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Chiyu Mahou no Machigatta Tsukaikata
Chiyu Mahou no Machigatta Tsukaikata
Yesterday, 8:22 PM
Watching 7/13 · Scored 8
Sousou no Frieren
Sousou no Frieren
Yesterday, 8:22 PM
Watching 23/28 · Scored 10
One Piece
One Piece
Yesterday, 8:21 PM
Watching 295/? · Scored 6
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Shadows House
Shadows House
Oct 14, 2022 10:37 PM
Reading 145/? · Scored 10
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
Sep 25, 2022 10:57 PM
Reading 164/182 · Scored 10
Tower of God
Tower of God
Aug 28, 2022 3:55 PM
Reading 550/? · Scored 10

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meyve Feb 4, 3:01 PM
It's been a long time since we speak. I saw Spice and Wolf remake and recalled you, what do you think about it? I heard Kevin Penkin is making the music and have a hunch it will become my new favorite. And what do you think about Tower of God season 2? They say it will be 2 cour. I thought you would enjoy Frieren and apperantly I was right. Though I feel kinda sad it's not in your favorites(yet?). I'm SURE you would love the El Dorado Arc in the manga. But wait for the anime, it will be awsome... Btw read Witch Hat Atelier, it's a manga you would adore.
FiestaOnline Nov 20, 2023 9:50 AM
yea man i dont mind 60+ floors but fucking shit kill someone make the dungeon have real consequences for everyone not like that all female familia that we never saw before and died off fucking screen bruhhhhh the anime is still good but it could be great if they dropped the plot armor specially for bell like hes the mc he cant die at least not yet but bro has more plot armor than natsu from fairy tail lol went on a bit of a rant there MB

the list thing is dope im a bit surprised finn is not in the top 10 and ais is fifht, the third one zald his descriptions sounded cool too bad hes retire cuz of poisoning second one alfia bell's aunt didnt know that and first ais's dad and bells step dad, tho he died fighting some one eyed dragon must be around floor 60 or so, if he was alive we probably would have even more plot armor bro apearing at random to kick some serious ass when bells is in deep xD

yea i got the mmorpg bird guy anime on my PLT list waiting for it to end i think it could be a 7 so i might binge it if its good if not then 1 or 2 eps a day.

Ps, have u played the latest nieR automata game it got a anime adaptation the anime just finished the dub after a long ass hiatus, i give it a 6 but pretty close to 7 so maybe its worth the try ep 4 has a really memorable boss battle in the game anime did a pretty nice job recreating it.
FiestaOnline Nov 10, 2023 5:54 AM
its not a movie tho its a 10 ep anime but cool u will probably like it

yea fate/zero was probably my first fate anime so it started with a pretty high bar but havens field is still pretty decent all 3 got 7/10 so they at least maintained a standard, was gonna say i dont mind waiting till floor 100 xD would be cool to see what's down there but if u say the max depth is unconfirmed then damn that makes it more entreating but apart from that i call BS on the power ups and plot armor in danmachi its almost like there are no real consequences to bell's actions.

ngl that list of levels and floors is kind of dope looked up the lv 4 and 5 floor boss and balor looks scary wonder wtf is the next one so yea we might still have alot more danmachi left but i dont mind i think its better.

also saw ur watching frieren and some of the new anime like the bird guy in a mmorpg im waiting for a few of them to end to binge them, but frieren will take a long time to finish, saw ur review on DrStone comedy gets more childish thats so lame...
FiestaOnline Nov 5, 2023 7:30 AM
yea animation is solid in GBF but thats the least important thing when telling, for example japan sinks 2020 anime has pretty bad animation but the story is solid and despite the bad animatin is a really good anime, PS i recommend it

