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GodOfWolves 7 hours ago
Hey man just wanted to say whats up and I'll probably reply to your comment in another message sometime over the next few days I'd assume, but I wanted to go ahead and say whats up tonight while I was on for a few.

I'll leave you with this bortha man. Lol, hopefully you get some laugh outta it, I had no idea what to write or do, so this happened!

GodOfWolves May 20, 8:58 PM
Hey man, sure has lol, Sall good, its taken me some time to get back as well. Ears been filled with wax, well only the left thank god, If it was both I probably woulda /ate a bullet/. But yeah since like the end of march, had cleaned the chimney funnel that goes to the actual chimney, and theirs a pipe that blocks the flap so I had to hold the flap with one hand and the dust pan with another, which leaves me halfass sweeping out this bowl shape sut trap that you can barely reach and the ash just flew everywhere, I went down four separate times to do it from how much was floating, which was partly stupid on my account...
And woke up the next day or two with it and it lasted ever since. Was steaming it with the shower and coffee cups of hot water, but it stopped working so I finally put some hydrogen peroxide in it tonight and it opened up. First time in like a month I haven't felt louzy or had a foggy brain lol, it throws off your equilibrium so bad you don't even wanna think, you just feel bad non stop like somethings wrong, which it was.
But yeah I think Its finally getting better, and sorry for talking your ear off about mine lol

Literally was clearing the yard for half the time this month, sticks twice and grass twice, about a quarter of the time mushroom hunting, unsure if you've ever gotten morel mushrooms before,. And the last two weeks, another quarter of time was beating final fantasy 1 and most of 2, just to finally do it lol.
Grandparents came up to visit saterday then the nephew and neice and they stayed, nephew went home before I woke sunday, his ma got em early he had a cousin visiting neice stayed though, shes funny, shes starting to love our family lol, she didn't wanna leave yet, its my brothers girls daughter so shes not blood but shes cool and her an achillies are beyond best friends lol. My other grandparents are still doing non stop cattering, but my grandma said she finally might retire this year, shes in her 80s.

Had gotten this mastic gum for my teeth, and so the chewing might help my ear, it had some days, others not really, but if you ever look into it, it has a ton of benefits.
Its kind of expensive though honestly

Anywayyys,that is a bummer on the food, but cool that you ended up being able to see your family again while handling buissness, seems like it still worked out good for ya.
Besides the traffic, but at least the conference wasn't bad, thats kinda surprising, at least to me, idk maybe they're always decent lol.
Damn though dude, niceee on all that manga reading, sounds like you mighta burnt yourself out a tad bit lol, but that was some hell-of-a progress ya made.

Lol cool with me that ya sent the comment, hopefully I wasn't offensive in any of it lol, But yeah its been cool so far for sure, got it bookmarked now lol,

Also, yeah that was the game and I honestly forgot the art was as good as it was, he's pretty beast mode man, awesome you guys are that close of friends, I think you had told me months ago that you guys worked together but I must've forgot, and I know how moving goes, hopefully it works out no matter what goes down, but cool he got offered such a good job as the top dog lol :)

I don't think I've heard of either of those anime, I might watch five minutes of both just to see what you mean though lol,
Still have to give those movies a shot, I have a small list of like 7-8 lined up now lol, Finally going to watch that movie on cowboy bebop after 2-3 years. I think I watch them rarely seeings they're length is equivalent to 6-8 episodes.
As for the language, yeah having a "gruff" or them speaking louder would of sufficed, but at the same time, newyorkers are almost a sterotype seeings a fair amount talk louder and ruder lol, so that might of been why, and they just payed no mind to that level of difference in their actual accent,,, but reflecting on it, I don't think I'm as bothered by it, it was still well done.

Interesting disney seems to be dubbing all the studio ghibi films it feels like, it kinda makes me want to compare them to disney as the japan version of it, all their missing is a theme park lol.

Wolfs children is actually added to that movie list now, although it might not be on my anime list yet, but after you mentioned it I went out and found it and the description sounds pretty darn decent and if you enjoyed it, it should be good then, so I got it lol.
Have to look into that cat returns as well,

Cool that you don't mind then :) and thanks on the feedback, cool you're liking love, chunibyo, I think the first season holds up solid, I mighta had mixed feelings on the next season,
And yeah, michiko and hatchin started off way strong, I was really into it but I think we share similar impressions, episodes 9-16 could of been cut, it could of been 12-16 episodes,
one movie probably could of did it justice but even a two part movie woulda been more than enough.

