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pluvia33 5 hours ago
Someone did respond to my little rant comment, but it was mostly just a general response explaining why they decided to use that website and mentioned that I could participate in a suggestion form that they'll be opening, which is cool. I don't know if I'll actually do that though since I don't plan on doing the AWC again, but I might.

That's cool that you were able to just shift a few things around to fix the issue. I was able to do that last year near the end when I began to realize that some of my items didn't work anymore. I've done a good amount of shifting this year, too, but that has all just been by choice when I've seen stuff that I'm more interested in watching than what I already had picked. And I've been kind of tempted to give Eromanga-sensei a try lately mostly because of the memes; I was originally automatically not interested in it because I thought it'd end up being too similar to OreImo which I wasn't a fan of. I don't really mind incest themes in general, but that series was kind of dumb and I hated Kirino as a character. Kuroneko was the only thing that got the first season (all that I watched of it) by with a 6 from me.

Actually, I think you misunderstood what I meant about all of my dropped anime skewing the results of my genre rankings. I don't score what I dropped, so the Graph isn't taking into account all of the stuff that I would have given bad scores to if I actually stuck with them and scored them, or if I decided to score what I've dropped. If I gave bad (or at least "Average") scores to everything that I dropped, the Graph would probably show a more accurate ranking of what genres I like and don't like. Personally, I feel like scores given to dropped anime SHOULD count, both for Graph and for MAL averages. Scores given to dropped anime actually do count towards the MAL averages, as long as the user watched at least 1/5 of the item. But even 1/5 feels like a little high of a requirement for me for a score to count. I don't think it should hold as much weight as a score from someone who completed the series, but I feel like all scores, no matter how few episodes/chapters were watched/read should be counted in some way to give a better, more true average. If someone feels like a series is just truly terrible to them, they shouldn't be forced to watch 3 episodes of a 12 episode series (or 5 of a 24 ep or 10 of a 50 ep) for their opinion to count. A lot of people complain about the average scores and the Top Anime rankings being crap because too many people vote based solely on enjoyment, but I think the real issue is that a lot of the negative scores aren't being counted at all because of how MAL's averages work.... Anyway, before I drag on any further about this issue, I wrote a blog post back when the Pingu thing happened which goes into WAY more detail about this issue than I probably should have (but whatever, it was fun to write and I actually got a random comment from it!! XD).

Well, Date A Live doesn't have any "giant robot" type mecha; they're "exoskeleton battle suit" type mecha, used by girls wearing very little else under it. XD If you watch it, I make no promises that you'll actually like it! But hopefully you would at least have a few moments where you'll go "What the fuck; REALLY?!" and have a decent chuckle. Beyond that, watch at your own risk. =P

Yeah, my sisters and younger brother all use smartphones and kind of look at me funny when I go visit. My mom and I are the only ones still using old flip-phones, but they work fine for us. The only thing that has me really considering finally getting a smartphone eventually is for Google Maps. I have a REALLY bad sense of direction, so that'd be really nice to have on long drives (like going back to Ohio to visit family). I have an old school stand-alone GPC, but the maps on that thing are really out of date since I've had it for about 7 years and I refuse to pay for a map update (and haven't figured out how to install a pirated copy of updated maps). It also kind of sucks that people are continued to be expected to have a smartphone more and more, like that's the norm so OF COURSE you can use this app! -_- I've also heard that old style cell networks may stop getting support after a few more years and non-smart phones will just no longer be an option anymore. That would suck....

Hmmm, I've never heard that about Imgur.... Shit, a Google search and it says they can be gone after 6 months of no views?! Damn, maybe I should look into a different option for hosting. :(
pluvia33 9 hours ago
Yeah, in the end the main reason that I bumped myself down from the max 100-item difficulty for the AWC was that there were only 108 item options, giving only 8 items worth of wiggle room at that level. But again, I'm okay with it now and glad that I should be finished with my Challenge half-way through the year instead of how I would have otherwise been doing it through nearly the entire year. I look forward to being able to watching anime in a more free-form fashion after I'm done with the Challenge thing. It was a nice way to get me back into watching anime seriously, but I'm ready to move on. :)

