Tatsumi Saiga

Speed Grapher
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Tatsumi Saiga (雑賀 辰巳)

The male protagonist. A veteran war journalist who somehow took a liking for it. His love for photography develops into a sexual fetishism, as he gets an erection whenever he takes exciting photographs. However, after going back to Japan, his passion seems to have died. While investigating a secret club where rich and influent people meet to fulfill their most perverted desires, he received a kiss from Kagura and developed the ability to explode whoever and whatever he photographs - Death by Photo. The effect of this ability depends on what type of camera and lens he is using (e.g., a telescopic lens has a more powerful effect than a regular lens). Saiga uses a Nikkon camera and what looks to be Nikkor lenses.

Voice Actors
Sabat, Christopher
Takada, Yuji
Mink, Oliver
Nittoli, Adolfo
Baldoin, Diego
Gianvito, Fritz
Portuguese (BR)
Del Río, Ángel

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