As for the meandering it does do that and I think thats why I havn't finally got around to mushishi, heard it was a ton of meandering, the first episode gave me that impression but I still want to watch it because it seems like it has some quality to it, but I'll probably movie it up my list to a higher priority and delve into it.
Anddd yeah, bummer on shinsekai, probably not going to get moved up my list then cuz thats all it took for me was about 3-5 episodes, I even skipped somewhere in the middle, remember it seeming the same story pace, I don't know where it was heading but it still was kinda meh it felt...
Thanks again on the reply, feels better to have another view on those,

But yeah, thats it for me as well dude, talk to ya later man! Hope the week goes easy on ya lol.
mikebz45 May 17, 7:55 AM
Yeah, I know what you mean about the muscle memory and losing your place. I used to do it with things that you should obviously be cognitive of like driving and getting ready for work. I would be on autopilot and once I realized it, I wasn't sure what I had done. I started to trust myself in those situations and now I do it all of the time and I'm aware of it. Also, since I'm aware of it, it takes me longer to do those things and I tend to think on them too much without actually performing the task.

You almost caught me yesterday.... actually you did catch me on the anime stuff. I'll probably get some more distance today, but you are right on my heels.

I saw the John Oliver video and man, I did not realize how bad wrestlers have it in the WWE. I was watching RAW from the week before and Vince McMahon was the first one to come out. I was wondering how these guys are ok with their contract while I was watching Roman Reigns stare down Vince. I'm thinking the whole time, he probably enjoys coming out getting to bad mouth the boss since his contract's all jacked up. But as more superstars come out and do their thing, I start thinking, they're probably ok with the contract because they are living for the moment. They aren't thinking about how they aren't considered actual people while they are in the ring, they are putting on a show and enjoying every minute. They aren't thinking about retirement, even though most of them never will reach the normal retirement age. They are probably making a good amount of money for now, for them. Then I thought of the Rock. He went off and started doing tv shows, movies, voice acting, music... John Cena has done the same thing. I started thinking of the last generation of wrestlers. Some of them are still wrestling, but some are moving on to other things where they can still get the benefits of regular employees. I started understanding that maybe some parts of those bad contracts make sense, while others clearly need to be changed. They may have exclusive contracts as wrestlers, but they can be other things in other places because of how big WWE is. Anyway, that's what I was thinking of while watching Vince stand up there and seemingly look like he was praying that Roman didn't kick his ass.

I haven't heard of Monster Factory, but I'll definitely check it out. Carter watches so much stuff on Youtube, though, I hope she hasn't already seen it. She watches some of the craziest things that I see are ok for kids, but I seriously question the thoughts of the people that are putting this stuff together. After the guy from Blue's Clues committed suicide, I feel like all of these people are some kind of crazy at some point or another. There's a wrestler named Bray Wyatt that has a segment similar to PeeWee's Playhouse. I haven't been in the wrestling game for a while, so I don't know a lot about most of these new stars. I only know about him from playing he game. He was in one of the story lines I was in recently. He seemed like he was bat-shit crazy. You see where I'm going with this. His segment came on last night and the girls were mesmerized. I was really shocked that they were so into it. Crazy!

The end of the Lucifer season was so obviously filler because of the stories they told. Yeah, I wanted more of the story line I saw at the end of the season, but they completely changed pace at the end. One episode is a What If story line. Yeah, it was interesting, but it wasn't real. It was a complete waste of time. The other one was at least relevant to questions I had up to that point, but it didn't give me what I wanted.

So, Carter had the flu last week and Charlie caught it at the tail end of Carter's. So we found out a couple days ago from the doctor that Charlie has had the flu, so she's been home with Tommi. Tommi likes to watch Netflix shows that we aren't watching when she's home for long periods of time essentially alone. She started watching Workin' Moms. I got it confused with Good Girls so I got a little upset that she was watching it without me. She explained what the show was about and I started to think I had the wrong show. I sat down and watched a bit with her and the main character was discussing her interest in hentai as her porn choice. Everyone she discussed this with looked at her like she was crazy. I was thinking that she has been hanging out with the wrong people lol.
The-Ray May 15, 7:53 PM
It was some sort of stalker ratings I think. It shows the rank of pre-orders if I am remembering correctly. The Why Are You Here Sensei anime was in the 300 something rank, which was the highest from this season. Fruits Basket was literally the last with a rank in the 1000s. Sorry that I am unable to find the data anymore. Someone had posted it on 4chan. They usually translate the data as soon as it is out. I must say that my phrasing of it "selling terribly" was wrong because it was the data on pre-orders.

Whoa, you working for the army? That's pretty cool man. Do your coworkers know you are into anime/manga? If yes, then what do they think about your hobby?

You are right about manga readers being rare on MAL. Manga are pretty popular now and sites like Reddit are full of discussion with hundreds if not thousands of comments on manga chapters. The same does not seem to be the case here. Popular manga seem to be in the range of ~5000 members on MAL for some reason. And little to no discussion in the forums.

I am gonna check out the K-On anime soon, because I keep hearing about it and it is like the face of moe anime. I will let you know what I think of it. Meanwhile, I read some newer manga that are worth checking out.

Otome Kaijuu Caraméliser is a new manga about a girl who has a weird disease of turning into a full-blown kaijuu when she experiences strong emotions. She stays as a loner for most of her high-school life, until the hottest guy in her classroom takes interest in her. You know what happens next. Only 5 chapters have been out yet so you can catch up quickly.

