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Deatte 5-byou de Battle
Deatte 5-byou de Battle
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu
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Zombieland Saga: Revenge
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Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
Nov 26, 4:12 AM
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Tower of God
Tower of God
Nov 23, 8:39 AM
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Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Sep 8, 11:13 PM
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MathMaster123 Nov 13, 11:07 PM
Should I change my profile picture?
AnimeApollo Nov 7, 3:01 AM
Yeah, we exchanged a few comments a few months back. I've also changed my profile pic since I think so you might not recognise me :D
HollowNightWolf Oct 17, 6:43 PM
ewww, that sounds terrible :\ thankfully, i haven't caught it and i hope not to. i did get the vaccine which hopefully will help. i did hear a lot of people say that their sense of taste or smell is messed up or sometimes gone. glad you're doing better now though.

i wish i was someone that important lol (but also the nurses work theirs butts off though lol.) i work as overnight registration for the emergency room.

yeah, that sadly kind of happened with the VA who did inuyasha as well. the original guy did come back but i listened to the first episode and he doesn't sound quite the same either. sesshomaru's VA just doesn't do VAing anymore and i'm not sure what happened to kagome. it did have quite a gap in the time it was made so i suppose i understand. it is lame though; inuyasha is one of my favorite shows :(

the light novels, at least the last time i looked, were actually kinda hard to come by. i found the manga books pretty easily and bought a few of them but sadly.....i leant them to someone i was dating at the time and he never returned them to me. i'm kinda pissed but i also just want nothing else to do with him so i never asked him to give them back after he stopped replying to me. it's whatever, i've started a new life without him so it wouldn't be so bad to get some new copies and read them again. as far as that wordiness goes, i can see that happening. same thing kinda happened with the novels for an anime called log horizon. it was still good overall but i see what you mean. also totally understand what you meant about being in the right mindset, i have to be as well in order to read and enjoy it. i know i love to read but sometimes i just can't do it :\ it sucks

naaaaah, you aren't overtalking at all. i really like being able to have a conversation. when you only get one message like this back and forth, it's good to get it all out and just respond xD i for sure will give that a look and no, i've never heard of that one. what's it like?
meyve Oct 13, 8:19 AM
oh you are reading Trash of the Count's family! I'm very glad! I really want to know your thoughts but if you are busy dont rush the reply. You can write a long reply when you are free just like me. I hope you doing well too. your current state of mind seems worrying lol. Hang in there!
HollowNightWolf Oct 12, 12:44 AM
i'm glad that some things have been getting better for you and that you kicked covid in the butt. i work in a hospital emergency room so i see covid almost every day; it sucks :/

thanks! it's a whole new experience for me but i'm adjusting lol

oh no, i'm not offended or anything xD i ADORE demon slayer and the character does have his moments but sometimes i'm just sitting there like ._. good lord the sounds coming out of your throat hahaha. yeah, the english dub of inuyasha was very good. the only thing that made me upset a bit about it was that they waited so long to do the final act, which was the last like...20ish episodes of the show? that one of my favorite character VAs no longer did the voice and the new one just wasn't the same. the main female character kagome also changed too and i'm not sure how i feel about her. overall it wasn't too bad but still. not sure what they are like in the new show, haven't watched it yet lol.

you aren't overtalking, i don't mind at all ^_^ a good voice actor is worth talking about. hell, another one of my favs is the VA for sasuke uchiha and so whenever i hear yuri's voice i get a good giggle out of it. i adore holo, she fulfilled my love for wolves too in a really cute/loveable character. i'm glad you enjoy her too! i hope they turn the new book into an anime or maybe continue the manga/light novel. should def read if you enjoy that kind of thing
HollowNightWolf Oct 11, 1:54 AM
things have been kind of in a state of change as of late. moved into a new house and having to take care of a whole bunch of new bills and such. got a full time job and a car..LIFE STUFF(not sure how i feel about all of it lol)

oh zenitsu's voice in english was ear splitting. in japanese it isn't so bad and the character isn't quite as annoying somehow. the only dub i MUST have is inuyasha, i LOVE that show but the japanese voice actors don't do it for me. everything else i'm kinda flexible on. i watched spice and wolf in dub and i loved her voice, wouldn't switch over to sub unless they somehow go to make a new show and i watch it new. i adore holo, she has always been one of my favorites <3
HollowNightWolf Oct 10, 7:52 PM
i apologize for not responding! i didn't have a computer for a while and mobile MAL is a bit of a pain. i do definitely remember us going back and forth for a while. i'm glad to hear from you and hope you are doing okay!