But yes, this is the more detailed stipulation for item 98: "both determined by weighted score as it appears on Anime+ under Anime Favorites; if you can't find an available anime that combines both genres, you can move to the next genre on the list (if you do so add a note); save a screenshot showing your username in case the genre's ranking changes; if one of your options is Hentai, Yuri or Yaoi, you can skip them if desired".... I ended up writing a bit of a rant about it in the AWC discussion thread; pretty much more-or-less what I said in my last comment to you, other than it looks like the rank of the Historical genre actually moved up two spots from #18 since I wrote that in the forum. Part of its increase is likely because of me watching and loving In This Corner of the World since then. Again, I didn't love its historical themes; I loved it for its touching, heart-wrenching character drama. For me, this movie succeeded where Grave of the Fireflies horribly failed (I have major issues with that movie; I scored it a 6 and that's me being very generous out of respect for its historical and cultural importance). Anyway, I hope that didn't screw your Challenge plans up too much. I learned from last year to look REALLY closely to the specific stipulations for each item, and check them often because sometimes they can change the requirements slightly and it doesn't matter what it was when you actually signed up (like, oh, now they require a screenshot for this item; something that happened to me last year).

I do kind of pride myself in being able to enjoy a wide range of anime, but I think the thing that really screws up my genre rankings on there the most is that I feel no shame in dropping stuff that I'm not enjoying and I don't usually score things that I don't finish. If I went back and gave everything that I dropped a score, maybe things will be more accurate. But I don't think it's really worth the trouble and I don't think I can really fairly judge most of them, especially the ones that I only watched one episode of.

Well, I hope you like Haibane Renmei (or at least don't hate it) whenever you get around to watching it. I'd like to hear your opinion on it whenever you're done. ^_^

I'm not a particularly huge harem fan either, although I've obviously enjoyed some stuff that can be categorized as such. One that I thought was interesting and a pleasant surprise was Date A Live. I watched the first season for last year's Challenge and the second one for this year. Based on the pictures I'd seen, I was expecting it to take itself really seriously, but then it threw in some REALLY stupid elements for rather good comedic effect. It does have its serious moments (and even gets genuinely touching at times), but it is mainly a comedy and I wasn't prepared for some of the more ridiculous things about it. Honestly, it probably doesn't deserve the 9 that I've given the series because it is really dumb most of the time and has a lot of flaws, but whatever, I'm enjoying it anyway. But more on subject, I hope you get at least some enjoyment out of the Love Hina manga if/when you read it, or at least hope it isn't a total slog for you to get through. =P

What?! I found a fellow Millennial who doesn't have a smartphone?!? (Apologies if you're one of those Millennials who doesn't like being identified as a Millennial. =P) Yeah, I have tried typing stuff into Facebook before on my tablet while using my laptop to watch a movie or something and I totally suck at it. I usually only use my tablet to read manga scanlations, or what little bit of manga they still have on Crunchyroll. I'm really sad that they removed A Silent Voice from their manga service before I had a chance to read it, but I'll probably get the physical books of that eventually anyway. Man, I don't think I've ever heard of people's smartphone screens cracking from heat, and I live in southern New Mexico! Are people just leaving them in their cars or what? A good friend of mine recently got a smartphone as a hand-me-down after his girlfriend upgraded and I think he cracked the screen within a week of having it. XD He had a case for it, but it's one of those screens that's curves over the sides a bit and it fell just the right way to crack it. It's still usable, but it's not pretty. So yeah, I'm cool with sticking to my lame little flip-phone that can call and text people and only costs me $25 a month. =P