I also read SPY X FAMILY which is another new manga about a spy who has to live with a fake family because of reasons. The girl he is pretending to be married to is a hitman and the child that they adopted can hear people's thoughts. It is a very refreshing and enjoyable story. Only 4 chapters have been out yet. I recommend you to check these manga out.
mikebz45 May 15, 8:03 AM
Lol, yeah, I slacked off of anime yesterday and you almost caught up. I was reading Dragon Ball Chou when I somehow stumbled upon old Dragon Ball movies. Didn't realize I never put them in my completed list. Instead of anime, I was watching Big Mouth on Netflix. I've really heard very little about the show other than it's funny. It really is. I almost binged it last night on my phone. It's about a group of kids basically going through puberty. The concept is like what would happen if Simpsons or Family Guy were serious about the subject matter. All of the voice actors are people I've seen from the Kroll Show and the League mostly.

I heard Lucifer already has started filming the 5th season. Awesome! Actually if you are 3 episodes from the end of season 3, you're really on the last episode of the season. The last 2 episodes are filler. I've never seen filler in a live action show that was just blatantly filler. I enjoyed the episodes, but because the one before them was actually the last one, I was disappointed because I wanted to continue the story. You probably won't have that problem since season 4 is out, but I thought you would like to know.

It's cool about the chat. I know you don't have a smartphone, but when you do, you'll be able to keep up. For now, you have foot notes lol. Sean put a video in there about 10 reasons you're wrong about everything and it's really about how unreliable everyone's memory is. I work around this flaw by using muscle memory. That way, if I go into the motions of doing something or tracing my steps, I'll figure the rest out.

I reduce the amount of trailer reveal by seeing one trailer. I don't see more than maybe a teaser and a trailer. Nowadays, there are 2 or 3 trailers out and you get most of the movie that way. I just need the knowledge of the movie's existence and something to get me excited about it. I didn't realize that they revealed something in the plot that pretty much gave away the movie because once they did, I made the reference to the story they are using and got excited about the story being told. Yeah, I was pissed for about a second lol. I figured from the way Mysterio was in the teaser? whatever that was before the trailer that he wasn't what I thought he was.

The more I read it, the more I see that Dragon Ball Chou is much better than the anime. They seem to go through the story with much more sense. It's also weird that the manga came out after the anime. It's cool that it is going past the anime's story.

Yes, Cap with Mjolnir was very exciting. I remember hearing that the last 8 minutes are the best in the entire MCU before seeing the movie, but I wasn't sure that was the moment they were mentioning because it's not the last 8 minutes of the movie. I was swept up in the energy in the room because when people were cheering and clapping, I found myself clapping as well. Damn! I thought clapping at the theater was ridiculous, but now I see, there wasn't too much before to clap about. I think that whole battle was awesome. I expected all of those things to happen, but when they did, I was just as surprised as if I had no idea.

Have I mentioned that I have fallen back in like with wrestling? I haven't watched wrestling consistently in a long time. We've been using Sean's Hulu account and I recently started watching WWE again. I think I might've seen a Wrestlemania a few years ago and just stopped watching after that. Once Kane stopped wrestling so much, I didn't have anyone I was interested in watching anymore. Well, they had Wrestlemania in Detroit or somewhere in an open air arena. I know this because a co-worker was telling me about it. I was intrigued enough to look it up and found out about the first Women's main event at Wrestlemania. That led me to checking out RAW on Hulu. Now, I'm catching up on them bi-weekly ever since because that 1st RAW talked about the WWE draft or the Superstar Shake Up. Now, I am not only keeping up with WWE, I now have WWE 2k19 and I'm back into creating my character and laying the smackdown on the WWE. I looked at the community characters available online and people have gone over the top on character design. There's Thanos, Spider-Man, Elmo, and even Spongebob. I was joking with Sean the other day about it. He said I should download people like Mario and Samus and have a show called Smash Bros. I thought of the slang smash and thought of the porn company of a similar name and said "I'll put a bunch of guys together; no girls allowed and call it Bang Bros!" lol.
Lil-Bird May 14, 6:38 PM
That's most likely the case. The industry's looking for the next big thing to carry them into the next decade, after all. CGDCT shows are definitely the same way. I still think one of the better instances of it is the Yama no Susume series because even though mountain climbing isn't something many of us are either interested in or even fit for, it's actually pretty cool that there's an enthusiasm for it, but it wouldn't be as impressive (and relaxing) without having moé girls climb mountains.

Sometimes I wonder if they even have ideas at all. If they did, they'd probably listen to complaints more.

|D It's not that hard thooough…

I need new bookshelves, but I'm thinking on just getting a smaller one to hold my anime so I can continue stacking manga on top of each other.
I can't imagine reading that series after watching the anime. God that was such a boring show, not to mention kinda creepy when you get down to it.

I don't know what's with Studio Deen that that's what they do. You can do a horror show with bite-sized episodes, but whatever it is they're doing is just so baaaad.

