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Ryuudouji Shimon no Inbou
Ryuudouji Shimon no Inbou
Sep 26, 9:19 PM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 7
Youjuu Sensen Adventure Kid
Youjuu Sensen Adventure Kid
Sep 26, 4:25 PM
Completed 3/3 · Scored 4
Fruits Basket: The Final
Fruits Basket: The Final
Sep 21, 1:42 PM
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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Yesterday, 7:58 PM
Reading 72/105 · Scored -
Gakkougurashi! Otayori
Gakkougurashi! Otayori
Sep 27, 5:02 AM
Reading 2/? · Scored -
Sep 25, 5:37 PM
Completed 78/78 · Scored 10


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TrashDax Sep 23, 9:31 AM
Hey, haven't spoken to you in a bit.
Seems like you're still pretty busy, no worries. ;)
Just wanted to say hello and hope you're doing fine over there. :)
GodOfWolves Sep 15, 9:20 PM
Hey man sure you been busy so no worries on the reply - thought I'd take a minute and send you this picture, idk its cause you've told me your like an otaku or because i read it on your profile last month - seen it reading tower of god - its not a spoiler so no worries bro - its just a gag and i died laughing when reading it cause it was so outta place and in your face about it and then i think i finally remembered like i said reading that on your profile and thought you'd enjoy it so totally no offense to ya lol
It goes left top to down and then right side top to bottom as far as reading the images

Also didn't know if you knew, but yokohama cafe alpha was based off a real place
GodOfWolves Aug 3, 4:39 PM
Bummer on the manga and anime again, sweet on the work getting going. - Actually read 250 chapters in a month, 200+ was tower of god in july lmao, It being color, everything just flows so smoothly, I really wish all of yokohama was in color, same with spice and wolf, lol but honestly just having that one chapter a volume be colorized is pretty nice in yokohama and they usually add some unique photos in spice n wolf at the start n end thats color.
But still, very interesting to see every last page just in full detail like that and now in season 2 the artworks gotten alot better but halfway through i think his afterwards said he now has other artists helping and his artwork has went through the roof in details, though still shabby compared some of the others who really fill the page with endless items.

Yeah now that I look at the cover again, XGRA looks slightly familiar though ive never played it i might of seen it on a shelf at some point, oddly deja vu-ish
Yeah the more i looked into time splitters the more absurd and goofy it looked kinda like how the later games of saints row went crazy, and golden eye was ok i only played it a hand full of times so i cant really say i disliked it, just probably never had enough time to get into it, though i really enjoyed mafia and godfather games lol -

Woahhh broo, unreal on having over 200 cards to work on, i only had roughly 75-80 so pieces of artwork to deal with -
But I'm really digging the idea of the junkyard and fighting with the robots and the scenario with the arms coming off and loosing the weapons I dig it, it'll be interesting to see how the actual gameplay unfolds and how that will all work - It seems like you'll have quite a bit stats, I'd be careful not to overdo it but as long as you have a good plan it should work out - I was thinking in terms of balancing out all the weapons and the armor for the bots, to make sure that the game plays out in a rather fluid and invigorating way.
Idk if that last sentence made sense haha - but who knows you may prefer short pace or a longer term building strategy to the game. - As for the body, you said if it was destroyed they'd loose the game, can you attack the body directly away or do you have to remove a part, or multiple parts first?

And if a part is destroyed do you just add another? The fact you said they can switch on the fly, it seems like itd be faster paced and that you'd be able to replace destroyed parts,
Eitherway, sounds really cool man! Best of luck on the artwork! That'll be interesting to check out as well when the time comes - but yeah stay diligent it's surely a rush to watch it come together when your making one. - Idk if this was your first go, i know you shared that one by David once which was cool, i think that mighta finally sparked me taking a tussle at. Became a total addiction after a while,

Yeah i suppose it would be hell to ever figure that out XD - up to 3 days, but its been like a week of time in reading without question, i need to stop lol.
---Thats whats up, ill still have to keep it in mind to check out and yeah hunger games was better than divergent i liked the first one of the hunger, but the second was ok and after that it really went downhill, same with divergent the first was the best 2 was bad and 3 was terrible lmao
---I'll have to check out that review of netflix then, seems like it'd be some closure just to hear someone else talk shit on their actions for a moment lol - But yeah you have a point I can surely see it from a financial point that netflix would be better and that would ultimately open the gates to them having more funding to make better anime in the first place. - Still just kinda irks me, but none the less, business is business

Yeah it impressed me for as little as they had to go on, Heard bahamut virgin soul wasn't too good though i tried a few episodes totally different story now lmao - But rage of bahamut totally badass! after i got into it, it just got better it was just the initial premise of the world was weird and the character design was borderline perversion at first lol
Recently watched a anime movie about surfing that got a dub, wasn't too big a fan, it was mainly like he was her water boyfriend and a montage of scenes showing her dating the water guy and then - he disappeared at the end, - actually just seen you had watched it, ride your wave - though it was a lot of slice of life so that may explain my score to yours, i only gave it a 6. - But i think the fact that they did this entire fast paced montage love story that it just didn't have enough time to get me attached to the characters in any significant way.So i never really felt whatever emotions it was trying to deliver in the end. It felt a bit like a shell.
I also started watching mermaid forest its on your to watch list - but its been rather good for being 2003 - i swear to god the intro feels like the beginning of a N64 game, its funny you mentioned that system earlier, i completely think of sega as well and the Echo the dolphin game, cuz the mermaid jumps and freezes in the air, just like a video game intro.
It had some of the worst writing ive ever seen at first - i think they just cut a bunch of stuff - its also done by the writer of inuyashya a review said which i disliked that show, - but the mermaid show has gotten better half of the episodes are actually good, its gorey like higurashi but the story is no where near as impressive, overall it was ok for a few episodic stories but a vast majority of it felt lacking and thin.. I expected it though lol, i just felt like finally getting it off the watch list from long ago

Also just watched Hinamatsuri - you gave it a 9, and i actually gave it a 9 as well lol - i think we talked about this back in 2018 i think thats also the time we started chatting - but yeah, i think you mentioned it was a comedy and the first episode with the yukuza and the weirdness and this emotionless girl with powers really kicked the bucket for me back then- I think i just wasn't in the right mood having been wanting something more action than comedy and it had kinda set you up with false pretenses though there is action it was mainly comedy so i ignored it

- looking back i kinda regret waiting so long i laughed like shit the entire time by ep3 and the bartending girl lol the first episode was meh but it got better and better from there - the mom forcing her daughter to keep being a bartender, the blackmail, the girl who went homeless - that was actually a bit touching and i felt really sad watching her leave it brought a tear out lol - like honestly i didn't expect to really like the characters that much-
But the main dude was what held it together without him I would hated hina, still do, she stayed emotionless till the end though she did develop alittle bit of feelings so thats better than nothing - but the fact he wanted the perfect blonde kid who he left with the homeless people, man did he regret not taking her in i bet, i died laughing at how true most of that show was in how your raised background effects the person you are, and man was hina spoiled and an bitch XD I'd disowned the kid to lol - it had me geekin when he got to watch her and relized how shitty his deal was.

