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Romance Dawn
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Turtle-tan Yesterday, 1:14 PM
Oh we have one of those Half-Price Books stores near us too! It's such a great place. I recently sold a bunch of anime and manga I no longer want to them lol.

YEAH IKR... I watched all 4 of the banned episodes from Indigo League the other day, to get those out of the way. It makes sense they had to cut the one that gave so many people seizures. But it is lousy because it was a really cool episode imo. I like stuff about people going into computers lol. It obviously didn't give me a seizure or anything ofc, but you never know who could be affected I guess. I remember once they considered slowing it down to release it here, but then it was banned for good so they couldn't. I'm still surprised they decided to use a technique like that when Pokemon isn't exactly a technologically advanced show, at least not back then (if i'm not mistaken, I don't actually know lol).

As for the others, I didn't really see a problem with the one with guns, guns are in tons of cartoons. Beauty and the Beach did have a bit of inappropriate humor, but they edited most of it out when they first aired it, so idk why we can't have it in that form at least. I thought the Jinx Christmas episode was another great one, so it's really a shame. They banned two Orange Island episodes where Jinx appears for like two seconds too, which annoyed me lmao. I'll have to catch those online when i get there.

Koe no Katachi is one of my favorite manga, but the anime cut out a lot of what made it so great. I think the anime did a good job focusing wholly on the main character, and used some cool things to show his journey, but they totally left out all the things that happened between all the friends. I think the manga deals with all these broken friendships and stuff like that, it was pretty great. I loved the movie too but again, it is missing a lot.

I dislike a lot of the styles in modern anime. I watched Erased when it came out. I was in a bad way at the time, and it distracted me and I found it really engaging at the time. But now, when I try to re-watch it, I don't care about it at all. I'm only watching the new Kino's Journey because I'm a huge fan of the old one (it's been in my favorites for 5 years). The new one has done a lot of things totally wrong, but as a series in itself, it's still enjoyable for a fan of Kino lol.
Turtle-tan Yesterday, 11:48 AM
Oh really? That's interesting. I've only seen those one or two near the beginning of the whole series. It always kind of lived in my imagination, that one where the little girl locked them in that toy place. I saw the anime movie Spirited Away shortly after that and at that age it gave me the same kind of creepy feeling so I kind of thought of those in association with each other lmao. I didn't see either of them again until I was 16 though, and watching Spirited Away again is what got me into anime. ^-^

Haha that's very true. I drew a picture yesterday ^-^

Ah, do you dislike reading online too? I only read manga I own or get at the library, which is why I don't read much because it's so expensive! I recently bought the new blu-ray set of Pokemon episodes 1-52. I hope they make more because they're great quality. But anyway, it came with a sampler of the first four chapters of Pokemon Adventures, so I read that yesterday. It's pretty cool. I think it's great they made such a different take on the Pokemon games so it's not repetitive. I'd like to read more someday, though I'm really busy with the anime right now.

I've heard the same thing from a lot of people, that One Week Friends is just cute. Ah well. It is cute. I really like how it kind of deals with the hard things about friendships though, the ups and downs. Oh, I didn't like Ef: A Tale of Memories, but i only saw 3 episodes so idk lmao. It's actually really hard for me to find romance/school/slice of life stuff that i like. When i do like it, i absolutely love it. And i used to search for them. But every time I tried them, I was disappointed, so I kinda stopped looking. I've heard good stuff about Tsuki ga Kirei though, so I'm going to watch that
Sapphire Jan 14, 9:20 PM
I think that's one thing that puts me off from teaching is the parents. Parents that come and say "why are you giving my student a C instead of an A?" like duh your child isn't working hard enough. I'll being aiming for high-school level and doing ESL first, but as a teacher it's apparent to get use to the shit that adults will say with regards to their child. Like "maybe your child shouldn't smoke so much weed in school!" lmao. The only thing that isn't pushing me away is my dad's girlfriend who works in the Philippines with high school kids and loves it. She's Canadian and loves teaching overseas which is inspiring me to do the same. I know I'll be somewhere in Asia in 2019 because of her.

