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Scarlet Nexus
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Youjo Senki
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Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Mar 27, 2023 12:05 PM
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Chainsaw Man
Nov 3, 2022 9:23 AM
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ParisPlayboy01 May 3, 3:29 PM
Did I? I thought I replied almost..a week ago? Not go through?
ParisPlayboy01 Apr 7, 2:53 AM
Personally, I say my favourites are greeeatt but you know, whatever, I guess.. What, you don't like "my little sister actually step sister is so hot panty shot did I mention panty shot and my sisters literally in middle school anime? Booooo.
Now, well, I'm a fan of anything and everything corny and camp. Even the movies and shows I watch besides anime..American Werewolf in London, sleepaway Camp, Tommy, Chainsaw Hooker...Oh, I really could just go on forever.
I see everyone put their 'rating system' on their page like it means..anything.
Personally, here's mine:
10 = I like it
9 = I like it
8 = I like it
7 = I like it
6 = I like it
5 = I didn't like it
4 = I didn't like it
3 = I didn't like it
2 = I didn't like it
1 = I didn't like it
- Very nuanced. Please don't ask me questions or try to discuss anything on my list. Not interested. I'm right, you're wrong, listen to me. And if you tell me FMA:B wasn't a 10/10 I WILL dox you and make forum posts about it.

11eyes? Right! I've heard of it, actually, haha. I remember hearing, on here actually, there was a thread about 'how was being an anime fan in the 2000s like' or something along those lines, most of the posts were packed with "It was *IMPOSSIBLE* to find even the subbed version of an anime online, dub was something of a luxury unless you bought it on DVD." Which sounds about right, anyway, explains all the Naruto fans..
You know, proper voice acting like that in Video Games is entirely new. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an over exaggeration, but older games, even from popular franchisees and big studios have more than sub-par voice acting . I remember playing the old FF7 game and boy were the translations horrible. There's a big difference between translation and localization. Translations are well, 1:1 literal translations from Japanese to English - two VERY different languages. But naturally, it's much cheaper and less time consuming from localization which tries to give cultural context as well. For example, the French say 'avoir d’autres chats à fouetter' which literally translates 'more kittens to hit' now, what the hell would you think that meant? In any context? In actuality, it's the French version of 'bigger fish to fry.'
So, the point I'm trying to make is, the only way you can *really* enjoy anime, or games for that matter in their unadulterated intent is if you well, learn Japanese.
But to what you're saying - absolutely. I would have brought it up if you didn't. Have you ever watched an anime Dubbed with the Subs on? You'll notice, the subs are drastically different to what the character's saying in English. Hm. The original wording, cues and so on end up meaning **a lot** in both continuity and character. Hell, I've watched anime where I hated a character in the dub but found them much more endearing subbed. Again with Final Fantasy, Zack Fair's fine in the dub, I think they kept him as true as they could but even then, he lacks the edge he's got in the sub. He's far more casual, sloppy and brash in the dub and that's solely due to the word choice! The story's the same, his relationships are the same but he just *feels* different!

Gravitation started out as any other rom-com type story, you know, just with two guys for a change, then I guess Maki Murakami realized how wet boy sex gets her lady dick and kinda sidetracked to straight hard porn. That's what I loved about old Gravi, man! Felt like there was a genuine story trying to be told that *didn't* just centre on Shuuichi and Yuki being a couple. I mean, said story isn't exactly revolutionary, if anything it's just a worse version of Evangelion's "you have to love yourself to love others." Shuuichi's always been my favourite character, but *only* volume 1-6 Shuuichi. He was childish, but not naive, goal-driven and genuine. If anything, his most prominent trait was his ego. He was so damn brazen, what caused most of the early conflicts and ultimately lead him to meeting Yuki (love interest.) Then he kinda nosedives and goes, e-ego? What ego!? Shame? That's that! I'm just gonna be really nervous and annoying all the damn time and the only thing that helps me feel better is really kinky boy sex.
Let me show you some:
This is Shuichi in volume 1:

Here's him in volume 12:
big picture!

Need I say more?

Anyway, you kinda corny as hell if you put hentai on your list. I mean, do it, it is an anime tracking site after all, no judgin but why you keeping track of if you watched boku no pico 1 or 3? Its why most people have their list private, actually. It's the only reason.

Hey! All right, pass me your discord sometime! I had to make a new one since my last three accounts got suspended, haha. High hopes for this one though.

