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nurfee 10 hours ago
digimon was just a wrecking ball.

They didn't think it through at all. If you think about it, you need to know that the digimon watchers aren't 5 or 6 years old, they are grown ups by now. Of course we expect so much of a series than just chlichee unwell written garbage. I don't understand how they could think, that we would buy such a crap. Right now I am very angry xD because this thought crossed my mind for the first time.
But I watched a youtuber talking about manga and how a company owns all your ideas and can make stupid changes... so I don't blame the author but the company. All they wanted was to keep money in their pockets and gain more and more.

I never heard of any fan theories, tell me :D.

Well, you sucker for Digimon... I grew up with it and I even started to hate pokemon at one point because german TV thought they can cancel Digimon because of ASSH and Pickachu... But yeah I would watch it anyways too. After that when it was shitty, we have a new thing to complain about.

Oh my, I had some boys who watched this show and sometimes we would just sing the opening but we never talked about the story... anime isn't a big deal where I live (I am not making a secret about it, because when you love something decently, there isn't anything wrong with it). But yeah, as you said, I only have the internet where I can talk about such things... but digimon is rare. What a shame
nurfee Jun 28, 8:33 AM

I know, my comment on the anime wasn't really good, but while writting it, there was so much going on in my brain, that I couldn't focus
on main issues. So, thank you for your acceptance (I guess).
Well, not everyone has same opinions on a topic. The soundtracks where the only things that made it enjoyable.

I know right? I waited all the time for nothing. While I was waiting, I hoped that the studio would make a good turn and the
plot gets a dark twist- but the "dark twist" wasn't dark at all xD. Just stupid and not well written.
Well, I think that too, when I saw the end, that there would be a continue of the series. I guess, that is why we haven't
seen the digimon adventure 02 cast.

Thank you for dropping by. C u next time.
pluvia33 Jun 27, 2:13 PM
Oh, and no; I never found a volume setting or on/off switch for my dryer's buzzer. I even read through the installation and user instructions. Oh well, I'm mostly used to it now and find it kind of funny. XD
pluvia33 Jun 26, 8:19 PM
Hahaha! Goddammit, MAL, indeed. XD

Like really? What the fuck is going on? WHY does it take this long to get shit sorted out? Personally, I blame the digital manga store. =P I mean, just the simple database and shit shouldn't require this much work, but a digital store? I can see that causing all kinds of issues with the new internet policies and shit that went into effect. Don't know how true that might be, but it makes me feel a little better.

Yeahhh, Darling in the FranXX has gotten even more off track since last time I went on and on about it. Geez. I'm really curious as to what the hell they're going to do with these final two episodes, but I don't have high hopes for them to pull a great ending out of their asses. I think the most reasonable thing I can hope for is that Trigger might cut loose and at least have some really cool action for the finale. We'll see.

Things have been okay overall this past month. Sadly I've fallen behind on most of my shows again. Darling and My Hero Academia are the only ones that I'm current with right now (although I do need to watch this week's My Hero). All of the other shows that I'm watching from this season have ended now so I'll probably go back and finish them up soon. Although there have been other factors, not having full MAL capabilities has hurt my motivation to watch anime. Kind of silly, but true. I also got back into Skylanders recently so that's been eating up a lot of time. The base game for Skylanders: Imaginators (the most recent and maybe final set for the game) was on sale at Walmart for $12 and I was like, what the hell! Then a few hundred dollars later of buying extra toys and shit.... I'm having fun, though, and I keep telling myself that my big collection of figures will see alternate use as monster figures in tabletop RPG campaigns so it's actually a good investment in entertainment, right?! XD

Other than that, it's mostly just been work and tabletop gaming. Nothing too crazy other than recently getting pulled over for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign and then having to officer tell me that my driver's license was suspended 3 years ago.... Yeah, that was a shit show. Turns out I had a speeding fine 3 years ago. I paid it online, but turns out I paid $120 when it was registered in the system as $122 (the online payment system doesn't tell you how much the fine actually is; that'd be too convenient, right?). So my license was suspended because my payment for the fine was short $2 and I never got any kind of notification that my payment was short or that they suspended my license. And even though it wasn't my fault in any way, after various fines and fees that $2 turned into $144. -_- But whatever. It could have been worse. I drove to Denver a month ago for a training conference and I have no idea how fucked up things could have gotten if I was pulled over half way in between that trip.