I started plunderer awhile ago as well and man its turned to trash - episodes 3-8 it became funny but more or less this is my current understanding -- Ep03 it gets really funny! After EP08 its really fuckin weird/stupid. Half funny half dumb but the 1st ten Eps were golden for a short while. -Ep13 it becomes a school drama EP18- It evolves into a Hentai and the author gives up writing a coherent story - Ep 19 it becomes worse and seems like one dude might be the main girls pops despite her being in love with him, cause hes 300 years old - Whoever wrote this makes no sense like they tried for half of it and the rest was like, screw it, im writing harem, and it turned to shit lmfao XD - from a 6-7 to a full 3 soon to be a 2 or a 1 probably after the final like 4 eps... Man naruto equivalent of slowly getting worse and worse at least it wasnt 100s of episodes lmao

Hey turns out that run with the wind, i think 1 of the characters were just korean in the show and i mistook it as them all being it, woops, - a few were more tanned than in other anime to so that could of been part of the misunderstanding i had - and idk ill have to check out the original japanese and see if they do the same thing or not, cause now im curious, they could just be overacting it lmfao - The author seems weird, some of the scenes can be obnoxiously friendly

Thats a bummer on railgun hitting the floor i remember you mentioning last season was getting worse and worse, number 3 i think and that you were not sure if you would want to - and is railgun S the sequel to index 3 or apart of it? = Eitherway insane amount of factions at 80 lmao - that is too much to handle - tower of god has a lot of factions and characters but its not that bad lol - And i have actually tried a few of them - I liked the action in a few scenes like this one episode i seen part of this girl with telekenis screams and uses her powers to beat this guy down with railroad tracks and the comments said he is antimatter or anti eletric? - i cannot remember and he repels and defeats enemies that way, but man, even if you hate a dub, the scream of that girl was spine shaking, i specifically remember it for that one scene -- other than that, anytime i watch it i find it really difficult to get into it,

I think it is because of that anti guy he has like this gun he holds with one arm and i really don't like the idea of it, they just seemed so outlandish, possibly childish or tooo syfy despite me liking syfy? Idk i can have a hatred towards characters with giant weapons. I don't like it...
to me that i couldn't get into it, the telekenetic power battles seems alluring but a lot of it was just strange for me,. And with the newer seasons and adaptions getting worse and worse and more convoluted as you say, i dont know if i want to get invested in it now lol - Though i may have to try some of the other versions of the show out that you seemed to think was better, -
I actually looked it up, Accelerator vs railgun turns out his name is accelerator, why did i think it was antimatter... anyways, its actually a newer scene then i expected lmao, - i have no idea when i watched it but yeah i remember her shrieking clear as day, its still just as ear shattering lol whoever did that should be in horror flicks,

Thats incredible that guy puts out so much work so fast though, thats a dedicated writer -- That is like the tower of god dude, hes been going since 2010 apparently and puts out a chapter every week and now some of them go over 100 pages, the longest was 189 pages, its like mannnn- the dedication that dude has is unreal its also interesting to see his little blog posts that people translate on webtoons, the author really seems like a nice and dedicated dude to his fans he doesn't seem to take it for granted either bummer he has wrists problems to because his art has really improved as its gone on, though he does have more help, i do believe he is still the main artist and writer for the thing, so who knows technically how much his new hired hands partake in the design now. its actually really hard to find any info on him either. Hes like, secretive about himself or something besides those blogposts he does.

Same to you stay safe and best of luck out there bud! And yeah i feel ya on that, it really sucks that they canceled all the movies this year theres nothing really new to watch either lol let alone not shit to do lmao - But best of luck on the anime watching to, and manga, hope you can find some time - and until next time, take care dude!
mikebz45 Jul 30, 1:53 PM
Yeah, we spent most of our time outside when we had the gathering, so I think that is why Tommi felt comfortable having people over. There were supposed to be more people, but they ended up missing the event.

Our job just started asking us about how we want to handle coming to work in Phase 3. I think it has already been established, but I'm not so sure as an official statement that it will be extremely difficult for us to return to normal because the DMV (DC - Maryland - Virginia) area is so close knit that they would have to be cleared at the same time. There are people that live, work, commute, and shop between these areas like they are the same city or state. We'll see if the employees are listened to this time in contrast to all of the times we've filled out surveys to answer the same questions time after time.

Kill la Kill was one of those shows where it popped up on Netflix and I tried it out on a whim. I might have heard it was made by the same people that did Gurren Lagann, but I'm not sure that would have influenced my decision back then. I just recently paid attention to who actually makes what anime and comparing those titles. Kill la Kill was really fun for me. I think I was into it more because Tommi was into it as well. I usually try to screen shows by reading the manga before I introduce them to her, but I didn't have the luxury of doing that for Kill la Kill. She sometimes pops in and asks about stuff that's going on in the shows I watch. Usually it's either to feign interest or because she really wants to know. She knows that if she asks me about something anime, I will talk her head off about it and she uses that when we drive long distances to keep me awake and active when I'm driving. In the case of Kill la Kill, she wanted to see the next episode to see what would happen next. I ended up blowing through it halfway because of her. I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I'm not surprised lol.

I got the girls into watching One Piece, Dragon Ball (now Super), and now, Yu Yu Hakusho. They could not say it right to save their lives until recently. I didn't even know what they were asking to watch at first. I'm thinking of touching on the Jump shows here and there because Carter goes back to J-Stars and plays with the new character she has seen on the shows. They continue singing most of the anime music we watch in the shows. They sing all of the Yu Yu Hakusho and One Piece stuff. They even sing it randomly. Most kids sing nursery rhymes; my kids sing Smile Bomb.

Oh, I think those beat albums might be the ones I did while I was working in New Mexico that summer. I think I have them numbered the same. I've been stuck around 60 for a while. I haven't finished one past 59. I keep making a new beat for a new album. I might do some more videos with my beats in them, but I have to figure out the sound. It also takes more time to make those than I would like.

