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Kidou Senshi Gundam: Suisei no Majo
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Suisei no Majo
Nov 28, 11:38 PM
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One Piece Film: Red
One Piece Film: Red
Nov 16, 12:18 PM
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Oct 24, 7:08 AM
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One Piece
One Piece
10 hours ago
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Yesterday, 1:43 PM
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Yesterday, 1:37 PM
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database_animal Nov 30, 7:59 PM
john williams' stoner is also not something i'd ever expect to see mention of on mal. very cool!
database_animal Nov 30, 7:57 PM
wow! you have phenomenal taste. among other things, it's so tight that you have shinkalion in your favorites!! it's an incredibly fun show--im still in the middle of it rn. i love azusa ueda!!!
Gsarthotegga Nov 30, 12:53 PM
It was kind of unclear what the fate would be back when I read about it, but I see they already have new material out and a planned 371 chapter coming out soonish. Thanks for the bio pic. I probably wouldn't have noticed for a good while longer otherwise lol.

Yeah, that's true. Tezuka is about the extent of what I hear of for older manga very regularly, aside from certain famed anime adaptations. But, funny enough, a site like Goodreads actually seems more "hip" to a lot of these titles, which is kind of embarrassing since this is specifically a manga/anime site.

I sent you an invite.
Gsarthotegga Nov 29, 12:39 PM
Hello. Huh, you're one of only two people to have used the word gekiga on an interest stack. Surprised how overlooked these kind of manga are (though they of course fall into other lists like "underground" and etc.). Maybe you'd be interested in joining a private gekiga/OVA club (it's relatively broad—so general independent animation/manga is fine)?

btw, your bio image startled me. The "Berserk is back" image is old, and is celebrating a hiatus coming to a close, right? I did hear some rumors that Miura's assistants and some friends were possibly going to continue the series, but I'm kind of too bummed out about all of that to look lately.
AustinJackson18 Nov 18, 8:14 AM
Jeg brukte Google Oversetter. Og jeg er ikke sikker.
AustinJackson18 Nov 17, 10:33 AM
Ja. Jeg har det bra.

Jeg så på A Place Further Than The Universe, A Silent Voice, A-Channel, Angel Beats, Anima Yell, Asteroid in Love, Bakemonogatari, Bloom Into You, Bofuri, Classroom of the Elite, Demon Slayer, Hanayamata, Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto, Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Joshi Kausei, Jujutsu Kaisen, K-ON, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Orange, Overlord, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Senryu Girl, Shirobako, Slow Start, Tamako Market, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, The Garden of Words, The Promised Neverland, The Quintessential Quintuplets, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Toradora, Tsuredure Children, Violet Evergarden, Violet Evergarden, We Never Learn: BOKUBEN, Weathering with You, og Your Name også.
CLY-DH Oct 1, 8:30 PM
Thanks, you have great taste too :)
Yeah, it's not everyday you see Desler in someone else's favorites. Desler is an interesting character, but classics like Yamato are generally under-watched and underrated on MAL, unfortunately, so the characters from these shows tend to not get much love either.
AntiBeyonder Jul 12, 1:12 AM
Yeah, it does seem like you could go for some magnificent treks.
Trains with wifi, that's insane haha. So Norweigans are very reserved?
I'm jealous of the European lifestyle of going from country to country. In Australia, I travel 8 hours and I'm still in the same state.
Plus the AU is low, so everywhere else is expensive as hell.

Thank you for that informative write up, it definitely seems like a beautiful country. I hope to visit some day.
Have you explored it yourself, seeing land marks like; Pulpit Rock, Trolltunga, Geirangerfjord etc?

By the way; I have seen the comedy series Norsemen and loved it!
AntiBeyonder Jul 10, 7:43 PM
I recall my dad watched that and a similar anime "Prince Planet" as a child without knowing it was anime. So I will watch that version one day. You don't watch dubs?
interesting, each version seems appealing to be honest.

When I first started watching anime a few years ago I loved it, I thought of it as a better Cowboy Bebop even though there are some differences. I don't know if I would I would be more critical if I watched it again today, but Vash is one of my favourite good protagonist ( I generally prefer villains), a great Jekyll Hyde character (stupid and serious) and I loved the dubs va. The story structure is a lot like Cowboy Bebops. It doesn't get particularly deep, though it has lots of heart. I heard it's getting a retelling by Land of the Lustrous studio.

Off topic, but how is life in Norway? I haven't travelled there though I would like to. I have been to Iceland that might have some visusal similarities.
Dhruv_ffs Jul 10, 12:19 PM
This new layout looks amazing 🤌
AntiBeyonder Jul 10, 1:41 AM
Interesting, I haven't actually watched Astro Boy, but I do want to get around to it eventually. Do you have a version you would recommend, like 60s, 80s or 2000s version?
I imagine i'd agree philosophically with astro boy too, particularly if consciousness is computational as well. I just like the dark and borderline nihilistic tone of sins.
Sins I suppose had the structure as well, felt akin to Cowboy Bebop and Trigun to me, but even better for me.

Even more anime I have to watch, the original Yomato and Sakura!

Yeah, it's been a few years for me. It definitely started off that way, but it definitely started exploring deeper concepts as the show went on. I overall think the "villains" and plot with 'Luna' was more interesting. Basically a byproduct of there environment like determinism.

Yeah, sure thing Star :)
AntiBeyonder Jul 9, 7:30 PM
Yo StarMan, been a while. Years after completing Casshern Sins, I finally went back and watch Neo Human Casshan and the OVA. And man, they were honestly a bit difficult to watch. Swanee and the villain were a hilarious duo though. I noticed you rated Casshern Sins poorly, stating "it's not my Casshern" and dropped it prematurely. You even just missed the best episode (8). I understand it's completely subjective, but I think you're missing out. It's a pretty deep and philosophical series. Would you ever think of going back to it?
zeb89 Jun 18, 6:30 AM
Ah thank you. Actually I'm still thinking about buying the light novels, so never read them for now, but maybe one day.
RAMYOZI Apr 22, 1:31 PM
Oh boy you're in for a treat.

Yeah the whole lead up to what happens at Marineford is amazing, there are certain moments in this stretch of chapters that are still in my top 5 till this day.

and yes the Lore of One Piece will only deepens from here on so i understand your excitement. The theories that stems from this saga are CRAZY but i highly advise you (i guess you already know this) to not look anything up untill you're caught up. OP spoilers are everywhere :P

Have fun reading it
RAMYOZI Apr 22, 1:07 PM
You're at Water 7 saga. Greatness.

It's one/if not my favorite part of the story of One Piece. I remember when i was catching up to the series for the first time, when i got to that point.. i read an unhealthy amount of volumes in such a small period of time (i read like 300ish ch in less than 2 days which -for me- was absurd at the time).