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Tower of God
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FiestaOnline 10 hours ago
yea it really sucks that it takes him so long to make them made in abyss was his first successful work and it looks as if hes not giving it any attention...

man ik what it feels like to get ur stuff stolen in a game even as a adult i was devastated some friends offered to help me get gear again but quit the game shortly after

i dont know how it can be a matter of perspective cuz if i enjoy the anime thats all it matters to me at the end, if the work is representing the author himself or not, and even if that was the case i still dont care about it im not going to hate mushoku tensei only because the author might have morally wrong views on things i see thats as absurd tbh and at the end of the day i think mushoku tensei is a great anime and its people nowadays that are soo easely offended for god sake people get offended in comedy clubs when everything the comedian says are jokes not personal beliefs LOL how retarded is that.
ps not talking about u specifically i mean in general ppl dropped it cuz of reasons like that.

honestly i didnt know land taxes even existed so u buy land and then have to keep paying for it? so u basically renting the land?
cuz if u dont pay taxes they can take the land away from u?
thats crazy this people have literally claimed the entire planet and now charge people for everything earth provides and people just go with it like yesss we have to pay because its the law, a made up law cuz everything is made up if u think about it... this type of shit is why i wish i could get away from sociery its all rotten to the core

well im not talking about getting equipment to mass produce crops im talking about a garden where i would grow food for myself hunt ect,
ik its not very realistic nowadays but imagine it to not need money and be self sustained grow ur own food and hunt ocasionally i think it would be a good life

they probably bitch about money cuz the more money a person makes the more they spend so they always need more its like a loop im not claiming to know their financial situation but thats what it sounds to me.

yea man im on rent sadly i was just a baby in the 90s so count ask for that loan LOL and now that im a adult it feels like i have a rope around my neck all the time for the rest of my life tbh life just keeps getting harder and harder more and more expensive while salary stays the same and if it rises its by like 50 cents or a euro like what im gonna do with that extra euro xD and im not alone in this feeling a lot of ppl from my generation feel that way

yea i agree on the pokemon game i did the main story played a few days did the lv100 charizard raid then quit cuz it got borring after beating the game, hope u didnt pay full price for scarlet xD cuz that would suck

and dont even bother wit getting forspoken the game was a disaster and u need a nasa pc to play it, i played the demo and i thought my gpu got toasted cuz it was overhiting to 75temperature with any game i played wich is really rare for my pc, turned out the game required so much that my pc changed its settings to max preformance by itself (overclocking ) just to run thee game, i was so scared when i though i ruined my gpc 3060ti cuz i do NOT have money to buy a new one those things are hella expensive but thankfully it was ok just had to reset it so now im really careful about that when playing games in high settings.
FiestaOnline Yesterday, 4:55 AM
nice on the mountain and land thing wish i had land of my own even if the internet speed is slow lol

i rather not spoil myself with made in abyss ill wait for season 3, maybe if the manga was completed i would think about it but its not even close right?

i dont think its going to be a long game probably around 8 to 10 hours but regardless im still hyped abbout it madee in abyss binary star was also short but i enjoyed it a lot

castlevania first 3 seasons did have a nice story but S4 i felt that it focused more on cool fights rather than good story but if ur into that kind of anime in medieval times its a good watch anyway

fr now a days in dofus some ppl have so much gold (Kamas) that i dont even understand how they get that much i think some just buy in game money using real money there are websites for that.

on dofus/wakfu they have a similar thing to the auction house its a market for the second currencyppl buy it with real money and sell it at whatever price they want in the market place for ingame money, what i usually did for gold is buy cheap sell at almost 2x the price i would spend hours looking up in the markets and players in merchant mode there are others ways but to make gold but didnt have the patience for that, tho best way is to charge gold to ppl for poower-leveling them some got to max lv in a matter of a week when if u play the game normally it can take 2-3 years to reach max lv.

well we will have to wait for csm S2 to see whats up with the door thing and the other guy that has a bad ending coming for him

i think fire punch would be really cool as a anime but considering how ppl get offended over anything nowadays it would probably be criticized to hell and back because there are a lot of morally wrong things in it from what iv heard, but its not real so i really dont know why people get so offended for like how so many ppl hate rudy for bieng a pervert in season 1 i mean u didnt even like rody LOL.

honestly that kind of life sounds so good to me living a peaceful life away from society working a small farm having a few animals chopping wood having one or 2 dogs i dream of having land in a palce with abundance of nature and being self sustained away from the city and everyone ik its not easy its a lot of work but so is living the life im living now, but ik thats not going to happen land is so expenisve even if i wanted a loan the bank wont give my broke ass one xD and how would i pay it back if living without need of money is my objective...
one can dream.