I started some more new anime. I'm disappointed in myself because there were some that I wanted to start and I started new ones because they were new. I think I got Tower of God confused with God of High School and now I'm seeing trailers for God of High School and wanted to watch that. I was reading it, but I didn't keep track of it and didn't get too far into it before they put it on MAL. Now I'm equally as far in it in the anime as I am in the manhwa. I don't know how I want to proceed yet, but I think I'm going to start a couple of anime I've been dying to watch while I'm thinking about it.

That's about it for me. I finished my detail a couple of weeks ago and I was looking to apply for a promotion, but I messed up the application. So, I'm going to apply for the one in the southern region. I feel like if not for the trouble with my application, I would be an easy decision for the job. It's a bit frustrating, but whatever happens happens. I've been migrating south all this time anyway. Later.
TrashDax Jul 29, 12:20 PM
People are getting stupid now that the regulations have been loosened. Just recently there was a huge case of tourists on Mallorca who partied as if nothing ever happened, so the Spanish police had to shut down every entertainment venue on the island. Less and less people wear masks where they are supposed to, it’s just a matter of time before we get another outbreak (we already get smaller ones on “only” a citywide parameter once a week). I mean, I hate wearing that thing too, but it can’t be helped. Especially idiotic are the people who wear it over their mouth, but not the nose. What is even the point in that? And don’t get me started at those who try to enter supermarkets or public transports without a mask and when caught excusing themselves with “oh, I didn’t know”. It’s been over four months, there is literally nothing else anybody talks about, you’re a fucking liar. If people would just get their shit together, maybe we could’ve been over this already. But hey, maybe it’s not all bad. I mean, after all it’s mostly the conspiracy nuts who get themselves killed with their behavior. The world really could use a lot less of these.

Hm, I don’t think Madokas story is that outrageous. I mean, it’s a fantasy story, of course it won’t be very realistic. To me at least it made perfect sense in itself. Rebellion didn’t really do anything wrong to be honest (and I wouldn't go so far to say I hate it), except that it exists in the first place, which I think was very unnecessary. I just don’t like it when stories get continued that already have closure. Most people seem to see this differently, so I guess it’s perfectly logical to continue something that makes money, and Madoka certainly did.
In terms of spin-off manga, I don’t remember which I have a read, but I did read a few. The only one I can highly recommend is The Different Story, which deals with Kouykos and Mamis backstory. I don’t know with certainty that it's canon, but it was a great addition to their characters, as they both had much less screentime than the other girls and especially Mami was fleshed out much more in there.
I remember seeing at least one of the –chan spinoffs of Haruhi, though I don’t remember which. I like these kinds of lighthearted shorts based on an anime. It’s kind of fun to imagine what some characters everyday life would be that we don’t get to see in their actual show.

One day I’ll have to do an actual ranking of my favourite anime as well. One day…
But I agree, putting numbers in front of them can end up looking somewhat weird. Like when you look at #14 and you think “man, how did that not make the top ten” you kinda forget that it is still the fourteenth best out of hundreds. It’s just not a very flashy number. Lol

That movie looks somewhat interesting, though I am a bit confused that there is a tv series of it as well that aired at the same time, made by the same studios. What’s the deal with that? But it is indeed available here (though not on Netflix). I’ll put it on my PTW for now…I know, I know, that sounds like a death sentence. Lol But I plan on slowly getting back to watching anime at least somewhat regularly.

You’re absolutely correct, I’m still writing the review, hehe. After I got back into anime, I tried to keep track of what was currently going on while also catching up on the stuff I missed so far. That was probably a bit too much considering the time I had available (though most of the kids on MAL would laugh at me, I didn’t even watch a dozen shows a season! lol), so I was completely slumped out in early 2018 (trying to do the Anime Watching Challenge on top certainly didn’t help). I have hardly watched anything new since then, but I’m slowly getting the feeling back (and I have yet unpublished reviews of some shows). So yeah, the reviews kinda stopped with my “pause”, if you wanna call it that.

So, yeah, what are my final thoughts on Toradora? I really enjoyed it, most of the time I did not have to shake my head in frustration, and even when I did, it was usually pointed out as a stupid move within the show, which was pretty clever. There were a few (mostly minor) things I didn’t like. After all was said and done, Kitamura ended up being the main character that I didn’t really care for at all. Minori somehow won me back by acknowledging her stupidity, but he just felt like a plot device in the end. He was basically there so Taiga could have a crush too and the one time the story revolved around him, he was just a hardly likeable dumbass. It didn’t really hurt the story, but he falls flat when compared to the others.
I was also not a big fan on how the whole thing ended. The sudden development when they ran away made barely any sense to me. The relationship arc was done by the penultimate episode, I don’t know why they artificially stretched it to 25. I also didn’t buy the ending with Taiga just moving away and cutting any contact with Ryuuji. What was the point? Was she supposed to become independent by moving in with her mother? And how is the guy you are allegedly in love with supposed to feel about such a move? And then she came back anyway after a year. I mean, I can see how all that was likely meant to be seen, but I just didn’t buy it.
But aside from all this, I liked Toradora, more than I would have expected to be honest. The review will probably be somewhere around 8.x and my personal score looks to be an 8-9 as well. I hope I didn’t disappoint you by just liking but not loving one of your favorite anime, because I know how I feel when that happens. ;) If the ending was different, it would get a solid 9 for sure. Maybe it will, I am not yet sure. I wouldn’t completely rule it out. Lol

Haha, if I were to redo my top ten list (which I should probably do at one point), I don’t know if Kill La Kill would still make it. I was pretty hyped after finishing it (as you were apparently), especially since it was my first Trigger show. I still like it a lot, I just think that I may have shot over the top with putting it on the list. I should give it a rewatch some time.

That's all for now, hope you have a lovely day whenever you read this. :)
Hokuto_no_Lied Jul 28, 4:44 PM
Same here, bro. My month’s been pretty shitty TBH.

Sorry to hear about that. I’m glad you’re finding ways to cope in these times, and hopefully, everything will be better.

Pretty amusing story! It reminds me of this one time when I played Pictionary with my family, my father drew a tiger with long fangs, and I immediately thought “smilidon” (or saber-tooth cat) since I was huge into prehistoric creatures at the time. And when the time to name the picture was up, my father said it was a tiger, and I was like “WHAT?!” And yeah, it was a tiger, but the tail was short, and canines were long. Sounds like both of us had “trolling” moments. XD And no worries, you can say as much as you want.

I don’t mind. Express your fondness as much as you want. :)

Cool! You should reread Berserk. It never gets old, no matter how many times you read it. And it makes reading up to the current chapters an adventurous experience! Yeah, it does serialize at a snail’s pace, but honestly, these waiting periods aren’t so bad when you consider how much effort Kentaro Miura puts into it, especially while he works on other projects. Let me know what you think of HxH, you’re gonna have so much fun watching it. As for the manga, it’s a good read, but be warned that it has hiatuses, worse than Berserk’s actually. (As of this comment, there hasn’t been a new chapter since Nov 2018.)

