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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season
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Ookami to Koushinryou
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Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
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Deadman Wonderland
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pluvia33 Oct 10, 9:18 PM
So, I ended up finishing my review of the Monogatari Series: First Season audiobooks today! Check it out if you're interested. ^_^

And while looking at your comments to pull up your profile to post this comment, I noticed that I hadn't noticed the edited-on part of your last comment where you talked about YKK! I must not have refreshed your comment before I posted mine or something, as I was working off of a Word document to write my last comment. XD But yeah, that's pretty cool about the real-life Cafe Alpha! I'll have to look into it a bit more and potentially add that to my Anime Pilgrimage List! And again, glad you liked the series! ^_^
pluvia33 Oct 6, 3:42 PM
Hey dude! Yeah, sorry, I have been pretty busy and generally out of it lately. Mostly it’s been a combination of going back to a full time telework schedule and gearing up for our fiscal year closeout at work. These last two weeks have been especially nuts. We actually went back to working in our actual office since the Wednesday of two weeks ago, so that we could work closer with each other and our Contracting counterparts for the last week of closeout. 30 September was our final day of the fiscal year so we worked until almost midnight (11:20pm) to make sure our budget was spent/balanced. Fun times. It could have been worse, though, and I’m getting a decent bit of overtime pay from it. We’re now back to mostly teleworking again with plans to just go into the office one day a week for training/meetings. The telework has had its good and bad points. It is a bit difficult to stay focused and motivated while working at home, but at least it’s a lot easier to keep up with the YouTube that I watch! XD

Hahaha! Wow, that’s kind of hilarious that you JUST NOW found the “Shared” anime/manga links! XD I use that function ALL THE TIME!! Speaking of things “shared”, I see that you recently finished Yokohama Kaida Kikou and gave it a “10”! Glad you liked it. ^_^ And yeah, while I really love the simplicity of black-and-white manga art, a full color version of YKK would be pretty cool. I bought a Japanese postcard book of the series and put my favorites into a 12-frame collage to hang on my wall which looks really nice. Not sure if I ever shared a video with you that I did of all of the posters and such in my house, but here it is timestamped at the YKK postcard frame, if you’re interested.

Hmmmm, I feel like I might be missing some context to fully understand that comic. XD And I’m not super into idol fandom, so I didn’t quite connect with it all that much. It does remind me about how I recently re-watched Perfect Blue for the first time in nearly 20 years as part of a Satoshi Kon marathon that I did on the 10 year anniversary of his death. I really wanted to write a blog post about my marathon and thoughts on Satoshi Kon and his death in general, but again, time.... I haven’t even had a chance to finish my re-watch of Paranoia Agent; only watched the first DVD (first 4 episodes) the day of. I really should finish that. Maybe I will soon now that our fiscal year closeout stuff is over, although I do still need to make sure I keep up with my weekly “Finish Them” thing. Just not enough time in the day. XD But speaking of Perfect Blue, I did appreciate/enjoy the movie much more with my new re-watch. I had previously scored it as a “7” (not anywhere near cracking my Top 50 standalone anime movies) and it was by far my least favorite of Satoshi Kon’s major works. But I think I just wasn’t mature enough to really “get” the movie back then, since I think I watched it when I was 17 or so. It’s still my least favorite of his major works (as all of the others are full-10s to me), but it did get bumped all the way up to a “9” for me now and is currently sitting as my #26 favorite standalone anime movie. I need to pick up a Blu-ray copy of it when I get a chance because my old Manga Entertainment DVD kind of looks like crap. XD

Speaking of Blu-ray releases of older anime, I’m really excited about the recent announcement that GKIDS licensed the original Evangelion TV series and movies for Blu-ray release! Getting rid of my old ADV Platinum Collection thinpak release DVD set was one of my most regretted sell-off. Although the old Manga Entertainment End of Eva DVD is complete crap on modern TVs, so I didn’t mind losing that so much. But yeah, really excited that I can add this to my collection again! I was a little worried that Netflix would want to keep this stuff “hostage” for a while, although there isn’t a release date listed for it yet, so who knows how much longer it will be until it is released? There’s also the question of what translation(s) they’ll use for the Blu-ray release since the new Netflix sub/dub scrips were a little controversial at parts. We’ll see!

