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Shu__ Dec 15, 9:47 PM
Yeah exactly... And according to the story line, she lied about her love because she didnt want to mess up their trio. Well, before she found out about her limited time, just watching him from the sidelines too, then after knowing she didnt have much time left, began doing what she'd been holding back for long... haha... Yeah. The first show was AWESOME and it felt really sad that she couldnt come to the last one.... ;_;

Thanks a lot (^v^) ... I'll try my best... Also i wish you the best of luck too. Life might be hard, but atleast we get those moments, the kind of ones we wait for and can never forget once we get them. oh sorry got a bit emotional there haha xD

I see... Hope everything works out for you. :D I dont know how rough it must be for you but dont give up. Whenever your thrown down, you eat ground and get back up again ( lol that was from beyblade if you remember). But seriously, if you hate what your doing then you wont be able to do it right, or so ive heard.

I still have 2 years before i begin my practical life but to be honest, while im studying here, there're a lot of practical things to be done as well so its like getting ready to face the world with people who are crueler than your instructors lol. But listening to your story makes me feel like the practical part isnt going to be similar to that at all. Once im there, maybe then i'll understand the struggle you face everyday. But ofcourse in a different manner... Because family issues vary for everyone. But anyway.... Gamubarooo... :D
Shu__ Dec 14, 5:33 AM
Oh you completed it? Well its been long ....... Long time no see btw xD
IKR .... It was so emotional for me too :p I miss Kaori and also feel like Arima should've told her and she shouldnt have kept it a secret before she passed way ;_; ... He could have had atleast one kiss? xd But seriously i think she didnt so that he wouldnt be able to start anything lovey dovy cuz she knew she didnt have much time... oh the feels ;_; ...

I've watched a couple of AMVs of your lie in april and man do they amplify the feels xD

The last two weeks have been hell ... I dont even know where to start telling you lol... just consider the project + finals part xD
How about you? How've you been? Sorry i didnt reply earlier.... ;_;
Shu__ Dec 14, 5:27 AM
yeah absolutely... So very true indeed... *sigh*

I see... haha yeah to do anything nowadays the first thing you need is money afterall. True, in our parents' times the expenses were way lower than what today is lol... waaay lower.... Anyways, hope things work out for you and i hope you'll be able to go where ever you want soon too :D

Thats great.... more to come so keep watching :D But before that let me apologize for replying so late. I had been busy as hell in the last week and will be until the end of this month with projects and finals. Its really getting messed up lol...
The anime is pretty good and full of feels... The only thing that kinda gets annoying is the piano scenes because those notes arent our everyday song :P But dont let that stop ya xD
OniiChon Dec 7, 2:10 AM
Actually no, i'm willing to be a judge i feel like being a lawyer doesn't suit me somehow.
what about u, u don't do any studies?
most ppl i met hear r either engineers, students or shutdowns but seems like ur already a part of to the society that's good to hear and yah selling ice cream in this cold ass winter is definitely lame lol. so what's ur doing now?
and about shiki i've heard that it's somehow deep with grey morality, personally i think it has terrible direction introducing a tone of characters in the first ep that u basically know nothing about and u should somehow care about them when they die prime exemple is the pink hair whats her name chick and else more u should remember them when they comeback to life? i didn't read the manga but as a directorio choices that's terrible but i'm giving it a chance, i'm probably finishing it, it has nice soundtrack a that's a big +.
OniiChon Dec 4, 10:47 AM
seems like u didn't take ur time with it be sure to check out zero afterwards!
and as u can see i didn't had the chance to check alot of shows recently since school and stuff and our exames r approaching , im in law school btw, what bout u ?! now that we're talking about it i know nothing about you besides the fact that our tastes r amazingly similiar lol!
and i'll try to check the stuff u recomended even tho until 2 years ago i didn't really check any live action movie, and that holo cosplay is amazing u should give me the complete set!
Playcool Dec 3, 5:42 PM
Thanks by the compliment, I do have alot of stuff hidden there under spoilers, some stuff really spoilerific...
Havent updated my profile ever since 2015 though, too lazy and busy with other stuff, if only MAL had some handy feature to do it easily, like a page were you could write text and just add pics with lots of option and formation.
Shu__ Nov 26, 3:47 AM
so very true ... lol

Im sure you'll like em so do try them again :D
Yeah you should and what about Your Lie In April? :3
cool :D I usual tend to forget small stuff cuz my brain's fried by the uni lol

Ikr xD It was fun but too short :')
I saw the pics... Man they are awesome. A lot better than what i imagined from what you described xD It looks so cool in the winter too.
Yeah. If only travelling was easier than it really. You could manager your own food and water and other stuff but the main prob is cash. Every where you go... You need money to do anything >.> Its almost sick
Shu__ Nov 25, 5:46 AM
haha i see... same here. Animes that have a few mechas but even though Code Geass has mecha in it too i still like em... Pretty cool anime. Have you watched em yet? I recommend em :3

It will... They're good too :D . Yeah Steins Gate is <3 ... Golden Time is pretty good too but feels type cuz the story is about college students so you can guess the lovey dovey stuff that can happen :3 But the hardships too :P The boy loses his memory at the age of ... well college age... i dont remember exactly xD So he starts his new life of amnesia in Tokyo. Sounds weird but its pretty cool.