Lucky! It must’ve been wonderful to experience in the big screen. But hey, seeing it now is better than never. ^^ I actually bought both the movie and manga, and I’ll be reading it soon! Just gotta say, Shouko is freaking CUTE! Also, which part of the movie got you the most?

You better believe I liked it..... baka! (JK)

Already saw Kill la Kill, and, well, I don’t think it’s that great. IDK why, I just didn’t care for it. But I do plan on watching Little Witch Academia.

You too man. Later!
TrashDax Jul 28, 2:17 PM
Thank you!

My full response is coming very soon!
SheyCroix Jul 25, 7:33 AM
Hey there, come and visit our clubs (^_^)/

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GodOfWolves Jul 17, 1:29 PM
Nice on teleworking becoming better, - and yeah then we agree on the chair not bad but improvement wouldnt hurt.
bummer on the mask thing but if you're still mainly at home i guess it makes a bit of sense. so at least it wont be an all day thing.
Bummer on the manga hopefully you can pick back up the pace, ive gotten way too much into it these past few weeks lol.

As for that, thats sweet theyre together an cant blame em there i never seen an appeal of marriage really, - nice on the games and those n64, soul caliber and smashbros was sweet the other three i havnt heard of i dont think ill have to check em out, they just arent ringing any bells.
Okkos inn and sorcerer hunters dont seem to be up my ally, but not badlooking though--- awesome you enjoyed them. and nice on completing a ton of goals, sounds awesome man! You surely had a busy weekend lol - familys been coming up more often, one brother is looking into getting a house literally right down the road and it owns land to our road so we could literally take fourwheelers to one another, it just depends if it has water though, they think it has a well but the seller has to ask the owners exactly what they have- they could be water buffaling it which is a nodeal with nowater- but it has central air and a bunch of other nice features so well see. big basement and the stuff from 70s looks brand new but a scuff or two its insane how nice they kept it.
Also sweet on the cardgame design best of luck with that, - should be interesting to see and hear about when you can explain some more on it :)

As for the audio books sall good i ranted on that anime a lot last time, - yeah that kind of audio book is what i always thought they should be i honestly cant stand listening to one person read an entire book even if they do different voices i always felt for the cost of 30$ that a ton go for that they could have a few actors in the damn thing. - that audible ive seen that would probably be the cheaper way to go.
So thats cool i might check it out, the anime seems really awesome but without a dub, yeah lmao. who knows if i can force myself to watch it, i think i had tried the second movie at some point in time in the past the cover looks familiar and i know i know that name from an anime.

I watched saw on scary movie then watched the real saw movies as a kid and laughed, some were creepy but over all they werent that weird cuz scary movie made it look so dull lmao - so seeing rick n morty make fun of it was great, - i felt rick being a bit jealous was a bit of development in a way. - and morty getting his own adventure just to f it up was hilarious a bit to. but yeah otherwise pointless though i could say that about a few of other episodes lol

Find the stats interesting to, seems theyre on a schedule because it took 3 days to update one time and only a day the next - but overall itd be nice to have more details of what is rewatched and what isnt and a movie vs show listing, though not needed perse itd be nice lol
- anime may be accurately calculated with the show times an what not but looking at this link/forum post - - apparently the manga time is not so accurate, though you cant really blame em, page/word count is rarely mentioned in book specifics as is. Which im surprised usually isnt listed more often even on websites its soldat- itd be interesting to know word count or exact pages at least to some degree

Hunger games was weak for me, felt it was lame, just like that divergence, - cant comment on battleroyale though ive seen clips who knows, hungergames could ruin battleroyale for me, especially with me having to read it in the first place, that could drag down the entertainment
darwins game was trash, all battle royales seem that way, i can agree on that - but at least you got a favorite movie out of them - idk, gamer the battle fight where someone controlled a living inmate in a fight wasnt so bad back in the day,

As for takagi i reread it and died laughing the entire thing is me complaining like shit about netflix, i was too upset, and how you almost vomited i know you cant compare you say - but you could trust me, cause in reality when you hear the fucking atrocious words netflix used i bout vomited like hell its a million times more kiwi japanese voice acting and the kid sounds like a dude in a squeaky voice --- as far as your issue with the gal trying to sound japanese i didn't think so i thought she was actually sounding like a kid, cause my niece has a higher pitched voice than that compared to the mom and it sounded accurate to me -- but you are used to listening to nothing but japanese voices so there is that key difference. But i felt she did a western kid very well -- I am still bummed out season 2 is a let down for me and yeah netflix keeps em hostage from every single review i read lol -

Though id never rate higurashi bad just because it didnt get 3 dubbed seasons - 1 was good i enjoyed it though im bummed 2-3 are japan only thats just the way it is
This though i felt could of been prevented.. -- i probably gave the thing a low score accounta netflix, but it probably deserved better so yeah im sligtly in the group you mentioned in a way, if youre a sub elitest call me the dub /elitest/ - but if the other company gives it a better dub ill rescore it
Now say what you will about these actions but my viewpoint is, if im putting my shit into another language, im going to do it the right way! /Spare no expense like jurassic park!/ -- The fact that the company that owns takagi sold it to funimation, then turns around and sells season 2 to netflix who has a reputation of shitty dubs... - That just shows how little they care about their own work, so 5 it is, i wanna like it, but i cant, cause they sold out.
-- thats probably why i went into a bit of detail with why i felt her dub did well, cause yes its a light tone voice but they're middle schoolers, and to me it doesn't sound impressionable of a japanese student so much so it does a western voice. and I felt that was an improvement seeings it is meant for western viewers despite them being japanese --- Because like you said an american trying to "act" japanese does sound terrible as hell. Its why i havn't watched a lot of other dubs because it sounds like mice squealing. - But that was different tbh.

But yeah total overreaction - I actually got over it a week, well actually two later lmao, finding the rage of bahamut show - - It was rather fascinating - They have some of that mythological elements you mentioned that you hate --- but i think its worth a go in your case - the first 2 episodes are slow but the rest was awesome ive seen a combo fight with zombies like never before, weird combination battle - the show lacks here or there but the art was good besides shitty cgi - the fights still were actually good again despite that and they did the budget well - it was actually based on a card game and had no lore so the company had to do the entire thing from scratch - so i gave it a 10 because that was the most impressive thing ever then this last week or two i moved it to a 9 that it probably deserves. honestly its a 9.5 - but it had a few issues -- overall though it had a lot to enjoy, betrayel and such a lot of characters and backstory, the comedy was on point though only half the time it was good lol - the amount of twists each character takes from the start to end was just fascinating though, it goes one direction then turns and turns again and its wild lol.

