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Asoberu Karada
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Feb 14, 7:08 AM
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TrashDax Yesterday, 9:58 AM
Well, the ones benefitting from album sales are not the musicians, that's the problem. Record companies nowadays screw their signings as much as possible. They don't pay for any expenses, recordings, merchandise, distribution, the musicians have to pay everything themselves. On the good side however, record companies are slowly but surely making themselves obsolete. It's easier than ever to release music in very high quality by yourself. The market is completely oversaturated, which gives the record companies their power to push around the musicians, but it will also eventually be their downfall.

I don't mind having a big PTW list, if I don't know what I wanna watch I can just scroll through it and see what looks like I'd enjoy it right now. Of course I won't watch much of what is on it. It's kinda like making a playlist of your, say, 180 favourite songs, but you still skip through them to get to your 50 or so favourite favourites.

I guess it makes no sense to watch anime just for the sake of watching anime, otherwise it becomes a chore instead of entertainment. I had that problem last year, when I still had almost 10 anime to watch for the challenge in December. I managed to do it, but I don't remember particularly enjoying any of them.
TrashDax Feb 18, 12:29 PM
Well, I have a very relaxed stance towards piracy anyway, not just with anime. If I end up really liking something, I will buy it. These days there is no reason to buy the cat in the bag anymore and that is a good thing. Also, the music industry deserves to be pirated the hell out of, but that's a very different story alltogether.

Yeah, the categories are definitely a lot harder to fullfill this time. I also have quite a couple of items where I'll have a hard time even finding an anime that fits. Would have been nice to have some more easy tasks, especially if you do a medium or easy challenge. I plan to use my PTW list as much as possible this year, it has grown like a tumor and needs some clean-up badly. Just scrolling through it I already saw at least a dozen anime that I don't really feel like watching anymore for one reason or another. right now I'm extremely lazy with anime, I think I haven't watched a single episode in two or three weeks.
TrashDax Feb 14, 12:33 PM
Well, knowing me, I'll probably end up in December with 10 anime left to watch, like I always do. Thing is, I can't continuously watch anime after anime, sometimes I just don't feel like it. That's why I stopped myself from taking the 100 anime challenge. I'm usually a completionist, but that would have been completely impossible for me to do. Unless, of course, I'd just watch 100 2 minute anime or music videos and finsih it in 3 days or so. I wonder why these people take the challenge at all? I guess they think the number of watched anime actually matters or something.

Well, in terms of anime, I have the lovely problem of region-blocking. Crunchyroll for example is available here, but there are many titles blocked for my country. On top of Netflix and Amazon getting exclusive titles (and I think Hulu has some too, a site which isn't accessable at all for me) makes me not even wanting to try to watch anime legally. If I like something and it is available to a reasonable price, I'm gonna buy the DVD/Blu-Ray sooner or later. But, for example, I'm not gonna pay over 80€ for a one-cour(!) show on 3-4 discs with absolutely no bonus features. That would be insane.

Edit: I just checked in case I fucked up my numbers, but yeah, Death Parade is out on 4 discs for 24,99€ each. That's over $120!
TrashDax Feb 11, 12:29 PM
Woot? I always was under the assumption that Germany had the most restrictive youtube version in the world (outside of China and stuff like that). This is the first time ever I am able to watch a video that an American is not. Too bad you can't witness the cuteness that is Renge.

Another comfy SOL I enjoyed was Kobayashi. You may think it's a meme show, but it was pretty fun and surprisingly heart-warming.

Btw, how the hell do you manage to watch 50 shows at once? I currently struggle to keep track of 3 shows and I planned to watch more than that this winter.
TrashDax Feb 10, 11:05 AM
Oh, also this:

TrashDax Feb 10, 11:03 AM
I've never seen episode 0 of Nichijou, but the anime itself was pretty hilarious. The gags come so fast that even if you don't like this one, there's something else in the next scene for you. It also has some of the creepiest scenes I've probably seen in any anime with the Helvetica Standard sketches. Those give me nightmares.

Flying Witch was a totally comfy show. If you enjoyed Non Non Biyori, you will most likely like it as well. Also, if you enjoy Flying Witch, I'd recommend Non Non Biyori as well.

I've never seen Grave of the Fireflies either, my movie track record is sorely lacking. I don't mind spoilers much, I live by the mottot that shows that aren't enjoyable when spoilered weren't good to begin with. I mean, they obviously have nothing going for them but twists, don't they?
I like war settings, they make for great drama. You probably never ever heard of it, but there's a really good German movie called Die Brücke (The Bridge) about the final days of WWII and a bunch of teenagers who are ordered to defend a completely meaningless bridge. Probably the best war movie I've ever seen.

I'm a bit short on words as I haven't been on here in a week or so and there are a quadrillion things to keep up with. To make up for that, here's a cute scene from NNB:
TrashDax Feb 2, 11:46 AM
Hidamari Sketch is the onyl one of these that I've seen and it was okay. Most of these shows are just okay, they are nice and easy to watch but they don't leave a lasting impression. I can understand that some people are bored with them. My thing is that I have a rather short attention span, so a drama that doesn't hook me in immidiately, I tend to not be eager to continue it.