Anyway, hope you've been well this past month! Talk to you later! ^_^
PukingMachines May 25, 10:19 AM
doing a free translation of sorts, it would be called financial management, maybe there's something similar in America, it's also just 2 years long and it counts as a superior formation (like graduation and shit)

MAAAAAN that sucks, but what are you searching for? there are some decent laptops that are cheap, unless you want one of those that cooks and does your dishes :P
PukingMachines May 24, 9:32 PM
Thanks B ♥
it's an interesting brazilian thing, but i asked to be fired, since when the company fires you they have to give you some money :P
but yeah, it was to go back to school, i'm to sensitive to do manual labor

YAY, i know how to discord, imma join
PukingMachines May 24, 7:15 PM
yoooooooooo i'm doing great, cut my hair, let my beard grow, unemployed and studying :D
and you? i tried reaching out to the olden skype dudes awhile back, but everyone is pretty much gone
PukingMachines May 24, 9:06 AM
hey lil-B, long time no see
and it rhymes :D
pluvia33 May 22, 10:06 AM
Ugh, for fuck's sake.... I hate people/organizations like this "National Center on Sexual Exploitation" almost as much as the "SJW/PC run amok" types because the former seeming validates the latter. However, I do stand behind the statement that the concept of "SJW/PC run amok" is total horse shit. The problem isn't that SJW/PC/whatever types are getting too extreme; the issue is when people don't have the proper response when people overreach on an issue. It's like with the whole #MeToo thing. People began to question "has #MeToo gone too far?" when someone came out against Aziz Ansari for what most people interpreted as amounting to just being a bad date. Even though I love Aziz Ansari, I personally don't think that even that instance was going "too far" for the movement; if the girl was upset with her experience with Aziz, she has the right to express that. However, the problem comes in the reaction to it. People should not blackball, protest, or boycott him over that level of "misconduct" and should be able to distinguish the level of "offense" instead of just seeing a headline saying "Alleged Sexual Misconduct" and automatically saying "FUCK THAT GUY!" without even reading the article or looking further into it.

Anyway, that's kind of getting off track. This "National Center on Sexual Exploitation" organization kind of reminds me of PETA. Personally, I'm a vegan. While I've found some good information via PETA (mostly recipes and restaurant tips), I completely disagree with most of their ideology with their militant mentality of pushing their views onto others. At this point, with things like their Pokemon and Mario parodies, they're kind of a fucking joke. I feel similarly about this "National Center on Sexual Exploitation" thing. I understand where they're coming from and kind of agree with their general message: the normalization of sexual violence can be damaging. However, we don't need and should never have a thought-police mentality. If someone is under the age of 16 or so, they probably shouldn't be exposed to a number of video games (and other entertainment) or at least be properly educated about it, but that should be the job of that individual's guardian(s), not some bullshit organization. Anyone of generally mature mind should be able to freely choose the kind of entertainment they consume. Some content in entertainment can still be damaging for some people regardless of age, but the answer is not trying to censor that content. If someone of supposed maturity is that easily influenced, they have deeper issues and trying to take away that entertainment would not do any real good as they would likely obtain the same or "worse" content anyway.

So to bring this together, the problem isn't so much that people feel that there is "unhealthy" entertainment out there, it's that they are shoving that ideology down people's throats and that Steam seemingly "caved" to their tactics. But, again trying to play devil's advocate, running a business and a service like Steam can be really difficult. Sifting through complaints, taking feedback, judging the validity of it, and reacting appropriately can be a very difficult tightrope to walk when managing a platform with SO MANY customers. While this organization "claimed victory" that doesn't mean that Valve just saw these crazy "National Center on Sexual Exploitation" people coming at them with complaint after complaint. There could have been many people filing many "objective content" complaints as individuals, not mentioning the organization at all. Valve may have just felt that the majority of their audience just didn't want that kind of content available on Steam and they did what they thought was the best action to take.

What really sucks is how this campaign and Valve's reaction seems to only be targeting anime-style games. It's like that asshole organization is saying: "All those anime games are nothing but sex! Let's target those with our complaints!" And then it feels like Valve is saying: "Fuck it, if we piss off the weebs it's not like we're going to lose that much money anyway so no big deal." If you're going to make this policy, force it out across the board. Force the creators of the Witcher series and other AAA titles to censor their games and suffer the consequences as Steam users rage back. It just feels really disrespectful to fans of Japanese entertainment. The issue is that none of the games on Steam mentioned have "pornographic" content on that platform; they're now saying that absolutely any instances of bare female breasts need to be removed, which used to be okay. However, again, games like Witcher 3 also have naked boobs but I highly doubt Valve is going to try to get those games edited because fans would go absolutely ape-shit, and it'd be a much larger number of fans than what they're doing to the smaller anime-style games would affect.