No, no, silly argument. She just said she hated all BL/YAOI/SAI whatever. You know, despite having a list full of only that. All naturally rated between 1 and 3. So all I said was, 'I get it, but why watch anime you KNOW you don't like?' as essentially, she'd just watched Gravitation after a whole long list more. She messaged me first, no clue how she found my page either, probably somewhere in the 'stats' and wrote me up some about how god awful of a person I had to be to actually that crap. Literally just that. Hardly a discussion.
ParisPlayboy01 Apr 4, 5:49 PM
Oh c'mon! Look through my anime list, *all* 2000's rom coms, ecchi and other bullshit. You think I seriously enjoy this stuff without it being done over in english? Hell no! But I took your work on YYH, you wrote me up a storm about the dub vs sub. Feels bad when you put in all that effort. I don't mind sub, never have. In fact, I usually watch everything (worth rewatching anyway..) in both! I've seen forum posts where people'll say something along the lines of "wHy woULd I eVeR WaTCh AniMe in sUb????!?!? i'M WatTching NoT ReADiNg!!" followed by "I won't watch x anime *because* there's not dubbed/will only watch it *once* the dub comes out. That is...some of the most draindead takes I've heard in my life. Why even bother? Go watch Adult Swim some more at that point, ya bastard. +Plently of anime of great dubs but even at their best are maybe on par with the sub, I've got personal opinions on anime I prefer in dub (ie; Gravitation and a lot of bad hentai) but I really can't tell you a single show where the dub trumps the sub in more than say, one way.

- Aha, Shana will come much later, though. I'll keep that in mind. Maybe we could watch something together sometime while on that note? I've got a couple more 'plan to watches' before anything else. Truth is, I just haven't been watching anime, need to get back in. Doubt I'll enjoy most seasonals out now so, hey, my friends gotta have *some* sense of taste, right? ;-)
And listen, I'll always love those silly Shojos and BLs, but I'm also not thirteen anymore. Of course age doesn't mean I have to suddenly get pretentious and pretend Code Gayass isn't pure brainrot, but, that maybe YuGiOh isn't a magnus opius anymore..!

Tell Tay I said hi!

ParisPlayboy01 Apr 4, 4:30 PM
Haha, is that right? I haven't gotten the chance to watch any more of it. I tend to watch anime in dub simply for the corny camp-ness of it, especially if it's a show from the 90s-2000s. I'll rewatch that first episode in Japanese then and get back to ya!
Truthfully only checked it out as I'm on a mission to watch every one of my friends 'favourites' this year. Shana's next!
ParisPlayboy01 Apr 1, 4:09 PM
"a shameless cash-grab. the furry hitler community has been small, but strong since the release of the original. but it feels like the trust that has been built has been completely eroded. it is CRYSTAL CLEAR that the devs didn't actually care about improving the various aspects of FH1 (what us fans call furry hitler 1). for one, the lack of any seductive minigames is a major issue. the thrill of tickling an anthropomorphic wolf's cleavage with a feather was one of the best and most unique aspects of FH1 and to just do away with it was a MAJOR mistake. secondly, the lack of critical historic moments (such as hitler's invasion of the USSR) were seemingly omitted for the sake of pleasing the woke politically correct crowd. us fans really valued the historical accuracy of FH1 so this was a huge let down. lastly, the lack of any meaningful decisions was disappointing. why am i unable to choose which furry lady to act as my lieutenant? these issues NEED to be addressed before the release of FH3 (or the speculated FHP, furry hitler prequel)."
Svamper Mar 15, 5:34 PM
I don't watch any anime dubbed, except for Ghost Stories, but I haven't finished that yet. I've been learning Japanese for a number of years so my general comprehension is enough for me to enjoy it in their native language, irrespective of subtitles. I actually would consider watching the dub of Serial Experiments Lain after seeing clips of it. It seems very charming, and at times even humorous. But I've also seen it a million times, so it's not like I'd be ruining anything with the experience.

Interesting, I appreciate a lot of dark anime, but when it comes to fantasy I have so far tended to prefer when it's tone isn't too emotionally overbearing. Which isn't to say a show that isn't emotional, but I separate the overall tone in my mind from the emotional character beats. I wouldn't really know how to explain it aside from saying it's the difference between a depressing environment vs. one that's simply emotionally turbulent. And I prefer the ones that aren't depressing, but still like the ones that are turbulent. But I guess whether or not it's considered "dark" is hard to say. My favorite anime as of the current moment on my list is something I'm sure some people would consider dark, even though it isn't at all compared to something like Berserk. I do like Berserk though nevertheless; I think it's very well made, and I like the high fantasy aspects in it too. The 1997 anime used to be on my top 10 list, but it's been a while since I've seen it. I would like to re-watch it soon.