Idea Factory shows in general are horribly amusing and amusingly horrible. But there's kind of a reason only Mars of Destruction and Skelter+Heaven are the most well-known from them, because the others are just so uninteresting.
Omg that sounds hilarious. It's from the '80s, too, so entertainment value's already in the bag.
mikebz45 May 10, 10:54 AM
Yeah, I saw your progress, but I think I've been .2 ahead of you for a while now. I haven't been watching a movie every day, but I have been trying to stay out of new stuff other than hentai and movies. I am almost done with several of the shows I watch, so I might be starting new stuff sooner than I thought.

I've been reading a bit more because Carter (and in a way, also Tommi) destroyed my headphones. I have another set, but the those were awesome and I didn't realize how crucial they were to me watching my shows until I didn't have them. I have Netflix shows I need to catch up on including Saiki K.

Speaking of Netflix, one of my new favorite shows, Lucifer, came back. It was on Fox for 3 seasons and was cancelled, but Netflix picked it up for the 4th season. I always wanted to watch it for the lead actor, but I only watched it on Netflix. I've only seen the first episode so far of the new season.

I recently watched Fist of the North Star the movie and I realized after the fact that it didn't make much sense. I initially gave it a high score, but once I was explaining it to Sean, I realized how many plot holes there were. I guess the movie is more like a recap of the actual series. I wish that was explained before I started watching it. I guess I have to watch the series now, but I might give it some time before because the movie is fresh in my mind.

That's very cool that you got to go to Ohio for that. Did I ever tell you about how we have new employee orientation once every 3 years for new employees? We had ours in Columbus when I first started and Lamar happened to be living there with his sister for a new job with his brother-in-law. We happened to connect while I was out there and me, him, and Tommi played Rock Band 3 all night. We had classes or lectures the next morning too smh. We are supposed to be going back to Ohio for a family reunion next month. It's around the same time as Charlie's birthday.

Endgame was awesome. I don't know what's better, seeing the movie or being able to see all of the stuff on the internet and not worrying about spoilers. Have you seen the new Spider-Man trailer? Me, Lamar, and Sean talk all the time on Facebook Messenger, I'll add you to the group later. I hadn't thought of it until just now. I think most of us use our phones to talk on there, but I use whatever. Anyway, we talked about the trailer after I saw on Twitter that everyone was going crazy about the introduction to the Multiverse in MCU. I was just thinking of the general story. I didn't expand my thinking that far. Once I did, it was like a waterfall of ideas came pouring through. By this time I have added you to the group, so you can now see how we kinda went crazy about that for a bit.

We ended up not taking the girls and Tommi stayed with them instead, Apparently, she doesn't like going to the theaters anyway. She doesn't care about spoilers so I told her what happened in the movie almost a week after I saw it. She was a bit heartbroken, which led to some lingering emotions in myself. I actually want her to see it now. She was so hesitant to see Infinity War. She only saw it earlier this year or late last year.

Ah, the Crunchyroll commercials. I only really avoid them on my phone. I watch crunchyroll on my phone while the girls are watching whatever on the tv. I bypass the commercials by doing other things. Once the commercials start, they typically run for about a minute and a half and/or until the last commercial has ended after that time, I do something else on my phone. I play a game, watch a video, something else for that minute and a half and then go back to watch the commercial. You can even set it just before the commercial ends. You can't pause the commercials, so they've essentially done their part; played for a minute and a half and finished playing. It doesn't bother me as much with watching them on the computer or PS4 because I'm not holding anything while I watch those versus watching on my phone. At the end of the day, my strength is valuable lol.
Lil-Bird May 9, 10:56 AM
Excellent! Good way to wind down.

I think the "deconstruction" shows have become over-saturated that I just want something more straightforward while remaining creative, but that's lacking these days. But it also doesn't help that the last time I had faith in an isekai, I was watching Endride and wow was that a huge disappointment. I got more cynical of isekai as a result. (Yeah, I had that Princess Buttercup moment, just replace "I will never love again" with "I will never get my hopes up again".)

That's such a good idea for MAL to implement that they're never going to implement it. That's how it woks.

You just check the graph from Favorites and you can toggle the decade/years. Anime+ has been adding new badges as of late, with more on the way, so they might have something interesting on the horizon. I like the franchises badge, for one thing, that's a hard one to get since not every franchise adds up to 250+ episodes.

Great plan. I'd do that, too, but I also started getting new titles lately when I'm supposed to focus on finishing what I do have lol. I'm running out of room.

Oh good, just wanted the confirmation. I thought they changed the rules or something 'cause my mom told me the story from when she was young, and she had attended her uncle's D&D campaign and he made up sound effects and a map no one was allowed to look at and such that made the game original. It was the only D&D campaign she enjoyed, but it got canceled because one of her cousins got a night fright or something.