I don't really mind long mangas, I am a rather fast reader, so I can make it through in a short amount of time, like when I caught up to One Piece chapter...850 or so, it took me merely a week to re-read everything. But of course, dragging a story on too long can destroy it. Looking back at it, Dragonball is a complete mess for example.
TrashDax Feb 1, 1:47 PM
Gakkou Gurashi is currently at 59 chapters and just started its third (and possibly last) arc, so right now is a good time to get into it. In terms of the characters, I don't know if you consider character development a spoiler, but I'll put in in a spoiler tag just in case.

I'm still puzzled about K-On. As should be obvious by now, I'm a huge fan of cute girls doing cute things, but of all things the most popular show of the genre bored me to tears. That was only the second time ever I watched an anime and started wondering if I shouldn't do something else with my life (the first being Endless Eight of course). This is an anime I will definitely never ever come back to.

When it comes to DISGUSTING 3D PIGGUS real life girls, I think I'm a fan of tomboys. Why that is, I don't know. Maybe I'm in a deep, deep closet. :O

I don't think I've ever watched one of the anime remakes that are popping up everywhere nowadays and I don't see why I should. The only reason I can think of why somebody would want to watch that is because "all old anime is ugly" and what I think about these people can't be written without the FBI busting me for terrorism. If that's the only thing Crystal has to offer, I'll probably have a meh time.
TrashDax Jan 31, 10:55 AM

I wasn't really angry about the whole thing, I was sad. It was almost as if I was punished for tuning in. Maybe it was my own damn fault for caring about it in the first place, I don't know. Back then I had no idea about seasons or cours or whatever, so I assumed they would just repeat untill the show was over. I think I didn't find out that there were other episodes untill years later.
The best way to describe how I felt about it is: Imagine you wanna hang out with the cool kids and they go "Hey buddy, wanna hang out?" and you're all excited and go over there, but then they say "Not! Fuck off." And while you walk away in shame they go: "Just kidding, come back kiddo!" but then they tell you to fuck off again. There's only a limited amount of time you'll fall for that before you run away crying. Well, I didn't cry of course, but you get the idea.
Man, I'm depressing myself here. :D
Whatever, I learned a valuable lesson: Never care. If, say, Gakkou Gurashi got a second season and it was just the girls taking turns taking a shit, I'd drop it and move on, disappointed yes, but life goes on.
I heard the movie was great, but I'd rather invest my time in something that tries to entertain me. I'm not going back to the cool kids just cause they offer me a shiny club jacket.
But maybe I will one day, just so I can write a hateful rant about Endless Eight disguised as a review and then even proceed to watch the movie since I can't find any other movie that interests me but I still have to watch one for the Anime Watching Challenge. A very specific scenario, but not impossible.

I would not want to have Haruhi around me in person. Looking at her from Kyon's perspective, all she ever does is demand and giving orders and she doesn't give a flying fuck about anybody else. Obviously that is not true, but if I had that image of somebody in my head, I would do whatever I can to stay away from them.
Fun fact I just remembered: I once met a tsundere who was into me (contrary to popular belief they DO exist in real life) and it ended like it had to: I thought she hated me, she thought I wasn't interested and we went seperate ways. I'm still not sure if I should be upset I missed out on her or glad I didn't have to deal with her behaviour. :D

Minako has the problem of being somewhat similar to Usagi in character and design, which isn't really her fault since Usagi is a remodelled version of her.
And I really hope Crystal isn't as bad as everybody says, I plan on watching it for the AWC. :/
skimmel Jan 30, 5:54 PM
Obviously you're right. Folks are going to be all over the map on anything out there. It does seem that this one has a higher percentage of people who love it (and I'm legitimately happy for them), a high percentage of folks who despise it (and clearly I am one of them) and less middle ground than any show I can think of.
TrashDax Jan 29, 1:22 PM
I agree, she is a well written character and certainly very entertaining (and being one of the hottest anime girls ever doesn't hurt either). I mean, if she were unbearable the show wouldn't have made it into my favourites. I also get how this is also the exact reason why somebody would like her so much, I feel kinda similar towards Aqua from KonoSuba. She is a whiny, arrogant, annoying, useless brat and you just want to see bad things happen to her. Haruhi is certainly a much more complex character, but you get the idea.
I in fact did drop season 2 because of Endless 8. I can't call it anything other than an insult towards the viewer and it completely killed my interest in what I once considered my favourite anime.

If I had to pick a "new" favourite, I think I'd go with Minako, I came to like silly girls like her. Makoto is a close second though. I never was a big Hotaru fan, but I get why so many people like her so much. Maybe it's because she was with Chibiusa most of the time, who I absolutely despise.
TrashDax Jan 27, 11:06 AM
Well, I tried to score it as objectively as possible and it IS a good and highly influential show. Sometimes an anime just works, regardless of the characters. They're not bad per se, I just didn't like them, I think that's a difference.