I remember watching some episodes of Basilisk a couple years ago, can't say what my impressions of it were at the time.
Svamper Mar 15, 3:08 PM
I'll probably start watching the second season this weekend. I'm only partway through the first episode. I don't know if you'd recommend seeing that movie first, if so, then I'll start there.

I forgot about the message I sent with the invite; that would explain it. I haven't watched news in a long time, and I only use YouTube to watch specific channels these days. So I don't follow any current events, which unsurprisingly has been very good for my mental well-being. I'm growing into an old man before I'm even very old. I've had much less patience for certain stressors in recent times.

Do you have any good recommendations for fantasy TV shows specifically? I've seen a fair amount of fantasy anime, but not too many TV shows that have been gripping as compared to Western fantasy. Which has lead to me doing something uncommon, in that I watched the seasonal anime that everyone has been making a fuss about, Souou no Frieren. I think at many parts it's a bit too slow for its own good, however near the end of the season with the mage rank test, for the life of me I can't remember its name, but the current arc I think has been much more interesting, at least to me. My favorite fantasy anime so far have been 80s and 90s OVAs. I watched about 3/4ths of the way through YuYu Hakusho last Summer; I don't know if I'll finish it soon, since I got fatigued from watching so many episodes, but I did like it.

s.CRY.ed is another one I've been meaning to get to, since I've been hearing good things about it for years, even though it's not fantasy. I just mention it since I saw it on your top 10 list.
ParisPlayboy01 Mar 15, 10:55 AM
Dattebayo Jay-kun! ^_^
Svamper Mar 12, 7:10 PM
Didn't know it was only planning to make one season at first. Makes sense thinking about how it laid things out. I honestly liked the beginning episodes the most, but maybe if I get to re-watching it after the other seasons, I'll see it differently. In regard to being anti-woke, I am, but I can't remember which post I made alluding to that.

To be frank I don't really like speaking about politics, but I can appreciate similar broad opinions of that sort at a base level since it means some shared values, and of course that the person probably won't get too offended by things that really aren't a big deal. Not that I'm obscene or anything like that with people whom I've only recently met to begin with, but when people have certain beliefs that alienate themselves from other people at the drop of a hat over what amounts to something that's very petty, you really can't speak with them at all.

I've never heard of Scarlet Nexus before, I'll take a look at it a bit later. I don't remember watching too many game adaptations of anime; I would have to look at my list again to see if I've seen some. Not counting visual novels even though you could consider them games I suppose.

I'd be happy to talk about anime or other things more if you want. I don't have many people to talk with about anime specifically, since none of my friends online have a vested interest in it as a hobby. Or at the very least, not interested in it enough to watch the amount I have. Which in all fairness isn't much compared to a lot of people on this site, but its still probably considered a good amount to most people who don't use a site to log the shows they've watched lol.
Svamper Mar 10, 6:01 PM
No worries, take your time. Speaking of documenting stuff, I've been watching a lot more shows lately myself despite having been pretty busy this week. Or perhaps it's been because I've been busy. I finished the first season of Shakugan no Shana the other week too since your profile reminded me that I had been wanting to watch it. I enjoyed it, although I've heard the subsequent seasons are even better. I'm curious as to why at least as of writing this it's one of your favorites. Not being judgemental of course, I'm just interested.
Svamper Feb 22, 11:14 AM
That's understandable. I don't know what to talk about myself; even online I get a bit trepidatious about first impressions. Although, I'm sure I really shouldn't worry about that too much.
Deknijff Feb 14, 2:15 PM
well the religious genocidal leaders themselves are revealed in the second game of the original trilogy but like everything else I mentioned can be seen in the first game

I mean to be honest Id have preferred if they had made John gay and like have a relationship with Sgt. Johnson so we could of had a chad type bromance between friends in arms

would be much better than him banging that ugly short haired girl who basically looks like a guy anyway
Deknijff Feb 11, 7:06 PM
Well I haven't watched it but I know like the most important changes that are awful from Halo channels I follow
So like the show just ignores lore from the games or just the IP in general. The main bad guys of the games and lore are these alien Prophets who want to mass genocide all of humanity

but in the TV show they have this new character who works with the prophets who is human that is almost the same rank as them too named Makee

Then of course John 117 the Master Chief who the main character that never takes off his helmet in the games is constantly walking around without his helmet on in the TV show

Then some idiot working on the show decided to have John have sex with Makee too despite the games never having sex scenes

Then there is also the typical lazy race swapping in the show too that you see from every show coming out

But like the writers dont include the most beloved badass black character thats in the games for some reason
OfficerPoon Jan 13, 8:19 PM
No problem, I'll just assume it was hilarious
YanYan Jan 6, 7:22 PM
tbh I'm scared to do it you don't look very nice
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