Zadion Jan 26, 12:09 PM
i'm hella late because i'm never on here because i pretty much don't watch anime anymore, but merry Christmas man. and happy new year of course.
FiestaOnline Jan 19, 6:03 AM
yea life in the mountains is really relaxing, the guy i told u about that has his home in the mountains bought the land and builded his house from nothing actually impresive its rustic but looks really good hes also always making new stuff like he made a sauna a masonry oven stuff like that the guy is almost living minecraft in real life xD i wish i had a place like that to be honest im one of those ppl that loves being in nature

tho the 2mbps is so slow i have a online friend that also has montly data and around 2mbps as well whenever we play a game together im always flexing my 15-16mbps on him whend ownloading it xD

yea the fifth layer of the abyss takes place in the movie season 1 down to the fourth layer movie fifth season 2 sixth im anime only so idk what else will happen in the sixthlayer but i hear the manga is not to far ahead only like 5 episodes worth thats sad cuz its gonna take a long time for season 3 i just re-watched all of made in abyss in this last week and half

also i defeated all the bosses in made in abyss(game) first one was ozen, beat her on the forth try but i didnt get serious fighting her first 3 times cuz didnt want to beat her so fast probably could have beat her second try if i got serious from the start, then wont down to the forth layer to beat the orb piercer i destroyed that MF he didnt stand a chance ozen was way stronger but had to go back up to heal from the poison cuz i didnt have the antidote then went down to the fifth layer to beat the last boss again he was nothing compared to ozen but when i beta it i got a really cool relic at this point nothing can kill me my dmg is so high i kill everything in 1 to 3 hits and my defence is also really high so i can take a ton of damage like nothing so i might leave the game in this few days cuz not much to do apart from hunt quest but great 46 hours of gameplay

ill download ghostwire probably this weekend.
Ps there is a mushoku tensei game in the works for PS4 switch and pc (mushoku tensei quest of memories) i dont think its going to be a long game so it might release next year maybe in the summer

yea you can actually invite them to your world its like in genshin impact u can invite up to 4 or 5 players in pokemon S/V
there are some games in FGR that also let u play online u just have to look if its says miltyplayer in the title or coop

iv also seen rage of bahamot i think rated it a 7 or 8, didnt know its based of a game it has another season but not dubbed so i dont wanna watch it sub for now ill wait hope they dub it

i think all 3 first castlevania seasons where good but 4 feelt like it was just carried by cool animation and fights didnt feel like the first 3 but Dota dragons blood feelt legit till the end thats why i left it in the top list and removed castlevania, but i legit forgot about wakfu xD

i know some games where u can buy ingame gold for real money but could any player do it in wow, yet again how much could one get to sell later for real money...

idk if i said this but dofus also has a pay2play system but its really cheap and u can deside how much time u want to get minimum time is 7 days are around 1.99$, a month is 4.99 i thinnk and so on but it also ha s away to subscrive with in game money that you can exchange for shop money and with that u can buy subscription in the website but for me i didnt do that cuz its always having to gather a lot of gold dofus has a rather complex economy there is always trade but im on the poor side, rich would be getting 30million in a week or so for me its hard to get 10million in a month so xD i rather pay 4$ once a month and be done with it lol

glad u enjoyed CSM i thought the training was a bit lazy but i guess they had to speed it up its not a 100+ episode anime after all
the cigarette thing was like he didnt want to smoke at the start but his life will end soon anyway so he started smoking and saving the one she give him was i think sugested he really will die soon and in a very bad way

and yea at first i thought they werent going to show it and i was like come on show them kicking him in the balls xD and they did so nice, and thats still a good score mine is a 9 but really close to a 8.7 or something so iv been thinking of ranking it down to a 8 too
btw have u read fire punch is a manga by the same autor of CSM but way darker seriously fucked up stuff im going to start reading it maybe even today.
FiestaOnline Jan 14, 11:45 AM
oh i would love to have a cotage out in the mountain a family friend has his house in the mountains too iv been over for the weekend at his place its the best! tho internet is shit yea and mostiko are annoying af but apart from that is really great i love how the sky at night is so clear and u can see so many stars

