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Hi! Hello there. I exist.

My rating system goes something like this - On a scale of Boku no Pico to Breaking Bad, where would I place it?

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"Oshi no Ko"
"Oshi no Ko"
4 hours ago
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Ousama Ranking: Yuuki no Takarabako
Ousama Ranking: Yuuki no Takarabako
9 hours ago
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Jun 7, 8:36 PM
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Seihantai na Kimi to Boku
Seihantai na Kimi to Boku
May 24, 11:32 PM
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May 18, 11:19 AM
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One Piece
One Piece
May 17, 11:50 PM
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DeonX Apr 24, 11:06 AM
Ngl the dark is pretty good. Not too dark, not too light that it looks way too grey, Pretty much perfect. The only problem is that some signatures now look a bit off in the dark mode. Since they have transparent effects or have a white background which used to merge with the white bg back when this wasn't available.
Ezekiel_01 Apr 16, 8:52 PM
Need to explore greener pasture.
Ezekiel_01 Apr 16, 8:19 AM
Hello THere! Randomly Passing By

DeonX Apr 15, 8:57 PM
Nah we don't have the CGPA system. It's mainly credits and the percentage system.

Damn, >8 is pretty good. I'll most likely pursue a master's after my bachelor's so it's not necessary for me to start worrying about a job anytime soon.

Yeah, it's part of the course as a whole. A subject for this semester. We have barely started though
DeonX Mar 31, 8:14 AM
Exams are over. I aced my internals. Hopefully, I won't fail my externals lol. 2nd sem is going alright so far. I even got photography as a part of my course lol.

Playcool Mar 17, 7:59 AM
I will get that later since I like to keep all the files as a data hoarder, but I don't plan to read unless it provides tons of additional details vs the anime, and IMO vol.14 is already on purpose giving us many more questions than answers, so from what I have seen from the OVA yesterday, I won't really get many more answers with this side chapter, rather, continuing the LN is the way to go. (currently at the start of vol.15)

BTW when one should read all the existing ReZero EX volumes??
Some later stuff seem to touch on spoilers for later volumes, that I have yet to read.
Cebokerz Mar 16, 5:07 PM
no problem and nice to meet you ^^
Cebokerz Mar 13, 9:16 PM
hi, thanks for accepting my fr ^~^
Uji_Gintoki_Bowl Mar 12, 7:34 AM
mm yeah I get that. thanks for marking!
Uji_Gintoki_Bowl Mar 11, 8:18 PM
hi! I wrote a review for Isekai Ojisan and was wondering if you'd be willing to take the time to mark it as helpful or smth. thanks :)
Playcool Mar 8, 10:32 AM
But a translation for it exists?
I don't prefer the anime in general for stuff, just for Rezero S1 I preferred it more than my experience with reading the LN.
As far as I am seeing after S2, I might prefer the LN more still, since I m way more engaged on reading it now that I am on volume 10 (and listening to the series ost).

Liked I said, you are right for later deaths, but there is really little argument for what I am referring, go check out the death on ep5, and see how devoid of true brutality that is on the LN.

My imagination is more than enough for all the books and LNs I have read, but for something like Rezero, the more details regarding a scene the easier is to shell you the shock, tension and brutality, and you said it yourself, the creator though episode 15 was better. What happened there is that the director was able to surpass the sparse details present on that segment and go further, or are you telling me that with what is written there for that scene in the LN, that your imagination could produce something even better than the anime did? As a first time experience the anime sells it better than if one goes for the LN first.

What supports my argument is that I would expand this to a few other key moments for me with arc 2-3, if most my favorite stuff I feel is done better in the anime, and due to the much faster pace, much less time is spent on lengthy parts that were a chore for me... it is a win win situation, besides that, Styx Helix and the ost were very critical for me.

Have you read Oregairu?! I recently finished the LN, aside S1, the rest I experienced first in the source material, and IMO S1 is a very poor adaptation for many reasons, S2 is better but the pace is still too fast, too many details are NOT conveyed, LN is just BETTER and more meaningful.
I can add to that the Index series too, and I have many other examples, it is not like I have an historic of trashing LNs, S1 of Rezero is an exception by everything already mentioned.
Playcool Mar 7, 11:18 AM
BTW, I cant find an answer, to when I should watch this:

Do I have to read all of arc 4 before? I know it covers Emilia past and this OVA seems to do the same, so was this some stuff that S2 didnt fully adapt?
Or just new material? If so, is it okay to watch before finishing said arc?

