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Jul 19, 5:14 PM
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FLCL Progressive
Jul 19, 5:10 PM
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Afro Samurai
Jul 15, 12:46 PM
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Shu__ Apr 11, 11:41 AM
Oh i'm planning on watching Fate Zero next. How is it? How many episodes have you watched so far?

I've seen 7 episodes of Violet Evergarden and i must say that i've been moved. The anime gave me an idea to think about, how a single letter can change a person's life. Being able to express yourself in words if it's to hard to say them out loud... pretty tacky right? haha but i like the anime. Still got 5 episodes left. Lets see how things go till the end... Hope its got a good ending though.
Shu__ Apr 10, 9:13 AM
Yeah hehe...

hmm... lets see what happens then. If we're able to leave a legacy or not.. xD

Haha i see... Well i cant watch deadman wonderland even if i wanted to. But how you described it makes me feel ok not to watch it then. Gonna start watching Violet Evergarden. I've heard from a friend's friend that its pretty cool and now im feeling like watching it xD

I had exams in the past week and prep before that so was busy as always. They just finished a few days ago and now im a bit at ease but cant rest yet since the finals will be here soon in 2 months. *sigh*

How are you doing though? And everyone at home? Hope things are going well there at your place :D
Stacycmc Mar 29, 11:49 AM
Oh ok perfect...I had thought about watching Brotherhood, as I'd heard good things, but I'd put it off because I was unsure if that meant I had to watch the other first, and I just wasn't quite as hyped about the older one. That's very good to know though!!

Thanks again! :D

Hit me up if you see something I've watched ur curious on ever, would be happy to help how I can and give you my insight!
Stacycmc Mar 28, 3:31 PM
Ah, thank you!! ...and thanks for the suggestions, will def have to check those out. Regarding FMA, is brotherhood a sequel or a stand-a-lone, just curious if I should watch the older ones first or if you have to, etc... I've heard of Black Lagoon and Death Parade, so will def check those out for sure...making sure they are on my watch list now (high on the list). :D Again, thanks for the recommendations!
tlchalo3 Mar 26, 3:58 AM
I have watched darker then black. I just forgot to add it XD ill definitely check out death parade though.
Shu__ Mar 21, 3:51 AM
haha yeah.. Well its a 5 years degree program here. He's in his 4th year though. Yeah what a coincidence i must say. haha... its pretty rare to hear similarities like ours ha?

Im glad everything is fine at your place. True, could get worse so lets hope it doesnt lol. They say you gotta be prepared for anything but we without any kind of instructions lol so its kinda scary at times but always hope for the best and staying calm is the best option :D

Thanks. Hope so... Life gets harder as we level up but that doesnt mean we're gonna be left behind. Lets do our best B)
Nexu Mar 10, 8:10 PM
Happy Birthday!
Shu__ Mar 8, 10:38 PM
Haha cool..

Yeah. Mostly people dont watch anime. Im glad i do though xD

Thanks a lot. I'll try my best :) And i hope you're novel goes great and your work as well :D

Best of luck with your job though, hope it all works out well

My family's doing good. I haven't told you yet? i guess i forgot. We are a total of 3 brothers. Im the middle one. The elder one's in his 4th year of medical college and the younger one's still in school, grade 7.

How's your family doing btw? Hope everyone's fine and healthy :)
Shu__ Mar 5, 9:08 AM
To be perfectly honest, i had actually seen your comment two days ago but after seeing its length decided to reply a bit later since i had some work at that moment xD ...

I read all that you've wrote and since i dont know how to reply to each one i'll just say; Pretty cool :P

For the time being i have got no time to watch anything again. Mids are closing in and im trying to restrain myself from watching anything or else i'll get the PAS xD I do intend to watch Fate Stay Night though, maybe this week? If not then after my mid terms :P

Oh so you re watch stuff too... me too xD
Is death parade that interesting? I watched the trailer and it gave me the creeps but the interesting one lol

Yeah... Its a 4 years course. 1 year and a half done... There's still a long way to go but as i get to the 7-8th semester i'll only have a single course and my final year project to work on. Other than that i need to do internships which im not eager to do and dont know how to find but i should lol... Internships before graduating are important too but i just cant find the time for now. maybe when im in my second last or last year.. hopefully

Btw... Hope things are working out for you. Everyone at home okay? Hope everyone's doing well :). How's your job going btw? and your novel? :D
Shu__ Feb 8, 9:52 PM
haha thanks :P

Well, its mostly cuz he's watched em and he knows if its appropriate enough for me to watch. You know how much almost every cool anime has to have a "pervert scene" like the anime makers have sworn to do it no matter what lol.

Yeah, i mostly search for anime that have rating 8 or above but to be honest, the ones that have 7+ arent bad either. Like Kekkai Sensen season 1 and 2... Pretty cool anime...

Glad to hear you can watch anime atleast lol.... You mean Re-Zero? or Zero no tsukaima? Re-Zero are my favorite lol, awesome anime, need more anime like that....