seaosn 3!? so u read the manga, i think u mention this before but cant really recall it... yea i sort of agree on that sometimes they seam too happy for the situation they are in being so deep in the abyss is no jolly good show xD but not always when things get bad they get serious and exploring the abyss can also be exiting so its not so rare for them to be in a good mood when nothing bad is happening

yea Hellotalk might be it and even if its not the same app its the same idea.

and no sword isekai sub ended about a month ago only once it ended did the dub start

oh yea bro fr it was a real plot twist the end boss i wont say anything about it or who it is cuz it might spoil u but damn i did not expect that xD

ghostwire tokyo looks interesting to say the least ill play it soon but before i want to finish all the goals i set for myself in made in abyss apart from the main story and the surprise final boss, today i got most of the materials to craft the end game set took me a few days of going back to the fifth layer just need a visit to the third and fifth layer again and i will have all i need to craft the boots and gloves oh today in the forth layer i died and that triggered a quest with a sertain character it was so unexpected i loved it... honestly apart from my love for the anime i loved the game would give it a 9/10

havent played cyberpunk 2077 tho iv seen the anime it takes place in the same world and city tho final boss is the same guy as in the game seen so many videos of ppl making it to him after watching the anime and just destroying him saying stuff like thats what u get or this is what u deserve xD i have it on my list of games so ill play it eventually
dont know about the yakuza one tho

i didnt play both but i played it with a friend it has coop so the end game zone called area 0 or something like that has better pokemon in scarlet but u can always find a player online how plays violet and ask to join his world to capture the violet exclusive pokemon but apart from area 0 both have good pokemon

yea dofus/wakfu (they are 2 games lore wise dofus takes place 1000years in the past and wakfu in present time) they arent very known outside of france and spain its really popular in those 2 countries tho its originally a france game it also has its own animated series its really good i do recommend it its also english dubbed and u dont have to have played the games to understand it although, having played the games made it so much better! it has 3 seasons and forth one coming this year i think, and also a few movies the anime is called wakfu ill leave u a trailer for S1
and if u deside to watch it u can do so here (edit: trailer is for S1 and S2)

Ps speaking of the wakfu idk how i forgot about it when making my top western animated shows lol ended up removing castlevania and plasing wakfu in fifth place xD

the look of the game is some what unique not ur clasic 3D and ngl first time i sathe game was ona friend's recommendation thought it look stupid and borring but once i started playing it hooked me in and played it for so many years xD and yea same iv talked anough about dofus :P

blue protocol is a anime looking game looks like it might have potential but AoC really looks like its going to bi a hit and devs said its not going to be pay to win cuz i think it wont have a shop or something but it will be on montly subscription base 14.99$😖 when i saw that ngl it was a surprise one i did not like but i will give it a chance cuz it looks so promesing
FiestaOnline Jan 14, 3:48 AM
made in abyss binary star is not that big only 19 files in FitGirlRepack its on the small side if u ask me i wanted to download RDR2 its like 50 files now thats big i said hell naa lol

tho idk if u will enjoy the game as much as i did because for me made in abyss is in my top 5 anime rated at 9 and 10 but ur ratings for it are pretty low but no harm on trying out a free game right, just get pass the 3 to 4 hour main game (hello abyss) then u unlock (deep in abyss) and like i said thats where the real game starts, u mention u dislike slow combat so idk how u will feel about the combat in the game is not particularly slow but not very fast either but in my oppinion is a challenging game specially once u made it to the forth layer, anyway let me know if u start it id love to hear about ur progression in deep in abyss :)

had to google whats memrise cuz didnt know what that was so its a lenguage learning app cool, but u dont need to read a lenguage in ordre to speak it if the goal is to understand sub anime xD

learn japanese to survive... looks liek a game one would die more than u do playing bloodborne lmao yea i think ill pass on that game there has to be a better way to learn japanese there is this app that partners u with another person for example if u want to learn spanish it partners u with a spanish speaking person that wants to learn norwegian and just by talking in each others learning lenguage u learn so thats pretty cool i dont remember the name of that app but iv seen it before im sure we can find it if we look around a little.

