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Feb 22, 2018
*** This is a comprehensive review, one that will be separated into two major sections:

1. A spoiler-free synoptic recommendation focused on bringing new people into the franchise.
2. A review with an analytical theme purposed to spoil the entire show, in attempt to cultivate my love for it.

Hopefully this will be helpful for everyone, whether you are a long-time fan of the franchise or a newcomer. ***


Ojamajo Doremi is an experience that is incredibly difficult to describe. In a sense, it defines and is defined by anime, fully encompassing everything that comes with being part of this medium, while simultaneously pushing the limits of what we have ...
Jul 27, 2017
"War does not determine who is right - only who is left" -Bertrand Russell

Sometimes, the best war stories are not told from the perspective of the people who fight, but from those who don't. Without offering any sort of resistance in most cases, civilians are defenseless against the cruelties which are present at these times. This way, some horrific stories remain hidden without record and linger profusely in the wounded hearts of many. Gundam is a series that usually relies heavily on action to show off the designs of the mechs, which are the main selling point of the franchise. By this method, a ...
Aug 7, 2015
There exists something rare in this medium. In fact, its so rare, that only a handful of titles have managed to do this and still make the anime work. This trait is called realistic chemistry of characters. In a fictional work, it's virtually impossible to create relations so genuine, that it is almost frightening to experience when you do so. You are aware that what you're witnessing is made-up, but can't help comparing the characters' life to yours, as well as the struggles they encounter.
This is where Welcome to the NHK shines, and they don't hold back in making you feel like you are part ...
Jun 8, 2015
|This review contains minor spoilers of the shitty story and characters|

Oh Sword Art Online, how you fooled millions of people into thinking that this show will be every gamer and anime fans' dream-come-true. We all came in, watched the first episode and thought " This actually looks pretty cool " , and continued watching like fish on a fishing rod. How wrong were we? Well, I will tell you, fellow readers, how the anime that received one of the largest fan-bases in recent times, holds the pinnacle of the word 'Overrated '; and I will do my best to convince you to NOT watch this ...
Jun 7, 2015
At first, when I read the synopsis of hunter x hunter (2011) (for the rest of this review will be called hxh as abbreviation) I could not quite deduce the rationality of this show being scored and reviewed with such praise as it receives on a daily basis. I am sure many of you ,who are planning to pick up this show sometime soon, are thinking the same as I did before watching this show and I will do my best to change any contravening opinions towards this series.

Story: 9

As you all have likely read the synopsis of hxh, it certainly stands out from most ...

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