Try Kissanime instead. 9anime always buffers and sucks for me. I do give your props for getting through OP tho. I go to 95 when going though a rough illness a few years back and man oh man couldn't get through it. Last I remember was the group getting to this island with a giant waterfall and they had to go over it or something.

The ending of Shippuuden was disappointing. I'm surprised I didn't do a review for it. Maybe I was drunk when I finished and forgot. Anyways, Boruto is so much more better then Shippuuden.

Wait, you haven't seen Pokemon?? Man, that is a nostalgic show right there. Watched it when I was only 7! Back before it was cool and they had those playing cards. ;)
Sapphire Jan 13, 9:27 PM
Oh man I know! Teachers are so short staffed these days! In my province they are struggling big time for finding teachers. 35 sized classrooms! It's crazy.

OP eh? man, I dropped that ages ago cause I knew it would be sooooo long since i would finish. I was so sick when I started it too, guess when I got better I got too bored. I did end up catching up to Naruto Shippuuden near the airing date and finishing it. Now I'm semi-watching Boruto.
Sapphire Jan 13, 8:33 PM
lol over a year ago?? Around the time I became a mod I realized. Whoops, I suck at replying XD

Congratulations to you and your brother for finding some good jobs!! I know it's hard these days lmao. I, myself, am finishing up my undergrad (final semester) before doing a post-baccalaureate in teaching ESL and high school English one day. I would like to teach overseas before doing my teaching certificate though.

Having you been watching any good anime at all? I haven't been watching much over the last few months.
Sapphire Jan 13, 8:01 PM
Lil-Bird! Long time, no talk! How's it going??
Turtle-tan Jan 13, 1:09 PM
YEAH EXACTLY! The Sabrina episodes are probably still my favorites (with the exception of the pilot maybe :D). They were scary but in a fun way, and I had lots of dreams about what might happen next when I had to quit early as a kid. But yeah, the pilot episode always makes me cry when he says "COME AND GET ME!" I'd actually been searching for the soundtrack piece for that part for years, and I finally found it two days ago on youtube, it's called "Tears, After Cloudy Weather." ^-^

Thank you. Idk either. When I try to draw without looking at something it just looks so bad lmao idk what's wrong.
Yeah sounds like a good idea. I'll try to make it more regular :)

Yeah, no anime is flawless. We just give out tens when the good things about a show far outweigh the bad and outshine the good in other shows I guess :D I agree with you about Brotherhood, and I was even more picky because I was a hardcore fan of the manga, so I have it stuck at an 8. Tbh, I gave FMA 03 a 7 at first because it differed from the manga so much and I was so insulted lmaoo :P It really grew on me as its own thing though. I've always thought it was the best anime ever made, even back when I gave it a 7 lol. Speaking of manga, have you read the Pokemon Adventures manga? I have some friends really into it.

Have you tried One Week Friends? I never liked Clannad, but when I saw One Week Friends, I thought "this is what Clannad should have been." not sure why I think that, i just do lmao. It's one of my favorites, even though I'm not even a fan of romance in any medium. Oh, but that scene in After Story with the daughter made me cry like a baby. I guess that's not hard to do with me though, i cry in everything :D
Turtle-tan Jan 12, 10:26 PM
Well, I actually really did love it a lot, but I was only 5-6 at the time (so about 2001-2002), and my parents got worried it was an evil show and told my older brother and I we couldn't watch it anymore lmao xD We were only like 20 episodes in at the time, and you're right, we got VHS tapes from the library haha :D It was my brother who got me into it, it was popular with his friends and so that's why we started watching it. He had the cards and would play with me and always win :P I never played pokemon video games except really briefly on a Nintendo DS. When I was like 16 I got the first set of DVDs and watched until about episode 26. We had left off in that episode about Sabrina and I had wondered what happened ever since, so it was great to see it all again. And now I'm continuing and still enjoying it every bit as much as when I was 5. So funny and it makes me wanna cry and smile at the same time because it's so nostalgic lol :P

Yeahhh I thought that's who it was but I didn't want to make a fool of myself XDD It's a really cute pic. Art mannequins? That would be helpful :O I drew a pic of Ash a Pikachu but I can't find it atm, but I'll show you the drawing I think is my best, it's from Garden of Words:

but ye tbh I don't draw all that much, like once a month or something >_< I'm recently starting to get into drawing chibi, i drew a picture of my friend the other day in chibi form and he really liked it, so I might try to start drawing real people like that, it would be fun. There are some markers I want to get to use for that too.

