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Days: 136.2
Mean Score: 4.96
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  • Episodes7,850
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Vinland Saga Season 2
Vinland Saga Season 2
3 hours ago
Watching 10/24 · Scored 6
Sousou no Frieren
Sousou no Frieren
Dec 1, 2:48 PM
Watching 13/28 · Scored 8
Nov 21, 7:43 AM
On-Hold 3/8 · Scored 6
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Days: 24.4
Mean Score: 5.93
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  • Chapters3,774
  • Volumes419
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Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Episode 4: Alliance of the Golden Witch
Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Episode 4: Alliance of the Golden Witch
Nov 19, 4:11 AM
Completed 29/29 · Scored 8
Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Episode 3: Banquet of the Golden Witch
Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Episode 3: Banquet of the Golden Witch
Oct 24, 2:41 PM
Completed 22/22 · Scored 8

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RogerSmith2004 Nov 30, 5:17 PM
It would be difficult to enjoy it as much as you. That level of attachment would require a lot to be built up over time after finishing it (at least, a lot of my favorites I have had an affinity for a least a couple of years). That being said, I can say I definitely had a positive experience with the franchise. Which parts would you say stood out the most to you?
Ishitateso Nov 29, 8:25 PM
Hi, thanks for the fr! I see we have very similar favourites! I like your profile avatar too, one of those pictures that give a nice, plessant aesthetic feeling when I look at it. Is that an AI generated art?
rafasc33 Nov 28, 4:18 PM
I've already said that I wasn't expecting that you would enjoy Umineko that much, but putting in the favorites really was a surprise. Seems the "it gets better later" is actually true.
district_marvel Nov 28, 11:53 AM
ah thanks, ill defo try that out
district_marvel Nov 28, 11:40 AM
sick pfp and btw who is it
AWGXXX Nov 27, 8:20 PM
Your journey with Umineko this year has definitely been something lol (referring to the fluctuating ratings)
tetso_was_taken Nov 24, 5:00 PM
Already starting playing it, I took a break after the first 2 parts but I'm thinking of getting back into it. Definitely going to watch doremi tho, is there any good place to watch it?
tetso_was_taken Nov 24, 4:09 PM
I just finished the Aria series, and honestly, I don't think I've seen a series this beautiful before. The only reason I watched it was because i saw it on ur list when I friended you on my old account (Zech55555) so thanks for indirectly recommending it to me, it's been a ride.
APolygons2 Nov 24, 4:01 PM
I'm not sure if I want to add OVAs in general or not.

I feel like limiting it to only series and movies makes more sense, unless we're talking about fully ova series.

Idk, I'll think about it, thanks for the suggestion!
KitsuFrost Nov 24, 1:16 PM
Sure! Let me know :D It is a wild journey, and really memorable to me. I hope you enjoy it when you return reading.
KitsuFrost Nov 24, 12:06 PM
How was Subarashiki Hibi so far?
APolygons2 Nov 20, 6:22 AM
Damn this is a long ass show, how have I never heard of it?

I will add it to the stack right away, would you recommend the show?
rafasc33 Nov 15, 12:34 PM
Thank God everything is alright, thanks for the concern.

I agree about it being engaging, but for me the series was better in the beginning than in the later arcs (like, WAY better). For me it just went downhill after each new season. It's very complicated when something that is based entirely in questions don't have satisfying answers (and I would consider that an euphemism for AoT)
I don't think the shonen/nekketsu tropes by themselves are the problem, but how everything is executed. The show is constantly melodramatic and the characters are constantly screaming... over nothing. Sometimes, it's so exaggerated that makes the scene comical (especially in the manga, there it seems that you don't have a single normal conversation without the characters screaming). Like, in the very first episode when that woman knows about her son death. The characters scream a lot, the screen shakes, like it's the most important twist in the entire story, but... you just don't care, you don't know who these characters are, at that point you don't even know what a titan is. It's a lot of melodrama over something that the spectator doesn't care about. Very different than Eren's mom death scene (and way more exagerated btw).
I think the audiovisual qualities where amazing in Wit studio, but got weaker when mappa started adapting it (most because they used the same and horrible character design from the manga, that makes the thing just more caricatural than it was)

Completely agree about the character writing. Especially in this kind of story, characters need to be well written, otherwise, you won't care a bit when they die. Still, I like some of them, but I wouldn't consider them "good" by any means.

I don't think the problem of the ending is necessarily what happens, but how the work portrayed it. Besides being based on a sea of bullshit, plot holes, ex machinas and a lot of plot armor in a Darling in the Franxx and Another level, I also think it uncharacterized some of the cast and dealt with its themes in a very poor way. I mean, it's not cool when you relativize a global genocide saying it was for his friends and, by the work's vision, justifies his acts, with every important character forgiving what he did. "Thank you for becoming a mass murder for us" - the biggest pacifist in the entire story. It's just off character for me (although I think they changed this in the anime).
And not to mention Mikasa's character conclusion, everything involving Ymir's past, the final fight, everything being just a big time paradox, how horrible that group was formed and "only Ymir knows". All of this makes, not just the ending, but this entire final arc a big bag of dogshit for me. I agree about it having good ideas and being brave, but of good ideas, Hell is full.
And that's sad, since I used to love this thing some years ago (and I still like the first seasons a lot, even not finding then as good as before)
Gabriel300 Nov 14, 5:31 AM
oops, my noble

how are you?
rafasc33 Nov 10, 11:48 AM
Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season - Kanketsu-hen
Yesterday, 5:32 PM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 5

Have to say, I thought you would give this a lower score.
Did you already know how the ending was?
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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