thank you for the recommendation, i always like to check out new stuff. i don't have a preference either way, whatever sounds better. normally if i start something on the sub, i stick with it and likewise for dub. i'm a huge demon slayer fan and i didn't like the dub even though i tried it. just wasn't as good.
Satyr_icon Sep 16, 9:12 PM
Hey, sorry for not getting back to you before, I've been kinda out of sorts lately. And yeah, it's from my favourite game, Legend of Mana. It has a very lovely illustrated book/fairy tale-ish artstyle. I highly recommend it, it got a remastered version on steam and consoles recently but the ps1 version still looks pretty good to this day.

It's also getting an anime soon for some reason. Not sure what to expect of it.
meyve Sep 12, 1:11 PM
It's been a long time, huh. Sorry for replying so late. I saw you replies but i have a lot of thing to do and the last days have been pretty stressful for me so I decided to wait for a time when we can have a nice long talk rather than giving you a short plain answer and finally I'm free!! Well at least for the weekend :(

I'm really, really glad you like House of Shadows! Although it is a conversational and strategy based series, I think it is quite good in terms of storytelling and pacing. It comes straight to the point and doesn't bore you. It's great to see you like it too! Meanwhile, the second season of the anime has been announced. I thought that the 2nd season would not come out because the 1st season of the anime went to the anime original, so I gave it a low rating, but I guess it wasn't that bad. I still don't trust Cloverworks though, but I hope season 2 will be good.

Meanwhile, I watched some anime.
I watched Jujutsu Kaisen because my friend forced me to. I thought it was a generic anime that was popular and overrated like Demon Slayer so my expectations were pretty low, but it was better than I expected. I don't like watching anime these days because I get bored after a point and I feel the need to skip scenes because they can increase a scene that you can read in 5 minutes in manga to 10-15 minutes, but I didn't feel the need to skip too much in this anime, so I can say that it is good in terms of processing. I thought the characters were just like copycats from other stupid shounen animes and annoying like them, but they were way better than I expected. Their characters were balanced, and at least they were rational and not pathetic. Mc could kill people when his teammate was in danger. So I enjoyed the anime, I'm considering checking out the manga as well.

I also watched Toradora. At first I thought it was going well, but towards the end it started to get boring. Tsundere fml made me very angry. Mc has always been mean to mc even though he cooks for him, picks up after him and always supports him. And the emotions between the characters were unnecessarily complicated, after a while I stopped caring. The main couple's relationship felt like a fait accompli at the end. Maybe it's because I don't like SoL and romance.

I watched Link Click, which scored 8.90 on MAL. It was an anime about two main characters going back in time through photographs. Although it starts episodic in the beginning, it later focuses on a serial murder case. It was a good anime, although I thought some parts could have been handled better. I won't say more because I don't want to give spoilers. But I recommend watching it.

I watched One Piece, which I've been saving episodes of its anime and manga for a while, but it seems like I have been forget how empty the anime episodes were. Even though it's one of my childhood anime, I think this anime is the main reason why I prefer manga to anime lol. The manga is getting worse and worse these days, just like ToG. But even though ToG has a long way to go, I feel that this series should end already, the ending is being lengthened unnecessarily.