If Taiga has some dere to her that's already more than msot other girls have. lol

Seeing how much you seem to like Haruhi, what do you think of her? I thought she was an annoying, highly unlikeable person, but I also thought she was meant to be that way, which makes her a pretty good character.

I was also shocked to see that you have the same "anime origin" that I have, watching Sailor Moon in the mid 90s. That show made me realize I was in puberty, hehe. I used to love Ami (I mean, I LOVED her), but oddly enough, when I rewatched it a couple of years ago, I found her to be the most boring and generic of the girls.
TrashDax Jan 26, 1:09 PM
Thanks for the information. Looks like I should at least give it a shot.
I most likely won't write such detailed comments, I may be fluent in English, but it still isn't my first language. ;)

I can enjoy a well written tsundere I guess, I like Eri from School Rumble for example. I guess my problem is less the archetype but more the fact that so many of them are shit. At least that's the impression that I got from what I've seen. Characters like Kirino from OreImo or Erina from Food Wars come to mind. I didn't even like Asuka Langley (then again, I didn't really like anybody in that show).
TrashDax Jan 25, 2:13 PM
Heya, thanks for taking the time.

I really didn't know bout Simmons in DMC. That's kinda cool. It was a joke, but some truth behind it, these guys are really into money.

I didn't write a review for Death Note because I watched it before joining MAL and I only reviewed what I watched since then, reason being my unrelieable memory. For the same reason I didn't even put scores for stuff I watched WAY back. I'm not sure what score it would (and will if I decide to rwatch it one day) get if I were to watch it again with the eyes of a wannabe critic that I am. I actually think the show was really long as L was in it. It went downhill hard afterwards, which led to the mediocre score I put down.

I noticed your favourite anime being at least partially similar to mine, so you might be the right person to ask this:
I only hear good things about Toradora, so it should be at least a PTW for me. Problem is, I don't really like Tsunderes and Taiga seems to be a poster child for that archetype. Do you think I might still enjoy it?
mikebz45 Jan 23, 11:43 AM
Yeah, that would definitely be cool. We have plenty of room and we'd love to have you. Yeah, Citrus has a lot of the harassment. It doesn't stop. Especially when they get on good terms with each other. I just finished Devilman: Crybaby on Netflix. I thought it was awesome. I was telling Lamar about it. He's watching Parasyte right now. I was saying Devilman was like Guyver, but when he mentioned Parasyte, I said Devilman is like an adult version of Parasyte. He's eager to get started on it now lol. Did you enjoy that day of the shutdown? We're still moving stuff from the old place, so we were moving stuff. We don't have much left to move, so we shouldn't have to pay all of the old rent. We've really been messing around on getting that stuff from over there because of how comfortable it is i the new place. Everything seems more convenient since the day care and the bus stop is closer. Once I go inside, it's hard getting back out. Yeah, I was playing and my friend, Sean, was watching. He goes, "Oh, you're kidnapping that one?" Indeed. I ran into my first official boss by mistake the other day. I was told about the infamous sniper, Quiet. The game never tells you where she is, but mentions that she gets her victims in the same place. The choice was to kill her or have her join us. Of course, I wanna keep her. It was hard though. And she still hasn't joined me officially yet. I keep seeing her in our prison even though she helped me out getting back to the base. Speaking of which, I need to make a trip back to raise morale. Anyway, I figure my presence will tip the scales in accepting her on the team, so I go back to base to see about it. I find out that I'm standing on the prison and see her down there sunbathing. Ridiculous! I want her in the field, not on her back! Anyway, the game is awesome besides, and I have to pull myself away to eat, watch anime, and play other games. I noticed over the weekend that my mixtape game is falling off. My last one was released in Summer of 2016. I've been working on the next one... I think it's 11, but half of it is in my head. I already have the concept and title for the 12th one and I think I want to put out 3 this year because of my slacking in '17 and '16. Problem is, I really can't get into my groove. Besides the fact that Carter will interrupt me and it's cute that she wants to hear what I'm doing, I feel like I'm out of rhythm; which you would need to make beats, but that's not what I mean. I usually have a sort of schedule, I suppose, where I'm doing music enough to where I don't feel like I'm learning or getting back into my method. If I did stop music, it was never that long. I did that before when I worked in Albuquerque when I hung out with you. I did a little music then, but not quite enough, so when I did get back home, in DC, I felt off, kind of like this. I ended up making a beat and called it Getting In Shape or Feeling Better... something like that. Anyway, when I do sit down with the intent of doing music, I blank out. I have no idea where to start, how to start, and what I want to do. It's very much like my anime list; there is so much I want to do that I don't know where to start. It ends up being a complete waste of time and I end up listening to stuff I've already done. I think I'll sit down one weekend and just get back to work. Might be the 3rd mixtape title... wait I just remembered that I have a 3rd mixtape already in mind. So 4th mixtape. Maybe I'll drop 4 this year. The 3rd one is like a best of and I'm doing it with music videos. It's going to be awesome. In case you haven't seen any of the music videos, you can check them out at That's going to be my 3rd mixtape (name pending). Ok, I've been doing enough of the music talk. I need music action, Jackson!