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Raichibi 4 hours ago
Lol XD Well I only got one cat, so shes the fulltime queen XD And she scares off any strays that come near our house unfortunately :/

I do agree that Kiss/Hug is pretty underdeveloped, but to me thats to be expected in a short manga like that one. I mainly liked reading the romance parts of it honestly, and thats why its in my top ten. I rate things pretty differently then a lot of people, and that is based upon how much I enjoyed the story. The mechanics of the story, characters, art are honestly more of a side thing when choosing my top ten. I just started reading manga again recently... I read a bunch of shonens and then took a couple year break :/ So when choosing from the small pool of mangas read to be on my top tens, I picked the ones I enjoyed reading the most. So for that, I'd say its mostly just preference idk.
As for the story, I wasn't a fan of the whole love-at-first-sight thing (I never am) and other parts of the story, looking back, I could have easily done without. That's why my favorites lists change so frequently, because my feelings for different anime/manga will change overtime. And in the long run, its the animes/mangas with good story mechanics that remain.

And yes! I have started watching Skip Beat again recently! It's fairly good so far, even though I find Kyoko as a tsundere quite annoying (I dislike the tsundere typing). The story is plenty interesting, although theres not really much in the way of romance. It's very dramatic though, and some parts are a bit slow, but I'm enjoying the story well so far.

Which have you been watching/reading recently? :)
RealCW Nov 10, 5:15 PM
Thank god it didn't become it. Would've ruined everything it was.

I'd say that's true for any shonen series these days, to be honest; hardly just Fairy Tail. I honestly don't blame him he can't think up an ending to it though; you need a story first to come up with an ending :-!

The big 3, like Bleach, One Piece, and I guess now Fairy Tail because Naruto ended all want to be in that big popular cozy state of stasis; it's easy money and will last forever.

But these are series I generally avoid for that reason. It's boring when things aren't building to anything and nothing changes.

Well, not saying it directly influenced YYH, but it was hauntingly similar. I haven't seen Togashi mention anything about inspirations past just old school horror manga, with dark ink artwork, which is reflected in his own style.

I'll gladly love to share it, but not now... I'm still under duress from what happened to me.
Raichibi Nov 10, 12:52 PM
Aw :/ I see, yep I am glad we got to be with her as she grows up. She is VERY pampered lol... I treat her like a queen so she acts like one XD
Could have been the situation with your moo cat. I called Lily moo-moo once before, because I told her she looks like a cow XD Needless to say, she got very offended.

Poor kitty though, so glad she has a good home now at least! ^^
RealCW Nov 9, 1:54 PM
I actually think it getting cancelled was a blessing in disguise. It should've ended at Sensui, but the Demon Tournament at least brought the narrative full circle and it wasn't a bad ending.

The last thing it needed was to *keep* going when Togashi was writing like that; just look at what HxH became from the same thing. And almost any eternal shonen series; things should be allowed to end.

Lots of shows were obviously inspired by YYH; Bleach is one of them. And also, YYH was directly inspired by Ushio and Tora. Tell me Ushio and Atsuko aren't very similar to Yusuke and Keiko. The original U&T OVA had them actually voiced by the same Japanese actors too.
And Bleach even ripped off that too :P

And no, nothing like that. That's a long story that might take a bit of time to explain.
Raichibi Nov 9, 1:26 PM
Nope. I've checked, they were taken down sometime in 2012 I think.

I know right... I think maybe she just grew out of her kitty fur? But who knows.. she was still real little when it happened.
Me too XD Honestly we dunno even her breed, they were just guessing a Siamese mix because of her spot and her brother had black spots on his face too. We got her rescued from the animal shelter..
AWWW they sound adorable! moo cat XD and thats probably why she likes string cheese XD dunno

We saw ours online at the animal shelter. She was really sick at the time with a kitty cold, and they didn't think she'd make it, but we took her anyway because we fell in love and wanted to at least keep her happy for the last weeks of her life. Well, she got better and stopped taking her medications after two weeks, went to the vet and was found to be cured! It probably helped that she wasnt in the sheter anymore.
RealCW Nov 9, 8:53 AM
Yeah, I never consider YYH to be a martial arts anime akin to something like DB at all. It had fighting, sure, but that was never its focus.

You can tell when action is the focus of an anime; it means fights are generally dozens of episodes in length, and in YYH, the biggest fights were not only built up to over an entire story arc, but were 4 episodes long at maximum.
In something like DBZ, that's a short fight.

We talked about this before, but definitely give it a watch in Japanese. I can't stress enough how bad the dub is and how it's a wholly different show.

And for the last arc, yeah, it's hard to believe, but it's even shorter in the manga. It's like literally one volume for everything and is clearly aborted and unsatisfactory.

Togashi is also known as a very lazy manga artist (as his status with HxH should tell you, which YYH also began to follow suit), so I have no doubt he either got lost after Sensui or other production issues occurred (like fighting with his editor, etc); you can tell with the mostly short and rehashed Demon Tournament and especially by the manga artwork. By the end of YYH, it was basically rough sketches as the actual pages.

I really don't think Togashi was building up Yusuke's father at all; I think it went more in line with the punk persona of him than anything. But yeah, if someone was of Raizen's youkai line, it definitely wasn't his mother. It would have to be his father's side of the family to make any sense at all; not that we even see any family at all past his mother.

Oh and no, I didn't hear anything about any anniversary stuff. To be honest, it seems all that stuff is more reasons for the dub to release and ruin stuff, of which I literally have less than zero interest.
I'm honestly amazed they didn't try and butcher Eizou Hakusho that they released a few years back.