FiestaOnline Jan 12, 3:13 PM
i usually dont reply as fast either but i come to MAL to advance my sword isekai ep count to 3 and saw ur reply so what the hell xD

na jap is not the worse by any means it has many great things its very advanced but i just cant with the work ethic the companies have there its too much

thanks iv been playing a lot tbh now im taking it more slow cuz dont want to burn out u know, went ona dive to the fifth layer did a few bounty quest i had there gathered materials for the end game set and went back to the surface im used to traversing all the layers of the abyss by now the skills also help, i thought i finished the game but i stumbled with the real last boss while exploring the fifth layer xD i thought i had finished the game cuz the end credits rolled the other day but no, didnt have any end game weapons on me cuz didnt expect to find something that strong so he beat my ass LOL ill be ready next time

ill see if i play the first saints sometime after made in abyss i want to play Ghostwire Tokyo looks pretty good
RIPxbox xD i never had the rings of death in the 360 can the xboxone have that? had it since summer 2016 i think
and yea u should download ryujinx emu for nintendo games, ok oceanofgames'com got it

u should try pokemon violet or scarlet they are 99% the same only end game has different pokemon for each and ngl i recommend scarlet it has better end game pokemon

i actually never played WoW u know my childhood game was this one called dofus played it for years getting on and off it till i quit it for good in 2018 tried some other mmo here and there but most of them are just bad blade and soul was good but after finishing the main storyline i quit havent found a good one since then, BP looks like it has potential but AoC looks like its going to be big! so im hyped for it
FiestaOnline Jan 12, 1:55 PM
harsh life u say bro the world already is harsh i think the system we have is just modern slavery thats how i view it at least but japan would be hell if u had to work like that japan is for vacations or if u make a lot of money working from home xd if ur dirt poor u better off migrating to noether europe life is way better there, anyway lets change subject cuz this is getting too deep xD

yea ik ur 26, 1996 right :P me 1992 so 30 had a mid life crisis 6 months ago LMAO!
yea the rest of my clothes are normal clothes only 3 of them have anime printed stuff

yea 3 brothers 2 of them are almost like twins sometimes i got them mixed xD but yea pretty cool to find ppl that enjoy anime
i really want to learn japanese someday only to watch subs lol i just like to understand what im hearing

lol dont think i ever had a last ep change the score that drastically cuz for me there is a big difference between a 7 and 8 not to mention 9 but when it comes to decreasing the score yea it happens cuz its not the same its easy to make a trash anime but hard to make a anime memorable

lmao yea i got that from a youtuber i sometimes watch noxtaku hes kinda funny and he always sais that XD i think its funny
yea man her boss fight was fucking epic i just made lv 50 today so i think i can beat her at this point just a matter of learning her attack patterns same as dark souls and elden ring xD

oh i like saints row played out of hell and 3 didnt know there is going to be a new one ill check it out, u can always download a emulator i have a nintendo switch emulator called Ryujinx used it to play pokemon violet with a friend but u need to download nintendo games from another website NXBrew if ur intrested u can check it out i also wanna take a look at oceangames maybe it has games fitgirl dosnt.

ah yea no rush the anime is not going anywhere was just asking lol

Ps some of the things u wrote like the Cahoonas thing i read it but like its settled there is no real reply apart from solidifying it so dont think i ignore half of what u say xD

also wanted to ask u if ur planing on playing some mmo im waiting for blue protocol that yesterday got delayed again🙄 at this point it turned into a meme and ashes of creation for 2024 the game looks like a real mmo not like most of the low effort games we had this last few years
FiestaOnline Jan 12, 2:59 AM
well i wouldnt say soon its gonna probably take 4 to 5 years or so considering the wano arc started in 2018 lmao but yea looks like the next one is the last arc.

dude... they have thousands deaths from overwork exaustion not to mention the mental disorder that can have on a person leading to suic*** u can look it up,
i work 45HpW and i already feel overworked af imagine living in japan as a simple office worker, thats why this weabos piss me off cuz they think oh japan is so great but its not its really fucked up in that regard, sure it has anime and anime related stuff all around but i would not want to live there, and about the harassment man i dont care who you think you are might as well be the president of the country if u talk to me in a disrespectful way im going to talk to you the same way jus cuz a person makes more money than another dont give them the right to talk down on them i had this happend to me before and i yelled back at them and they where socked like first time a worker stands up for himself.