Its terrible bahamut virgin soul was season 2 but done with a diff writer/team but the same company this writer made it into some fluffy adventure like the slime anime i was going to give it a few episodes but from the start you just know what went wrong in every way and i wont spoil, but i was given info from a friend and that info just assured everything about season 2 i had worried about. But the first was just a fun ride to witness lol

I finished dorohedoro, you just might like it idk - but man,,, it got a 5, it could of been a 8 if it had even the slightest point behind something,- i mean it does in ways but it does it so lackingly - it was so drawl at times i just couldnt take it - it tried to be cool but it just wasnt cool enough, though i recommend it cause it was a murdererous slice of life of sorts i suppose with a bit of magic and doors, weird, really weird, the comedy was bad lmfao

Lol i dig that, i find it difficult to find time to read as well - but thanks for that link man, ill check it out even if its only fan translated, the comedy might come off a lot better - your issue with watching that anime earlier because you felt it was better to imagine it is probably where im at with gamers if not seeing the anime then id rather imagine it, then look at images that i feel arent doing it justice. But yeah i appreciate it you finding that!

Alright sweet man, be interesting to see your view on tower of god - yeah ive gotten way too deep into it, 150 chapters like wtf am i doing... - but its addicting, i think the biggest appeal is that every page is colored, its unreal how much detail was into it and the translations are so so at some points but overall awesome - i felt the anime lacked on a test with a redhead announcer - a day before it came out i got so into the mangas i read ahead to the end of that arc and watched it and while it still wasnt bad they rushed it and cut out a revolution and a few details like a safe zone that would of made the actions in the anime seem so much realer and understood - i wont spoil anything or specifics and leave it at that.

Ill check out that reasoning though but i still recommend it, the art is awesome, okward at first but detailed. --- And same here nothing much else new though i have had help translating mykids book into Spanish which was cool - and might be getting another here soon, - so ive been thankful for that help.

Oh one more thing, run with the wind seems to be a korean anime i think, and its been a rather decent slice of life about running, though its annoying to hear them breath when running, despite trying to make it real, they could tone that down, i thought id mention it, - some of the characters are funny like the trivia guy an manga dude - to a degree it is anyways - an they have a bit of development in other characters so its been about average so far but certainly not bad. - Ep 1- just cut way more chapters though... still not bad but its a bummer they're rushing it right at the end like this though maybe theyll give more time to the final big arc... idk..

But yeah nothing else much going on here either man - and sall good i understand how it gets, best of luck with your work bud! and I hope ya stay safe an take care as well! Talk to ya later dude!
AnimeApollo Jul 14, 4:07 PM
It seems like we're just constantly one-upping each other in terms of response time. '^^

So yeah, it's been a while! Nice to hear you're kind of back to normal. Is that still working out alright? We're still in lockdown here. They're hoping to have most things back up and running by September but honestly there's no way of knowing at the moment. Finally, my online lessons are over and done with though! I'm actually taking a break from my backlog of work to respond to my MAL comments and then maybe watch an episode or two of something.

Well, it's been a while since we last spoke! Did you end up hearing anything from that girl you mentioned? It's actually taking me a moment to get my head around how long it's actually been. As I've said to you before, my activity on MAL kind of comes and goes depending on how active my anime watching is. I've been reading, playing games and watching movies a lot in the past two months so it's been a kind of odd-episode-or-three deal for a little while. I'm hoping to start something new once I'm done with Texhnolyze and my FLCL and Serial Experiments Lain rewatches. I'm hoping to pick anything up from the early 2000s that'll give me a nostalgia fix if you have any recommendations. ^^

Glad to hear you sorted out your office and guest bedroom too!! I'm actually considering maybe getting a decent PC sometime in the next year what with the PS5 and other next-gen consoles releasing. I'm steadily running out of space due to my SNES, N64, PS2, etc. that I have as part of my setup alongside the current-gen consoles. My laptop is also on it's way out so any kind of PC is a must soon, I think the best option might end up being one that suits my gaming and productivity needs in the end. We'll have to see. ^^
And my morbid curiosity over the history of AMV Hell led me down the rabbit hole, which was a weirdly nostalgic part of the 00s/10s anime community. But weirdly enough the only material from the Zero parts was an excerpt of AMV Hell 0 on Dailymotion?? Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough. But yeah, if and when you do jump back into AMVs let me know! I'd love to see some of your stuff. ^^

Yeah, as I mentioned before, non-anime stuff kind of ended up taking a central focus for me recently! Anime and manga consumption has been coming to me really slowly, but I've been getting more watched this month. The rewatch binge always hits me in the summer if it ever does, and I'm looking forward to getting to some of my personal classics like Air and Black Lagoon next. Serial Experiments Lain and FLCL are just as good, if not even better than I remembered them and it's a great experience to own them on DVD and Blu-ray (Respectively) as opposed to my initial viewings. The only new series I've really started since we last spoke is Devilman Crybaby. I'm hoping to start .hack//sign soon too.

On the non-anime side, I've been watching a lot of the Classic and New series of Doctor Who. It was a big childhood show for me and the quarantine has me going back to a lot of stuff that I used to love. I've been rewatching Battlestar Galactica too, which is my favourite sci-fi show and possibly one of my favourite shows period. I started Orphan Black again?? It is REALLY good but I decided to stick it on hold AGAIN just to finish some of the stuff I was already watching.
I mentioned my movie-a-day Letterboxd list in my last comment too, which I haven't kept up with per se, but I've had days where I've watched 15+ movies consecutively so I think I made up for it. XD
And I've heard about What We Do in the Shadows! I think I may give it a try once I run out of live-action stuff to watch.

And wow, it's been literal months since I finished Seishun Buta Yarou!! I remember being a little turned off by it's similarities to the Monogatari Series, but I did enjoy it enough. I probably rated it a little harshly too. I've got the movie downloaded somewhere, whether that's on my hard drive or my actual computer, so hopefully soon I'll fish that out and watch it. ^^

Thank you! Like I said, there hasn't been a lot of material for me to actually write any more blog posts about lately. One day I'd like to make one categorising collections and merch, probably more as a personal lookback in the future, similar to the way you did yours, but yeah my blog is a little dry at the moment '^^
Not to sound conceited but I was proud of that Nana post I did. The posts I make often just come to me randomly, and after how much the ending to the Nana anime just resonated with me I had to write something on it. I'd love to see more in the future! It is totally possible. Looking ahead at the Nana manga volumes I'm yet to read as well, the anime only adapts just past halfway. Oh well, only time will tell, I guess.