I'm currently watching Death Parade and Vanitas no Carte. There are some points on my mind for Death Parade, but I have to finish to talk about it properly. It looks like a nice and interesting psychology anime about life and death.
I see you started Vanitas no Carte too. The anime adaptation makes me feel a little sad because they cut off parts that are important to the story and the development of the characters because of unnecessary chibis and fan service scenes. They add chibis that aren't even in the manga and they spoil the serious mood. They also prolong the blood-sucking scenes as absurdly as possible. *sigh* At least the background and character drawings are detailed and the animations are smooth. It was a bit of a boring and slow season since the main events in the manga didn't start, but I recommend you watch at least until the end of the second season. I would be great if you can read the manga as well

And finally, there is a series that hooked me up in a way I never expected and I couldn't go without reading for days. It's called Trash of the Count's Family (I know it sounds like a shitty series lol) Webtoon was similar to other shitty isekai series but I kept reading because the main character looked interesting. After finishing the webtoon, I passed to the novel and couldn't stop reading it. There were 700 novel chapters in total and I've read them all, lmao. Speaking of the plot, mc, who falls asleep while reading a fantasy novel, wakes up inside the novel he is reading and starts to gain strength by using the knowledge in the book to avoid the upcoming war and live in peace. Of course, as he gets stronger, he gets more involved in the events in the book and starts to gather people around him. But what I don't like is that none of the main character and his crew are killed or injured at all. However, even though I thought it was simple and shallow at first, the more I read, the more I saw that the world and the world building of the story were very detailed. The character's background, why he went to that world, was explained beautifully instead of leaving it blank. I don't know if you like to read novels, but I really recommend you to read it. You can start from the webtoon first.

Sorry again for my late reply. I had to move and school started. Due to the pandemic, I had not been to school for a long time and interacting with people has always been difficult for me. My social anxiety and school stress wore me out. (Btw I am a high shcooler) Situations in my country are not going well, so I try to improve my English as much as possible to go abroad, but I am confused about which job to choose. Anyway, I don't want to bore you too much about myself so I hope you're doing better than me. I like writing long like this because it like having pen pale which is what I always wanted, i hope it doesn't bothering you. Have a good time wherever you are and whatever you doing.
YosepRA Sep 5, 7:16 PM
We've all been through hard times, brother. I also have a fair bits of occurrence where anime, manga, or light novel have saved me from hell hole of life. I've moved on, and I hope you are too.


Kind sir, I could've spare my day to talk with you about Spice and Wolf all day long and I would feel like only a second have passed us by. You're definitely taking words out of my mouth on how I describe Holo. Sometimes she is that cheeky woman who loves to tease Lawrence out of her amusement. Some other time she can be wise and provide Lawrence with reliable shoulder to lend on...... Or not too rare of an occurrence, she can also be weak and fearful, seeking kindness out of Lawrence. On the other hand, Lawrence can be childish whenever Holo teases him. And some other time, he can be as gallant as the knight to protect Holo.

All I want to say is that their relationship is natural. All too natural even. And as you said "nothing is forced" in their relationship. There is no cringe pickup lines or a scene where a harem is loving and chasing you for no god damn reason. Some people when asked about good romance, they would either go with:

1. Romcom, such as Nisekoi or maybe cheap school harem.
2. Something a bit more "advanced" such as Clannad.

But I will without a doubt say Spice and Wolf. Hands up. I won't discuss any further. The romance in Spice and Wolf isn't a romance driven purely by sexual urge or fulfilling the audience's fantasy, but more like a "simple desire to not be alone". Lawrence is tired of travelling alone, and all the more Holo who have lived for God however many years she has lived. Not to mention the condition of Yoitsu, her homeland too.

It's sad and wholesome. I can't describe it. If you notice, I haven't read past volume 6 of light novel. Not because I don't like how it's going, certainly not. I only read it when I can afford myself to be at my most relaxed state. I want myself reading Spice and Wolf as an experience immersed in their world and story. I won't read it just because I want to read something.


Well, if you're talking about overtalking, I can up you by tons, man. Unlike most people today, I can sit and read for hours. It's good to make your acquaintance. I hope things go well for you and for your loved ones too. Cheers!
YosepRA Sep 5, 5:15 AM
Likewise, man. The first time I visited your profile (which is literally just a while ago), and I see Holo there, I was like "I-I have found a cultured person!". Then hitting the "Add friend" button happened all the most automatically. Spare me, whenever a friend ask me about the series I love the most, I would say Spice and Wolf. And they were like "Spice and what?" (cry...)


