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Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)
8 hours ago
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Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito yo
Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito yo
Jun 16, 12:42 AM
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Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
Jun 14, 4:45 PM
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Onanie Master Kurosawa
Onanie Master Kurosawa
Nov 19, 2020 6:28 AM
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Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Nov 14, 2020 1:56 PM
Completed 18/18 · Scored 7
Nov 11, 2020 9:37 PM
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_Aisu May 28, 8:03 PM
thanks bruv
gigi_rose May 26, 6:13 PM
Hiya! Congrats on your promotion, that’s awesome! What’s your new position, if you don’t mind me asking? Hope you’re recovering well from the wisdom teeth removal, I’ve heard it can be brutal.

Oh man, the last few weeks have been hectic. I actually got a new job about two months ago at a cafe/retailer (yay for not being broke and unemployed) and that was time consuming enough - but then I found out I also got accepted for that writing job I briefly mentioned to you. I officially became part of the writing staff three weeks ago, so on top of my day job I’ve been writing heaps of articles.

Yeah I totally get the freeloader comment, though I didn’t feel too guilty since my partner’s the one who insisted I spend half the week with him, and his roommate (who I’ve also known for years) was totally cool with it. Thankfully I’ve got 2 jobs now (though still waiting to get my first pay from the writing job) and can help contribute more financially.

Contentment is indeed a fickle mistress. For the most part I’d say I’m content. I find fulfilment in my loved ones, especially my partner (who I’ve been with for 5+ years and is truly my best friend), in my hobbies and interests, and now, in doing work that somewhat aligns with those interests. I’m prone to cynicism, so the “nothing matters” thoughts creep in on a semi-regular basis. But, thankfully, they’re almost always fleeting.
What about you? Are you happy with things?

See, I adore Miyazaki’s films. Part of it could be the nostalgia factor, since I started watching his films when I was in the fourth grade. But I was (and still am) blown away by how beautifully animated his films are, and how mature some of their themes are compared to other children’s / family-friendly media (I could give examples but I’ll spare you the tangent xD). To a 10-year old me, his plots were the opposite of banal, and I still feel that way. As you said, his world building is fantastic, and I also love the way he incorporates Japanese culture and Shinto ideals into his works (obviously nothing new in anime but interesting nonetheless when you’re just learning about it). Safe to say I’m a Miyazaki simp (I even have two Ghibli tattoos) and could wax lyrical about him all day but I’ll stop there lol. The biography is called Turning Point btw.

It’s funny that you mention No Longer Human because I purchased that a few months ago, though haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I’ve got Metamorphosis on my list but I’ll have to add the others as well, they sound interesting.
Hahaha I’m a degenerate slob as well. My friend lent me his copy of Man’s Search for Meaning a week before I got my second job. So despite the book being small, I’m still only 50 pages in.

I feel there is a sense of pressure to get married by a certain age but it seems like too many people do it for the wrong reasons. I’ve seen a lot of unhappy married couples, or couples that have broken up numerous times but still end up getting engaged for some reason. I always think it’s better off to be single in those cases, but a lot of people are afraid of being alone I guess. I’m not convinced that marriage is a necessary milestone anyway, if you’re in a loving and committed relationship.

It’s good that you enjoy your job and coworkers. I do wonder if I would’ve also grown to like Costco eventually. Given how miserable it made me, I kind of doubt it. Whenever I go back there I still feel a sense of dread.

Actually, the way you’ve described me is not dissimilar to how friends have described me in the past. It’s a pretty nice description, so thank you xD.

That’s unfortunate, though I did have a feeling Deftones may not be for you. Chino’s vocals are one of the selling points of Deftones for me but I do get that people either love or hate his particular vocal style. I’m glad to hear White Pony was a favourite for you. My favourite is pretty much tied between White Pony and Diamond Eyes (Deftones purists would probably murder me for that one xD). I feel obligated to share with you this exquisite Deftones parody: Now that you’ve listened to a decent chunk of their discography you should be able to appreciate it. Even as a Deftones fangirl it made me lol.

I’ll get on that ASAP, though it will be hard choosing just a few songs to represent my favourite artists. Please do hook me up with that metal playlist. I’m pretty much open to anything music-wise, so harsh vocals are no problem.