Lastly, did I ever tell you about what I was working on in regards to YYH, even a year ago, by chance? That's something you might be interested in if you want to see a smoother narrative of what it was trying to do and the like.
Raichibi Nov 8, 8:28 PM
Dunno, I never used it either. Was an old social media site... kinda like the mix of facebook and instagram I guess, and was pretty much used by tweens and kids lol. The videos were just like on youtube actually, so not much difference.

Awww! I always wanted more cats! >.> Mine's a siamese mix. She had a black spot on the top of her head as a kitten but she "licked it off" before we even had her a year lol so now she is 100% pure white. What about your kitties?
Raichibi Nov 8, 7:24 PM
Yep! I was there just for the very end of the "good youtube age." Actually, I watched all the ghibli movies over MySpace! I know, takes you back right? XD
I searched it into chrome and a myspace link was the first to come up, and wallah thats how I discovered the whole Ghibli "franchise"
LOOOOL poor kitty! Do you have any other pets? >.> I have a beautiful white kitty leeeel!
Raichibi Nov 8, 5:48 PM
Nope pretty much no cartoons until I was 11 and discovered anime on my own. We watched a couple now and then, but I was never one of those kids that looked forward to watching a series on cable :/

Well I had to buy the laptop with my own money. I started saving when I was around 9 or 10, didn't buy anything with allowance money, birthday money, or Christmas money and saved up my own money for a laptop that was gonna supposedly be for schoolwork, since my middle school days were coming up. (We started middle school in 5th grade). And I had blockers all over my computer prohibiting me from downloading anything without parents permission. Of course that just taught me how to hack and bleh :P

Yep, I completely agree. It was just something against "anime." I'm assuming she had a bad run-in that I don't know about because most people associate anime with popular stuff like Pokemon and DBZ, but she automatically clicked in her brain that it was that ecchi stuff. So being a normie, I'm assuming she had a bad experience with echhi anime in the past and is just making excuses for anime that is actually good. Like seriously... ugh it just annoys me :/ Yep, even though he's just semi special needs, he has a lot of violent tendencies and he likes making people mad and annoying them. It sucks, but I've lowkey gotten use to it.
RealCW Nov 8, 4:16 PM
Well, it is 90s shonen, afterall.

It really is essentially an asspull that is then tried to be justified. I feel Togashi just wanted Sensui to kill Yusuke and then have some excuse to resurrect him and then be a match.

It's not particularly well setup, but at least it does still make sense. I feel the (awful) dub tries to push that it's his FATHER, which really makes no sense, but the anime and manga merely allude to that he's a distant ancestor.
Of course this would also mean any of his direct relatives would also be part youkai, but yeah.... it's not the best reveal.

The whole last arc was very rushed, even in the anime (where it was expanded greatly), and literally almost glossed over entirely in the manga. The manga really fell apart at the end (Togashi literally ended a later story arc midway because of editor disagreements) and that's all the anime had to work with to hope to salvage.
Raichibi Nov 8, 4:09 PM
Well I watched the first 50 episodes, but I just wish I grew up watching it when I was a lil kid, ya know? I guess not possible in an anti-otaku house huh :/
I showed my mom a couple ghibli films (My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Cat Returns, etc) and she couldn't get over how violent they were, so I showed her MNT and since totoros are ghosts she decided to have an issue with that, and Cat Returns had too much bad language in it??? I don't even remember. After that, I kinda just gave up. She knows I still watch it, but I don't talk about it in front of her. My younger brother on the other hand, well he's a bit special needs, and he is strong ANTI otaku to the point where he'll shred anything of mine anime/manga related, etc. It's a real pain. :/
Raichibi Nov 8, 3:19 PM
Yep it was! I recognized as Pazu's fanfare trumpet solo ;)
Dunno if its necessary for my review tho so meh

Sounds pretty normal to me! Pokemon is a pretty common introductory anime.. I wish I watched it growing up :/

And noope! My family are all anti-otakus :P
But oh well, what can I do? XD
RealCW Nov 8, 2:27 PM
Hope you're okay with being a friend again, at least here :)
Raichibi Nov 8, 1:16 PM
Of course! * - * And thanks! I'm a shiny sylveon if you don't mind! ;)

Well I got a pretty unique story when it comes to anime... take a seat and here it goes!

I have been an otaku since 2011, but it has truly been my passion since 2014. Ghibli films were my gateway, immediately followed by Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. However, my otaku passion gateway was opened by Code Geass and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I first discovered anime around early 2011, soon after I had bought my first laptop (I was 11 at the time). I was surfing the web for cute character images to use for reference in a story I was working on. I didn't want actual people, and yet nothing cartoony attracted me. Eventually, I started seeing some anime-style pictures and learned the key word anime led me into a whole world of characters I found visually appealing. I really liked Sheeta from Castle in the Sky so I started looking up more and more pictures of it, and eventually got curious about it and watched it online September 8th 2011. I experienced something that no other thing has given to me. Eyes wide and heart pounding were my first experiences in the anime world. I remember being in jaw-dripping amazement. The storytelling, the pacing, the music, and the characters drew a part of my soul into their world with them. The experience was unforgettable. And it changed me forever. All the ghibli movies were next after that!
Raichibi Nov 8, 5:00 AM
For how visually pretty it was, it shoulda had equally pretty characters to match. But instead, we get bland little 💩 served up lookin and soundin pretty. Doesn't matter how well you season up 💩 because inside its still just 💩.

Glad you share my opinions on this! I added you as a friend, btw, if you want. XP