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A French electronic music duo consisting of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. The duo achieved significant popularity in the late 1990s as part of the French house movement and were met with continuous success in the years following, combining elements of house music with funk, techno, disco, rock music, and synthpop influences. They are also known for their visual stylization and disguises associated with their music; the duo have worn ornate helmets and gloves to assume robot personas in most of their public appearances since 2001 and rarely grant interviews or appear on television.

Leiji Matsumoto's 2003 anime film Interstella5555: The 5tory of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, created and produced by the duo, is a visual realization of their 2001 album Discovery, and they credit Matsumoto in the film's companion leaflet as their childhood hero.

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Eladriel | Jul 19, 3:14 AM

Historybuff6969 | Jul 16, 1:12 PM
Discovery is a classic đŸ˜©đŸ˜©đŸ˜©

shame that they are french.

cazzgross | Jul 4, 1:39 PM
Do you really think Random Access Memories can be considered something new and refreshing? Lmao.

Zephaas | Jun 26, 7:42 PM
vvvv lol last time I checked, 2013 wasn't decades ago, let alone a single decade ago.

cazzgross | Jun 20, 1:11 PM
All their song sound the same lmao. It's been decades since they released something new. How the industry still gives these guys recognicion is a mistery to me.

Vargnatt | Jun 7, 7:48 AM
@BoltMix :(

NeeXxoR | Apr 19, 5:13 PM
Those who think Daft Punk is just a band copying other band's music really know absolutely nothing about Sampling, go and watch the "Deconstruction" videos of their work and you'll understand a little bit the genius and the musical inspiration of Daft Punk.

Take a look at the video: " Daft Punk Fresh Tutorial " (video by Brad Hilton) you'll understand just a little bit a tiny part of Daft Punk's genius.

haydenluvsanime | Mar 15, 4:59 AM

BoltMix | Mar 9, 3:08 PM
Not even gonna lie.

That comment is SOOOOO WRONG and filled with missinformation, that anyone that is into music or has ever heard a Daft Punk song would be outright offended by how wrong it is.

Genuenly disapointed that someone is spreading lies or is this uneducated about Daft Punk's music (music in general really)

BoltMix | Mar 9, 2:53 PM
Not sure what the person below me is smoking. but here are a few corrections to their comment.

1) 95% of ALL of Daft Punks songs are originals, only around 5% have sampls in them

2) Sampling isn't unoriginal, it's taking parts of an already existent song and creating an entirely new song out of it.

it's not stealing and it's not copying, this is a common misconception with people uneduacted about music

3) All of their songs that have samples in them are OBJECTIVLY better then what they are sampling

4) They are talented, they are EASILY some of the best producers and artists to have ever lived

Their discography is phenomenal

Literally all of their albums are considered classics.

overall the comment below me is filled with missinformation (or lies) and is OBJECTIVLY wrong.

Probaobly duo to uneducation about music or simply not even listening to Daft Punk

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