the spanish english thing the thing is there are a lot of diferent spanish accents but the best one are the mexicans LMAO they are seriously funny to me xd

and yea the 2000s where not good for ppl that liked anime lol i keept quiet about watching anime till around 2017 like im coming out of the closet or some shit XD apart from some friends no one knew i liked anime but now i really dont care anymore i have 2 custom made hoodie one of kid goku using the kamehameha and a demon slayer one with a image of rengoku in the back
and japanese letters saying (悪魔の破壊者/Destroyer of demons) in the sleeves also a jobless reincarnation T-shirt

and yea i have some friends around my age at work and i asked them if they watch anime most said no but 4 do like it so we kinda bonded over that, the other 3 are brothers i heared tham talk about anime on lounch break so i joined them like like you guys like anime?🤩
some time after that i actually showed them my MAL acc and they said WTF thats a lot of anime and asked me to recommend some good anime to them and of course u know what anime i recommended first lol they actually enjoyed it a lot asked them from 1 /10 what score 2 said 8 one said 9

yea i understood u dont mean jobless being horror but yea its gonna have some dark themes but turning point 4 is going to send chills down ur spine at least it did when i listened to the audiobook it will be brutal

yea i think those small diferences in lenguage are sort of intresting and entertaining to know about and didnt know Kahoonas is from hawaii cuz it sounds like cojones witch means a guy has big balls or is gutsy like critical for sharing his elde lord story xD

i sometimes give a quick score if the anime has a good impression on me early on but it can also go down either way the final score always comes after finishing the anime but sword isekai gives me a good feeling thats gonna be just right a 7 not bad not amazing just good so odds are it willl stay a 7 but we will see.

yea man i really think the game is worth is the main story with the anime MC is just like the tutorial on easy mode the meat and potetoes is when u play ur custom made character it even made me want to re watch made in abyss so i binge watches season 1 and the movie in 2 days and watching the anime made me want to play even more xD its not a super long game but u can get 40 to 60 hours of entertainment from it im on 34 hours and dont think ill quit it till a few weeks from now cuz i already finished the game now all i have left are side quest and exploration im almost lv 50 by now and have most skills unloqued got my white whhistle too im trying to gather the materials for a end game set to defeat the orb piercer in the forth layer and... white whistle ozen the immovable, dude shes so fucking cool her boss fight is crazy u know those characters that break the grown with every step she dose that then suddenly uses flash step to be right in front of u its just too cool!
iv been thinking on placing her in my top10 characters but idk who to remove xd

but u dont really have to buy the game i download most my games from fitgirl repack its safe and has thousands of games,
u can google it like(is fitgirl repack safe to use) for example which it is if u want i can teach u how to download them its really easy and free cuz made in abyss is rather on the expenisve side, im waiting for this game called Forspoken i really hope FGR crack's it and add it to the list.

btw have u started SAO-GGO?
FiestaOnline Jan 9, 7:20 AM
oh right u did say that (Liam Neeson but voiced by an angry japanese dude) gotcha xd so yea its just ridiculous...
FiestaOnline Jan 9, 1:45 AM
idk whats worse that we need to try and keep interested in one piece or the fact that 70% of it is filler trash and we still dont drop it💀

yea one piece probably has the bigest world in anime but no wonder like u said they milk it so much keeping it going but i hear oda said after the wano arc hes going to take a break then start working on the final arc and it should be heavy in action but idk if thats good or bad cuz for the last 50 episodes one piece has been heavy in action but most of that so called action has been a lot of no name un intresting characters fighting the most lame fights u ever seen, so im not expecting anything great untill the final battle or some moments that are related to luffy zoro and brook

and fr the weabos should try living in japan and it definitely has some amazing aspects to it but its not all a dream like u said rent is high for very little companies are strict and from what i heard they expect the employees to work extra time with no extra pay, i dont even take extra hours anymore in the company i work at and they pay a small% extra if u do more hours, cuz im just tired i only want to get home and relax imagine if they expected me to work more for nothing i straight up show them the middle finger and quit.