Btw, I started watching Fate/Zero and I love it!
IDieScreaming May 11, 4:04 AM
Yo I see that you put Sentouin on your PTW; report back pls
IDieScreaming Apr 6, 8:13 AM
really fucking cheesy J-power, I imagine.
non metal it'd be Soutaiseireiron though. Cute shoegazey chillout rock.
Vego22 Apr 3, 10:38 AM


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IDieScreaming Apr 1, 3:21 PM
Considering our tastes in music, it's really funny how you're much more inclined towards dramas and I'm much more partial to silly slice-of-life comedies.
gigi_rose Mar 31, 4:59 PM
Also, I forgot to mention but I actually did listen to a few of the songs in your Katatonia playlist a little while back and I enjoyed them. I’ve been meaning to listen to more of them. And if you’ve got any other metal recommendations I welcome them :)
Edit: Holy shit, Katatonia rocks!!! I’ve now listened to half of your playlist and don’t plan on stopping there.
Edit #2: I finished the Deftones playlist. I tried to order the songs so that you get a nice blend of their more melodic, atmospheric tracks and their more heavy, head-banging stuff, but feel free to put that bad boy on shuffle if you want. Looking at the playlist, my White Pony/Diamond Eyes/Koi no Yokan bias is very apparent lol. Anyways, here it is: Happy listening. Looking forward to hearing what you think :)
gigi_rose Mar 31, 4:32 PM
Formally yeah, I’m still living with my parents. Really though I only spend half my week there, if that. The rest of the time I spend at my boyfriend and his roommate’s place. They’re kind enough to let me stay there that much even though I can barely contribute to rent/bills. But I try to make up for it by helping out lots with the housekeeping.
Yeah that is definitely a potential downside of that job. I wouldn’t be considering it if it wasn’t so rough out there. Unfortunately I don’t live in a rural area, and jobs are in high demand at the moment. Most of the jobs I’ve applied for have had over 100 people apply for them.

Financial independence is definitely a hefty ambition, especially these days when the cost of living is so damn high. And honestly fuck those friends who criticise you for not having more goals. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but as long as you’re content and living the life that you want that’s all that matters.

Yeah I have a few friends who are super into gaming and JRPGs.
I feel you on that, my attention span is whack these days. I used to be great at binge-watching but nowadays I can only do that if I’m REALLY invested in what I’m watching.
I read all kinds of stuff but recently I’ve been on a non-fiction kick. I read Hayao Miyazaki’s biography which was great (he’s a very philosophical person so hearing the thought process behind his films is fascinating), and a book about the life of Sylvia Plath. My white-girl-ness is showing here but I’m also a big fan of true crime and recently read the Mindhunter book, which I highly recommend if you have any interest in the topic. Lately though I’ve been getting back into reading more classic fictions. My friend is urging me to read Crime and Punishment so he has someone to discuss it with, so that will probably be my next read.

You could be right about that, though it’s too early to tell since most of my friends are the same age as me. On the marriage topic - I know a few people I went to high school with who got married at 19 or 20 and already have a kid/s which I think is insane, but who am I to judge. I do wonder how long their marriages will last though. Fingers crossed you’re right about our peaks being yet to come.

Well, everyone in my department at Costco (front end) seemed pretty miserable so there was always a pervasive sense of dread I felt going into work. I didn’t get that at JB because the workers generally seemed happier. The age-range of employees was also a lot more varied at Costco - a lot of my colleagues were people in their 30s-50s, all married with kids so I guess I found it hard to relate to / converse with them. JB attracts a pretty young, “alternative” crowd, so it was nice to work with like-minded people who I could geek out with about things like music, anime and trashy horror films. Also I found Costco a lot more stressful because of how insanely busy it could get, and the customers were a lot more rude and entitled (probably because of the membership system).

I’m curious to know what aspects of my personality tipped you off about ballet haha.

Still working on those playlists. They both somehow ended up being 50+ songs long which I know is an overwhelming number, so I’m trying to be more selective. But it’s hard when I’m such a simp for Deftones and I love almost everything they’ve produced.

I think I’m worse than you with the monologuing, so no sweat honestly. If it takes either of us a while to reply then that’s okay. And thanks!
GodOfWolves Mar 27, 6:59 AM
Yep double click the edit button blanks em, kept thinking TF just happened here XD, have learned to never do that again lol - Nice might check out Barakamon then just learned it had a dub never realized till just right now when i looked - whole time i was just thinking, welp, ill probably never get to watch that lol
I'm not a fan of marilyn manson at all, songs cool, but yeah no investment either but my bud pluvia had told me about it and it just kinda was like damn, didn't expect that -