As for The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria (HakoMari)...

It's a romance and drama wrapped in thriller.

It's a normal day for the ever most normal human, Kazuki Hoshino. Not until a mysterious transfer girl enters his classroom. After a short and quite liveless introduction from said girl, she approaches the seat next to Kazuki, and the first thing she said to him is "I'm here to break you". The previously normal life he has had turned upside down by the anomaly of said girl and some odd thing called "Box", a wish granting device.

Oh... Wish granting device, I see. When people think about their wishes, they're thinking about some happy and wholesome stuff. The thing they wish to have, the words they wish to say, or maybe... the regrets they wish to undo. Is such device really that convenient though? That is certainly a question.


If there is really a wish granting device, then I think HakoMari pulled the concept quite well. I hope you enjoy the read if you're planning to. Again, nice to meet you.
cchigu Sep 2, 8:18 AM
Sorry for the late reply. The past two weeks have been excruciating, to say the least! Initially I was busy with my project deadlines and when I was finally finished, and was about to get some breather, the motherfucking Hurricane Ida hit my city. There is no power, no water, no network in the city now. I had to move out. Sigh.

I was playing Persona 5 Royal, it is a very fun game, although too anime-ish which puts me off sometimes.

Yeah, lately watching anime has felt like a lot of effort. Back when I started watching anime, I could devour even 30 episodes without fatigue, and now I struggle to binge even a 1 cour anime.
meyve Jul 24, 11:04 AM
Sorry again for the late reply. There was a 4-day holiday in my country, so guests came constantly and I went to visit my relatives. I came across this word when I typed it into the dictionary lol. I guess I meant "carelessly"

I mean, this series was very popular at one time and some of my friends really liked it, but it never caught my attention. The first season was considered meh and the characters were very uninspired. I did not continue.

I watched RWBY'S first ep a long time ago but the 3D and english dialogs sound weird lol. But when you reminded me, I remembered that I was thinking of watching it. There is 1 month left until the schools start, so I don't know if I can watch it, but it looks pretty colorful.

I meant dope, after I wrote it, I realized that I couldn't write properly, but I was too lazy to correct it, I thought, "he got the point
" haha. Yes, it would definitely have impressed me more if they had given more development with the character and kept the story dark. They would do it if they know that will very popular, lol.

Nah was fun to read, no problem.
Yes spice and wolf looks very peaceful and also has my favorite genre, adventure. Yes, yes I know. I guess that's the problem with most anime. They may be trying to appeal to children because it's televised. Another problem with the magi is that the series itself, as well as the main character, can make everything seem all good, all as pure as the driven snow. There were some deaths, but they create a perception as if everyone can be persuaded by speaking, and this pissed me off.

I see you start Hanako. The anime wasn't that good ngl. The animations are minimal and look like a colored manga. The drawings get worse in some places, but the music was pretty good. If you're interested in the series, there are two arcs in the manga that are skipped. You have to read Chapters 9-10 and Chapters 23-29 and you can continue from 36. Character introductions and development are not smooth because some arcs are skipped. At least they didn't cut much from the arcs they adapted so I gave it 7.

And I started Toradora too. The characters are not empty and their character development is quite solid, albeit slow. And relationships are realistic too. It shows how important it is to accept and support each other as they are in a relationship, instead of trying to change themselves and look beautiful for the person they like. But that doesn't change the fact that it's still boring lol. SOL romances aren't my cup of tea I guess. But I'll probably give 8.

Yes, it was a very small hint when he spoke to Emily, but we'll definitely see her in the future. I remember she's from the same family as Laure from the first season so maybe Laure gets some character development too. The Anima girl helped Khun pass the final exam in the first season. And Khun had given him his bag. Endorsi had used the swordsman's ignition sword in the tag.