no no bro, u dont understand they are saying same american actors but with japanese voice over like delete the original english and have japanese voice actors dub the movies LMFAO imagine the avengers movie but japanese dubbed💀 we need to gather all the weabo's send them to a remote island and cut off all comunication XD

yea the cringelord of a person was pretty funny ngl got a good laugh out of it, and didnt know u guys also used it the spaniglish xD thats cool
some of my friends can barely speak english so when they do it i think its hilarious but because i can speak it disently well its not as funny cuz i also do a similar accent but they do it with spanish accent so i always laugh xD

one thing is to jokenly mix some japanese in ur sentences with other ppl that watch anime and can understand, i occasionally throw a word out with my brother cuz he understands it xD but im not going to be saying any japanese shit with friends specially not kawaii or baka 🙄

damn bro fr idk why ppl dont admit to watching anime specially now its 2023 i remember in the early 2000s in school we had to hide the facts that we watched anime well idk in the states but in spain if u admited to it u get called a weirdo or freak by some fr kids are real assholes xD
i hear now its normal for kids to say i watch anime its way more common

a few of my friends do watch anime but very casually i tried to get some into anime they tried but it just dosnt appeal to them they know i do watch a lot of anime but if the they saw my MAL list they would probably say WTF thats a lot of anime, but its really not that much considering all the years iv been watching

i wouldnt say its going to be horror but defenetely dark and sad

and lol kahoonas is spelled cojones in spanish we use J as H thats why we have the jajaja instead of hahaha laugh xD also C and K sound almost the same for us but we also use it as CH for example chorizo meaning sausage, im going to have to charge u for this lessons lol
tho now that i think about it u guys also use the C and K for example coca cola 😂

i actually had hope for sword isekai hehe its probably going to have a final rating of 7 but might go up to 8 :)

also found a made in abyss game its soo cool the story is really faitful to the anime so i like that a lot but sadly the story ends when riko and reg desend to the third layer i wish they at least made all of seaosn 1 in the game T.T

but the good part is that we can make our own cave rader we have our own story line and we can also advance from reed whistle up to white whistle, im a moon whistle right now thats the purple one and we can go down till the fifth layer i just made it there last night and now i have to go back to the sourface and its so fucking hard to go up freom so deep down cuz there is the curse of the abyss to deal with the prime evil creatures but the most fucked up thing for me its the inventory weight limit cuz u have to be prepared and there is not enough speace for the gear the healing items th relics the weapons cuz they have durability so i need several of them and the food cuz if u go hungry u cant even pass from layer to layer so only option is to select i give up and lose all the progres xD a few days ago i almost rage quit cuz there was not enought space for all the items i needed to survive and return so i got stuck in the third layer had to give up and start the quest again (btw its a 1hour 30 minutes quest) 2 times😓 managed to get do it the third try but dam its hard so now im returning from the fifth layerRIP but if i make it ill be a black whistle thats only one rank away from white it also has levels so i like when games have levels im lv 37 idk what the lv cap is tho

well anyway i nagged about made in abyss enough ik u dont like it all that much but the game is really good xD
FiestaOnline Jan 5, 3:13 AM
thats literally what i do in the anime i skip the bullshit and just watch the important looking scenes and im not missing any plot cuz i spoiled myself to everything important xD like how lufy's devil fruit is not what it seams and how chanks stoled it from the world goverment who has been trying to get the gumgum fruit for 800 years xD i know all about joyboy and more so yea...

and yea thats why we need to learn japanese lmao to watch those fucking subs man iv been wanting to learn it for years but u know how it is.

arigurate? you mean arifureta right? yea it has some cringe but i like how hajime stays faitful to yue and tells the rest to fuck off tho in season 2 there is this home wrecker slut that with no shame is intended on taking hajime from yue literally telling it to her face im going to take him from you BRUH and i swear if this mf at the end takes even 1 of them... well i cant do shit but the score will be like a 2 or 3 xD

lol glad i made u laugh then, its ok if someone likes sub but to start talking shit online you watch dub lol cringe just makes me to back hand slap that person sometimes when i see that i say bet u wish u where born japanese and not from wherever they from you fucking weabo xD