Pupa was an experience. You can get it out of the way nowadays within thirty minutes, but back then, you had to wait twelve weeks to watch every four-minute-long episode in the hopes it would be coherent and actually be a good horror anime. Nope. Also Studio Deen quality. They're never going to have another Higurashi ever again and they should never be allowed to make a horror anime ever again. They fucked up the Junji Ito collection, after all.
AnimeApollo May 6, 11:17 AM
Ah I see. Yeah I'm going into it with really low expectations. I can always appreciate visuals but if it's to try and mask a shitty story then I'll take everything into my opinion of it no matter what it gets right. I watched the Non Non Biyori Movie earlier today and the visuals were stunning, somehow managing to be a step above the show, but the story was top-quality as always to go along with it ^^

Oh don't worry about it, I'm not exactly a stickler for swift responses either '^^
Of course, I feel you. I prefer to sit at my desk watching shows when I'm watching during the day but when it comes to movies I'd prefer to be sat watching it on a bigger screen, definitely. I've heard good things about the Hanasaku Iroha main series so I assume the movie is of similar caliber. And of course! There's always something else to be doing or some other series takes priority, just how it goes.

I really need to get into my shounen-ai and shoujo-ai series honestly. They're both pretty underrated genres and I wouldn't mind giving them some attention. And of course I'm a sucker for cliche stories when they're done right, especially the unintentional comedy aspects when they do show up xD

I guess you can only find so many standout movies at once huh. I've also heard good things about Wolf Children and the other Mamoru Hosoda works I've seen such as Boy and the Beast would lead me to expect great things from it anyway. It looks like you loved it based on your 10 rating, feel free to give me your thoughts on it as it's pretty high up on my plan to watch ^^

I think only using Crunchyroll Premium every few months and having to rely on torrents mainly mean that if a show I want to watch is on Netflix I'll watch it there purely for the convenience, however 9 times out of 10 I'll go elsewhere for my anime. And I've actually watched the first couple of episodes on Netflix now and not only was I surprised at how unpopular it is on MAL but I also understand that the stop-motion animation isn't generally done or associated with anime, meaning a lot of people have likely shunned it based on that alone. I do think it's a pretty neat little series though, it could do with a little more publicity considering it's been on the front page on Netflix for a while now.

Yeah, exactly. The fact that the original series ended with Kurisu not being associated with Okabe like she had been in the other world lines also meant that the special fleshed out their relationship better leading into the movie as they were basically strangers at the end of the original series. I must admit I absolutely adore the Steins;Gate movie, and having not been huge on other series that have acted as an epilogue to their respective series, i.e. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Rei, I think that Steins;Gate The Movie is an amazing epilogue to the main series and ends the story in such a satisfying way having the roles reversed and Kurisu having to mess with time to save Okabe. I agree that the tragedy loop in the original series had much more depth but for the situation it was happening in I think the events in the movie work well enough and compliment the original massively. I definitely recommend getting through 0 before a rewatch as, like I said before, the characters are just given so much more depth there and I think this adds to the original. Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed the movie and let me know if you do decide to give 0 a shot whenever ^^

I wouldn't be surprised if you found it through my favourites, it's not particularly well known as far as I'm aware. Anyway since I last talked to you I read the copy I bought and absolutely loved it as I did the first time! It's such a sweet and simple story, reading it this time the simple but impactful story and the two central characters growing as a result of one another reminded me of Hotarubi no Mori e in a sense. If you do decide to read it I really really hope you enjoy it as much as I did ^^

It looks like you enjoyed Kotonoba Drive! If I enjoy the K-On anime I may well get onto the manga at some point. I think the majority, if not all of my Manga Reading Challenge revolves around digital reading but I do only have to read JoJo: Phantom Blood, Parasyte, and finish Absolute Boyfriend and Higurashi: Minagoroshi-hen then I'm basically done with the novice difficulty. I may carry it on to the next tier of the challenge instead of finishing there like I was planning, who knows ^^

As of me writing this you'll be back home, but make sure you relax as much as you can if you're done with your training as it sounds like you've had a lot to be getting on with ^^
mikebz45 Apr 29, 12:14 PM
I see you've caught up quite a bit over the weekend on watching anime. I slowed down a bit because I'm avoiding anything new with more than 3 episodes and Carter sat on my bluetooth headphones and crushed them. So I'm ordering new headphones because I really like the sound quality in the cheap Bluedio headphones I get from Wish/ They take a while to ship though, so I have to make due until then. I usually watch something on the bus or at my computer while the girls watch YouTube or something. Now, I'm forced to wait until they are sleep or upstairs in their room. We have a kid play room for them to play with their toys and watch cartoons, but they like hanging out with us, so it's hard to watch anything with them around.

I have a few movies I'm watching on Crunchyroll, so I might knock those out while I'm waiting on the headphones. I just don't like that they put so many commercials in the longer shows. I think I watched One Piece's episode of Sabo on there and it took me like 2 hours... then later, I found out I had that already downloaded and could've watched it commercial free... dammit!

We're going to see Endgame tomorrow and Tommi was all on about us going as a family, but Charlie's become more talkative and the girls love playing with each other... This doesn't look good. We'll see. Have you seen it yet?
The-Ray Apr 28, 2:12 PM
Interestingly enough, the Fruits Basket anime is selling TERRIBLY in Japan. The highest selling anime as of last week was Why Are You Here Sensei? Out of ALL anime from this season. Based Nips.