Haha! Yeah, making over 200 different cards is kind of a lot. XD I was working a bit on my Junk Mecha rules a bit the last few days at work since our systems have been down for end-of-year changeover and such. I sadly haven’t been able to finish the card templates with David yet. I’m planning to spend a whole week visiting him either the last week of this month or first week of next, so maybe we can finish nailing them down then. If you’re interested, here’s a PDF copy of the rules as they stand right now. I would have shared the raw Word Doc version, but I couldn’t figure out for sure how to share that as view-only and don’t want a link of the editable version out there since it’s my main working copy of the rules. XD I don’t know how coherent the rules would be if you’re not very familiar with deck-building games. The rules as they are now are written to be as comprehensive as possible and not 100% meant for people to actually learn the game quite yet. There would also be a number of pictures of card-anatomy and what set-up looks like in the hypothetical final version of the rules. But yeah, as far as your question, you can normally attack the Body of an opponent’s mech right away, but the Body does normally have the highest defense value out of any of the mech parts (so it can’t normally be significantly damaged early-game) and it has to be hit multiple times before it’s destroyed. There are also upgrades like shields and armor that you can add to your mech which your opponent then has to destroy before they can target other parts of your mech (the “Cover” mechanic described in the rules). And yeah, there are different Head, Arm, and Legs parts which you can buy and install to your mech during your turn, either to replace a destroyed part or to swap it out before it’s destroyed just because it’s a better part than you had before. And yeah, I helped David with parts of his Pocket Neon City Rumble game, but this is the first game that I’m developing from the ground up. It is still a rather long ways away from even having a playable prototype yet, so getting artwork done is VERY long off. I don’t even know if this will be a self-published game (in which case I’ll probably see if Rudy would be up for doing the art) or if I might try to get it done by an established publisher, like the company David works for, if they’re interested and wouldn’t just change the game and its theme into something completely different from what I envision for it. XD

Ah, yeah, I liked Ride Your Wave rather well. It was a pretty silly story, but I had fun with it. The slice-of-life bent did really appeal to me, and it reminded me a lot of some of the romance movies that I’d watched with my ex, in a good way. And I was actually really surprised by the heavy gut-punch emotional ending when she heard the message that her dead boyfriend had planned a year earlier. I cried like a bitch. ^_^ I did like the Lu Over the Wall a bit more (made by the same studio, director, and some other staff), but Ride Your Wave still sits in my #29 spot right now for standalone anime movies. I recently ordered my Blu-ray copy (originally saw it during the US theater run, back when that was still an option).

And yeah, something being on my Plan to Watch list isn’t saying much. I have so much stuff on there!! I remember hearing good things about Mermaid Forest, though. Don’t know when I’d ever get around to watching it, if I ever do....

Haha! Yeah, Hina can be a pretty unlikeable character. Her “dad” being a dick at times really helped a lot in the regard for me. I’m not 100% decided if I’ll eventually get into the manga or not. I’d love to have more of the story and the producers probably don’t “need” more anime to be made, but I also have so much stuff to read already.... The manga has ended, though, and 19 volumes isn’t TOO long of a series (though that can be stretching it for a comedy-focused series, in my opinion). Speaking of reading stuff, I am a little worried about falling off of my manga reading again with going back to mostly telework. I was getting some decent reading done again while I was working, using my lunch break and such. I’ve been trying to finally get back at reading through the manga version of the Suzumiya Haruhi series since the first new Haruhi novel in over 9 years is finally coming out in November!! I’m super hype!! And now I really want to finish the manga as a refresher on the series, especially the content from the first 11 volumes that never got adapted to anime, since I’d only read the novels once. And Yen Press is even planning a simultaneous English release of the new book in digital form! I now have plans for Thanksgiving weekend!! ^_^