I forgot you did vent to me about mirai nikki lol i remember that, god I've purposefully avoided rewatching it cuz unlike souleater i know beforehand my score would probably drop lmao - Souleaters still sweet though if you're ever for somethen different, - I may of nagged on it but the melodrama seems more serious if you don't know whats going to happen, its more suspenseful - and crona was actually funny, but once you know the jokes, even the poem making everyone want to never be born was only half as fun cause once you've seen it, it doesn't really have that blindsided punch that originally just made it so great and unpredictable

But yeah can surely see, you forget things, sometimes you change things, sometimes your writing or what you want to write even changes and conflicts can arise - Naruto was still epic, and the first half of shippuden was fun - just everything from 250 to 500 was chaotic, but yeah if you write something for 10 years, i can see how it can happen lol - but also my expectations for anime have grown harsher >.> over the years, i kinda want it to have the level of good tv shows and anime like FMA did but thats asking alot at the end of the day lol - most are still still simply cartoons both story and art lol - that and once i get into a show, i tend to not do the "watch while i work" like i do with shows thats difficult to keep me invested, so they get my undivided attention and thats when things really stick out...
Like mushishi, I watched that mainly when I ate of drink something, but then I'd watch another episode, next thing you know its an hour later and I still haven't wrote or spellchecked anything lmfao - total procrastination to the max

But yeah finished it and it was great, total 10 brah so thanks for convincing me to finally watch it, its been on my list like 4+ years lol - the pillow one was a hard one to watch, that was kinda way too depressing for me but i really was into a lot of them, even though a few others hit pretty hard like that - also like the way you descripted the two different classes of religions there with polytheistic and abrahamic, to where a souls a soul and angels and demons and spirits exists but they're a lot more 1 2 3 categories not dozens or hundreds or thousands lol like the mushi
That's wild, I didn't know amanda had that much of a history with it, that pluvia also showed showed me a link to a FMA song she did, - but yeah she was gorgeous to, the whole sundress pic lol - at first from youtube i had seen a pic of her overweight at some point in her life and at first thought it was current like damn poor girl musta hit that point in her life - but shes actually lost a good bit turns out and now almost got a little hourglass thing goin lmao - if she voiced more favorite characters she mighta replaced a gal on my fav list- be real i gota soft spot for blondes she ven voiced Hayasakka from the kaguya - but yeah she was the blue haired girl in zombieland sage? at least i think - ohh shit and shes the blonde of hinamatsuri and Yuki the dude from fruits basket. well shit - and no i was wrong shes the white haired gal in zombieland woops - but yeah for a moment i thought her list of characters was way longer but its still only like 20-30 like i thought
P.S - yeah I was incredibly sad that season 2 and like another set of 5 eps plus even a movie path of thorns which looked really Fkin epic was never dubbed, it was sadder than those episodes lol - also I remember seeing the voice actor travis but never knew he voices roy mustang to - i thought he sounded familiar and i could not pin it for the life of me that is totally epic - its sad he only has like 20 characters he voiced to, hes very good at it, and extremely believable at that rate, hed be worthy of a top 10 to if he did more
gigi_rose Mar 27, 5:13 AM
Hahaha I have seen Office Space but not since I was around 15. I’m sure if I watched it now I’d appreciate its accuracy a lot more.

JB Hi-Fi is more tech-based I’d say. Their main sales are in computers, iPads and the like. From what I understand it’s doing very well (it’s pretty much the go-to store in Australia for those sorts of things). I just happened to be working in the least busy department where they didn’t need the extra help, so was unlucky in that regard.
Still job-hunting unfortunately. I’ve applied for everything within my capabilities from grocery stores, to liquor stores, to a local adult shop (I’m not sure how I’d feel about telling my family I work at a place that sells dildos and fleshlights but hey, it’s a job).
Still waiting to hear back from some places, but have already received a few no’s and have only gotten through to the interview stage once. The job search has been hella time consuming too - I’m shocked at how complicated the application process has gotten. One application asked me to take a 40 minute test where I had to read passages of random information and answer questions based on them. I’m not sure how any of this was conducive to working a register lol.

Yeah, I have a feeling I’ll find myself in the same position in the next several years. I feel like our whole lives are spent trying to figure out what we want in life and how to be happy but by the time we figure it out we’re too old to really do anything about it. Still, financial independence is an admirable goal to have, and one that I too am trying (though unsuccessfully) to work towards.
I don’t know much about gaming but I’ve heard of Xenoblade Chronicles. It’s great when you find something that can engage you like that. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been trying to do more reading lately but all the job seeking bullshit has left me too mentally drained. I’d love to be able to sink more time into my hobbies and interests but it definitely gets harder as you get older.

