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Days: 323.9
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Jun 2, 3:55 PM
Watching 65/? · Scored -
Urusei Yatsura
Urusei Yatsura
Jun 2, 3:27 PM
Watching 75/195 · Scored -
Jun 1, 11:44 PM
Watching 5/26 · Scored -
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Days: 34.6
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Dounika Naru Hibi
Dounika Naru Hibi
Jun 3, 10:16 PM
Completed 15/15 · Scored 5
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Jun 1, 6:09 PM
Reading 4/? · Scored -
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Apr 18, 10:25 PM
Reading 6/61 · Scored -


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Dl11 Jun 3, 3:23 AM
Except the ones I saw as a kid on TV (Dragonball, Naruto, inuyasha etc) the first I saw is death note if I remember correctly.
What about you?
Dl11 Jun 2, 7:15 AM
You're welcome .
And not really haha, just took me a bit to find a good app to watch and then how to use mal (after an update from the app)
Sorry I'm late answering btw.
bioeffect May 29, 7:57 PM
Hello. We haven't talked in a while but I remembered you were an Usopp fan so I'm sure this video will be a delight for you to watch.
Ezekiel_01 May 21, 9:19 PM
I AM POOR so I don't have a library. I have like a thousand anime Pirated DVDs and Hundred of Magazines exploring the trending anime in my country at the time, during my Highschool Day. My memory isn't perfect but I do get praised by friends and relatives with incredible smart insights and intellectual knowledge. I owe to the Detective Conan franchise studying and learning new things people tend not to get interested is very helpful to get an extreme edge in life. I don't have the materials and privileges or books the rich people have but with time and experience I can actually compete even to people older and have more experience than me. Yeah that's a chuck on my insignificant life.

My Weeaboo Phase during 2012

I bought those DVD's using my own money made by sweat and blood!

Same goes to his Magazines though currently, I have Wardrove worth of Magazine I stop buying 2015 since majority of trending newer anime I currently hate because they are the usually cover image of the magazine so I stopped even I have now the money to do so.

>Also given how bullshit the review system is that prevents newer reviews from really showing up, having a way to spread the word sounds reasonable. But MAL staff never really cared for the review section if they didn't share the same opinions.

Yeah that's a real problem. The MAL review system is super harsh on new incoming reviewers what's worst people only cared for somewhat the top 50 most helpful reviewers for some reason or the people they know because that's psychologically true you rather read a review of a guy you talk with than some guy you never even ever talk with. Some true words from Pewdiepie but of course you need to improve your content as well nobody stays because you are popular this is why so top reviewers lose fans well I do when I stop 5 years ago. Thought I like how literature nerd got to the top since he's more the kind of guy who made a review on different anime not the trending ones. I thought I do not get impressed with other people getting to the top because of the popular trend and that's the easiest way to get the top. Yeah getting to the top with like few reviews is like winning the lottery while so are good because they hit the right amount of influential people in MAL. Ah the painful reality. It feels like MEME in all things.

For Childhood Wave. Actually just getting 1 person get interested just motivates me to make a project about it. Don't Worry I'll give a skeletal list. Don't Worry it is just time heavy because I am literally swimming the deep water in my MIND! ahahahaha YURI is REAL!

Actually I planning more on quality writing than quantity. I believe just having steady upvotes of 20 per reviews can actually get me to the top 50. But that takes time because the best way to do that is forming relationships in people so while I am improving my writing style I make friends along the way. This is actually my motivation in writing. I won't know more people in my life. Maybe someday I can become a President my Country or Become an influential man in history!
Ezekiel_01 May 17, 7:50 PM
Sharing links of your MAL reviews is actually against community guidelines as funny as it seems. So I got away with multiple times but it all fails when I send the admins my reviews yeah its an equivalent of a robber stealing goods in the police station. Funny Moments.

Have you seen my Uchouten Kazoku review? It's the sole reason why I got the ban anyways but sharing with friends does not go against the guidelines. The admin just informs don't promote to strangers. Well, now I know why some other people are chill when sharing their reviews while some don't I think that's what top reviewers do. They share with their representing groups or circle of friends.
Ezekiel_01 May 17, 3:11 AM
Yoh it's been a while. I just got banned recently so I haven't sent the link for my latest review. I just finished my Uchouten Kazoku last week. If you haven't seen the anime, think it as a recommendation.

Some odd question have you seen Kids on the Slope?

EnD_2222 May 11, 7:32 PM
zoro's sense of direction? i think its just for comedy itself... now that u mentioned it maybe its a parody of wandering samurai loool
Missaliensan May 11, 12:40 AM
Happy Piccolo and Goku day! :D

Ezekiel_01 May 9, 7:22 PM
After finishing Uchouten Kazoku I found another anime I love. This anime is very good and amazing is some degrees when it comes to family drama. It really feels good to be alive. I am currently enjoying making my review on it.
Missaliensan May 8, 9:24 AM
Happy Gohan day!Here is one of my favourite fanarts that i've seen today celebrating his birthhday.

EnD_2222 May 7, 6:34 PM
yeah that second asura and zoro is badly injured that time thats why pacifista didnt even flinch.. well most of his techniques is upgraded already...
EnD_2222 May 6, 5:14 PM
nah he used it twice in fight with kaku and pacifista on sabaody.... personally i just think it's because he hasn't had to fight anyone that's pushed him enough to force him to the edge, as of yet... so thats why he didnt use it mostly
Missaliensan May 6, 7:11 AM
I think piccolo day was supposed to be the 9th of May.

But it was children´s day yesterday so here´ is this nice fanart to celebrate the occasion!
EnD_2222 May 6, 1:00 AM
ikr he is such a bad ass character.. yeah he is my fav too (as u can see in my profile pic)... i assumed it too to build more for his character... dont worry wano arc is for zoro so we can see more epic moments... for his eye yeah he didnt lost it... its just a theory of mine (dont take it too seriously) hawk and shanks is former rivals right but since shanks lost his arm hawk lost interest to shanks cuz hawk always want to defeat his enemy at full power like if u lost some parts of ur body u wouldn't bring out ur full power... then if zoro lost his eye he would lost the chance to fight hawk eye.... so thats why he wouldnt lost his eye.. (as if zoro would lost his eye just by training nah zoro isnt that weak)

just a theory thoo
EnD_2222 May 6, 12:19 AM
no it wasnt in the front page i just read some review in netoge..

op fav moments? i have a lot of fav moment hmmmm of course zoro vs kuma (when zoro takes all the damage) and zoro vs pica (sanzen sekai)