Yeah, I'm hopeful that Imgur doesn't do anything stupid and it seems like their website has enough going on on its own as a quasi-social-media site that they won't have to resort to charging crazy fees, but we'll see. I know other options are sure to still be around to take its place if it does go under, but I wouldn't want to have to deal with updating all of the images for my Top 100 post (and the updated version whenever I get around to it) or other image heavy blog things again. That was a pain in the ass to do when Photobucket decided to do what they did. -_-
pluvia33 Today, 1:51 AM
It's funny that you mention MAL Graph because that was one of the things that really frustrated me about the AWC this year. I really didn't like how a lot of items used that website for backup. The one that bugged me the most was the one for watching an anime that is tagged with one of your least favorite genres and one of your most favorite genres. Last year I did that item using Military (as a least favorite) and Slice of Life (as a favorite). This year I was planning to do Historical and Comedy, but then when I looked at the specifics I saw that you had to use whatever MAL Graph told you was your least favorite and most favorite genres and I kind of thought that was bullshit. It's interesting to see how the genres rank from the information that the site pulls from MAL, but that is in no way how I truly feel about the genres. MAL Graph says that my favorite genre is Slice of Life, which, yeah, I'll give them that, but then my "least favorite" is Hentai which I just tend to rate lower because it's porn; I have nothing against it in general. The AWC stipulations said I could ignore Hentai for the purposes of that item, but then the next lowest was Shounen. I have nothing against Shounen, I don't dislike it at all! I think it's probably that low mainly because of how low (relatively speaking) that I scored the many Dragon Ball Z movies and specials that I watched with a friend of mine back in the day (I just felt that most of them didn't really matter to the overall story and weren't all that interesting on their own). Personally, I don't think Shounen, Shoujo, etc. should even be genre tags on MAL because they're not genres! There should be a separate "Demographic" category in MAL to put that because those labels have nothing to do with what's actually in the series, it's just who the series is targeted towards. So basically this item in particular frustrated me because I was going to be forced to pick a Shounen Slice of Life anime which would have felt very disingenuous, just not at all in the spirit of the item. I mean, my MAL Graph genre rankings are kind of screwed up in general, probably because of the fact that I usually only score things that I've finished. If I really don't like a genre (like Military and Historical), I tend to avoid anime with that genre and drop the ones that I do give a shot if they're a series unless it makes up for the things I don't like in other areas. I mean, Military is kind of around were it should be at 8th from the bottom, but MAL Graph has Historical ranked at #16 out of 43 for me! Yes, I've scored some anime with the Historical tag pretty high (such as Millennium Actress), but those are the exception, not the rule for me. Anyway, sorry for the rant. I think that website is pretty cool, but I don't like how the AWC used it and pretty much refused to do any item the used it for backup. I guess that's kind of stubborn of me, but whatever. =P

Yeah, Haibane Renmei was my favorite anime for a few years until it got beat by Haruhi, then also got bumped by Higurashi, then Toradora!, and the Monogatari Series, and Madoka Magica, and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou if you include manga. I feel kind of bad for it sometimes, but having it still be my #7 favorite anime/manga series is still rather respectable! It's definitely an interesting series. It's very calm, but also very emotional and spiritual. It makes me happy to know that it still gets mentioned often even in the world of the seasonal anime rush. I'd be interested to hear what you think of it whenever you get around to checking it out. I don't know if it might end up coming off as convoluted or contrived to you, though. XD

I was never that big of a fan of the Tenchi Muyou series. It was good for a laugh here and there and I had a friend who was really into it, but the franchise never really connected with me. Again, the characters just didn't really do it for me. The Love Hina manga, though, just really worked for me for whatever reason. I really enjoyed the characters, even though they were usually complete assholes to Keitarou most of the time. But even that aspect of it became so ridiculous that it was just a running gag. It also made it really amusing when girls like Mutsumi and Keitarou's sister came around who DIDN'T beat the shit out of him constantly and openly liked and accepted him as a person. The series is really cliche, but it also turns those tropes on their heads in fun ways. I also really appreciated how the series actually showed the passage of time in almost real-time as the manga was being published; I thought that was really cool, to see the characters grow up and such. Sadly, a LOT is lost in the anime adaptations. The only reason that I have the anime stuff rated as highly as I do is because of a bias, "Yay! I got to hear my favorite characters talk and see them move around on the screen!!" kind of thing. Taken on its own, I consider the anime to be a total mess. I'm also kind of confused at why the anime (as its own thing) got such a big following like it did back in the day. However, I don't know if I'd actually recommend trying the manga for someone who watched the anime first and didn't like it. I kind of feel like you'd end up with the opposite bias and your experience with the anime would drag down your enjoyment of the manga. I'm kind of wanting to re-read it now, though. If only I had the time....