I did read your review and it was pretty good I must say. Btw, what work do you do if I may ask? Because that sounds like an awesome job where you can take a break to write a lengthy review lol.

And yes, this new thing the industry is doing with long running manga is very, very good. It saves us from shitty filler that often are not appreciated by mostly anyone, and it saves the studios manpower and costs. And if the series catches up to the manga and then starts to deviate from the original, I really hate it. I am glad My Hero Academia and Neverland are luckily not subjected to this.

Lol, I think your English titles are pretty good xD They make the show appealing.

Manga Reading Challenge huh? I myself am trying to read as much manga as I can nowadays, maybe I will take up on that challenge next year. By then, I aim to at least complete reading 7000 chapters.

I wonder how the K-On manga is. I haven't seen the anime, but isn't it about music? Isn't that better suited for a medium that has, you know, actual audio?
TrashDax Apr 28, 2:10 PM
Thanks, but I kinda feel like I shouldn’t let you hang that long if possible, if only as a matter of respect, you know. After all, you’re taking your time to respond to me in great detail, despite also doing so to multiple other people, so I should really get my ass moving to at least respond in a justifiable timeframe. I care, dude! *sniff* (doing a great job right now, aren't I?...)
And thanks, my ear is free of pus again. Oops, hope you weren’t eating. Lol

Well, I don’t mind being single, I have the freedom I always wanted. I lived with my parents for a very long time (until I got a “real” job that pays). Sure, it would be nice to have someone to cuddle and fuck and all that, but it’s not the end of the world for me. Maybe it will be someday, but that day isn’t now. For anything non-physical, I have my friends.
Man, that paragraph reads really awful. Lol

I never heard about that meetup thing, sounds kinda neat I guess. I’m not very good at making friends, I think anybody who ever befriended me…well, befriended me, not the other way around. That’s why the number of people I’d consider actual friends is very small, but I do know that those are trustworthy, so I think I’m better off this way.

Good old elitists, they really show up everywhere, it’s hilarious. Oddly enough, I get the impression that anime elitism has somewhat died down over the last 10 or so years. Mainly because nobody can agree on anything with anybody anymore. Everybody hates everything, there are no universally praised “real” anime anymore. And let’s face it, no matter what the subject it, be it a cartoon, anime, wrestling or Star Wars, you’ll NEVER look cool pretending to be an expert on this topic. :)

If you have watched the video by now, you’ll see that I indeed was talking about the movie, not the similarly named anime. Although I read Highschool of the Dead a while ago, a friend of mine had the first 2 or 3 volumes. I liked it for its ridiculousness, but I don’t know how much longer I could’ve tolerated it to be honest. Lol I didn’t like the jiggle physics of the anime though. While they did have big tiddies in the manga, they didn’t behave like water balloons. That was just too much for me. Too bad the guy who wrote it kicked the bucket, I would’ve liked to pick the manga back up again at some point, but that seems kinda pointless now.

One movie every day? If you have so much time on your hands, come do my laundry! LOL But seriously, that sounds like an insane idea. I struggle to watch a movie in general on a somewhat regular basis, not to mention that I haven’t watched an anime for quite a while.
I’ve only heard about Garden of Words and Hotarubi no Mori e, but I haven’t heard about the Penguin movie. But how bad can a movie about penguins possibly be? It’s penguins! :D
Lil-Bird Apr 27, 11:02 PM
I honestly don't mind isekai (a few of them are favorite anime after all), but my God I'm just not interested in a lot of current ones.

Lol yeah, I get that. My brothers are a bunch of softies but they wail when they cry, and I have to stop myself from laughing.
I actually need to look at Cipher again now that I know what went into it better than I did years ago when I watched it with my brothers.

I would but he's stubborn as a bull.

Maybe I was expecting more space stuff, I dunno lol.

That's fair.

Lol sorry to hear that. But it's probably telling that the tiered system might be a bit too restrictive/broken if multiple folks are having an issue with it. They should just go back to the bingo card idea, I liked that one, but that's because I decided to do a black out because I'm weird that way. The randomization caused a couple of snarls, but it was still fun to put together.
Yeah, the way MAL puts entries together is really weird. There's supposedly an explanation behind it, but I think it's just a bullshit excuse. If they really cared to clean up their entries, they'd fix the amount of Gintama entries there are, because I think that's ridiculous.

Anime+ rules are a mixed-bag for me. Least with mine the "least favorite/most favorite" wasn't entirely wrong, but it was still a bit of a pain especially since it's by weighted score. Like dafuq.

MAL Badges is probably going to be shut down September if the API doesn't come back up since the guy doesn't want to keep paying the rent and not be able to do anything with the website, so you'll have to go with Anime+ to keep tabs of how much anime you're watching per year. 50 appears to be the average, so there's that. But I like the "[Year] Fan" badges as well. I've had plans for a while now to put aside time to just challenge myself into watching anime from one year because it sounds like a fun challenge. Figured I'd go with 1992 anime since that's my birthyear, but I might go with 1993 instead because I dunno lol.