Sadly, Darling in the FranXX is kind of falling apart a bit right now. The last two episodes really lacked direction. Up through about the half-way point, the series has been rather solid in my opinion, but I think it's lost focus on what kind of story it's trying to tell. It's not exactly bad, in my opinion, but I really hope it's able to get back on track soon. I won't say any more since you seem to still be relatively early in the series. And yeah, I can't say that the thought of "breeding propaganda" never crossed my mind when watching Darling, but I really don't think that's what the show is actually trying to say. Well, it might be a small aspect of it, but it's largely social commentary on relationships and people disconnecting from each other. People settling for what's in front of them because they're expected to follow social norms, or to actually break off and follow your heart.

I've caught back up with most of my airing shows now. Working on getting current with Cardcaptor Sakura, then Amanchu would be next, then finally Hinamatsuri. Magical Girl Site was kind of painful to get caught back up on. Man, that show is bad! Comic Girls has been a rather delightful slice of life show, though, so that has kind of brought me balance.

Let It Die takes place in a stylish post-apocalyptic Japan in which you're basically playing a game-within-a-game, but in this world the game is actually a physical thing where you control these fighters with the controls and you're actually moving around physical clones or something? It's kind of weird. But it's a beat-em-up game in which you're going up this tower, floor-by-floor, beating the shit out of those clones/zombies and other weird things. You pick up weapons and armor along the way and it becomes a bit of a resource management game because the weapons and armor break after a while so you have to continually pick up or buy new equipment. It's interesting and weird in a lot of ways. It's made by the same people who did Lollipop Chainsaw.

Yeah, appliances can be stupidly fragile sometimes. =P There isn't a volume setting on my dryer as far as I could can tell and I'm not sure how you would turn it down or disable the buzzer just by looking at it. I'll try flipping through the manual to check, though. Maybe there's a really weird, stupid way to turn the buzzer down/off, maybe opening the door and sticking a screwdriver in somewhere and turning it or something? I don't know. XD

And yeah, Crunchyroll does have a decent amount of resources. Back in February of 2017 they reached over 1 million paid subscribers, so they're probably making AT LEAST $1M in profits each month (after all expenses). There was another story in February of this year that Crunchyroll has contributed over $100M total so far to the Japanese anime industry via royalty payments and such. So they definitely have the money for video game localization, especially since they're just translating and such and not having to do the entire game development process. Oh, and the Fire Emblem Fates thing was just about the same situation as Crunchyroll's DanMachi thing. It was a game on the 3DS that originally included a feature in which you could rub your characters and stuff. That feature was similarly removed for the US release.

Not really too much else going on with me. Just working, watching anime, playing games (video games and board games). Hope life's going well for you! Talk to you later! ^_^
pluvia33 May 21, 7:49 PM
Man, in kind of related news to the whole Crunchyroll scandal, the bullshit that Steam is currently pulling with other anime-style games definitely IS a form of censorship, no matter the definition you use. And based on what the people behind Mutiny!! said, it's unfairly targeted exclusively against dating sim/anime style games. It really sucks. Who knows; maybe Crunchyroll would have had to censor out the DanMachi touching features anyway if they had originally left them in?
AnimeFluxeo May 17, 12:03 AM
How i got into anime? Back in May 2015 Me and mate was watching Fairy tail. Back then i didn't know what anime was. the First anime i watched was Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online and One Piece.

The funniest about Usopp, when he was called "Legendary" or "God" in Dressrosa. xD My Favourite about Law was his devil fruit powers, and his looks. When i got to see his back story i was like crying cuz got someone close to Law. <3

(Sorry i'm not good with my English lol xD) if we talk about anime i talk on and on lol xD

AnimeFluxeo May 16, 3:07 PM
Yea, we can chat. free feel to chat to me anytime. :)

My favourite characters in One Piece is Law and Corazon. What's your favourite characters?

Lol, i'm the youngest bro xD
pluvia33 May 13, 6:11 PM
I think I could count the number of times that I'd ever been to a Blockbuster on one hand. XD I think it's mainly just the collector in me, it just seemed really weird to me to pay to borrow something instead of just buying it.

Yeah, I've never read the original Fight Club novel, but I do really like the movie and have heard others mention that the movie is much better. I think I can live my life without ever giving the book a shot.

I think you did touch on what is likely the main reason that we don't see as many shoujo adaptations anymore, and that's the issue of length. Back in the 1990s and early 2000s the 24-26 episode-long anime was pretty much the norm. Most shoujo manga would require at least that many episodes to tell its story in a satisfying way, but anime longer than 13 episodes is pretty rare now so that makes it much harder to adapt shoujo manga which needs that time to grow towards at least a satisfying stopping point.