Well, I don't think you have to own a Kindle to read Kindle files. You should be able to download the Kindle app on any tablet or smartphone, I think. I have Kindle on my android tablet at least. Personal quirk: I don't own a smartphone and I've been actively resisting getting one; I just don't feel the need to have a computer in my pocket and prefer to use a proper desktop or laptop. =P The Haruhi e-books are available on other platforms, too, like BookWalker. You can probably track down the fan translations somewhere, too, although the translators that I original read it from (Baka-Tsuki) took their Haruhi translations down after it got licensed because they're honorable like that.

Yeah, although I stopped watching it after a while and feel no need to get back into it, I did enjoy The Big Bang Theory quite a bit. And my dad loved Seinfeld. It was always nice watching that with him. I'd be interested in re-watching that from beginning to end some day. And you'll get no argument from me about Azumanga Daioh being the best anime about nothing! ^_^

And yes, I remember ImageShack, with their little frog. I had used them before switching to Photobucket. I really hope Imgur doesn't do anything stupid any time soon....
pluvia33 Yesterday, 7:13 PM
Yeah.... I was trying to get more involved in the MAL forums a few months ago. The last post that I made from that attempt was to a post titled "Which things ruined anime for you?" In agreement with someone saying that "MAL Forums" was what ruined it, my comment ended with, "I thought I might give being more active in the forums a shot today.... I am regretting that choice and prepared to go back into my hole." And yeah, I did. Since them the only posts I've made were for the AWC and two specific anime-related things. So yeah, I agree that it's a rather cancerous place. I'm too old for that shit and have better things to do with my time.

So yeah, I usually just talk to myself in the totally unsupported MAL Blog function!! =P It makes me sad that they pretty much abandoned it and instead implemented the article system or whatever instead of improving on what was already there, but whatever. I'm come to terms that they'll likely never do anything with it. Oh well.

Last year was my first time doing the Anime Watching Challenge. I had really been slacking on anime watching from about 2012 to 2016 because of "life things" so I did the Challenge as a way to get back on track of making anime a priority for me again. I was originally going to go for the highest difficulty for this year's Challenge, but then some of the items were really annoying me. I got kind of frustrated with them (because it felt like it was more of a challenge to just find anime that fit the items than it was to actually watch them), and eventually dropped down to the 50-item level. I also recently decided that I won't be doing any more Challenges after this year's because I feel like I'm back in a good place of watching anime regularly again. I'm going to use MAL-Badges as a way from now on to give my things to strive for without feeling constrained to such super-specific categories. However, I do think I'll consider doing the Manga Reading Challenge next year instead because I've really been slacking in that area for a while.

I think I first watched Azumanga Daioh two years after I graduated high school. Funny thing, the series originally came out in Japan about a month before I graduated! And I think the first time (or maybe second time) I watched it was with one of my best friends from high school. The only older anime (15+ years old) that has more emotional weight with me is Haibane Renmei. Man, I literally curled up into the fetal position and cried for a few minutes after one of the episodes in that series. Anyway, back to Azumanga Daioh, I personally never watched the English dub for that series. I watched it after I had sworn off English dubs because the English dub for Love Hina was kind of rage inducing for me. Love Hina was one of the first two manga that I ever read (the other being Chobits) and it was my favorite for a while. It still holds a place in my heart as good dumb fun. But geez, that was a BAD English dub! So yeah, I'm kind of one of those sub-only snobs. =P I mean, I ain't going to talk down to dub fans or anything; I just really don't like them most of the time myself, especially if it's an anime with a very Japanese setting (Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite, or least hated, English dub in recent memory). I've heard a few snippets of the Azumanga Daioh English dub before and honestly they make me cringe, but with the original Japanese voice acting being such a big part of that series for me, no English dub of it could ever satisfy me.