I see... nice... :3 Im surprised you know a lot about the place where you live, while i just dont care much lol... Need a change of pace i guess :P

Thanks :D I hope you're right about that. :P Here its a bit difficult to get a good job or so i've heard from the adults and teachers >.> My instructors want us to come up with our on "thing" instead of relying on job offers but the most important thing that comes after knowledge for an engineer is experience... *sigh* But whatever.. ive dived into it so i might as well just do it :P

Oh wow... O.o Thats awesome (*o*)... So how does the whole city look like? A beautiful scenery it must be... I see... There's a valley here too that i visited a few months back. Its called Naran Valley... A river passing through with strong currents. Felt so close to nature. Although it was only a 3 day trip, but it was awesome. Mountains in all four directions. Felt so cool xD Took us a whole day to get there and another to get back home. I dont know how he did it but my Dad drove a lot for that trip lol....

Oh and whatta ya know.... Tomorrow's Sunday. woohooo xD
Shu__ Nov 22, 10:32 AM
Ikr xD I was thinking the same thing about that same amount of years being apart in both fams. xD Real coincidence....
First time hearing about that anime O.o . Its got dementia and mecha in its genre list. Of all the mecha animes i've watched, only a few are good. Mecha genre's not so preferable lol....

I see that your watching Blue Exorcist 2 ... They're pretty good right? :3 i actually liked the story. Have you watched steins gate and golden time? I could just check your list but i'd rather just ask here cuz imma lazy bum :P

Yeah... The weather's pretty unexpected at times. Besides tourists? What do they do? xD . Yup, there are pretty nice landscapes and mountains here apart from the fact that ive never seen em lol :P Traffic is getting more and more intense cuz of new buildings too ... But wait, buildings on mountains could be unstable so how do they build them over there:?

I see. But isnt it normal to tear down old buildings to replace them with new ones? xD Did you go to a restaurant or someother place there where that comedian was? O.o

Thanks! Wait... i did mention what i was studying at the university xD I think 4-5 comments below :P but anyway I'm studying 4 years Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. 1 year down 3 more to go ;_;
OniiChon Nov 22, 7:39 AM
That's the same score i gave it.fate stay night is by far the wrost in the series even worst then fate/klaid, ubw is better sure but since u started it just after finishing stay night it will feel a bit boring cuz the start is kinda the same just with a gorgeous animation. I think u'll like it tho.
Shu__ Nov 20, 9:30 AM
I Googled appellation mountains.... They look nice in pictures xD Im from Pakistan btw... :)

I see... haha... Im the middle one 20 over here... The younger brother is 13 and older brother is 22... :P

woah... sounds chilly :x . Family trips are getting more and more rare here lol. So i just hangout and eat out with my friends once in a while. I just started watching Haikyuu Season 2... First 2 episodes done and dont got time for the rest >.> . Game of thrones... ah i've heard a lot about it and how awesome it is and thats exactly why im not watchin em lol. xD

Super fast ... yeah. So much to watch, so little time ;_;

p.s: Best of luck with your book :D I'll be rooting for ya so give it your best :3
Shu__ Nov 19, 9:52 AM
Thats a bummer. Hope it all works out somehow... :)

haha i see... We do have tourists spots on hills to the north. I've been there a lot with my family although its always my dad driving the car.
I guess if those turns are that scary then its better to just drive nice and easy xD

I see... So you're the youngest of the three? From what you told me, i can guess... 3 brothers? (You including)
Yeah but i'm pretty sure its not as cold as it must be at your place... Its 13 degrees here, so a storm is very unlikely :P but thanks :)
How'd your weekend go? :3 Mine went without even noticing lol xD Did a bunch of gaming and now im beat....

Thanks. Best of luck to you too :)

Oh and.... Tomorrow's Monday again ;_;
Shu__ Nov 18, 10:09 PM
Is that so? Well sounds exciting to me xD ... Thats a bummer... Getting a license is hard right? Its hard here as well... The only difference is that is hard to get your turn. A lot of people with intercessions make their way in faster while the others have to wait for hours in line outside... I planned on getting a license through some connections but i left that too since i didnt like the idea...
I have a few friends who dont own their own transport so they depend on others to drop them... It kinda gets annoying at times lol. xD

Im glad to hear that :) ... Isn't it dangerous to ride a bike on mountains? I've never driven there before :0 ... Im currently studying electrical engineering from my university.

haha... I see. Guess i'll leave all this here too then xD ... So you and your bro's friend are currently living together? I feel ya... even sundays are no longer carefree. The one day when you can rest easy... has been taken away too >.>

Yeah its gotten quite cold here too... And MAN! it feels so damn cold riding my bike in the morning xD. Well thats about what's been going on with me this week. haha... Hope you enjoy the weekend somehow :P
Shu__ Nov 18, 7:59 AM
Haha...no biggy. I see... Cool and dangerous at the same time xD
Compared to your life, mine's pretty boring... Study, anime, gaming and sometimes reading novels is basically all that i do. My university really knows how to keep their students busy af but they don't give us priority either. I go to university on bike. I have a bad habit of riding at high speed but not too high. Its been 3-1/2 years since i've been riding a bike so im confident in my skills but who knows what could happen :P
Since our work load is quite a bit, have to spend 10-11 hours at uni everyday. The people i've met and keep meeting always have an impact on me... ( LOL sorry..... just felt touchy there)... ahem... any ways... sorry to write down a lot. :)

How was your day btw? I hope it went well? :D
SirGooner86 Nov 15, 7:06 AM
Hey man, thanks for the nice words, I didn't think that many people would ever read it aha, but yeah it was really good, especially so after the timeskip. I'll go through your list and see if there's anything I can suggest later too aha, but yeah I'll put Black Lagoon on my PTW.