MF fate has 3 different endings xD thats crazy no wonder its a meme at this point so many alternative timelines lol fate zero was dope tho i think it might have been the first fate anime i saw, but apart from grand order i have no idea about the order of the other fate apart from havens field cuz like i said before it literally says I II III xD

ah yea i just got a notification here on mal about danmachi S5 saw it right before y readed ur message lol and i think this season might be the final season if its 24 episodes if its 12 then there will prob be S6 feels like it should be wrapping up in the next 24 eps but maybe im wrong...
FiestaOnline Oct 31, 2023 11:53 PM
Only ones i dont know the watch order is fate/zero and bladeworks, grand order is pretty easy to remember
and havens field literally has part I II III in the tittle xD
yea i dropped grand blue fantasy like a year or two ago but i decided to give it another chance, back then i saw 2 episodes and thought this shit is boring AF give it a 6 cuz i thought the animation was a bit similar to jobless reincarnation S1 tho not quite on par with it.
FiestaOnline Oct 30, 2023 8:34 AM
starting with grand order babylonia is like starting a new anime in the middle 😅

thats the watch order
Fate/Grand Order First Order - Movie
Fate/Grand Order Camelot Wandering Agateram - Movie.
Fate/Grand Order Camelot Paladin Agateram - Movie
Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia - 21 episodes
Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity Grand Temple of Time Solomon - Movie
FiestaOnline Oct 29, 2023 8:50 AM
bro the grand order stuff is the best of fate in my opinion, u see grand order Babylonia is in my top 10 even

man there is no way u give pluto less than a 7 its 8 episodes but each ep is 1H so its actually like 16 anime episodes xD

naa havent played that game looks lame and i saw they released a movie might check it out if i have nothing to watch lol
FiestaOnline Oct 28, 2023 12:52 PM
ok so apart from 2 Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya and Fate/Grand Carnival i seen all of them, might try liner prisma Illya, i guess its not really a recommendation but a mention of it existing like Moonlight/Lostroom xD

also i just finished pluto it starts slow in the first episode but its actually really good final score was deciding between 8 or 9 ended up giving it a 9 so i recommend it...
see thats how its done xD jk
RebelPanda Aug 21, 2023 6:24 PM
I wish I had!
FiestaOnline Jun 15, 2023 10:42 AM
man i wish i could get that mitsuri figure idk where i would display it at tho i need a stone pedestal to display a figure as badass as that all the hashira figures are on another level
and sure insta is also ok

yea toradora is solid, and yea the eye twitching is funny lol

yea making AI images is kinda fun when they come out right takes me a few good attempts but i managed, but i think squishing her head made it look kinda weird but u still have a copy in chat so all good

new top20 is a bit better but wtf is stains gate doing there man isnt it all talk and nothing happening till the last episode lol

for one moment i didnt understand when did i troll you? but then i remember on the revy and holo image LMAO bro got trolled to infinity and beyond 😂
FiestaOnline Jun 2, 2023 7:47 AM
naa i agree with u its a good idea to have the option to combine all seasons of an anime into a sum score

thats basically what got me so fascinated by jobless reincarnation because its not a very complex story but ever since i saw the first trailer for season 1 it had a really strong first impression on me, remember we talked about it and i said i had really high hopes for it to be a 9 or 10 xD
just the first half of the season already placed in the same level as hunter x hunter that has 148 episodes lol then when S1 finished it was already above it, and after listening to the LN audio book you dont even know how far beyond jobless reincarnation is from my other top anime,
i dont have a way to confirm this but i am the world's biggest fan xD
i even refuse to get a cheap off brand figures lol eventually ill get the original ones
sorry for the rant on JR

yea so many anime are just a quick cash grab now a days or cantily over quality like u said on one piece, i think they extend it so much and waste so much time every single episodes is because they dont want to go into hiatus yet to let the manga advance but thats just making the anime literally unwatchable, but one piece fans are so braindead that they will still watch a bunch of background characters rent away for 15 minutes every episode and say its a masterpiece....🤢


(I dropped toradora) intense eye twitching starts
bruh how do u drop a anime as good as toradora i expected better taste from you xD

had to go into ur list and confirm this myself mf has it at a 10/10 like it should be, this guy... well ill leave my previous reaction to u saying some dumb shit cuz its funny xD

well about suzumiya what i saw looked like a first episode to me... are u sure the episode list is mixed cuz i never seen that before ill link u where i watch it and u confirm if they are mixed or not

yea ill ask him about that edit u made and see what we can do about it.
FiestaOnline May 28, 2023 4:17 AM
nice on the new top 10, to make my top 20 i used anime i scored 9 excluding movies, cuz it makes sence i like them more than the lower ones
btw i see DS mugen train in th5 place is it only the movie or demon slayer as a whole?