And also speaking of “reading”, when I went up to visit David and Ashley last weekend I listened to Bakemonogatari Part 3 and enjoyed the crap out of it! I really hope they produce more of these. I’d hate to have to switch over to reading the books manually. It’s really weird. Now that I’ve listened to all of the audiobooks made so far in “First Season”, I’m working on writing a review of the audiobooks. Don’t know when I’ll finish it though since time and such. XD And while it wasn’t as bad as the voice for Episode in Kizumonogatari, I was a little disappointed in the voice of Senjougahara’s dad. His talk with Araragi after he drove them to their first date was great in the anime, but the voice they used in the audiobook didn’t fit all that well. He sounded much too chipper for me, kind of like a radio DJ. Really weird choice. But yeah, aside from that, I’ve really been loving the books! What I’ve listened to so far has actually been enough for me to bump the Monogatari Series a few spots on my Top 100 List from #5 to #3! Some real movement in my Top 10! Crazy stuff.

Haha! Yeah, I still have absolutely no room to fit in trying to watch Plunderer, even if it might be a potentially somewhat-fun trash-watch. And geez, I was not expecting that to run for two seasons; didn’t seem like the kind of series that would merit a 24-episode debut. I mean, Arifureta only got 13 episodes at first. Although, I am morbidly curious to check out the second season of that when it comes out. XD

The original Railgun manga is a spinoff of the original Index light novels, so they have the same relationship when it comes to their respective anime adaptations. When it comes to when they were released, first came Index S1, then Railgun S1, then Index II, then Railgun S (S2), then Index III, then most recently Railgun T (S3); also the Accelerator anime came out in between Index III and Railgun T.... As far as where Railgun S sits chronologically in the story.... It’s been so long since I’d watched the first two season of Index that I’m not all that sure, but I believe most of Railgun S was still running parallel to the evens of the first Index anime, literally retelling one of the same arcs from a slightly different perspective (Touma’s first fight with Accelerator).... Yeah, pretty sure Railgun S still ends a number of episodes before the end of Index S1.... Ah, yes, I found this Fandom wiki page for the timeline of the anime adaptations and looks like Railgun S ends in between the 17th and 18th episodes of the first Index season.

And.... not much else going on with me these days. Like I briefly mentioned, I’m hoping to take a week off work to stay up in Albuquerque with David and Ashley soon, so I’m looking forward to that. Will be nice way to decompress from the craziness of work. And I think I might try to finish off Vinland Saga as my “Finish Them” thing this week. Dan has been really wishy-washy on the series lately because the characters have become super unlikable (I mean, I always thought they were unlikable, but I guess they began to get REALLY bad for him lately). I’ve asked him a few times if he’d want to continue watching it, but he’s always been like, “ehhhh....” So yeah, I’ll probably just watch it by myself at this point. =P

So yeah, nothing else really going on! Have a good one and talk to you later!!
Zadion Sep 30, 11:06 AM
BTW regarding metal, I've been listening to a lot of Dir en Grey recently.

Zadion Sep 30, 10:51 AM
Oi you wrote a real essay there, but I feel that. Way back when I watched Mirai Nikki I also had to write a blog to decongest why that series pissed me off.

(I know it's also in my top 10 on MAL.)

I'm anal about spoilers so I didn't read it, but if I ever get around to it give me a reminder haha.

Of the names you just dropped, Train to Busan is the only one I've heard of and I haven't watched it yet, but I've been eyeing it. Oh and The Boys, which I'm meaning to get around to. Sounds pretty dope.

I've watched... ... 132 films this year, about 80 of those being over the last 2 months. I'll drop some of the most interesting shit I've seen over this period:

... and just today, Perfect Blue (1997, Japan) -- which I was surprised to see isn't in your list despite all the anime you've seen! but I only saw it for the first time today as well, so, you know, one of those black pot/kettle situations. Top 5 are my most favorite, in order, and most recommendable. Especially #1 and #2.

I counter your list of recommendations with a longer list of recommendations. I'll look into the other shit.

