whatever the hell we promise the people who donate to us, the things we promised to said people, lol.
Also thanks for the links to on the videos, I'll have to look more into those channels and blogs.

Yeah it seems if they do smoke in fruits, something always happens to the cigarette, usually rain. At ep 15, its still a good show, they introduced the brother to the main dude yuki... hes weird af but still kinda funny, I guess the stories good enough to excuse some of the odd characters. None are bad, but some of their personality can be laid on a bit thick.

Speaking of movies, I'd seen five centimeters per second it was ok, but I don't think I knew where the three stories were really going... It kinda lost me and bored me. Also seen a movie called wonderful days, animation was great, characters were ok, but overall, I don't know why their lives were so shit, it was just kinda the bad dudes in charge. It reminded me of that movie castle in the sky when it comes to how much reasoning they give as to why this or that happens.

Other than that I have finally started to clean up my watch list,
Fairy gone started out interesting, got worse towards the middle, the ending totally lost me... It was kind of a let down. I don't really know if the story progressed anywhere at all for the second half of it sadly...
Brighter news, seen ten more episodes of gintama recently, ten to go, its been like six months since last I watched an episode... Its gotten more serious which is somewhat cool, but I kinda miss the better comedy from the first dozen or two episodes. Still not bad though, still a bummer its the only dubbed season but they choose a good one seeings all the characters were pretty much introduced from the start, so that helped. Update on that - I finished it, it was good, and while the dude who writes it can do really good with comedy, the episodes that lean more towards seriousness do seem exaggerated, but I enjoyed it.
Two others one was, joshi kausei, it was ight. As for Senko, It was still weird until the end, but I suppose I enjoyed it, it got an 8. Pretty heavy on the slice of life, I think it is a special category though, it has too many side elements to be just a slice of life. The main dude is just too weird though, he was annoying here and there.

Sweet on the reading challenge dude, hope it keeps going well, and I started to read the blog post but I'll have to read the other half on another day, update on this to -- I read more of the blog, and man. I need to get back into reading myself its been like a solid month or two of nothing in that catogory, idk what I'm doing with myself anymore XD

Thanks lmao that owl will one day fly GD...
But yeah, fourth of july we didn't really do anything, seen some small town fireworks, I guess there better then some other towns we've seen lol. Other than that normal days going by, its been like two weeks the guys been on vacation but there suppose to come back next week and finish this pool I suppose, so maybe by august there will be water in it, maybe not idk lol. -- Update on that, got sand and the walls up, the linning needs done then the water and we got a pool lol.
Cool that your bud David can still hang out though man thats what up as well on the pool party of your own and even with your ex! Hope that turned out to be a good time for ya all! And hopefully that four day weekend turned out well as well lol.

Other than that, I've doubled the length of my book! but I'm only close to being done the 1st notebook of three to type up. The other two will be faster, I left huge story and scene gaps thinking I can write it in later, and now later has arrived and its move than I thought to fill in... But at least the writing in the others are more or less finalized compared to this one.

But yeah, thats all the news for me these last 2 weeks, until next time man, I'll talk to ya later!
mikebz45 Jul 13, 11:06 AM
I forgot to update you on the Crunchyroll subscription. I ended up going on and paying for it, but when my 30 day trial ended, they put me on the standard 14 day trial. I don't check my gmail as often as I should lol. They informed me of this and that was why I still had access to the premium service. I didn't realize any of this until we got back from Kentucky and our bank account was pretty low. This is normal before pay day or the week of, but after the furlough, we have been pretty comfortable since. So we were a bit surprised to be back to normal. Anyway, I was checking out the bank statements and noticed Crunchyroll got paid within the last week. Very odd since I paid them back in June. All of the loose ends have been tied up.

I don't think I paid attention to Cop Craft before I saw it on your recently watched list. I saw it on Hulu, so I might check that out. I did finish both of those short anime and I like them both. I probably liked Ao-chan more, but only slightly. Dr. Stone is so awesome. The only reasons I'm not watching it is because I'm reading it and it just came out. I'll play catch up maybe after I catch up in the manga. I can't wait to get back to it.

Someone posted a bit of some footage of Sacred Beasts on this Facebook group I'm in. I haven't checked anything out about it before that, but the bit I saw was pretty cool looking.

I just finished the 7th episode of Hellsing Ultimate and it was awesome. I have to go back and watch the original again. Speaking of the original, I might check out Neon Genesis again since it's on Netflix. I was telling someone about it, but didn't remember enough to get them to watch it.

I'm watching Eyeshield 21 right now.
mikebz45 Jul 8, 2:37 PM
Yeah, we spent a week in Kentucky... more specifically at my in-laws' house lol. I was under the impression they didn't have WiFi. so I saw one episode of Air Master of that week for all of my anime watching. Actually, I've been rewatching Code Geass since it's on Netflix and I never saw the last few episodes of the 1st season when it aired on Cartoon Network. Now that I've seen those episodes, I'm totally rewatching season 2. I forgot how awesome Code Geass was. Since I didn't get into much anime, I thought I'd read when I got time. I only thought of reading manga about halfway through the week. I wish I thought of it sooner. I was really into watching Nickelodeon for the first time in a while. The girls watched Spongebob and Sesame Street while I secretly got excited about new episodes of Spongebob. Sadly, I slept through the new episodes Saturday. I guess they are celebrating his birthday this month or this past weekend, I'm not entirely sure.

I found out Thursday, I think, that my in-laws do have WiFi... I was into my manga by then, and my plans for WiFi were dashed the moment I thought there was none. I did catch all the way up in Do Chokkyuu. It is awesome and was even more so when they became a couple. I also read some of Masemune-kun's Revenge, so I probbaly won't start watching that or Dr. Stone anytime soon. Dr. Stone is pretty good. I don't think I realized how much I like science until I started reading that. I guess I was pretty interested in Chemistry and Physics, I just couldn't keep up with the memorization of it I guess. I already had Eyeshield 21 on my list, but now I'm really interested in it since the same guy made Dr. Stone.

I didn't know that Oshiete Galko-chan and Ao-chan Can't Study were so short. I'll probably finish those this week. Air Master is cool, but it's really just average so far... maybe less. It's cool to see the comic in motion, but there isn't much to it. It has the same pace as the comic and the pacing wasn't very good lol.

I'm finding a lot of stuff I'm going to start reading... it's already in my plan to read list, but I'm actually going to start them lol.

The trip was very relaxing if nothing else. At least, it was more relaxing than if I was at home. We slept in and stayed up late.
Neon_Kitten Jul 1, 4:07 PM
Just passing by to say that I really like your top 100.