The Haruhi light novels have been released in English! After watching the first season of the anime soon after it first aired, I ended up reading all of the fan translations that were out at the time and kept up with them all the way to the most recent volume that has been released. I own the official English books as well, but haven't gotten around to reading them, though I'd love to re-read the series at soon, whenever I have time. Sadly, it looks like some of the English volumes are out of print and hard to find now. On Amazon it looks like the cheapest third-party offer for The Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya is going for $113. o_O However, if you're okay with e-books, it looks like a Kindle version of each book is available for $10 or less. I highly recommend the books, but again, I'm a shameless Haruhi fanboy. I just wish the author would get around to releasing another book already. :(

But yeah, as I watched Lucky Star, I was a little confused by my boredom at first. I got most of the references, but it just didn't feel like there was a joke there. I mean, I've enjoyed the Big Bang Theory TV series, but I understand the complaints that many people have that it's nothing but references with no jokes. That's what Lucky Star is like to me. It's like talking with my friends about nerdy shit, except most of the conversations that we have are funnier than most of the stuff in Lucky Star. Sometimes it does still confuse me as to why it is so much of a dud for me when I love so many other "show about nothing" slice of life anime. I guess it mostly comes down to the characters, like you said. I also really need to like or be able to form some kind of connection with the characters of my entertainment to really enjoy it. If a show is too story focused, I usually get bored. That's why I failed to get more than 5 or so episode into Gundam 00 after two attempts. Maybe it was just that the core characters in Lucky Star didn't feel so much like characters as they did reference delivery machines or something, if any of this makes sense?

Haha! Yeah, I remember getting getting an email from Photobucket about them wanting me to pay $400 a year for their photo hosting services.... HAHAHA!! No. It was a bit of a pain in the ass, but I moved my most important images over to Imgur and all's right with the world.
pluvia33 Yesterday, 4:40 PM
Thanks for the reply! I came across you via your post to the MAL-Badges Club. I see that you're pretty active in the forums, but I'm not at all. I've been on MAL since 2009 and I have only made 189 post, apparently. I like making blog posts on here, but that feature gets absolutely no love from the website. Oh well.

Anyway, thanks for the detailed response about your name. I don't really agree with it, but that's okay; now I know where you're coming from. I don't think I really have any issues with convoluted, contrived, abstract, pretentious bullshit, etc. in a story as long as I'm able to connect with the characters and I really liked the interactions and overall story in your name. as far as the relationships go. And I don't think Shinkai's "thing" is primarily about relationships failing due to distance; it's just in general the effect of distance on relationships. There is room for a happy ending and, from what I remember, The Place Promised in Our Early Days did have a pretty happy ending, I think. It's been a while since I watched that one. I actually still need to watch his three more recent major works that he did between 5 Centimeters Per Second and your name., but I'm kind of obsessed with finishing my Anime Watching Challenge for this year by July so that will have to wait until then; the Blu-rays are all waiting for me on my shelf. =P But I think one of the fun things about Shinkai's work is that you know that he doesn't shy away from bittersweet and sad endings so you don't really know how something by him will end.

Ahhh.... Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, and Nichijou.... That's a bit of a weak point for me. Azumanga Daioh is an all-time favorite of mine. Despite it being as old as it is and me seeing many other things since, it is still my #11 favorite anime/manga series. It's just wonderful and has me smiling all the way through even when I rewatched it more recently, over ten years after watching it for the first time. It is, in my opinion, the perfect slice-of-life series and the best manga-to-anime adaptation I've ever seen. Then, I am also a HUGE shameless Suzumiya Haruhi fanboy. It is my #1 favorite anime/manga series! With the connections that Lucky Star had to Haruhi and the similar slice-of-life style as Azumanga Daioh, I was really looking forward to it.... And Lucky Star was easily my biggest anime disappointment I've ever experience. It did next to nothing for me. The jokes weren't funny most of the time, the character interactions weren't cute or heartwarming; it was usually just THERE. Some of the side characters that came out in the second half of the anime saved it from being a 5 for me (which is pretty damn low for my standards and pretty much means I'm totally bored out of my mind). I had it scored as a 7 for a bit, but thinking back to it later, it didn't deserve anything more than a 6 for me. Major disappointment. And then there was Nichijou.... As you said, I only watched the ep 0 prologue thing or whatever. I've been told by multiple people that the series-proper is better, but man, that OVA episode just bored the crap out of me. The jokes dragged on for WAY too long (and again, this is from someone who thinks Azumanga Daioh is perfect), and there wasn't really any payoff at the end. I do see some clips every now and then that make me tempted to go ahead and watch the TV series, but it's really hard to find the motivation.

