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Days: 55.5
Mean Score: 6.34
  • Total Entries420
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  • Episodes3,243
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Fairy Tail: Final Series
Fairy Tail: Final Series
Yesterday, 11:30 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Fairy Tail (2014)
Fairy Tail (2014)
Yesterday, 11:17 AM
Completed 102/102 · Scored 6
Psycho-Pass Movie
Psycho-Pass Movie
Mar 10, 12:48 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 9.1
Mean Score: 6.06
  • Total Entries78
  • Reread0
  • Chapters1,642
  • Volumes179
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
Feb 23, 8:05 AM
Reading 1/? · Scored -
Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Feb 23, 8:05 AM
Completed 49/49 · Scored 8
Feb 18, 3:53 PM
Reading 90/162 · Scored 6


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MrHoodie Feb 22, 5:57 PM
nice to meet someone who also thinks the name for Bunny Girl is dumb as fuck lol
Cenedess Feb 18, 2:12 PM
Hey, thanks for the kind words :) I actually watched FMA last year, I found it enjoyably grittier than Brotherhood (less silly moments detracting from the gravity of the situation), but a bit lacking when it came to story layers. What I mean is that in Brotherhood I was very satisfied with the mysteries, their developments and conclusions, every piece fell into place. With FMA I had a few of those "umm, but it doesn't really make sense" moments. And the music was much worse in my opinion. Even so, I did like it a lot, I found the ending different in a good way.
TheSatanicOne Feb 14, 2:19 AM
Thank you)
honeycrush Feb 5, 8:30 AM
Thank you ahah, i've received many comments about that, i guess a lot of people relate
SweetKiichigo Jan 22, 11:30 AM
Yea, i used Photoshop to make the borders. They are easier to edit as well.~
link9us Jan 19, 10:58 AM
Right now i would say the newest thing and one of the more popular genre's currently in the last 2 years is the isekai genre. There have just been some really solid series being release, especially with the way light novels have popularized the medium recently. As a fan of Log horizon, accell world, or even the classic .hack. I have definitely embraced this genre. The more notable ones like Overlord, re;zero, Gods blessing on this wonderful world, the new seasons of SAO and Gate being some absolute top anime of the year material.

Anyways, despite the fact that i have not kept up with everything recently, I am still pretty versed on all the new ongoings and hot topics of discussions that have broken new grounds. So if you need any particular recommendations, don't hesitate to ask.
link9us Jan 18, 11:26 PM
Hey, thank you! Although i have not updated my profile in quite some time ever since MAL had a major DOS network attack and security vulnerability that broke many elements of the site. At that point i just kind of gave up. I do from time to time update my first initial introduction posting but thats about it. At some point i do want to replace my profile design theme as well as some of my favorites are so old and i definitely have alot of new favorites now. Though i guess thats great that MAL supports that feature so i can always interchange them when needed.

In any case, enjoying "now and then here there" I see your watching that. It is a pretty great series. Been quite some time since i have watched it though. I am not hard core into anime like i used to be. Unfortunately school and work take up most of my time now. But i do try and watch casually from time to time to stay up to date with things. In any case, thanks for the comment and compliment. :)

Melvinkooi Jan 16, 2:21 PM
It's the difference in tastes i guess. I also see in the last year the highest score i've given an anime is a 7 so far.

I'm not going to play to watch the Steins;Gate 0 adaptation. I don't want to re-experience that soon and i'm 60% spoiled on what's different in the anime compared to the visual novel.
RealMTL Jan 11, 8:07 PM
Likewise bro, good to see someone who appreciates Rurouni Kenshin.
Talon184 Jan 11, 1:56 PM
I try to keep up with seasonal least the titles that seem like big hits. I usually wait until a new season finishes before getting started on it. Then I binge-watch the Hell out of it. I'm just too impatient to wait for each episode to come out week after week.

It's funny, in the time I've been alive, I've watched computer and video game lovers go from being ridiculed on the fringe of society to being totally mainstream. I think it's because all they all grew up and are running the show now! I suspect the same thing will happen with anime. People your age will eventually become people my age and (hopefully) you'll still retain your love of anime just like I have. Then it won't be as unusual to see old farts like me enjoying anime for its awesomeness!
Melvinkooi Dec 14, 2018 7:29 AM
3/10 might be too harsh. 4/10 might be more appropriate. Since there was more "generic/okay" than "Bad". 3/10 was the first thing that come to mind so that's why I've put it in.