Yes life goes on, I have to keep up somehow. I hope all is well for you.
Yes, they changed a lot of things and added ridiculous scenes. Especially Rachel's character. They tried to make her look more sympathetic. And they cut almost everything related to world building. They ruined the series' mysterious appeal. If MAPPA had adapted Tog instead of the god of highscooh trash, Tog would have exploded even more than it does now. The animations of this anime are very unbalanced and terrible. The drawings are also very childish. And if there were 24 episodes, it would be perfect.
Ikr? I don't really like comedies in dark series, but the comedy in season 1 of Tog made me laugh a lot. And especially Hansung's.

Sorry for the short answers, let's talk more next time.
meyve Jul 17, 7:13 AM
Sorry for my late reply. I've been very busy this week and I've been waiting for a time when I can write comfortably as I don't want to write slipshod . Yes, my main language is Turkish. Thanks, I write most of it from my mind, but I get help from the dictionary and translation in very complex sentences.

Yes, especially when the exaggerated villain's being extremely strong against the main character, but they are useless when they are on the good side. I can't comment much on Re zero. I watched it but I wasn't very interested and I don't remember much. The character development of the main character was interesting, although some of his moves were really stupid.

Yes, I think Houseki no Kuni tells a very interesting point of view and psychology, and the development of the main character is really realistic. Yes, season 1 had a open ending, but I thought they adapted the manga well for 12 episodes. And I think the 3d animation fits the series very well. I don't know why, but the opening and ending really impressed me. I highly recommend the manga.

Hmm Madoka was a pretty dark show. But I guess the reason why I give 7 to the show was because Madoka was watching everything from the sidelines from the beginning, and at the end she suddenly became important and very powerful. She didn't get proper character development and her character couldn't grow on me. And they should have explained the show's main villain, its powers, and its purpose better, and the ending was so vague. Maybe that's why I didn't feel much when I finished. But yes, I think I can understand some things better if I watch the movie.

I gave Vanitas a 10 for the hype of the first episode lol. I'll probably subtract a few points when it's done. But for now Bones seems nailing it. The music is d and the animations are great. They haven't cut anything important so far.But I think the biggest problem of the anime is the unnecessary chibi comedy addition that is not in the manga. They make a serious show look childish, just like they did in fma. I could give fma 10, it was one of the first anime I watched, the heavy drama and the feeling of despair at the beginning impressed me a lot, but then they started to add very unnecessary comedy scenes and it killed the show for me a bit. And it ended too happily? I expected more death and drama. It's not that I don't like comedy, but I couldn't find what I expected?
Edit: And ironically they cut a lot in the 3rd episode :( It's still not bad but if you are interested in the show I think you should read the manga to learn more about the characters and the world and to understand the series better. Some characters introduced too fast you might be confused.

I recommended the Magi to you, but I didn't talk much about it. I rewatched it with my cousin -I suggested her to watch spice&wolf but she didn't want it lol- And I got a little bored ngl. Maybe it's because it's a 24 episode anime, but I can say that the battles are too long. And the main character may also irritate you a bit. He takes character development, of course, but he is like looking atn world through rose-colored glasses, that pisses me off the most. But I think what I love most about this series is the way it blends a lot of cultures into fantasy. The world building and the way of expression were quite impressive.

Yes yes I know. The series has started turning to shallow hype series where Bam gets power up after power up and defeats enemies one after another, and it really disappoints me. What I loved about this series was the diverse world building and unpredictable storyline. I hope SIU fixes this after this arc.

Yes, I totally agree with you! There are even foreshadowings on the wall in episode 1 for the current episodes. Certainly, the characters are colorful and their stories and motivations are well thought out, even if some are not fully explained. And yes, even the stories of the background characters are quite high quality and meaningful.
I can't say anything about the Candy girl, it's the background character that only appears a few times, but she seems to get along well with the pink haired girl walking around with her pillow and I feel like there's going to be something about her so they might get some character development in the future. I agree with you on Love - the short blue guy who loves chicken. He hated FUG a lot at first and caused a lot of trouble for Bam and his team. It's ridiculous that she helped Bam just because she heard she wanted to save her teacher. I know Agusgus—the white-haired black-eyed man—is threatening him, but it doesn't make sense for him to go into a battle where he'd risk his life for someone he doesn't know. And the other background characters that caught my attention were the little anima girl from season one and the swordsman next to her. I thought they'd join the Shibisu team, but they never showed up. I wanted to see more of them.