Wow, I'm glad you loved Hyouka so much!! With my rewatch binge, a lot of KyoAni stuff close to my heart (i.e. Air and Kanon '06 specifically) are cropping up again, and I actually introduced a friend to KyoAni recently too and so we're planning on watching Kanon sometime soon. I really REALLY want to immerse myself in all of the KyoAni greats I'm yet to see. Maybe that can be something of a summer challenge for me...

It's funny that you commented on your love for rewatching with others after my previous paragraph! As I said, Kanon '06 means a lot to me, and so introducing it to someone else is really great. I'm also learning that it's a good thing to rewatch series that I love, and care a little less about my watchlist looming over my head. I've had such a good time revisiting various anime from my past over the last two months. ^^

I'm still absolutely LOVING the aesthetic of Texhnolyze, even more so than Lain. They both share this haunting-yet-beautiful quality, in my opinion, both in terms of plot and visuals. There's nothing quite like it. I also recently literally found the entirety of the Texhnolyze series in sub on YouTube, without pitched audio or anything, and with the opening and added convenience across devices that my torrented files don't have, so I've just been using YouTube to watch for once. ^^
Regarding Haibane Renmei, I absolutely know that I'll never ever find a series like these three again, and so it might be a while before I watch it so that I can just savour that first experience of one of them for a last time, if that makes any sense. '^^

20th Century Boys is currently on a little on-hold period until I buy volume 4 (7 and 8, I guess) onwards. I think it's probably a good idea to buy them in bulk again so I can just read everything at my own pace.
As for my non-manga reading, I've actually really gotten stuck into it. I read Carrie last month, which I really liked and was a welcome switch-up from it's 1976 movie adaptation, which is a favourite of mine. Since that, I read a couple of TV tie-ins, Pride and Prejudice, which I bought on a whim and actually really enjoyed, to my surprise, and The Princess Diarist, which is Carrie Fisher's memoir. I'm a big fan of hers and it is really interesting. I also got the A Song of Ice and Fire books out of my attic to read. I'm progressing through A Game of Thrones really slowly. I haven't actually watched the show at all so it's all fresh in my mind.

God, I hated mother! I probably ranted about it in my last comment but it was so sick for no actual plot purpose and the symbolism was just so in your face. I feel like I mentioned this before too, but on the anniversary of Satoshi Kon's death I'm hoping to rewatch some, if not all of his films too. I recently watched Perfect Blue again and they really never get old.

I actually do own every game (Excepting FFXI) in some capacity, but I'm definitely more motivated to play some over others. For example, I'm still steadily progressing with FFX, but when I finish it I'm considering playing FFVII from the start again, as opposed to the frankly ugly copy of the PC version of FFVI that I own '^^ I actually bought a SNES reproduction cartridge of FFVI and the Japanese version of FFIV, but I need to install a save battery and get a Super Famicom for each, respectively. It's gonna take me a while to finish all the FF games I own, bottom line. xD
As for my current games, I'm more engaged with Silent Hill 2 (Which is steadily becoming a firm favourite game for me) on PS2 and also Dead Space on my Xbox at the moment. I've been dying to just find a game that I can sit and play for hours, and Dead Space is doing that for me at the moment. Unfortunately I can't strike that balance with FFX yet because, since restarting it, I haven't overtaken where I was originally up to on the PS2.
Resident Evil 3 was VERY bare bones in content, I finished it in four hours as opposed to the 12 hours total it took for me to beat RE2 in my first run, and so I'm still pissing around with that too earning trophies xD

And that's my long-ass response done once again! Hope to hear from you soon, stay safe! ^^
mikebz45 Jul 1, 3:01 PM
Yeah, I see all of these stories about how children are being abused in some way or another in high society, but the stories can be a bit outlandish. I'm not trying to discredit any victims, but I am taking everything with a grain of salt. Making sure I know what I'm thinking is correct is one of the reasons I'm getting so deep into this rabbit hole.

We had a very small gathering with this couple we usually hang out with, their kid, and Sean. We have a pool in the back yard of the house we're renting and we got a smaller pool for the girls. They, of course didn't want to leave the water until it was almost dark. I thought Charlie would need to get shots on Monday, but when we got there, the doctor only took the normal measurements for her heart rate, blood pressure, etc. She said that Charlie wouldn't need any shots until she turned 4. It felt like a waste of time to me. I drove about 30 minutes each way to the doctor for something I could have called and told them. Anyway, it was all good.

I saw you were watching Kill La Kill. I didn't realize you hadn't seen it yet. I think when it first came out on Netflix, we watched it just before it was on there, I think. We loved it. I think you will enjoy it. I was planning on watching Ouran High, but I don't know when I'll actually get to it. I don't know why I fell off of watching Index II. I've been really getting into that. I don't think I told you that we seem to sit down and watch a lot of Japanese dramas together, me and Tommi. We watched Million Yen Women and Switched on Netflix. She's really into the foreign dramas. She watched a few Asian dramas on Youtube before the stay-at-home order. Erased caught her eye and we ended up watching the live action. I planned on watching that and the anime, but not in that order. It was actually really good. I'm interested in watching the anime even more now.

We finished most of Dragonball Kai. I left the last two episodes because Super takes place before those last episodes. I know that Yoriyama left out or forgot some things on his show, but I am really seeing it now. My first real issue with that has been Emperor Pilaf. He hasn't been seen since Dragon Ball when Goku took the original Piccolo and now he and his crew are kids. What? How? It's crazy because I'm watching Dragon Ball GT at the same time and I see that they changed some things that people didn't like (Vegeta's hair), but as far as the lore of Dragon Ball goes, they got it mostly right. There, Pilaf is actually old and wishes he could see Goku as a kid which is why Goku is a kid in GT. How old is this guy supposed to be? Anyway, I am definitely going to try to get the girls to do the Fusion dance. Right now, it is awful to watch, but I'm not sure if I should have them work on it now, or if they'll get it or will even be interested later.

Oh, I posted two new videos on Youtube that feature my beats in the background while I play Dragonball FighterZ. You should recognize the first one lol. Check them out when you get the chance. Later.
TrashDax Jul 1, 1:03 PM
I haven't been able to finish Toradora yet unfortunately. I stopped at a pretty good spot and now i'm waiting for a good opportunity to binge the final episodes. Since I have 3 weeks off now, that opportunity should come very soon.

Yeah, to me Discord somewhat became what instant messengers were back in the 2000s. I mostly use it to stay in contact with real life friends, as it is way more convenient than other methods (plus I never used myspace, facebook, twitter or similar crap).