From past experience with the LN from this series, I have a much worst time with the LN if I have already seen the adapted material, thus I want to go with the source first, so that lead me to the doubt above.
Playcool Mar 6, 3:19 PM
1) I have to agree partly with the deaths, some are more brutal in the LN, like when Puck froze Subarou to death in volume 6, but then you consider the death of Subarou by Rem that I talked about, and the anime is more gory, even showing his eye coming out, whereas the LN wasnt that descriptive of that scene.

You adressed this later on, but let me compare again episode 15 of S1, go read the LN there, at the end, see what the anime does with the visuals, when Subarou is approaching the mansion, then read how it plays on the LN, way less impact on the later, it is not about imagining, it is how some descriptions are simply not there, whereas the anime came and filled the blanks adding to more impact and proper lead up.
Same for the ending of episode 5 and episode 7... extra details of the LN honestly didnt made it for a better experience, the anime was more impactful with the OST and directing, and Subarou's expression conveyed his conviction, words where not needed. Lets not forget on ep7 again, at the start, when Rem was maulling him, the VA made it more gruesome and bone chilling, thus bigger impact, I still cry with that scene due to the contrast of both characters there, did not happen in the LN.

The thing about using imagination is what you would say to anyone reading a LN, but it is different for this series.
Rezero atmosphere is way harder to capture than most, since most works dont focus on such an heavy, creepy and dark atmosphere, having less tension and shocking stuff going on. No matter how you good your imagination is, a proper OST playing out will always give more impact than just text when associated to a director that knows how brigde the gap between the limitations of both mediums.

2) He looks too much of a scumbag early on, whereas I feel the anime balanced it out more, imagine if they had gone with that look for the anime, you would end up laughing too much due to how silly evil it looks.
Characterization is why I said that reading the LN is still worth it due to the details, but what I want the most out of Rezero in part, outside his relationship with Emilia, is to feel scared, tension, not safe, AFRAID, and this kinda of atmosphere is much harder to pull off in pure text, to me it needs descriptions that help built it better for me, taking time to creep the fuck out of you.
Having solely visuals, like a manga, like Monster already does wonders, and the OST itself can help built it even more, and I have read the whole Higurashi VN many years ago, sound is key.

4) Indeed, I had forgotten about that, I was surprised when it was adressed on volume 4 just like that, something never said on the anime, volume 8 and 9 had some cut content too, outside what the anime choose not to adapt even with S2.
Again, perks of reading the LN, and why I still choose to keep going.

This is kinda all over the place (thus spoiler tag, big text there), but to end, my opinion of the LN after reading vol7 was pretty garbage, when I compare it to the anime (still better than most other series), part of that being that I wanted to get to new content and forced myself to read 6 volumes worth of text (I read vol1-3 in 2019), but the last 2 volumes gave me way more positivity for the LN by the end, so now that I m reading new stuff, I m rather excited, I will apreciate the more chill or character driving moments better, besides NOT dont feeling cockblocked by the fucking SLOW LN translation, since I have accepted the WN should suffice (Mushoku Tensei LN helped me accept it is okay to catch up and then go for the WN, and then later on, read again on the LN and appreciate the differences, even if sparse).
Back in 2019, I wanted to read the LN and so few volumes were out in english and such a sparse release schedule for them, so I had to put it on hold, and then I saw WN has inferior material to be avoided.

Playcool Mar 5, 6:54 AM
Once I finish vol21, I will probably switch to the WN for sure since the lack of timely updates was the reason I stopped reading the LN back then.

Can you read that and address my points?
Usually, I don't mind the slower-paced source materials, but I dunno why such praise can be given to the LN, when it just lacks impact vs the anime.
The director of S1 was just that good IMO, when I read parts like those of S1 ep15, on the LN, almost no impact at all, rather, it takes so long to get to stuff I m kinda glad for the rushed pacing of S1, when usually I just hate the rushed pacing of most anime adaptations.
DeonX Feb 22, 9:44 PM
Ah, I see. I thought of downloading it but I only have limited data for a day so it's pretty tough lol. There must be internal downloads in the game too, right? My marks aren't much better lol. They are giving 75 marks papers with only 15 mark questions to answer. The amount of pages we have to fill is mind boggling

Sure, send me a request, and I'll join. DeonX04#0512
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