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Oct 16, 2018
I'll review briefly starting rant, and then move into the story, art, sound, character and overall enjoyment in brief but worthy paragraphs. I reference the ending but don't go into detail, so nothing I say about the ending should worry you, at most it should prepare you, to not be as disappointed.

OPENING RANT; I'll keep it short & Sweet...
Both were dog shit honestly.
Alternative had better characters and the first 5 episodes were pretty good.
But progressive had a better ending. And a somewhat better story. Defiantly better action.
Both main characters were lame and progressive she was emotionless, in this one kana is an very over emotional read more
Mar 24, 2018
To start things off, I loved the first season... Howevvveeerrrrrr.......

Season 2 Is nothing like the first.

First off the story...

Horrible, In the first season it was great, we see many many new towns and have a good few trades and exciting moments with a diverse cast of characters and actual thinking involved.

In the second season, we have one town, mainly one trade, a extremely smaller cast of characters and almost no progression besides mostly dribble, cut towards the end and they rush everything because they did not have the source material for another season. Making anyone who does another season either redo season 2, please god read more
Dec 8, 2017
Honestly man, is it over dramatic, a bit cliche, and a bit underrated, as well as overrated, yeah sure. But it doesn't matter. This story started out slow but halfway in about 11-12 onwards it became something beautiful.

The story is great and pretty real, with real situations, although some stretched. Others are harshly true, the one character is a bit whinny hes the main guy but hes still cool. The looking at the sky scenes when he plays his piano is a bit annoying. Think his name is kuozai, im not 100% sure on how to spell that.

The other character is kaori, and I read more
Nov 18, 2017
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
10s Across the Board!!!!!
If I have ever seen a greater coming of age story, I do not remember it. This was epic!
I remember this show from like 2007 when I was a kid but I never watched it because it was so weird and seemed confusing as all hell. Watching it now I can say its still weird, and beyond confusing as hell!!! But in a great way! It was totally insane & Fun & Just GREAT!

Honestly I wanted to get work done today, but i found myself watching the next episode after the next after the next until It was over lol.

So its this read more
Nov 2, 2017
Never did i imagine i would be on mal writing a review after watching this movie. I went in expecting an 7-8 above average movie from the reviews so of course i also expected it to be a 6-7 average old anime that was over hyped.

I Did NOT however expect it to get a 10!!!! It is truly a marvelous story! About two people whos lives and time have been tangled, as they switch between both their bodies but there memories of their time in each others life is fuzzy and all but a dream.

And I'll end it with this as to not spoil anything, read more
Oct 17, 2017
How to describe fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, to put it simply. It's a masterpiece.

I watched the original anime as a kid, the first episode I've ever seen was the one when there mom came back to life, scared the absolute hell out of me. I was like 10 Lmao. Finally watched the entire show when I was like 12-13, like 7th grade to be more accurate And It was great, the ending left me kinda unfulfilled but the movies made up for it and were great. But even with the originals darker gritty story, and greed making a longer appearance, and the way they handled read more