I don’t know if monster girls can be considered a genre, most likely not. Though I can’t spontaneously think of a monster girl drama or something like that. Although, aren’t some of the Monogatari girls technically monster girls too? :)
I personally really enjoyed Monster Musume, that manga is very silly and very naughty. Though I guess if one’s not into that kinda stuff, there’s not much reason to read it.

The way I tend to look at the Rebellion movie is that I consider it fanfiction. If I think of it this way, it’s actually really good. It fulfills all the desires the fanbase had: more focus on Homura, another main character turning into a witch, Charlotte as magical girl, more lesbian subtext, everybody teaming up in classic magical girl fashion, MORE lesbian subtext, more badass Mami fighting scenes, EVEN MO…you know what, SayakaXKyouko is pretty much confirmed by this movie. As fanfiction, that is pretty awesome. As an actual official sequel…not so much.
In terms of whether or not a mediocre (or worse, bad) sequel can taint a work, I think it depends on how invested you are. When I watched Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for example, I was disappointed, but I could accept the existence of a shitty Indiana Jones movie. Many people were furious, as they are huge fans of the franchise. I am most definitely what can be considered a Madoka “fanboy”, so any continuation that is below the level I think it should have is a kick in the balls. Funny, that reminds me of our talk about my hatred of Haruhi season 2, though there were other factors at work as well.
I am slightly confused by the announcement of a Gakkou Gurashi sequel.

Emotional anime movies are nice, though my enjoyment heavily depends on how much I am personally able to connect to it. When I watched Your Name I liked the movie, but that was about it. I had no idea what was so special about it that made it so much better than any other anime movie I’ve seen before. With A Silent Voice, it was a completely different story, that movie touched me a lot. Maybe it was more relatable? I don’t know. I was also more emotional towards Wolf Children and I am very certain that I’ve never been a single mother. lol
They sometimes cast big name actors for voice roles here as well, though I have no idea why you’d do that. It’s pretty obvious to me, that the quality can never be the same as with regular voice actors. Maybe they feel like they need the “star power” to get people to watch the movie? But then again, they only do so occasionally, so I have no idea what the point is.

Whoa, those are numbers I never have and never will reach. I have not watched seasonal anime before I got here and I have stopped doing so after roughly 2½ years, as it felt a bit exhausting and sometimes more of a chore. But even when I watched seasonally, I don’t think I’ve ever picked out more than 4 anime. Usually, I’d watch about 2-3 shows. I was never keen on pumping out numbers to increase my stats on MAL, that’s not how I roll. Another positive side effect is that I still have quite a few big names to yet watch and good anime to discover. ;)
Ore Monogatari has been on my radar for a while now, I should really watch it in the near future. I can never get enough of the fuzzy feels. I sometimes think that the older I get, the more of a softie I become. Lol I understand your manga preference in terms of shoujo series well, I feel the same about shounen series. Shounen anime bore me to tears, but reading them can be pretty fun. You already know that I heavily enjoy One Piece, but I also love how Attack on Titan developed (seriously, that manga has absolutely nothing to do with what it started out as anymore). With reading I also no longer have any pacing issues, as I can just speedread fights if they take too long or are particularly boring.

Hope you stay well out there. :)
Hokuto_no_Lied Jun 27, 8:28 PM
(Sorry for the late reply)

Well, it looks like the pandemic has gotten even worse, so we’ll see how we'll hold up again. And yeah, visiting friends and family seems impossible these days.

Oh wow, that sounds like fun. Reminds me of playing Pictionary years ago, and let me tell you, it almost seems like a troll game lol. What did you draw?

Enjoying the Haruhi series? I actually began slacking off with my anime again, but I’ve been reading more manga, and I’ll be catching up with Berserk and Hunter x Hunter soon. I saw A Silent Voice a few weeks ago, and I love it! What did you think of it? And did I ever mention that I finished Toradora? I also enjoyed that too.

You take care, man. ^^
GodOfWolves Jun 26, 8:53 PM
Sup man thats whats up you're just chillen today. Bummer on the teleworking coming back but hey at least you're getting use to it. - And surprised, thats cool they let you take home the monitor! - Man.. I swear I've been thinking about another new office chair, this one is starting to have issues with the padding, and my legs have been killing me... Probably wouldn't hurt to get a little exercise in as well now that summer is here, get the blood flowing in them.

Nice on the new game, insane it says it can have a hundred players lmao - And cool you'll be able to hang out with them again. - Though that really sucks on the covid, same thing over here on the east coast, we've been doing good but at the same time, there are still tons of people failing at it.. ...- And is ashley with david i assume? Just was wondering, i dont think ive heard you use her name before.

The job system was sweet, i was starting to be under the assumption all of them have it but now i remember some are stuck with whatever class or type they are from the get go while that one actually let you customize each individual.-

The ending of this season was really great it was pretty darn deep at some moments, rick despite being as much of a genius really has so many problems against him. In his own way, the shits cool, but in another way hes kind of made himself a loser of sorts. At least with his personal life. Hopefully he figures something out lol - ricklantis had to be my favorite as well thinking back on it. All the convolutedness and the morties attacking each other- I think that one and the one where they go for the sanshaun sauce in his memories, that had to be a close 2nd lol. - As far as funny goes the snake one and the saw one with the avengers was hilarious as shit.

As for demon slayer he actually did say it in his thoughts and not out loud. - But it still bugged me. And i think you're right about that as well. The ending was so drug out, getting to see the big bosses in charge would of been the perfect spot to end it, show them in the hospital bed tell them theyll need to rest drop it there, come back in season 2 and even train - and like ya said it is probably to set things up for the movies but in all honesty they could of crushed those 2-3 training episodes into 20-30 minutes and put that in the beginning of the movie itll probably be 90 minutes anyways so what would it matter if they extended it to like 120 minutes then. - Cause that really did take away the build up and excitement and just leave you thinking like..."" welll huhhh.."" at the end ...
Nice it made it that high up on your list though, surely in my top 100.
-- Really looking forward to getting to 300 completed shows. just reached 5k episodes, but that 300 would be a nice mark despite some being movies lol - and also nearing my 100 day mark of watched anime, so thatll be an interesting milestone after this. - Insane though i had seen your list, you have 1k on your to watch i thought it was a hundred not a thousand lol. You got way too much anime to catch up on XD Lol no wonder you need a break

Yeah despite my groans on dorohedoro it still might be worth it - Senyruu i told you about ended ok but it got a 6, despite liking the ending the side characters were more or less uselss except for the main 2 side characters but even then- nothing happened it just a average show. i dont think i can really say it was bad or good just average.
ive heard of occult nine and there is a dub but i dont think ive seen it either and yeah the midnight occult like i said it started to seem like it had promise and it crushed any of that promise that it had...
Speaking of which darwins game just did that to me, halfway through it seemed good, about 3/4ths it seemed average and started to downgrade... but that ending... ... Total edgelord to the max, all of a sudden one guy dies and now hes billy badass and slaughters the baddest team in the game... - yeah right whatever...
I know a bunch and i mean a bunch of anime can be considered on that over status undefeated hero who is very edgy at everything, but to just do it in a flip of the switch at the very last 2 eps like that was just the lamest thing ive ever witnessed... totally killed any type of progress that guy made because now everyone went from OP to invincible and that is just,,, i dont know its just lame...