The S;G VN is in the long (30 - 50 hours) category, but not very long. I've done 66 hours according to steam but a chunk of it was trying to get the true ending. Until i gave up and read it in a walk-through. I'd say 55 hours is the longest read-time with a walk-through.

The routes are event based. It relies on the actions you do with your phone. For 3 routes it's basically not using your phone and the other 3 are based on the actions you've done with your phone like how many points you have scored by replying to Kirusu for example.

I think the most you'd get of it is more information about the time-travel stuff and the dictionary, the extra routes and some extra scenes. If you want a refresher for Steins;Gate 0, you can give it a try. I'd do recommend the S;G 0 VN if you go that route since it's not the best adaptation from what i can see from the episode reactions.
Melvinkooi Dec 12, 2018 2:47 AM
Taiga is a program that let's you autmatically add watched episodes to a show. You also have some list editing features built in so you don't need to go to MAL to add your score for instance after watching a show. I'm quite used to this program and i also have Anilist for backup so it was just a matter of switching lists for me.

I'm bad at rating routes so i think:

Fate 3/10
UBW 5/10
Heaven's Feel 7/10

Also about Steins;Gate, i think the VN is better if you want to have the uncut Steins;Gate experience. You get more information about the time-travel stuff and you have a dictionary that explains certain words or names. It also have routes as a bonus. The mechanics are also not simply choices. You use a cell phone which you get messages on and you can reply to those messages which is especially important later on for the true route. You also need that cell phone for route selection and for some extra scenes.

I can't say if the adaptation was good as it's 6 years ago i've watched the original Anime. But i feel the important scenes in the anime had more impact in the VN.

I've also read Steins;Gate 0. It's why i've read the Steins;Gate VN in the first place. It was quite good but it definitely wasn't better than Steins;Gate.
Maneki-Mew Nov 25, 2018 10:41 AM
Well, there are a bunch of characters from movies or short series I really like, but most or the vast majority of my favs are from longer anime or manga series tbh. They grow on me even more with more chapters and episodes. Ofc there are exceptions like Homura or San from Mononoke Hime.
It's easy for me to like many, but not as favs tho.

Yes, Sayaka is overlooked and so is Mami. Especially her. I guess, and I know it sounds dumb, but she isn't part of one of the fans favorite ships. So, she gets overlooked easily.
Melvinkooi Nov 25, 2018 9:46 AM
Also, the most fun i had in the Japanese medium is the Steins;Gate visual novel, Hanasaku Iroha ~Blossoms for Tomorrow~, Chihayafuru and MUSHI-SHI anime. I also have read Chaos;Child which was also pretty good as well.
Melvinkooi Nov 25, 2018 9:34 AM
Well, i apologize for not responding for about 21 days. I'm less active on MAL lately since they've closed the API down that Taiga uses. I'm using Anilist a bit more often since Taiga supports that site.

About Fate/Stay Night (for those who didn't read or watched it, SPOILERS!), I think the Unlimited Blade Works route is a bit better than Fate. I didn't really like the core message though of Shirou's ideology. Let's save everyone in need and even if my future self tried and failed, i will do it different and still accomplish it! So i only can say UBW is average at best.

But Heaven's Feel is by far the best FSN route. It's more dark and ominous, Shirou goes against it's ideology and topping off with the the truth of the whole war makes it better than the previous two. But for me it's good as best for me and i still think Fate\Zero is better. But that's something i only can confirm by rewatching that show.

Also, I've also read the sequel Fate/Hollow Ataraxia which i don't like that much since it's 80% fanservice and 20% story and i lost interest in the story when i was almost done with it. I've skipped that H-scene which might had some crucial information since the ending didn't impact me in the slightest.

Overall. I'm not super impressed with the Fate franchise. But i still look forward the the Heaven's Feel movies. My question only is when can i watch all of them.

And as last welcome back!