That’s true, though I do feel a bit of pressure when I see my friends getting their shit together and having a clear goal for their lives. Add to that the expectations of my family. As a former gifted child (accelerated learning, the whole shebang), though they say they just want me to be happy I know they also don’t want to see me waste my “potential”.
Yeah I wish I knew how dry journalism was before attending uni but unfortunately had no exposure to it growing up (it’s not offered as a subject in Australian high schools). I actually applied for an online writing gig yesterday but it’s not a replacement for a full time job - more something that I would have to do on the side.

It’s good that you enjoy your job and are also paid well - a rare combination. The music thing sounds very ideal tbh.
I feel like the atmosphere of your workplace and the people you work with also greatly affect your enjoyment. I previously worked at Costco and I hated it with a passion. Everyone in my department was miserable and I didn’t fit in with any of the people there. I honestly dreaded going into work and dealing with difficult customers and managers I disliked. I’d started to think that all retail jobs were like that, but my experience at JB was vastly different and I actually liked going into work for once. It sounds like that’s been your experience at Walmart, so I’m glad for you.

Genre-transcending is a perfect way to describe Deftones. They’re often mislabelled as a nu metal band which bugs me (not that I have anything against the genre). I suppose all these music sub-genres can be rather nebulous though. “Change” is most people’s sole experience with Deftones. I’m putting together an emo playlist with some of those bands I mentioned. I’d also be more than happy to make a dedicated Deftones playlist for you to check out.

Oh boy, this message is so long already so I’ll give you the fast tracked version. I started ballet when I was only three years old and from there branched out to do a bunch of different styles - contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and I even did acrobatics for a couple years (but I was awful at that). Ballet was always my favourite, but contemporary was a pretty close second.
Very sage advice, thank you kindly. If I get a job that pays well enough for me to pick it up again I probably will.

I did add you on Spotify - you’ll find me in your list of followers on your profile. I’ll be sure to link those playlists in my next comment :)
gigi_rose Feb 18, 5:53 AM
I’ve had What’s Eating Gilbert Grape on my watch list for ages so I should definitely get around to watching it soon.

I’ll be honest, a lot of that stuff goes over my head. One of the YouTubers I watch is a big Bitcoin advocate but whenever they bring it up I mostly tune it out since it’s not of much interest to me. A few of my friends are super into investing but I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that haha. If bitcoin ends up being as revolutionary as you and others are suggesting I’ll probably be very late to the game.

Yeah, the bushfires at the end of 2019 did feel particularly apocalyptic, and we’ve been through a few bad bushfire seasons in my home state. But these bushfires were remarkable because of how far-reaching they were and how long they took to put out. The day I graduated was one of the hottest days ever recorded in Australia and the smoke in the air was so bad that my eyes were watering (even though I graduated in the city where there were no bushfires in the vicinity).
Jeez, I didn’t know about the power crisis in the States. Must’ve really sucked having your heating shut off with those temperatures.

Up until a couple weeks ago I was working in the software section (DVDs and music) of a popular electronics chain called JB Hi-Fi - I think they only exist in Aus and NZ. Currently I’m looking for another job since they let all the casual staff go. But it’s rough out there >•<
Essential workers have definitely been doing it tough during the pandemic. Props to you for enduring it. Do you enjoy your job under regular circumstances?
I did a Media and Communications degree, majoring in Journalism and Screen Studies. I much preferred the screen studies side of my degree but unfortunately there aren’t many jobs in that area.
I honestly don’t know what I want to do long term. I have a lot of interests but nothing that I can see myself making a career out of. I like writing so I thought journalism would suit me but a lot of it was very dry and not the kind of writing I enjoy.

Nice, I’ll give you a follow on Spotify (my username starts with a G). I don’t listen to a lot of metal but I enjoy a lot of what I’ve heard so I’ll have to give your playlists a listen.

Music is one of my main passions too. My listening tastes are pretty broad but the main genres I listen to are probably alt-rock (Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Interpol, Circa Survive, Pity Sex, Placebo etc) and emo (Basement, Tigers Jaw, Title Fight, Joyce Manor). But I like a lot of different genres e.g I’m also big into rap and shoegaze/dream pop. My favourite band though is actually an alt-metal band; Deftones.
Apart from music, dancing was another passion of mine and one that I devoted 15 years of my life to. But I gave that up in my final year of high school to better focus on my studies. I’d like to go back to it but as an adult I can’t justify spending that kind of money for something that’s just a hobby now. I could go on but I’ll stop there coz this message is already lengthy enough.