Wow, thats a lot of anime i havent heard of before... True, except naruto that i've already finished, i dont intend to start any long running shounen either. Fairy Tale maybe, a big maybe... But dunno if i should lol... Its the start of my 4th semester and while the burden of studies is in the initial stages, i have time to watch anime and play games for a few more days with ease.... Its like "The calm before the storm" xD

I see, okay...

haha, you watch on TV? i thought you watched on a pc or laptop with earphiines/headphones. I can never dare to watch anime on TV like that lol. I watched SAO ordinal scale movie on tv tho, loved the graphics but the Naked Asuna in bathtub scene freaked me out lol.... >.> They just HAVE to add something like that always even if its for just 10 secs...
Shu__ Feb 6, 8:10 AM
I see.... Sounds pretty hectic. Hang in there xD

True to that, thats exactly why cliche heroic stories are still preferred a lot lol....

Oh nice... Thanks for that. Among the ones you've mentioned, i've watched psycho pass. Cant watch DeadMan Wonderland cuz my elder brother doesnt allow it lol... But the rest i'll be sure to check out. thanks again ^^ and for the websites too...

I mostly just use or ... Lol 9anime keeps changing their domain. It went from '.tv' to '.to' to '.ch' to now '.is' which i just recently noticed lol.....

Btw, I just finished off with 'Bongou Stray Dogs'. Its a pretty good action and detective anime if i must say but not too thrilling which is why i gave it a 7 rating.

Have you been watching any recently? Altho you've mentioned its a bit hard for you to play a lot but do you still watch a bit anime too ?
Shu__ Feb 4, 2:57 AM
I see... Must be used to it by now ofcourse lol...

Oh, quite the work ya got there. I hope it all goes well though. Its good to be active like that, instead of just sitting infront of the laptop and doing nothing, like me, ahem... lol

Haha i see. Well there are many games but no time, so its like you can only concentrate on one or two. Time's really passing by fast as well. The day ends without even noticing. lol

Yeah, do try em again. Haha yeah SAO's writer's out of ideas i think. The second season and the movie both in the end, had linked to Aincrad. This idea has gotten old now lol, enough of the aincrad history. The new tech in the movie was amazing though. The nevre gear wasnt enough i guess so they brought the virtual world to the people with the augma, instead of diving in which we already thought was awesome already xD.

btw... Just finished watching Kekkai Sensen yesterday, both seasons. Ive been wanting to watch action anime for a while now even if the idea has gotten old about the hero saving the world and all but still everyone wants that even though they say its gotten old, its still the most preferable motive of hero type anime...
Shu__ Feb 1, 2:06 AM
Well, for me long hair really itches but the laziness is what keeps me going without getting another hair cut ... haha... True, and thats why i dont shave either. A few friends keep suggesting me to shave atleast once since my beard isn't coming out around the chin lol

I dont really watch TV much since holidays are too limited ;_; ... I want more dammit.... But i guess that cant happen. My fourth semester starts in the coming Monday. Back to the crazy studying routine lol. Assassins creed is pretty awesome, ive seen it but havent really played it myself. More in to CSGO i guess....

OOH thanks, i'll be sure to check it out. Brings back memories lol

I see... Blue exorcist and code geass. They are both pretty good anime, thats what i think xD lol... Its like saying SAO's first season was the best and it didnt need a second season, when there were soo many ppl wanting more, even me lol.....Watched the movie too yesterday, the story line was cliche as always expected of sao but the graphics and fights were awesome!..
Shu__ Jan 23, 9:16 PM
haha i see... lol. True to that, yeah...

I see... So do you cut your hair yourself now? I mean it sounds easy now, like just cutting the ends a bit and you're all done? xD

Hmm... maybe we should see what we have in common, that maybe help us decide what to talk about? Like some sport, hobby, gaming or any of that sort. Like, for sports i like football with my fav team as Manchester united and Barcelona, for hobbies i read books sometimes but i dont think it should be called a hobby since i do it sometimes, for gaming i have CSGO and i think watching anime is a hobby too, maybe lol.

I finished "Just because" a few days ago, now im watching "Girls last tour". Both are just fine, not awesome. I'm thinking of starting an action one now.

Ah Blue exorcist. I liked that one... and the second season too, dunno why you werent impressed tho lol. I've heard about "True Blooed" but havent tried it yet. Trying to avoid super natural but i guess its time to try em out too now xD ... Did you try "Code Geass" yet btw?
Shu__ Jan 22, 7:50 AM
I see... xD Well if you want to have long hair then why not, right? :P
Yeah, i didnt think about that but they might be right ... You do look like a rock-star. Dunno which century tho lol...Yeah its not good to say stuff like that about Jesus. The social media has been pretty poisoned too to be honest. Ive seen ppl make jokes of things no one ever could even think of making before. Its sad..... *sigh*

Apart from all that, if you like long hair then keep em xD I dont look good in long or short hair, i have to keep them at a specific length lol. Its really a pain.... Its irritating when the hair's on your ears. Im surprised you dont feel irritated with all that hair xD

If i do look like the profile picture in here like you say i do, then Thanks xD ...