Yeah i cannot remember if i watched record of the lodoss war it sounds familiar, i may have tried to start it and may try again, but grancrest was lacking in its characters department everything else was decent enough i suppose besides the story having some pacing and other issues - but yeah idk, may be worth a shot for ya if it was done by the same person. But i cant really say seeings i cant remember enough about lodoss war to compare, ill have to see an episode and see if i watched it or not here eventually but who knows when.
And them movies were sweet, you will not regret them if you ever do get around to it.

But that wraps that up, im sorry i wrote so much i put it in a spoiler to cut down on space and it just became half this message about me complaining about season 2. - But it was validated... lol - If you do check out the links let me know what you think, it might not be enough to really judge on it but i think you can at least get an idea of the drastic change in their voices from one to the other... Man oh man,,, i just wish things could of been different i still hope it gets a season 3 but i dont think i can keep watching it if netflix continues to put out that level of lame... ... ........................................

The only other thing worth talking about is that i started to read yokohama again and then i started gamers manga and dropped it, totally not as funny as the show, i wish the show had gotten season 2 its season 1 ending was lame but the rest of it was hilarious, but the manga just does not do it justice, the misunderstandings are only funny if you can experience it happening not have to imagine the drama of it all which kills it.

I also started tower of god and despite the chapters being way overlong and taking forever to read at times the fact that every single page is colored is amazing - just about every manga ive ever seen is black and white and this is the first that has that level of constant detail while its not as up to the levels of some other manga in detail it surely does go a long way with just having color. - Also heard the start was drawn mainly by the author which is really cool and then he ended up getting help, which just checking out a random few pages from the chapters 100 and 200s they really do keep improving, there is like 500 chapters so seeing random pictures of people didn't really spoil anything lmao - Who knows if ill ever get that far in it really bummed though from the pacing they could do like 3-4 seasons of this in the anime yet the anime only has 12-13 episodes instead of 24 which it totally deserves at this rate. hope it gets more

But yeah that is about it for me man, i really had to rage on that, i think im going to put that into a blog just the way it is, that way its immortalized somewhere. I'd probably write a review but i would rather praise the show then hate on it and which a shitty season 2 i can no longer praise it like i wanted to, gawwwwww, for the love of god why did netflix need to ruin it..................

Anyways best of luck next weekend when you get to hang out with david that sounds cool dude, hopefully you get some board gaming and anime in as well! My brothers been taking care of the pool lately so ill probably be seeing more of him here soon, im shocked he has a phobia with frogs hes made me get like 7 of them out this year and his gal was yelling down the yard, pleaseeeeee come get em lmao - was hilarious.

And yeah thanks for the good weekend - Best of luck and hope yours is good as well, hopefully you get some of that anime in and nice on the hentai XD - progress is progress my dude lol - But thats it for now, until next time man, talk to you later on!
mikebz45 Jun 26, 12:04 PM
I think I have or at least played the first Magicka. I was looking for it before I started Magicka 2. It might be on the PS3. I didn't check there. I uninstalled Dragon Ball FighterZ from my system this month an was looking to play more of the games I haven't touched yet. So far, it's been Ratchet & Clank and Magicka 2. I haven severely slept on Ratchet & Clank. This one I'm playing is far from new. I have no idea how old it is, but it is awesome. Plus, Carter enjoys watching me play it. I thought about posting videos of me playing it, but now I'm at the point where I'm starting to die more often... not too entertaining to see me try the same thing over and over. Dead Nation. I knew Dead was in the title lol. That game was awesome too.

No, I have not finished Space Force. I haven't watched it anymore since we last watched it. I did start Altered Carbon's 2nd season. I got into that while riding the bus to work during the winter. It's been one of the more interesting stories I've seen based on the future.

We watched this documentary on Jeffery Epstein on Netflix. That right there kind of cemented my thinking on the stuff about the widespread pedophilia that goes on where we least suspect it. I can't remember how, but I saw another documentary on Anthony Weiner and his comeback to politics after he was caught sexting that under aged girl. I keep hearing or inadvertently seeing a lot coincidences which is why I've been in the rabbit hole so long. I'm just trying to find sources that can put this out of my head if it needs to be. A lot of the stuff I'm seeing makes a lot of sense. I think that's the scariest part of this whole thing. It really puts things in a different perspective on why people do some of the things they do politically. I'm second guessing everyone now that has something bad to say about Trump that has a lot of money or is famous. I haven't gotten into anything, myself, though. I've been reading the debates about the stuff in the comments mostly and people that know what they are talking about are more likely to try to prove it with something credible. Then there are people there that will point out whether it's real or not. It's not an exact science, but I can at least get the opposing sides and their arguments that way as well.

Carter has really gotten into Dragonball Kai since we hit the Buu Saga. They both are into the Fusion dance. I thought about getting them to do it, but they aren't close enough in size for it to be cool lol. Maybe when Charlie gets bigger. Carter was all like, "That was so cool!" It was. It really was. LOL. So now, she's seen the Potara fusion and she's glued to the show now. I was thinking about getting them stuffed Tony Tony Choppers from One Piece for X-mas. They love Chopper, but I think Charlie might also like Brook. I'm not going to set her up like that though.

Since we're between two states and another pseudo state, they have to all be good for us to all be good to go back to the office. Everyone's phases have to match or it won't matter. I haven't heard anything about dates at all, just phases. Where we stay is pretty remote, so I doubt we would have caught anything even if we weren't doing what we should to stay safe.

I finished Tower of God, but I feel like they either aren't going to go through the story in the anime or they are done with it, so I'm going to read it. I started Tejina-sempai since it's short. I'm halfway through Certain Magical Index II and I can watch III on Crunchyroll. I'm whittling down my list. Slowly, but surely. It's disappointing that most of the shonen anime I'm watching is in a great filler saga. It's really hard to get through them when I know what I'm watching doesn't matter.

Charlie turns 3 tomorrow, so we'll celebrate a little. She has to get her shots on Monday though. Talk to you later.