Haha! Your comment about the smut shows being done at least in part to encourage people to breed reminds be of a similar observation I've been having. Hopefully this isn't too "icky" to bring up, but while reading recent hentai manga I've noticed that a LOT of them involve the guy finishing inside the girl. It really feels like the publication companies are being commissioned by the government to fetishize impregnation in as many stories as possible as a way to try and get those birth rates up. XD

I've actually been on vacation this past week. I go back to work tomorrow.... -_- But I've been slacking on my anime lately, falling a bit behind on most of my currently airing stuff. It's mostly the fault of a basic (but addictive) free PS4 video game called Let It Die. That's been taking up just about all of my free time outside of boardgaming lately. The only shows that I'm not behind on are Darling in the FranXX and Magical Girl Ore, and that's because I'm watching those with my roommate. I'm about three weeks behind on everything else. =P Hopefully I'll be able to get back into a watching groove soon. Maybe getting back into a work routine will help me get back into my anime watching schedule, too. I think a similar side-tracking had happened to me with last years Challenge when I started playing Skyrim. At least this time I'm way ahead of schedule overall so it isn't that big of a deal. I'd still like to get the Challenge finished by July, but it won't be the end of the world if it takes me a month longer.

Yeah, the washer and dryer thing sucked. But it's all good now. The new ones got delivered and installed on Wednesday and although they're nothing super fancy, they're definitely major upgrades to the 6-year-old machines that I just got rid of! And as far as, "doesn't always work the way you want it to", the dryer does have one funny little quark. Whenever it's almost done with its load it lets off this REALLY LOUD buzzer noise. The closest thing I can compare it to is the buzzer from an old high school gymnasium scoreboard system when the time is up for a basketball game or something. To make it worse, it will buzz on THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS before the cycle fully ends. It's pretty ridiculous. I mostly find it funny, but it really irritates my roommate, which makes it even funnier to me. XD

Hmmm, yeah, my roommate mentioned that Crunchyroll thing. He was just telling me about it so I hadn't watched the video myself before. Honestly, I almost wasn't able to much more than 2 minutes through the video just now because the guy annoyed the crap out of me. I mean, his voice alone was really annoying, but on top of that anyone who rages hard against "SJWs run amok!!" automatically get under my skin, similarly to the whole "political correctness run amok" thing. For the most part, it's really all a load of horse shit; people can always say whatever the hell they want and just have to accept that there can be real consequences for those words. But anyway, I went ahead and watched the whole thing. Trying to separate myself from my feelings on what a raging douche the YouTuber is, the whole situation was very poorly managed by Crunchyroll. It really sucks that they essentially ended up lying about the content of the game. But, playing devil's advocate, I could see this all potentially being the result of poor management and lack of communication within Crunchyroll without any actual intent in deceiving the customers. The marketing department likely did not communicate well enough with the localization team. The change may have been made last minute by upper management. The trailer was likely just a translated version of the original Japanese trailer and, again, the marketing team that was in charge of the trailer could have just not known that the "touching" feature was getting removed. Also, depending on the definition of "censorship" that you use or how you interpret it, censorship is largely meant as a forced change to something from an outside entity, usually the government. When thought of in that way, a change made in-house by the Crunchyroll localization team technically is NOT censorship. However, I do 100% feel that the removal of the touching feature for the game was just silly and all around a bad move. It's like Crunchyroll learned the wrong lesson from the Fire Emblem Fates localization controversy. For them to think that anyone would be okay with that being removed from the game is incredibly naive. I do understand being upset about the game; I would have been too if I'd bought the game. However, I personally feel that completely kicking Crunchyroll to the curb all together is a bit much. The really fucked up with their debut in the video game world, but that shouldn't automatically violate your trust in their anime platform. I feel like this is mostly just going to be used as one more reason for pirates to justify pirating and not actually paying for anything. But this is undeniably a PR disaster for Crunchyroll. If they want to have any hope of success for their video game venture and minimize the overall negative fallout, they really HAVE TO release a free optional patch that puts the touching feature back into the game. Otherwise, their video game business is more dead than their manga platform. XD
KeyboardKafe May 7, 9:47 AM
I would have taken Japanese in high school if they had had it, but I chose to take it in college for my first year and it's been quite a ride, lol. Yeah, speaking it isn't so bad, it's remembering it, since I won't be able to look at the paper. Tough stuff.

You're gonna need a manlet sized coffin because I'm a shortass, and if you could equip the inside of the lid with a small flatscreen with internet connection, Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll, then I'll die a happy boy. See, I'm not really gonna be dead here, I'm just gonna be hiding forever.
KeyboardKafe May 5, 11:53 AM
Yeah, I am. I have a presentation in my Japanese class and that's probably gonna kill me, I have to memorize three pages of pure Japanese and present it to the class by THURSDAY. I have half of the first page so far... I'm probably not gonna make it lol, come to my funeral at least.