also what makes death parade a 9 for you?

also even if mob S3 was not up to par i think it should be judged as a anime not every individual season thats how i do it and fr man
demon slayer is way better than mob psycho lol people say its carried by animation alone because the story is simple but i dont think that for a story to be good it has to be complex and have many plot twist, and while its true that the animation is a big part of it the story itself has to drag the viewer into the world and make us feel the joys and hardships the characters go through and demon slayer does that very well in my opinion, but its true that some people cant get lured into that fantasy world where you totally forget about reality and are completely focused on the story ranted a bit but had to be said xD

and now i see the history it shows me the dates i watched the episode didnt know that so cool

i dont think i said i hated him or liked him he was just in the background but once he got more involved and made efforts i started to like him more u know everybody likes an underdog xD and yea hope they bring a new season sometime in this next year or two

i had 3 or 4 eps in kaguya but i think i dropped or had it on hold iy cuz the start didnt really catch my attention or i was just not in the mood for that kind of anime at the time

ah darker than black is in my plan to watch list havent gotten to it yet ill write a note on edit that says recommended by you so i dont forget next time i go through my PTWL on the others too ill try suzumiya haruhi for my next anime since its on ur top10
FiestaOnline May 13, 2023 5:14 AM
yea ill have to ask him why he left mal and after the time he took to add all the anime hes seen, and no i dont know him in real life he lives in texas but we know each other for about 8 years i think, but lately we havent talked at all

yea the katt williams stand up was funny if u into that trust me u need to watch bloom into you😏

and makes sense (1 anime a week = 52 year, 520 in 10) - yea for heavy anime watchers seams legit
but yea this last few months iv been watching way more than usual cuz i have a lot of free time now, quit my job some time ago cuz couldn't take that place anymore type of work that slowly drains the life out of you u know, so now im just getting some money from the unemployment and doing side hustles here and there

na man that guy im sure just adds anime to his list withouth even watching them there is just no way, ngl i would be a bit embarrassed to have that list, its like screaming look at me my entire life is watching anime 24/7 its not even healthy and he would need to have serious cash to have that much time i think i said this before but if i had that kind of money i would be watching way less anime cuz i would be out there living life to the fullest lol cuz rn im like this LMFAO

bro was at 6,648 now its 6,662 in 3 days mf has supposedly completed 14 anime xD even if half of those are movies hes full of it not only that hes also watching 60 anime bro has 2 screens playing a diferent anime on each at x2 speed mf has the eternal mangekyou sharingan 😂
i wouldn't have guessed key is one of ur fav in the anime since she has almost no screen time shes aight i think but why the fuck a brother or sister will be acting all tsundere with family thats some retarded shit xD

fr man even with 20 its hard, my top10 are 99% acurate but i had trouble ranking the 11 - 20 idk if u seen it in my PF its more or less acurate but for starters i dont remember shit about FMA & brotherhood i juts know i liked it enough to be a 9 i should really re-watch it and a few of those are so evenly matched that it makes it harder to rank xD

man i saw this anime on tiktok looked cool when i looked for it it only had 3 dub episodes so they cancelled the dub right at the start wtf it was mildly annoying also a lot of my plan to watch still need to be dubbed it really sucks tbh

what do u mean by u can see the episode history, ik there is (Edit - More) in More tab i can see how many time a person has re-watched the anime the start date and finish date how much time u spend watching ect is that what u mean?

Ps, tired to keep the reply short i think lately they been getting too long and we also talk on face so u know.

