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DropOfLove Yesterday, 6:32 PM
Fellow bird,
Time sure has changed us,
hasn't it?

Mayhaps you recall who I am?
Ah probably not, but worry not,
I must've been quite forgetabble, teehee

How far away are you from becoming a pseudo-intellectual?
Beabaedoobee Yesterday, 4:07 PM
Cool, see you in 2026!
Beabaedoobee Yesterday, 3:50 PM
I have no one on my discord blocked list. Also, who is this? Can you send a private message next time also? You are kinda embarrassing.
Precedex Jan 28, 3:31 PM
hey, thanks for tagging! tbh the reason is because physician specifically refers to a medical doctor. I think there's a worrisome trend of medical influencers self-proclaiming as 'doctors' despite never been through med school, but they're usually not controversial enough to misappropriate themselves as physicians haha. that's beside the point, let's just pretend I did it because it sounds cooler and makes my profile line up better :]

you mentioned that you read webtoons too, what have you been reading recently?
Kamikaze_404 Jan 28, 12:59 PM
Fellow bird lover in Scotland! Please tell me all about your favourite birds... Personally I think parrots are neat but I'm rather biased... Other than that, kingfishers are very moe - squishy, and so small... So colourful... My, how silly...... AND they can fish! Birds fishing is an amazing sight, I remember watching (amazed!) some seagulls teaching their young how to fish... and they got that fish in the end...
I hope your bird obsessions never leave you, birds are wonderful little creatures. I'd have all of them as pets if I could, but alas! They're so diverse, I agree :)
Hoopoes are birds of the day. Also, I highly recommend "birdguides dot com" for all kinds of bird news. I found them by accident and never went back........
Vhoker Jan 14, 8:45 AM
To be frank, the question was meant to appraise you. A lot is revealed merely by exposing someone's first thought about a subject. Regarding children particularly a positive response is a sign of good health. I myself am not good with children, but I do have fond memories of my relatives as children.
gerigerard1 Jan 12, 4:51 PM
Code Geass is similar to Death note as I said, a protagonist with an objective and a special ability. I think it isn't similar to Fullmetal. If you like intelligent and charismatic characters 'plotting' and preparing their next move with plotwists like Light Yagami, you'll like it.

Eva, you can find uncomfortable similarities with the characters, that can make you have a strong effect on you, or the kind of themes that touches the series, like depression, suicide, the fear, impotence... That's said in other shows but this one goes deep into these themes in some parts. Then, there's the symbolism and the cryptic parts of the narrative. Unpopular opinion, I personally prefer Lain, but Eva is a must watch.

Alien 9? I've seen it's a 4 chapters OVA. What's about? Apart of being similar to Madoka. And thanks for the reccomendation.
JasonMa2003 Jan 12, 1:44 AM
said the n word cancelled
Vhoker Jan 10, 8:24 AM
Your first comment didn't seem to be friendly. To which in turn I gave a dismissive reply in response to match yours. Perhaps it is neutral to you, but I disagree. I asked a question to you, which you haven't answered, in order to change the subject. But, being autistic I probably did it in the wrong way. Please forgive me for the wrongs I have committed.
Vhoker Jan 9, 2:12 PM
I did not wish for you to cry out in anger. I think we both agree insults should be restrained when possible.
Vhoker Jan 9, 1:37 PM
Do you like children?
Vhoker Jan 9, 1:24 PM
I don't know. Don't ask me stupid questions.
takara6 Jan 8, 1:53 PM
Reading in nature in the summer is one of my favourite activities, so peaceful. Gotta make the most of the few sunny days in the UK y'know. Reading at home in winter is also nice.

Yeah I can't imagine Monster would be the same if you took a break halfway through, it's so narrative heavy. Big fan of Grimmer, he's like the Ginko of Monster. At least that's how I remember him.
The_Fat_Punisher Jan 7, 12:13 AM
Thank you! <3

Seen any good shows lately?
takara6 Jan 6, 2:11 AM
I probably read more than I watch anime these days. More so in summer when I can read outside, or on trips. I also haven't read the original Heidi novel despite having the book, but from what I can tell the anime expands on it a lot.
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