Sorry i haven't watched what you recommended to me yet but i will definitely check them out!

Haha it didn't even bother me at all. The longer the better I think. I'm getting on with my life somehow. I can't say everything is great, but I'm trying my best. I hope you doing well too.
Edit:I was writing piecemeal after you replied, but I saw that you removed some parts from your reply . Sorry again for making you wait so long.
meyve Jul 12, 6:50 AM
OK, I'll take it slow. It's true that there are a lot of arrogant and toxic people these days. I'm glad you didn't see me as one of them and talked to me. I started watching in middle school. Ever since I was little, I loved watching cartoons and there was a channel used to show anime. I used to watch it from there or online time to time.

Hoho I hate misunderstandings and love triangles they really piss me off. This is probably the main reason I avoid romance anime. Kaguya was better than the other romcoms but it made me feel repetitive and I was bored overall. Since my mother tongue is not English, sub or dub doesn't matter to me, but I usually watch sub.

Monster was one of the first anime I watched and it impressed me a lot. Yes, the processing was really slow, no lie, but since I usually watch it in intermittent time periods, it didn't bore me too much, the ending was a little clear, but it satisfied me. I'd be bored if I watched it again now though, and I'm too lazy to watch it lol.

Hmm well thanks for the suggestion I'll take a look at it after finishing season 1.

Yes, yes, right? The end of the majority is either nonsense or childish happy endings made to say we ared done. In my opinion, if an author is going to publish a work, they should think from the beginning to the end and start publishing their work that way. And all the events and character developments that have taken place should also be considered at the end.

The most common aspect of HunterxHunter and Tower of God in my opinion is the colorful world and characters. And the unpredictable, creative plot, of course. Although there are some issues with the pacing in a few places and the manga seems to be left unfinished so you might be disappointed that there is no sequel but I think it's really worth watching.

I know Hanako's drawing style is a bit childish, but I can say that she is going in an interesting direction. I looked at the dubbing of this and I can't say it's not that good. As I said, it's an incomplete anime because some important arcs were cut, so if you can read the manga, I recommend you continue from there.

Haha yes, the author is someone who comes straight to the point and that's why I love her. Besides being short, Pandora Hearts has well ending, in my opinion, it also has an anime with an original ending, you can watch it there if you want up to 22 episodes. The colors are a little off, but the music is pretty good. An anime adaptation of Vanitas came out this year, maybe you've heard of it. The anime is doing pretty well so far.

I gave the anime of House of Shadows a 6 because they went to the original ending and I was very angry about it. In the last few episodes, they've added nonsense and stripped out character development. But I see you think of the show as a runnning away from prison like TPN. That's not exactly the case. Generally speaking, we can say that they solve the mysteries of the house and its shadows. Escaping the Shadow house will likely be either the last arc or one of the last arcs, but they do it slowly but solidly. They convince the others in the house and find ways to solve the tricks of the higher-ups. By hierarchy, I mean the rank system. There is a shadow that rules the house, its close associates, adults and children. But yes, it is a mind game and mystery based series with a slow process. The character developments are good and the mysteries are interesting of course, but it is a fact that it is boring.

Then let's talk for as long as possible! I don't have much anime around to talk to lol

yes, that's what I was when I first read it, the characters, the powers are very diverse and interesting. Yes the dog transformations could have been better and the cage arc was a bit boring and lame. The thing that bothers me most about the series right now is that Bam gets a lot of P-ups and is the focus. The other characters, especially Khun and Rak, are very in the background and Bam is very strong. Rak wasn't even playing a proper role until the hidden floor, and Khun started turning to annoying female characters who kept saying don't do it, it's too dangerous. I wish it could be like in season 1 where all three are equal and they handle everything together. I hope SIU will fix this after this arc. And I wish there was a side story about the adventures of the 13 Great Warriors. I can't wait to see them.