Aye man I've been wanting to rework my profile to make it much prettier for years but I can't ever be arsed to do it, but thanks! Bro it's nice to see someone with an eye for the American anime voice acting industry. Brina is a fuckin' queen; it seems she can do anything and do it perfectly and she ALSO has one of the sexiest voices in the industry (Yuno Gasai, Holo... ahhhh I love her). Since I've been out of the anime loop for a while, I'm wondering what she's done recently. I'm at the point I'll watch something explicitly because she's in it.

I really like the rest of your favorite VAs, too, except for Sarah Wiedenheft who I haven't heard of and didn't recognize any characters for (on her MAL page). What's your favorite character of hers?

I counter your lengthy reply with one of my own!
KishinEgg Sep 30, 4:30 AM
I'm just randomly adding people here on mal lmao

Everytime I checked forums I click on. A person's profile and add them lolđŸ˜†đŸ˜†đŸ˜†
AlexTrusk Sep 28, 11:29 AM
Yeah, I really want to go for the Brotherhood now. But I kinda stopped watching anime for a while and now plan to clear up all the stuff I started up until now.
Once I do, I will start the Brotherhood!
Zadion Sep 28, 4:14 AM
yep I'm still watching Monster because my friend group I was watching it with is a bunch of goons and it seems impossible for us to get together for 3 got dang episodes LET ME TELL YOU. I did say (very) slowly! Tower of God seems pretty intimidating but also really cool, although I guess the anime didn't get the best reception. I'm doing all right, haven't really been consuming much Japanese media lately (unless music counts) because I've been voraciously watching films during all of my downtime for the last 3 months. Hope you're doing well. Thanks for remembering <3

I like your profile!
phinist Sep 28, 3:21 AM
thanks, will check it out.
phinist Sep 28, 2:56 AM
Hey, thank you for the hints.
I considered those series but have not decided to what them yet.

At the moment I'm reading some history books on Japan so looking into historically themed shows
like Samurai Champloo, Sword of the Stranger, Asura, Kasemakase Tsukikage Ran, Sabu to Ichi Detective Tales, Miss Hokusai.
Tsarko Sep 26, 1:19 PM
It's Historia Reiss from Attack on Titan!
BlazeMustang Sep 25, 4:55 AM
Long time no chat lol... it's been a bumpy road nowdays but glad that things are getting in place now. Hope everything's going good for you as well... This corona pandemic doesnt seem to end does it? Institutes were finally opening but some didnt follow proper procedures so a new wave of the virus came in... It isnt much though so hopefully will die down soon.

I see... you're book might be finished now lol. Hope it went well... Yeah we all lazy lol. Especially when its the warm season but autumn's right around the corner. Winter's coming soon. Tbh i prefer summer over winter lol.

Oh and i'm officially graduated now. The only thing left is for the EE consul to acredate our batch and then we'll be official engineers with our own ID card lol. These procedures take wayyyyy toooo long lol... Those grandpas sitting in the higher ups are way too lazy believe me.

Have a nice day...!
noelhoi Sep 23, 8:47 PM
Yohoho hello there. Nice to meet you
Thanks for the flattery, my profile is based on the me from 10 years ago when I was an otaku, especially anime freak. Decade later everythings changed all I got time for is a bit of manga, wish I could still watch anime, maybe i’ll check out your rec when I got time.
Have a blessed day mmmmaaaate!
Chiibi Sep 22, 6:08 PM
Not a problem. It's a really good series; hope you enjoy it. It's the faint of heart though. xD
Chiibi Sep 22, 3:08 PM
No, you really should watch the TV series...unless you don't have a lot of time. I suppose you could watch the movie instead but it cuts out some details and scenes I love....
Solfilius Sep 21, 11:50 AM
Yeah , you should really read the Watchmen comic first. One of the greatest , if not the greatest comic out there. It was the first that was like, maybe superheroes are not as virtuous as we thought they might be.

Also, Watchmen is the kind of comic where you really have to read it carefully and have patience , cause there are a lot things going on simultaneously. Everything gets tied up by the end tho. Its one of those things that transcends time. Truly epic.