I’m really looking forward to watching JJK. I’ll probably watch it in sub since that’s what I usually do. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m definitely not a sub elitist, I enjoy both sub and dub.
I don’t mind the lengthy responses! I’ve probably well-exceeded your word count with this message anyways haha.
Leospars Feb 12, 8:20 PM

I can respect that. FMA 03 was my first anime and B was around my 2nd/3rd I was watching it at the same time as SDS but SDS shorter so I finished it first. So I guesss FMA:B was my third and I wouldn't know what a generic ending was at that point I was pretty satisfied with it and sad to see it go. I was curious about how they would continue to test their new theory about alchemy, what the east(/west Idr) is like and what Ed would be like without his alchemy. Yet it was overall satisfying. Still I can see ur point with FMA 03.
woahitsai Feb 11, 6:46 AM
Oh, those were artworks from Clamp. I love with their art style, that's why. Hehe.
The animation is good actually. The CGI blends well with the 2D. Compare to WIT's colossal titan from S3 Part 2, well.... it was kind of awkward to watch.

Yeah, that too. They could've postponed it a year butl I've got no complaints tho. I'm just thankful they're gonna adapt 'till the last chapter of the manga and so far, they're doin' great. 2 episodes from S4 got 10.00 ratings on IMDb.
gigi_rose Feb 10, 10:24 PM
I actually haven’t seen What’s Eating Gilbert Grape but from the couple of scenes I’ve watched that’s pretty much the only thing that makes them similar. Good Time has more crime / thriller elements.
I just had to look up what blockchain is lol. I feel you, my list of shows and movies to watch is never ending. I’ll probably die before I get through half of them, especially with all the new stuff coming out that I also want to watch.

Give it a go, I think there’s a chance you could like it.

Graduated uni at the end of 2019 right before shit hit the fan with COVID (and during the Aus summer bushfires, fun!)
Very lucky that I got the chance to attend my graduation ceremony (a lot of my friends didn’t) but at the same time, it’s the worst time to be looking for a job :’) So I’ve had to make do with casual work.

The first half has been episodic but now it seems to be exploring more of the overarching plot. Yeah it definitely seems that way. What are your other interests besides cinema and anime?

I’ll probably start watching JJK soonish. I’ve been trying to read the manga for over a month now and I’m only like 15 chapters in. It’s so action-heavy that I feel like I’d enjoy the anime a lot more. That stuff always translates better to screen imo.
gigi_rose Feb 10, 5:15 AM
Such a good scene. Infinitely quotable.

Yeah it’s by the Safdie brothers. Been a long ass time since I’ve watched Good Time, need to rewatch it ASAP. But I remember the performances being incredible - Pattinson did a great job and so did Benny Safdie, who plays his intellectually disabled younger brother.

The only one I’ve seen out of those are Eraserhead, but I really want to watch the Elephant Man.
You should definitely give Mulholland Drive a watch. I can’t say whether or not you’ll like it, given that I can’t judge how similar it is to the films you’ve listed, but I really like it. Definitely a mindfuck of a film though haha. Twin Peaks is one of my favourite shows <3 You may find it to be more accessible than his other films. It definitely still has surrealist elements, but it’s probably the most easily digestible of Lynch’s works that I’ve seen and has one of the most interesting mystery plots I’ve seen in film and TV. Plus Agent Cooper is one of my favourite TV characters, I find myself quoting him all the time e.g “That is - excuse me - a DAMN fine cup of coffee”.

I’ve heard of Angel’s Egg but haven’t seen it. It sounds really interesting, albeit the lack of plot. I’ll admit, as a former screen studies student I’m a sucker for pretentious Arthouse cinema. I can definitely appreciate a film for aesthetics and symbolism alone, though of course I prefer if there’s also a decent plot. I’ll have to add Angel’s Egg to my watchlist.

I haven’t seen I’m Thinking of Ending Things but it’s on my list.

Let me know what you think of Given if you end up watching it :)

Loving Dororo so far! I could see it being a new favourite of mine if it ends up being this good all the way through. It reminds me a bit of Mushishi, due to the time period it’s set in (even though Mushishi is set in a later period) and the fact that the protagonists spend (at least the first half of the series) wandering from town to town and dealing with a different demon/monster in each town. It’s also quite stylised, with a very muted colour palette which I dig. You’d probably like it, based on your favourites.