i know there is a diference in emotion when the VAs go hard a good example is demon slayer S2 the final of the battle when tanjiro gets his demon slayer mark the sub scream was fucking awesome the VA pour his soul into it the sub was just ok, or in jobless reincarnation when rudy and his dad paul make up after the fight and his dad starts crying u can really tell the diference in emotion but there are very few cases where sub is clearly better like 95% of anime iv seen and compared sub vs dub are pretty much the same and there also been moments where dub shined and sub was meh like all mightr vs nomu in my hero academia S1 dub was fucking amazing and the sub was just ok so there really is no diference in sub and dub so in conclusion, yes they are just fucking weabos

about japan having a hollywood no thats not what i mean, i mean that there are idiots out there saying that if hollywood had japanece VA translation it would be way better than the english original film... dont tell me u dont want to slap a reality check in this MFs lmao

yooo the cringelord of a person killed me🤣 fr man mixing words with ur native and japanese is just cringe its not like mixing spanish and english, like there are funny jokes and jokes that are just lame
is spain we have spanglish that is a mix of english and spanish its mostly a joke and we dont use it often but its funny cuz we can actually understand it but when u mix japanese cuz ur trying to sound kawaii or whatever is just weird cuz no one knows WTF ur saying, most ppl i know dont watch much anime just main stream if at all so if i tried that jap mix shit i would probably get told to shut the fuck up with that shit at best xD

aight cool jobless manga has been from rudy at his lowest ever to right now being so wholesome and happy, but things are about to take a turn and it might not be pretty, the manga is on break now tho it will be back in 1 or 2 months

yea man facts that shit was so funny about the guy being this anime eldelord for a full year but props to him for having the guts to share that with the world he has a pair of balls xD
Solfilius Jan 4, 5:25 AM
A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To You buddy❤️
FiestaOnline Jan 3, 2:28 PM
there better be a good reason for dub to take so long to release cuz its just annoying and the amount is so little too at least half of all seasonal anime never gets dubbed...

about me recommending the manga i didnt suggest u start from the first chapter lmao hell no rather drop it and never see it again, start from where u last leeft the anime or start directly in the wano arc there is so much BS that ur not really missing anything
and dont sweat it its good to rant on get that shit outta ur system xD

when i think of americans being cool i think a guy with leather pants and jacket long hair headbanging the american flag behind him explotions everywhere the guy screaming AMERICA FUCK YEA! and a bold eagle flying by 😂😂😂

but i defenetly think japan has a diferent concept of whats popular and whats not to places like europe and USA, i dont think anime depicts it very accurately for example the loner type thats either mangakas making fun of it or they actuaslly think its whatts considerated to be cool in wich case thats just sad, idk if u know this YouTuber moist critical he said he tried that anime loner in collage and he thought it was cool but how everybody else thought he was a creep u should watch it its hilarious xD

man facts im confident could write a better heram story than most of this guys thaat make a blank MC and have 5 girls after his D*ck but hes too shy to ever make a move i think i said it once but as trash as arifurate has become it dose the heram thing right more anime should learn from it

i totally get it sometimes i try to start a sub episode and im just sighing like fuck i cant with this shit right now cuz i dont care that the VA in sub are better i rather understand what im hearing and not all are better a lot of english VAs do a really good job all those ppl that say sub is better all the time are just fucking weaboos iv seen comments saying stuff like hollywood would be better if it was in japanese and i think how retarded is this guy? honestly fucking weebs man like those ppl that mix english and a few words they learn from anime FUCKING CRINGE
if someone comes up to me and sais some cringe shit like that idk weather to walk away or slap the shit outta that person 😂

but anyway yea i really recommend u give uncle from another world a try or save it in ur on hold list it might get a dub once the sub finishes this week

man facts i actually finished devil is a part timer S1 but S2 didnt get pass the first episode it was so fucking bad had it in my watch list like a month telling myself ill watch it eventually but naa i think i either moved it to on hold or dropped so i dont recommend it but give it a try if u want maybe it wont be so bad for u

Ps i read the manga in this site check it out if u want
S1 ends in chapter 51 with eris going off to train with ghislaine and rudy thinking she abandoned him
FiestaOnline Jan 1, 6:59 AM
Happy new year man!

naa the jobless manga is still in the middle of season 2
if you wanna read it ill link u a good site but it takes forever for the chapters to release 1 chapter like every 30 to 40 days 😖
facts it has to be some legendary ass character to take a place in this top10 xD