That's great. I always encourage people to start with FMA 03 if they're only watching the anime. Because that's the way it came out and it's harder to do the reverse. As for me, I got into it in 2015 too! But I started with the manga. The manga is the same exact story as Brotherhood, but better storytelling and character introductions and development and stuff like that. I then watched FMA 03 and then Brotherhood. The manga used to be my favorite version, and FMA 03 slowly climbed till now I think I like it even slightly better than the manga. I always had issues with Brotherhood's beginning and storytelling and style though. I agree, Sloth is pretty interesting in FMA 03. I was mad about it at first because it made things way more complicated, but I think that's a strength now.
I still can't believe I toiled through all of Clannad and After Story just because it was so popular T^T
Turtle-tan Jan 12, 7:33 PM
Thanks for all the info! I did notice some change in how the characters sounded when I saw clips from the newest movie, but I thought it was just because a lot of time had passed, I didn't even know they changed actors. I guess I'll know best once I actually finish. I watched the first three movies a long time ago and I don't really remember them... idk if I should rematch them or not, I remember liking Entei. But anyway, my main goal is the 276 episodes since that's at least somewhat manageable ;) It'll be the longest series I've ever watched. InuYasha has been my longest, at about 193 counting the last season. I tend to like to end things nice and neatly, which is why I don't often watch airing or unfinished series. Attack On Titan is like my only exception to that rule, though I haven't really been into the second season so far yet.

Actually after posting my comment I saw the link to your deviantart page! I love this one especially, what are their names again?

Anyway, yeah, it looks amazing. I like to draw anime characters just with pencil but I only just draw from already existing pictures, I can't really draw from imagination at all. >_< Oh, and nice to see another fan of FMA 03! It's my favorite anime and unfortunately it's often overshadowed by FMAB :/
Turtle-tan Jan 12, 5:06 PM
Hi, I'm here from your Pokemon review ^-^ I have watched and re-watched the first 30 or so episodes of Pokemon since I was a little kid, but I'm only just now continuing. I hope to at least finish the first series (273 episodes). I was wondering if you think that's a good place to stop?
Also, I wondered about the pictures on your anime list page. Where are those from?
Conde_Mohr Jan 8, 1:05 AM
Since you don't mind the genre, and I don't really like recommending stuff on the user's PtW list, I can give you Oniisama e.... I haven't finished it yet, but it's golden unintended comedy. If you don't like something so long, even though it's on your Plan to Watch list, you can watch Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, especially after having watched the Music type it spawned from.
literaturenerd Nov 21, 2017 9:59 PM
I'm currently mourning the death of Nobuhiro Watsuki. At least at this point we all wish he was dead. Waking up and reading "Beloved Mangaka Watsuki of Rurouni Kenshin dies in car accident" would be WAY better than what we all read today. Arrested for possession of over 100 DVDs of hardcore child pornography featuring children aged 10-14. He admitted guilt to the arresting officers and said he's always been most sexually attracted to elementary school students. By 8th grade he loses interest.
lawlmartz Sep 22, 2017 8:56 PM
TokikoTsukito Aug 22, 2017 11:44 AM
dude its amazing, its a really good series have yet to watch the second season but i should get round to it in the next 2 weeks or so
TokikoTsukito Aug 19, 2017 1:30 PM
Hey hey and its okay, I have no clue when they did that haha and he Voices Genma Shiranui... my best boy haha first fictional crush so my favourite is Johnny haha I know that Bryce voiced Rin from Ao no Exorcist but i preferred Aminmon haha