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Days: 339.2
Mean Score: 5.99
  • Total Entries4,180
  • Rewatched128
  • Episodes24,207
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Godzilla: S.P
Godzilla: S.P
2 hours ago
Watching 8/13 · Scored -
Yesterday, 9:30 PM
Re-watching 9/74 · Scored 10
May 10, 5:58 PM
On-Hold 2/? · Scored 7
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Days: 35.7
Mean Score: 6.93
  • Total Entries354
  • Reread5
  • Chapters5,037
  • Volumes685
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Yesterday, 10:58 PM
Reading 8/162 · Scored -
Dolls Fall
Dolls Fall
Mar 26, 11:37 PM
Reading 9/24 · Scored -
One Piece Novel: A
One Piece Novel: A
Oct 9, 2020 5:01 PM
Reading 4/11 · Scored -


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CrimsonCW Apr 26, 4:02 PM
30s are when you get to have the most fun. Don't fret anything.
CrimsonCW Apr 26, 12:48 PM
Sorry for missing your birthday. -_-

bioeffect Apr 19, 1:09 PM
Happy birthday!
literaturenerd Apr 18, 11:56 PM
Happy birthday!
CrimsonCW Apr 14, 10:47 AM
....Great, that makes even less sense now. So then WHY THAT DATE for her? Apparently she even could've done it as early as June of last year when she was trying to leave. This is going to drive me crazy.

I could've sworn it wasn't that easy, that you at least had to wait. And I seem to recall hearing it from people in 2020, after that September thing. How do you go about doing it? Just make a post in the admin requests or something?

Grr... so then why that date, so later after the rest of it? That makes no sense.

Anyway, regardless I have no interest in KF right now with all the biden-tards celebrating and mocking everyone. Those people will kill themselves once what is going down actually happens. Again, check out the X22 report if you want to check out something interesting everyday. I firmly believe this is a pure facade we're living through right now, to make the deep state idiots destroy themselves... and they already are.

Of course, but yeah, the internet is where all these idiots spawned from, of course the internet (especially now with the communist level censorship of everything outside the narrative) is probably the worst place anyone can be right now.
CrimsonCW Apr 14, 9:22 AM
Can I ask something? If I recall changing your name on KF isn't as easy as it seems, right?

You can't just request it, but you have to wait for Null to advertise it, yes? Do you remember him doing that around mid March, because that would explain the random date Misa would come back and do it.

I'm just trying to piece together a timeline.
CrimsonCW Apr 13, 8:15 PM
Man now I'm wondering what would've happened if you had kept up with checking her to report to me (as we set up long ago) or even if I had come back and timed it; I had wanted to come back and post again as early as February to talk about BattlleBots (with my new account), but decided against it with all the biden-tards around, gloating and thinking they won, and I too could've been there and watching when she came back.

The good thing is your idea about leaving a profile comment vs a private message (ultra finite), but it doesn't seem like she even paid attention to it. Who knows what either of us could've actually done if we had both known ahead of time. Maybe signing in with the Guts account, but who knows?
CrimsonCW Apr 13, 7:20 PM
That is amazing though!

MARCH 17! That's literally been less than a month ago, and it lines up with my friend checking her in March. So now we have a timeframe. She's okay. I gotta say, that alone is a huge relief. But now I don't know what to think. Why the change like that? Hmm... I'm investigating a bit further on my end too, but, hmmm....

That message isn't anything topical; it'll always be relevant. I just wanted the insight of your mindset regarding it. Anyway, don't worry about any of that. Believe me, right now things are the worst they've ever been. I'm still optimistic, but mostly because I've been delving deep into things to watch (X22 report, you really should everyday), but apart from that, I've had to get more active in my community, with freedom rallies and the like just to stay sane.

But man... I never expected this to happen. That's for sure. How funny, just when I was super bored tonight. Well, when the going gets tough....
CrimsonCW Apr 13, 6:31 PM
Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, her name was changed. Now it's "AverageAnimeWatcher". I checked, all her posts are now associated to that, and that's the error. All the ratings from her are the same.

So when the hell did this happen? I checked when I asked my friend and it was March 1, so can you check that account to see when it last signed in? I'm not seeing new posts, but I think something is happening. And now I have a new name to search for too!
CrimsonCW Apr 13, 6:26 PM
I need to chat with you, like, real quick.

So, this must've just happened recently because I had another friend on KF check to see if Misa had been back and she said "Nope, still July 18", so now out of morbid curiosity, I decide to browse (not signed in, of course) to find some of her posts. They're all gone. ALL gone. She's not even a member anymore.

What the hell? And when did this even happen? It must've been within at least the last 2 months. But, this is so strange as she got in trouble for trying to literally manually delete all her posts, only to have them restored, and that's when she just decided to leave. And now it's akin to her being... banned, I guess?

Did you notice anything? Can you check while signed in at least? "Pixy Misa"; I can't find her account at all and any clicks to even her posts give me an error. Did she come back possibly, but what could she have done to warrant this kind of deletion? And how? Also, why not just try that from the start?

Was she purged as inactive? But my Guts account is still there, so that makes no sense. Was she banned? Why? They still don't remove posts from even banned members. It's like she doesn't exist at all. Even deleted account still show up as 'guests' or something.

Can you check for me? This is too weird.
CrimsonCW Feb 9, 1:57 PM
Hey, so slight update too. Don't know if you saw the PM it was in, but it happened, finally. My patience paid off! I know Misa's birthday finally! It's today!

But... what can I do with this information now? Hmm.... can it be used?
sorcery Feb 8, 4:51 PM
Hey birb. How you doin'? It's been a while.
Most of my activity in the subculture consists of Fansub these days. I have projects in the backburner, but my future planning is at a halt as long as I don't get the help of an assiduous Arabic speaking partner. I care not about the level of mastery at English, for I just need a crutch to base my checking on.
It is not immediately urgent, as I have a lot of work left ahead, but if you were able to provide help I'd be immensely grateful.
CrimsonCW Feb 8, 12:44 PM
I heard about that guy and what he did from a friend who's there.

That now you can't even post about A&H at all anymore, which was one of the most active topics. I just find it funny that such a stupid forum and such a stupid comment warranted such attention, yet in 2016-2020, Chris and every other social media retard could post DIE TRUMP, DIE, DIE, DIE, and other such things endlessly; the actual President, and yeah, nothing. Imagine that.

It just sucks because that's like one of the only forums I can think of that isn't just a leftist hivemind. I've met some of the best people I've ever met there, so I think it would be a huge loss just for the kind of community it is. I would hope these people would just make a new forum, but who knows.

CrimsonCW Feb 8, 12:17 PM
At least the cat stuff has been keep you occupied, as bad as it is. But yeah, stay away from the fake news and probably even KF; I doubt they even really know what's happening, and they're all cynical nerds, but from what I've been gathering from numerous sources and people in the know, shit isn't just happening, it's already happened, and now we're in the clean up.

Patience. I will say this much, everything the 'news' is telling you is 100% false, and they're pushing it hard. A lot of really great stuff is on the horizon. And I've seen too much stuff happening in DC that does nothing but flat out confirm everything. This will go down as the biggest sting in history. It's going to be epic. Hang in there.

The PM I sent you was actually about a lot of this stuff, so I understand. I have the same thing on my end too, with your past replies as well.
CrimsonCW Feb 8, 12:28 AM
You doing alright? Haven't heard back from you at all.