And that's probably enough of me going on and on. Oh, but there was one other thing. I noticed that you were also a victim of Photobucket ending their free picture services. Wasn't that some bullshit?! Anyway, I'll end this for real now.
pluvia33 Yesterday, 1:51 PM
Hello! Random commenter here. I had fun comparing lists with you while bored at work. (Currently having a lot of system/network issues that make it hard to be productive; I'm not just being lazy, honest....) I found it particularly amusing to see, when looking at our shared anime, your score for Naruto right after Nami; the fact that you gave Nami a 5 and Naruto a 4 and seeing them right by each other gave me a good chuckle. XD

I am, however, honestly curious about one thing: the score of 4 that you gave to your name. has me kind of confused.... You gave Voices of a Distant Star and other Shinkai works high scores, so you don't seem to have anything against his style. So I'm really curious as to why your name. was such a miss for you? Personally, your name. became my new favorite stand-alone anime movie (used to be Paprika), but I don't mind differing opinions; again, it's the fact that you've liked other stuff by Shinkai that has me confused here and I genuinely am curious about your feelings against the movie if you are willing to share. :)

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day and continue to enjoy the massive amount of anime that you consume! I've been doing my best to make up for some lost time after a particular recent life event myself, but I do have to make time for my other hobbies and going to work and such. ^_^"
KeyboardKafe Mar 2, 11:39 AM
Oh, that's a shame. It's cool that he passed though.

Yeah, I'm in college now, although sometimes I wish I didn't have to be, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It's not so bad, to be honest, but I still just wish I had all the time in the world to do what I want to and not what I have to. I guess I don't technically have to go, but I think there's benefits in having an associates. For now, I've been watching anime left and right, and even keeping up with airing titles for the first time since Parasyte! Yee-wow that was a long time ago. Feels like yesterday.

I also bought a metric shit ton of manga, which is fun. I started reading the Promised Neverland, which I've seen is on your list. Without spoilers, how far are you rn? I'm absolutely loving it.
KeyboardKafe Mar 2, 12:00 AM
Howdy do fam? How ya been?
literaturenerd Feb 25, 12:02 PM
literaturenerd Feb 20, 2:26 PM
Thanks for the video and all the advice! That's really helpful!
literaturenerd Feb 20, 1:35 PM
Ideally each chapter/episode will have a fairly similar length. The problem is that some episodes are more action based and some have more dialogue, making them much longer. The element of writing I'm most comfortable with is plot overview and planning. Writing dialogue is something I'm still working on, but I think I CAN do it. What I have NO idea how to do is staging and action choreography. My episode 1 has a lengthy action scene where Lucy fights against Kakuzawa's remaining forces from the last episode of the anime. That action scene would likely take up 5-8 minutes of the episode, but I have no idea how to write a lengthy play by play description for that scene. The closest I get to doing that is the final battle between Lucy and her half-brother in episode 12. Yeah, I introduced Lucy's half brother from the manga although he ends up being quite a bit different and doesn't just die instantly after being introduced.
literaturenerd Feb 20, 10:44 AM
I transferred it from word and yeah, I need to break it out into smaller paragraphs. Also yes, it is a rough summary at this point. Some episodes are purely plot outline while some actually have dialogue. It's a work in progress. Thanks for the feedback!
literaturenerd Feb 19, 11:23 PM
I'll send you a link to mine if you'd like. Maybe I could check out yours!
literaturenerd Feb 19, 10:44 PM
I ask because I just wrote my first and I'm kind of nervous about it. I put it on after having some friends review it.
literaturenerd Feb 19, 9:35 PM
Have you ever tried your hand at fanfiction?