I think if I ever get used to tablets/Kindle (don't have a Kindle), I might just give up and read more scanlations, but ehhhhh. *glances at manga collection* I mean, I just purchased more Pokémon Adventures manga, and I'm thinking on getting back into Umineko, and I'd be better off with the physical copies at this point.

Yeaaaah, you have a good point there. I like hearing stories from otaku in that era in how they had to go to many lengths to get their hands on a secondhand VHS tape (if they were lucky) because it's so alien, yet that era was still so close to my childhood years. It's really weird. (I remember Suncoast a bit--I can even point you to the exact store it was in at the mall because it was a unique sign.)

It's my finest achievement yet! XD

Maaaaan it doesn't sound as simple as one would think it would be. 'Cause I grew up hearing my parents talk about when they played D&D as teenagers (not together, not sure if Mom ever sat in on one of Dad's campaigns in high school) and the way I imagined it made it look so simple. Never knew they had giant textbooks on the stuff to keep tabs of your campaigns until just a few years ago when my brothers started getting into it. Kinda made me a bit disappointed that apparently the Dungeon Master has to follow a pre-written campaign script instead of making up their own map like I thought it normally was. (Maybe it still is, but my brothers' D&D campaign doesn't have a drawn-out map laid out for them like I thought they'd normally have.) I dunno, maybe the animated series screwed something up with me in thinking it was something else.

I enjoy Ranma 1/2 better than I did InuYasha, but it's not something to binge lol.
I had to get snippets of the Endless Eight stories that was still whispered about for a while when I was getting more into anime. I almost couldn't believe those stories were true, but I think that prepared me for the anime itself when I eventually watched it. But it wasn't the truuuue experience, so guess it's just one of those scars oldtaku like to show off. Puts my Pupa scars to shame.
GodOfWolves Apr 27, 10:12 AM
I dig it, I remember you said you had to go to illinois maybe? Cannot currently remember, but I do remember it was half a days drive to your familys. But cool you hung with someone and got some gaming in though. And yeah are three holidays are thanksgiving---christmas---and easter. Sometimes the 4th we do something. But thats about it on dinners and get togethers ourselves lol.

Your friends book/comic/manga is the funniest shit I've ever seen, and I don't mean shit in a bad way XD, its just plain funny lol. Almost had to stop reading, it was probably 4am so I couldn't really laugh loudly seeings the other two people are right down the hall. Actually hurt my chest trying to hold it in is why I was gonna stop, but I think I made it to the 4th one.
But it was good, I'd say the first one hit me the most with wanting to laugh, and possibly the 2nd next, however with the others not being as great I was able to read more, they were still good/great, he keeps the chapters flowing and connected it seems and is going to keep the characters active in the story which is cool. The little background details and world building is probably what made it feel more relaxed. So I wouldn't say it wasn't good, he just dialed the comedy down to introduce more things.
Which is also cool, honestly I'd give it a 9, and I have no expertise on judging artwork reading // like manga and comics, but I'd say a solid 9, maybe an 8 if it he it doesn't keep up the quality, but it seems like he is going to, so thats cool your friend is getting his work out there.

Lastly on that, I think you showed me his cards he drew back in fall oct-nov, and I thought his artwork was good there as well, I think it was him unless you know someone else doing gaming artwork. But it does fit the story well. Like YKKs artwork fits it. That kodak bear, and the little parodys at the end, is my sense of humor as well, just greatness lol. Anyways, its also cool hes posting it online, but maybe he should consider releasing them all for 5-10$ on amazon or something when the chapters are done. I'm sure he'd get some people interested, and it is free to publish,,, although I'm totally unaware of where the lines are drawn and its no longer a parody and it becomes copyright.

As for princess mononoke, I think I liked the artwork in it to, it fits what it was doing, the story could of been explained better though... As for the dub,,, hmmm.... Mixed feelings I suppose. I didn't dislike the voices really,. but I didn't really find them up to par with what it could of been,
My biggest complaint,,,, over everything,,,, is probably the women of that village, like mannnnnn, a new york styled voice "Like what are ya gettin all uppity about dollface" Obviously not in the anime, but I can't remember that overtoned newyork slang phrase she slurred out. It sounded so damn outta place I almost cringed, and I've never cringed at something so small, and non-perverse.
I never had a problem with english actors speaking for japanese, but giving a accent like that to someone who looks nothing like an american,,, I can see how you feel could feel jarred on dubs looking at it that way. But yeah.. Overall good, but it could of got a better score had it had a better story and acting, even if the actings better in japanese itd probably still stay a 9 , seeings I almost gave it an 8 anyways.

Dude exactly, I tried to ask twice, but no one gave me an anwser, that dude might of just bullshitted me, but then again I still cannot explain the 30-40 mononoke posts on reddit a week or two ago. It had to be something {Like this post.} That inspired it, it was the closet thing I found, but who knows, was interesting to find a new artist, I don't know if I actually like her music enough to get it, but it isn't bad.