Edit: went and actually made the top 11 - 20 list way more acurate lets say its 90% acurate now
FiestaOnline Apr 25, 2023 4:03 AM
Long beards look good on big guys dont think it would look good on me lol

man u have so many good anime to catch up to just finished summer time rendering and damn it u need to watch it xD so add it to ur list
ngl i was thinking should i remove fate grand order babylonia for it but didnt this fate is really up there for me and the end of summer time was a bit disappointing for me but regardless awesome anime score of 9

(Yeah still haven't seen 10) not sure what ur replying to there tbh lol, ur second paragraph

ah about smartphone isekai i said i checked out ep1 of S1 but meant to say S2 miss clicked my bad watch it dub skip to 17:00 - 18:40 i almost puke lol

ohh man i just say that same guy that u argued with over FMA, dude rated summertime rendering a 1 but completed it
wtf is wrong with that guy not only did he watch something he apparently really disliked but give a super good anime the worst ratting possible in the website xD im unfriending this troll probably only accepted his f-req cuz he rated mushoku tensei a 10/10 lol also unless hes been watching anime for over 40 years i dont think he has really seen 6k anime

u could watch the first 3/4 eps of stampede then skip to the last 3 cuz everything in between is just soo borring and feels like fluff just to make it to 12 episodes

finally started again on kaguya-sama saw ep 6 and 7 its giving me a better impression this time around maybe i was just not in the mood for comedy at the time still not super funny but had some good moment that made me chuckle a little ill watch another one today

for me Chunibyo & Other Delusions was pretty damn funny but also i was invested in the romance aspect of it really liked that anime

fr jiraiya dying was such a low blow for naruto my guy lost his parents the same day he was born lost his master lost kurama who was like a big brother to him and now he thinks he also lost boruto cuz by the looks of it that kid was brutally killed by kawaky who is naruto's adopted son
but it had to be done but the viewers know he wont die but man poor guy naruto if he losses hinata im done xD

ill add mushishi to plan to watch might give it a second chance sometime xD

(main actor is getting 5% of revenue) man yea thats crazy thats 100 million$ he made in the time it took them to film avatar 2
while most of us dont even make 5% of that in our lifetime, and only 14 years ago he made a similar amount with avatar 1 hardly seams fair tbh😒 we are so underpaid struggling month to month and everything just keeps getting more and more expensive there is this theory that someone made that it looks like it could actually happen if i find it ill send u the video


(surprised he hasn't at least tried a few eps of mushoku) the other day i asked him if he had seen some anime lately he said yea
i finished blue lock about a week ago, the CRINGE! i felt lol that anime absolute shit its a fotball sports anime but the characters are like
ride or die when it comes to football players be making absurd analysis in their minds like solving a puzzle and shit like that to just make a move or kick the ball i told him about that and he said if u can just get pass the cringe stuff its actually good... DOUBT! i tried episode 1 when it come out and naa by the looks of it every episode has some serious cringe moments i aint watching that crap i didnt tell him and yet u still havent seen mushoku cuz i was just making fun of the anime the entire time xD but ill remind him to watch mushoku.

yea i i know what u mean iv been there before but its always better to recommend in order cuz then if they do like it its just a mess imagine seeing a anime backwards starting from season 2 then watching season 1 lol

and yea it makes a bit more sence the way u made the list just not adding the extra ranks xD the point of it is having the original mushoku ranking system

and thats just overkill the 3k+ one any person that has seen that much anime is either a old man that has been watching anime since he was young or a no life hermit person who doesn't even work is 35+ and spends all his life just watching every anime he gets his eyes on while his parents tolerate him and is living in the basement xD
dont think even in my mid 40s ill have seen more than 3k anime maybe in my 50s what about u? xD
FiestaOnline Apr 21, 2023 10:07 AM
yea its a konosuba spin off anime focused on megumin, i saw u dropped both seasons of the main anime tho xD ill give it a watch another time
im a bit surprised u rated it a 8 when u give the other two a 5

ill save kaguya for when i finish this manga im watching on TY named ultra vegeto, bro this fan made manga is more dragon ball than all 130 episodes of super, DBS is so watered down for kids that it lost the appeal Z had only bad thing about this manga is that the art its just sketched but apart from that is savage af it dosnt shy away from gore and death like super u dont even see a drop of blood in that anime anymore
compared to Z which i ranked a 9 cuz its actually good super is just flat 7 its a big drop if u ask me lets hope the new anime that will air this year is somewhat better, but ill really start kaguya-sama after this dont worry should be 2 days till i finish it xD

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