Also I really need to watch howls moving castle and the cowboy bebop movie, both have been on my list for over a year...
looking at your list, I should add castle in the sky to that as well. Ghibi is really popular but spirited away might be the only other movie I've actually seen by them, I'm uncertain.

Yeah, like I said I figured I might of been able to say something wasn't worth dropping, but you kind of drop things like me, pretty much the bottom of the barrel stuff, that goes no where fast lol, So its not like I'm saying you need to watch any of it, because in reality you probably don't as long as you have something new lol. When I started, a ton of things were not dubbed, so I had little room to watch anything worthwhile until these last few years, toradora not getting dubbed until 2014 for example when it was probably 08-09 when I started to get more into anime, that's probably why my completed list is filled with a lot of 1s-4s at this rate...

I know I probably ask your opinion on a lot sometimes, sorry about that lol, but lastly, what got me into your dropped list was to see what you watched and were watching, and I actually wanted to ask your thoughts on 2 shows that I've seen and 2 I've dropped,
Whenever you finish them that is or if you wanna say anything now, but, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!,. Michiko and hatchin
Also, mushishi and shensekai yori, if you ever watch them in the future, I tried starting mushishi once but I dropped shensekai yori, so if they turn out any good, that be good to know.

Well, thats about it again for now, so I guess Ill talk to you again next time dude! Take care, and hope your weekend and the following week goes great!
AnimeApollo Apr 26, 3:07 PM
I'm glad to have read your review on Children who Chase Lost Voices and know your opinion for when I inevitably watch all of Shinkai's works. In fact I may as well do the full monty with mediocre anime films as I downloaded Uchiage Hanabi to watch too, which I don't expect much from having already been told it's a forgettable movie and knowing the main girl is literally a Senjougahara ripoff.

I'm glad you're committing to them! Good luck on your watching, and I hope you find a lot of films you wholeheartedly enjoy as you seem to have found a few already through it ^^

And really? It seems pretty good quality for how lesser known it looks. I'll have to check it out at some point.

Oh that sucks. At least they were somewhat enjoyable and not entirely awful though right? With the amount of films you plan on watching I guess not all of them are going to be masterpiece material. Again here's hoping you find something great and memorable in your movie watching.

Fair enough. I just read the first chapter and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's so over-the-top, it genuinely had me in hysterics! Your review was very well-put too, it does remind me of a show like GTO with amplified comedy.

Yeah, don't worry MAL is safer and just a better experience for all xD

Rilakkuma to Kaoru-san looks like a pretty good watch to be fair. I'm looking to get back into a couple of slice-of-life shows beginning with Non Non Biyori Repeat so I'll keep it in mind. It surprises me how few people are watching it considering it's a Netflix show though.

Yeah! I don't remember if I ever mentioned it to be honest haha. To be fair I do speak to people of all ages from closer to my age up to 20s-30s on here so there is somewhat of a range I guess xD

As much as I would expect it to be promoting recent or upcoming material I do hope that it is just for the sake of creating a great adaptation with as much care as possible. I think that lacks from a good portion of series nowadays and I really do wanna see more amazing and creative series instead of stuff that only exists solely for a commercial purpose. But of course it doesn't define quality, it'd just be nice to see a few series come entirely from the heart every now and again ^^

I recommend watching the special you mentioned before you go onto the movie. It gives a little bit of depth to the relationship between Kurisu and Okabe in the world line established at the end of the original series (Considering Okabe effectively erases the time he spent with Kurisu to ensure both her and Mayuri survive in the Steins;Gate world line), and sets up the movie a lot better than the series would. The movie is amazing though, and it does have very strong Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya vibes too so I'm interested to see what you think of it if and when you watch it ^^

Yeah, we did actually consider planning to go to Anime Expo or a similar large con but we decided against it as something like Kumoricon is a perfect size for me. And that sucks, hopefully you can sort something out but if not there's always the year afterwards of course ^^

I'm loving them! I'm currently about halfway through Volume 2 (Sigh), and my physical copy of Disappearance arrived a couple of days ago which I'm immensely stoked to begin reading ^^ I also began stocking up on my manga beginning with The Gods Lie, which is my favourite manga (Due to Monogatari Series: First Season being light novels) and one I haven't read in a while so I want to get back to it after these three or four years of reading it for the first time ^-^

I tend to always go for the easiest or second easiest difficulty so that I'm not basically planning out the series I'll read that year. I like to have a short amount to read for a bit of fun in a couple of months, which is why I like the difficulty system this year. The bingo system and the like in past years took me a little while to get my head around so I don't mind the simplicity in this year's. And of course, if you read something credit should be due if it needs to be xD

Oh I love the terrible low budget so-bad-it's-good films. I'll check his movies out if I can find them xD And Cipher sounds like an absolute mess but shitty voice acting is always appreciated in my books (See the infamous English dub of Ghost Stories) so if ever I'm stuck for things to watch and want to watch Engrish at it's finest I'll give it a shot xD